“Holocaust expert” David Cole Stein: Quintessentially Jewish – with a shred of integrity

David Cole, who used to make revisionist Holocaust documentaries, changed his name to David Stein, and started "giving mainstream audiences what they want."
David Cole, who used to make revisionist Holocaust documentaries, changed his name to David Stein, and started “giving mainstream audiences what they want.”

by Kevin Barrett


Nobody can say that professional Holocaust expert David Stein, née David Cole, lacks even a shred of integrity.

He definitely has a shred. Maybe even a couple of shreds.

Which is more than can be said of his detractors.

The West Coast Republican Party establishment is howling with rage, livid that many of its leading figures were “tricked” by David Stein – the founder of “Republican Party Animals” – who turned out to be the kinder, gentler incarnation of Jewish Holocaust revisionist David Cole.

The thought of all those Hollywood Republican bigwigs and neocon poobahs making “Holocaust denier” David Cole their go-to guy for socializing has them all rolling around on the floor convulsing in rage. The rest of us are rolling around convulsing in laughter.

As The Guardian explains:

“Over the past five years Stein’s organisation, Republican Party Animals, drew hundreds to regular events in and around Los Angeles, making him a darling of conservative blogs and talkshows. That he made respected documentaries on the Holocaust added intellectual cachet and Jewish support to Stein’s cocktail of politics, irreverence and rock and roll. There was just one problem…”

The problem was that the Republican Party was partying with one of the world’s leading “holocaust deniers.”

David Cole Stein’s parties must have been a gas. I understand the bedroom closet with the tank of nitrous oxide was called the “gas chamber,” and you could sometimes find Fred Leuchter in there sucking the hose and chipping away at the drywall with his hammer and chisel.

I’m kind of sorry I missed those parties.

But the best part about the whole story is – get this – David Cole, under his new name “David Stein,” has been earning a living making mainstream Holocaust documentaries…which he apparently doesn’t believe a word of!  His explanation: “I gave mainstream audiences what they wanted.”

Too much! David, you have just earned yourself a Larry Silverstein Award for Chutzpah Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.

And you have proved that chutzpah is not just for assholes like Silverstein. It’s also for guys like you who are too cool for words, and who somehow retain a shred or two of integrity under seriously difficult circumstances.

I don’t know whether David Cole is right about the Holocaust. But the more I study the issue, the more I think that Cole and my friend Nick Kollerstrom and others like them are raising legitimate questions. It’s disgusting how Dr. Kollerstrom was witch-hunted out of University College of London for publishing a scholarly article that nobody there could refute. And it’s disgusting how the Jewish Defense League terrorists silenced David Cole for all these years with their death threats.

The Republicans who were partying with David Cole yesterday, and falling all over themselves to disown him today, are even more disgusting.

These people apparently  have no arguments. So they bleat like terrified sheep, or howl like rabid jackals, as they scramble to distance themselves from the one intelligent human being in their midst – the one guy with the ability to think for himself, the one guy with a shred of integrity.

This is the sort of thing that happened to the prophets, when they spoke truths the corrupt society around them didn’t want to hear.

I submit that not only is David Cole something of a genius – he’s also quintessentially Jewish. Which makes the people who don’t like him – dare I say it – anti-Semites.  (There – that will shut them up!)

David Cole is a walking, talking embodiment of what Douglas Rushkoff identifies as the core of Judaism: iconoclasm. According to Rushkoff, Jews take the spirit of “nothing sacred” to extremes, smashing tribal idols of all varieties – which is one reason they’re always getting themselves in trouble with their neighbors.

