All Nuclear Reactors Leak All of the Time


Nuclear valve leak

Treat the Nuke Boys like the Mad Dogs They Are


             … by  Bob Nichols

Old Snake Oil ad from Science Based Pharmacy
Old Snake Oil ad from Science Based Pharmacy

(San Francisco) Reportedly Americans widely believe in God and lead the world in the percentage of citizens in prison and on parole. That is actual reality from an imaginary character in a TV show. The Gallup Poll also says it is true and has been for years.

Most Americans believe that nuke reactors are safe and quite sound, too. Wonder why they do that?

Most people at one time in their lives watched as steam escapes from a pressure cooker and accept it as real and true. A reactor is very much the same thing. The “cooks,” called “Operators,” even take the lid off from time to time too.

A nuclear reactor is just an expensive, overly complicated way to heat water to make steam. Of course all reactors leak!

All nuclear reactors also actually manufacture more than 1,946 dangerous and known radioactive metals, gases and aerosols. Many isotopes, such as radioactive hydrogen, simply cannot be contained. So, they barely even try. It is mostly just a show for the rubes.[1]

The four exploded reactors, still burning in Japan after two years, are like dropping four radioactive GBU-39 Bombs[2] down a Bunker vent guaranteeing an astonishing 100% Cancer & Heart Disease rate in surviving personnel. Except, in this case, the whole planet gets zapped.

The US reactors – embrittled, decrepit and crippled – are run about 20% harder than their nameplate capacity, thanks to an always obliging and ever-so-helpful Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC.) The “Commission” likes to act as if they monitor public health; but, the NRC never met a little nuke reactor UpRate Request they did not like.

That means the aging nukes are run hotter and harder at higher temps and pressures while the “Commission” aggressively monitors the resulting decline in public health.

Predictably, these devious snake oil salesmen are amping up to Approve the Restart of FukuUSA, the badly broken big San Onofre Nukes in San Diego, California. The San Onofre Nuke Reactors are built on land leased from Camp Pendleton.

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is the major West Coast base of the United States Marine Corps and serves as its prime amphibious training base for Assault Craft Unit 5.

About 21 million people are in the San Diego/Tijuana-Los Angeles areas. Do the Pro-Nukers care? Of course not. Attention Marines: See Sources and Notes Item No 13 below.

The radioactive San Onofre steam and smoke is guaranteed to add to the radioactive particles from Fukushima’s six trashed reactors and a thousand and one other nuclear “accidents.” Plus, there are daily leaks from all reactors. Have you ever heard of anything more idiotic or FUBAR?[3] Does anybody see a pattern here?

This persistent routine has been repeated again and again for 66 years. Veterans and other troops, these nuke Psychos are taking shots at your back! What the hell do you normally do when a confirmed, blood thirsty Psycho who’s also a very good sniper draws down on you and Fires? This is the exact same thing.

The Pro-Nuker snipers shoot tiny, invisible machine guns that crash through your skin and never stop firing. In fact, you will be dead long before that. A good ole U238 machine gun fires 850 rounds a minute for an eternity of majestic proportions – up to Ninety Billion Years. [4]

All your cells within range die and turn to dead puss filled spheres inside you. There is no medicine, no treatment, certainly no cure. Demand an autopsy after you pass to count your internal levels. Leave instructions to file Murder charges against GE, other manufacturers and your local reactor personnel. Strike back from the grave.

Isotope weapons never jam, either, unlike human invented machine guns that run out of rounds or jam. Even if our machine guns could fire continuously, the barrels would melt from the friction and heat buildup.

No way – that doesn’t happen with the very powerful nuke rounds. To make it even worse for us, the muzzle velocity on some rounds approaches 3,000,000 Meters per second.

Amazingly enough, in the US alone, there are currently close to 40,000 State and local prosecuting attorneys.[5] In addition, there are the 50 States’ Governors – all of whom have an Army that works for them with tanks and millions of other weapons and sidearms.

Master-Sergeant John C. Woods, 3rd Army
Master-Sergeant John C. Woods, 3rd Army

Governors and prosecuting attorneys, get off your butts and take down all the nuclear reactors. Do your Jobs!

The nuke reactors are just great big stationary nuclear weapons that all leak and are aimed squarely at American voters, your major donors included.

Then Perp Walk the criminals to Court, all fair and square legal like, and hang them till very dead in front of TV cameras.

Of special note: Master-Sergeant Woods, the Hangman for the 3rd Army in the European Theatre during WWII was extremely good at his job.

He was tasked to execute a slew of high-ranking Nazis after the Nuremberg Trials in 1946 at the end of WW II.

Master-Sergeant Woods enjoyed a large audience of top allied Generals; yet he was solely in charge. It took 26 minutes for one of those snakes to finally croak. That was a job well done. We must do no less.


Editing:  Jim W. Dean


Copyright 2013 by Bob Nichols. All right reserved. Distribute with Sources and Notes and credit. Bob Nichols can be reached at [email protected]

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All Reactors Leak All The Time

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  1. As for Chernobyl one MUST consider this:


    • Hi Stephan,

      You said “must”in capital letters. Why is that? Where is this “report” you mentioned very prominently?



    • Well, I guess Stephan is not coming back. Poor guy, you guys must have scared him to death almost. The friendly fictional story from the Nuclear States through the United Nations must seem awfully comforting to him and the millions like him.

      Guess there is no fixing stupid, though.

      Dr. Jannete Sherman’s book is a collection of 5,000 scientific studies on the fate of Chernobyl 25 years later. A free download of the book is available in Footnote No. 8 for anyone who wants it.

      The rest of you folks might want to get it for reference, too. Its a tremendous amount of research. It is really a blueprint on a much smaller scale of the destruction to life caused now and in the future by the Fukushima reactor explosions.


