Tsarnaev Brothers: 9/11 Truthers – and Obviously Innocent

The real Boston bombing suspect works for Craft International – whose refusal to deny accusations is a de facto confession

Muslims for 9/11 Truth


The vast majority of the world’s Muslims understands that 9/11, Bali, Madrid, 7/7, Mumbai, and similar events have been false flag attacks conducted by the enemies of Islam. As a 2011 Pew Poll found:

“There is no Muslim public in which even 30% accept that Arabs conducted the (9/11) attacks.”

In Pakistan, the nation that knows “Al-CIA-duh” best, only 3% believe the official story of 9/11.

Among the vast majority of Muslims who know the truth about false-flag terror: The accused Boston Marathon bombers and their family.

Dzokhar Tsarnaev’s entirely-normal Twitter account included:

“Idk why it’s hard for many of you to accept that 9/11 was an inside job, I mean I guess fu$k the facts y’all are some real #patriots #gethip”.

His older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev agreed.

According to the Rothschild-owned AP wire service:

“(Tamerlan Tsarnaev) began opposing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He turned to websites and literature claiming that the CIA was behind the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001…”

The brothers’ mother,  Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, knows that “9/11 was purposefully created by the American government to make America hate Muslims” and says that her sons are innocent patsies in yet another anti-Islam false flag operation.

Their aunt, Maret Tsarnaeva,  positively identified the “naked man” arrested by Boston police as her nephew, Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Their mother, Zubeidat, agrees. She says the police arrested her son when he was healthy – and then murdered him to silence him forever.

Zubeidat Tsarnaeva believes the whole Boston bombing was a drill that went live, and that at least some of the blood was fake and some “victims” were actors. She believes her sons were set up as patsies to silence them because they were eloquent voices of truth. Another possibility: They were chosen as patsies precisely so that the corporate media genocide propagandists could demonize the ever-growing truth movement – especially Muslims who work for 9/11 truth.

The Tsarnaev brothers’ father, Anzor Tsarnaev, says that his sons were set up as false-flag patsies: “Somebody clearly framed them. I don’t know who exactly framed them, but they did.”  He says he is planning to travel to the US this coming week with “lots of questions for police” to “seek truth and justice.”  “I want to go find out the truth,” he said.

Virtually everyone who knew the Tsarnaev brothers says they are obviously innocent, and obviously incapable of the crimes of which they are accused.

Here is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev protesting “I never done it. They set me up” in his last Facebook post before he was shot by police, unarmed and trying to peacefully surrender, and then handed over to “Israeli doctors.”

Shades of Lee Harvey Oswald’s famous last words: “I’m just a patsy!”

The mainstream media, owned and operated by fanatical enemies of Islam, has spun these facts in an Orwellian attempt to make the Tsarnaevs look like “radical Muslims.”

But wait a minute. Muslims who know that this kind of terrorism only benefits the enemies of Islam OBVIOUSLY would never commit such acts!

The fact that the Tsarnaevs are 9/11 truthers proves their innocence.


  1. From a recent CNN article:

    The brothers believed responsible for the bloody Boston Marathon bombings originally planned a suicide attack on the city’s massive Independence Day celebration, surviving bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev told investigators, a U.S. law enforcement official regularly briefed on the investigation told CNN.
    The Fourth of July party draws about 500,000 people and is televised nationally on CBS.

    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev told investigators that he and his brother, Tamerlan, chose the Boston Marathon only a day or two before the event, according to the official. They changed their plans because their bombs were ready sooner than they expected, the official said.

    Those bombs were built in the small apartment that suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev shared with his wife and child, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev told investigators, according to that law enforcement official.

    Brian: I suppose some people will say it’s all a lie to frame the brothers, perhaps the authorities threatened Dzhokhar, or promised to take of his family financially.

    I think Dzhokhar is probably telling the truth, but perhaps the older brother received support from a Chechen/Muslim militant organization infiltrated and controlled by the Mossad, they do this to just about every Muslim organization and perhaps the Mossad had nothing to do with the Boston Marathon bombing.

    • It’s amazing how you want to ignore all the evidence exonerating the brothers and so readily the bilge fm the govt..Eyewitness testimony that contradicts the police report? No problem…video and phtographic evidence that contradicts the ever-changing semi-official report? No problem…Craft International guy with a backpack, then running fm the scene w/o a backpack? No problem…it’s GOT to be the evil Muslims…Those 16 inch heavy pressure cookers were not carried in that small grey backpack that looked like it had a pair of socks and a magazine inside it…

    • statement which read: ‘The Saudi government had no prior information about the Boston bombers. Therefore, it is not true that any information, written or otherwise, was passed to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or any other US agency in this regard,’ an embassy statement statement claimed.
      See? so they lied about that too.

