Bishop Richard Williamson: Boston Bombing Was Another False Flag


Martin Hill’s new piece on my interview with Bishop Williamson is getting so many reads that it overwhelmed his website. In the interest of the free flow of information, I’m republishing it here at VT.

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Bishop Richard Williamson: “Boston Bombing Was Another False Flag, Only The People Waking Up Could Possibly Save America.”


By Martin Hill –


In an extremely rare and exclusive radio interview with Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Roman Catholic Traditionalist Bishop has opened up about the controversy surrounding his holocaust comments and other issues.

Bishop Richard Williamson, formerly of the Society of St. Pius X, was on the Truth Jihad radio show along with Dr. Nick Kollerstrom on April 22. In the show description, Barrett notes “Dr. Nick Kollerstrom was expelled from his teaching post at University College of London simply for publishing a scholarly article evaluating the chemical evidence for the existence of homicidal gas chambers during World War II… He is also the author of Terror on the Tube, the best book on the 7/7 London bombings.”

The interview [show announcement here] begins with Barrett, Kollerstrom and Williamson discussing the trials that resulted from his ‘controversial’ comments regarding the alleged six-million Jews gassed in the holocaust. “Emotional truth is quite a different than historical truth,” Williamson explains. “They are not coming at it from the starting point of evidence. The starting point is quite different. Their starting point is precisely emoton. If you’re not on that emotional wavelength, if you’re not seeking emotion, if you’re not fueling on emotion – if you’re looking for evidence you’re not going to find it with the emotional people, and if they’re looking for emotion they’re not going to find it with the evidence people. We’re in two different ballgames so to speak.” [6:14]

Kollerstrom speaks on the evolving public perception and knowledge about the events of the holocaust. “Just read the comments and the majority people are skeptical. There’s a terriffic sea changing taking place, and the good Bishops remarks are part of it.” He reads a quote from an interview with Der Spiegal, in which Williamson said “Throughout my life I’ve always sought the truth. That is why I converted to Catholicism and became a priest.” Kollerstrom points out that Williamson refused to recant his views, and that the topic is “becoming a discussable issue now.”

Barrett asks Williamson if he agrees with some Muslim scholars who contend that The Zionists are the forces of antichrist. “The antichrist is on his way,” Williamson replies, “and I believe that if the Vicar of Christ on Earth, who is the Pope, if the Pope does not stick to truth but follows emotion – which I think is the case here on the basis of the evidence that I’ve seen, a Pope who follows emotion is liable to become an instrument of the antichrist because the media and the enemies of Christ- through the media the enemies of Christ dominate the emotions.” [11:36].

When examining an historical event, Williamson explains, “feelings must subordinate themselves to reason.” Kollerstrom adds “I think we need calm debate” on the matter. Williamson notes “The holocaust has shaped a whole post war world – and a post war religion has been built on it.”

Barrett asks if the holocaust religion, instead of embodying traditional religious characteristics such as humility and submission to God, is conversely characterized by “egocentric qualities and personal aggrandizement.”
Williamson replies similarly to the account he wrote which was published in the Barnes Review The fourth German showtrial against Bishop Richard Williamson (2/13/13), in which he explained “Now not only does what is known as the “Holocaust” serve as the secular religion of the New World Order (Auschwitz replaces Calvary, the gas-chambers replace the Cross of Our Lord, and the Six Million play the part of the Redeemer), but also it seems to me that the post-World War II Germans have difficulty in respecting themselves unless they are beating their breast for the alleged crimes of the Third Reich.”

“Holocaustianity is being almost designed to replace Christianity,” Williamson explains to Barrett, “and it’s been very cleverly done.”

Asked if wars and domination is the ultimate goal of the new world order, Williamson explains “the bottom line is deeper, establishing a total world view altering peoples minds; shaping peoples minds, I think is the bottom line; shaping peoples minds in view of a new world order… And one of the fruits is the possibility of attacking whichever nation one wants to attack…”

“…I think it’s religious, make no mistake, religion is deeper than politics, religion governs politics … What we’re seeing is the end of Christianity. Vatican II was like the end of the Catholic church. Now the Catholic Church will last until the end of the world. Our lord said so, so there’s no doubt about that, but the Catholic Church took a real heavy blow with Vatican II. And the result is the almost complete paralysis of the Catholic Church – and the great vacuum all ready to be filled by Communism, by Globalism, by Holocaustianity – all of these substitutes come in and the substitutes are coordinated and lined up together, to bring on the antichrist – and the total elimination of every last trace of Christ and of Christianity on earth. And the purpose of that is to send every single – immortal soul without exception down to hell… So the dimension is truly religious. And you can’t understand, you can’t understand in-depth today’s politics or today’s political scene. You can never understand it in depth politics, unless you grasp the religious dimension.”

