Benghazi’s Dirty Little Secret

What Really Happened in Benghazi?


     …by  Dr. Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

Chris Stevens

Americans (at least the ones who know where Libya is) are understandably confused and angry about the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack that killed US ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi.

If they are looking to the current congressional hearings to clarify what really happened, they will be greatly disappointed.

Despite accusations by Republican leaders that Obama committed has treason and is trying to cover it up, they have no more interest than Democrats in bringing out the truth.

No one wants the dirty little secret coming out that Stevens was involved in a covert CIA operation to funnel Libyan weapons and jihadists to Syria to fight the Assad regime.

The funding, arming and training of Al Qaeda terrorists for geopolitical ends is a well-established pillar of US foreign policy. (National Counterterrorism Center Report on Terrorism 2011). This isn’t a partisan issue, as CIA support for jihad has received equal levels of support from both Obama and his predecessor George W Bush.


The Road to Damascus Starts in Benghazi


The May 9thWashington’s Blog provides a comprehensive summary of the factual details about September 2012 that have come out over the past eight months. Numerous official and mainstream sources confirm that Benghazi is a long time stronghold of Al Qaeda terrorists, who transferred their focus to Syria and the Assad regime after Gaddafi was overthrown.

For example (specific sources shown in parentheses):

  • The US-supported opposition which overthrew Libyan president Muammar Gadaffi was largely comprised of Al Qaeda terrorists (Telegraph interview with Libyan rebel commander).
  • According to a 2007 report by West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center’s center, the Libyan city of Benghazi was one of Al Qaeda’s main headquarters and sent Al Qaeda fighters into Iraq prior to Gaddafi’s overthrow (West Point military academy).
  • Al Qaeda is now largely in control of Libya, and the Libyan Provisional Government immediately ran up Al Qaeda flags at the Benghazi courthouse (the seat of their new government) after Gaddafi was overthrown (Daily Mail).
  • Gaddafi, who always maintained Benghazi was an Al Qaeda stronghold, was on the verge of invading the city in 2011. However NATO planes stopped him, and protected Benghazi (Telegraph correspondent in Benghazi).
  • CNN, the Telegraph, the Washington Times and many other mainstream sources confirm that since Gaddafi’s overthrow, Al Qaeda terrorists from Libya have been flooding into Syria to fight the Assad regime.
  • Mainstream sources, such as the New York Times also confirm the Syrian opposition is largely comprised of Al Qaeda terrorists.
  • Despite claims to the contrary, The U.S. has been arming the Syrian opposition since 2006. (Reuters, New York Times, Washington Post, CBC News).
  • The post-Gaddafi Libyan government is also a top funder and arms supplier of the Syrian opposition. (Washington Post, Telegraph correspondent in Istanbul).


Was Stevens Running the Operation?


Mounting evidence suggests Stevens was assigned to run the covert CIA operation to funnel Libyan arms and jihadists to Syria via Turkey:

  • In 2011, Stevens was appointed to be the Obama administration’s liaison with the “budding Libyan opposition” (ABC News).
  • Stevens and the State Department worked directly with Abdelhakim Belhadj of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, who has direct connections with Al Qaeda (Russia Today).
  • The Wall Street Journal, Telegraph and other sources confirm that the US consulate (which wasn’t really a consulate but a “State Department Special Mission Compound”) in Benghazi was mainly being used for a secret CIA operation.
  • Retired Lt. General William Boykin, former US Special Forces Commander and deputy defense undersecretary for intelligence (who worked with the CIA in the 1990s), stated in a January interview that it’s a “reasonable supposition” that Stevens was in Benghazi as part of an effort to arm the Syrian opposition. He draws this conclusion based on 1) the directive Stevens was given to support the Syrian rebels, 2) the logical assumption the Special Mission Compound would be the hub of that activity and 3) the absence lack of any other logical explanation for Stevens’ sudden reappearance in Benghazi on September 10, 2012 after a year’s absence. (CNS News)
  • Egyptian security officials and US intelligence sources have confirmed Boykin’s hypothesis (WND Politics, CNBC)


Why Was Stevens Murdered?


I have yet to see a plausible explanation anywhere for the terrorist attack on the Special Mission Compound or Stevens’ murder. Perhaps a genuine congressional investigation – in place of the soap operate we saw last week – could come up with some genuine leads. However so long as Congress refuses to examine the covert operation angle, they are unlikely to add much to what we already know.

