War Has Begun


US Led Zio-Wahhabis Wage War on Syria

By Gordon Duff and Press TV


This morning, the government of Israel contacted President Assad of Syria.  They did so as the leader of a coalition now openly at war against Syria and Iran, with plans to broaden the conflict.  Assad was told he would be allowed to continue his rule, but on the “Jordanian model,” as a puppet of Israel and Turkey.


[youtube 7ux139kb-XI]

Israeli armor is now inside Syria, not just the occupied zone, but has closed the distance to Damascus and has that city under artillery fire.

The claimed air attacks are a ruse; Israel has been using 155 and 175 mm artillery, mobile howitzers of extreme range, enhanced by arms expert Gerald Bull, who was assassinated by Israeli agents in 1990 as his reward.

The artillery attacks on Syria, using time delay and cluster munitions, are in direct support of military actions with fire control and communications being supplied by Israeli UAV aircraft operating in Syrian air space in support of Al Qaeda led rebel group.


Israel’s real air force, from deep inside Syria

These terrorist groups, aided by extremists from Libya and the Gulf States are being trained and supplied in Jordan and Turkey.  It is hard to ignore the fact that US troops, on a secret mission to verify Israeli claims of chemical weapon use by the Syrian government, are fully complicit in aiding Al Qaeda operations against the Syrian government.

As for chemical weapon use, a report from United Nations human rights investigators, according to Reuters, has verified that it is rebels who have been using these weapons, in particular, deadly Sarin Gas.

Former Swiss attorney general, Carla Del Ponte, representing the United Nations independent commission of inquiry, based in Geneva, is quoted in a televised interview:

“Our investigators have been in neighboring countries interviewing victims, doctors and field hospitals and, according to their report of last week which I have seen, there are strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof of the use of Sarin gas, from the way the victims were treated.

This was use on the part of the opposition, the rebels, not by the government authorities.” 


Last week, President Obama declared that use of chemical weapons by the Assad government would represent a “red line” for the United States, justifying military action against Syria.  However, despite numerous unsubstantiated news reports, the first “actionable” reports of that mythic line being crossed place Israel, Turkey and even the United States on the wrong side, aligned with Al Qaeda in the use of deadly nerve agents against Syria.


King Abdullah II of Jordan, on a mission at the request of Israel, met with President Obama on April 26, 2013.  His message, supplied by his Israeli handlers, was that Syria had been using artillery shells loaded with Sarin gas against rebel held enclaves inside Syria.

President Obama confirmed the message in a public statement and also indicated that he found King Abdullah’s plea “less than compelling.”

However, since that time, we have been able to learn that Israeli artillery, some mobile units capable of ranges between 55 and 70 kilometers, have been firing into Syria from, not just the occupied Golan Heights but have entered Syria by night and are able to reach, not just Damascus, but broad areas of Syria.

These artillery units have been pulled out by daylight but are visible to military satellites, particularly American and Russian, using Synthetic Aperture Radar.  These satellites detect all weapons movements and, aided by Hyper-Spectral cameras, are capable of, not just detecting movements of weapons but the use of any nuclear, biological and chemical agents. (Hyper-Spectral cameras, highly classified, use light to analyze molecules from space)

Thus, claims of ignorance of the artillery attacks on Syria and the incursions of IDF units and their direct support of Al Qaeda units inside Syria won’t stand up to scrutiny.

What is being kept from us is whether Israel is involved in the chemical attacks on Syria that the United Nations has verified.  As the media is continually filled with reports from “Syrian rebels” filtered through Israel, it is difficult to believe that such weapons could not be deployed without, minimally, full Israeli knowledge.

Sadly, the same has to be said of the United States.


Thus far, Israeli attacks on Syria have included artillery and missiles.  However, there is no evidence of air attacks.  Key in discerning this is, of course, video now made public showing artillery shells pounding into Syria, their parabolic trajectory easily observed.

The scene in Syria more resembled World War I, as depicted in the film, “All Quiet on the Western Front.”  What was represented to be a “surgical strike” by Israeli aircraft on trucks taking weapons to Lebanon was, in actuality, an artillery barrage covering a broad area, clearly meant to ‘soften up’ Syrian army units defending Damascus.  Thus the warning to Assad.