    • Dagestani Interior Minister Abdurashid Magomedov has denied allegations that Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the two men suspected of committing bomb attacks at the Boston Marathon, started practicing radical Islam during his stay in Dagestan in 2012.

      “According to our information, Tamerlan Tsarnaev did come to Dagestan in 2012 in order to have his Russian passport restored.
      See? So they lied about that too…

    • Now we are supposed to believe “a female’s DNA was on the bomb”. Folks, do you know what kind of B.S. that is? First of all, if it was even real the thing went off and flew everywhere. There is no telling where it may have picked up DNA from. Second of all, you can’t just say it is female DNA from a small sample, you need a fairly large sample (at least a hair) to do even the most vague of DNA tests, and to recover that from anything that exploded is sheer fantasy. That bomb would have blown itself clean if it was real at all.
      see? Another example of them lying…

    • Police reported Tamerlan was killed when Dzhokar ran over him while hastily escaping in a vehicle..However, the police forgot to tell the coroner..2 days later, the coroner sd the body was riddled ” from head to toe” and there were too many wounds to determine which one caused death…Coroner Richard Wolfe; ” I certainly did not see any tire marks or the usual things we see with someone run over by a car.” Yup…Dzhokar’s last msg to his father; ” I never done it; they set me up……”

    • The false-flag terror attacks of 9-11 occurred during several military drills, one of which simulated an aircraft smashing into a military building near the Pentagon, the National Reconnaissance Office. Another exercise actually involved fake hijacked aircraft, which completely confused air traffic controllers who had no idea what was real and what was fake when the exercise became real…But, as we know, no wreckage of a 767–no wings, tail section, luggage, etc–means no 767 hit the Pentagon…In fact the pictures released show nothing…and then a sudden explosion..What happened to Flt 77? the one Barbara Olson NEVER made a phone cl fm? who the hell knows,,

    • Does ANY of this official story really make any sense at all to you?

      Pick any part of it and apply some casual critical thinking; e.g., why would they plan a “suicide attack”? How would a “suicide attack” (vis-a-vis a remotely detonated IED) benefit their agenda? If you’re going to attack random targets (that have nothing to do with your ostensible “agenda”), and you have access to such random targets, what’s the tactical advantage of a suicide bombing? Why kill yourself doing it? Why do it one time and die in the process, thus ending your efforts – when you can make and set off a series of “IEDs” until your luck runs out and you get caught or killed?

      Under the circumstances apparent here, it simply doesn’t make sense. It would be like becoming a “suicide bank robber”…WTF is the point?

      Let’s pick another part of the story: the “explosive” allegedly used in the bombs. As I understand it, they’re claiming that the brothers bought some kind of “fireworks” from which they extracted “black powder”?

      Why go through all that trouble and expense just to get a relatively ineffective low velocity explosive, when they could’ve just bought cold packs at drug stores and taken the ammonium nitrate out of them?

      It would’ve been cheaper, easier, more effective, less technically risky (i.e., there’d be a better chance of the bomb behaving as you want it to) and much less traceable. This without even getting into questions like: How did they even know what kind/quality of powder was in the “fireworks”, and how did they know how it would work in an improvised “bomb” – apparently without doing any kind of testing of prototypes? (Something a serious “terrorist” would necessarily have to do, under the circumstances.)

      And why would they not bother to try to disguise themselves? Couldn’t they buy some cheap make up, or a fake mustache or something? And then they don’t even try to flee the area?

      When you put it all together, it’s preposterous; just like all the other “government” contrived terrorist attacks we’ve been subjected to.

  2. I don’t see how anyone can take the word of the “government” at face value – especially regarding anything to do with “terrorism”. As far as I’m concerned, we don’t know what Dzhokhar Tsarnaev may or may not have admitted to, and to the extent he did admit to something, we don’t know if he was bribed, threatened, entrapped, etc.

    The persecutors of Steven Hatfill and Bruce Ivins; the jealous “minders” of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed et al.; the facilitators of the “underwear bomber”…themselves obviously the biggest purveyors of terror the world has ever seen…simply have no credibility whatsoever, let alone the moral standing to accuse anybody else of anything.