Kollerstrom says that the untruths of 9/11 and the holocaust project the emotions of hate and fear in the people. Barrett asks Williamson “how quickly did you realize that the official story (of 9/11) wasn’t true?” Williamson replies “I remember writing about 9/11 in October 2001,” and says he mentioned other false flags such as the Maine, Pearl Harbor, etc. Dr. Nick points out a passage Williamson wrote at the time: “Politically, behind the Arab terrorists are most likely the would be architects of the new world order,” particularly Judeo-Masonic elements. Bishop Williamson notes that he first swallowed the lie about it being Arab terrorists, but that “now I absolutely don’t think it was Arab terrorists. I think it was purely agents of the inside job.”

Williamson continues, “Yes, well I’ve been on the track of the – for religious reasons, purely religious reasons I’ve been on the track of these agents of the antichrist for quite a long time. And because by the grace of God I love the truth. That’s really what it is. And I don’t like being fed lies. I don’t like lies, it’s – there it is. I may have to suffer the consequences, but there it is.”

Barrett notes “It’s striking to me,” that traditional Catholics such as Williamson and Michael Hoffman “who actually seem to be more closely attuned to reality, empirical and historical reality. That’s quite shocking to me. Any comment on that?”

Williamson responds “Look- Our Divine Lord is the way the truth and the life, He says. So His servants should darn well be servants of the way, servants of the truth, and servants of the life. Our lord never remotely told a lie, nor did He like liars obviously. And His servants should be the same. And there’s an awful lot of liars flying around today and we are drowning – we are swimming and drowning in a world of lies. And the latest lies are flying around about the Boston killing- you know the Boston explosions. It really seems that that’s another false flag attack. Another inside job. It bears all the hallmarks. Or it bears a number of the hallmarks of an insider job.”

Barrett asks “Do you think these people are actually intentionally letting us know that they’re inside jobs? Because it seems as if they’re not even trying to cover their tracks very hard.”

Williamson responds, “Well, I was looking at Alex Jones briefly, I came across it today, somebody sent a reference by email; and he says that they’ve sort of blundered. He’s sort of saying that this time they’ve failed to cover their tracks in the way they usually do. So, I don’t remember all the exact details but he’s really astonished at just what a blunder they’ve made this time. So, and he says they’re now in chaos, they don’t know what to do now to cover up, they’ve had to change their story and so on, and so on, and so on. I don’t know the details but it really bears all the hallmarks of another great lie. And I’m afraid that thanks to the media, the mass of people are gonna swallow it. Actually, God bless the people, they’re getting wise to these false flag attacks, and they’re not liking being lied to! But the people need to wake up. The American people have got to wake up. Otherwise, America is gone. Only the people waking up could possibly save America.”

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Martin Hill is a Catholic paleoconservative and civil rights advocate. His work has been featured in the Los Angeles Daily News, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Contra Costa Times, Pasadena Star News, Silicon Valley Mercury News, Long Beach Press Telegram, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, L.A. Harbor Daily Breeze, Whittier Daily News,, WhatReallyHappened, Infowars, PrisonPlanet, Economic Policy Journal, FreedomsPhoenix, Veterans Today,, The Wayne Madsen Report,, Rense,,, The Dr. Katherine Albrecht Show, Jonathan Turley blog, National Motorists Association,, Republic Broadcasting Network, WorldNetDaily, Dr. Kevin Barret’s Truth Jihad radio show, The Orange County Register, KNBC4 Los Angeles, Los Angeles Catholic Lay Mission Newspaper, KFI 640, The Press Enterprise, Redlands Daily Facts, BlackBoxVoting, Strike-The-Root, David Icke, and many others. Archives can be found at and DontWakeMeUp.Org.