The reason for a night attack is clear, shielding columns of Israeli mobile artillery from prying eyes.  Aircraft, subject to advanced air defense systems including the Russian built S 300 system Syria acquired in 1996.  Despite announcements to the contrary, the system was delivered and installed but put under control of Russian technicians.  Russian technicians, verified by Israel’s Ynet News, used the S 300 system to shoot down a Turkish F16 jet fighter on July 1, 2012.

Any Israeli aircraft attacking Syria would be subject to inexorable destruction were that system to be employed, the sporadic use of which has put many intelligence agencies in a quandary over.


The goal of the current Israeli ploy is to draw Iran into the Syrian conflict, which now involved military units from, not only Israel but Turkey as well.

One might wonder why, with the expansion of the conflict, there hasn’t be a word yet from the United Nations Security Council, despite demands by the 22 member Arab League, whose chief, Nabil al-Arabi, conveyed this message directly to Secretary General Ban Kai Moon.

The Assad government wrote the Security Council, denying Israel’s claims of arms shipments traversing Syria to Lebanon.

The Syria letter accused Israel of working with terrorist groups.  The letter stated that attacks were specifically aimed at Syrian army position defending the capital including army positions where dozens are killed or missing and Syrian military installations around Damascus.

Syria’s official television, Al-Ikhbariya, quoting unofficial sources, indicated that Syria was ready to “respond to specific targets” if violations continue.

Two Security Council member states, China and Russia, have both condemned Israel’s attack on Syria.  Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was in China when that announcement was made.

Iran has offered broad assistance to Syria to assure the survival of that nation, a factor that makes the risk of an even wider war likely, particularly if the American government fails stand up to Israel’s propaganda onslaught on its people.


  1. Videos received (Removed by YouTube) clearly showed Al Qaeda backed Rebel’s using Chemicals with Turkish Label’s on them. The American’s who were fighting AND DYING in Syria also showed in their vehicles glove-box Turkish bank bags that were stuffed perhaps with Saudi money.

    One of the American’s first seen screaming Allah Akbar was not doing that in his last video appearance. He’s Dead! The Other arrested by Obama’s administration for using a WMD in Syria. Rocket Grenade that took down a Syrian helicopter.

    The videos of the Al Qaeda FSA Rebel’s who when asked about those they had killed said, “We have been assured that the Media will blame the Bashar Al Assad regime for those death’s. As we watched these FSA push Postal workers off 10 Story roofs and out windows to SPLAT on the cement below.

    Video after video of Beheadings of Policemen and Farmers and how they would run up behind someone sitting at a bench and blow their heads off. Then having their own Children perform these beheadings… The latest LIE was saying photos of many people dead were all murdered by Assad’s Army. BUT… Videos the day before were of the FSA saying these were where many of those Rebel’s killed were at. Even a few Syrian Soldiers that the Rebel’s had killed.

    When the worst of the Bloodletting videos were being released.. Suddenly Syria’s Internet went down. Then Obama’s Regime started to back track and listed al Nursra as a Terrorist group. The FSA demanded the US take them off that list.

    Israel screaming of Red Lines on Chemical Weapon’s. I guess Israel didn’t know that White Phosphorus is also listed as a Chemical Weapon that Israel uses on CIVILIAN’S all the time. Videos of Israeli Rifles and Pallet’s of Israeli mortar shells being used by the Rebel’s. As Israel opens hospital’s for the wounded FSA/Al Qaeda fighters.
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his visit to Shanghai on Monday 6th of May, he received a strong reprimand by President Vladimir Putin, a warning that Russia would not tolerate further Israeli attacks against Damascus, and that he would answer.

    Putin did not say how, but he announced that he had ordered the acceleration of very advanced Russian arms supplies to Syria.
    Source: *****http://syrianfreepress.wordpress.com/2013/05/07/17254/

    Great Article.
    Obama violates the NDAA daily.

  2. Duff’s assessment that Israel used artillery and not aircraft to attack Syria makes sense and explains the apparent inactivity of the S-300 systems, but if Israeli artillery units have been placed inside Syria proper, why haven’t they been taken out? This should be militarily feasible for Syria and politically justifiable. Syria should be taking these units out as I write this. Duff should explain why they are still there?