    But let’s say for the sake of argument that the Tsarnaev brothers really are/were “terrorists”, as claimed. If that’s the case, it has to be asked: Why are/were they so utterly stupid?

    If the problem (i.e., their motivation), is unjust U.S. wars of imperial aggression, then why target random people at the Boston Marathon? Why not target a government office building? Why not target Boeing or Lockheed-Martin? Why not target an Army recruiting office? Why not attack one of the propaganda organs? Why not target some infrastructure somewhere that would have some degree of relevance to the alleged motive?

    Why not publish some kind of “manifesto” to explain why you’re doing what you’re doing? Look at Christopher Dorner. He had some kind of a gripe, so he targeted people he felt were responsible; he explained why he was doing what he was doing – and a lot of people actually started sympathizing with him.

    Generally speaking, why not make a statement beforehand, e.g.; “If the U.S. government doesn’t stop killing us with drones, in our countries, we’re going to do this or we’re going to do that [over here]. We’re acting in legitimate self-defense…don’t blame us for trying to defend ourselves the only way we can, blame your corrupt bloodthirsty government…blah…blah…blah”.

    The right kind of carefully calculated “terrorism” – say against certain infrastructure, without even directly hurting anyone – with the right kind of “manifesto” explaining why – may actually help the alleged terrorist “cause”. So why do something utterly senseless that will work to advance the “government” agenda rather than hinder it? Why let the “enemy” control the narrative?

    Put simply, almost every alleged act of domestic “terrorism” – according to the “government” version of events – always boils down to an implication of breathtaking stupidity and ignorance on behalf of the accused, and always seems to work to advance the establishment agenda rather than hinder it.

    So here’s the deal: Either we see compelling evidence, or the “government” has to be assumed to by lying about the whole thing, as usual.

  3. Good job Doc,

    One question: If these evil doing brothers were such, well, evil doers, why didn’t they just shoot the car jack victim just as they supposedly shot the cop? Or, maybe Jesus helped the car jack victim, Danny, get away so the Zionist media could spread the “truth” to set us free?

    The end is Rear,

    • Yukon Jack is right..if there was a real “carjack victim” he was carjacked by Mossad/Craft Int men..but I’m leaning towards the carjack story as just more false narrative…

  4. “Carjack victim” Fm the same FBI that sd they needed help identifying them…when they’ve been trying to recruit them as crisis actors for the past three years..

    • OK all we know is that they’ve been “talking with them “…hounding them for three yrs…we can only imagine for what..but I’ve got a feeling the backstabbing uncle, the one married to a CIA spook, has something to do with setting these two up…

  5. On Sunday 28 April 2013, Reuters secured an exclusive interview with Anzor Tsarnaev, father of the brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The interview was said to have been conducted at a secret location in the North Caucasus, Russia:

    He [Anzor Tsarnaev] and other members of the family believe a man shown on television being led naked into a police car the night of the shootout was Tamerlan, and that the blurry footage, still widely available on YouTube, proves Tamerlan was captured alive. Boston police say Tamerlan was killed in a shootout, and the man seen being led into the car was a bystander who was briefly detained.
    Anzor Tsarnaev said he raised the issue with U.S. officials who visited him earlier in the week in his home in Dagestan.
    “I asked them: ‘I saw my child alive, he was being put into a police vehicle alive and healthy. How come media said he was killed?’ They were shocked themselves,” the father said.

  6. From _http://www.nationofchange.org/tsarnaev-brothers-had-cia-connection-1367503725

    “As it happens, your two suspects are immigrants. They were brought to your country at a young age by parents who were refugees seeking asylum from from a region of the world riven by civil war, brutal repression by a larger power, and that was a breeding ground for terrorists who had been known to have launched terrible attacks against civilians, including schools and full movie theaters in that larger power.

    Now supposing you discovered that the national intelligence agency of a rival nation to that larger power had actually provided support to the terrorists that were attacking it, and that, moreover, the two young men who were your suspects were related to an uncle who had for three years been married to the daughter of a top member of that intelligence agency — the latter a man who had had a long history of active involvement in that agency’s major covert operations.

    Wouldn’t you be deeply suspicious about the nature of the connections between the two young men and this intelligence agency? Of course you would!”

    From _http://aangirfan.blogspot.com/2013/04/bin-laden-astor-gulen-bandar-tsarnaev.html
    (pictures of “homes” of familiar “families” included)

    Ruslan Tsarnaev married the daughter of the CIA’s Graham Fuller.