Truth Jihad Radio with Bishop Richard Williamson, Dr. Nick Kollerstrom


First hour: Conservative Catholic icon Bishop Richard Williamson, who spoke out for 9/11 truth before I did (2002) will join me – along with Ph.D. History of Science chemistry specialist, Dr. Nick Kollerstrom, author of the new article Bishop Williamson Vindicated, then Ousted. Both Bishop Williamson and Dr. Kollerstrom have been viciously and mindlessly persecuted by fanatical adherents of Holocaustianity – the religion that has replaced both Christianity and Judaism and now reigns supreme over the Western world, and has launched a murderous crusade aimed at destroying the last vestiges of monotheism in the Middle East. Holocaustianity even has its own Ten Commandments! (As Voltaire said, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” And to learn what a society holds sacred, simply find out what people are not allowed to question; that is the sacred dogma of their real religion.)

Bishop Richard Williamson was expelled from the United States in 2002 (by his own Catholic order) for publicly stating that 9/11 was an inside job. Later that year, he was entrapped by a German interviewer into admitting: “I believe up to 300,000 Jews perished in Nazi concentration camps but not one of them by gassing in a gas chamber.” Those remarks led to expulsion, reinstatement, re-expulsion, criminal prosecution, acquittal, more prosecution…all for the crime of expressing a considered scholarly opinion about a historical event! Today, you can call yourself a “Christian” and believe any damn thing you want – the local Unitarian minister here in Madison, Wisconsin is an avowed atheist – but if you question Holocaustian-fundamentalist dogma, “expect the Spanish Inquisition.”

Dr. Nick Kollerstrom was expelled from his teaching post at University College of London simply for publishing a scholarly article evaluating the chemical evidence for the existence of homicidal gas chambers during World War II. Those who expelled him threw in gratuitous insults, but refused to make even the slightest effort to dispute the facts as laid out in the offending article. Dr. Kollerstrom is also the author of Terror on the Tube, the best book on the 7/7 London bombings.


  1. The Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack-Inside Job, with the Tsarnaev Bros. as patsies, is a carbon copy of the 1980 October Munich Beer Festival Terror Attack, where 13 people lost their lives and over 200 were injured, many with amputated limb, among them many were children.

    The German Official investigation put the blame on right wing extremists, the Neonazi Wehrsportgruppe Hoffman, whose leader, Gundolf Köhler (together with Karl-Heinz Hoffman), was identified and held responsible for the attack. He died when the bomb exploded.

    Now Andreas Kramer, a German historian, has stepped forward with the real story, after his father recently died. He says that “his father, Johannes Kramer was at that time working for the the BND, was in put in charge as coordinator by the ACC (Allied Clandestine Commission) of the OTAN as operative of Gladio-Stay Behind Terror Ops in Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium”.

    He further said that his father had confided in him that he together with others from the BND have planned the terrorist attack, that his father had infiltrated the Neonazi Wehrsportgruppe Hoffman, to recruit the patsy Köhler.

    The declarations of Andreas Kramer have stunned-shocked the German people and put many German Officials nervous, especially the Office of the District Attorney in Munich.

    Seems that what happened in Boston is a replay of the staged 1980 Munich Induced False Flag Terrorist Attack, to trigger a specific response from Govt. and to mislead the general public.

    • That is very interesting Ken, I had never run across that. However I expect the submarines to continue heading south.

      You might be right about Boston, but it doesn’t make sense to me that a guy who is married into the Russell Trust, deep to membership in skull and bones, forming the Jehovah wintesses and mormonism etc etc, have family members who were CIA, married to daughters of CIA would be any type fall guy. There are lots of patsies who could play this role. I mean Tamerlan has a child with a girl who is in the Russell trust. You can’t recruit people if they are going to rubbed out like this.

      The only way this makes sense to me is if both those guys are not dead and are on their way someplace else. Not that would make sense. Personally I will need some photos of the bodies and confessions of zohar on TV witnessed by people who have some credibility left.

    • The main stream media have kept a tab on the NEWS. Seems the Munich District Attorney is not even interested in talking to Andreas Kramer about such breaking revelations regarding who was behind the Horror of Munich in 1980, to get to the bottom of this case. After all, relatives of the slain people have been all the time asking for a thorough investigation and demanding to know the TRUTH.

      The story was run by/in “La Vanguardia”, a Spanish Newsletter, I get daily in my mail to keep my Spanish functional and be informed, on May 11th.2013 *****

      About the seemingly illogical sacrifice of the Tsarnaev Bros., especially the well connected elder Tamerlan, history and past False Flags Ops consistently show that the Zion Talmudic Mafia & its NeoCons Sayanim have never hesitated to do so.

