Israel Cozies Up to China


Will China Become the New Mideast Mediator?


By Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall


Good thing I have access to CCTV-English (Chinese state television) for international news or I would have totally missed the scoop that Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu has frozen new settlement activity in the Palestinian West Bank. CCTV-English is a free channel on Freeview, New Zealand’s free digital hook-up.

I suspect this relates to China recently surpassing Australia as our most important trade partner. It looks like World War III is about to break out any day now in Syria. Thus what I like most about CCTV-English is that they have a correspondent in Damascus (unlike US networks, the BBC or even Al Jazeera) with sources among rebel groups and the Syrian military. .

Two nights ago, I was really intrigued to learn that Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in China at the time of the Israeli air strikes on Syria. So was Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas. This was no accident, as China’s new president Xi Jinping was very hopeful the two leaders would take up his offer to mediate a meeting between them.

Israel’s Export Imperative

Netanyahu was in China hoping to increase exports to the world’s second largest economy. Given that 40% of Israel’s GDP is based on exports, Bibi is keen for trade with China(Israel’s number 3 trading partner) to reach $10 billion over the next three years. While also interested in increasing exports, Abbas is more interested in economic aid China has offered, as well the likelihood their intervention could shift the stalemated peace process.

China’s new president Xi Jinping has issued a four point proposal for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. According to a statement issued by Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying: “The immediate priority is to take credible steps to stop settlement activities, end violence against innocent civilians and lift the blockade of the Gaza Strip in order to create the necessary conditions for the resumption of peace talks,”

She added that China is firmly opposed to Israel’s settlement construction in Palestinian territory occupied by Israel and that this places the primary obligation on Israel to remove the barriers for peace talks.

Bibi Gets the Message

Netanyahu seems to have got the message. Scarcely twelve hours later, Reuters was citing an Israeli Army Radio report that Netanyahu had frozen tenders for settlements in the West Bank. Given Netanyahu’s prior aggressive pro-settlement position, this is a historic concession. Reuter minimizes (in fact they omit it entirely) the role China played in prompting it. Typically the corporate media has buried the story with belligerent allegations about Chinese involvement in cyber espionage to steal US military and industrial secrets.

Abbas left China without agreeing to meet with Netanyahu. The Palestinian president stipulates Israel must accept 1967 Palestinian borders before he agrees to resume peace talks.


  1. Israel-Fed Reserve-Gaiming Wailing Wall Street and the Zion Talmudic Mafia as a whole DITCHED the USA long time ago, Hence 9/11, suckering the USA into Infinite Wars and the Financial Scam that went public on 2008.

    The Zion Talmudic Mafia Dons flirted both with India and China, to see where it will be profitable to MOVE SHOP, once the USA-EU will be vacuum cleaned for assets-economically collapsed and their citizens left in misery to rot and under martial law.

    The Zion Talmudic Mafia Dons control America and EU. They now want to have their share of the Chinese Pie, playing as usual Americans and European for fools.

  2. Nethanyahu went to China to coordinate how they’re getting the US out of the Middle East.

    Israel is collaborating with Assad on the Rebel situation.

    Israel made new alliances with Iran and Russia,and went to explain and convince the Chinese, he’s for real.

    Israel understands the future is BRICS ,not US/Europe.

    This little visit will change the course of history,therefore fake bombing of Syria,fake explosions in Iran,Internet down in Syria and Benghazi.hearings.

    nice smokescreen.

    By the time the US/Europe public and the Israel-/Jewhaters figure out what’s really going on,they’ll be under Martial Law.

    With the demise of US/Europe the Rothschild’s will go down as well.

    US/Europe will go ape,BRICS will get through it.

    Sleep well,sweet dreams.

    • That fits alot of the facts together, the laid back behavior of China and the timing of the visit, the railway I mentioned below, the CCTV positive press on Israel, the Russian ship silently laying in wait, BBC saying ntanyahu’s Israel is AlQuaeda ( when it is the cabal ). So the mushroom cloud wasn’t real? And what about those bad guys, they arent going to like this. How does Boston fit in with this then. The cabal on the US side did it?

    • The mushroom cloud was real(non nuclear),and it hit in the middle of a sensative area.
      Right in the middle,many chickens died.

      “The bad guys” don’t agree anymore,that’s why it’s becoming messy.
      In june 2012 the Wall Street Journal reported that Rothschild and Rockefeller made a “huge” finacial cooperation deal.
      Worth at least 2,1 billion Dollars.
      If they publish this kind of rubbish,then there’s serious trouble at the top
      Roth and Rock have been joined at the hip since 1879,when Roth put Rock in charge of bussiness overseas(US).
      These people collaborate in trillions ,not billions.(through Warburg,mainly)
      Rock controls science,Universities,pharmaceuticals,and oil amongst other stuff.
      Rock became very powerful,and wants more(all?).

      The original plan ,”7 countries in 5 years”(Wesley Clark) was abandoned in June 2012.
      Since then Israel and the US(Rothschild) are in a covert war.
      US is still controlled by Rothschild,but they’re running into trouble.
      Boston is part of that covert war.