  2. Many military experts think North Korea cannot nuke the USA! How about they place one of their missiles with a nuclear warhead in a seaborne container and stuff it into the 6 nuclear reactors on the California seaboard and America is toast!

    • Well, good thought about the States’ vulnerabilities.

      However, you are future-tensing and manifestly in denial. America is already nuclear toast.

      Fuku is just the biggest in a long line of deliberate poisonings with uranium gas weapons. Fuku reactors were made by GE, one of the biggest corporations in the world.

      Poisoning every US Marine for the past 45 years at Camp Pendleton is just one more thing added to the States’ destruction and damnation.

      This stuff gets real serious real quick.

      Good post; but, think again.


  3. Bob, if I may?

    Mr. Sheridan –
    Nuclear valves are specially manufactured for the handling of liquid and steam in the nuclear industry.
    You seem to be to lazy to simply do a search, so here’s the Google for ya:

    Exploding reactors: Those Mark 1 reactors were built with KNOWN flaws – i.e. containment of hydrogen in the reactor could not be ‘contained’, so they put in ‘vents’ that were supposed to open during an emergency – meaning ‘containment’ is automatically lost. Tell me, is that the dumbest thing you ever heard of? And, that is one of many ‘fixes’ put in place just so the reactors did not have to be redesigned. And, all of the fixes are just as thought out as venting a containment vessel. I still shake my head at that one.
    Also, they were built on KNOWN fault lines, and placed coastal; in harms way of tsunamis. Read Greg Pallast’s work on his investigation of Fukushima. They falsified the seismic testing reports. And Arnie Gundersen’s reports on how the industry builds plants to withstand a ‘500 year event’ (once in 500 years) but that event is based on past recorded ones (i.e. 7.0 earthquake, when, however unlikely, a 8.5 or higher can occur … and as we saw, it did)
    They knew of the fault line, and the possibility of a tsunami washing in. Yet they put the diesel driven emergency equipment at ground level. That ‘natural event’ is supposed to be anticipated and built to withstand. It was not – to save on construction costs. Again. Very dumb.
    Thirdly, YES! Nuclear power DOES equal nuclear weapons. That is the only reason they are STILL building Uranium based plants. It’s byproducts are used by the Military Industrial Complex. Otherwise, they would be building Thorium based nuclear plants.
    See, Thorium fission would produce plenty of heat to boil water. However, Thorium and it’s daughter products cannot be easily converted or refined for use as a nuclear weapon.

    Maybe you oughta read more before you challenge the author’s voracity.
    How’s it go? Better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid … you know the rest.

  4. Mr. Nichols,
    I will confirm one of your claims here, that radiation exposure over a certain limit does indeed result in heart disease. However, this type of disease usually manifests after the subjects useful working life, thus cutting short retirement and time with family, nothing the rulers deem as all that important.
    The truth of the civilian nuclear programs is one of constant accidents, leaks, discharges, and disasters. The truth of nuclear energy is that it is the gravy train of gravy trains. Feeding at the public trough well beyond all those despised poor people on the dole.
    None of this should come as any surprise. The leadership of humanity has failed humanity-and life itself-over and over again. A species only gets so many chances to screw up, so humanity should be pretty concerned over our track record. On the other hand, humanity could revisit the entire issue of its leadership, and start plotting a better course. Unfortunately, the current leadership will not allow this to happen, and thus we understand the true scope of the problem.

    • Well said, Mr Kay.

      I agree, there is no way out. There are about 438 big embrittled nuke reactors in the world and Fuku Daichi takes many years before clean up can even start.

      Fuku Daini is just six Clicks south on the NE coast of Japan and firmly inside the Exclusion Zone. Daiani has four big GigaWatt reactors just sitting there deteriorating, getting more and more irradiated from Daichi just up the street.

      There were 14 reactors in all damaged by the quake. They still are damaged.

      Nope, we can’t fix stupid; or greedy. Humanity is locked in to this Death Spiral with no way out, led by 1,946 deadly isotopes.

      Good talking with you.


  5. What stirred you up, Paul. You have not written any articles for VT since that deal you did on Oct 8, 2012.

    Nope, if you want to write your own article on Camp Pendleton or leaking reactors, Go for it, just not here, Paul.


  6. 1. The U.S. doesn’t even need nuclear energy.

    According to this Lawrence Livermore chart, nuclear energy only provides 8.26 of the U.S. energy mix!

    2. That 8.26% can easily be conserved and they could begin decommissioning every nuclear power plant.

    3. As it is, the U.S. uses more Renewable Energy than nuclear energy, and Americans are using more higher-efficiency energy technologies which means they end up using less energy.

    4. Over 50% of the energy created in the U. S. is WASTED due to inefficiencies (waste heat, etc.)

    To summarize, with a little conservation, more efficient energy technologies, and more renewable energy…the U.S. could be a truly independent Energy country, slashing their reliance on fuels like oil, coal, or uranium (nuclear fuel), and easily shutting down their 100+ nuclear power plants.

    And this is what Americans want.

    Did you see the latest Gallup poll?

    Over 70% of Americans want more SOLAR and WIND energy. Next they like Natural gas, and coming in LAST is oil, nuclear and coal.

  7. Yes, let’s close all those “dangerous” nuclear power plants and burn oil instead…and not dirty coal, destructive fracked nat-gas or obtrusive wind-power generators. This would be great for my Exxon shares!

    • Yes, Camp Pendleton is.

      A San Onofre nuke was first switched on Jan 1, 1968.

      All Marines stationed at Camp Pendleton since then got a Radioactive Dose everyday from a leaking San Onofre reactor.

      Needless to say, the utility company staff lied to the Commanding Officer about daily radioactive releases. That’s a formidable legacy: 45 years of poisoned Marines.

      Now we know.

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