Boston: Who did what to whom?

Postmortem of Boston bombing begins which includes identifying controlled deception and cover


The smoke has cleared and the dust on the Boston bombing is finally beginning to settle a bit.   The frenzy on the Internet of everyone pouring over the huge number of images and appointing themselves instant photo analysts has cooled down somewhat, too.

But today we will drive the wooden stake through the heart of some of the god awful silly accusations that were made which has hurt the hunt for the truth.

Jahar planting his bomb behind the boy who was killed?

We understand the public is hypersensitive about false flag attacks now. The 911 commission was considered a bad joke by a huge majority around the world, but that went nowhere.

The Bush administration and virtually all of America’s institutions acted like they did not care… the proof being that there was no major push for an under oath investigation. That was a huge mistake as it invited more attacks… and they came.

It’s good for people to be skeptical, but going too far plays into the hands of the bad guys as well meaning Internet sleuths can provide good cover for the professional deception crowd. This always takes the attention away from the most vulnerable areas any false flag perpetrators prefer to be ignored.

Amateur gun fight in Watertown – One brother armed – Zero tactics training – Standing in their own headlights

An experienced Intel analyst right off the bat is going to be hypersensitive about what is not being talked about and/or covered by media and investigators on the first day or two. That is where you start sniffing like a bird dog.

At Veterans Today we stuck our flag in the ground early on the bombing drill, once again, being conducted on the day of a major event. Yes it was in the morning, and in the vicinity of the start of the race while the bombing was at the end.

But this has happened so many times I think now that all live events that are going to have a Homeland Security drill should be canceled, or all those attending be made to sign a release waiver that they understand they might be blown up. After the first day media reports of the drill disappeared. Poof… and they were gone.

With that also went anomaly number two, the Craft security contractors who were so prominently visible at the finish line area with their silly hats and uniforms. The backpack fragment of the first bomb matched exactly one that was clearly photographed on an Israeli looking Craft contractor.

But… corporate media never mentioned a word about them, something that was an obvious and normal area of inquiry to even a rookie detective.

Tamerlan as a baby with mon and dad

That is a sign that the media was ‘waived off’ of the bombing drill and Craft presence on day one… a bad sign, but also a good one in that someone very high up wanted that shut down… and it was.

But there was more to it than was discussed on the Internet.

Security at these premiere events always goes to the top companies who have been around a long time with tons of experience.

The Olympics is a perfect example. It is the twelve days of Christmas for all the top security companies once every four years where all the best people are brought in.

But Craft Security broke that mold. They were young, with a dead founder shot here in Georgia just north of Atlanta a few months ago, and a working core of SEAL noncoms with no high-tech background. It would be impossible for such a company to get a gig like the Boston Marathon unless someone had ‘walked them in’ as it is called.

They were a front for somebody, most probably the usual, which was an Israeli partner, something set up during the Michael Chertoff days to hard wire Israeli espionage into learning where the holes in our defenses were.

Craft had state-of-the-art crowd surveillance equipment there, very very expensive. We saw it, but it had been withdrawn from the finish line target area, along with all their personnel, conveniently before the bombs went off.

We have time lapse video footage of them coming back but stopping at the finish line and calling in for instructions or permission to enter the bombing area… like maybe they were asking “Have they all gone off yet?”

The dome on the top of their unmarked van had a hyperspectral camera in it… space technology stuff. What it can do is classified. But there is one thing that it can’t pick up… and that has to do with how a tracking dog can follow a trail. It can’t pick up explosives in a pressure cooker if it has been prepared correctly.

Who told these totally untrained brothers to use the only delivery system that could defeat (and provide cover for the failure) a technology being use for the first time at an event like this? Do any of you think they were smart enough to figure that out on their own, or were just lucky?

Should everybody’s bags be checked, including all the security people?

The third anomaly for the day was the total absence of anyone asking why there were no bag searching procedures being carried out anywhere that we could see. That begs the question “Why have any security at all if you aren’t going to check the bomb bags?”

The fourth anomaly, which took several days to percolate up to the top was the sudden entry onto the scene publicly about pressure cooker bombs, like they were a standard. But there was a problem with that. They weren’t.

In Iraq and Afghanistan unexploded mortar and artillery shells were most commonly used where bigger is better. You can’t put one in a pressure cooker.

We asked around and people who should know, most of them had never heard of their being used much. But… it was presented to us in the early reports as a common terror tool, which it wasn’t.

