New Documents Reveal Homeland Security Deeply Involved in Boston Bombing


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April, 2013 DHS documents provide evidence of foreknowledge and complicity in the deaths and injuries sustained in the 4/15/2013 Boston Bombing

DHS Document operation SHEEP Crisis Actors

DHS Doctrine published 2 days before Boston bombing

Citizen investigators are doing a fine job at exposing the inconsistencies in the story the Feds and corpse media would like us to believe.   Regardless how we attempt to identify the suspects, one perpetrator has essentially confessed to their part in the crime – The Department of Homeland Security.

New DHS  documents published in April 2013 expose the involvement of  Homeland Security as complicit in the reported deaths of  Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Martin Richard, Krystle Campbell, Lu Lingzi and the related murder of MIT officer, Sean Collier.  This assertion of complicity extends to the 260 reported injuries due to the organized, staged events by crisis actors who were contracted to carry out unannounced,  misleading, confusing and dangerous activities in the vicinity of the Boston marathon finish line on April 15, 2013.  HSEEP Doc PDF

Failure to notify the pubic of the planned exercise per DHS own requirements contributed to the uncertainties, confusion, deaths and injuries.  With full expectation that the simulated bombing would be executed in public, DHS failed to inform local spectators and millions of television viewers of a planned, simulated catastrophe that somehow went “live”.    Below is an except from DHS “Notification” form:  HSEEP-DD10  Rev. April 2013

Note: “The Public Announcement letter can be distributed to residents surrounding the exercise site to inform them of an upcoming exercise. For large-scale exercises, the announcement can be published in the local newspaper prior to the exercise. A sample announcement is provided.”   (document PDF)

Furthermore, the deliberate confusion created at the finish line increased opportunity for terrorist activity – whether real or as a False Flag pretext for a political agenda.

To date DHS director, Janet Napolitano has failed to explain why DHS should not be held accountable for the death, injury and destruction of property resulting from the deliberate and criminal deception of the American people.

Next is a short video of crisis actors attempting (but failing) to counterfeit the scene with props, fake blood and injuries without being revealed by media cameras.  Notice how one chap checks the line-of-sight to the camera lens to see if their “guards” succeeded in blocking view of the gravel-toss.  This overt attempt at secrecy goes beyond what is required for an “exercise”.   It becomes obvious that these maneuvers were rehearsed as visual deception intended for broadcast viewing by millions watching the marathon finish line.



DHS 2013 Documents (Published 2 days before the Boston Bombing)

Policy Guidance:



  1. Other questions to be asked:

    — Were Tamerlan and Collier friends? (Both Sean Collier, 27, and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, were Boston area boxers.)
    — Why did Tamerlan visit the MIT?
    — Where are the remains of the pressure cookers?
    — Why are Tamerlan’s eyes open while lying on the coroner’s workbench?
    — Could this have been a drill where no one died?

  2. The BFF had to be the sloppiest false flag ever. When they cooked up that stupid desert movie stunt last year the real actors in that scam were horrified that they were used for malicious mischief and very quickly disavowed themselves of it. More than the actors, who are the psychopaths who put out the casting calls? And what happens to the idiots after their cameo roles?

    Then there’s the crime scene. Crime scenes always have to be secured and left untouched for the investigators and forensics crowd.Try going near a car accident and picking up broken glass and see how fast the cops react. Yet amid all the confusion some pack of hoodlums knew to push over the fence and pull up the flags and toss them all over the street. And nary a cop to be seen. Was that a crime scene or not? Who were they? Where were the cops? Why were they not arrested?

    Then they needed expert investigators so they had a team flown in from Israel. Okay, does that mean we have none here? None at all? We have the fourth biggest country on Earth and we have to call halfway around the globe for investigators? We couldn’t find one in each state? Nobody at Quantico studies that? Or the smarties at Langley? So where have we been pouring all the money for R&D? Where are all our investigators? Seriously, where are they? Maybe if we don’t have any we should just admit that and cut the budget and save the money.

    Then taking the younger brother out of the boat–why did they act like they were taking down a tank? Couldn’t they throw in some kind of sedative? Or just ask him to stand up? Which he did anyway. Cops have handled Bengal tigers and pythons in urban areas and nobody gets hurt, the animals go home, everybody’s happy. This one was all over the place.

    Some cab driver says he heard the two boys speaking Russian and saying something about Manhattan. That was one of the stupidest things I ever heard. Unless the driver also speaks Russian it’s doubtful there’s a way he could catch one word out of an entire conversation at normal speed. Something like

    qwertyuiopManhattanasdfghjkl –what are the odds?

    False flags have plagued our world for centuries with considerable success and now it’s time for them to knock it off but they won’t. It’s the only way our slave masters can maintain control in lieu of brains. The FF high water mark was JFK and they really should have quit while they were ahead but they’re too stupid, and the last time they pretty much got away with one was 9/11, and it’s really only the media saving them there. But they’re getting really sloppy and ugly now and it won’t hold much longer. Anyone who would willingly participate in such malice and perversion will eventually earn the same. They really need to rent a movie –“Sunset Boulevard”– it’s about where they are right now.

    • Well, if Clif High’s predictions turn out to be right, the next false flag will be even more sloppy such that it unravels within hours.

    • It was mentioned in a “news” report about a week ago. It just seems remarkable that a presumed non-speaker of a foreign language could recall it at a later date and parse it well enough at normal speed to pick out one word. This is a very serious event and all information should be handled carefully but from the start our “leaders” have let us all down. Again.

  3. I found the famous medic photo treating two victims at the same time from another perspective:

    ***[email protected]/8677728327/in/photostream

    But where is the blood?

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