The Brothers Tsarnaev: The Lee Harvey Oswalds of the Boston bombings?

A speaker of Russian, he traveled to Russia and back on ultra-sensitive missions – supposedly without any spy services noticing. Yet it turns out that he was followed for years by the FBI! Framed for a murderous crime on a crowded street, exonerated by crime scene photographs, declared innocent by loved ones and by all who knew him, caught by police after being framed for “murdering a police officer,” gunned down by agents of the National Security State after his arrest to prevent him from proclaiming his innocence in court…haven’t we heard this story before? Are we talking about Lee Harvey Oswald – or the Brothers Tsarnaev?


Fifty years ago, Lee Harvey Oswald was framed for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Today, the same National Security State that killed JFK still rules America, using the same tools of murder and deception. And it appears to have set up two “Oswalds” Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to take the blame for the Boston Marathon bombings.

The parallels between Oswald and the brothers Tsarnaev are uncanny.

First parallel: All three have been exonerated by crime scene photographs.

Eyewitness testimony established that Oswald must have been on or near the ground floor of the Texas Book Depository not the sixth floor “sniper’s nest” when JFK was shot. This testimony is supported by a picture of Oswald standing in the street outside the Depository as the presidential motorcade goes by.








Expert photographic analysis has revealed that the figure in this picture is Oswald, not Lovelady, as JFK assassination expert Dr. James Fetzer explains in his article “JFK Special: Oswald was in the Doorway, after all!

The photographic record of the JFK assassination, like that of the Boston bombings, not only exonerates the patsy, but reveals who really committed the crime.

Photographic evidence places Edward Lansdale, America’s top political assassinations specialist, and CIA agent and future president George H.W. Bush standing in front of the Texas School Book Depository running the JFK assassination. This evidence is discussed in the article “Did George H.W. Bush Coordinate a CIA Hit Team?” by Richard Hooke and James Fetzer.














Photographs of the Boston bombing similarly exonerate Dzokhar Tsarnaev, who is seen in this photograph leaving after the bombing with his backpack still on.














If Dzokhar Tsarnaev was framed, that means that his brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was also framed.

Crime scene photographs show us who really planted the bombs. The bomber was a member of a paramilitary operative team wearing black caps with identical skull logos. The photo below shows the bomber fleeing the crime scene without his backpack. That backpack has a white square on top. The paramilitary bomber is the only person in any of the photos with a backpack featuring that white square.














Here is the same backpack after the explosion.









So the Brothers Tsarnaev, like Lee Harvey Oswald, are innocent patsies. But Oswald, unlike the Brothers Tsarnaev, was able to speak for himself. After his arrest, and before being gunned down in the Dallas Police Department basement by CIA-linked mob hit-man Jack Ruby, Oswald said: “I’m a patsy.”

The Brothers Tsarnaev may never be allowed to speak in their own defense; fifty years after Oswald’s “I’m a patsy,” the National Security State appears to have learned that lesson well. Indeed, the Israeli doctors tasked with treating Dzokhar Tsarnaev in the hospital reported that “he may never speak again.” (Why were Israeli doctors assigned an American national security case? Perhaps for the same reason that an Israeli team of terror specialists flew to Boston, on a trip organized before the bombing, to take charge of the “investigation.” After all, Israel is the global “A Team” of false-flag terrorism.)

Dzokhar Tsarnaev did speak out, in a way, in his own defense by endorsing 9/11 truth before he was framed for the bombing. Using his Twitter account, he wrote: “Idk why it’s hard for many of you to accept that 9/11 was an inside job.” That tweet, like Oswald’s “I’m a patsy,” may go down in history. It strongly suggests Dzokhar’s innocence. (Why would any Muslim who knew 9/11 was an inside job as 80% of Muslims do, according to polls want to commit terrorism whose only beneficiaries are Zionists and imperialists?)

Though the Brothers Tsarnaev will not be allowed to defend themselves, their loved ones are doing it for them. Their mother, father, and aunt all say they are innocent patsies, framed by agents of the National Security state.

Oswald’s girlfriend, Judith Vary Baker, has similarly exonerated Oswald. Listen to my interview with Judith Vary Baker at

Another Tsarnaev-Oswald parallel: They were Russian speakers who were shadowed for years by the FBI before being framed for a spectacular crime.

Oswald was not only shadowed by the FBI, he was actually reporting to the FBI on a regular basis during the years between his return from Russia in 1961 and his murder on November 24th, 1963.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, his parents tell us, was shadowed for years by the FBI before being set up as the patsy in the Boston Marathon bombings.