We move on now to the most silly overreaction by the Internet sleuths, two stories in one actually. The photo of the man with his legs blown off being rolled away was up the morning after the bombing, on Info Wars… fast… almost too fast.

The story presented was that this poor man was a double amputee veteran, and ‘actor’ pretending to have had his legs blown off also came out fast. It had cover and deception all over it.

Numerous blogs and website pounded on it for days. It was a bogus story of course. While Paul Bauman was being photographed recovering with his family at this bedside his local history being covered in the local Boston news.

Despite this, the Internet sleuths were running wild with their ‘actors’ story as proof of a false flag, but one that was obviously going to be shot down in flames. This was a perfect example of cover and deception, a text book case.

Craft command vehicle with space technology hyperspectral camera under the dome on the back which sniffs molecules – which a kettle bomb can defeat

Next we have the NeoCon/Zionist Lobby diversion. They wanted to connect al-Qaeda to the bombing via Tamerlane’s trip home to Daghastan for terror training, and for those who would not buy that, tag the Russians for ‘not telling us more’ about Tamerlane. We have also shot this down in flames as these two were rank amateurs, and we have proof they were totally untrained.

One, they seem to have used fireworks powder, something that is hard to get in the New England states and of low explosive power. Any trained bomber would have bought a bag of fertilizer, a container of diesel fuel to make a slurry, with one other ingredient that I will not name, and for ten dollars could have take off the fronts of the buildings.

And second, we have a dead giveaway photo of the crazy tactical situation where Tamerlane decided to engage the pursuing cops. Rather than pull the van sideways across the street to provide more cover, and block the smaller car from having its tires shot out so they could escape, they just parked them on the right and left sides of the street.

They then took up a firing position in the front of the hijacked Mercedes SUV.

But they did something very stupid which is immortalized in the twitter photo taken from a resident shooting right down on them. The Brothers Tsarnaev left the headlights of the Mercedes on, then went and stood right in front of the car to have a night time shoot out. When I saw this photo (above at top) my first thought was, “Nobody could be this stupid… it’s impossible.”

There was a large segment of the Internet crowd that preferred the patsy theory where they had nothing to do with the bombing. The Mercedes carjacking victim, the luckiest person in all of Boston in this whole event, got Tamerlane’s confession. This Chinese guy was smart enough to figure out that the only reason Tamerlane told him was because he was planning to kill him. After all, he said he had just killed a cop.

The Internet sillies can claim all they want that the Chinese guy could be lying, but what would be his motive? He is thrilled to just be alive and wants no publicity, as would I.

And lastly, Tamerlane’s roommates are on record now for trying to hide the bomb-making materials they threw out and the FBI had to dig out of the landfill.

You can add to that Dzhokhar’s claiming his brother was the mastermind and one of the roommate’s admission that Dzhokhar told him a month ago that he knew how to make a bomb. So the case of the brothers taking an innocent stroll over to the Marathon finish line that Sunday has some major problems with it.

What do we think at VT… and our counter Intel sources? We suspect that the kids were being monitored by ‘another group’, and were allowed to walk the bombs in… by somebody knowing that there was no bag checking and Craft Security would do nothing.

This was done/allowed by someone who already had a good bit of experience doing such things. I will let you guess who that is, and you will probably be right.

Her foot, or someone else’s is sticking out from under her…hard to believe that drill actors just continued doing their thing  in the midst of all of this with people shooting photos all around them.
DearKrystle, we are posting your photos not out of any morbid fascination, but because people need to learn how not to be suckered so easily . We pray that those who had anything to do with this we will get to see dangling from ropes one day. And we hope those who have just been foolish can teach others to not be. It is the least we can do, and whatever grief we get in return pales in comparison to yours and your families…Jim W. Dean


