WTC “Boeing landing gear”: Lamest planted evidence ever?

The New York Post's photo of where the "Boeing landing gear" was lowered by ropes and then "discovered" - in order to generate the New York Post "news story" reporting the "discovery"
The New York Daily News photo of where the “Boeing landing gear” was lowered by ropes and then “discovered” – in order to generate the New York Post “news story” reporting the “discovery”

You Just Can’t Make Stuff Like This Up (Or Can You?)

by Kevin Barrett


The Israeli Ministry of Propaganda’s (IZMOP’s) favorite New York newspaper (and they have plenty to choose from) is the New York Daily News, which recently reported the discovery of alleged Boeing landing gear – allegedly from one of the alleged Boeing 767s that allegedly hit the World Trade Center.

The lead sentence: “The horrors of 9/11 were revisited Friday when landing gear from a hijacked plane was discovered hidden behind the controversial ‘Ground Zero Mosque.’”

IZMOP’s carefully-crafted psy-op language casts the evil “Ground Zero Mosque” as a house-of-horrors, where monsters have “hidden” the bloody evidence of their awful crime.

The only problem: That piece of landing gear was obviously planted by IZMOP operatives. The Daily News saves the most important information for the article’s final sentence: “Cops were investigating how the gear got there, including the possibility it was lowered into place because a piece of rope was found intertwined with the metal.” (Emphasis mine.)

So that piece of landing gear didn’t just fall into the crack between the “Ground Zero Mosque” and the building behind it. It was lowered by ropes!

It’s just like the worst black-and-white B-grade horror films, where you can see the string that is moving the monster’s jaws. Here, in the final sentence of ISMOP’s genocide-propaganda “news article,” we can see the deus-ex-machina – the bloody evidence lowered onto the stage like the god who saves the day in an ancient Greek play. This deus-ex-machina is designed to save the 9/11 perps, and their genocidal anti-Islam myth, from evidence that no Boeings crashed at any of the four alleged 9/11 crash sites.

Obviously IZMOP planted the piece of landing gear precisely so it could be “found,” in order to generate this propaganda “news story” demonizing Muslims in service to the State of Israel.

This “Boeing landing gear” may win the prize as the most blatantly-planted piece of ‘9/11 evidence’ yet, which is saying a lot. Other shamelessly-planted items of “9/11 evidence” include:

  •  The “hijacker’s passport” that magically floated down to earth beside the dustified Towers, to be picked up by an intelligence agent who managed to hand it to the authorities without being identified.
  •  The “Fatty Bin Laden Confession Video,” termed laughably “bogus” by America’s top academic Bin Laden expert. It, too, was magically discovered and handed to US authorities by someone – allegedly a US soldier – who has never been identified.
  •  The Shiite bandana allegedly discovered next to the empty, shallow fifteen-foot-diameter hole in the ground in Shanksville where the government claims a 757 completely disappeared into the soft earth.
  •  Mohammed Atta’s “magic suitcase #1” discovered in Hamburg, Germany and delivered to police by a self-professed “good Samaritan burglar” who had discovered it, he said, during a burglary.  German police say the “burglar” was an intelligence agent, but won’t say which agency he worked for.
  •  Atta’s “magic suitcase #2” that magically failed to be transferred from the alleged Atta’s Portland-to-Boston flight on to alleged Flight 11, where it would have been annihilated had there been a Flight 11 that hit the WTC. This “magic suitcase” contained a laughably bogus “confession” to the crime of 9/11, the names of the 19 alleged hijackers (more than half of whom were alive after 9/11), and a hilariously fake “last will and testament” beginning with a botched version of the bismillah, “In the name of God, myself, and my family…” (Why would Atta have put his will in a suitcase destined for annihilation?!)
  •  “Atta’s automobiles,” a.k.a. the Attamobiles, left at Maine’s Portland Airport AND Boston’s Logan Airport. How did Atta simultaneously drive to two airports, and leave two cars behind? Talk about over-planting your evidence!
  •  The piece of a Boeing Airliner that crashed in Cali, Columbia that somehow materialized on the Pentagon lawn on 9/11, and was photographed there in various positions in various places, with a piece of jungle vine still embedded in it.

There are dozens more examples of hilariously bad, obviously-planted “evidence” designed to reinforce the ludicrous official story of 9/11.

But the “discovery” of the “Boeing landing gear” that had been lowered by ropes in order to cast aspersions on the “Ground Zero Mosque” may be the very lamest of all the lame 9/11-evidence-plants.

Why did the IZMOP Daily News even mention the discovery of the rope indicating the piece of Boeing landing gear had been planted? Presumably as a warning to those who planted it that the cops are on to them. Now the evidence-planters can cover their tracks by whatever means necessary – bribes, threats, even murders…the same way they covered up the arrests of Israelis with truckloads of explosives trying to blow up New York’s bridges and tunnels on September 11th, 2001.

