What is America’s Real Game in Syria?


“War is the Continuation of Diplomacy by Other Means.”


… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor        … with  Press TV

–  first published on PressTV – April 9th, 2013  –


The Death’s Head – Doom for US Policy

General Dempsey was in the news this week with his very sensible comments about the spiraling down Syrian debacle, whose vortex may catch those who don’t expect it, but might be most deserving.

Seasoned observers are quite used to seeing mixed messages in diplomacy, especially when they are used as a tactic of war.

If you take a variety of positions, even if a disaster does happen you can whip out an archive statement where you said this or that, but no one would listen to you.

As the Prussian military theorist Karl von Claueswitz said, “War is the continuation of diplomacy by other means.” America seems to have chosen this war diplomacy policy for Syria while pretending not to be responsible.

This murky policy gets further complicated when you actually have competing factions within an administration, where verbal sniping and even verbal car bombs can be used to remind the opposing side that your views have to be taken into consideration.

Because General Dempsey is so highly respected across many divides in America his every word is absorbed and analyzed for both obvious and hinted meanings. If an administration wanted to send a message of a sincere potential policy shift, Dempsey would be the gold plated messenger.

Colin Powell

But herein we must go into the historical closet where an event happened which is referred to in casual Intel talk circles as “’pulling a Colin Powell” on them, regarding how he was used to justify the Iraq attack for bogus WMD.

The current military brass are well aware of this bear trap, and I would bet that Dempsey would not be played for a chump. He’s way too smart for that. Powell was not Bush’s top military adviser, like Dempsey is to Obama.

Let’s review some of who said what and when, and then try to figure out why. The Sunday April 7th Press TV report had the startling Dempsey headline quote, “Syria could become another Afghanistan”. He continued, “I have grave concerns that Syria could become an extended conflict”, that drags on for many years.

These were not off the cuff statements. They aired on a US funded Arabic satellite TV channel. Every word was pre-scripted. In the analysis business we often refer to this as ‘a card being played’. So task number two is to figure out what is it really for.

Digging back to a March 18th Dempsey talk to a Washington think tank, “I don’t think at this point I can see a military option that would create an understandable outcome…and until I do, it would be my advice to proceed cautiously.”

General Dempsey – JSC

But we knew from our own sources and later published ones that a big covert arms push was already in process, flowing into various rebel staging areas as preparation for a sustained final push to topple Assad.

We know the CIA coordinated the operation with Jordan and Turkey logistically involved and the Saudis and Qatar paying the bills.

This is what the Obama administration calls not providing lethal aid…proxies do it.

Dempsey is on record having favored arming the rebels for a quicker overthrow to avoid a drawn out contest which would risk leaving the Syria in ruins.

Obama objected back then…but not now. They are doing it under the radar, sort of.

When Dempsey was asked if anything short of military intervention might be contemplated he gave a prepared, and what we know now to be a partially honest answer, that any such opportunities would be led by U.S. Allies.

He played another prepared card, “We very much do believe that the answer to Syrian is through partners, because…they’ll understand the complexities better than we would.”

I could only wish to have been able to ask the general if he was so concerned about the 100 ring circus of rebel and insurgent groups operating against Assad, then would he like to address the Saudis providing bases, training, funding and arming of a new generation of Jihad fighters, even in northern Iraq.

The Saudis are even running terror operations against Iraq now to keep them back on their heels.

Even 10 year olds are being taught the finer arts.

Dempsey has to be aware of this. Any statements of America not arming these Syrian insurgent groups is duplicitous because we know that the Saudis are.

They are supporting the Wahhabi extremists, who are taking heads as I write. Dempsey has to understand that when headhunters are loose on the land the Syrian Army and their militias are going to fight to the death.

We picked up a leak that an arms push would be coming soon by a ‘card’ Dempsey played during an airborne press interview.

He said he would potentially consider arming the insurgents directly to end the fighting sooner and preserve the country’s institutions from being destroyed in an uncivil war of attrition.

Dempsey acknowledged the obvious even back then that the end game of increased armaments could contribute to a more violent new civil war among the various groups after the fall of Assad. The Balkans analogy has been widely used in the media to describe it. Lots of heads got chopped of there, too.

All of these card clues are what we call psyops… ‘preparing the minds’ of the public for things you have in the works to test their reaction. This as standard ‘game theory warfare’.

Senator John ‘Cowboy’ McCain even has an acting roll, asking for bombing of Syria now which makes the covert arming of the rebels look like the non wild, cautious approach.

Weapons and ammo have to be stockpiled for any big push

My bet is that all of these carefully played cards are a set up for two things, one of which is already in motion. Enough arms and ammo have been prestaged to back a final push to collapse Assad.

The Syrian army counter strategy can clearly be seen to breakup up the rebel forward positions, find their hideouts and get their weapons caches. Press TV has photos of these operations all the time.