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  1. I realize there were people hurt int his blast in Boston. I still have no proof the woman named Crystal was killed. If she was, my sympathies are extended to the families. My comments are not meant to be insensitive.
    The more information I read, and the more pictures I look at about this incident, the more sad I become, but for all the wrong reasons. After digesting each, I become more and more incensed over the audacity of any level of government standing by while a few people attempts to sell these outrageous public performances as real terrorists retaliations., Does everyone in our government, including this vague and deceptive president believe we American people are imbeciles to the maximal and most probable degree?
    They have not fooled many of us since the 60’s of trying to pin the Kennedy assassinations of President Kennedy on Oswald, and Senator Kennedy on Sirhan. The family of Reverend Martin Luther King, and found a man by the name of Jowers guilty of shooting him. Nothing ever mentioned about pardoning James Earl Ray, another patsy falsely convicted of doing the shooting. Do they really think we will buy into this false flag foolishness?
    Why doesn’t our president take offense to this chicanery, and speak out against it? Does he give any thought to why Craft International security agents were there standing around not attempting to assist the injured? A president with any integrity would put a stop to this foolishness, instead of selling all of us short on preserving, protecting and defending our right to happiness and securing domestic tranquility.
    The time has come for every American to awaken and take action.
    If you can write and leave posts on this website, you can write letters to congressmen, senators, representatives even this president, and let them know, you are not going to take it anymore.
    Show them the facts, the films, the photos. Surely every American is not that dumb-down. The more who write, the more convincing it is that the populace is upset and no longer going to tolerate such carnival atmosphere. And a carnival atmosphere all this has become. Send in the clowns, but the clowns are already there, black jackets, khaki pants, all with backpacks, one who left his behind (see their own photo of the one they said had the bomb.
    This is my country, and your country. It deserves so much more in leadership. But like it or not, this is the new world order GHW Bush introduced that we must accept 23 years ago.
    You should all be very insulted over people losing their lives without intent since this was announced as a “drill,” telling everyone to “remain calm.” This deception and massive betrayal organized and conducted by those living off your tax rolls working for this new world order way of doing things is operating off your tax dollars.

  2. Any fluid, regardless of viscosity, will run down a sharply angled slope. This sidewalk was not sharply angled, and it is doubtful this blood would run anywhere. The phrase blood running down the sidewalk was an example what they wanted it to look like.
    I appreciate the comments, thank you for the corrections.
    After viewing a few you tube clips and reading many of the follow-up insertions, I am now convinced more than ever this all is a prearranged event. The perpetrators don’t mind collateral damage for they know there is a patsy or patsies on the wings, who will be blamed. This is one reason why that Craft International security force stood by watching the fiasco from across the street after dropping the bag carrying the bomb.
    Remember one agent had a backpack in the photograph, then after the bomb went off, he did not have his backpack. He like many others just stood there watching.
    The backpacks of both brothers accused of this crime did not have matching backpacks nor were their packs big enough to hold a pressure cooker as a bomb. Neither protruded like those of Craft.
    On the blood issue I’ve been made aware of, blood does run down as sidewalk like any fluid regardless of viscosity. But, it does not run down the sidewalk that is not a steep slope like this sidewalk is. Fake blood, and many fake injuries. A few were real and very serious. Collateral damage is tough to swallow, and very disheartening that anyone could do this calling it a drill.
    I appreciate the response. It is not blood you are looking at in that picture. In one youtube film shot from above, you can see a person spreading it amidst the smoke. The man in the grey hood as if winter is the one. He is at the leg end of the one with the fake tibia sticking out of his pants. My experience is more than 35 years in acute care trauma medicine, pre-hospital, in-hospital, post hospital, flight care, long term care.
    I am not an expert in anything, but am a patriotic American citizen who is tired of these amateur false flag events where some loner gets kidnapped before the event (Aurora,) or killed the day before the event (Sandy Hook,) and is blamed for the rampage.
    I am tired of my government condoning it, a president who plays along with it, and a congress who chooses to avoid asking any questions about any of it out of fear for losing their life. Exasperated with the local police departments playing stooges to the event, the sheriffs carefully partaking in any of it to a minimal degree, and especially the Department Homeland Absurdity for not stepping up and doing what their title claims–homeland security.
    To all keep up the comments, and thanks for the feedback despite my typos and perceived errors.

    • Dear folks, It is nice to see the interest in digging out the truth here, but the common thread I see for the ‘shooting one’s self in the foot is readers doing an analysis with no forensics or an expert contributing.

      The biggest goof hear is the limitations non-professional not knowing what they do not know. For example the color of the blood in the photos is of no importance whatsoever.

      Why? Because the color in the photos is not necessarily what the color at the scene was. This is due to a wide variety of factors like different kinds of cameras…and the biggey is when shooting on full auto, which is normally done in such a situation as photo folks don’t have time to select f-stops, white balance and iris settings. Even if are they shooting into or away from the sun changes colors. There is a long list of variables.

