Boston Bombing – DHS Contracted Security out to Israelis

An unfortunate Krystle Campbell lies dead or dying as a medic checks her pulse

Boston bombings and Israeli tentacles into US security


  … by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor        …with  Press TV

 –  First published April 19th, 2013  –


Home made Terror
The dust has settled on Boston, America’s newest example and scene of national insecurity.


As Kevin Barrett’s hugely successful Press TV article pointed out yesterday we witnessed corporate media suggesting a major domestic terror attack might have been done by our own security people. Military Intelligence agrees.

Tony Cartalucci followed with his article focusing on how most of the terrorism in America has either been imported in the form of Intel trained sacrificial lambs such as the Chicago bomber, who without ID or luggage was just escorted onto an awaiting plane by security people.

He further described the FBI’s involvement in home grown terrorism by grooming MK Ultra type fringe people and leading them through all the steps necessary to give them an easy terror bust.

Many in the Intel and national security business have watched all this happen just totally aghast not only at the brazenness involved to orchestrate such sting operations, but the general acceptance by a public that seems almost brain dead to the internal threat represented. There is much blame to go around.

The pattern of so-called terror attacks happening when terror drills are being held at the same location has happened way too often to be a coincidence. This leads me to recommend that whenever a terror drill is suggested for the next major public event that all of the security organizers be arrested on the spot and water boarded to get all the details from them.

Corporate media today continued their downhill slide in public trust. They completely censored out the confirmed reports of a bomb exercise drill being conducted at the finish line area. I suspect that DHS just told them that was wrong the media shills took that as true. We have the photos of the bomb sniffing dogs, and what motive would the witnesses have to lie?

Craft Contractors with their domed vehicle for scanning crowds for guns, a 20 year old deployed technology. How did they miss kettle bombs? What do you think?

Military Intelligence usually suspects US law enforcement for most ‘terror attacks’ because they are intimately aware of Israeli intelligence penetration into not only the FBI but having many tentacles into the Dept. of Homeland Insecurity. Much of this is due to their super asset and first DHS director Michael Chertoff.

It was through his setting up the outsourcing of DHS’s security drills to outside contractors which was the first nail in the coffin for American security.

What most don’t know is that these are usually Israeli companies. They play the role of the ‘opposing force’.

Chertoff also saw to it that the Israelis got an affirmative action gift of being a first stop for buying security equipment, ahead of American companies even.

If someone were to ask me if other Western countries, when doing their ‘security drills’ if Israeli companies were also contracted to play the opposing force, I would respond, “What do you think?”

I think you all are smart enough to see the scale of treason involved in these countries to allow such a situation to develop. More complicated is why all those in their respective security agencies who know this is done to put the Israelis in a position to penetrate them, will never say a word about it publicly.

At Veterans Today we had our counter terror crew going over high resolution photos being sent in and closely reviewed not only for what was to seen, which smart cadets could do, but what was not there, which often tells you a lot more about who is really behind a terror attack.

What we quickly observed was security breach after security breach, like all the doors had been left open. We saw Israeli operational profiles all over the place, many with ear buds getting feeds from higher up spotters who were watching where the cops and bomb dogs were, and where they were not.

Craft Security contract – left photo shows him standing 15 feet to the left of where the first bomb went off, after he and his parnter had crossed the street.

Backpacks, including big ones were everywhere to be seen like there was a backpack convention going on in Boston. Most of the police presence seemed to be involved in protecting the runners from the race bystanders with all eyes on tired runners trudging over the finish line.

The obvious glaring weak spot was behind the crowd, always the perfect place for bomb placement as the blast effect would be enhanced bouncing off the solid construction of buildings.

But in all of the photos we have seen so far there was no visible uniform police presence in this vulnerable area, just two obvious kind of undercover cops or contractors.

Security protocol would usually have these areas discreetly patrolled by plain clothes officers in ear plug communication with overhead spotters guiding them toward anyone looking suspicious. We have long had special equipment that such undercover cops can carry that can screen what people have in their bags simply be standing next to them.

In the drill they announced they were running they would have had people trying to catch a bomb drop. If not, why else have a drill, other than to pull off a real bombing?

Concealed bombs and weapons detection mobile technology was used long ago for the Secret Service to be able to mingle in a crowd and pick up anyone who had a gun on them. It is much better today, lighter and more accurate.

The pressure cooker bomb is a large target to spot, not the little pipe bomb one might suspect to be used at such a gathering. They can be concealed under an arm or in the groin area. We spotted a suspect with the clear outline of one of these kettle bombs in his backpack. We have not a single report of a backpack search by any witness, photo or video evidence.

This suspect had a tubular potato chip canister in the side of his bag, the same one that was seen when he was captured on video camera placing the second bomb. BTW it went off 12 seconds after the first, a professional bomb placement from training where you would know that someone ducking for cover in a doorway after an explosion like he did would not be suspicious at all.

He could have been a patsy as they are routinely used in these ‘exercise’ false flag ops so the local cops can have their fall guy.