    Graham Fuller helped to bring Fethullah Gulen into the USA.

    Ruslan Tsarnaev is the uncle of the ‘Boston Bombers’.

    “Ruslan worked as a ‘consultant’ for USAID, which is known to be frequently used as a cover for CIA operatives, according to Jeff Stein (SpyTalk) at the Washington Post.”

    “CONFIRMED: Katherine Russell (alleged bomber’s wife) is granddaughter of Richard Warren Russell, Skull and Bones member and entrepreneur in the energy industry.

    “Russell’s obituary lists Warren King Russell II as son – and that’s Katherine’s emergency room doctor father.

    “That means wife had family spook connections as well as husband Tamerlan (Uncle Ruslan).

    “And both had fast, dramatic and uncharacteristic conversions to a perverted form of Islam favored by the gangster family that runs Saudi Arabia and works hand in hand with our spooks…

    “Katherine reportedly wanted to join the Peace Corps. Maybe she actually joined the agency the Peace Corps is a cover for.”

  7. Although I don’t believe one word of the official story, subsequent events have added a suspicious twist to this whole scenario – and I’m inclined to agree with Jim Stone:

    “My sympathy for the patsies is a little less now, because it is quite evident they worked for the agencies that are killing this country. They probably thought they were doing good though – the brainwashing those agents go through is extreme.”

    See _http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/
    as well as Mapping the Tsarnaev Brothers

    Both sites express the likelihood of another/bigger false flag to counter the gigantic deception failure of the Boston fiasco.

    _whatreallyhappened.com is prominently exposing this fact:
    “…the FBI’s own statistics show that Jewish extremists commit more acts of terror in the US than Islamic extremists.”

  8. Is the Boston Marathon bombing the first false falg attack in which the attack was a complete hoax? I’m surprised VT hasn’t done an article on the fake actors and fake blood; the already double amputee pretending he’s had hi legs blown off, unless I’ve missed it. There is plenty of stuff on the web for this.

  9. There’s simply no way a heavy, 16 inch pressure cooker could have fit in Tamerlan’s small, flat –as shown–bag…no way.

  10. I watched the “naked man” arrest video. It’s impossible, IMHO, to determine who it is. The video is at night, from a distance. The dark hairline against the lighter face is about all that can clearly be seen. The hairline and the shape of the guy’s face is like Tamerlan’s. BUT that’s not enough to positively identify him.

  11. I’m trying to publish this again

    Well, unfortunately the brothers didn’t mention Israel’s intelligence agency the Mossad did 911.

    The older brother may not have been the mastermind of the evil Boston Marathon bombing event but evidence suggest the brothers were knowingly involved. I know most people at Internet locations such as VT don’t want to hear this but the car hijack victim whose interview was published at Boston.com strongly indicates the brothers were knowingly involved in the event. According to the witness the older brother stated he did the Boston Marathon bombing and nether brother ever stated they were part of a terrorist drill or they were set up. The hijacked victim claims he was with them for about 90 minutes.

    Read this article:

    “Don’t be stupid,” he told Danny. He asked if he had followed the news about Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings. Danny had, down to the release of the grainy suspect photos less than six hours earlier.

    “I did that,” said the man, who would later be identified as Tamerlan Tsarnaev. “And I just killed a policeman in Cambridge.”


    If somebody has evidence the interview is fake or the guy in the interview is a shill for a government agency please provide the evidence.

    • Yeah…that’s what a bomber would do…tell the “carjack victim” your confession….then let him go…so the police can follow your trail easier….We don’t need evidence proving the blacked-out carjack guy is authentic…after all the lies the intell community/private military force have been caught in the burden of proof is on THEM..

    • They didn’t let him go he escaped, the brothers are not professional kidnappers, they made a mistake. I don’t know why he wouldn’t brag about it he knew the authorities knew he was involved in the bombing. I don’t think the interview is fake or the carjack victim lied during the interview.

    • If the car-jackers were not the Tsarnaev brothers, but operatives involved in setting them up as patsies, OF COURSE they would let the driver go, knowing he’d tell the authorities what he’d just heard. This guy Danny probably was an innocent participant. It gives more credibility to his story because he actually believes it. When you’re looking down the business end of a gun, you don’t always pay too much attention to the person holding it.