      As for fluid flow, it seems like people in the crowd had drinks with them. The empty containers on some of the photos that were supposed to prove fake blood squirted around did not seem to have any residue in them. And one spilled/dropped bottle of water will be an obvious variable.

      And no one has seemed to be concerned in the slightest over blood that was ejected from limbs being blown off in the explosing, within the fireball, and then subsequent bleeding. The forensics pros will be filling you all in on that.

      And if you think any medical insurance companies are going to pay for fake limbs being blown off that weren’t there, plus all the rehab, I can assure you they were not born yesterday and they know if their covered clients had legs or not.

      There are going to be witnesses galore for all of these victims to be interview about why they would tell the truth about their family or friends having previously lost limbs and moonlighting as bombing volunteers.

      If they are lying, it will be easy to prove from the past medical records of these people. So there is not big crisis to keep the heat one. There is going to be a trial. The heat is on.

  3. Okay, since Crystal is dead. Okay, many more wounded. The mass of bodies lying everywhere is sad-tragic. Blood running down the sidewalk. Smoke fills the air, confusion is rampant.

  4. Q: How many floors can a pressure cooker bomb destroy?
    A: Four.

    The first picture shows the glass on the street, the second picture where the large piece of dark glass came from.


    Thank God that there were no people standing where the shards landed, they would have looked like the victims in The Towering Inferno (1974).

    • Yeah, the confusion on names is really something. The guy who had his legs amputated, Jeff Bauman Jr. .. I’ve seen several times where he has been called Paul Bauman, including in your article above. Who started that Paul Bauman business? I haven’t seen a retraction or corrected story. It could have been an oops, or it could have been purposeful.

      And the foot that is shown underneath Krystle… It appears to be her own left foot, not the right. The only way it could possibly be in the position it’s in, is if her left leg was amputated, even though that area was cropped out of the photo.

    • First I thought this came from LS, but, as you write:

      “Yeah, the confusion on names is really something.”


    • There is no question where the bomb was. They leave blast marks and the overhead photos have shown it from day two, about four feet away from the brick wall to the five or six feet left from the railings.

      The silliness about the bag by the mailbox was the begining of the loon attack. I saw a news report where they were narrating over the photo claiming that it was gone after the bomb went off, but they had just opaqued it out, but you could see it was still there. It was a harbinger of more to come.

    • Brer Fetzer, The comment thread has gone very well, even with your hysterics that the sky is falling.

      Say hello to Stella for me. I would like to ask her how I can be denounced by all the Dems and Repubs as the same time, as that might be a nice arrow to have in my quiver if things get slow, like your being on vacation or something.

      I never would have thought of that as being a good game changer tactic. I have to start following state rep sock puppets from small states more often.

  5. Dublinmick. No disrespect meant to you, or anyone else here. I can only see one post right now of the 184. As I go along, it seems that there is much more dis info on most subjects than not. (including on the topics that you mentioned)

    I’ve been reading here and there on the web for a few years, and sometimes right away you see agendas, others, it’s the accumulation that gives you impressions about goals that are being met.

    People will do everything from cherry pick info that fits their beliefs, to flat out make stuff up when they have convinced themselves that the other guys are worse and that it’s acceptable to mislead for some greater purpose.

    By all means, just hang out, and I’m sure one of the house slaves will come out, share a few tidbits, then do some group sourcing that will serve their masters, and keep their world turning. They are viewed like dogs by them, as we all are, but IMO, we know it, and they don’t yet…

  6. OK. I have added at the bottom of the article a slice of Steve’s full photo showing where Bauman’s left leg went. It was blown to smithereens. This would lead me to assume, although you cannot see, that his right leg did not fair well.

    As for the blood disparities…part of that is due to two types of blood we are looking.

    1) you have blood that was ejected when limbs were blown off in the middle of the fireball. It was slightly cooked, and made the thick glob looking places were it hit and dripped slightly.

    2) you have blood leaving wounds post fireball which was more fluid, and a saw an area where it looked like someone’s dropped water bottle added to it’s running.

    Thanks to Steve for the gruesome images that showed the first severed limbs, which required a photo taken in just the right time and place to catch. The far away shots are worthless for the detail needed.

    • Jim,
      why are you doing this? Have you any idea how bad a reflection this has cast upon your credibility? What gives here?

