Syria – Deception and Cover for Disaster


Fight until whose end ??

US  sinking down into the Syrian quicksand


“…I think it [intervention] is a mistake in Syria, even if we had intervened more significantly a year or six months ago. We overestimate our ability to determine outcomes.”  …former Secretary of Defence, Robert Gates

… by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor  –   with Press TV

–  First published May 9, 2013  –


Insurgent fighter plays Russian Roulette with Syrian PoWs – He is cheating
America sank down another foot this week into the Syrian quicksand. Israel is putting the next stage of the conflict’s tactics on display, not only to the world but to the Syrian military with its last two strikes.

As the rebel assault has ground to a halt, and the superior manpower of the Syrian army having shown it can conduct search and clear operations, the Free Syrian army is in a war of attrition it cannot win.

It is much easier to recruit when you are winning and casualties not too bad than when the tide turns to stalemate and losing ground.

The al-Nusra Front has been bleeding fighters away from the FSA. They are paying better and the AN brigades now have access to weapons the FSA does not. The al-Nusras had strategically focused on key infrastructure acquisition including some of the oil revenue prizes. Win or lose, Assad or no Assad, or even with a negotiated settlement, they aren’t leaving.

The West has been birthing another training ground in Syria for seasoned extremist Jihadis who will soon be looking for the next fight when Syria calms down. And it is just a matter of time before someone begins slipping them more powerful weaponry. But who will they using it on, next month, a year, or two years from now?

Who is in whose crosshairs now?

I fear that the West may now feel that the FSA could collapse if a stalemate continues and leave the al-Nusras the primary opposition force controlled by whom?

Sure, the Saudis and Qatar warlords are supplying the payrolls and the weapons now, but new suppliers could always emerge, like Assad’s stockpiles if there were a collapse.

Libyan weapons and fighters are already in Syria with more said to be on the way. Is the CIA helping them hoping to kill two birds with one stone with two groups they want to get rid of fighting each other?

And if Assad did fall and the FSA and al-Nusras began a civil war right away with the horrible civilian casualties that would be expected, who would carry that historical blood on their hands?

So now we have ‘enter stage left’ the Israeli intervention. Why? Well, I think you all would agree that they don’t view blood on their hands as much of a public relations problem. It never has been, so far.

The story goes that the recent attacks were air launched ‘stand off’ weapons fired over Lebanon airspace at a safe distance from the Russian air defenses in Syria. I say they are Russia not only because of the origins of the missiles, but more importantly, they are manned by Russian air defense troops.

None of the post attack analysis I have read so far has dared touch the red line no one will discuss, not even the Americans. What would the Soviets do if their forces who have remained neutral so far other than defending against air attacks, were themselves attacked?

Unexploded ordinance brings unintended consequences
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Already we see in the corporate press the last Israeli attack has paved the way for public discussion of an impending intervention to get the public use to hearing about it so it is less of a shock when it happens. Reuters was careful to refer to air defenses as Syrian, not Russian.

The cover and deception for the latest Israeli strikes were the usual ghost missiles which can always be made to appear where needed to justify an attack.

Hezbollah has plenty of missiles, and they are no threat to Israel whatsoever, unless Israel is planning to attack Lebanon.

All military planners know this, just like they really know Iran is no offensive threat, but has to be painted as one to keep the American public paying for our forward deployment in that region.

Everyone knows that Hezbollah has pulled together whatever it could for a deterrent. Regardless of what anyone might think about the political and ideological differences, once one party is attacked it has legal right to defend itself, as was done in the last Lebanon war.

So the democratic West, which calls itself the free world, has besmirched that reputation by officially adopting the preemptive strike doctrine, a la NeoCon/Israeli Lobby madness. This has created a theater of the absurd where everyone knows that false flags will be staged to create the need for full scale response strikes.

How is this done? Simple. You do attacks like Israel has just done which are a ploy of course to pull Iran into the quicksand party, too. And if Iran remains cool and does not take the bait (my bet) a false flag can be staged to blame you know who, with the motive being retaliation by the Iranians for the aforementioned pre-emptive attacks on the Syrians. The uniformed public would generally buy that scenario.

