Iran Is Not The Threat, We Are – American Patriots Rise (video)

Ken O’Keefe in Tehran

A Real Video on Iran, Not “Argo,” Not Hardly!


By Ken O’Keefe


Editor’s Note:  The video is 15 minutes.  Watch it, send it on, post it to your social media. 



[youtube RWqI7m0Mmbk&]

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Ken O'Keefe
Ken is a former U.S. Marine who served in the 1991 Gulf War and subsequently spoke out about the use of depleted uranium as a "crime against humanity" and the US military using soldiers as "human guinea pigs" with experimental drugs that were directly linked to Gulf War syndrome. He is also a social entrepreneur utilizing direct action marine conservation, he is more widely known for leading the human shield action to Iraq and as a survivor of the Israeli attack on the MV Mavi Marmara in which he participated in "defending the ship" and "disarming two Israeli Commandos". On January 7, 2004, O'Keefe burned his US passport in protest of "American Imperialism" and called for US troops to immediately withdrawal from Iraq. He replaced his US passport with a "World Passport", subsequently proclaiming himself a "Citizen of the World" with “ultimate allegiance to my entire human family and to planet Earth." His is also legal citizen of Ireland and Palestine citizenship. Read Full O'Keefe Biography>>>


  1. Great work Ken. I would hope that a way is not found to push the populations of the west into ‘revolution’ mode – something that is usually a well planned event at the end of a PROBLEM; REACTION; SOLUTION scheme.

    Rather a way be found to arrest and detain all the enemy currently embedded within the system – and then to try them on legislation and laws enacted PRIOR to their subversion and usurping of our democratic governments. It can be done. We need the untouchables. Un-corrupted military, law and security personnel – of which I am sure there are many – can do this.

    The world after this would be unrecognizable – it would be so much better. I think Henry Ford once suggested as much. “Corral the 50 wealthiest jews – and there will be no wars.” With all due respect to Mr Ford – there are now a few more that scattered around in strategic positions, that will require removal.

  2. Well said Wolfy. Although it is unusual that he volunteers a comment on an article himself. Normally he just tries to be negative and to demoralize others – those searching for a way out of the psychological maze – which has deliberately been created to divert and to disarm us.

    The human spirit will not be beaten – and in time a way WILL be found to remove the cancer. All of it. The fact that nobody in the west respects or believes any of their leaders is already a clock ticking away – to a day of reckoning.

  3. Hi Folks, Goldmorgcom has had all of his comments erased and banned for spamming. If you regular readers ever see anything unusual like this, please bring it to my attention. We will not let any mooches or hustlers infiltrate the comment boards and use up our readers time.

    He even figured out a way to hotlink his VT name, so he knew his way around. I did not catch it until he commented on my articles.

  4. the truth will set us free; but people need to hear it first. Most people, especially Americans don’t hear things like this. The world is headed straight for the Abyss soon unless there is an awakening.

  5. Great video Mr O’Keefe. The msm and the Hollywood propaganda factory are as guilty as our blackmailed politicians. Clean the house first. Then clean the neighborhood.

  6. Green,
    Exactly what is the point of a march? Will marching change the composition of power? Will it lessen the intensity of the paranoid, profiteering police state?
    We all saw that OWS drew fire. If we are going to draw fire, what is the flanking maneuver to actually kick some enemy posterior? Or are we just supposed to just be targets? Gotta tell ya, those young girls at OWS were a whole lot prettier targets than we would be, and that didn’t spare the sadistic brutality one bit.
    Its one thing to design an action that has a long shot, and something else to get into one that is useless, futile, and plays right into the hands of the leering pond scum.
    I hear tons of bullshit all the time about how someone here isn’t doing their damn duty, and it usually comes from circle jerks and zio freak shills who wouldn’t believe their good fortune if we took their bait.
    When the march takes the real murderers-banksters, the frausters, the ponds scum politicos to the gallows to pay for their crimes against humanity and God, then I’ll march.

