Daniel Pipes Promotes Syria’s Destruction

Zionism Needs A Balkanized Syria


by Joshua Blakeney


Many Zionist propagandists seem to be losing their knack for deceptiveness (but clearly not their chutzpah).

Whereas Oded Yinon’s nefarious plot to balkanize the Middle East was hitherto implemented under the guise of advancing “American oil interests” and “democracy”, increasingly Israel’s pre-planned genocide and bantustanization of the Middle East, which jeopardizes oil-interests, is being called for more overtly in neocon circles. One such instance seemingly arises in this newly posted video in which Zionist-neocon Daniel Pipes calls for “us” (i.e. Israel’s satellite states like the US , Britain, France) to back Syria’s president-elect Bashar al Assad against Western backed mercenaries so as to “keep them fighting each other”. “I think we are best off strategically when they are focused on each other” Pipes stated on a right-wing talk show. He continued: “Here we have in Syria today; the Sunni Islamists fighting the Shiite Islamists. The Turkish-backed Islamists fighting the Iranian-backed Islamists. Well, let them go at it and let us help them to continue to fight it”.

Is this not an incitement to genocide? Imagine if someone had called openly for arming the Hutus in Rwanda against the Tutsis, or vice-versa, to “keep them fighting each other”? This shows the genocidal impulse in Zionist circles to destroy yet another modern Arab country regardless of the humanitarian cost. But this should not be surprising coming from someone who openly promotes the possibility of deploying “tactical nukes” against Iran. The neocon thinker claims such policies are in “our strategic interests”. By “our” he can only mean “Israel” as US and Israeli interests are patently divergent with Israel needing a destabilized, sectarian Middle East while the US, if it was a rational actor, would want stability to enhance trade between Middle Easterners and North Americans.

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Or maybe I am being too hasty in taking a neocon’s words at face value? The rule of thumb when analyzing the comments of the likes of Daniel Pipes is “whatever they say, the opposite is true”. But accepting Pipes’ exoteric message might be justified on this occasion if we keep in mind that Israel is provably siding with the al-Qaeda style adversaries of the Syrian government. Daniel Pipes’ call for backing Assad thus ought to be viewed in the context of the violent-opposition concurrently being armed and/or funded by Israel and its satellite states (US, Britain, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc). Pipes wants neither Assad nor the armed gangs to emerge victorious at this stage. He wants the weakening of one of the few countries that poses a challenge to Israeli hegemony in the region, a country which is allied with Iran and Russia, two nations which oppose Israeli supremacism. This is true regardless of how we view his call for backing Assad.

So what is my reading of the esoteric meaning of this obviously attention-grabbing performance by Pipes? Well, a key assumption in his argument is that Syria’s government needs to be “saved” from its impending ouster. As Pipes opines “I advocate supporting the Assad regime because it’s losing and I think if things go on now that it will be gone”. Pipes is of course parroting the stale line which has been peddled by opponents of Syrian sovereignty for more than two years now, namely that the fall of the Syrian government is happening tomorrow and if not tomorrow definitely the next day. In spite of reassurances by the Western media that Assad’s demise looms large, the Syrian government appears as entrenched and indefatigable as ever.

In short, the “Assad is about to fall” thesis appears to be hogwash. This is partially because much of the Syrian population supports President Assad (and nearly all sane human beings in Syria at least oppose the Western backed armed gangs that are destroying the historic country). But more importantly, Assad has not fallen because, unlike with Libya, China and especially Russia have refused to retract their support for Syrian sovereignty.

Israel’s puppet regimes in London, Washington and Paris especially are trying their best to justify expanding their support for the armed gangs because the Syrian Arab Army is claiming such devastating victories over Zionism’s al-Qaeda-style agents of destabilization.


Hence, the exoteric, outer message, of Pipes’ remarks must be viewed in the context of the Israeli empire builders already backing the opposition. In other words, if taken at face value Pipes is suggesting that the West’s policy towards Syria should be one of perpetuating civil war and bloodshed until Syria destroys itself helping to increase Zionist hegemony in the region.

However, an esoteric reading ought not to be overlooked. The real intention of this performance may have been merely to give some more legs to the “Assad is about to fall” myth which has proven to be so misguided over the past two years. Clearly, Israel’s ardent supporters are trying to drum up continued support for the overthrow of Syria’s elected officials at a time when the West’s death squads are being trounced by a Syrian Arab Army that clearly has the support of the vast majority of Syrians.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Syrian Girl on Israel’s Support for the Anti-Syrian Government Gangs  

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Israel’s National Interest vs. US National Interests

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Sheik Imran Hosein Predicts Israel’s Plot for Countries Like Syria in 2003 









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21 Responses to "Daniel Pipes Promotes Syria’s Destruction"

  1. Sami Jamil Jadallah  April 6, 2013 at 2:34 am

    Daniel Pipes is a no body. His influence is limited to anti-Muslim circles in the US… The reason for the continued war is the US and Israel’s interests in making sure that when Assad falls, Syria is too weak to be a threat to Israel ( it was never a threat to Israel in Bashar’s and Hafiz time).. that is why the US will not allow any one to provide anti-aircraft missiles to the rebels… the freedom fighters… Bashar’s Syria not withstanding all the talks of Arab resistance an fighting imperialism was a CIA interrogation subcontractor and always stood as a guardian of Israeli security in the north allowing total access to Israeli intelligence to come and go in Syria to assassinate Palestinian and Lebanese resistance leader… All of this talk about Assad being champion of Arab nationalism is non-sense…

    • Charlotte NC Bill  April 6, 2013 at 6:45 pm

      The wahabi, salafist terrorists in Syria are NOT “freedom fighters”..