But if the Jihadis look like they could be the dominant force in an overthrow then the U.S. would come in with major arms supplies, but only for certain groups who would not only fight the Syrian army, but also the Wahhabis.

What kinds of weapons are we talking about here? Start with longer range anti-armor and add ground to air missiles. I would bet that selected insurgents have already been trained in these weapons and are waiting for the right time to be deployed.

Death of the Syian tank.

Hi-tech weapons are not always needed. A grenade down the barrel of a T-72 can be fatal, especially if the breech is open on the inside, which it was here. You are about to see why tanks always need to be supported with infantry, especially in street fighting.

[youtube miqgEpgvJuI] -Death of the Syrian Tank

The Arab League seems to already know the general plan. You can look back now and see their violating their own charter to pre-empt the outcome by giving one faction of the rebels the Syrian seat. This was their assigned role in this slow motion train wreck.

More death and destruction is on the way

And I predict some of them will regret setting this precedent. But there is a wild card…the Russians, Chinese and the Iranians.

The Russians man the Syrian air defenses, and they are not going to quietly sit by while the walls come tumbling down around them.

the U.S. felt that a ‘deteriorating situation’ justified intervention to ‘save the country’…then other parties would thereby have permission to do the same.

I don’t think they are going to just sit back and watch the carving up of their own ally and the threat that would pose to them not only in loss of face, but in future aggression.

A failed intervention would be a huge blow to imperial militarism, as would the supplemental war bills that would be hitting the steps of Congress, requiring more red ink to fund.

Assad was correct when he stated, “If the unrest in Syria leads to the partitioning of the country, or if terrorists take control…the situation will spill over into neighboring countries and create a domino effect throughout the Middle East and beyond.”

Some of you can dismiss this as a self serving statement, but I will pose one scenario for you.

If there is an intervention where American weapons are used against the Jihadis, how long, how many days do you think it would take to see them with advance weapons themselves, like the very good Russian anti-tank one, and then ground to air defense missiles popping up out of thin air. Are they already there, and being saved?

This is what an un-negotiated settlement looks like

The West killed any negotiated settlement with the big March arms push. They seem to be going for a military settlement, but one where a mess could be laid on someone’s doorstep.

But we all know the rebel groups will not negotiate because they feel they have the West behind them and time is on their side.

We have the blind leading the blind here in a situation which could trigger an even larger blood bath. So far the main beneficiary with virtually nothing to lose, once again, is Israel.

The Israeli role seems now to keep banging the attack Iran war drum. John Kerry made a fool of himself on his Israeli visit with the silly ‘all options on the table’ substitute for a real policy. I can’t think of a more stupid way to convince other nations that they need a nuclear deterrent.

Dempsey was right about not seeing ‘an understandable outcome’. What the Western dummies and their proxies are doing is tossing a live hand grenade around in a circle. The outcome of that does not require a genius, or even an analyst…just someone who isn’t crazy.



  1. News from Kuwait:



    Kuwait: 20,000 M-16 rifle rounds and 15,000 9mm pistol round stolen from warehouse

    MP says she is to quiz interior minister over security issues

    By Habib Toumi, Bureau Chief
    Published: 14:09 April 8, 2013

    Kuwait: 20,000 M-16 rifle rounds and 15,000 9mm pistol round stolen from warehouse

    MP says she is to quiz interior minister over security issues

    By Habib Toumi, Bureau Chief
    Published: 14:09 April 8, 2013
    Gulf News

    Manama: Authorities in Kuwait have opened an investigation into the theft of ammunition from a warehouse.

    Kuwaiti media on Monday reported that 20,000 M-16 rifle rounds, and 15,000 9mm pistol rounds and an undetermined number of ear protectors had been stolen from the warehouse of the ministry of interior in the Subbiya area, quoting officials from the security media.

    Sources said that all the contents of the warehouse had been removed and that three doors had been broken in the theft believed to have occurred on Sunday.

    The incident occurred as several lawmakers have been putting pressure on Shaikh Ahmad Al Humood, the interior minister, to boost security levels in the country, mainly after a Shiite mosque was targeted in a pre-dawn attack.

    MP Safa Al Hashim said that she was planning to quiz Shaikh Ahmad on the ammunition theft, local Arabic daily Al Watan reported.

    Several Kuwaitis from both sects have in a robust show of rare unity condemned the attack on the mosque and called for the prompt apprehension of the perpetrators, accusing them of attempting to divide the country on sectarian lines.

    “It is about time we grilled the minister,” said Al Hashim, elected to the parliament in December 2012.”

    Well, well, what do you know: I take ANY bet, that these 20,000 M-16 FULLY AUTOMATIC military assault rifles will finally show up in less than two week’s time in the hands of FSA-terrorists in Syria, together with 15,000 rounds of 9 mm-ammo for any FSA-terrorist’s occasional Colt, Glock or Lugher side arm.

    America’s friends are the best friends money can buy.