Would real security allow people with big backpacks to roam around without some way to screen these bags? No. So what happened? How did two kettle bombs get placed within a 100 yards of the finish line where the perpetrators would know all the TV cameras would be? Who would risk such a ‘certain to get caught’ attack unless they were rigging up as suicide bombers?

Absent from the media coverage today was even a single word of what a tremendous security failure this is. They have so many agencies involved in these joint task forces that is common for many participants to feel someone else is always responsible for doing the real work. Many are just along for the ride and the easy overtime money.

Yes, folks, these events are milked for extra hours fought over so everybody gets their cut of the extra security cash for these big events.

Our controlled media did their usual job of not only staying completely away from a horrible security failure, but also diverting the public’s attention from it. CNN was all feel goody hero stories today, when the only needed heroes should have been those who caught the bombers.

Craft Security people were carrying these.

What we have here once again is a profile of a security stand down. Could it be incompetence? No, not when you outsource to one of the biggest terrorist operations in the world… the one called Israel.

If you tried to do anything to turn this situation around you would be up against the vast majority of Congress as usual… people also are confused about their loyalty. They also are held in contempt in military Intel circles for betraying their country.

We have a photo of the bomber talking to a cohort in the blue sweatshirt top and red sneakers. He also was carrying a big backpack and is a suspect as the first bomber.

Our sources tell us he was picked up and is safely on his way home now. I will let you guess where.(Update: This turned out to be the Saudi with Royal connections to get him out quickly)

This will be just another chapter in the book called American Treason. It will take a major shaking up of the country to pry the fingers of these people from our throats. But frankly, I fear the good folks don’t have the stomach for it.

Let me repeat in closing. There was no way that two kettle bombs could have been walked in, placed, and then the bombers get away, without a security penetration letting them do it.

And if any of you have any doubts, the ricin letters that made the news today… that a dead giveaway of an organized terror campaign by our own people here, like the anthrax was back around 911 days. That helped get the Patriot Act passed without most of the Congresscritters reading it.

And like the lead FBI guy said at the press conference, ‘someone knows who the bomber was’. He was of course already trying to cover for disappearing the second bomber. So I will ask like he did. All you security people out there who know who was really responsible, we are waiting to hear from you.

Bomb blast position mark is on the left. About 20 feet to the right you can see the blood trails where the Craft contractors had been standing earlier, before they got out of there just at the right time. Imagine that. Maybe having an ear piece helped ‘Hey guys, they are walking the bombs in now…cross over to the other side.” The overhead photo taken of them above was from the protruding window in the center, the one on the right side.



  1. The first picture from a different perspective:

    ***[email protected]/8677728327/in/photostream/

    The photographer should be famous like the 911-Naudet-brothers.

    • The actors thing is already coming down in flames…an amatuer fantasy. There are no actors who will stand around in the vacinity of a kettle bomb. All of these people are going to be in the news, home town, other people at the scene…applying for the funds for their care…lots of IDing.

      There was absolutely no reason to have actors there anyway. They would serve zero purpose, and are a getting caught loose end. I have not commented on it as it was just a diversion, exactly what the controlled opposition sites to very typically, run people around in circles.

      There is no need for us to focus on the easy stuff that is all going to be worked out as a matter of course. The more you stay off the key issues, and the longer…just like with 911, with each anniversary, the bad guys were safer and safer. But try to tell that to all the 911 ‘how it was done’ warriors who made whateve pet peeve they have their reason for existing. All of that contributed less than nothing to getting an investigation under oath.

      In this case Craft had twenty year old, but updated metal detection and radiation equipment deployed with their team. The crowd would have been more packed if the two had been there when the leadesh were going over, but security the tightest. It eased off after you got an hour out from the winner as the drama was no longer there as a sports event, but the security had slacked off, too.

      Still not a work about why not a single pack pack that we know of was ever checked. But that pales into insignigicance when the media has not even brought it up. The things that are missing are often more important than what you see, but it can be counter intuitive.

  2. Jim,

    forget the time stamp…it’s not necessary…your photo is from the same source as mine, as I suspected. I’m not sure what to say, stunned would be putting it mildly… I seek the truth, not half truths and rabbit hole BS….You know where I’m headed..

    WTF is going on here?????? Where are the resources that you lay claim to? This is beyond out of control and a serious credibility issue…

    Being played as a fool sux.


  3. Jim,

    I have discovered a possible issue with the photo of the bomb scene that you’ve used above. Will you help me reconcile this issue? What is the time stamp on the photo above? I ask simply because I have a photo that is quite possibly from the same source.

    The stamp on the photo I’m using is 02:50:32 pm April 15th
    A light haze from the blast is still visible, 10-12 people are down…there are no Craft personnel visible, nor the vehicle arriving on scene….judging by the scene there can be no more than 10-15 seconds Max between the stamps…..If your pic is not from the same source then both sources were in the same location….

    I’m beginning to get a serious dose of the creeps.


    • The Craft people had all cleared out, like they were winding down the operation…or…something else. There is a good time lapse video of them coming back, initially on foot…the two we have seen the most of, and then their vehicle. You can see they are phoning in for instructions as to what to do.

      The youtube one I have is not time stamped…only the time from the start of the video, but you can tell it is it close to the bombings as it shows the first person being taken out. Actually people reacted quickly once they knew what had happened.