But there is a problem. The public has had many years now to educate themselves about the rogue element operating behind the scenes in Western countries to trigger wars nowadays, and they take nothing on face value. When the weaker attack the stronger, everyone smells a setup.

But keeping home country casualties low is critical to getting the public to accept aggressive military action with a smile. They already know when the bill comes due who is going to suffer the budget cutbacks, and it is not the defense contractors.

If conventional Western military superiority is deceptively used in what is clearly wanton aggression, terrorism will be fueled by new generations, and the miniaturization of nuclear weapons will eventually find their way into their hands, where it will be payback time.

Syrian helicopter going down

The Israelis tested world reaction to their repeated invasions of Lebanese air space, and it was basically zero. The UN is beginning to understand that the more it condemns aggressions and is totally ignored, the weaker it looks and is held in contempt.

The Lebanon incursions were just a warm-up to what they are doing now, and the world outrage has only gone up a slight notch as we get closer and closer to the big trap being sprung, which is giving the rebels heavy weapons and air cover to renew their offensive. A negotiated settlement has been totally rejected by the West, and a lot of innocent people will die for that poor judgment.

Israeli 155 howitzers in action

The Israelis could never risk losing planes over Syria.

Our Intel sources have confirmed that Israeli mobile 155mm howitzers forayed into Syria during the night to shell the Syrian army position with 70 to 80 rounds over a grid area.

If you watch the YouTube video and turn the volume up you can hear and see them coming in as they sound like a train.

The big explosion was an ammo dump or an Israeli bunker buster being tested out, sending a signal maybe to the underground Syria military high command that they can be struck.

We heard soon after that depleted uranium had been used… bunker buster material and something not used against missiles in transport.

The Russians have more advanced missiles, longer range, which can shoot down the Israeli planes over Lebanon. They can also strike Israeli airbases with their missile subs. Would the Russians do it if their air defense missile positions were attacked? I think so. How could they not respond? Such is the game of chicken that is being played here.

If the NATO countries joined in a general air attack against Syria, would the Russians cut off their gas pipelines? And what would that do to the delicate financial position the EU is in now, being the house of cards that it is?

And who would be blamed for the financial devastation that ensued, those defending themselves, or those who were clearly the aggressors?

The KLA Jihadis were big on taking Serb heads in the Balkans War. Chopping people up was a sport for them.

And if the respective publics then wanted their leaders heads on pikes, do the elites in their countries have ready plans to save themselves by triggering ‘the big one’ in terms of a huge terror attack in their own countries to blame on you know who?

Would they really do that to save themselves? They have already done it… not to save themselves but purely out of greed, and they got away with it. If their survival were at stake they would kill their own people without hesitation.

So the time folks to start raising holy hell about these bogus military threat scenarios is NOW. If we wait until afterward the damage will be done and most of our fellow citizens will probably be cowering in place.

What they won’t do now, they will not do later when they are poorer and weaker. The elites know that, and are betting on it. That is why they are playing with all of our lives like they are now. It’s a supremacist thing with them.

We are running out of time people. We have to find a way to put the elites into the quicksand, without them standing on our heads. Instead of our hopes and dreams being dead, it should be theirs instead.




  1. Thank you for the Arab Spring freedom fighter, um, insurgent photo playing Russian Roulette with PoWs.

  2. Mr. Dean,

    —Thank you for your excellent article. The USA & Western Media directly or indirectly are controlled by the Zionists, not to mention, the governments, universities, banks, etc., etc., to make the people ignorant about the things that are going on around them.

    —-The 1st & 2nd week of May, President Abbas of Palestine was the first to be invited by the President of China and being promised among other things that the peace treaty will include the 67 border———–Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has been summoned to China to explain himself on many issues, not by the President, but by the PM of China.