    • Stephen,
      We need to explore areas where we do have the power act and effectively determine the play of events. A really good example here is bitcoin, which is gaining steam despite the antagonism of the banksters and elite.
      In order to be effective, we must stop surrendering both initiative and authority. In order for this to work, it must be decentralized and be self supporting without a leadership.
      There are arenas where innovative approaches can be effective. I believe Dr. Sabrosky is pursuing the angle of taking zionists to court and suing them. Right now, it is too early to review the fruits of this effort, but it should be closely observed.
      The issue is to find the seam where the glue is weak, and strike there.

  7. Mr. O’Keefe,
    We don’t respect our leaders because they are not honorable.
    These words should be pasted over the doorway of every center where politicians and similar pond scum gather.
    This is the real truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

  8. You obviously know nothing about Israel. In order for you to be correct Israel would have to be a “Halacha State” which it isn’t, so the next time you wish to compare between the 2 countries, do some research before spewing nonsence.

  9. I wonder how easily some dumbs, living in free democratic country, are not able to recognise how lucky they are. And they simply shit to they own nest. For years eastern regimes influenced US and other Western countries engaging stupid individuals, glorifying barbarian Soviet Union murdering their citizens in millions. If you are not happy with what you have just move your back to North Korea – the only place where you can live in peace. By the way: are you able to “dress” your lovely kid with dynamite jacket and blow it out on the crowdy street? Just try. They can do this sending the child directly to the Heaven.

  10. Many of us are wide awake, but we don’t have a lot of options, yet, short of shooting the bastards ourselves wherever we find them. Fortunately, however, many law enforcement types who the zionists had planned on using to imprison the rest of us are ALSO waking up. We’re almost there and will soon be ready to turn the domestic army back on the zionists who created it.

    Timing is crucial, however. I hope the rest of the world forgives us for our seeming indifference to the Hell on Earth we’ve allowed the zionists to create. All I can say is, we’re doing the best we can against a vile and ruthless enemy.

  11. The We is the conscientious minority whose numbers continue to not only grow, but increasingly scare the shit out of the powers that be. These are the people who will affect, via leadership by example, a better world… or will fail and allow the self-destructive humans gone mad process to play out. People of conscience, that is the WE. They are not from any one group, nation, religion, political party or any other such label, they are just people, people of conscience. In a single word, they are sane. I hope this is clear.

  12. Please give a hand to Kount Won, it is idiots like this that will look everywhere but their own house so they can avoid the corruption that he and his ilk are complicit with or benefitting from.

    As for the revolution, the first step in achieving justice is fighting for it, believing in your capacity to affect it. That process is ongoing and growing, but you being blind to it is not surprising, your powers of observation are about as developed as sea creatures at the the bottom of the Marianas Trench.

    The crap you spout is classic Ziobot troll bullshit, look at how many of you idiots are in this forum, whats wrong, is the trillions given to the Zionist entity not enough for more hasbarists in your Tel Aviv cyber den? Or are you truly as stupid as you appear, do you actually spread your dribble for free? Either way, whether Israeli, Jewish supremacist hasbarist or patridiot, the good people of the US will not be tolerating your crap much longer, bank on that.

    • How does the saying go….. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”…….. ?

      I offer DaveE’s corollary: Isra-Hell won’t be taken out in a week.

    • Considering my goal is a just and peaceful world, I have to agree, I have not been successful. But of course this goal is not to be decided by ME, it is US who will decide and apparently not enough of US have decided to make it so.

      Your fixation on the Mullahs, who you so ignorantly fail to realise are voted into their position by the people of Iran, belies the deceit to which seems inherent in you. Even if the “Mullahs” were all that you say they are, and they are not, but even if they were, why do you fixate on them when the US & Canadian governments are actively involved in wars of aggression that result in rape, torture, maiming and murder on a massive scale?

      Well the answer to that is simple, you are a minion, paid or not, a minion for the tyrants running our world into a brick wall at break neck speed. I feel sorry for you, especially if you are a parent, because the indoctrination or greed required to have such an anti-human view as yours is a tortured place to be no matter what material benefit you might derive.

      Find the rock, the one you slithered out from, and slither your way back under it, because the only reward for a person of your character is no reward, you are too dim or too greedy to know it but the bile you present is a facilitation of World War III. Iran is not the problem, WE, and in particular people like YOU, are the problem. And once again, bank on those of your ilk finding shrinking areas of refuge; indeed you are the plague referred to in my video.