      They have no respect for human life whatsoever, only the END OBJECTIVE matters. They staged the events that led to WW I – WW II, killed more than 3000 innocent people on US soil on 9/11, Larry Silverstein got even billionaire from it… They killed Millions in Afghanistan-Irak-Syria, Bombed their own Embassy and AMIA (Jewish Association in Argentina HQ) in Buenos Aires. They attacked the USS LIBERTY, with napalm bombs, torpedoes and high caliber rounds, killed 34 seamen and maimed 137 of her crew, including her Captain, They did assassinate JFK, his Bro. Robert and possibly Jon Jon Kennedy.

      Now the same Mafia is working hard to get us involved in war against Syria and Iran.

      Tarmerlan and his younger brother were useful fools-patsies and as such extendibles as any.

    • Please read NATO instead of OTAN in my first post. I do not intend to say that the Tsarnaev Bros. are guilty for planting the bomb(s). Only a serious-transparent investigation can explain what really happened and whether they did it or not. They were present on the scene, singled out from the pictures caught on camera and targeted for killing. That much I have understood from the info in VT and comments. By experience. I do know that we will NEVER get to know the truth, when staged events with political motives are involved.

  2. What an insane article and some of the comments.
    No not 6 million Jews were gassed, they were killed in many different ways.
    Just like many other people who were imprisoned in those dreadful camps.
    How much did the Catholic church hide in their involvement during WWII?
    Would be nice to get into their secret vaults with all their hidden documents.
    The brainwashing of the Catholic church still going on in Sout Africa and other under developed nations.
    Just like in the Islam world, when people are illiterate you can convince them of a lot of crazy things.
    But than you have the educated Jews, who stil believe in their Talmud written a couple of thousand years
    ago. Still believing in some of the insanity written in their holy book.
    All these so called Holy Books, full of hate, violence and killing. People are so dumb just to take the nice
    part out and act like the other does not exists.
    Looks like right now a full religious war is in the making in the middle east.
    And the so called, chosen people, I guess only the Jewish people believe that, are jumping right into the fire.
    I just hope that the West will keep a cool head and stay out.
    It is already bad enough that radicaliste kids who were living in the West have gone over their to fight that
    Insane battle between religions. How will they be when they return to the West? May be better for the West if they get killed over there? Sad to say something like that. But some European countries are keeping a close watch on them, if they reurn, several already have been killed.
    Israel lighted that fire, let them distinguish it them selves.
    If the United States is that dumb to get involved, only send Israeli soldiers.
    I don’t know what kind of kool-aid this bishop Williamson has been drinking.
    Many of these people here with their comments too.
    World WarII, for me still a bad nightmare, finally we were free, tulips to the Canadian soldiers, in return a piece of chocolate and gum. How sweet that was.

    • Continue on Maria, people are run out of countries, lose their teaching jobs and are imprisoned so you can have these infantile views of history drummed into your head by the electronic ministry of truth. (teevee).

      What about 66 million russians killed?

      [1983] THE SECRET HOLOCAUST By Eustace Mullins “The orgy of murder, torture and pillage which followed the Jewish triumph in Russia has never been equalled in the history of the world… Christians were dragged from their beds, tortured and killed. Some were actually sliced to pieces, bit by bit, while others were branded with hot irons, their eyes poked out to induce unbearable pain….Some were nailed to the ceiling by their fingers or by their feet, and left hanging until they died of exhaustion….Others were chained to the floor and hot lead poured into their mouths. Many were tied to horses and dragged through the streets of the city, while the mob attacked them with rocks and kicked them to death.” …Pregnant Christian women were chained to trees and their babies cut out of their bodies.”

      Hitler in fact received financing from no other than Prescott Bush, the Harriman Brothers, Rothschilds, Kuhn Loeb and other syndicates. In fact Prescott Bush of the Bush dynasty had his property seized under the trading with the enemy act. The Union Banking Corporation was taken over. The Rothschilds owned the newspapers in Germany at this time, they financed the American Rockefeller group and all news in Germany and the United States was controlled by them. If you think a penniless Austrian farm boy suddenly took them down, sit down and let your head clear a bit.