    • You’re right Navybrat “Danny” was “carjacked” by Craft International guys…or there was no “carjacking” at all and “Danny” is just another “crisis actor” brought in fm Central casting..

    • Another interesting point from this interview with Danny – he mentioned the two car-jackers talking to each other in “a foreign language”, during which he heard the word “Manhatten”. This could mean anything of course, but the MSM is saying it was indicative of a plot to blow up something in NYC – just to get their population on side as well. We’re left to assume this language was from the Tsarnaev’s homeland – but perhaps it was from some other “un-named Middle Eastern nation.”
      After all, it was dark and the two car-jackers were only identified as the suspects because they immediately admitted to the bombing. Otherwise they could have been any two middle-eastern looking guys, who, to a Chinese, all look the same.

    • You are assuming that the two car-jackers really were the Tsarnaev brothers. This is a very big assumption. During the run up to JFK’s assassination, a guy claiming to be Lee Harvey Oswald turned up at a shooting range where he shot at another patron’s target. When the patron protested, he gave his name, telling him to remember it – and that he’d shoot up any target he wanted. On another occasion, “Lee” visited a car dealership, and ended up getting into a rant with a salesman about how great things were in Russia – again clearly giving his name.
      It is now known that Oswald was nowhere near these locations when the incidents happened, meaning that he was being “sheep-dipped” for the frame-up after JFK’s killing.
      Don’t discount that possibility here.

    • Thanks for broaching this line of inquiry.

      We know that there was a fake Oswald. Why not fake Tsarnaev brothers? The fakes pull off a carjacking, brag about “their” having done the bombing and “their” having killed a cop and then “carelessly” (nudge-nudge wink-wink) letting the carjack victim “escape.” No need for a crisis actor.

  12. Well, unfortunately the brothers didn’t mention Israel’s intelligence agency the Mossad did 911.

    The older brother may not have been the mastermind of the evil Boston Marathon bombing event but evidence suggest the brothers were knowingly involved. I know most people at websites such as VT don’t want to hear this but the car hijack victim whose interview was published at Boston.com strongly indicates the brothers were knowingly involved in the event. According to the witness the older brother stated he did the Boston Marathon bombing and nether brother ever stated they were part of a terrorist drill or they were set up. The hijacked victim claims he was with them for about 90 minutes.

    Read this article:

    “Don’t be stupid,” he told Danny. He asked if he had followed the news about Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings. Danny had, down to the release of the grainy suspect photos less than six hours earlier.

    “I did that,” said the man, who would later be identified as Tamerlan Tsarnaev. “And I just killed a policeman in Cambridge.”


    If somebody has evidence the interview is fake or the guy in the interview is a shill for a government agency please provide the evidence.

    • Based on the number of people in the VT comment sections strongly convinced the event was staged I don’t think it’s possible to prove to people at VT the witness is real.

      A lot of people reading articles at VT don’t even believe the numerous credible witnesses who saw a plane flying very low near the Pentagon on 911, they don’t believe the credible witnesses who saw a plane hit the Pentagon. They don’t even believe all the people who witnesses the second plane hitting the WTC. Oh well.

    • ?You’re still on the damn plane into the Pentagon crap? The Chief of Army Intell sd no plane hit the Pentagon..Army Spec April Gallop sd no plane hit the Pentagon and she crawled through the damn hole probably made by a missile…A Steve Henderson on his balcony at Pentagon City saw what looked ” like a small passenger jet that could hold 8-12 people swoop in low past arlington cemetary”…He sd that an hr or so after it happened…The only “wreckage” was a piece the size of a picnic table that’s been traced to a crash in Cali, columbia…Are you immune to evidence?

    • LOL! Read all my comments and view the evidence I provide in my numerous comments in this article:

      Nobody saw a missile at the :Pentagon.

      As Mike Rivero has stated in an email to me hundreds of people saw the plane flying toward the Pentagon and nobody saw it leave, where did it go if not into the building?

      None of the air traffic controllers who saw the plane on their radar screens or in the sky reported the plane left the area.

      The Mossad and sayanim who control the 911 truth movement initiated the nonsense no plane hit the Pentagon to fool people into thinking the U.S. government did 911.

      If you make a comment I’m not going to respond, I’ve been involved behind the scenes in the 911 truth movement since 2002, I had a lot of success and these days I’m just barely involved with it.