      You continue to pound this horse into the ground while you ignore the obvious questions. Some of your readers have been around a while, many have experienced things others can only imagine, or dream of.

      Most of us can spot a Dog and Pony show from a mile off…..This is sad and I for one am extremely disappointed.


    • Raptor, The pounding isn’t going on now. That is going to come much later as this thing get turned inside out and everywhich way over…and we have a lot more info now than the photos. And there is going to be plenty of time for people to take a close look and ask their questions. I am not aware of any race going on or prizes for being first in anything.

      I just heard on the radio that Congess has their hearings cranked up so we will have more statements to see if anything new is being put on the table, or has been changed from what was stated initially, like the brothers having ‘guns’ at the shootout, which they later changed to just one, as that is all they had been able to find.

  7. Limbs on the street.

    Sorry, my “Now” took a little bit longer because I reached my mobile bandwidth limit and needed a real computer.

    Lower left.


    Another one, in the middle, 3 ft below hoodie man, with black and white sock, on a sign “FIREHOUSE SUBS WELL DONE!”


    Perfectly covered by the fence.


    Again, lower left.


    (I leave the position and movement of the photographer filming the medic treating Krystle for later.)

    So, because Boston has shown that it is allowed to show blown off limbs on the internet, maybe someone can find AP or Reuters photos of blown off limbs from soldiers in order to compare them.

    • These limbs were cropped out of many of the early photos, and that might have been done for sensitivity reasons. And you need full high definition, somewhat close up shots to really see details. That is why the conclusions people were making from the far away shots were so over the top, like Bauman’s false leg falling off when the movement was easily what you would have expected to tighten a tourniquet that had loosened.

      I had suspected that the fence had caught some and they were moved out of the scene when all the crowd control stuff was cleared out.

      I can’t be sure myself. It’s just too far away, and whatever he did the cop’s body blocked the view when going in front

  8. Folks, This is too far away of a shot for her to make that claim. This is just more silliness of people making any damn claims they want when they have no training. She is too stupid to understand that people’s belts were used for tourniquetes and they were losening up. Some of these people were moved with another person holding a tourniquete tight.

    There is a photo of the cowboy, a close up…holding Baumans, but he is pulling it up into a V-shape at the time so that part if off the top part of the leg. These people were doing the best they could. Cowboy, btw, had lost his son in the Iraq as has been anti-War since…hardly a good prospect to use as a terror actor.

  9. I’ve reached the end and can say with confidence that I do not believe this event was real, there are too many glaringly obvious reasons as to why I have reached this conclusion. Actually the list is far too long to post, so I won’t with a few exceptions.

    One being the photos and the fact that most all of them have ridiculously poor alterations and additions, some so obvious that it’s a given that it was done on purpose to add to the confusion. This is sad that something so patently obvious can escape so many people. It’s baffling to say the least.

    One photo shows a person with 5 fingers, another with ridiculously brushed on hair, a girl with 2 elbows, a dude who you can see ” through ” a wall, etc, etc, etc….It’s just too amateurishly done to be an accident. This can only mean deception and cover which are key to any and every know psyop…. I think this was ( as I posted earlier ) more about the test of Martial law situational implementation THAN anything else…The attempt to make the given storyline as one ” cut and dried ” and the effort at defending such in the face of so many mistakes, is the give away to me.

    The good thing is that there are several people in Boston who are beginning to openly question this event, they need to keep asking questions. Like this one:

    The officer who was shot, the one where it’s now claimed that he was felled by friendly fire: As I understand it he’s not allowed any visitors except for immediate family. So how can it be that a man who lost both of his legs has been visited by…………..and some 3 days after the event when they set up another photo op for the masses..

    I mean it’s just something that no reasonable person can ever truthfully explain as being more fact than utter fiction..

    Beyond crazy.


  10. I showed evidence that Tamerlan wasn’t involved in a shootout with police and Jim washed out all of my previous posts…clearly he had no explosives either…another pack of lies – the only “chinese” looking guy I saw in all of this is Andrew Kitzenberg and he’s a Kazakh Jew – Kazakhs are Turko-Mongols…so they look partly Chinese…

    Jim Dean is controlled opposition

    • Hardly, Your facebooks were removed because you spammed the comment boards with that long list you put up at the beginning. FB is slow at erasing the first time. You also had a blind facebook with no information about you which was suspicious for such an illustrious critic. It gave you a troll profile.This is your last posting here, a going away present.