    —-The good news is, last week the Russian President addressing the WW-2 Veterans he promised them he will do everything, everything (2x) to protect Russia, so the Zionists time is numbered.

    —-Today, the warmonger Israel’s PM, is in Russia summoned by President Putin, to be asked about his involvement in Syria.

    —–USA Congress refused to cut our military budget, but Israeli government this week agreed to cut its military budget (AKA our tax dollars).

    —-The American people (the middle-class, not to mention the poor), have lost their jobs & homes, and sleeping in their cars in dangers areas with their children.

    —-President Obama has to stop talking like the warmonger Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel “RED-LINE, SO & SO HAS TO GO,” Feed USA families 1st.

    —-SO & SO HAS TO GO— should be decided by UN not even USA. Ironically—–Some of The original 51 UN Member States—-are Belarus, Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Venezuela. ISRAEL WAS NOT EVEN IN THE PICTURE AT THAT TIME.

    —-The informed Americans told McCain & the Obama Admin., stay away from Libya because not only it has (148 tribes), but also the majority like their Gaddafi. Well, now we could say, how is Libya working for you, before you march to another war in Syria, which will be worse, and start WW-3.

    The LA Times columnist Joel Stein article -shows who owns USA Media,0,4676183.column

  3. I agree with this share of John Sholtes comment. Thanks for reposting his words. The threats to soldiers they better keep their oaths, mean death to them and/or their families.

    I say, if you were willing to give your life for we the people and our country, take one for humanity. Die (for there is no real death-this is a 3D holographic-type Matrix) for Humanity. Kissinger the ass hole, in his memoirs said, “the only good for a stupid soldier is to make foreign policy….” I have told many of my Vietnam friends these words this ass whole has written for the world to read, time the soldiers took arms and took care of the problems this dictator-being has been a big part of setting up. Our soldiers oaths were to protect and serve we the people and our constitution. The Soldiers, have the right to take any government down that is treasonous. They are the only ones that I know of with that kind of power. We the people stand behind you. The leaders of your military have shot you all up with drugs, vaccines, etc. so that when you TRAINED assassins got out of serving your country, (FOR THE TOP FEW OF THE GREED MACHINE) YOU WOULD end up dead within 10 years. BUT many of you all were strong and have jobs to do to help awaken the Human Race. So you are still here because of the contracts signed before ever coming here.

    Now it is time to Tell the truth. Oaths mean nothing when the murderers were the ones that made you take the oath. The oath is no more.

    So how about it soldiers, you were trained to protect and serve us, WE WILL STAND BEHIND YOU ALL THE WAY. Tell us what you would like of us, we are at your command.

    Thanks for serving even though you had no idea what was truly going on. NOW you do, so how about it? Waiting for what I can do.

    I have begun work in my community by sharing truth, debating issues and hearing people as they begin to have filters removed because they listened to me without judgment. This is a vital first step for the sleeping sheep of which I was a heavily conditioned Rothschild-poster child of social engineered success. Well , NO MORE. I am on a roll and will continue my awakening with record speed. No fear only the truth of the magnificent being I Am. ;-)))

    Any soldiers ready to step forward for us to stand behind. I do not follow anyone, I walk by their side in this experience.

    Sending warmth out to the whole human race. Let us connect with all of our other nations peoples. This will really step up the awakening and meet that critical mass we need to move this shift across the globe. We can do this. Of this I am sure. Hopeful! 🙂 (read the ‘100th Monkey effect’ I feel the shift of humanities developing collective consciousness is really about at this point. Just feel it in my bones.:-)) If you never read this study in Japan in late 50’s you should read it. These studies I feel were done to see how things were learned in a society such as the monkeys whom we have been told we are very close to as species development. Not sure how to word what I am trying to share here. It is a short read but how the social engineers using hive mentality schemes getting masses to believe a certain opinion created and put out in the CIA big achievement called CMMM. (Controlled Major Mass Media- the DOD control the Media of this I am pretty sure) Social Engineering began in the Tavistock London Institute- moved into the USA infiltrated the Stanford Research institute and crept into our whole Dept. of Education system–via this critical mass accepting certain things collectively moving the control all over the globe once this critical mass was reached the idea just spread over the globe. (Three ways can control us all; Education, Religion, And the predictive programming tool we call the boob tube (the TV) CIA using their CMMM scheme have us all now working through all of the electronic devices they got our kids hooked on as an addiction. TIME to step forth, Soldiers and we will walk with you.