The FBI, we may recall, is the agency developed by arch-criminal J.Edgar Hoover as America’s gestapo. Though most low-level FBI agents are honest, the higher-ups are psychopathic criminals mobsters with badges.

The FBI organized the plot and built the bomb that devastated the World Trade Center in 1993. FBI informant Emad Salem, who hatched the plot and delivered the bomb as part of his FBI duties, secretly recorded a conversation with his FBI handler protesting about how the FBI delivered a real bomb, not a dummy bomb as promised.

It is well known, even among mainstream scholars, that the FBI has organized virtually every “Muslim terrorist” incident of the past decade. As Judge Napolitano admitted on Fox TV, the FBI has been involved in at least 17 false-flag plots to attack America since 9/11.

Another uncanny parallel between Lee Harvey Oswald and Tamerlan Tsarnaev is that both were earmarked “enemies” (Tsarnaev a “radical Muslim,” Oswald a “communist”) who traveled to Russia on mysterious errands and both, according to official pronouncements, managed to pass completely undetected by the national security apparatus of both nations! In reality, both were being run by US federal agencies Oswald to feed top secret U2 data to the Russians to make the fake U2 shootdown plausible and destroy Eisenhower’s detente; and Tsarnaev to interface with CIA-Mossad assets in the “Chechen al-Qaeda community.”

Al-Qaeda-linked radical Muslims” in Chechnya are allies, not enemies, of the US. Their “terrorism” is entirely directed at Russia, and they are armed, trained, and sent on their missions by the US government. As I wrote in a recent article, the correct translation of “al-Qaeda” is “The CIA Database.”

So if Dzokhar Tsarnaev was a terrorist which seems unlikely he was part of a group controlled by US government agencies. But it seems much more probable that Tsarnaev was an Oswald-style patsy: A pawn on the grand chessboard who was deemed expendable, arrested, and then murdered to keep him from talking.

Like Oswald, who was murdered in the Dallas police station while in custody, it appears that both Tsarnaev brothers were in perfectly good health when they were arrested and then were shot after their arrests. Dzokhar Tsarnaev’s aunt has positively identified Dzokhar as the “naked man” arrested by Boston police, uninjured and in perfectly good health. And helicopter videos show Dzhokhar Tsarnaev looking healthy and uninjured as he climbs out of the boat he was hiding in. (The government says he was critically wounded but look at the images yourself and decide.)











Bottom line: The US National Security State and its Israeli handlers not the Brothers Tsarnaev is the real perpetrator of the Boston bombings…and the real enemy of the American people. The complete lockdown of Boston, which removed eyewitnesses from the streets and allowed the frame-ups and shootings of the Brothers Tsarnaev, is a taste of the kind of martial law and draconian repression that is in store for the American people if they do not rise up in rebellion against the criminals posing as their guardians.















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29 Responses to "The Brothers Tsarnaev: The Lee Harvey Oswalds of the Boston bombings?"

  1. mommyplayer  April 30, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    IMPT New video alleged recording of brother saying they didnt do it before shots go off.

  2. Chandler  April 26, 2013 at 7:11 am

    No ethanallen there were no security personnel injured or killed in these bomb blasts, just like OKC and 911. Even though the FBI had offices on OKC, weirdly ironic they all stayed home or stayed away on the morning of the bomb, oh sorry, fertilizer truck exploded. I remember, i think I still have it, a picture of the front of the building and on one post in the back left you can see one bomb still strapped to one of the pillars supporting the building. I think they no longer show that picture and for good reason.
    Eerily, not one agent was killed in either blast and they had offices in each building. This is very strange indeed, and indicative of having prior knowledge since everyone stayed away that morning. At least I found it very suspicious. I certainly am not an expert in anything but I do have a set of eyes and the bomb strapped to the pillar was easy to spot. I just don’t think that picture was supposed to be published. But like the surviving Tsarnaev brother is unable to talk, (imagine that, another irony.) I do believe, and wish I was wrong, these brothers are patsies and had no idea their lives were in jeopardy when attending that marathon run. No officer, detective, or agent was killed in either blast on those mornings. I have always found this small fact amazing and very indelibly significant.

  3. NavyBrat  April 25, 2013 at 7:52 pm

    Another similarity is the shooting of Dallas policeman J.D. Tippett and the Campus cop – thus giving the police the option of bringing them in “Dead or Alive”. That way, no one deviates from the script.