David Cole’s revisionist work aims to smash one of the biggest, ugliest tribal idols of our time: The Holocaust religion, which seems to have replaced Judaism and Christianity as the idolatrous new faith of the West. Just standing up in public as the leading Jewish Holocaust revisionist is a courageous act of ultimate iconoclasm…which makes David Cole one of the greatest Jews of our time, maybe even of all time. (That may or may not get him a standing ovation in LA’s B’nai David Judea synagogue…)

Rushkoff also credits Judaism with the invention of “abstract monotheism.” And abstract monotheism – the notion that the same ineffable, abstract God created and presides over the entire universe, and cares about human ethics – leads to abstract, universal morality…which is a huge advance over concrete, tribal moralities (“my tribe right, your tribe wrong.”) By stepping outside the emotional logic of the tribal consensus, and applying a universalist historical methodology to Holocaust studies, David Cole has proven himself an outstanding exemplar of the best kind of Judaism.

Rushkoff also points out that this best kind of Judaism has always evinced a strong concern for social justice. (Of course, you wouldn’t know it by looking at the Zionists’ behavior…maybe that’s because Holocaustian Zionism is a completely different, idolatrous pseudo-religion that is incompatible with Judaism.)

David Cole’s Holocaust revisionism is deeply rooted in this traditional Jewish notion of  justice. If indeed the Holocaust Religion is based on falsehoods and exaggerations, as Cole maintains, then justice requires some serious idol-smashing.

Kinky Friedman, lead singer of the Texas Jewboys, tells us “they ain’t makin’ Jews like Jesus any more.”

“They ain’t makin’ Jews like Jesus any more.” Maybe not – but David Cole has enough integrity to endure media crucifixion, and thumb his nose at the JDL.

Maybe not. But like Jesus, David Cole is willing to stand up and speak the truth as he sees it, even if it earns him the vilification of the Empire and the Pharisees – maybe even a chance at martyrdom.

But wait a minute here…let’s not get carried away!

After dropping out of revisionism and changing his name due to ADL terrorist threats, Cole supposedly began to sincerely evince “fervour for a hawkish foreign policy, a strong Israel and conservative social policy.”

To convincingly play the role of Zionist hawk and mainstream Holocaust expert, Cole presumably had to do some method acting. And as Kurt Vonnegut said: Be careful what you pretend to be, because one morning you might wake up and find out that’s what you are.

“I gave mainstream audiences what they wanted.” That’s what the Hollywood schlockmeisters and pornographers and war-sellers and 9/11-coverup-propagandists are going to have to explain to God, and their own consciences, when they shuffle off this mortal coil.

Which brings us to another, less endearing, quintessentially Jewish trait: The chameleon-like ability to blend into just about any potentially profitable niche, and to lie shamelessly in service to money and power.

Yes, Virginia, Jews do sometimes show negative traits as well as positive ones…like anybody else, only more so.

So I guess my plan to nominate David Cole as the Messiah needs to be put on hold.

But somehow, I still love the guy. He obviously has not just a shred of integrity, but several shreds. It would have been easy for him to disown his revisionism – but he won’t do it.  That’s impressive.

I wonder what percentage of the American population today has that kind of courage to stand by their beliefs, even if it’s going to get them crucified by the media.

I’ve been through the media-character-assassination thing too; I know what he’s going through.

So if anybody has David Cole’s phone number, please pass it on. I imagine he could use some tea and sympathy right about now.

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  1. My “extravagant praise” for David Cole is partly tongue-in-cheek, but also partly sincere. How many “middle-aged sell-outs” in his position would refuse to disown their “youthful indiscretions” ? He could have just lied again, like he did after the ADL threatened to kill him, and made things easier for himself. Instead, he came right out and said that he stands by his views. That takes guts…a lot more guts than most people have. (Look at the professors and 9/11!) As I said, David Cole does have a shred of integrity, and then some.

    • Okay, so my question is — does David Cole Stein now ‘believe’ there were homicidal gas chambers? I believe with further research you will find he does. Does his outing as a former holocaust revisionist, and his defiance in the face of that, mean he is coming back to the side of Truth? There is no evidence of that.

    • My answer: No and if he says he does, it’s meaningless. I believe it was Galileo who begged for his life and told them what they wanted to hear.