    I feel the critical mass has been reached where the People are ready to hear and accept the truth. Why it is coming forth at such rapid speed. This blog (even tho the editors, writers here may be paid by whom we know as the controllers) both sides know that the time is up for the scoundrels to dissolve their energy and move on out as the veil of secrecy is lifted. (J.F.K. told Humanity this truth in his incoming address to the American People) Great article today. Thanks Mr. Dean for your shared knowledge. Refreshing to hear some truth coming forth. 🙂

    • Please help me with the following:

      “Cynthia Brewers story of the Dolly –Cloning was about her DNA 1st one on the stock exchange, she shares how you can go online and purchase her DNA. All about super-soldiers created using (whom-evers DNA the controllers choose) I want to share a link hear of some research I have been reading. Chilling how deep down the rabbit hole this control, owning our birthrights go. *** ”

      I heard this the first time and I am shocked. Do you (or other readers) have additional links?

    • I am not posting these for the shock value, but to let people know here what is being censored out. Now if these things were happening to Westerners, it would be all over the news. You know we never miss an opportunity here at VT do remind you of the free press that you don’t have.

    • Man that’s just the light stuff. The latest is on-camera cannibalism, straight from the frontlines, courtesy of a key rebel commander –

      “Aryn Baker at TIME reports on a video out of Syria depicting the savagery of rebel commander Khalid al-Hamad:

      The video starts out like so many of the dozens coming out of the war in Syria every day, with the camera hovering over the body of a dead Syrian soldier. But the next frame makes it clear why this video, smuggled out of the city of Homs and into Lebanon with a rebel fighter, and obtained by TIME in April, is particularly shocking. In the video a man who is believed to be a rebel commander named Khalid al-Hamad, who goes by the nom de guerre Abu Sakkar, bends over the government soldier, knife in hand. With his right hand he moves what appears to be the dead man’s heart onto a flat piece of wood or metal lying across the body. With his left hand he pulls what appears to be a lung across the open cavity in the man’s chest. According to two of Abu Sakkar’s fellow rebels, who said they were present at the scene, Abu Sakkar had cut the organs out of the man’s body. The man believed to be Abu Sakkar then works his knife through the flesh of the dead man’s torso before he stands to face the camera, holding an organ in each hand. “I swear we will eat from your hearts and livers, you dogs of Bashar,” he says, referring to supporters of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Off camera, a small crowd can be heard calling out “Allahu akbar” — God is great. Then the man raises one of the bloodied organs to his lips and starts to tear off a chunk with his teeth.”

      Damn, that is getting freaky. Those guys are out and out nuts.

    • Could make a ‘good’ Hollywood film title –

      “Founding-Father Freedom-Fighter Flesh-Eating Zombie Apocalypse Revolution”‘

    • What you need to remember is that so called civilization is only a cigarette paper width away from barbarism.

  4. Who gains from this venture ? not the UK taxpayers and not the US taxpayers who will be footing the bill and perhaps providing the cannon fodder.

    “The traitor is the plague” Cicero

    Whilst our nation is being intentionally asset stripped and the British people impoverished to weaken our ability to resist the incremental formation of a totalitarian UK / EU feudal police state serving and funding foreign powers. ( TREASON )

    The corrupt puppet Common Purpose Committed Friend of Israel Cameron via policy and deed simultaneously sabotages and undermines the sovereign UK democracy via secret courts, fraudulent austerity measures, feeding fraudulent central bank debt and defunding the National Health Service but miraculously finds £millions to fund propaganda, terrorist mercenaries and war crimes in Syria. In doing so he is aiding and abetting the enemy. His actions endanger the people of Britain and the wider world via the prospect of yet more DU contamination and escalation of conflict ?