    • Jim,

      My concern is that your photo above is from the flicker account of an individual who supposedly took them on the day of the event, there’s just one problem. Some of those photos are fake, not real and have been proven as such. Why did you use this source ?

      Sorry my friend but something smells here.


  4. Mr. Dean,

    I noticed a point that Pete Santilli brought up. I know he is not well liked here at VT. However….
    In the supplied footage of the surveillance or both brothers and again you clearly see the WHITE BACKPACK that the youngest of the two had. But,

    You can see where Santilli shows how in that footage the FBI has SMEARED the image of a man (FED) who clearly looks like he is using the Motorola EAR/MIC setup on his body radio. That as the two PATSY’s walk by it is clear he is giving a status of their movements.

    In case you want to view it?
    Source: *******

    This is just like watching “In the line of fire” where the secret service have their covert radios and throat mics and he is clearly putting his ear-piece/mic on .

    I’d be interested in your comment on this video. Most radio’s have switched to the APCO25 Digital, Which in a conversation I had with Denver DHS it was so only the TOP Level and IC had comm’s. But the First Responders who arrive first might be walking into a major scene and unable to communicate to those who are actually calling the shots from their HQ.

    • I mentioned the man who appears to giving status of the brothers movements via a small communication device on his ear to a well known false flag investigator, he said it was very interesting, most people are ignoring this part of the story. Yes, it’s possible the man is not involved in the event but he should be interviewed.

  5. George Ure has just published a letter from one of his readers re:Boston bombing.
    Here’s what the guy had to say:

    Please omit everything to this point if you publish this – just some background for you. Edit the rest as you see fit & keep me out of it … my heartfelt thanks in advance.

    My co-worker’s brother was across the street from bomb #2, waiting for his girlfriend who was in the race. It was close to the time she was expected to appear, so he was one of those shooting video with his cell phone prior to the explosion.

    Luckily neither he nor his girlfriend were close enough to be injured. Sometimes running slower has it’s advantages.

    Anyway, DHS came to brothers’ house later (Thursday, I think), moved the video from his cell phone to his computer, questioned him a bit, then took their copy & left after several hours.

    Brother swears they did not erase the file from his computer, though they ‘had to’ remove it from his cell phone to put it on his computer (wait – did I just step in something?).

    The video, from co-workers’ account, didn’t show the person who dropped the backpack, but it did show the backpack at some point before the explosion.

    So, he goes to view the video on his computer the next day – no file.

    No file anywhere. Gone, gone gone.

    Did they put in a Trojan Horse or some other back door? Pardon my rather stylish tinfoil hat cocked at an amusing, if somewhat rakish angle (RSTFHCAAAISRA), but I’m pretty sure the DHS made sure of that.

    If I was him, I’d be nuking the HDD with a minimum of a 3-pass DOD-level wipe and re-installing everything & restoring from backups – not to mention getting a new cell phone & number.

    Lesson learned: If you have a file of potential value like that, get it on a thumb drive/CD/DVD or three & mail them to several trustworthy folks and yourself (& maybe get it on YouTube if you feel adventurous) before you let anybody official know you have it.

    Then just give them the damned phone at their office & walk away. Best regards… [name withheld on request]

    • How did DHS know he had the vid in the first place? He had to have more than just the pack and wasn’t keen enough to see it. I’m telling you my first impulse was spot on about all of this..that video showed detonation and injury but nothing close to what was broadcast all over the world…faked that end of it to keep smarter folks penned up…I’ll stand by that.. May it a bit easier for those door to doors as well.


    • Chandler,
      As you say being in the business, then am I to assume that you can see a mocked up, shot in advance aftermath scene passed off as real? I’m just saying the anomalies are far too easy to see and far too many to count. The caregiver as you say…some how manages to have the girls move cheek to anyway..

      It’s my opinion after going over tons of stills and video that what the public was viewing on TV as these events unfolded was shot in advance pre-racked tape unleashed to sell this absolute abortion of a false flag attack as being terrorism… I’ll stand by that until someone proves otherwise…something tells me It’ll be a very long wait.

      The numbers of altered and photoshopped pics circling the net in relation to this event is all part and parcel to the amount of control and prep that obviously went into this operation.

      One very obvious problem is the blast zone/zones themselves….the numbers are, and must be way way off in relationship to these zones….not enough people directly near to the blast to equal the numbers reported injured….Just look at the photos that have been provided….are you seeing the real photos of what should be seen, or something else….I firmly believe it’s the latter.

      And now people are finding the symbolism buried in plain sight in recent articles which include the old worn out references to 9-11…I mean it’s way way too obvious… Like the video still captured of the bombers 11 minutes before the first blast, or the mother or 4 who felt the uneasy feeling of crossing paths with the bombers….yes they have her pic as she nears the finish line…she’s 47 years old…

      lol 4 + 7 = 11

      Now I KNOW for sure what Jim means when he says ” you just can’t make this stuff up ”


  6. “I never did it…they set me up..” Powerful…Sounds like something Lee Harvey Oswald or Sirhan sirhan would say..or the patsy in Aurora, colorado…The truth is 180 degrees removed fm the msm story.