      Hitler was a Rothschild

    • The garden variety American is so difficult to reach having spent many years having their belief system molded by television, the electronic ministry of truth. They live in a grey world of liberal vs conservative infantilism. For many it is supplemented by the occasional magazine at the doctor’s office while they wait for the antidepressant prescription. After many years of being subjected to this they actually feel they understand something. It has become what psychologist Frantz Fanon would term their core belief system.

      It would be impossible to convince them they have been subjected to the most petty propaganda for decades and actually believed it. They will cling to the most base schizophrenic and irrational beliefs in order to protect the core belief system they have fashioned over the years. To do otherwise would result in cognitive dissonance.

      If their psychological masters had wanted to believe 660 billion had been cremated in 6 weeks in Berlin they would insist that is the case. After thousands of conversations with relatives and friends concerning the subject, it has become part of them, it is part of the core belief and all new evidence must be totally rejected at all costs because their human voice and thought processes were squelched so long ago. They are now part of a new religion called the church of the evening news.

      Many of them actually believe that more upwardly mobile, economically successful types are God’s chosen people. If a new race was discovered on mars, you could probably convince them the same and substitute one for the other with a few TV broadcasts or sermons. These hopeless victims of mental illness actually view themselves to be normal.

      It is no measure of success to be well adjusted to a fundamentally sick society.

  3. Jesus never lied? What about that whopper when he said to his wife (the church) that he was going to the quick pic to get a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine, and a pack of Camels. He must have walked more than a mile for the Camels because that was 2000 years ago. Did he ever return? No he never returned. He’s with Charlie on the MTA.
    He left the church and all its children which makes him a deadbeat dad.


  4. You were doing well, Kevin, until just after the interview when you started equivocating.

    Join the Dark Side, Kevin. Read Barb Kaluska’s book on the Zundel False News trial, and wonder why it is that “they” put this man in solitary confinement in a Canadian jail for 2 years and then deported him on “secret evidence”.

    Learn to embrace the term HolyCo$t, which is exactly the psuedo-religious event that your guests were describing. 🙂

  5. M.C. Farrell up in FB; wake up and smell the coffee..The holohoax has been disproved nine ways to sunday…”the camps” were much like the camps that we set up for Japanese americans..a place to centralize and monitor likely enemies of the state..and most of the deaths in the camps occurred towards the end with the bombing of the infrastructure and subsequent starvation..EVERYBODY was hungry..In our case the camps were pretty unjust…less so in the case of Germany…The World Zionist Congress declared war on Germany in 1933 making their people an enemy state within a state….doing their people no favor in the process…by design, of course…it was already fairly well known throughout europe that the “Russian Revolution” was really the JudeoBolshevik takeover of Russia…and that the Jews were largely behind all communist revolutionary activity in E. and c. Europe making them pro-Soviet…
    As far as Bp Williamson’s departure fm the SSPX seminary in Winona, Minn in ’03…I was always quite puzzled by that; the seminary by all indications was a success under him…holy priests were undoubtedly formed by him there…So why do you send him to argentina? The good bishop speaks Eng/Germ/Span/Fr…but your native tongue is always easier…It’s becoming obvious that Bp fellay, the Superior General of the SSPX, and those around him have no love of the truth…They’re interested in selling “smells and bells and pretty sounding Latin” and getting money fm the Jaidhofer Foundation through Bp Fellay’s zionist lawyer Max Krah….Fellay, Fr. Pfluger, Fr Neely…they all have to go…They’ve done enough damage to the for more sermons on the crisis in the SSPX..or

    • So Farrell you believe the lies about the Inquisition? You’re ashamed of the Legion of decency? You don’t believe in the Social Reign of Christ the King through the teaching authority of His Church?

  6. ——While the Israeli Zionists try to start WW-3, and destroy Christianity—- the Entire World currently is working against them—-like never before—-


    ____On haaretz Israel newspaper, “Netanyahu said 9/11 terror attacks was good for Israel”.

    ——-A renowned Japanese seismologist arguing that the March 11, 2011 nuclear and tsunami was a man made and terror attack against Japan, according to his findings.

    ___Those of you Christians, who believe your religion has any connection to Judaism in any shape or form, maybe if you hear it from the “Horses Mouth” hopefully you will be able to educate yourselves and think again. _____ RABBI Shmuley Boteach, who run for Congress–2012 (R-NJ-9th District) & LOST (like everyone else that the Israeli Zionist/Las Vegas-Mafia “Sheldon Adelson” supported, except one).————Boteach, said…In his book “Kosher Jesus”, he wants Christians to understand….. —————–“Jesus was not God” but “a nice loyal Jewish boy.”