I agree with Boykin that the Obama administration and Congress need to come clean, without necessarily revealing details, that Stevens was involved in a covert operation. The main problem (besides being illegal and morally bankrupt and undermining US standing internationally) with the existing US policy of covertly funding and arming jihadists is that it isn’t secret any more.

This continuing duplicity on the part of the Obama administration and Congress only further undermines Americans’ confidence in government, as well as the major respect the United States used to enjoy abroad.

Photo Credit: Steve Rhodes via photopin cc


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11 Responses to "Benghazi’s Dirty Little Secret"

  1. Serious Dad  May 14, 2013 at 11:02 am

    To quote the article: “Why Was Stevens Murdered?”

    Well, I can tell you.

    After the State Departmend had to acknowledge that Liby was finally “liberated” by al Queda, Obama wanted Stevens to arm only “vetted” – i.e. non-al Nusra – “rebels” in Syria with libyan weapons, because he feared a severe backlash, should his “Fast and Furious: Syria – In Bed With Al Quaeda”-disaster ever come to light.

    But al Quaeda in Libya didn’t like the idea and sent Obama a grim reminder through the assassination of ambassador Stevens and three other Americans about who was paying the piper in Libya.

    Since then, Obamas politics in Libya and Syria are in complete limbo – he simply doesn’t know how to cover his sorry ass from the ensueing backlash, because the unfolding Benghazi-spectacle shows enough potential to become worse than “Iran-Contra” and “Fast and Furious” combined for him.

  2. The Rahnameh  May 13, 2013 at 12:56 pm

    To Michael Rivero (from the Facebook section):

    Michael, in our school of thought, dissent is typically viewed as some form of disinformation or derailment of truth. In this vein, my opposition to your viewpoint is not intended to suggest that I am ruling it out your suggested possibility entirely. However, from 300 clicks above, your thoughts here require the validation of some conjecture and speculation. There is evidence to suggest that what you are stating is correct, but I am more comfortable with the recognition of the HW Bush Oligarchy/Zionist having fingerprints all over this incident, the template for such a treasonous “October Surprise” being drawn out by the likes of HW Bush (Oliver North, etc.), which constitute a veritable fifth column colluding intensely with Zionists, also a fifth column. There also is the question of your alleged FBI cutout (the film maker) creating blame towards the Zionists, being that he was an Israeli filmmaker “with 100 Jewish donors”, according the Haaretz interview published the same day. In my view, that represented the administration’s opening gambit to wholly reverse the objectives of a Zionist/Neocon (read: entrenched Zionists) operation to sink President Obama’s presidency. The Zionists, after all, had put all of their marbles behind Romney, who also represented the HW Bush Oligarchy’s agenda. Netanyahu, Romney’s Boston Consulting Group chum, also leveraged to Romney his personal campaign financier, Sheldon Adelson. Finally, we all know who is capable of false flag terror attacks, especially those that are set to affect the political landscape towards Zionist ends.

    Petraeus was also hereby linked. Petraeus, as we all know, was marked for rise by Murdoch (read: Mossad) a year and a half before his “resignation”. We are also told that the resignation came as a result of a sex-affair scandal, whereas the FBI would only have jurisdiction to monitor the CIA director’s e-mails had they the basis to think he was leaking secrets to a foreign agency. Which agency? Another telling clue is that Eric Cantor was informed by an FBI mole of the impending investigation on Petraeus, and this was framed along partisan lines when disclosed in mass media. Eric Cantor is a known dual agent of the Israeli government, his campaign funds namely coming out of New York, whereas he is a representative in an entirely other state. Given the circumstances of the Benghazi operation, it was very telling that Petraeus was axed upon the re-election of President Obama.

    Additionally, one may examine the reaction to such an incident for clues as to who the perpetrators were. It is not by coincidence that Darrell Issa, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain were leading the charge as to trying to sink the Obama administration by tying them up in this incident. The administration and INTELCOM pointing fingers at Israel represents a reciprocal action intended to overturn Zionist objectives.

    Finally, with regard to the polling in September, such manufactured crises by a sitting administration carry with it more liability and intended consequences than benefit. If you regard some polls, like CNNs in August 2012, you will see that Obama had a 7 point lead beyond Romney. In September 12, 2012, Reuters reports this gap has widened to 7 points. The trajectory, therefore, points up at this juncture. But beyond meaningless polls, the Obama re-election machine had foot soldiers in every nook and cranny on the ground, and truly had their thumb on the pulse of American voters, knew they carried a sizeable lead, and did not need such a crisis at that point to give Obama any edge. Especially not a crisis like this, that could be poised to show a failure of Obama’s Middle East policies (outreach, the “open hand”, etc.)