    “Boy, do I hate being right all the time!” – Dr. Ian Malcolm, alias Jeff Goldblum, in Jurassic Park

  2. There is another option;
    mr. Dempsey is telling it as it is,and just look what’s happening on the ground,instead of trying to guess “what the plan is”.
    The Syrian conflict is slowly but surely moving towards the Iraqi,Lebanese,Jordanese and Israeli borders.
    In June 2012 the toppling of Assad was imminent ,but was aborted.
    Maybe the “plan ” is to slowly boil Syria into a katalysator for total chaos in the region.
    Israel is very unhappy with the NATO rebels taking over the Golan on the Syrian side,but can’t complain too much since the “rebels” are supported by their “allies”.
    I feel the war in Syria is going exactly as planned,giving the NATO-rebels just enough support to slowly throw not just Syria, but the whole region into turmoil.
    I stand by my prediction 8 month ago that things will become clear and mayhem will break out when Israel has no other choice than to bomb the NATO-rebels,and the new alliances in the Middle East will become visible.
    Turkey’s erratic behaviour on the diplomatic field is an indication of changing alliances in the ME and backstabbing by US/Europe of former “allies”.
    US/Europe lost control over the Middle East and are going for the Leon Strauss -Chaos theory option.
    Russia and the regional powers are doing everything possible to avoid the situation from blowing up and getting out of control.
    The threat of economic meltdown in Europe and US,Korean wardrums,and the problems with “new,spontanious” virusses in China should not be seen as seperate events in this context.

  3. Steve, Our email addresses are right on our bio pages. We have our names hotlinked at the top of the aritcles so you can get to them with one click. If you have a problem with World News Tomorrow send them an emai. That is what I would do.

    There are all kinds of strange things that can go in with Net stuff and we have it just in the comment sections, although greatly reduced now.

  4. Step 1) Get rid of President Assad, 2) Get rid of Russia military base in Syria, 3) Break Syria up, 4) Let Israel do the same thing to Syria as it has done to the Palestinians so that it has all of Syria’s land, 5) Israel will keep going until it has reached the Suez Canal.

    This is why the president of Egypt had to be gotten rid of. Israel could not start a war with a country with a US puppet in charge of it.

  5. Great article. Most folks know that al qaeda is “el cia duh” and the USG is supporting these privateers to fight Israel’s war and to protect the failing petro dollar. It’s time for all the lies to stop and for the USG to stop being the world’s second biggest terror state. And don’t think that high tech “voice of god” psychotronics have been modified and adapted to provide the proper motivation for al cia duh. These disgusting wars, which are actually others people’s wars have asset stripped Americans of almost everything they worked their whole lives for and transformed america into a criinal terror state which is now bring war home against its own citizens, the new battlefield of the future. And the American Soldiers have been needlessly placed in harms way and abused beyond reason by sending them to fight in these illegal wars for twisted, criminal leaders who commit serial treason.

    • Preston:
      Do you have any ideas how the USG will stop its policies when they comes from London (Committee of 300 et al). JFK tried that and became open minded in Dallas. Our country is so hijacked by Zionist scumbags I have no idea how it can be turned around at this point. Popular uprising? I do not think that is realistic nor do the sheeple want that. They will not risk their comfort zones and/or children’s lives for that. I think we are done. Most discussions about this are philosophical/blowhard BS.

  6. This is a good analysis of a shocking mess of a situation. This Syrian campaign is stupid and dangerous, as I have said from the start. The country is being torn apart to get a bunch of fanatics into the saddle (or fighting over it for years) and set the country back a century or more, as well as then set up the next round of even bigger regional mayhem. The religious minorities including Christians are highly likely to be effectively wiped out like they were in Iraq, and a new hard-Sunni axis will become the next big bogey, once the Shiites are smashed. Then maybe Russia, or China, or hell both of them. Nothing feeds the wolfish appetite like success.

    Absolutely insane criminality that will go down in history as a complete disaster, assuming it does not actually spark Armageddon, and terminate history itself.

  7. Great article Jim. Gotta love that picture of that “freedom fighter”, especially that tattoo! Bones and a skull? You make a great point Jim on the narrative being presented to the public. We have the old “good cop, bad cop”, which as you illustrated, slowly sways the masses. Great info!

    • Thanks Peter, I brag on our readers all the time…most of them. What are doing here for anyone who wants to bother looking for is teaching our audience how to do intel analysis. We weave it into a lot of the things that we write, and we push the envelope on it. But we feel, literally, that it is a survival skill that huge numbers of people need to not only learn how to do, but teach their families as a basic survival skill.

      You realize how many photos I googled up and with through to find that feature image?….about 200. The video…I picked out of a dozen that I watched. It’s real. And when I sent it to Gordon he was shocked they were using armor for street fighting with no infantry. Not only do you not do that, but even if you did, you would want the tank to have thermal sites so they could see people in the buildings. They don’t have remote control machine guns on top either. The Russians let them down on that.

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