  7. This is an extremely crucial time for those still serving members of the US military and security services – Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Police, Intelligence – (both military and civilian). In particular for serving officers. It also applies to contractors in private companies who still consider themselves loyal to the United States or their own western nation.

    This is the point at which you need to protect and save your own country by exposing any operations that are being carried out AGAINST the west and AGAINST the US on behalf of a foreign agenda. It does not matter whether this is knowledge of a full blown false flag attack, a public deception agenda – or simply plans for one of these.

    Do not allow yourselves to be incriminated along with the international criminal cabal syndicate in their outrageous actions around the world. BE AWARE that even knowledge of this activity is a very serious offence indeed. Those in Britain are being reminded of this:



    MISPRISON of TREASON is the bare knowledge and concealment of TREASON, without the assent thereto which is necessary to constitute the crime of TREASON. (TREASON Act 1554). At Common Law mere concealment of TREASON was deemed to constitute assent – and there is no distinction in TREASON between principles and accessories, so that MISPRISON itself amounted to TREASON. MISPRISON under the Act of 1554 consists in knowing of the treasonable design, its nature and would be perpetrators – and failing to disclose the information to some responsible public officer, such as a Judge of Assize or Justice of the Peace. MISPRISON OF TREASON is a misdemeanour punishable by imprisonment for life.


    This Current Gun Ban is a JEWISH SCAM – Coincidence or Conspiracy by the Jews to Disarm Americans?? Look at these JEWISH U.S. Senators which are the biggest Anti-Gun Proponents:
    Michael Bennet (D-CO)
    Richard Blumenthal (D-CT)*
    Barbara Boxer (D-CA)
    Benjamin Cardin (D-MD)
    Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)
    Al Franken (D-MN)
    Herb Kohl (D-WI)
    Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ)
    Joseph Lieberman (I-CT)
    Carl Levin (D-MI)
    Bernard Sanders (I-VT)
    Charles Schumer (D-NY)
    Ron Wyden (D-OR)

    Again a must see video below for all Americans.. Its time to cut off ALL Financial Aid Welfare checks ($6 Billion Annually) to Israel. They are terrorists that have NO interest in Peace.

    • All the senators above are on the Rothschild/ADL/Mossad payroll,not Israel.
      The only lobby in US controlled by Israel is AIPAC,and they are kind of silent lately.

  9. exactly Jim-at least you guys try and get it right where as the MSM is intentionally misleading-this idea that we have to be perfect with the truth is an unnecessary goyim guilt trip that our adversaries take advantage of

  10. I SAW THISCOMING- right after the Bombing. It was Sooo Obvious. First – Who had the most to Gain? WAKE UP AMERICA – CONNECT THE DOTS: WHAT WAS NEEDED TO DRAG AMERICA INTO A WAR WITH IRAN?
    Read this article: Boston Bombing Like Hitting the LOTTO for Israel
    Boston Bombing – Good for Israel?
    Top Netanyahu Aide Sees Diplomatic Dividends for Marathon Attack
    by Jason Ditz, April 21, 2013
    Print This | Share This
    For most countries last week’s Boston Marathon bombing was a grim reminder that violence can break out anywhere, at any time. For a select few it became a huge inconvenience, as with the Czech Republic, whose ambassador has had to explain to Americans that Czechs and Chechens aren’t the same thing at all.
    And then there’s Israel, who, if you listen to top Netanyahu aide Ron Dermer, may as well have just hit the lottery with this bombing. Dermer is seeing it as a “big boost” that is going to make the average American more pro-Israel and even more eager to increase aid to them.
    In the video interview Dermer, seen as one of the front-runners for the next Israeli Ambassador to the United States, insisted that there was a “big change” in a pro-Israel direction among Americans after 9/11, adding that he believes the bombing in Boston will convince people to “identify more with Israel and its struggle against terrorism.”
    Though Dermer’s comments are likely to shock the uninitiated, they reflect long-standing beliefs among Israel’s ruling Likud Party, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu famously causing controversy in 2008 when he told university students that 9/11 was hugely beneficial for Israel.

    This was a devious plot by Israel, Find 2 Wannabe Jhadists Flunkees for patsys, and let it unfold.

    BTW/ Israel is the only “COUNTRY” in the last 70 years to Attack America.
    Go to YouTube and watch this video.
    Dead In The Water – The Sinking of the USS Liberty – Coverup

  11. That woman with died black hair from some government agency hanging so close to CNN they never got another version. The strange eyes and Kayym name, glaring at every one, could be Arab or Israeli, could not figure because of the eye until I notice the hair sticking like fast job coloring.
    People here, any John Doe is asking “what happened to the first body?” It was so obviously planned….”no foreign or outside group” you bet it is inside job, they paid the brother gave him a good reason and now the kid has to make sure he stick to the Islam XXX. of he will not last long, and will; not any way unless some of us succeed in forcing a local connection and the kid is kept safe. My antenna tells me Obama read our reports and is inclined to our suspicions so he stopped that trick “person of interest”

    WELL, I and many other hope for the usual discoveries you all make, My suspicion in in Gun, Cartel money with a contact in that area notorious for traffic of such thing, needed contact here got the brother there made arrangement BUT I do not think they fully knew what was going to happen or who they were dealing with. The money was good, the reason was appealing, So keep looking for our usual CONTACTS, Even Israel by way of the many hood looms we have helped prosper here, drugs guns…..