    • If they are there it’s because Israel and Syria are collaborating on this one.
      There’s no proof of what Israel has hit and why.
      This is not enough to drag Iran in.
      Something else is going on.
      Israeli tanks (deep) inside Syria will at least be attacked.

  3. You know, with all the unemployed people around, and the rampant lawlessness shown by various gov`ts, I`d like to see some one with money finance something like the Abraham Lincoln Brigade that fought against the fascists during the spanish civil war. Rahnameh, it`s good to hear from you again, I was starting to worry. S.C Bill, we will prevail, buddy. Jim, I hope you and Gordon have good security, this could be the start of some serious shit.

    • Obviously..the “Abraham Lincoln Brigades” were interloping communist Jews fm America…How any American can still be proud of our involvement in WW’s I and II is beyond me…We prolonged the war -WW I –and gave the zio scum a foothold in Palestine…and the Jewish bolsheviks murdered the Czar and created the USSR…In WW II the Soviets got all of E. Europe…The British lost their empire…The holohoax myth was germinated…The Germans were almost genocided by the cruel allies…not to mention the “white” anti commie russians in Operation Keelhaul….and the zio scum began massacring and land thieving in Palestine…Please johnny, come marching home…and stay there…

  4. “The goal of the current Israeli ploy is to draw Iran into the Syrian conflict”.

    Brilliant analysis.

    Mr. Duff and MSM seem to agree;

    Israel would love to go to war with Iran,Syria ,Hezbollah,Hamas and whatever is filling up the Sinai.
    Alone that is,cause Obama is playing golf most of the time.

    You really have no clue what game is being played?

  5. I think if there are sane people in the U.S military they need to out the whole rotten cabal very soon, 9/11, the whole kit and caboodle before ww3 is in gear. It is 11:59 at this point for our planet. Freedom and peace, or slavery and endless war.

  6. Gordon, you outdid yourself with this one. Also, your thoughts seem to come out more coherently (for the masses) on PressTV.

    Your analysis regarding the artillery fire seems very plausible, and given the assessment of the damage in Damascus, the necessity of cover by night, along with witness testimony, it appears that you are wholly right in this regard.

    There are several other angles here that I would like to put forward. First, as we saw during 9/11 with the shorting of securities (along with other massive scams), or in the aftermath of Boston with the “onefund” by Kenneth Feinberg, these Zios profit hand over fist whenever such events occur. In fact, that is one of the primary facets of their reactions to these crises — to exploit them for cash.

    I am involved with (or adverse to, in some cases) several oil/energy companies in the United States. Thus, I was well aware of the Murdoch and Rothschilds investment into Genie Energy. However, I was not aware that in 2010, Israel had okayed Genie’s right to drill in the Golan Heights, a territory that did not belong to Israel in the first place. *****bigstory.ap.org/article/israel-gives-ok-oil-drilling-golan-heights

    Sounds prescient. Well, that is, if you believe there is no agenda at play. These Zios are betting on “Y’Eretz Israel” becoming a reality. Their naked aggression against Syria is another pretext to capture land, just like the 1967 war.

    Of course, execution of this plan is another matter. The gambit here appears to have opened the door for the Syrian government to state unequivocally that it was an act of naked aggression by Israel, a flagrant violation of international law, and further, now gave Syria the ability to proclaim likewise that “all options are on the table.”

    What is hilarious is the nonsense of the Israeli propaganda machine (read: entirety of Western Press) regarding the strike. First, Israel violates the sovereignty of Lebanese airspace to violate Syria’s sovereignty, in order to stop a SUPPOSED shipment of short range, decade old Iranian missiles (upgraded, but still not the most lethal in Iran’s arsenal whatsoever. Then, to cover for the obvious objectives of the raid, Netanyahu supposedly reaches out to Assad in order to claim the move wasn’t meant to bolster the very militants they are arming and funding.