  2. Shangrila01  April 5, 2013 at 5:00 pm

    what i got out of this was,we cant kill you with armed thugs,so lets be friends and help you ,then we kill you from the inside…

  3. ayelyahbenjamin  April 5, 2013 at 2:00 am

    Daniel Pipes, President of his own non-profit organization he named the ‘Middle East Forum’ to give himself a title with an air of officialdom while he represent criminals and war profiteers and Joshua Blakeney shined the spotlight right on him

  4. Franklin Ryckaert  April 4, 2013 at 2:10 pm

    Pipes is one of the major figures in the Islamophobic Clash-of-Civilizations crowd. His task as Jew in the diaspora is to foment hatred between Westerners and Muslims for the sake of Israel. He was it who was behind the “Mohammed cartoons” hype in Denmark in order to establish the idea of the “irrational fanatic Muslim” in the Western mind.

    Originally the Zionists had planned a regime change in Syria by means of the cultivated “rebels” who should transform Syria into a Zionist client state. But now that some of these rebels appear to be of the fundamentalist Islamic sort and thus potentially anti-Israeli, the Zionists (and thus Pipes) have decided to change their policy. Not a docile Syria but a destroyed Syria is now the aim. Whether that will bring untold suffering to the Syrians, they don’t care : Israel’s interests will be served.

    Pipes is a cynical Macchiavellist who wil go over corpses to achieve his Zionist aims.

    We don’t know of course how Judas looked like, but when I look at Pipes’ hideous portrait I think he very well could have looked like Daniel Pipes.

    • marchannoveraner  April 4, 2013 at 3:07 pm

      All fine, but “Clash-of-Civilizations” was not the work of a homophobe/islamophobe – Samuel Huntington was a serious and truthful intellectual – read the book, you might learn something about china. You might also like to learn that neither BUDDHISM, HINDUISM nor TAOISM is in any way tolerable for a “true” muslim – but then again “true” muslims are – THANK YOU, GOD – not the common Muslims. Has the VT reported on the Myanmar-Pogroms and the reasons for it now….? Hmm…isn’t it interesting that Islam seems to be at War with Seculars, Women, Gays, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians AND Jews…? Jezidi, Bahai, Ahmadyyia, Sufi….and ALL other Religions…? Makes you think.

      There is a “Clash-of-Civilizations” of course, it’s going on for too long, the only question is if we can negotiate, balance, discuss, learn from eachother or do we have to go to war.

    • Charlotte NC Bill  April 5, 2013 at 5:27 am

      A true Christian -Catholic or Eastern Orthodox- looks at all other man-made religions that deny the divinity of Christ and other Christian dogma as false religions…ANY religion that purports to uphold minimum moral standards is against sodomy…But there wouldn’t have developed a real sectarian war in Iraq if the Americans/British-doing Talmudia’s bidding-hadn’t systematically planned and provoked one…If not for the Angloamerican-Talmudia axis Libya wouldn’t be a wreck, Lebanon wouldn’t have been bombed in ’06…the false flag attack of 9-11 and 7/7 wouldn’t have happened…etc.

    • Worker Bee  April 5, 2013 at 10:45 pm

      The real “Clash of Civilizations” is the Talmudists attempting to reduce everyone else to subservience.

  5. marchannoveraner  April 4, 2013 at 1:36 pm

    @JS – well isn’t THAT interesting, I didn’t know that Pipes is jewish, but if so, he is another disgrace for Jewry and a burden for AMERICA – Globalisation more and more means that we have citizens in our own ranks who have their heart and loyalty to foreign nations. It’s not only Jews or Muslims living in western countries that feel home abroad, but especially our own “native” (christian or not) liberals that promote this “Anything goes”, “laissez-faire”, “One-World”-propaganda to defend and promote these kinds of confusing interest/illoyalty.

    • Charlotte NC Bill  April 5, 2013 at 5:35 am

      You’re the only one I know that didn’t know Pipes was a Talmud-believing so-called Khazar “Jew”..

  6. marchannoveraner  April 4, 2013 at 11:37 am

    @Kount – Daniel Pipes is a radical, he is too single-focused in his anti-islamic, pro-zionist convictions, here on ASSAD he’s 100% right, but him saying “WE’RE BEST OFF IF THEY’RE CONTINUING TO FIGHT EACHOTHER” is so despicable and cynic, this man thereby disqualified himself for calling himself either CHRISTIAN or HUMANIST – He’s a morally rotten Warmonger in his own words.