  12. Awesome, Chandler!!!! That is the most amazing comment I’ve read since this whole thing happened!!! I wish more people would wake up, but it takes a special person to do that…..and most people don’t have it in them to be, that special kind of person!!! Thank you for making my day!! There should be thousands of people protesting outside that hospital, (where that young man is at) demanding answers…..but there won’t be, because everyone’s too stupid to stand up and seek accountability for this horrendous act!!! People should be checking on this kid!!! It saddens me that so many innocent people have to die just so the world military complex can pick another country to invade and control!!!! Shame on us for acting like this is worse than the thousands of people we’ve killed over seas!!! Shame on us for sitting idly by while this insanity continues on!!!! This is why the rest of the world hates us!!! Someone please……have mercy on our souls!!!! :'(

  13. Jim this is great article. The amount of evidence you have put forth it is obvious that this is a false flag. The formula used to conduct these operations has been exposed time and time again and again. We even have people involved ushered out of the country with the help of the Saudi’s, like 9-11. We even have a dead m.i.t. officer which parallels oswalds shooting of an officer! The photos of the obvious contractors, the “drill” being staged at the same time, and the actors at the scene, there is no doubt!! The thing that scares me are the masses who all cheered after the alleged bomber was caught. The masses who listen to the mainstreams take on the event and eat it up. And while the masses eat it up the ptb watch and get ready for the next event. The msm are as guilty as the real bombers.
    Good stuff Jim.

    • How about the facebook page for the Boston bombing that was put up eight hours before the bombing? How sloppy can you get?

    • jews ,who controll all our mainstream media and whose cooperation is absolutely necessary to the success of any false flag op,are thus proven guilty and an accessorie to all recent terror events whether envolved in the actual physical acting out or not-thru their media coverage, of itself- there is necessary acting out to make the con work

  14. Is it me or is the medic in the first photo treating two persons at the same time?

    Her left hand is on the girl with the black sweater (and she talks with her instead of treating her open leg) and with her right hand she can feel the pulse of the girl in the blue sweater.

    And in the left corner could be the face of “the guy who lost his legs twice”.

  15. Quite an Interesting article, Mr. Dean. But Mr. Dean, can you tell us the name of the Israeli companies contracting for DHS at the Boston Marathon? That would be a very important piece of information for your readers.

    • Chris, They smokescreen it by making the American companies have an Israeli ‘partner’, which puts them in the loop and knowledgeable about all the counter terror stuff we use where they can then figure their work arounds. The companies themselves are often equipment providers…and they love communications stuff as again, this gives them an inside track on hacking.

      It is widely known in the Intel community that the Israelis have been ‘let in’. They don’t have to be everywhere…but in enough places to know our security secrets. They can even sell the information if they want to.

      Early in his directorship of DHS Chertoff actually flew to Israeli with a team to put on what they called ‘fast track’ seminars so the Israelis could get their bids in fast and beat out the Americans, who did not get such seminars.

      US defense contractors, and big ones, have also been doing joint work with the Israelis for many years, and passing classified technology on to them…because it is very rewarding to do so, and they see plenty of others working closely with them, starting with the politicians. They set the low standard that we are for sale.

    • Okay, thank you. The overall point of your article is quite forceful. How is it amateurs — with pregnant backpacks holding kettle bombs and who ostensibly have no training — can defeat extravagant security contractors utilizing state of the art equipment and techniques? You make a good case for intentional stand down.

    • I noticed the Younger of the two in photos shows that his backpack is “WHITE” not the Black as photoed by the Fed’s. I think this in its self is a telling story as all the other Perp’s seem to have either solid black backpacks, or black with a white pen-stripe down the shoulder straps.

      Still, had the Younger brother been seen with 2 backpacks, I have yet to see any photos to reveal that. So the question is, Where is the other backpack that the youngest of the two was carrying half slung over his shoulder and clearly on 2 separate photos? But like Colin Powell’s “White Papers” and all the other reasons i.e. LIES that took us to Wars. American’s will never see 1 bit of Evidence as that will become “National Security” and the Most Transparent Administration EVER will conceal that along with the other 20 Million documents that Obama’s Transparency hides.

      Still, none of this bothers me as it is actually US Policy as it was in Iraq to murder all males of military age and now…. Children too in Afghanistan. Not to mention but I will the Double Tapping of bombing Emergency Aid workers and Funeral’s too. (A Trick learned from the Occupying force in Palestine as when they bomb Palestinians they too bomb rescue workers also.
      Source: militarytimes. com/news/2012/12/marine-taliban-kids-120312w/

      The above link saying that Afghan CHILDREN “May Have” been enlisted by the Taliban to plant IEDs but we know how good CHILDREN are at demolition’s. When we watched GROWN Iraqi Insurgents or Patriot’s trying to plant these IEDs to destroy the Occupying Soldiers and having them explode on them. 8 Year old Children are oh… so…. good… at demolitions. Right?