      Russia ,China,and the rest of BRICS ,smell blood and make alliances everywhere.
      Israel decided to shop around,since they found out the outcome of the final Rothschild plan doesn’t include(Greater) Israel.

      Mad dog ,Samson option Israel is a pain in the but for everybody,so for BRICS to accept Israel,Israel will have to make huge compromises.
      They’ll also have to turn on their masters,and that’s the trickiest part.

      This is a very big confrontation.
      I feel the old cultures will win against the barbarians from Europe.

    • I really found it telling that BBC and now the other MSM are saying Israel is al Qaeda even on Sunday morning. And I noticed that all by myself. It means the MSM is dissing Israel, hence that is the Rothschild faction if you are right they control media. How ironic then that by blaming Israel some of the bad guys are coming off squeaky clean, kind of. A weird anti anti anti semitism. Plus I saw how the Syria Russia “Balkanization” plan is going on at least Feb 2012 and the articles from 2012 seem earily prescient, I thought it was the wrong year. I guess the Syria 3-4 partitions goes back to one of the World Wars. The railroad in Israel was stated to be an alternate to the Suez canal so I need to get a map out. At least if the dollar goes bust I can still pay my USG taxes with the dumbed down fiat but I wont be getting Italian shoes.

    • “By blaiming Israel(and “The Jews”) the bad guys (Bankers) came of squeaky clean”.

      There’s nothing new about this.

      The same happened before ww2.

      That time the bad guys managed to push the EU ,the UN and the state of Israel through.

      The plan now is to do the same,and implement a New World Order.

      If they’re gonna succeed depends on Israel.

      European Banker Jews created this monster,only Jews can destroy it.

    • It seemed impt that BBC and now more MSM is reporting that Israel is al Qaeda is the Syrian rebels. And I noticed that myself. So that the cabal is dissing Israel, that would be the bankers if you are right about the Rothchilds control there. How utterly ironic, that part of the cabal looks squeaky clean, or kind of. So it’s a reitterating pattern of anti-anti-anti se___ism. This word made my first post disappear in a black hole tonight. Also as to Sryia I saw news in Feb 2012, and thought the year was wrong re Russian Balkanization of Syria and see a longer game involved for such a small looking country to me. And as to a Chinese financed railroad in Israel that may be an alternate to the Suez canal, I need a map.

  3. Excellent question F,Decapitator.

    Who really is China. I have read also that Mao joined the masons in China, however, he is also the one who told Jewish and Japanese Betar legions to leave China after the death of 20 million Chinese in the war. There was a migration of them from Germany and Japan, the dominant theme was

    Jews were willing to support the Japanese war cause, announcing in a Jewish-Japanese conference in 1940 that they would help to build the New Order in East Asia. Special prayers were reserved for the welfare of the Japanese emperor by the rabbi of Tientsin (see Herman Dicker, Wanderers and Settlers in the Far East [Twayne Publishers 1962] p. 59). Also covered extensively in the Occidental Observer. The dominant culture among Jews in Manchuria was the ideology of Zionist racialist Ze’ev Jabotinsky. Their army marched through the streets of Harbin in full uniform.

    At least 20 million Chinese civilians, most deliberately killed in scenes like the Nanking Massacre or the sanko sakusen (The “Three Alls Policy”: loot all, kill all, burn all).

    In 2004 the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert visited the grave of his father in Harbin on an official state visit to the People’s Republic of China. It was Mao who also ordered the Jewish religion banned in China. It is doubtful China has forgotten all of this. China still controls it’s own central bank as does Russia and they are combining in the Brics for a gold backed currency. So we have to ask, did Mao join the masons and attend the Yale divinity school simply to see what was going on? If he did, it was pretty clever.

    My guess is there is still quite a power struggle going on in Hong Kong. If I recall correctly a few years ago China threatened to send in the troops.

  4. The zionist game is no longer a secret. The false flags were good for awhile but the jig is up. Netanyhue looks like a cheap whore out selling his ass to the lowest bidder. People of Israel wake up before this zionist drags you into WW-3. There is nothing these belly crawlers won`t do to gain world supremacy.

  5. Looks like “Bibi” is starting to realize he’s gonna get some machete surgery and there’s no way out.

    I’ll cry later.

  6. Yep he is making deals on stolen property,china will probably pay billions to just stop the BS land grab earlier this year. By the time they realize it’s a repeat of history it will be to late. On the other hand i wouldn’t want to be that tiny little piss-ant stolen country if they do con the Chinese.
    Or America is going to be crushed with Israels new china boat, Anyone wanna bet on a catastrophic wall street collapse extremely soon.

  7. According to anyway, Bibi got a call from Putin while there underling they would not stand for any more attacks on Damascus and SS-20 missiles as well as Iskander missiles would be on the way to Syria …. and to try and keep that in mind.

    • Good that Putin’s growing a bigger pair..and send the S-400 air defense system to Iran.

  8. One other point.

    I don’t buy Google’s bit in changing the banner page on Palestine. To me it looks like they were making a solidarity, sympathy move, while at the same time teaming with Israel in the attack on Syria’s communications infrastructure, knowing what was planned.

