Sterilize the Planet

SuicideNuke Pistol
SuicideNuke Pistol
The Radiation is the vulture, we are the near death child. There is no way out. Photo by Kevin Carter Sudan 1996
The Radiation is the vulture, we are the near death child. There is no way out. Photo by Kevin Carter Sudan 1996

All are Included – No Exceptions 


  … by  Bob Nichols

(San Francisco) – The March 11, 2011 explosion of four reactors and wrecking of two more reactors at Fukushima Daiichi, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan is an on-going Extinction Level Event for all creatures on Earth, including all Humans. Now, two years and one month later, hot radioactive particles (RadParticles) still are spewing. 

The RadParticles have to stop going up over there before they stop coming down over here. Saying it is pretty simple, making it happen is not. The radiation is so intense in the reactor buildings it kills humans in seven minutes, robots are dead in two hours.

Walking Ghosts
Walking Ghosts

Many governmental, institutional and private speakers use the radioactive element Cesium 137 (Cs137) as the amount of radioactivity in the air, land and sea today.

That is only partially true. Cs137 is merely one of 1,946 known lethal radioactive isotopes created by atomic bombs and atomic reactors when detonated or operated properly and “by the book.” 

That is exactly what atomic reactors are supposed to do, make 1,946 isotopes! The heat to make steam is simply a by-product.  This is a nasty nuclear process and cannot be stopped or reversed.

Dr Paolo Scampa, a physicist in the European Union, recently stated “The Cs137 radioactivity [Fukushima Daiichi] is about 6,89E18 Bq and around 2100 kg. This activity represents a potential internal radiotoxicity of 6,61 billion Lethal Doses by inhalation and 17,91 billion Lethal Doses (LD) by ingestion.” [End Quote.]

That’s just the amount of Cesium137’s Lethal Doses from three reactor core storage pits! Much of this is in the Earth’s air, soil and water now. What’s more, the lethality level of the  Fukushima reactors’ burning radioactive aerosols and gases irrevocably goes up for the next 350 years. 

SuicideNuke Pistol
SuicideNuke Pistol

That’s 17.91 Billion Lethal Doses (by Ingestion) chasing the 7.3 Billion of us on the Planet now and there are 1,946 known radioactive killer isotopic poisons in this list. The odds are definitely not in our favor.

It only takes one of these little poisonous, invisible devils each, to maim and kill us all.

There is much more radioactive poison in the other four 40 ft (12.19 mt) deep temporary reactor core holding pits and charging out of the six trashed reactors.

Three hundred and fifty years from now (from 2013) is about 14 generations, or the year 2363. Worse still, after 350 years of increased lethality, the Radiotoxicity Level does not decline, it just levels off. We, and all our kind, will simply be dead and gone – finished. Truly, the affair at Fukushima is an Extinction Level Event.

Only the Earth will remain, sterilized by nuclear radiation, speeding through space – barren and sterile, or well on its the way to ending this chapter. Let it be known as the Era of the Stupids.  

John Wayne life is hard

Copyright by Bob Nichols Apr 19, 2013. The article may be freely re-published with attribution and end notes. Videos and pictures are the copyright of their respective owners.

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  1. well if you anything about uranium you’ll know that nuclear energy stations have low grade uranium rods,yull also know that after the 3 mile incident at long island all nuclear plants were fitted with hydrogen release.The pressure in a up to spec plant cannot build to extreme pressure’s
    Go through every and anything you can find most importantly think very very hard.
    if you look, you will find. I’ve been going on about the radiation leak for quite some time now,completely oblivious to certain facts. However now i’ve seen through the facade. the fukusall incident is not what it seems.Yet again us gullible humans have been lead blindly down the garden path.
    Research these things, the effects of a 7.2 quake on structure’s how badly even new earthquake proof designs are not able to stand against the power of a 7.2 magnitude quake
    A 9.0 magnitude is almost 2000 times stronger than a 7.2
    B The world largest ever exploded nuclear bomb (Tsar) built by Russia caused a 5.2 magnitude quake when exploded 2.5miles (4km) above the is a cube of TNT 312 meters or 1023ft a side,this device was just (lol just …) 50megatons of TNT
    C The actual energy yeild was 8.35 magnitude equivalent Richter scaled.
    D The Japanese quake was upgraded to 9.1 magnitude 800 times stronger than tsar nuclear device.
    E The difference in TNT size between 9.0 and 9.1 is 480-800megatons respectively of TNT
    F Making a 9.1, 3.3 exa joules or 3.3 x10 to the power of 18 or 3,300,000,000,000,000,000 joules a hell of a lot of energy .
    G The damage radius of a shallow 10km deep 9.1 magnitude quake should’ve leveled anything within a 300 miles radius and damage to 600 miles, (wiki)9.0-9.9 Quake, Severe damage to all or most buildings with massive destruction. Damage and shaking extends to distant locations. Permanent changes in ground topography. Death toll ranges from 1,000 to several million.
    H if the 9.1 was 800MT making it a cube of TNT roughly 5 Kilometer each side
    I Ya scared yet?
    J Go look at any tsunami video and watch it closely,with an open mind keeping above points in mind, try and find this 9.1 quake damage. forget tsunami damage as this is after the 5km cubic block of TNT equivalent exploded.
    K unts have fu*ked us again…. also research who was plants new security firm and where they from.

    5/11 is the date to watch out for
    jimstonefreelancedotcom for an entire article with all evidence and some very telling photo’s ..

    • Seems the federal reserve and Japanese central bank caused recent gold rush,wonder what could’ve made the Japanese help with that?

  2. “Only the Earth will remain, sterilized by nuclear radiation”

    Do you know the first thing about nuclear science? I’ve never read such nonsense.

    • Reptiles and rodents are highly radiation resistant, not to mention insects and micro-organisms. Animal life will continue on earth, even if higher mammals die out.

    • Watch a Galen Winsor video, or read up on him. He is proof that humans are also very radiation tolerant, we evolved on a much more radio active planet than it is now, so we ‘grew up’ with radiation.
      And there are many official reports that strongly suggest that radiation hormesis is beneficial. Search
      ” Effects of Cobalt-60 Exposure on Health of Taiwan Residents Suggest New Approach Needed in Radiation Protection ” and read the report, you might be surprised.

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