      Besides, Why use the lie that Children “May Have” been enlisted to plant IEDs by the Taliban when both Joe Biden and the White House confirmed that the Taliban isn’t an Enemy of the US?

      V.P. Biden says Taliban NOT ENEMY of the US.
      Source: articles.nydailynews. com/2011-12-21/news/30544436_1_taliban-joe-biden-enemy

      White House confirms Biden’s, Taliban Not Enemy of the US.
      Source: freerepublic. com/focus/f-news/2822886/posts

      Then we have the Taliban who actually Welcomed Biden’s remark too.
      Source: thedailybeast. com/articles/2011/12/23/afghan-taliban-react-to-biden-s-we-are-not-enemies-remark.html

      In any case, as long as the US uses Drones on Civilian’s you can be assured that we will always hear the claim that “We are hated for our alleged Freedom’s” I assume that freedom is the US’s ability to drone to death anyone and not supply one shred of evidence as to their Guilt either, nor not one US Official acting under the COLOR of the United States has been charged with War Crimes.

      I also see where the CIA offered $5,000,000 to kill Anwar A; Awlaki a American.
      Source: youtube. com/watch?v=hGZYP4zT1LU

      What a wonderful Government we have and I can clearly see why Bradly Manning said, “Our Military is like a kid burning ants with a magnifying glass. Manning a Real Soldier (Gay or Straight).
      The US Murders with impunity to all know justice. So when American’s HERE get a taste of what the US spreads all over the Middle East. I call that KARMA.

  16. Thank you and I’ll stand down and wait for further information. Be assured I’m all in on your side, just cautious from experience. And I must say when I saw all the operatives, and all the gear I knew in an instant that something sinister had occurred or those Craft Folks were either duped, or in way over their heads… In that regard I’d have to check, I wasn’t aware of them doing security. Only prep work and drill work,educational target awareness if you will….anyway.

    One day I’ll share my security experience at the 08 Ryder cup in Louisville @ Valhalla….Something I’ll NEVER forget. It would go very far to educate your readers about how hard this Boston thing would have been to pull off had security actually been on the up and up.



  17. Whenever Muslims are blamed for a terrorist attack, even if they were knowingly involved you have to wonder if the Mossad was involved.

    I don’t know much about photoshopping, perhaps some of the VT staff experts can have a look at this video and let us know if they concur with the commentator for the video:


    • That in its self is like hearing why the “Boogie-man” Al Qaeda attacked the US (For our Government’s) unwavering support of Israel’s War Crimes. Yet in the 12 year HYPE about Al Qaeda one is faced with the questions as to WHY… If Israel is so close to the “Middle East” Why hasn’t this Al Qaeda ever attacked Israel?

      That question is answered when you Google: Israel opens Hospitial’s to FSA (Foreign Supported Army or Assassins) . The FSA repeatedly has sworn alliance to Al Qaeda. So if Al Qaeda attacked America thousands of miles away, why not Israel in their own backyard? From all the Syrian videos showing Israeli Rifles and stacks and stacks of Israeli Mortar shells in Syria. It would then appear that Al Qaeda and Israel and Mossad as well as the FSA are all ONE IN THE SAME.

      Israel is great at getting the Saudi’s to PAY Arab’s and Muslim’s to KILL Arab’s and Muslim’s to do Israel’s job for them. This is why the US doesn’t want to “Come to the Table” to negotiate. They want as many Arab’s and Muslim’s DEAD as possible. Then Israel will take to land between the two rivers.

    • williammartin

      I ask myself the same question, “Why is there not an attack directly at Israel”?

      I am not sure killing as many Arabs as possible will give Israel the land between the two rivers, even though getting that land is their agenda. It seems as if all the fighters involved in all the Middle East “Arab Spring” encounters are mercenaries paid for by opposing criminal factions to destabilise Sovereign States to effectively mount a campaign to halt the advance of Israel’s land grab and resources control.

      Who is paid by who makes ones head spin.

      The real question to be asked by the sheeple is “why would Arabs want to attack Americans”? Lets try to figure this from an Arab perspective and not an American one. This should be the topic at dinner parties, school debates, family gatherings whatever…………Because they envy our freedoms and way of life is total nonsense. Why then? The media should pose the question. It could start debate. I am happy to donate a prize to the most considered, factual and plausible response.

      Knowing the real reason can then form an appropriate response to the “War on Terror” and formulate a credible National Foreign Policy free of criminal self interest.

    • Your question is very logical.

      The WHY is because ever since our Biblical History it has been pitting ONE TRIBE over the other TRIBE.

      US Foreign Policy fails because those American’s cannot bring themselves to realize that whether it is a small village in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Mali and so on.. That when a US Drone takes the life of just (one) villager that they were related to at least 50 other TRIBAL members. So you will always have those who want to get even for the death caused.

