Is it Nakba Time for Zionism?



   … by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor      … with Press TV

–  First published May 16th, 2013  –


“Truth is heavy, therefore few care to carry it”... the Talmud

“The real problem in America is not so much what people don’t know but, rather, what they’re sure they know that just ain’t so.” … Will Rogers

Nakba for Zionism?

The corpses of the Dier Yassin massacre
The 65th celebration of the ‘Independence of Israel’ and the corresponding annual Nakba commemoration provide an obvious platform for turning Israel inside out if you add one more ingredient. When President Ahmadinejad was maliciously misquoted in his comment of ‘erasing the Zionist regime from the sands of time’, as ‘wiping Israel off the map’, most of the world was appalled.

It was of course a psy ops Intel coup. But a correction has never been forthcoming which shows the contempt corporate media as for its audience.

President Ahmadinejad – Iran

The time could not be more perfect to start the discussion of how to Nakba the militant Zionists out of Israel. The CIA released a long term study a few years ago where they also concluded that Israel, in its present political form as a racist occupation state, would not exist in twenty years. The story on the report died after one day.

And we have another big factor in play, a derivative of one anyway. The US and the West now operate under the NeoCon 9-11 coup new defense policy of using pre-emptive strikes to eliminate ‘future’ threats.

That, by default, gives the rest of us the right to preemptively attack anyone who is without a doubt, a threat now. Israel comes to mind for some reason.

The Israelis just used the first airborne nuclear weapon on Damascus and Germany delivered their new nuclear sub with one of the missile tubes reconfigured to take a large missile. I will let you guess what that would be for.

They also invaded Syria with their mobile howitzers to shell the Damascus army base before the bunker buster was dropped, where we have all seen the video.

And lastly, regime change is certainly the foreign policy de jour for the 21st century. So why not give the radical Zionists their due? They have worked so hard for it that it seems only fair. What is good for the goose should be good for the gander, right?

Israeli Dolphin class missile tubes (under construction). Notice the enlarged ones on the left for something special.

We find Syria in the cross hairs for threat elimination, which has not worked very well, threatening to blow up the region. The hyped Iran threat, (yes… everybody knows it’s hyped) has backfired because they worked hard to increase their pre-emptive strike defenses to the point of being one of the more secure countries in the Mid East. And they may soon be offering an umbrella of protection for some of their neighbors.

I can now shift gears from my intro to cover some of the highlights of why doing a Nakba on the Likudites would be good for the whole world. Let’s start with the Zionists long history of terrorism, including some of the lesser known nasties to show how deep the wicked roots go.

Count Folke Bernadotte
One of the most memorablewas the assassination of UN mediator Count Folke Bernadotte by the Stern Gang. Terrorism was the forge from which many Israeli leaders were birthed, like Yitzhak Shamir for approving this killing.

Despite Bernadotte’s extensive Red Cross work during WWII, which included rescuing Jews from camps at the end of the war, he made the fatal error of planning to insist that the UN block arms flows into Palestine because they were feeding the conflict, and to allow the return of the Arab refugees to their homes.

For this he received a sentence of death. Yehoshua Cohen was the shooter. He went on to be David Ben-Gurion’s bodyguard and close confidant. Did Ben-Gurion know? Of course he did. Israeli terrorists have always been celebrities there.

Bernadotte, the future threat, wrote from the island of Rhodes, July 23rd, 1948: “It is my firm conviction that all activities founded on love and charity have great possibilities for bridging the gap caused by hatred and misunderstanding now prevalent between nations in the shadow of the Second World War. Let mercy speak instead of arms.”

My favorite declassified American Intel document is the March 1948 Joint Chiefs of Staff paper on Force Requirements for Palestine, anticipating the termination of the British Mandate which predicted that the Zionist strategy would seek to involve [the United States] in continuously widening and deepening series of operations intended to secure maximum objectives:

a) initial sovereignty over a portion of Palestine,

b) acceptance by the great powers of the right to unlimited immigration,

c) the extension of sovereignty over all of Palestine,

d) the expansion of Eretz Israel into Transjordan and into portions of Lebanon and Syria, and

e) the establishment of military and economic hegemony over the entire Mid East.