    1.0 out of 5 stars A bridge for whom to where?, July 18, 2012 —THE BEST ANSWER TO THE BOOK
    By Casi Dougal (Boise, ID)—This review is from: Kosher Jesus (Hardcover) “—–The jacket of this books states, “Kosher Jesus sets the stage for Jews and Christians to bridge their differences and come together . . .”——What if I was to tell you that I, a Christian, was writing a book for a Jewish audience with the same intent.”

    —–By Dr. Ken Matto—–“Preachers like John Hagee and the free-will, Pro-Israel church people have been duped by their pastors and radio preachers to believe that the Jews are God’s “chosen people.” That term was started by a Presbyterian Laymen in 1956 (Read Prophecy and Politics by Grace Halsell) and it is not a biblical statement or fact.
    —-The problem is that if someone opposes a Jew on anything whether they are saved or not, is labeled Anti-Semitic and quite frankly I am sick of seeing doltish Christians defend the enemies of Christ (and all unsaved are) against other Christians.
    —-The greatest source of lies and deceit are found in prophecy books written by preachers who are so entwined with Zionist politics and the Zionist Lobby that they have completely lost their ability to discern truth. Yet, Christians buy these Hollywood-style scripts by the millions and then interpret the Bible according to them.”

    —-President Abbas of Palestine was the first to be invited by the President of China and being promised among other things that the peace treaty will include the 67 boarder———–Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has been summoned to China to explain himself on many issues, not by the President, but by PM. Currently in Russia he has been asked about his involvement in Syria.

    —-The Jewish World Congress for the first time had their annual meeting outside of Israel in Hungary which drew a big demonstration. —The leader of the group said “The rest of Europe can lick their feet, but Hungary will never do it. In fact, since they are a security risk for our country, we are working on a referendum to make sure they do not work in our government.”

    —The Zionist, not only hijacked the “Word Semite to apply ONLY to Israelis,” but also they are wasting “our tax dollars” by instructing those USA universities in the Northeast Corridor to change history so it will only apply to Israelis. ______ When the Zionists CRY OUT “ANTI-SEMITE,” which “GROUP OF PEOPLE” are they talking about, since “ISRAELIS ARE NOT,” the only people “WHO ARE SEMITES”?
    — SEMITE—Ethnicity—-A member of any group of peoples of ancient middle East, the entire Arabian Peninsula, Southeast/Southwest Asia and beyond, including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs.—SEMITIC—–language family—A sub-family of the Afro-Asiatic language family that includes Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, and Amharic.

    —-While Israel the #1 Spy & Currency Manipulator in USA THAN CHINA, to have a man like Michael Chertoff—-with dual citizenship (Israeli-American) a Head of Homeland security with Top Security Clearance, if that was not enough, after he left his post to use his security company for the entire USA Airports is unbelievable

    • Powerfully written comment Dublinmick. Thanks. I knew about Hitler being a Rothschild. I will check out your link tho for information is powerful to help connect those dots. I am having to de-program my Rothschild-social engineered self one layer of conditioning and indoctrination at a time. Also the organized religion which I was saving sinners for over 60 Years. Hoodwinked of the finest proportions.

      This VT site I joined to learn what is going on and to join in sharing truths I have come by on this journey. Writers like Michael Shrimpton made me want to puke. But I just read who he really is and from whence he comes. What is his agenda and conditoning here on the Verters Today site? I find very much contradiction lies and more lies within these people I thought would be sharing some truths.

      This William

    • 🙂 This Bishop Richard Williamson, who does he really work for? I am very lacking on the Jewish and Middle East history’s. Lack of proper education keeping me as dumb as a wooden nickle. I have had to research a whole lot to even practice-trying to verbalize things I wish to understand better. People like this Bishop confuse me because so many lies, mis, dis, ‘mal’ information I drown in what is truth. Honing my instincts and intuitions a daily challenge.

      I have just read ProtectUSA1st comment and I feel his message(s) are truth. Comments such as yours and ProtectUSA1st ‘s shares of wisdom help me grow and expand from the toddler I was at the beginning of my awakening journey Jan.9, 2009 it began all stops-pulled out like on an organ. I was raring to go forward and learn how I have been hoodwinked all my life even down to the most sacred of my life and that was my religion. (Baptist) Well removing those beliefs and constructs have been a challenge, but a challenge is made to move through and grow and learn from your research.