    Of course, meanwhile, the UN investigator concludes publicly that the sarin gas came from the rebels. This means that Israel’s strategy was predictable and quite obvious. Call it the Israeli Two Step:

    Step 1- Force red lines on America using your fifth column apparatus (media, traitors in government).
    Step 2- Present optics indicating the red lines were crossed. Here, Israel falsified intelligence, on to which many Western powers signed on.

    I believe the “green light” was given to Netanyahu to go ahead and commit to the strikes in the same manner that Saddam was given a green-light to invade Kuwait. This gambit was a huge mistake for Israel from a strategic standpoint, and because there is no impetus for the Western public to support involvement in such a conflict, we should all be vigilant for more false flags to come.

    I am looking at the FirstEnergy security breaches and their Zionist ties. The “incompetency” of our security infrastructure always being the reason for breach. Well, guess what? They outsourced their security in response to the break in by the nun and 2 activists. Never mind the contractor that stole 1400 pounds of copper without being noticed.

    Oy vey.

  7. Oh the wonders of the new world order. All this talk of “Peace and security-freedom and the rule of law,” that BGHW Bush ramrodded down our throats is a lot of false sell and fraudulent misrepresentation of what is actually intended.
    Now all Americans are truly see why they want to disarm everyone. Wonder what happened to the part the traitorous Bush man said, about “…the rule of law and not the law of the jungle,?” In his speech twenty two years ago selling his big idea of this new world order garbage, he emphasized “…where diverse nations are drawn together in a common goal to achieve universal aspirations with mankind. Peace and security-freddome and the rule of law, out of these troubled times.”
    To state the United Nations will be a ‘peacekeeping force,” yet the same U.N. has not told their Security Council to make a statement, is disappointing. If the U.N. is going to take a lead and truly care about aggression by larger richer super countries against small one like Syria, then the new world order is not goign to succeed, despite the smirking reassurance of pappy Bush himself.
    Rebels, war, random bombing, nerve gas, missiles, all are old and bothersome to those of us willing to accept the new world order if it meant what Bush said it intended.
    A false sell was done to reassure everyone wars like this were going to be reduced under the new world order.
    The Declaration of Human Rights is rarely published. Wars and these Rights do not go hand in hand. The warmongers do not like human rights of any kind. it seems all this new world order is an empty dream of the elitists wanting so desperately to fulfill. After all Pappy Bush reassured us with a sickening facial smirk, they would be successful in establishing the new world order. What a ideal time for the U.N Security Council to step in a declare a cease fire to this war, so the aggression and carnage can stop.
    it is the ideal time to show all world citizens how ell this new world order of nations works to make this a better world for all.
    The time has come to step up and be an example of that rule of law instead of the law of the jungle.
    It seems this new world “disorder” brings with them the jungle mentality that is necessary for carnage and death to flourish. And this government wants to take our guns? I wonder why?
    Great article Mr. Duff–as always. .

    • but that aint the agenda of the United NAZI-ons…
      same for ALL-CIA–DUHH, CIA formed from nazis, with GHWB in on the ground floor.
      prescott was about busted funding hitler during wartime, son and grandson now past presidents?
      it all makes sense when you factor in nazi “doctor” (death) kissinger.. secretary of state,
      and obama appointed multiple felony CIA clinton to the same position (criminal impeachable!).

      most dont get it for all the psyops.
      clintons were being investigated for Iran-contra gun-dope dealings, they blew up OKC!
      (cue the monica lewinski blue dress sideshow to dupe the masses!)
      oliver “I cant recall” north, instead of being fired for alzheimers incompetence (at the very least!),
      was promoted and credited with “continuity of government”. when he was slammed with the hard questions the guy running the inquiry said “we ask that you do not touch on that subject in the interests of NAZI-ional security”. they busted nixon for what they themselves do daily, nationally?
      I’m no fan of nixon but whole nation is now watergate wire-tapped, not criminal cuz they said so?

      same CIA-cabal handed our working productive economy over to China with NAFTA-GATT etc,
      making Americans terrified of unemployment and homelessness, is never mentioned in “news”..
      same fascists allow poisoning air-food-water-medicine for big pharma-medical-insurance profits,
      and here they come with “mandatory HELLthcare” to guarantee those profits at our expense.
      (hillary was pushing for that too early, before our economy was trashed enough to reach for it)

      my own view, is simplistic and bigger picture timeline-events-agendas,
      not exact or “documented”, sources cited with links to reference and show it all, ever!
      (it amazes me when people try to say its all lies, trying to discredit it, instead of LOOKING)

  8. And Russia…. will they allow the WW-3 Perversion of what others term Cabal, the “Satanists?” (I don’t believe in this model of God-Satan dichotomy but bad intention is what I see).