The JCS paper added ominously: All stages of this program are equally sacred to the fanatical concepts of leaders. The program is opening admitted by same leaders, and has been privately admitted to United States officials.

The first declassified material on what Americans were never told about Israel

This information was classified and hidden from the American people until the Freedom of Information Act was passed. Steven Green was the first writer to dig into these archives for this ground breaking book, Taking Sides in 1984.

When I first interviewed him ten years ago he told me his biggest challenge was reducing all the material he had found to just one book because he could have written ten. Someone needs to do the other nine some day.

This JSC report sounds like a pretty clear early Nakba plan to me and history shows the Zios are still working on it. Why is this constant threat tolerated?

Why do free and allegedly democratic Western countries still provide not only political cover for Israel, but military and financial as well, out of the mouths of their own people?

One of the worst and most hidden stories of Zionist terrorism is that which they inflicted upon the defenseless Displaced Persons (DPs) in their transition camps after WWII.

British General Sir Frederick Morgan had been chief of staff to the Supreme Allied Commander prior to the Normandy invasion and as such oversaw all logistics preparations. His stellar performance had him at the top of the list for organizing the care for the huge numbers of DPs that had flooded Europe at the end of the war.

Gen. Fredrick Morgan celebrating the German surrender with Ike and top brass

In his 1961 book Peace and War he describes how the Zionists took over the Jewish DP camps and ran them like gangsters. They preyed on the hapless camp victims to find those with talents were needed in the coming war to drive the Arabs out of Palestine.

For those with key talents like mechanics, especially aircraft mechanics, invitations were spiced with beatings and threats of death. And yes, they resorted to literally shanghaiing young men of military age.

General Morgan was getting all of these reports through Allied intelligence weekly reports. Steven Green’s book found corroboration in the declassified American Military Intel:

General Morgan

By controlling the [camp] police, a small, unscrupulous group of determined people [Zionists] can impose their will on a peaceful and inarticulate majority:

it is done by threats, and intimidations, by violence and if need be by bloodshed… they have embarked upon a course of violence within the camps…

Irgun recruiters beat some of those who refused to “volunteer” to fight the Arabs in Palestine, and others were threatened with death if they refused to go…the Haganah was adopting violent tactics similar to those of the Irgun… Jewish victims of Nazi terror again were forced to flee friends and family, to escape Zionist terror…

By mid-year, what the OMGUS reports describe as “terrorist tactics” had become standard operating procedures for the recruiters from both the Haganah and the Irgun…

As for stealing money, nothing was sacrosanct. The United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Association was looted on a scale unimaginable. Morgan’s dealings with the Agency’s accountant revealed the poor panicked man was able to account for only $23 million out of the $2.9 billion subscribed.

UNRRA – Sack Cloth Kids

Some of the funds were being looted wholesale to purchase arms and equipment for the Zionists. Waves of two bit hustlers with political connections flooded into the UNRRA to grab all they could while it was available.

The Soviets even got into the act working with the Zionists to extort DPs, wanting them to go to Western countries to be spies with their families back home being hostages.

In return the Soviets assisted the Zios in fighting the British to get them out of Palestine.

And lastly American political corruption also put its face in the greed trough. New York City Mayor Fiorello La Guardia, a notoriously corruption politician and a major Zionist booster, took over as director of the UNRRA.

General Morgan reports that La Guardia blackmailed Tito to work closely with the Soviets on staging Zionist training bases in his country, far from the prying eyes of UN inspectors.

If Tito had refused, La Guardia threatened to block Yugoslavia rehab funds. The Mayor also made sure that he went home with his personal campaign coffers stuffed full.