    It’s the usual suspects, Mike. 😉 On another note, keep up the good work. I enjoyed your work on the President’s birth origins. Your theory seems most plausible there.

  3. Chandler  May 13, 2013 at 7:51 am

    My comments are is a bit of redundancy. Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama have are and will kill America and its image around the world. The past 25 years have been so anti-American that I am surprised we’ve made it this far.
    Every comment here has hit the bulls eye. Ask Hillary about Ron Brown, Vice Foster, and many others. To even think she may run for president is sickening in itself.
    Obama is no better. How we get strapped with people as this is disheartening. All liars, fools and buffoons. I never ever thought I would consider the president of the United States a buffoon, but I just did, and it feels kinda good.
    I hope Benghazi gets Obama impeached, but I know that is not going to happen. We’d be left with Biden and that is another Cheney-demented, just another hateful war monger.
    Is there anything the CIA doesn’t stick its nose in?

  4. sandyhooked  May 12, 2013 at 10:21 am

    I get the feeling of misdirection with Benghazi. Sure Obama’s a traitor – but they all are. Stevens was set-up to die – so what is new in Washington. Ask Ron Brown how that works. Hillary was involved – the perennial conniving murderess, but somehow still Gordon’s heroine. The NeoCons want to go all self righteous and patriotic while they are promoting arming and affiliating with Muslim extremists that use to be our enemies. They seem to have no remorse for the country they just destroyed called Libya in the name of Zionism. It is also likely they supplied the FSA with chemical weapons from Libya. So I can’t find any clean participants in this dirty dance of death. They do want to use it as a political football. Obama is a traitor. Obama lied. Obama is dangerous. Obama is a weak military leader. Problem is that many of these voices are the same ones that want to attack Iran and Syria. They are dying to do Netanyahoos dirty work for him. They want to kick off WW III with a bang. The Neocons are upset that Seal team 6 got wacked but they aren’t to concerned about how they killed an already dead CIA boogie man. The old testament story about how God would save the city of they could find just one righteous man? Probably a made up Jew exaggeration from the OT – but it makes a good analogy. Can’t find one here in Washing DC – thats fo sho.

  5. BALLMAN  May 12, 2013 at 2:58 am

    It might have something to due with Black Water or Z receiving the contract for all US embassies as a result of the incident.What happened to the Marines guarding the embassies? Another Billion dollar corporate private army contract. Now they will control all foreign sites without interference of the military.

  6. NavyBrat  May 11, 2013 at 10:48 pm

    There is a much larger issue lurking in the room here, but everyone is tip-toeing around it.
    We’ve been funding and arming Al Qaeda in Libya – where one of their first actions was to set up a central bank, controlled by you know who. Now we’re funding and arming them in Syria, where they will again install a Wahhabi style government. In truth, we’ve been doing this since 1979.
    So, if you go along with the official version of 9-11 events – weren’t these the same folks that brought down the Twin Towers? 4000 deaths? Osama bin Laden? Did certain members of government arm and fund them to do this?
    Is the public so disconnected from their brains? Does it have to bite them on the butt before they make the connection? Treason charges against two administrations should have been laid years ago.
    They have been openly colluding with the Enemy. That is a Capital Crime.

  7. The All Seeing Bee  May 11, 2013 at 8:39 pm

    OK, so he ordered the stand down. Let’s go back a little further and see who put Dewey Clarridge’s Eclipse Group in charge of the (unarmed, untrained) security at the outpost (since it was never an embassy)?

    This is the same guy that was convicted in the Iran-Contra Affair but got a last minute pardon by Bush Sr. Otherwise this man that was entrusted with these peoples’ would be in prison still.

    Apparently a group didn’t want to be too obvious with the October surprise so they bumped it up a month to try to help their boy Romney look better. Too bad they took 4 lives in the process since only an act of God could achieve that!

  8. Cold Wind  May 11, 2013 at 7:45 pm

    Had the ‘President’ not given a “stand down order” to troops ‘ready and willing’ to go in in a rescue attempt, the Ambassador, two former Seal Team members and possibly others may be alive and well today–and that is the immediate issue at hand here today. The stand down order ensured their deaths. It is quite clear, from people on the scene and chain of command, the President gave the order. This why he is being accused by some of high treason.

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