Bush and Cheney Dishonored War Dead (November 2009 Story by Demand)

No Time to Honor America’s Dead – Bush/Cheney had Other Priorities Like When They Missed the Vietnam


Was the tear for a lost drug deal?by  Gordon Duff Senior Editor

by  Gordon Duff, Sr. Editor


President Bush and Vice President Cheney claimed they had repeatedly visited Dover AFB to honor American war dead.   Records at Dover AFB disagree, Bush and Cheney were never there, instead they chose to lie both personally and to send Lynn Cheney to lie for them.

Their claim that this was done quietly, with no cameras and no publicity is now proven to have been a total lie.

Neither Bush nor Cheney ever visited Dover. Neither came there, even once in 7 years of war, despite their stories told of tearful experiences that simply never happened.

This week, while attacking President Obama for a public visit to Dover to honor war dead, Vice President Cheney’s daughter Liz again repeated the stories President Bush and her father told, now known to be lies.



YouTube - Veterans Today -


This couldn’t have happened at a worse time for Vice President Cheney. His story that he knew nothing of the exposure of top CIA nuclear weapons proliferation spy, Valerie Plame has lost any credibility, especially with federal prosecutors.


YouTube - Veterans Today -

The importance of this case, in light of the spying arrest of top nuclear weapons designer, Stewart Nozette is closely tied to the Plame case. Nozette had been furnishing “Q” clearance (our highest) weapons information to foreign spies from Israel, not necessarily the Israeli government, who are suspected of selling this information to North Korea, Iran and Pakistan.

The exposure of Plame by the GOP allowed this spying to continue and may have led to the development of North Korea’s nuclear weapons. The technology trail, as described by FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, has put top American weapons technologies in the hands of nearly every American enemy.

Bush Cheney Lies and DeceptionNozette believed he was spying against the US for Israel and, when approached by FBI agents pretending to be Mossad agents, showed surprise. He said he had been working for the Mossad for years. However, this was not the case.

If, as prosecutors allege, former Vice President Cheney had been involved in derailing CIA efforts to break up spy rings active in nuclear proliferation, Cheney’s involvement, whether done because of a total mental breakdown or a real desire to harm the security of the United States, are going to take the full power of every criminal element high in our government to suppress.

Sources indicate that Vice President Cheney had become involved in an extremist Christian cult that openly advocated nuclear war, knowing it would destroy all life on Earth. Many top GOP leaders, Tom Delay, John Ashcroft, Trent Lott, Donald Rumsfeld, Alberto Gonzales, Paul Wolfowitz and others, some Christians, some Jews, are believed to have shared bizarre theories of Armageddon, apocalypse and rapture.

Cheney is thought to have believed he had been personally selected to sit at the hand of G-d and supervise the suffering of those “left behind” as described in series of books read and discussed at the highest levels of the Bush administration.

The destruction on 9/11 and the Iraq invasion closely parallel scenarios described in these books. The number of bizarre coincidences involving these and many other issues seem, to many, overwhelming, showing a human, if not diabolical hand.

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7 Responses to "Bush and Cheney Dishonored War Dead (November 2009 Story by Demand)"

  1. Chandler  April 1, 2013 at 6:43 am

    I live in embarrassment over the fact this family Bush made it to the White House. How my country was conned into the Bush/Clinton/Bush 20 years has been and will remain the most disappointing 20 years of my life. You could see the pending doom when looking back at the manipulation of each administration. The lies, the deception, and the manner in which the crippling of this country was accomplished. Why are we citizens under such scrutiny? If any think the Patriot Act was written immediately after those planes, missiles whatever they were, flew into the towers, you are sadly mistaken. It had been prepared many years before, and stored, awaiting its debut. The sick mentality of these people has shown itself many times over throughout the years in the things that have been accomplished in the manner they have. I am an American citizen and this is my country. My life has been affected by the actions of these traitors and I can do nothing about any of it. None of us can as individuals. We are too accept it and go on about our lives. The people living off our money have sold us out, and there is nothing we can do until the people we elect and the soldiers we pay turn against the status quo and recall the principles of our Founding Fathers and remain ready to defend the citizens they have made this country once great. i will forever ask why and how all this happened?

  2. haroldsmith  March 31, 2013 at 9:27 am

    Here we are 4+ years after Bush, and Obama (if that’s even his real name) has turned out to be “Bush on steroids”, as many of us knew he would, and all you can do is talk about Bush? Sad.

    “Bush and Cheney Dishonored War Dead” LOL! What a ridiculous thing to say! Well of course they “dishonored” them. What else would you expect? We’re talking about people killed in an illegal, immoral war of aggression based on lies. How could they possibly have “honored” them in that context?

    The best thing they could’ve done is stay away from Dover. Bush and Cheney going to Dover would be like Jack-the-Ripper going to his victims’ funerals and pretending to be sad.

    Only a scum bag like “Obama” would have the unmitigated gall to go to Dover and pretend that the lives that he cares nothing about mean something to him. Unfortunately, “Obama” makes Bush and Cheney look like men of character.

  3. Johng  March 31, 2013 at 1:43 am

    As John Kennedy once said about war, “the real heroes are the ones who didn’t make it back”. And yes this includes Vietnam Veterans. Happy Resurrection Sunday to all at VT.

  4. ayelyahbenjamin  March 31, 2013 at 1:36 am

    Pres. Obama at Dover AFB was deeply moving and speaks louder than words

  5. gritzle70  March 30, 2013 at 7:22 pm

    G H W Bush “supporter” of the US military

    G H W Bush supposedly referred to U.S. soldiers as fodder units (OFU = one fodder unit)


    [quote]The Bushes have no regard for human life. It is well documented that he referred to US troops as “canon fodder units” or some such nonsense…[/quote]

    G H W Bush the “war hero”


    [quote]Orion also said that Skorzeny confirmed reports that already surfaced in the New York Post made by an old war buddy of Bush, Chester Mierzejewski, who questioned Bush’s account of how his plane went down during World War II, leading to his so-called “hero status.”

    In the article, Mierzejewski, who was a recipient of The Distinguished Flying Cross, claimed he had a bird’s eye view of the Bush cockpit when he saw Bush abandon his crew and bail out, leaving his two crew members to die.[/quote]

  6. Mopar21277  March 30, 2013 at 6:31 pm

    Can’t help but think that Barry was at first in 2008: “holy shit, I went along with them and now I’ve got to do something with what they’ve elevated me to. At heart I’m somewhat of a pipe-dreaming Marxist, but I’ve got to please everyone.”

    Even through all the hardline Neocon attacks and mis-steps as forced upon him by his masters, he’s not really a bad Pres, not in the least. He was thrust into an impossible situation and weathered it reasonably well, but most importantly, he’s fought off the insane leadership out of Israel.

    Seeing him walking with the troops, late at night and standing at salute like an ordinary troop is quite amazing and heartwarming. He’s gotta be thinking “I’m so sorry, my hands are tied in this F’d up puppet-state gov’t that we have.” Great article Prof. Duff.

  7. peter  March 30, 2013 at 2:22 pm

    Now that mural at Denver airport is making more sense.

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