I will close by asking if you think much has changed since these early days. Isn’t 65 years too long to let this continue on? Now you know why so much of this had been classified… to hide it from the people who have been paying for it. Let me know what you think in the comments.



  1. As for Gilad Atzmon, I don’t follow him much as I consider jazz to be noise. I do read Rense, Michael Rivero, Israel Shamir and Henry Makow sometimes but then again they are all Jewish and there seems to be a lot of gatekeeping. Makow is seems more concerned with keeping the Jewish fifth column, Christianity in tack by telling woman how things should be, all the while insisting Putin is one of them and all the bases are covered, just give up goy. I tend to lean more toward sites like, Kenny’s Side Show, Smoke and Mirrors etc myself.

    Now as for Jews not being a race, well yeah partially true but they are considered part of a certain genetic strain or blood grouping and that happens to be Haplogroup E1b1b (Y-DNA)

    I have read Michael Brady, Jewish scholar Stan Gooch has written extensively on the Neanderthal origins of today’s people known as “the Jews.”, Arthur Koestler, the jew who wrote the thirteenth tribe, Carto’s revenge of the neanderthal in the Barnes Review. Too make a long story short, they all detail more or less an ongoing competition between Cro-Magnon of the I-dna haplogroup and Neanderthal man.

    It is also a blood grouping prominent in royal families and they tell us it is royal blood. Yes the queen is partially khazar and many of the rest of them are. In fact both Hitler and Napoleon belonged to this blood grouping.

    Haplogroup E1b1b (Y-DNA) is the means by which Jews in Japan recognize each other according to researcher Arimasa Kubo . Briefly according to him they took the silk road after confrontations with Alexander the Great who tried to surround them and then confronting Ghenghis Khan. Many fled north to Poland and eastern Europe. According to him they formed Shinto Buddhism in Japan which is like Judaism even down to the sacrifice pole where they slay 75 deer and use a sea shell for a shofar as there are no rams in Japan. The seal of Jerusalem is on the Japanese palace also, and they are guarded with men in baclavs, just as the Wahhabbi Sauds are. Yes we all know they were planted in Saudi Arabia by the crown by a British soldier named David Shakespeare.

    In the book on theDonmeh , D. Mustafa Turan writes that Wahhab’s grandfather, Tjen Sulayman, was actually Tjen Shulman, a crown import of Basra, Iraq. Origin of the Saudi Wahhabis, Rifat Salim Kabar reveals that Shulman eventually settled in the Hejaz, in the village of al-Ayniyah what is now Saudi Arabia, where his grandson founded the Wahhabi sect of Islam. The Iraqi intelligence report states that Shulman had been banished from Damascus, Cairo, and Mecca for his “quackery.” In the village, Shulman sired Abdul Wahhab. Abdel Wahhab’s son, Muhammad, founded modern Wahhabism. King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud, the first Saudi monarch, was descended from Mordechai bin Ibrahim bin Moishe and he was brought to the throne by “David Shakespeare” Yeah you guessed it, a British officer.
    Various graphs show this blood grouping as being most predominate in the caucasus and north Africa. It reaches to the Basques in Spain, the only group which still speaks it’s own neolithic language. Rhesus-negative blood factor is most prevalent where Haplogroup E1b1b (Y-DNA) predominates so there is a connection here.

    RH negative factor has to be a mutation or points out descendants from a different family tree. Negative blood types cannot be cloned. (Cro-Magnon) has inherited its genetic material exclusively through females with a Neanderthal father, and some 7 percent of Germans carry traces of this blood type, which is not their primary building block. We are learning many things with the study of the genome.
    Jean-Paul Mulders managed to get DNA from relatives of Hitler in Austria and the United States.” Genetic tests were performed by Ronny Decorte, genetics expert at katholieke Universiteit Leuven on Hitler’s current living relatives and Der Fuhrer would not have been a happy camper. There is a plethora of information also that indicates he indeed was a Rothschild.