    I don’t see Israel is a peace loving country. I wonder, how the people can live in a place which only uses them for prophetic reasons.

    Peace to the power hungry. Sending my love to the innocent victims of this sick perversion.

    • I dont hold any faith in “Russia” anymore than I do “China” about any of it.
      Russia was JUST the boogyman excuse for MIC cold war profiteering,
      they bankrupted it same as they’re doing to the USA now really..

      China has been a UK royals-rothschild political puppet show ever since the opium wars,
      (the new boogyman we’re sposed to fear?)
      real cute how her majesty’s company nicknames got corporate welfare checks to move there..
      notice BP ads saying how great they are for employing Americans?
      DC allowed BP to buy up all OUR refineries and distributorships, was treasonous!
      then BP shut a bunch down for artificial scarcity, demand, to inflate prices..
      after DC sabotaged our economy, then allowed corexit biochemical weapon attack on the Gulf..

      these creeps give out “Nobel Peace Prizes”
      to who’s ideas can give the most people the peace of the graveyard..
      kissinger’s act has killed millions, he’s a wanted war criminal but protected..
      gore’s carbon tax would bankrupt millions, leaving elderly freezing to death, nice guy right?
      0-bomb-ya, lets ask Libya, now Syria, about how wonderful 0-bomb-ya really is..

      Nobel invented dynamite, killed how many millions now?
      another “peace prize winner” was albert einstein for his nuclear bomb idea…

  9. Bush’s rape of Iraq -sometimes literally with young boys being gang-raped in front of their parents and our Masonic skull and bonesman in the WH watching on live feed with his buddies–Obama’s rape of Libya..
    These bastards are making war the only option and the shameless Obama is describing it as “defense”..Russia, Iran, Pakistan and china should jump in…If they don’t someday it will be their turn to bend over for the Anglo-American-Zionist cabal..Don’t they know that?
    If the Wahabi Salafists are able to take the capital bc of this “assistance” fm their Talmudic allies then all-out war on Talmudia is Syria and Iran’s only option…I was hoping that this wouldn’t happen until the Iranians have an S-400 type air-defense system..

    • Hi Bill,
      I digress only slightly, but with purpose. Now that you are enjoying the newfound right of military arrest of civilians, is there any equivalent power of arrest FOR civilians? It would be a variation on the ctitizen’s power of arrest based on reasonable cause to believe that a crime had been committed, if you still have or ever had such a thing (I confess my ignorance), but a new human right replying to and balancing military arrest. If they can arrest you, can you arrest them, in the manner of a citizen’s arrest, on reasonable cause? In short, can a citizen arrest a memeber of the military if he has reasonable cause to believe that a crime is being committed?
      Back to my whisky and yogurt.

    • If your military superior gives you an unlawful order…even a non-com has the right to arrest him under the UCMJ…that’s what I was taught..

    • OK, that covers military on military. I am asking if there is any power possessed by a civilian which might curtail unlawful activity by the military, who now seem to have outrageous powers in your domestic arena. If a member of the military commits a blatantly unlawful act, absolutely indefensible and violent bullying of your child for example, in the name of suppressing imagined terrorism, can you or any other member of the civilian public arrest the perpetrator?

    • @Bill, I don’t really doubt that this could happen anymore, but I was wondering about the source of the info. MSM definitely would not have broadcasted anthing like that. How do you know those things actually happened?

  10. My my…aggression being conducted simply by claiming it as defense. What a novel idea?

    Gosh, I wonder who in the ‘free’ world would have dreamed up such a concept?

    • The whining and wailing creatures who hide behind the curtain and pull the strings. Actually they are ripping their masks off and showing the true nature of the beast. Shame there is only a few of us awake to the imminent danger.

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