    I’d call myself a Islam-critic as too much of islamic dogma is morally highly questionable and a betrayal of humanist ideals, but I can differentiate between Islam and Muslims, Sunni and Shiia, Fanatics and Moderates. And most important I understand the feelings of betrayal that the muslim streets must harbor against the exploiting intermeddling of “the” West for too many decades long.

    In the middle east especially, there is a very complicated accumulation of many different interest-groups fighting and suspecting eachother, and the most singled out and suppressed to me is IRAN – the Shia. People look the other way when in Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Bahrain and Saudi-Arabia Shiite minorities are murdered by sunni extremists (in Bahrain it’s even a shiite majority that is suppressed with FULL SUPPORT of the USA/West)

    Beside the major players in the middle east that are SUNNI, SHIA and ISRAEL (USA), there are the KURDS and CHRISTIANS too – Israel strangely is going alongside with the Saudis/Gulf-Monarchies when indeed the Sunni Supremacists that are ripping Syria apart as we speak – also fractioned themselves into MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, SAUDI SALAFISTS, AL QUAIDA, worldly Oil-Oligarchs – are a bigger threat to Israel than the persian Shiites (despite all the saber-rattling and superficial coalitions).

    And while western “Peace”-activists and Islamists AND George W. Bush called/accused the Invasion of Iraq in 2003 of being a “crusade”, beyond world-notice and without any outcry, the 500.000 iraqi christians were murdered or expelled, 400.000 left Iraq since, the only secure havens for christians remain in the kurdish controlled iraqi north. (Kurds are sunni/alevite/jezidi to make things even more complicated here….)

    Where is the “christian” outcry of the “West”?

    And then there are the Alevites, Ahmadyyia, Bahai and the other small sects in the middle east that are trampled on by the conflicts between SUNNI-SHIA-Powers (SA, Qatar, Turkey, Iran, Syria…) and ISRAEL-USA.

    Why Israel supports Regime-Change in Syria and thereby even supports Al-Quaida Murderers and sunni supremacists? Fear of Iran, they think they’d choose a less potent enemy. Israel despite it’s paranoia before a Holocaust 2.0 should know that the real enemy is not minority-shiite Iran but majority-sunni “PAN-ARABIA” – Israel wants to insure it’s loyalty of the corrupt gulf-monarchies and the root of all islamist evil which is – PARADOXICALLY? – Saudi-Arabia, the main power and the main adversary of IRAN.

    Who will pay the biggest price for all that immoral MACHTPOLITIK? Like in Iraq it will be the islamic minorities in Syria that will suffer and especially the Christians again. And in case the paranoic zionist Warmongerers with their figurehead Bibi continue their war-campaign against the Shiia and go from Syria-interfering to all-out strike againt Iran, I fear that not only the middle-east but also the west will explode in terror and civil-wars as a prelude to a devasting war in the next decade.

    Any strike against Iran can only delay their atomic-program, inflame pan-islamic anti-western hate AND give Iran all justification to finally get nuclear detererance.

    The only profiteer of a War against Iran will be War-/Hatemongers and the Supremacist Jihad Forces within Islam especially. The world then will pay the price. I would feel so relaxed if I was chinese or russian in all that shitty middle-east-perspective…….

    • marchannoveraner  April 4, 2013 at 1:03 pm

      “Daniel Pipes Promotes Syria’s Destruction”. Dont laugh as this is exactly what Pipes is promoting!!! Watch the clip again and listen MORE carefully….?

      Pipes says “WE’RE BEST OFF IF THEY’RE CONTINUING TO FIGHT EACHOTHER” – So either you arm both sides and let the weakest people suffer and die from it – FOR WHAT? Or you promote ceasefire and negotiations – Where are you from, kount? I’m from Germany, and if my country goes along with the Obama-administration and keeps calling for regime-change, then Germany and the USA is in PIPES-mode – may I also ask how old you are? Ever heard of the Iran-Contra-Affair? Who promoted the Saddam Hussein Regime in that war, and did the Iranian Patriots force war-prisoners, Christians, Bahai or Jews to go “clear” the iraqi minefields….?

      You’re really naive if you think that wars always were and always will be a “2-party-system”, they never were.

    • JS  April 4, 2013 at 1:20 pm

      I agree with you that the minorities and Christians will suffer the worst. Btw, Daniel Pipes’ parents were Polish Jews (son of Irene (née Roth) and Richard Pipes) who fled German-occupied Poland and met in the US. To my knowledge, he has not claimed to be Christian.

    • Charlotte NC Bill  April 5, 2013 at 5:30 am

      Being against the idea of men giving it to each other in their rectum is “morally highly questionable”?

    • Charlotte NC Bill  April 5, 2013 at 5:32 am

      Someday, when Talmudia goes down, all decent people the world over will shout for joy..

  7. DaveE  April 4, 2013 at 10:33 am

    I look forward to the day when “intellectuals” like Pipes learn first-hand the meaning of the word “holocaust.”

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