    Hitler’s step brother Alois Hitler ended up in Dublin where he was married to an Irish woman. The story goes their son William “Paddy” Hitler tried to blackmail Der Fuhrer and tell everyone he was the son of a Jewish “merchant”.

    In fact as far as the royal family goes, I would suggest reading the interview Jim Fetzer did with Greg Hallett, the spymaster. It is too sordid to go into detail on here but is an eye opener. Clinton as Churchill’s son was a show stopper. Hitler was one of them and a Rothschild. When Nathan paid off the crowns debts, he got breeding rights. I won’t leave any links as I have ironed it out with Jim Dean to leave as few as possbile. A link would have certainly been easier than all of this however.

    So in effect, yes Jews may not be a race per se, but they are safe guarding a certain genome feature by which they identify themselves and certain neolithic genetic stock, keeping the group in tact with enough funds to enjoy the fruit of the earth and maintain a certain power balance.

  2. shachalnur
    “You make some very interesting statements.

    You don’t hear about this because zionists don’t like this narrative,and “jew haters” don’t want to hear it either.

    But not everybody is like Gilad Atzmon,who obviously has an axe to grind with Judaism,and dedicate their life hating Jews and themselves.

    And no, Jews are not a race, they are a political party and crime syndicate hiding behind a contrived “religion.” It has NOTHING to do with ethnicity.”

    I am just a simple goy but maybe you can help me out. you say that Judaism will be wine and roses once we get away from zionism, however there seems to always been friction between jews and the locals. judaism seems from what I read and what jews themselves tell me, not to believe in an after life but is solely about the propagation of the ethnic group and the success thereof. It differs from most every religion in that respect and most of them in fact believe in reincarnation. Christianity did also at one time before that was eliminated by Constantine.

    I have read the Babylonian Talmud, the Talmud of Emanuel, the Protocols etc. Is it just the Torah that is against raping goyim 3 year olds and referring to goyim as cattle or does it call for this also? Now the Kol Nidre, the prayer Jews utter yearly when they are absolved for lying to the goy all year with a big back slapping party where they drink manishevitz and bust a few glasses, is that torah or talmud? Help me out here. When Begin goes before the Knessett and talks of goys licking their boots when the new world government is established, is that Talmud or Torah? Many jewish holidays are about the slaughter of other ethnic groups. This kind of sends up a red flag, doncha think?

    Frankly when Jews own most large industries, oil, defense, auto manufacturing, publishing, media, political pacs with any money and things are going the way they are who can blame many people for maybe thinking it is time to complain to the management? We see Dianne Frankenstein talking about she wants every firearrm, Boomberg with stop and frisk etc, it just looks bad. Are they just a few bad apples? We don’t see many Jews complaining about it. What we see is thousands of them on the net trying to imply that the president is a moslem when most people with a room temperature I.Q., knows his mother is the Dunham woman and she is Jewish and also the queen’s cousin.

    We see most Jewish holidays are celebrating the wiping out of some ethnic group. In fact it wasn’t zionist Jews that knocked off 66 million Russians, it was bolshevik Jews. 20 to 30 million Germans lost their lives, in fact Eisenhour was called the terrible Swedish Jew at West Point and he starved 6 million Germans to death in open air concentration camps after the war was over. Patton refused to do it and he was killed. It was six Jews who murdered the Tsar Nicholas’s family, Yurovsky, Goloshchekin, Syromolotov, Safarov, Voikov and Swerdlov, the small daughters, according to Gibbes, the English tutor locked in a nearby room, were raped and he said what happened and the screams will haunt him the rest of his life. Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin, Bela Kuhn, they were all Jewish. Were they zionists or just Jews? We don’t hear much about this on the teevee.