      I would ask you to please view this video: a TED Presentation on what the United States did to the Indian’s of South Dakota. (The complete history)
      Source: ********

      So as in the case of Occupied Palestine today, American’s could only learn how A TRIBE deals with another TRIBE. i.e the American Indian vs. White Man. Here you have the Indian’s who their Great Spirit the GOD of their land GAVE THEM THE AMERICA’S.

      If as an example, Russia was to ARM the American Indian’s to TAKE BACK the Lands that the White Man stole, whereas Indian’s were to Bulldoze American homes, build Indian Housing on lands re-taken, have Indian only buses and highways, install miles and miles of reservation walls (for the segregation of the White people) have guard towers or sniper pens, razor wire, and of course PAPERS to travel.

      Russia continued to ARM the Indian’s because the America’s were a strategic area for them so any ethnically cleansing of the White People would be overlooked by International laws, UN Resolutions and ICC courts. And the Indian’s had the strongest LOBBY and bought off all politicians who allowed money to influence all things.

      Yes, The American Indian’s got a bad deal. But at least HERE they can freely travel unlike in Palestine. These are the Tribal wars that no matter where your at whether in Africa, Europe, So. America and so on continue to expand. In the above video, it is cited that GREED is from one who “Takes the MEAT” at the table.

      Like those in the USA that actually believe that all the OIL in the World is “OURS” it is just under someone elses land. So 320 Million people want to control the other 6.7 Billion peoples resources. “Taking the Meat”. As long as American’s don’t pay $9,00 for Gas, they will sanction the murders of Millions.

      As I have mentioned before. The US always uses someone else as the scapegoat. Anyone can view what the US bombings in Japan did, in Germany where city after city was leveled, all rail, bridges, naval ports and so when the Mass Starvation’s set in it was because of the US and Britain’s 24/7 bombing. Imagine trying to run supplies to a front line or prison camps when anything that moved was a target.

      Like in Libya, Iraq how the US went in and bombed much of their countries infrastructure. From Power plants, Sewer, Dam’s and so on. This isn’t a Government attacking a “Regime” but a PEOPLES. Intended to destroy the TRIBE. These actions as mentioned are presented by old dried out military as a shock and awe and the actual war crimes are hidden from the people.

      You’ll note in the Boston Bombers they had to bring up Russia’s history from the area where these two boys were alleged to be from. Always making the other a villain. But our killing millions is never mentioned. “Your With US or Against US.”

      The America Indian’s warred between themselves for the “Meat” just as the US, Russia, the Occupiers in Palestine and so on. They “WE” all want the MEAT and will kill to get it.

  18. From a screenshot of what is believed to be Boston bombing suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev’s last Facebook message to his father: “This will be the last message before the police will get me. I never done it, they set me up. Father please forgive me. I am sorry it has come to this.”

  19. Eventhough you don’t give too much proof of DHS contracting Israel for security at Boston marathon,it looks like this happened.
    As I stated since the news of the bombing broke,this is an Israeli(not Mossad) operation.
    It is part of the ongoing war behind the scenes between israel and the Obama administration.(Rothschild controlled).
    This war started in june 2012 ,when Israel found out US is not following through on their promise to attack Iran.
    At the same time the toppling of Assad was aborted and left Israel facing three “enemies”alone(Syria,iran and Hezbollah)
    Nethanyahu’s hysterical speech at the UN was a last warning.
    Israel’s coup d’etat attempt ,supporting Romney during the elections,failed.
    Rothschild coup d’etat attempt in Israeli elections partially failed.(Nethanyahu is gonna make Lapid blow himself up as Finance minister and attacker of the Haridim)
    Now Israel is attacking Obama on US and Canadian soil(“Al-Qaida train attack foiled”),trying to stop the NATO rebels igniting the Middle East.
    “Syrian hackers” inside AP,bombs at the White house.
    Boston was done to make Obama look bad,therefore his relative silence on the subject.
    Expect more false flags and “mess-ups” by US security services,they are Israeli operations(not Mossad) to destabilize US and Obama administration.
    The war between Israel and their creators (Rothschild) is being fought inside Israel and the US,not in Syria and Iran.

    • “Eventhough you don’t give too much proof of DHS contracting Israel for security at Boston marathon,it looks like this happened.”

      We know this from the early history of putting DHS together. Cherfoff put the Israelis in permanent spots to know all of our stuff, and the Bush crowd had not problem with any of it. They were the dummies who wanted Bernie Kerik as director…total validation of how incompetent the Bush team was on national security. Bernie was a shill for Rudy…and both were tight with the Israelis.

      This instant ‘tunneling'(as it is called) of DHS that is the scandal of American counter espionage. We even have a phone tape (public) between Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, telling her to be careful what she said on the phone, a White house one, because Irsraeli contractors were runing the switching system.

      At the time the press did not utter word about this n the released phone transcripts. It is bizarre beyond belief.