Don’t worry, the NYPD is never going to catch the guys who stood on the roof of the neighboring building and lowered the piece of landing gear into the narrow space behind the “Ground Zero Mosque.” Bernie Kerik will cover it up and send them back to Israel.  Wait a minute – Bernie’s in jail? Then whatever Zionist-mobbed-up NYPD honcho’s currently in charge will pick up where “jailhouse Bernie” left off.

The IZMOP Post appears to be guilty of conspiracy to obstruct justice as well as advocacy of genocide, conspiracy to commit genocide, and related crimes. Everyone involved ought to be lowered slowly from ropes, like the landing gear was, into the space behind the “Ground Zero Mosque.” And the ropes should be around their necks.




  1. The speed at which some government agencies work is absolutely amazing. Here we are 12 years later, and someone happens to simply saunter by the rear of the mosque, and trip over the landing gear.
    Maybe in a drunken state maybe not, but haphazardly this person struggles to get up to his feet, slowly turns around and finds a landing gear from a huge airliner staring back at him.
    Maybe the cow actually did jump over the moon. No longer will I ask, did the dish run away with the spoon. They probably did and in a witness protection program sponsored by the FBI/CIA, under the watchful eye of Homeland Security.
    Pray for us all people. These are the people driving the bus, and we are only the passengers.

  2. I shuld imagine that Boeing have lost a load of clients! It’s not very re-assuring to know that the poor airport ground staff have to catch the ropes to pull the plane down onto the runway! Geez! what a S*** job!

  3. To FB Tim Richardson: it’s you 9-11 Truth deniers that are sounding detached fm reality, not us..Did you even read the article you responded to? Listen to the video of the arrested Israelis driving around with vans packd w/explosives? Does truth ever permeate your bubble?

  4. This must be a hell of a landing gear that can withstand such heat. The entire building melted down and the landing gear survived… what a story…. just like the Saudi passport found at the scene… must be made up of something more durable than the building… incredible story… It was a all a lie and fraud to begin with.

  5. Since the beginning of time, the Jew has always been the actors, the comedian, the magician, the snake oil salesman, always putting on an act, the fiddler on the roof, the masters of trickery. It was one of the reasons, they had to stay on the move because once the townspeople realized they got swindled, they had left in the middle of the night to the next town……on and on that is how the Jew existed for hundreds of years. That is why they are the most hated race on the Planet, they have maybe settled down today but, their trickery today has now become deadly and vicious.

  6. The Voice of America Web site played games with this story.


    Please note “mystery-of-september-11-jet-debris-in-new-york” in the URL. That was the original headline.

    The headline of the edited article reads

    New York to Search for Human Remains Near 9/11 Plane Debris

    The original article contained the following text:

    “…Rope attached to what appears to be a broken pulley is wrapped around part of the landing gear, indicating the wreckage may have been lowered to its current resting place from the roof of one of the two buildings.”

    The edited article contains this sanitized text:

    “Police say a rope is tied around the part.”

    As Orwell wrote, “He who controls the past…”

  7. Cognitive Conditioning, like Pavlov’s Dogs (Pavlovian Conditioning) They bring back 911 plane part story so “we” associate the Boston Bombings with Muslim Terrorists. I read this on an interesting website. A type of PsyOps. I was never properly conditioned this way but I think alot of Americans do salivate when the proverbial bell rings. The web site is Of course there were no planes, and many 911 Truthers dont know this. There are great viseos on You Tube about the No Planes Theory Npt. I have the best of them on my you tube channel in a playlist called NPT 911. The original one was September Clues but there were others also.

    • In operant conditioning two stimuli becomes combined to confuse reaction of the mind. When one stimulus removed, mind continues to respond as if the other one is also there.

  8. The Sayanim are working over time again. Hey – did you hear the brothers Tsarnev were going to attack Manhattan with a yet undisclosed number of pressure cookers. Be afraid. Be very afraid because we are safer but not yet safe – from the attacking Jews.

  9. Suddenly, someone is talking serial numbers?

    After more than a decade of obfuscating and concealment of forensic evidence, the Government should be compelled to reveal all of the parts they hold and publish all of the numbers to finally I.D. what little remains of whatever was found.

    Check this out for more on the plane parts;


  10. Rachel ” Keith Olberwho? Heard of him…got me my job you say?” Maddow is a worthless wench….As for the wreckage…check the serial numbers….they probably don’t correspond to Flts “11” or 175..

  11. Maybe they needed to put some flesh on Rachael Maddow’s recent rant apropos “Conspiracy Nut-jobs.’

    • Here here Charlotte NC Bill and wiggins! Rachel Maddow, like the vast majority of her mainstream and so-called indy media (Huff Po, The Nation, Daily Beast, etc.) cohorts, is a gatekeeping clown, propping up ruses to fool the citizenry of the U.S. contrived by the powers that be.

  12. IZMOP! Thank you for the great name.

    According to their intelligence they must be these guys with the Talmud-calculator:


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