  3. The Morgan book sounds interesting. The Bernadotte hit was an absolute disgrace, the guy had helped save thousands of Jews from the camps (and Allied bombing), at considerable personal risk. As for the subs, the ‘official’ reason for the launch tube increase was for frogmen and such, however the Israelis are quite capable of doing it themselves anyway. Israel has sure got some serious problems, however I don’t see them going anywhere else soon, and you would just get the same old problem all over again, ie Jews dispersed in other countries that don’t want them. They need to quit the stupid games and get things sorted to general (if not universal) satisfaction while it’s still possible, it’s not that hard after all, either one state with equal rights over time or two states as laid out by Obama and others, ie ’67 borders with some swaps where applicable. The rest is just a pipe-dream for fanatic fantasists, who may end up completely in charge if the sane(-r) ones don’t solve the issue soon.

    • Then we might get ‘Armageddon’ for real, and smoking craters where Mideast capitals (at least) once stood.

  4. Satan is the Master of deception and lies. He`s also the Master of Mater. Materialism, became creed. Deception and lies are the roots of manipulation and propaganda. The jews don`t care about a kingdom in heaven, they want it now, while still on earth. They suck all the wealth from all nations to offer it to there master, Satan. the jews call themself the choosen ones and they are, no doubt about it. But by whom?

  5. To understand what Zionism is,you have to go back to 1897.

    The first World Zionist Congress(1897) had to be moved from Munich(Germany) to Basel(Switzerland),because of the total rejection by German Jews of this program on religious,moral and political grounds.

    Political and religious leaders saw Zionism as political program to destroy European Jewry and Judaism as a whole.

    The only ones giving backing to this before ww2 was a group of US Rabbi’s,claiming Zionism is consistent with Jewish beliefs.

    Even today the most vocal opponents of Zionism are Orthodox Religious Jews like Satmar and Netorei Karta.

    Now we’re dealing with three types of Jews:
    6,5 million mostly atheist,Chosenite,Nazi’s in israel and the US.
    6,5 million Jews that don’t agree with what Zionism and Israel are doing in their name.
    An unknown amount(could be up to 20 million)of Jews that have taken distance from Judaism in silence or disgust since 1945.

    Ahmadinejad is right,Zionism should be wiped from the sands of time.

    But thinking that eliminating Zionism (and Jews,for some people) will solve all your problems,is an illusion.

    The same people who created Zionism,Communism,the UN,Israel and the upcoming NWO,existed before Zionism was invented and still control Britain and the US through their stranglehold on the finances of these countries.

    Nuke Israel,kill all the Jews and you will still be under Martial Law,enslaved and slowkilled.

    You have to go for the head of the snake,Zionism is just an outlet,a weapon and a tool towards the NWO.

    • The “top slitherer” is a man called “Illuminated Farmer” that changed his name into “Leadsman of the Shield of Edom” in 1803.

      His son took control of the British economy in 1815.(Napoleontic war)

      Later they took control of the US economy in 1913.(Federal reserve)

      There are people (on VT) that are much more qualified to explain all the ins and outs.

      Preston James,Dean Henderson,on VT.

      Fritz Springmeier,Dr.Henry Makow,Dr.Len Horowitz and David Icke on the net.

      All of them seem to agree that the ones in charge are using Judaism for their ultimate goals,the NWO.

      The names are Rothschild ,Warburg and Rockefeller.

      They delegated their power to the British and Dutch Royals,influential families in Europe and the US,and any other “Usefull idiots”.

      And that includes a huge amount of Zionist Jews and Zionist non-Jews.

    • Of the hundred of Jews I’ve known personally, I think there have been a grand total of TWO who have been non-zionists and for all I know it could have been “good acting.”

      A non-zionist Jew is an ex-Jew.

    • You probably met 300 Jews.
      200 of them won’t tell you they are,and don’t give their opinion on Israel.
      Especially not after they heard your educated opinion.
      Zionist Jews in the US live in luxury ghetto’s ,they non-Zionists live outside,spread all over.

      I know of two others that tried to define “Who’s a Jew”,besides you:
      The Nazi’s and the Zionists:
      One grandparent makes you a Jew,with desastrous consequences.

      At least you seem to say it’s not a blood thing,and you write Jew with a capital “J”.