  4. Dublinmick  April 25, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    Not sure it is cost effective for all the patsies to die however, it hurts recruiting. It just has to look like they die. Where is Oswald’s body anyway, anybody know. Didn’t someone say Timothy McVeigh ended up at a base in Holland?

    Who was Sirhan Sirhan? You know he could have been somebody already in prison and told hey buddy you help us pull this off and you go to a real good prison, you know the kind with champagne and lap dancers.

    No I have to wonder if some of these “patsies” end up in a mountain valley in former Soviet Georgia, a ranch outside Haifa or a quaint farm surrounded by apple orchards in Dagestan.

  5. Derek X  April 25, 2013 at 11:18 am

    Well, I have a couple questions. Why are the russians claiming to believe the official story (assuming it’s false)? Was blaming it on chechans a bone thrown to them to keep them quiet?
    Putin talks about how internationals have been supporting terrorists and calling them insurgents, directly mentioning chechnya. Will he make that line boomerang around and hit the US in the butt, exposing us again for supporting terrorists in syria?
    It appears we fooled them once in Libya, thankfully they are not allowing a repeat in Syria. Never thought I’d see the day when I’d admire the russian prez more than my own.

  6. Bruce Wick  April 25, 2013 at 8:38 am

    Government violence against Dzokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev taints, perhaps fatally, all subsequent proceedings against the younger brother Dzokhar–especially, since the US Government has decided to proceed by way of leaked confession. Where is the court’s “gag order,” by the way?

    Lee Harvey Oswald was likely killed because he REFUSED to confess to JFK’s murder, and bore the marks on his face of having been struck in police custody. With or without the Oswald precedent in mind, young Dzokhar may well have sensed he was SAFER making incriminating statements than in proclaiming his innocence or declining to make any statement at all.

    But recall that LBJ thought thought a “deathbed confession” from Osward the best of all possible worlds; and called the trauma surgeon attending Oswald to get one!

  7. epieye  April 25, 2013 at 6:38 am

    As I watched the standoff unfold, I couldn’t help thinking of the movie, “The Life of Pi”. The resemblance between Dzhokhar and the movie’s main character (the hair), the lifeboat, the story of what we want to hear versus the truth. We need to hear Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s story as told by him … not through a group of government interrogation specialists. This story reads like a Hollywood script.

  8. Dublinmick  April 24, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    Lets face it, Tamerian Tsarnaev while in Russia went to seminars conducted by a D.C. think tank, the Jamestown Foundation. It was founded to support Soviet dissidents. It helped them earn money. Izvestia claims Tsarnaev was recruited by Georgia’s Caucasus fund which is run by Jamestown.

    According to them before the Georgia-Ossetian war it was attended by Aslan Maskhadov who was later killed by the Russian FSB. You remember Putin saying he was going to bomb them in on their toilets.

    The Georgian interior ministry refused to comment on it. Is it any wonder that Russia might have some questions on this guy?

    Maybe all of the Tsarnaevs are just one big happy Israeli family and none of them are dead. Nobody has seen either of the two of them for the most part, one is supposedly dead and the other is under Israeli doctors at Beth Israel Hospital.

    His uncle by the Ruslan says they are all guilty, you know the Duke lawyer who is tight with the oligarchs and the Royal Family.

    • misha  April 25, 2013 at 9:01 pm

      Broke smart attractive athletic immigrants dealing pot, working in car body shops (insurance fraud), in a russian neighborhood through their russian (some of whom r Israeli) become involved in the local russian mafia. Three of their friends are killed in an apparent mob hit. Meanwhile someone is funding their trips to russia involving attending seminars recruiting chechen activists subversives for a soros linked cia type NGO , tied to Georgian intelligence activity v Russia, heavily infiltrated by Israeli IDF MOssad, (see der spiegel) . The russians pick them up on their radar and out them to the CIA and FBI blowing their cover as intelligence assets. What to do withese blown assets?

      They r assigned work by their Chechen red haired contact, go online and rant against shia, disrupt a local mosque calling the Imam a Kaffir , brining great attention to themselves in federal surveillance as extremists, even tho they had planned to party in NYC after the bombing, their friends being pot and rap enthusiasts. Infiltrating Mosques is a well worn FBI tactic.