    It happened to close in time to be separate and unrelated. It was planned to take the heat off Google, gaining sympathy among certain Arab factions (divide and conquer) for when they knew the shit would hit the fan in Syria. It was deliberate, calculated. just my view, could be wrong.

  9. Control of the Media. The Zio’s/NeoCons use it as a loss leader in shaping American, Western and Global perceptions, even if it runs at a huge loss it’s worth every penny (that the FED prints and spends for their friends as though they really worked for it, which they don’t). It’s easy to buy everything in sight (that’s needed for a total power grab) when you print the money yourself and don’t work for it.

    Aside from taking away the keys to the printing presses, including the digital ones, the reversal of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, that gave them the right to buy up and control media markets around the U.S., must BE at the top of the list.

    No real news can get out. Journalists and everyone involved is afraid for their lives to criticize ISRAEL. In a normal functioning society that would be ridiculous, these people and Congress would not fear losing their jobs or their lives. You wouldn’t see 29 standing ovations for Netanyahu, it was like watching Stalin in Russia, everyone was afraid to be the first one to stop clapping.

  10. So what about Chinas denouncement of the bombing in Syria? And then did Netanyahu escalate against Syria with tanks across the border as per GDuff duing the meet up with China? We all were hoping China would put the brakes on this coming war. My mother has been watching CCTV for 2-3 years now and is bewitched by that point of view which must have heavy propaganda in part. She states a clear positive view on Israel has been there the past 6 months. I also read that Israel was going to sell petrocarbons to China and a railroad was built in Israel for this financed by China. But that a bomb from Egypt to the port city Eilat off the railway line by the USG was a statement against this. See Essential Intelligence network blogspot website and see editorail from April 17 called The CIA’s rocket racket for info on the railroad.

  11. Speaking of red lines, Netanyahu just marginalized the US role in the Middle East. This is what President Obama gets for kowtowing to Tel Aviv.

    Betrayed, and is anyone surprised?

    The perfect quid pro quo would be a new, solid friendship with Iran, which has time and time again, proven to be more willing to act like an ally than Israel ever could or has.

    • A new solid friendship with Iran will not happen. Not in the foreseeable future anyway.

      The reason is in understanding the real “Red Line”

      I am convinced Obama is cognisant of the crimes of Israel and is taking greater steps than others before him in trying to bring about change. However the “Red Line” is the intertwined business interests that prevent immediate change of allegiance.

      The administration cannot simply support Iran over Israel when big wealthy lobbies such as banking, oil, gas, military, high tech, tourism, media and many many others influence senators with established relationships together with bribery and blackmail. Obama would lose his support base if he pushed the envelope too far.

      Israel however can see the danger in relying on the U.S. as the world wakes up to what Israel is doing. I presume it is seeking to create new business partners in the Chinese which would exert great pressure on the U.S. administration. Can you imagine the upheaval to the economy if the dollar was no longer the dominant currency? This is another way to bring America to heel.

      As with most Israeli actions there are multiple agendas. A couple of years ago I wrote that the Arab Spring was about regime change to destabilise nations that could resist Israeli expansion. The last domino to topple would than be Iran. Syria is proving to be more stubborn an opponent than Israel expected without unlimited U.S. support. Israel has to find additional ways to exert pressure on the U.S.

      Israel requires only puppets surrounding it to be able to claim the real untapped prize of the Middle East, being the vast gas reserves off the coast of Palestine which Israel wants for the Lions share.

      Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and also Cyprus have a claim to the gas. In addition to Palestine, Israel wants them all marginalised or bought so that production will not be bombed out of existence. It is the real reason Russia is supporting Syria to the extent it does not want to be left out. Finding out what deal was done by Russia with Cyprus that resulted in the Cyprian banking crisis and confiscation or Russian money would be telling? The U.S. has presumably done a deal with Turkey which has all but silenced opposition to Israel. The U.K. interests lie with B.P. and the Dutch with Shell. Not sure if the Monarchy change in Holland is connected?

      China will be a huge market if Israel can build a pipeline from Israel to China. Guess who stands in the way of the most direct route? Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. Alternately the route via Syria, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Pakistan. I am unclear how Chennai fits in but I am sure the puzzle will become clearer very soon.

      And why was Abbas in China? Obviously trying to lobby for Palestine’s interests with respect to the gas reserves.

      So I repeat that Iran will not be a friend of the U.S. whilst Iran opposes Israeli theft of Middle resources, and the bed partners finally show themselves when the dust has settled.

      As for the freeze on settlements announcement? Just a diversionary tactic for the time being. Israel will continue its expansion into Palestine, Syria and Lebanon when ready.

    • Correction

      I meant Uzbekistan and not Pakistan for the gas pipeline alternative route, although Pakistan could also be in direct line subject to what route the pipeline actually would take to China.

    • Israel want’s a World Tyrant in the bloodline of “King” David…… to take over the world with The Jews at the top of the food-chain. To create an Old Testament Hell on Earth that the “Chosen Ones” have been lusting for for at least 2,600 years.

      Oil is merely an almost irrelevant sideline.

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