      I’m an anti-Zionist Jew with Jewish children ,that recieve a Jewish upbringing,
      There’s nothing “ex” about that.

    • You find out real quick with the simple question, “Do you think Israel has the right to exist, a Jewish State built on Palestine?”

      Find me 17 American Jews who will answer “No” and I’ll believe you. And no, Jews are not a race, they are a political party and crime syndicate hiding behind a contrived “religion.” It has NOTHING to do with ethnicity.

    • And Jews also use the “we’re a race, too” argument to disguise their syndicate. If you don’t agree with us, you’re a racist, etc. etc. Greatest con EVER.

    • It’s very common now for non-Jews to have a Jewish family member.

      In 1990 Jews marrying outside their faith was 52% in the US,in Europe probably higher.
      In 1940 Europe it was only 4%.

      When Israel needed to up the numbers in Israel,and Russian Jews preferred to go to US/Europe,the Israeli government changed the law ,and one Jewish grandfather was enough to make them Jewish.

      There are huge numbers of Israeli Jews living in Europe and the US (that married non-Jews,)became citizens of these countries and are loyal to the countries they live in.

      But not everybody is like Gilad Atzmon,who obviously has an axe to grind with Judaism,and dedicate their life hating Jews and themselves.

      Well,at least he gets lots of attention.

      Almost all just take distance in silence and get on with their lives.

      They are not “ex-Jews”,they are Jews that refuse to be part of the takeover by Zionism and Israel of their religion and culture,and what Zionism is doing in their name.

      Zionism is criminal organization that is very lucrative for Jews that buy into it.
      To critizise Zionism ,as a Jew,means excommunication,and that’s not easy ,because everybody wants to belong to something.

      Still, assimilation in Judaism is huge,and up to 20 million Jews have taken distance from the Zionist horrorshow since 1945.

    • To DaveE,

      You are confusing Judaism with Zionism.

      Jews have been living with Muslims forever ,also in Israel.

      Even Palestinians have no problem living with Jews in the area called Israel.

      They’ve been doing it for thousands of years.

      The Zionist idea of an all-Jewish entity is wrong ,and that’s what Ahmedinejad is saying.

      Jews are not the problem,Zionism is.

      Fighting Zionism and their creators(the ones that are going to enslave you as well) is the way to go.

      You should try talking to Muslims more often,they feel much closer to Jews than Cristians.

      As soon as Zionism is wiped from the sand of times,Jews and Muslims will live in peace,like they’ve been doing for hundreds of years.

      Are you aware Israeli Jews are marrying Palestinians,much to the disgust of their government?

      That’s “good acting” as well,I suppose.

    • Simple math.

      1945 13,5 million Jews
      2013 13,5 million Jews

      worldpopulation tripled between 1945-2013-
      Europe /us population doubled.

      birthrates in jewish woman at least 3 kids.(3 generations

      13,5 million x 2,5 = about 33 million jews.

      Where are they?

      Jews marrying outside faith:
      1940 (europe) 4%
      1990 (USA) 52%

      “normal jews” peeled off,the ones that admit being Jews,bought into the zionist version of judaism.

      critizising just causes problems,so they shut up.

      You don’t hear about this because zionists don’t like this narrative,and “jew haters” don’t want to hear it either.

      still it’s true.

    • It’s plausible by that reasoning, but do you have any solid references to back it up? It would sure put a different light on the whole issue if true. But I doubt you could apply that birthrate to Jewish women overall, many modern ‘liberal’ Jewish women don’t seem to go in for kids that much, same as non-Jews. Also some Jews marrying non-Jews are still counted as Jews for the overall figure I am pretty sure.

    • Birthrates over the 1945-2013 period are available,for jews in israel and US/Europe.

      jewish man marrying non-jewish woman,stay jewish and are counted if they are connected to some jewish(religious ) organisation.

      if not ,they are assimilated and his children are non-jews anyway.

      women who marry non-jews stay jewish,and their children are jewish.

      if these women are not connected to some Jewish organisation they get lost ,and assimilate through taking distance.

