$42M of Shady VA Contracts, U.S. Girds for Cyber Attack


Rick Rogers – Military Headline News.



Despite celebrated budget cuts, the Pentagon is spending big on cyber operations.

The U.S. Cyber Command is adding 5,000 staffers for offensive and defensive missions on the digital battlefield in the coming years.

War mongering by North Korea has filled the media for weeks. But is this more smoke than fire?

The White House says facts on the ground suggest it’s all bluster.

The U.S. has not detected any threatening military moves by North Korea, according to the president’s spokesman.

Red flags are flying over hundreds of Department of Veterans Affairs contracts.

A VA worker overseeing construction in New York and New Jersey processed some 1,500 transactions worth more than $42 million.

What caught investigators attention is the contracts were all for just under $25,000 – the amount that generally triggers their public disclosure.

This allegedly happened even when multiple awards went to the same company on the same day.


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