      Anyone who tries to carjack the comment boards we kick off. You can call me controlled opposition all that you want. I find it amusing.

      Send your evidence to the FBI and Jahar’s attornies especially so they can hire you as a defence investigator. And don’t forget to send it to the president of Chechnya, too.

  11. What kind of feedback do we get when we say this? How about this? What happens when we argue among ourselves? What happens when we blow them off, and tell them this news is not for them? Let’s tell them that some high end lawyers will get it all straight and see what they post about that…

    Don’t worry gang. Like I’ve said before, I don’t think that we have to beat our heads against the wall necessarily finding, or getting at the truth. I truly believe that it will find us…

    People delude themselves. You will never get them to see it. They have to find out the ugly way…

    • You will have to excuse some of us if we form opinions and look for clues even though not real journalists and investigators.

      It is all going to come out? They are still debating who killed Jesus. Justice is moving awfully slow! Still looking for Jack the Ripper, the murderer of Olaf Palme, Jon Benet Ramsey, Black Dahlia and Nicole Brown Simpson.

      What about pics of Tamerlan flashing those illuminati satanic signs with a smile?

      By the way who killed Kennedy anyway? Was there a guy on the grassy knoll?

      The facts presented by the petitioner are devastating and point conclusively to a second shooter, who killed Bobby Kennedy. The following evidence is presented in SUR-REPLY ON THE ISSUE OF ACTUAL INNOCENCE (No. CV-00-5686-CAS (AJW) submitted to Hon. Andrew J. Wistrich, U.S. Magistrate Judge on Feb. 22, 2012:

      * The analysis by Van Praag of an audio tape recording at the crime scene by Pruszynski shows conclusively that a total of 13 bullets were fired from two guns, rather than only 8 bullets from one gun in the possession of Sirhan Sirhan as alleged at trial.

      The death of Marylin Monroe deemed suspicious. (suppositories in the anus)

    • Well guys, I think if you read down this huge comment thread you won’t any hint of censorhip. The problem comes in only when a few people ignore the comment guidelines. The facebook people don’t have to register to they have an end run there, but historically FB people have been very good commenters.

      Salam was spamming, because he could. One of the techniques is to find a new article and load it up with a half dozen plus string of comments because they post at thet top, which in effect put them in the lead commenter position for everyone coming down to the comments.

      We have a long history here of shills and trolls and are good ad what we do. The Israelis don’t even bother coming here anymore as we are able to run them down to their West Band and Tel Aviv university servers. We caught one once where he had five screen names all under one ISP and carry out a knock down drag out fight amongst them, very creative. Of course this bores readers as they have better things to do with their time.

      All everybody needs to remember is that this is the most open comment board of any major Internet platform. What it is not is a commune, or a community bulletin board where folks can do whatever they please.

      And the proof in our success is our record. We boot out on average 1 to 6 people a month, usually newer readers, out of the 250,000 new people coming through here each month. Anyone trying to suggest that that is evidence of censorship or controlled opposition…is a loon, and they can take their baby rattle and hit the road…life is too short.

      BTW, I would like to thank everybody for the spirited and thoughful comment string here on about the tough situation we find ourselves in, where government for the people, by the poeple is something that is receeding in our rearview mirror.

      I gave out an ROTC graduation award at a ceremony last night and had some time to talk to the parents and discussed our work here a VT, which including trying to make sure that if their kids go into the military they would not be poorly used. They got it….and were very appreciative.

      And as for Salam, we have more Arab and Muslim friends than he does, and we do more for them, so he has a lot of catching up to do before he is doing geo-political commentary on Press TV and VT together.

  12. Hi Anthony. Have not seen you in a while. What should I say. Thanks for your 9-11 spam when we are talking about these unfortunate people in Boston, and you came just to use the occasion to get an old dig in. That’s not very classy Anthony. It makes you look small.

    A lot of your Youtube videos are still classics, always will be. Nobody can take that away from you.

  13. I just clicked on this link from Talmud. He is now the winner of the loon award for this thread.

    TalmudAware Goyim · Top Commenter · Advocating universal human rights at Working for the man · 124 subscribers
    found the person who set off the 1st bomb!

    This is not a pass because the green runner is blocked behind someone else. It is just a piece of paper flipped up by the bomb blast. This is now the stupidist thing I have seen in all the Boston stuff, and that took some doing.

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