      Even Jews marrying jews that are not visible in some organisation get lost,and assimilate in silence.

      Check the telephone book or friends around you.

      many have jewish names and have jewish family members.

      if they don’t tell you they are jews,it means they don’t care anymore ,and even though through a jewish mother you are jewish by jewish law,someone who doesn’t care anymore will stop being jewish.

      only in my family more than 2/3 have assimilated,some are jews because of jewish mother,some married non jews,or just don’t mention it.

      talk to someone with a jewish name that doesn’t show he’s a jew,and you’ll find at least another 4-5 people around him that assimilated.

  6. Given the history of Zionism with displaced persons, concentration camps and mass murder I assume “they” will be in charge of US FEMA camps which I believe are under the Israeli founded and run Department of Home Security. To regain control of the US a huge list of its traitors, primarily all US-Israeli dual citizens should be rounded up to populate those camps. That’s my take and conjecture.

  7. Here in the boonies the real problem is not so much “Stern Gang” types, but more the self-righteous morons that think being commanded by God Himself to take over the world gives His Chosen People the right to do whatever they want, any way they want. The psychologically brainwashed fools who have been bamboozled from within their own “church.”

    Let’s face it, without Christians, the Jews never could have stolen Palestine and none of this would have ever happened. The Jews’ greatest weapon has always been ideological warfare, the subversion of dimwits and fools.

    We saw it again in the Iraq war, when the Jews managed to convince most American “Christians” that demolishing Iraq for NO REASON (other than being “God’s will”) would get them a seat in “heaven.” There are always LOTS of potential soldiers to fight your dirty war, if you know how to manipulate them. It seems they are masters at manipulation. I guess practice really does make perfect.

    In all fairness to “Christian” fools, Jews have also had great success in the Arab world, where the Jewish-paid mercenaries are now destroying Syria. I can’t comment on the motives or mindset of the FSA, but it really is quite amazing to behold, from the outside.

    I suspect, in the end, it really boils down to ONE thing and one thing ONLY: MONEY. If joining the army is the only way you can feed your kids, that’s what yer gonna do, regardless of where you’re deployed or for whatever reason.

    That’s also why the Jewish War on Humanity relies so heavily on financial terrorism. They need broken, desperate and ignorant fools to join the army to fight the wars they arrange.

    I loved your piece, Jim. I think the Nakba of zionism will need to be fought on multiple fronts, just like the Jews have been doing to humanity, for many, many years. I hope it doesn’t take us THAT long to defeat the bastards; we don’t have that much time, anyway.

    • The traditions of the arab world work very well for the zionists. You know, the firsth born son get everything and the brothers? Too much young men, without education or a job or any perspective in life. Frustratet on the edges of society, they are looking for there chance in life. Djihad seems to be a noble solution, from there perspective.
      Easy prey for someone who knows how to hunt it.

  8. Jim.. many thanks and thanks to Jonas.. Middle East terrorism starts with Zionism with Jewish terrorist organizations systematically introducing car bombs, booby traps, deliberate terrorist attacks on markets and public places. The Palestinian population of the time is mostly rural, with no credible leadership, no organized militia and no knowledge of wars, lacking the sophistications to conduct and carry out acts of terrorism. Of course the ruling British Manadate authorities designated British generals with experience in WW1 and WWII to help with the training of the Jewish militias and terrorist organization… The Palestinians of the time were peaceful and hardly knew what was going on. Terrorism gave rise to Zionism and Terrorism will fall with the fall of Zionism.

  9. Good article. I will be writing a piece on the history of terrorism in Israel. This goes all the way back to the first century and beyond. Good quote from Will Rogers.

  10. There is a lot we can say about Zionists, but I think we can actually say the leaders of Zionism are pathetic, immature, egomaniacs with several ounces of Satanism.

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