  2. Kevin, I don’t understand why you praise David Cole Stein so extravagantly. In his youth he was an honorable and brave person, but he now appears to be a middle-aged sell out. In one Yahoo article, I read he now believes there were gas chambers, but he fudges on the true nature of the camps. I don’t want to be too harsh with him, after all the JDL threatened his life if he didn’t recant. But Stein seems to have sufficiently ‘reformed’ in the eyes of Jewry by going against his own deep convictions. Then he became a hard-drinking, hard-smoking Republican? Maybe he thought his embrace of Republican politics was an anti-tribal act, but what has he done other than become a minor player in one half of the problematic paradigm? I think we should expect more of Jews than having just a shred or two of integrity. How about full and public acknowledgement of their tribal misanthropy, its deliberate, massive, enslaving lies and a complete, public rejection of all of it?

    • Don’t pass judgement on him too fast and don’t accept what the media writes as factual. David Cole’s “transformation” into a “holocaust believer” may have given “real history” a great boost. It shows the only way they can make people believe their fantasy claims are by physically threatening people, actually beating them up (Robert Faurisson), destroying them financially and ruining their reputations and careers.

      If they can get a non-believer to change his mind, what does that say about the believers. They have the same incentive to believe that David Cole had to change his mind.

      This also show’s why it’s called “the holocaust industry”. The minute he became a “believer”, he started making money and his career took off. He really made fools of them and may have performed a great service.

    • He should be interviewed. I hope he becomes a fixture in the revisionist scene again and here him explain things – not the media.

  3. Thanks, Kevin. This article is first-class.

    Linguist and political activist Professor Noam Chomsky of MIT stated: “I see no antisemitic implications in denial of the existence of gas chambers, or even denial of the holocaust. […] I was asked whether the fact that a person denies the existence of gas chambers does not prove that he is an anti-Semite. I wrote back what every sane person knows: no, of course it does not.”

  4. I love it Doc. “Ineffable, abstract god.” Did Karen Armstrong invent that word, ineffable, or was it the Mad Hatter?

    Peace be upon us,

  5. Thank you for this article. I think David Cole is a highly intelligent, brave man with sensitivity and a lot of integrity. After being threatened with death by the JDL he stopped speaking publicly about the so-called holocaust and the media wrote that he abandoned his beliefs. I’m glad that is not true. The opponents of what is known as “real history” are some of the dirtiest lowlifes on the planet. They will stop at nothing – including threats, violence and murder. When your enemy is that ugly, maybe you have to play dirty too.

    The detractors of the holocaust story include scientists and engineers, PHD’s from great universities and institutes: Arthur, Butz, Germar Rudolf, Friedrich Berg. Leaders in their fields and engineers with patents to their names like Fred Leuchter and the worlds leading historian David Irving. Many have suffered greatly and paid an enormous price for their courage and integrity.

    I am unaware of even a single scientist that has investigated the so-called holocaust and says it is true..

    • That chimney maybe just a fantasy of a narrative – or perhaps a memorial of sorts – unattached to the main part it was build after the war was over (I think the Russians build it). The Gas chambers are in plain sight so all the people could see the gassings. Unafraid they went about their work – believable?

      The gas chamber (door opens from inside and all windows were intact). Nobody tried to escape. Like lemmings they went in and incinerators burned them up within 1 a minute. Whatever? Believe systems have nothing to do with evidence and rationality but emotionality. I wonder, when will we grow up and talk rationally and without preferences for the truth and nothing but the truth? If only half of the story is told or even many lies, it creates a completely false picture. However, if the whole truth is told, the world would perhaps be fundamentally changed. If we live half lies we can never live a truthful, honest and ethical life. We will cause unchecked abusive hurt based in mere believe based on indoctrination. Tolerance will never be that way. Hence, we must not hurt people who question anything. In fact, to question anything in life is one fundamental right. It should be allowed to b wrong for as long as the intention is benevolent. We are all only human.

      An abusive free environment usually is based on authenticity.