      Thank you all here that share truth and not some of the things written on this site of “I can not believe this is truth from the type Veterans which I personally know and now know what they were part of.” Truth does not seem to come out here very often and these comments you and ProtectUSA wrote I thank you for so much.

      I now get more wisdom reading the rest of the comments. Want to know more of why this Bishop Williamson article was shared and how others think about its being here. There is some conditioning going on here and I want to know all I can to understand the pushing their articles here on the VT’s site. 🙂

    • Bp Williamson was one of the four bishops consecrated by ArchBp LeFebvre…Who many call the St. Athanasius of our time…He’s been expelled fm the SSPX by the corrupted Superior General Bp Bernard Fellay…Once again the enemy has worked hard to put a ” weak link ” in charge of a good organization…The enemy uses their money power to intertwine themselves and corrupt…
      Right now Bp williamson is allied with the priests of “the Holy Resistance:, as i call them, to save the SSPX….More info at the links already supplied.

    • What simply written information here ProtectUSA1st blog. You covered so many areas of the Jewish involvement and how the use of the term “Jewish” can really confuse people such as me coming from organized religion. We worshiped the Jews because they were OMG gods chosen people. (Later I ask myself, why would my creator-god chose one of his kids as a fave”? I would hate my parent for choosing one of my sisters and/or bro over me. Could not ask my mother such a question, I would be slapped into submission, of what she believe as her truth. Yep( Powerful indoctrination. Generational Bull shiiiite baggage I am deprogramming/detaching from. )

      Thanks for the explaining of that word Semite= ethnicity. I believe one of the biggest branding of words for a certain purpose. (Confuses x-Christian’s) I remember hearing a translation from a lady (prime minister) she appeared to be laughing as she told how we here in the states when wanting to stir the pot of controversy speaking bad of Israel the USA uses the holocaust keeping anyone from saying anything against the State we know as Israel. (yep God’s chosen one’s we heard those words in our religion daily) And if we want to tell truths of what the Jewish-state called Israel that is not a safe haven for the Jew’s (the people that were kicked off this land I understand to be the Palestinians) I wonder how some party(s) in the British Parliament could write up a contract with these people that live in Israel (that are not true Jews I understand) I was sent these documents read them and saw the signature(s) on these ‘British papers signed by Churchill’ and his cronies”. Working hand in hand for this Israel State being set up. Taking this land not Britian’s to give to someone else.’Giving it to the mafia-cartel, drug trafficking, Women and child slavery sexual and torture beyond measure all over the globe) Genocides, pushing people of Palestine from their homeland taking all their land and possessions. Pure evil move.

      So when I listened to the Prime Minister of Israel joking about the use of the Holocaust and Crying our Anti-Semite like it was a big private joke, not knowing it was spreading over youtube, it made me very angry. We are hand in hand with the devil-Israel. waiting for any corrections. I do misunderstand many things but I want to learn and love your powerful share of wisdom here.

      Correct me if my understanding(s) are wrong. This information is all so new to me and with lack of proper English grammar I do sound a bit muddled-as my U.K. teacher guide has had to deal with. :-)) I now read on. 🙂

      Hummm Kevin Barrett where is your article? Maybe I am blind. Sharing a Priest’s words not my choice to read he still is connected with the child-molester gang. Who REALLY is this Bishop Richard Williamson? No wonder I am so confused on this awakening from the religious-hoodwinked state. Please bear with me. Ok.

  7. I subscribed to Bishop Williamson’s newsletter after reading the May 11th one. I was dismayed by Vatican II and attempted to continue attendance at Latin Masses in Springfield Missouri but experienced such sadness and loneliness I gave it up.

    • Don’t give up..the Sacraments are important…was it an SSPX chapel? Or Indult Latin Mass offered by the FSSP? Occasionally try to go to a “Resistance Mass” offered by Fr. Pfeiffer or Fr. Hewko..God bless them, they’re battling the Fellay/Pfluger/Krah regime in Menzingen… for Mass details or also for info about the crisis in the SSPX….

  8. He must have been ready to retire, everybody knows you had best keep your mouth shut in merry olde England these days are you are going down the tubes.

  9. Subscribed to Bishop Williamson’s blog, and donated via Paypal. The good father is not going to be popular with the Zionists – no more than the Gibsons I expect.

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