Sticking it to Vets

An American Veteran, His Wheelchair his Bed, the Sky his Roof (Photo courtesy of Robert Rosebrock)

Claims Backlog on a Small Part of the Story


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


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We knew the Bush/41 administration hated vets.  What government would cut funding for veterans in the middle of a war? 

Bush and Cheney, themselves notorious draft dodgers during the Vietnam War, led by Senator McCain, kept out of prison by a secret presidential pardon, used their wartime “moral authority” to label vets as “freeloaders.”

Now it is Obama failing vets, turning back.  It didn’t even begin with Bush but rather with Vietnam when “conservative” veterans organizations who loved the Vietnam War but hated those who fought in it got control of veterans funding for the entire nation.  They killed more soldiers than the Viet Cong.

The “neocons,” however, turned out to be a traitorous gang.

Backed by the conservative “think tank,” the American Enterprise Institute, that by our estimation, is a deeply flawed and morally repugnant institution, veterans, who had already suffered for decades, would suffer more.

It is called the “Court of Miracles,” the real story of the Department of Veterans Affairs:

[youtube mHhgyQ4lVRE]

When a veteran is sent to a “comp and pension” examination, suddenly as in the Hunchback of Notre Dame, the blind can see and the lame can walk.  Another painful similarity to the Victor Hugo novel’s “court of miracles,” is the fate of the “unwelcomed visitor.”
As with the “court,” those who visit the medical facilities of the VA are lucky to get away with their lives.
One veteran, a true story, was examined and the VA doctor evaluating his disability “accidentally” overlooked the fact that the patient was missing an arm, lost in an IED explosion.  He was given a 10% disability, covering the fact that he had only lost 10% of his brain in the same attack.
The numbers, below, lie.  Veterans processed are confronted, a new policy, verbally attacked, every attempt is made to get them to drop claims, they are threatened, their paperwork is lost, and many claims take decades not months.
Almost all who apply are denied fully or in part and enter a second “black hole” appeals process.
Worse still are the sick and injured.  Too often, as I can personally attest to, veterans are given “band aid” treatment for serious conditions, receive no follow up care and are treated by great doctors and others who are incompetent, mentally ill or overworked to exhaustion.
We haven’t yet begun to speak of state and local veterans commissions, often controlled by old line veterans organizations whose leaders use taxpayer money like it was a personal “piggy bank” while veterans starve.  This has been documented so many times, audits quickly hidden.
Those who “advise” government on veterans problems are, themselves, corrupt, running veterans clubs as drinking and gambling establishments, some involved in shady charities or worse.
America’s 5 or 6 thousand recent combat dead is more like 50 or 60 thousand, if we add suicides and the ignominious deaths of those abandoned and mistreated by a bureaucracy bloated with cash.  Investigations at the Los Angeles Regional Veterans Affairs Center revealed lab work being “outsourced” to non-existent companies owned by senor VA employees, millions stolen.
Witnesses brought forward documents, met with FBI agents, VA employees who saw this, but as the “perps” are closely tied to a powerful Democratic congressman, nothing was and is being done.
Those whose lab work was simply thrown away may well die of the undiagnosed diseases that should have been found and treated.  This happens continually, we have more stories like this, Helena, Montana, 11  veterans died and nobody was charged or even disciplined.
And so it goes…

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  1. Gordon, You should do personal stories about us Vets waiting for benefits. You can start with me! Social media will destroy the VA. I think you can do stories everyday for years about the VETS. Thank you for your great journalism. Please don’t stop!

  2. How perverted the “powers that be” in Washington have become when they will legislate hiring quotas in the workplace for about everybody but the people that served their nation!

  3. You really can’t expect the “chickenhawks” in Washington to have any respect for veteran’s civilian welfare. They are neither men or people of ethics. The civilian welfare population and illegal aliens get far better treatment and in better hospitals than veterans do. I guess this is what happens when you choose to serve a nation that is run by a “rouge” foreign lobby who is it’s chief parasite.

  4. as a US Marine combat veitnam vet and my brother is a US Navy combat vietnam vet. I filed a claim in April 2000 just march 2013 a VBA Judge granted me service Connected diability my brother filed a claim in april 2001 he was just awarded service connected disability in January 2013 now I ask the question why do they still have a problem with the backlog ? because they find it easy to deny until we die or drop the claim, but when it finally gets to a VBA Judge he grants the SCD maybe it’s because all those that did not fight in Vietnam still hate us for doing our duty as our father before us or maybe because my brother and I got attorneys but it still took 12 years for my brother and 13 years for me to get our records out of St. Petersbergs Regional office and in to a VBA Judges hand to review and to grant us SCD. That is unacceptable but thats fact. The other fact is there is no reason for the Regional office to hold on to our claims that long. The C&P exams are nothing but dog and pony shows that do not actually serve any purpose other than to take up more time on the claims and they are done by civialians who work for a private company QTR paid by the VA around a billion dollars a year that the first former VA Secrety under bush Jr. who was the president of QTR before Bush Jr. appointed him he is now after the heat was on him by congress who never followed through on their investigation on him stepped down and Bush Jr. picked another VA Secretary when Bush Jr. got re-elected in 2004 the first former VA Secretary went back to QTR as their Chairman of the Board. It is not surprising that for a C&P exam there is no VA rule, Federal Law or any other reason other than to let QTR make the big money. Think about that then wonder why the VBA Judge’s put more weight on the private doctors diagnosis than the C&P examiners 20 min. exam or dog and pony shows that cause the RO’s headaces and making wrong descisions because of the private company QTR inept C&P’s exams trying to make the veteran either quite or drop the claim or die before the Vetaran claims are ajudicated properly and truthful most importantly correct. THUS I give you the growing Backlog cause.


    • I think it’s mid management that is the problem we have here. I hear new heads come in and say I’m going to fix the problems but once they see the problems that they face they think this is not going to be easy. Mid management at the offices are the problem. They have been their so long it does not bug them to deny us. I think they like making our lives hard. I think at the end of the day they ask how many Veterans did we screw today and are happy that they did. Now, how will they fix the backlog? By deny and sending our claims to the BVA VA motto: deny,deny,delay,delay until they die.

  5. My doctor at the Milwaukee, WI VA hospital sent me to the ER for some medicine and what the doctor did to me is horrifying. I sat there for 7 hours with no help. It was revenge from a previous doctor of mind. Dr. Townsend was in the ER that day and it was not going to be a good day for me. The ER play games all day long a my doctor who sent me thier told the ER to release me 3 times and they did not. It’s sad for doctors to act that way. They just didn’t try to hurt me but all the people in the waiting room. What I saw that day the Milwaukee, Wi VA hospital should be ashamed. After that day I have not seen Dr. Townsend around the Milwaukee, Wi VA hospital. Thank God for THAT!

  6. I had a claim working in 1990-92. I was scorned by Long Beach VA. I refiled in NW Arkansas, got excellent interviews. I made the mistake of having it transferred to St. Louis when I moved to Missouri. I had orginally listed American Legion as sponsor due to loyalty to my father, a WW1 Legionnaire. I got a classic phone call from the Legion rep in St. Louis. “you have a snowball’s chance in hell, drop it so deserving veterans get their chance”. That pissed me off so much I pushed it further to D.C. and finally gave up the push. I don’t think I had much of a case but I certainly didn’t need the Legion telling me to drop it. I’ve had two excellent VA clinic docs, both women, one Taiwanese and one with an arabic name, trained by the VA in St. Louis.

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