    • My point is that not all Israeli operations are Mossad operations and vice versa.
      By automatically supposing Mossad is Israel,you miss the nuances of the ongoing war between Israel and the US.
      Argentina(1992,1994) and especially Burgas (2012) couldn’t have come at a more inconvenient time for Israel.
      By seeing US presidents as an extention of the European Banker Cabal,and the Mossad and ADL as Rothschild’s sercret army,all these developments make more sense,as they are part of the ongoing war between Israel and their creators.
      Israel is aware she’s being dumped by her creators,and by destabilizing the US ,Israel will take away the Bankers most powerfull weapon.
      This whole mess can only be solved the Icelandic and Putin way;”Go for the Bankers,the head of the snake,and the rest of the beast will collapse.”
      Israel is not interested in “ruling” the US,Israel is trying to survive the onslaught of their creators.
      US citizens should take advantage of this internal NWO conflict,and liberate themselves from Banker-Fed-NWO rule.

    • Very well said. Thank you. A concerned getting-awake-sheep here. Powerful shares here on the VT Site. Jim W. Dean’s article full of things to make you want to research until you find all the answers. His words make you want to ask some serious questions. Thanks to all the bloggers here most informing.

    • I think one reason why power has been handed to Israelis mirrors what is happening to CEOs more and more jewish dominated- getting unswerving loyalty from a jew to support a jewish orchestrated agenda is always preferrable to coopting goyim traitors-It’s in their religion that being a good jew often means lying, cheating and stealing for the good of the tribe

    • You are exactly right.. Think about this, last month when Obama went to Israel and showered Obama like a king, a statue, a medal, and Obama basically laughed at them and told them to be good neighbors and respect Palestine. After Obama left Israel, they were furious with Obama, The conversation went something like this… “Obama has no idea what it is like to have bombing on your Country’s streets, and rockets shot at us.” Poof the Idea was hatched, but it has to have an Islamic signature, so Israeli operatives found these 2 Muslim bozo’s patsy’s who want to make it to the big time.. Perfect.. Connect the dots. So when this False Flag happened, America would be dragged into a war with Iran. As the U.S.Draws down from the Middle East, Israel is becoming more Isolated. They are running out of time.. So how does Israel Keep the U.S engaged? Israel had the greatest motive. The Facts reflect that Israel is the ONLY COUNTRY to attack America in the last 70 years. Go to YouTube and watch this Video: Dead In The Water – The Sinking of the USS Liberty – Coverup

      If Obama is smart, he should say sure we will back you up against Iran, let Israel attack Iran, as we sit Idle and Israel turns to dust, and the Cancer will soon be removed from America. Notice how Suspect #1 is dead,and Suspect #2 mysteriously can’t talk. And where is he hospitalized? At Beth Israel Jew Hospital – They will make sure he does not talk and the tracks back to Israel are erased. Yes keep an open mind and connect the dots. Who had the most to Gain?

      So once again, since the US is on a draw down from the Middle East, Israel is becoming more isolated, so what can they do to keep the US in the Middle East? Create the situations to keep the US in the fight, and how do they do that? Connect the dots.. I just hope America Wakes up to this and Obama has enough Balls to call Israel out on the carpet for this Act of terror against America in Boston. What do you do in the game SPY vs SPY? Make the other party look bad.. This is a classic example… Devious, cunning, and outright pathetic. As long as The U.S. remains enables with funding Israel $6 Billion a year in Welfare checks, they will have no incentive for peace in the middle east. Israel will Run to the peace table if we cut off their funding and military support..

      WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Jews are a cancer in America. Their Media control, Financial markets, Politics.. And now Security contracts…

  20. From the debris field in this photo the so called bomb was actually placed on the display shelf inside the shop. All the glass blown outwards onto the side walk and half way across the street ! Not possible if the bomb was outside the front of the shop! The shops were closed for the Marathon therefore this bomb must have been placed a day or two earlier! It has never been claimed that the brothers entered this shop to drop their back packs inside ergo the brothers are innocent!

    • The overhead shot shows the bomb just to the right of the window. Its counter intuitive but in the milli-second of the bomb going off it creates a vacuum, which is what sucked the windows outward.

      I will add this photo to the bottom of the article as it also shows from the front where the Craft guys had been standing, in front of sugar heaven.

    • “in the milli-second of the bomb going off it creates a vacuum” are you nutz? heard of shock waves?

  21. We simply can’t allow them to frame two bros and get away with it…The way they got away with framing and killing Oswald…the 19 “hijackers” -several of whom are still alive-and all the rest of the false flag Operation gladio/Northwoods type operations…We’ve had enough…I resubscribed to the charlotte Observer for a short time bc they gave me some Earth Fare cards…I’m sorry I did…Our media is more controlled than Pravda..We can’t let them photoshop bags to disappear..If they can frame them-then they can frame you or me..His relatives need to start backing them up more..they’re innocent in this mini 9-11 redux.

    • Bill, I will not be surprised to see a lot of evidence on the brothers doing it, so I am not on that horse. I suspect when the FBI took these guys off the radar because they had found not group connections, the Israelis picked up the ball.

      Congress in focusing on the FBI in their secret hearings and they know damn well the FBI cannot sustaing surveillance unless they valite a potential threats. Just looking a websites in not enough, and never has been. It has to be followed by direct communications, which no one has mentioned any evidence off. They can scan a crowd for guns from futher off than you would believe…so walking two kettle bombs by them is a non starter, unless their scanners were busted.

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