      Theyre working with the FBI under pressure for drug dealing, immigration, their parents legal status, so this explains the petty informant activities, but is there another agency involved paying them for special work such as acting the terrorist, informing on Muslims, and sometimes attending parades, marathons, etc wearing backpacks to test security procedures?

      Chain of custody shows they had no weapons, one throwdown planted untraceable gun was found, but not tied to the MIT officer murder, The police threw explosives while claiming the suspects through grenades. But there is no police cruiser videos of the police chase or claimed firefights, all the audio suggests theyre being chased with flash bangs and police fire, cornered, then killed.
      The one who doesnt bleed out as planned, has his vocie box removed by Israeli doctors, one report he was lobotomized with a shot to the head, his confessions w/o miranda, drugged, shot in the head, worthless to any prosecution.

      The chechen rebels terrorism goes back to the London triad of a deceased russian ologarch, an Mi6 double agent, and the chechen leader in exile residing in London. The oligarch visits Israeli often and channels money to the rebels for kidnappings, working with the russian mafia, including attempts of russian pres’s life.

      This closes the circle in Watertown , the russian mafia hit of three Jewish or Israeli friends, narcotics traficking, , petty white collar crime, Frankist crypto Muslims calling for Jihad, and 2 kids way out of their depth and under constant pressure.

      Thus the russian outing of the suspects in Ivestia , plus the chechen London nexus, the CIA as a fall back patsy for the brothers patsies, all lead to georgian mossad operations against the usa to maintain discipline preserve deterrance.

  9. leegann  April 24, 2013 at 6:55 pm

    LBJ was behind the assassination of President Kennedy and his brother Robert as well. Edward was of the same mind as his brothers but when approached and told that if he did not change he was next. He instead made a deal, he would spend as long as he wanted in the Senate and never be implicated in any scandal without a clear out, and he would keep his mouth shut and become a good little Liberal. Oswald was a Patsy, but this is the first time I heard H.W. Bush implicated. Very interesting development. The CIA under LBJ went off the reservation in South East Asia. Drugs, Air America, and other such deals are the reason Vietnam War went on so long. After TET the North was demoralized and the Vietcong in the South was decimated to the point they could not make a raid on anything. We had won, a few more bombs into Hanoi Harbor and it would have been over, but LBJ ordered the bombing halted because “he was afraid of hitting a Russian ship”. I have not studied the Boston bombing so I can not speak to the theories presented here. I do know that our Government is capable of a lot of things we do not want to believe. The time is near………

  10. Dublinmick  April 24, 2013 at 6:14 pm

    Things you should try and avoid

    Parties where you wake up with a hangover and all you can remember is strobe lights, handlers, electric shock and drugs.

    Never ever over indulge while visiting the magic kingdom or hang around people singing thanks for the memories

    Sporting events where strangers ask you to hold their back pack while they get a soft drink

    Invitations to be part of emergency drills with more than 12 agencies involved, plastic caskets and lots of wheel chairs in the background.

    Men with tan pants and caps with red eye skull emblems, carrying geiger counters

    Craig list bargains that offer 5 pressure cookers for the price of one

    Halloween parties where people look like batman

    Hair salons that specialize in orange hair

    Strangers who hand you booklets on Jihad and then disappear from your life shortly afterwards

    Sporting events of any kind or stripe where bomb sniffing dogs appear. This goes double for marathons where little old ladies tell you if you participate you will die

    Never run out of duck tape and saran wrap, you just never know

    People who read books upside down

    Airplane flights with unruly passengers, especially if NORAD has stood down

    Physicians or Dentists who insist that lead, vaccine, aluminum, radiation, fluoride, GMO and formaldehyde are good for you, time to go down that approved doctor list

    People who think jet fuel melts steel, they will eventually drive you nuts also

    If your uncle is from Chechnya and worked for USAID, try not to get on his bad side

    If you are from Chechnya and your uncle works for USAID, you are on the Jamestown Foundation payroll setup by William Casey, to help former soviet defectors earn money, don’t hang out where they are having terror drills.

  11. shachalnur  April 24, 2013 at 6:05 pm

    For what it’s worth.
    Having lived in Israel for many years,where security is everywhere,the 2 Craft guys that moved from the area of the attack and one without his black backpack;
    modus operandi and bodylanguage, looks like Israeli’s.
    About the group of Crafts that showed up later,together with the van;
    no israeli’s.

  12. Dublinmick  April 24, 2013 at 6:04 pm

    Very good article.