    Given their MO its hardly surprising that Cameron and Blair shared the same tutor perhaps they share the same habits and will become gaily married one day.

    “David Cameron’s headmaster at Eton was Eric Anderson, who had also been Tony Blair’s housemaster at Fettes Public School, which is dubbed the Scottish Eton…”

    How odd that both Blair and Cameron seemingly turn a blind eye to child trafficking and pedophilia.

    excerpt – Source RT echoed in the Daily Mail

    Cameron has vowed an extra £10 million for non-lethal equipment and £30 million more for humanitarian assistance for Syrian people as the two politicians outlined further steps to “bring to an end the killing” of Syrian people.

    “We will double non-lethal support to the Syrian opposition in the coming year. Armored vehicles, body armor and power generators are about to be shipped,” Cameron said at the press conference after an Oval Office meeting with US president Barack Obama.

    Britain’s actions in Syria completely coincide with the US plans that the Obama administration voiced last week. Speaking after a meeting of the Syrian opposition, US Secretary of State John Kerry said the United States would double its non-lethal aid to opposition forces in Syria in the coming year bringing the total sum to $250 million.

    As for arming the Syrian opposition, Britain claims it has not “made decision to arm opposition groups in Syria”, however, Cameron said that it “is pushing for more flexibility in the EU arms embargo”.

    “What we have done is we have amended the EU arms embargo in order that we can give technical assistance and technical advice,” he said.

  5. I remember a while ago watching Hillary Clinton on television, when she was asked about the conflict in Syria and about Assad staying in power; the combination of her comment that she didn’t quite finish and the big smirk on her face gave it away, she knew they were going to take Assad down. More death and destruction on behalf of Israel.

    Perhaps Netanyahu thinks being a supposed Chosen One makes him immune from the harsh lessons Karma provides in another lifetime to help souls perfect themselves, he’s wrong.

    • Won’t be happening to the Netanyahu you see. He’s not human anyway – that’s a clone. Don’t you understand how they have taken control of the planet? Most of the political leaders we see are clones. They will do whatever their masters want.

    • I agree CoJonesGrandes. people do not understand this. Cynthia Brewers story of the Dolly –Cloning was about her DNA 1st one on the stock exchange, she shares how you can go online and purchase her DNA. All about super-soldiers created using (whom-evers DNA the controllers choose) I want to share a link hear of some research I have been reading. Chilling how deep down the rabbit hole this control, owning our birthrights go.

      First comment made to me “The people you think you know who they are, they are not who you think you see… ..” Speaking of the ones in our Government. I thought , Hummmm. Did not understand this at all. My first read was “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot. It is a Quantum Physic’s book. I was to read so I understood a little about how this Matrix we are in we call Earth works.

      Being so dumb-lacking knowledge, he wanted me to know a little about experiments done eons ago and still being done less than two hours from my home. Yep. A man thousands of miles from me, (from the U.K) had to tell me to read this book, that brought me right to my own backyard-so to speak. Some of the Project Paperclip-Gang I call them, still going strong with experimenting on humanity.

      You CoJonesGrandes hit the nail on the head. Coning is being done big scale (I think possibly these government contractor mercenaries are clones of chosen DNA’s for the ‘few’ have all of our DNA’s and know from what Universe we come from. They are more interested in certain Genomes if anyone wants to listen to Cynthia’s story (then check out her words–she uses the word Reptilian=Jew’s. She cannot use this word like many here on this site cannot share certain information. She I am sure is psychotronic-ed badly a type of torture used on those that are sharing truth of how they have been used and abused in this evil agenda the Masters of this NWO plan for the Human Race. She was even given a death certificate. Her DNA is all over the war-zones. Check her story out. Truth can only be taken in small-bites, chew it 24-26 times before you can even attempt to swallow it. Thanks for this interesting share CoJonesGrandes.

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