  6. Some people have asked what is they really want. Here is an excellent example in Palm Beach County a mecca of elitists, where sheriff Bradshaw will now get a one million dollar grant to set up a soviet style psychological unit. Does Donald Trump and his snake talkers really need extra financial help?

    “What does it hurt,” asked Sheriff Ric Bradshaw of Florida’s Palm Beach County, “to have somebody knock on the door and ask, `Hey, is everything OK?’”

    The answer to that question obviously depends on the identity of the “Somebody” who is making that inquiry. What Sheriff Bradshaw had in mind was a strike force composed of deputies, social workers, and “mental health” professionals from a “Behavioral Sciences Unit” (BSU) who would be on-call twenty-four hours a day, ready to be deployed to visit the homes of what the Soviets used to call “socially dangerous people.” In the Soviet Union, such people would often be involuntarily committed to a psihuska, or psychiatric prison.

    It should also be understood that Bradshaw’s real objective is not “violence prevention,” but rather civilian disarmament. This was also explained by the sheriff in his February 6 address. The purpose of the BSU, the sheriff said, is to “identify people with a propensity and inclination to go do violent things and stop them from accessing firearms.”

    He is already had some thugs on the force that had to be fired for such things as shooting the eye out of a homeless man with rubber bullets for no reason. Hey if you see something, say something, call 1-800-screw your neighbor.

  7. Dr Barrett wondered: “I don’t know whether David Cole is right about the Holocaust”

    Please permit me to help.

    He’s right. Just watch his videos.

  8. So this guy Cole/Stein was relevant once upon a time, then someone told him with finality to stop what he was doing, and he became irrelevant, hosting Republican nonsense instead. The secret holocaust denier story is interesting, but Cole himself doesn’t appear to be. Going through his blog was depressingly tedious – probably titillating for Huffington et al. I’m still not clear if Cole is really a denier who pulled a fast one on conservatives, or a true Zionist who infiltrated the revisionist milieu. The latter seems more likely.

    • He’s not a denier. Only people completely ignorant of the facts believe in deniers. The holocaust has been exposed as a lie. The liars promoting it have been caught lying repeatedly.

  9. Perhaps if we all learn to take responsibility for our own historical actions perhaps then there will be peace. As long as the winners of war write and exploit history we will have injustice for we are forced to live many lies. Integrity matters. We need revisionists to find the truth based on evidence, rationality and not emotionality. If the world is forced to believe Holocaustianity instead of Judaism or Christianity then it is time to rethink religion and how it can be an inspiration rather than a morbid death cult. In this case, if we want a death cult, then Gulagiosity would be a more bombastic exploit. Jewish inspired communism did a great job killing all the antisemites (which was the main cause for silly death penalties – basically brain masturbations based on mere silly thought crimes). With spiritual unfolding has all of that little to do. How about giving love before wanting it. Double standard sucks universally. Seems to me that at least some Jews have yet to learn how to take responsibility for their own abuses of humanity. Once they take responsibility they will gain the respect many of hem are so desperate for. We need to rewrite history with truth lovers who love humanity as a whole. Jews often do have vested interest and really often do not love but hate humanity. This should be known. We all need love, plant love and out of that honesty grows. We all are only humans and tired to live the lies of Jewish owned media. We want a moral and truthful existence in service of humanity – Jews included. They do need a scolding for being untrue and deeply historically unethical. That is indeed a shame. Peace to their troubled hearts. I see more an anti-human-sentiment =AHS from some of their fundamentalists. Where is their love for us who are not “chosen?” Without love nothing works. AHS is what we face.

  10. It is amazing to me how the minute a Holocaust denier or revisionist becomes the subject of a news article all of the mouth-frothing anti-semitic Jew-haters crawl out from under their rocks because they finally have an opportunity to unload their hateful rhetoric.

    • But hey it gives you a chance to sharpen the victim role again. Froth mouthing is not dramatic enough though, throw in a adjectives such as slack jawed, conspiracy, wingnut.

      I am a victim oh lawd I am a victim.

    • Proud that you came from another continent and stole other peoples land, murdering them still today. Wonderful.