      It appears by your email that you are from Canada, the leadership of that country reflects you very well. If you are American born, and you refuse to acknowledge the Israeli, Jewish supremacist control of our traitorous government, then you too are a traitor, albeit a low level minion of a traitor.

  13. @Kount Won

    You presume that Israelmerica has the ‘right’ to interfere in other’s internal government. You present arguments that only pre-programmed ziobots could attach to.

    You’re the closest thing to a zio-troll to role through here in some time. I also get the distinct idea you are assigned by the learned elders, specifically tasked to Ken O’Keefe. He’s just that ‘dangerous’ form your ‘fiddler on the roof’ perspective.

    You’re a cointel zio key-board jockey; and, IMHO, you couldn’t make a pimple on Ken O’Keefe’s ass.

    • Your whole article is shaded wit the inference – see “Iran is ruled by unelected men in clerical robes who don’t need to demonstrate any knowledge of any matter beyond the Quran. It’s a complete disgrace to the international community.”

      That and attacking Ken. Your karma is coming, oh high deluded chosen one.

  14. One first point: know that there is no one left to lie to.

    Thank you in advance for your prompt attention.

    The Eagle & Serpent see all …

    Thus Spake the Aryan

  15. Extraordinarily excellent, serious impact to the heart and soul of the viewer who has any reason left. Best summary out there on how America is being mismanaged and manipulated into obscene wars of aggression by “enemies within” and how faux enemies are falsely hyped inside the Halls of the USG. Highest commendations for this Patriot’s incredible work.

    • I agree Preston. Note also that he names the enemy in the video – zionist jews. That eneny operate under a hundred different guises around the world – not just as speculative bankers in London.

    • Actually if you want to get technical, they are the master cutouts for the “old black nobility” in Europe and certain areas of Germany and these families control the vatican too. They desire to remain in the background. Years ago it was explained to me that this ruling elite worship the same Gods of Imperial Rome. Basically those that run the world consider themselves the “new Romans” or the Olympiads. And they have set up a world-wide system of interlinked occult groups to do their dirty work. Zios are the biggest bunch right now, control their banking and money and have proven very trustworthy serving their needs, no matter how extreme.

  16. I’m interested in hearing your opinion of the US Government and Israel. Is Ken wrong about that too?

    • More than likely, Kount Won is a paid propagandist TROLL who, for a few shekels, defends evil and deflects truth.

    • He can spell and string sentences together, but he is a servant to the tyrants whether he knows it or not. The idea of us pointing the finger elsewhere is just pathetic from my view. If your house is dirty then you need to clean it up. You don’t try to point to someone else’s dirty house to try and cover up your dirt. His whole premise is about pointing the finger anywhere but at ourselves, this is a service to the tyrants any way you cut it.

  17. absolutely amazing video, I try to talk to others about how we are the problem here in America, our government spews vile propaganda on how they are justified in killing a people and wanting to eradicate a country with no facts in our name, it sickens me, you are so rignt in that we need to mind our own business and take care of our own and clean out the disease in our government, it is a plague and we as a nation are dying, as an Oath keeper, I understand the dire circumstance we are in, I pray we can survive and get our country back

    • Ken’s presentation clarifies not only “who” the problem is U.S. also “why” we became the problem.
      Those standing circus seal antics of congress, reveal beyond all question, “what” is at the helm, aboard “The USS Problem”.

  18. The congressional standing ovation for the leader of the country whose intelligence agency did the most to engineer 9-11 was a good way to end the video..tragic…tragic what’s happened to our country.

    • I absolutely want to vomit every time I witness that act of TREASON. Satanyahu got 29 (count em) standing ovations…more than ANY president in the history of the United States. These disgusting sold-out Jew-controlled puppets should face a firing squad en masse.

  19. Ken:

    I’ve followed your actions for years. From the Flotilla, to your work in Palestine, to your own traitors inside the gates who posed as your helpers, and now to Iran.

    I would that more American Veterans stood so tall. You bring dignity and honor back to the word “Veteran”.

    If ever there was a Veteran whose articles belonged on Veterans Today, you are he. I hope you will become a regular contributor here.

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