    Now we know uncle Ruslan who says the boys are guilty was working for USAID a company affiliate also. He is now a “Duke” lawyer. Their aunt in Canada has that wild look in her we sometimes see among the tribe. Do you think the whole bunch of them could simply be tribe and pulling off a smooth one?

    Lets face it, the only ones who have seen the bodies of the two brothers are supposedly a few police, the swat team that shot up the boat, medics and members of the hospital staff at Beth Israel, that includes the Israeli doctors supposedly working on him. Very few people can verify if either one of them are really dead or actually wounded. Last I read nobody has claimed a body. For all I know both of them could be on a plane to a villa somewhere. It will be interesting to see if this guy makes it to trial. He might just have a “relapse” and that is the last we hear of him leaving behind a “confession under sedation by Israeli doctors” and officials.

  13. blakehamilton  April 24, 2013 at 5:59 pm

    “I’m Just a Patsy”

    by Keith Johnson

    Isn’t it interesting how things change…yet all remains the same.

    Here’s a screenshot of what is believed to be Boston bombing suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev’s last Facebook message to his father:


    In case you can’t read it, here’s what it says:

    “This will be the last message before the police will get me. I never done it, they set me up. Father please forgive me. I am sorry it has come to this.”

    How eerily familiar this all sounds.


    In case you didn’t hear it:

    “I didn’t shoot anybody” and, “They’ve taken me in because of the fact that I lived in the Soviet Union. I’m just a patsy!”

  14. Cold Wind  April 24, 2013 at 5:39 pm

    Odd that in 2012, Russian intelligence would let Tamerlan Tsarnaev into their country without arresting him on the spot. What’s one to think? FSI incompetence? You can bet, they had a full dossier on him, including pictures (eliminating the use of an alias), date and place of birth…playmates in Chechnya/Dagestan and most importantly a list of possible CIA/Mossad handlers. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a red flag item for the Russians. I don’t know about this report of Tamerian’s Russian travels. It could only have happened if the FSI was cooperating Tamerian’s handlers. Otherwise it didn’t happen. This aside , it is clear the brothers were set up to be the patsies in another Israeli/Mossad terror venture. Why aren’t we kicking down the doors of the Israeli embassy? Arresting AIPAC members as a bonus?

  15. ethanallen  April 24, 2013 at 5:31 pm

    Have I missed something? Were any security personnel injured in the two bomb blasts?

  16. stephanaugust  April 24, 2013 at 4:48 pm

    Agree, white shirt and dark coat for the brother, and dark shirt and light red coat for the Asian.

    And btw, I could not hold my smartphone at a height of 8 ft and get a perfect vanishing point, this looks so perfect, almost like a wallpaper:


  17. boonie rat 70  April 24, 2013 at 4:35 pm

    BIG DEAL ,we are always behind the curve . if this site is so in tune with the times & well connected how about actually predicting a ‘ false flag ‘ that comes to pass and use virtual real time recording as the ‘event ‘ takes place , perhaps then American Patriots may be willing to sacrifice their individual interests for an assault march on Washington demanding the truth, Now. Put people on the ground with hi res video and real time up links at every major event ,give them the tools to do the work and the work will get done. Sadly only a few such as Alex Jones has active folks ‘out there ‘ who are willing to stand up and confront the buggers . quit sandbagging .

    • Dublinmick  April 24, 2013 at 6:44 pm

      Is that the same Alex Jonestown who at first thought the Arabs were running Hollywood and now thinks it is the Chinese?

    • sandyhooked  April 24, 2013 at 6:53 pm

      No he’s talking the Alex Jones from the CIA family that got monarch programmed by Zionists to hide their involvement in the New World Order.

    • JS  April 25, 2013 at 4:41 am

      Actually, Capt. Eric May here at VT used to specialize in predicting attacks. You can use the same principles he used. He is no longer writing due to advanced ALS, but his archive is still here:

    • JS  April 25, 2013 at 4:51 am

      I’d like to add that Capt. May tried to prevent, and not just predict. He believed, as I do, that some false flags had been prevented or postponed, because of his work.