    • All he is trying to say is give war, propaganda and colonialism a chance. They have a program with centuries of success behind it. It has worked every time. Just keep rolling along playing the victim, call anyone who notices a problem a hater. Sooner or later the chance will arise to put them in gulags or concentration camps. Time and money is on their side.

  11. The term anti-semitic seems very unfair at times. Anti-Khazarism would be more humane. They have been making a splash ever since Alexander the Great tried to surround them and many fled to Poland and some down the silk road making it into Japan. The original idea was to move into China but Kubla Khan didn’t exactly throw out the welcome mat. He was not as easily impressed with their penchant for comedy.

  12. I wonder if David was one of those guys at the IHR in Costa Mesa who put Willis Carto out at gunpoint, and made off with the computer I donated just days before. That was another gang of revisionists who turned on (and sold out) perhaps the leading voice in Holocaust denial, the man who Alan King described in a TV movie as a “Foaming at the mouth anti-semite”. Carto is/was the best of the best, but he didn’t see these guys coming.

  13. Check this article out by Cole/Stein. http://bit.ly/YvCsFF

    On fist glance I read it in disbelief, as he comes across as a hardline Zionist, something he clearly was not in the 90’s. After reading it a second time I came to the conclusion that he is subverting them from the inside and still spreading his message, letting a new audience in on the gross distortions of truth involving the holocaust.

    Any reader that had no idea about the veracity of the holocaust myth would walk away with the notion that Eli Wiesel might be a fraud and that there might just be a problem with currently accepted holocaust narrative.

    Anybody disagree?

  14. The man lived many lives. It teaches about the relativity of make belief truth. You think Jews admit hoe much some of them destroyed Germany because of Balfour Declaration, or that the murderer of the archduke was Jewish, or that Kristallnacht was an inside job, or they the Jews from New York declare war on Germany 3 times and that the US would put every Arab in a FEMA Camp would they declare war, or that Jews guided the conditions of the Versailles contract (the banksters make the wars often). Do Jews admit to guilt having killed 60 million Russians during their Bolchevic revolution, or organizing Ukrainian Holomor hunger in which Millions died, do Jews take responsibility for slave trade. Do they ever pay reparations to anybody or are they stealing the Gemans blind? do they take responsibility of the 15 million Germans who died because they were the co-organizers behind the scenes? they do not deserve recognition and reparations as they are thieves – most of them.

  15. I heard that they threatened the life of David Cole’s familiy. Couldn’t that be the way they create their patsies in Palestine? By saying either you blow yourself up or we blow up your fifty family members, one by one?

  16. David Cole did a great interview featuring Dr. Frtanciszek Piper, Director of the Auschwitz State Museum. The interview was one of the first texts I read which challenged the official Holocaust story. He also has a video of the interview.

    I knew Cole had been threatened for his Holocaust Revisionism and I wonder what happened to him, this is hilarious.

    Cole knows about the wonderful JDL thugs, excerpt form an article:

    On January 22, 1992, revisionist activist David Cole was attacked by JDL thugs at a meeting held at the University of California at Los Angeles. Before the meeting began, JDL leader Rubin first tried to push the youthful Cole down a flight of stairs. JDL hoodlums also harassed and pushed around meeting organizer Robert Morrissey. After the meeting commenced, JDL punks tried to shout down the speakers, and then threw food at Cole. Finally, a JDL thug assaulted Cole — who is Jewish — hitting him in the face and bloodying his nose.

  17. “The chameleon-like ability to blend into just about any potentially profitable niche, and to lie shamelessly in service to money and power.”

    Great description of the tribe helping the tribe in every field, music, sports, new technologies, etc.

  18. I’m beginning to think there must be something in Jewish DNA that views truth as a relative concept….. relative to their bank balance, that is.

    “Ye are of your father, the devil. He was a liar and a murderer from the beginning who abode not in the truth, as there is no truth in him.”

    Thanks for the update on David Cole, depressing as it is.

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