    • I just gave you the name of a guy fm a Washington Post article who saw–this happened very quickly–what to him looked like a small passenger jet…That could be a missile…obviously no wreckage of a 767–except for that piece the size of a picnic table that you’ve already been told was traced to a crash in Cali, Columbia—means no 767 hit the Pentagon on 9-11…Obviously there was an explosion….but no 767..Mike Rivero knows more than Army Spec April Gallop or the Chief of Army Intell?? There’s a gag order on the ATC’s so you’re the only person I’ve heard of who knows what they’ve sd about anything..

    • The FBI lied about not knowing these guys…lied about the “warning fm the Saudis”…had another drill going on just like 9-11 and 7/7…crisis actors, fake blood..wake up already..

  13. Winston Smith, quote: “‘The fact that the Tsarnaevs are 9/11 truthers proves their innocence.’
    You cant be this retarded. Why don’t you wait to see the evidence against the guy before making such baseless claims?”

    Are the Chech brothers innocent or guilty? Well lets look at the facts. The government was caught disrupting a marathon and faking a bombing and injuries. That is a fact, we have tons of video footage and pictures and online research like DHS contracts. The FBI was caught lying, that is a fact, if the FBI is caught making any lie then they can not be trusted, nothing that the FBI says can be trusted from this event or prior events. We know as a fact that the FBI ALWAYS LIE as a routine. We know that Obama lies. We know the media lies, we know that the Jewish media lies, we know that their religion teaches them to lie. We know they have an agenda. We know that the treasonous government has integrated Israel into US security apparatus.

    So you sir are a complete imbecile because you believe the crap being put on the television, the Jewish owned television. Nothing they say is true, it is never true, they got caught lying about 911, they have never admitted to their lies, we know Israel did 911, we know that Jews in the US media are covering for Israel. That is a fact. If you believe anything they say then you are a complete and total moran, with a functioning circuit in your brain that has sunk into spin retardation.

    So what should any investigator assume about any false flag or assassination? That the FBI, ADL, DHS, MOSSAD and their whores are lying and covering their crimes. The FBI is the biggest terrorist organization in America. They have been caught time and again using terrorist tactics, they are criminals, they are hardened criminals that use terrorist tactics on the American people routinely. They must cover for their crimes because that is what criminals do, they routinely use patsies to pin the murders and crimes. So when the FBI says such and such are the bombers, when their is no investigation or warrant and then they hunt down and shoot the suspect which we know is their targeted patsy then you have to be the biggest god damn moran on this planet to come on VT and agree with the government claim. You define the word tard.

    The government of the United States is an evil parasite because it sold out to the Rothschild banksters and their Zionist whores. Quit apologizing for them, get a spine, face the facts, the government and its alphabet soup agencies are parasitic and will do anything, including terror and murder to keep their funding and jobs. Nothing on the TV Talmudic Vision is true, it is a non stop stream of evil lies.

    • Yukon Jack is 100% on the mark. A brilliant analysis. The best rumor out there is that the older brother tried to get help from a university policve officer he knew. The special ops shot that cop to make sure he wouldn’t talk. Makes sense.

      Another very well done article by Dr. Barrett in a line of many.

  14. Terrific article Dr. Barrett, thans, and also excellent comments from charlotte N.C Bill,. It uis extremely sad to witness what is being done to the USA, and chilling to realise that we have only seen the beginning.

  15. We’ve already seen the planted and manufactured evidence…we’ve already exposed the lies of the official story…we don’t have to wait to hear more lies…”Carjacking victim” who can’t show his face for fear of the mythological “al-quaeda” people…Yeah, OK…They “carjacked’ their own Mercedes..the kid was hiding in a boat w/o a gun but a “shoot-out” was necessary…Then it was necessary to beat the crap out of him and shoot him the throat…

  16. “the fact that they’re 9-11 truthers..” at least one bro was, right? And in a way that–and all the other lies, anomalies and coincidences–does prove their innocence…They wouldn’t want to personally supply the “patsy role” –like the 19 “hijackers” half of whom are still breathing–for the Judeo-Masonic oligarchy that manufactures false-flag psy-ops like 9-11 and 7/7–which was already proven in court to be a MI-6 Operation Gladio-type false-flag…9-11 wasn’t an inside job…it was an inside/outside job…chiefly Mossad and it’s agents, assets and allies in this country…btw, I don’t think the Judeo-Masonic plutocrats are going to tolerate being caught red-handed and exposed like this too much longer…Meaning they’ll start doing worse shit to justify greater control and internet shut-downs…

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