  18. Chandler  April 24, 2013 at 3:20 pm

    I just wrote the Oswald/Tsarnaev comparison after reading another article. You are right on, and it is unbelievable that after 50 years, these hidden cowards are still at it. Still cornering innocent people and destroying them so they can stay on hiding. They have done it for years, and will continue until we can figure out something to stop them. Oswald did not shoot JFK, Ray did not shoot King, Sirhan did not pull the trigger on RFK.
    A friend of GHW Bush, John Hinckley, his son did shoot Reagan but only one paper reported the connection between Bush’s and Hinckley’s. Did Holmes shoot anyone at Aurora? How did Lanza shoot up Sandy Hood when, according to social security data, he died the day before? Common sense dictates neither Tsarnaev brother had a crockpot in their backpack simply by looking at the size of their backpacks. We all should try putting our own crock pots in our backpacks and compare what they look like. Most would not even hold a crockpot.
    There was never a Gulf of Tonkin incident. But there was a Northwoods plan back in the sixties when it was suggested planes could fly into buildings and we could blame Cuba.
    View the picture of the body of the dead Tsarnaev brother on the table with the left rib line gaping open from what appears to be an opening for someone massaging the heart with their hand. Imagine that is your son laying there and did not do anything. Just being a scapegoat for the Craft International drill taking place? Imagine that? Imagine your son being James Holmes? Adam Lanza? Lee Harvey Oswald? Just stop and think about it for one minute while you know in your heart they are innocent.
    Now, Dzokhar cannot talk? Shot in the throat? Ironic huh? Now he can”t even talk. One brother dead, and the other can’t talk. How conveeeeeeenyunt. Good grief Dr. Barrett. We Americans had better get a reality check and begin to use our heads and start putting two and two together and come up with 4 each time, while we still are allowed to think. Nothing but an excellent article from and very patriotic website that should be nominated for awards..

  19. Grampah  April 24, 2013 at 2:15 pm

    The truth unravels decades of evil. It is too much for a couple of long time friends of mine, so they are no longer my friends.

    • Dublinmick  April 24, 2013 at 7:06 pm

      Grampah I have had a couple of mine bail my email list also.

      It sometimes take truth a long time to become fact.

      It is easier to make a fool of someone than to convince him has been fooled. Mark Twain

      “It is easier to believe a lie one has heard a hundred times than a truth one has never heard before.” –American sociologist Robert S. Lynd

      “I prefer bad people to stupid people, because bad people sometimes give it a rest.” – Ortega y Gasset

  20. truthman  April 24, 2013 at 2:07 pm

    Great piece, Kevin. I’ve drawn the same conclusions and would like to add another observation. In both instances (Oswald/Bros Tsarnaev), a police officer was killed and the murders attributed to our patsies. In the Tsarnaev instance, it turns out that the MIT officer was known to also work off-duty at the gym where Tamerlan worked out. Let’s presume that Tamerlan had formed a relationship with him and perhaps had gone to him for protection, thinking that his officer friend call off the hounds, so to say. And perhaps, his officer friend was naive enough to think that he actually ‘could.’ Let’s presume he calls in that he has the suspects in custody and that they are innocent. I’ll let you figure out what happened next. I’d never before attributed Oswald’s similar incident to anything of this nature, but perhaps Dr. Fetzer could tell us if there was ever any ‘link’ between LHO and JD Tippit. Keep up the great work, Kevin! Peace!

  21. haroldsmith  April 24, 2013 at 2:07 pm

    Good piece; I agree completely.

    That’s a good point you made about the lockdown…they needed some privacy to murder their patsies. Undoubtedly they wanted both of them dead, and the problematic still-alive Dzokhar must have them sweating a little bit. Moreover, having traitorous scum like Graham and McCain screaming to treat Dzokhar as an “enemy combatant” should remove any lingering doubt as to the brothers’ innocence.

    Poor Tamerlan is getting the “Bruce Ivins” treatment, and they’d obviously like to give Dzokhar the “Khalid Sheikh Mohammed” treatment.

    The criminality of “our” “government” should by now be painfully obvious to the whole world, yet they cannot yield one inch; our Masters are in an all or nothing situation. Each monstrous crime seems more blatant than the last. The worse they get, and the more obvious it becomes, the worse it must still get, as there’s no turning back now. Thus this monstrous act portends the next act of “government” treachery.

    • Franklin Ryckaert  April 24, 2013 at 3:02 pm

      When will the American people start a “one million march” on Washington and demand a stop to all these false flags? Noooo, they are cheering “USA, USA, USA” when they hear that the patsy has been caught.

  22. Codoh  April 24, 2013 at 1:45 pm

    The first word that came into my mind when I heard about the Boston bombings and saw the “perpetrators” photos was “patsy”. Thanks VT for debunking the whole story in a week.

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