Fetzer Questions Holocaust – Call the Spanish Inquisition!


Listen to Dr. James Fetzer announce his support for holocaust revisionism today on Truth Jihad Radio, 3 to 5 pm Central time.


(Madison, WI)- My VT colleague Dr. James Fetzer is no stranger to controversy. Beginning with his 1990s research on the JFK assassination, and continuing through his work on 9/11 and the assassination of Sen. Paul Wellstone, Jim Fetzer has never been shy about researching too-hot-to-touch topics and expressing politically incorrect views.

But last night at Gilad Atzmon’s talk in Madison, Wisconsin, Fetzer outdid himself. In the discussion session following Atzmon’s presentation, Fetzer announced his support for holocaust revisionism. After studying the issue, he says, he has concluded that the six-million-victims figure is grossly exaggerated, and that revisionists like Dr. Nick Kollerstrom who assert there were no mass gassings in gas chambers are right.

The announcement comes after years of study and debate, during which Dr. Fetzer was occasionally attacked by holocaust revisionists for his refusal to embrace their views until he saw sufficient supporting evidence. Israeli propaganda asset Jonathan Kay, author of the 9/11-coverup hit piece Among the Truthers, actually lauded Fetzer’s open-mindedness in an article attacking the “cultish mindset” of holocaust revisionists and other “conspiracists.”

Today, Jim Fetzer is just as open-minded as ever. It’s just that he has finally reached a firm, evidence-based conclusion on this, the ultimate third-rail topic.

What made him change his mind?

To find out, listen to today’s Truth Jihad Radio featuring my interview with Jim Fetzer, coming up today, 3 to 5 pm Central, at http://AmericanFreedomRadio.com





  1. Not that simple.

    Consider a parallel case: Estimates of the number of Palestinians killed in the Nakba range from the thousands to the hundreds of thousands, and views on planning and intentionality vary considerably. Yet it was inarguably a horrific ethnic cleansing in which a great many people were killed, so any way you slice it, there was a Nakba. The same applies to the Nazi holocaust.

    • If you mean that many Jews were mistreated, deprived of their civil liberties, in some cases their property, that many of them were interred in camps, and that there were many Mai Lai style massacres, all of that is true.

      If that is what is meant by “holocaust”, well OK.

      However, the current meaning as defined by the Zionists is that there was a deliberate attempt to exterminate the Jewish people, most particularly by gas chambers. And that 6,000,000 of them were holocausted. They have even passed laws to codify this version of the “holocaust”. See the link to the Ottawa protocols below, partially reproduced.

      QUOTE Denying the fact, scope, mechanisms (e.g. gas chambers) or intentionality of the genocide of the Jewish people at the hands of National Socialist Germany and its supporters and accomplices during World War II (the Holocaust). END QUOTE


      So it’s pretty clear that what the Zionists refer to as a “holocaust” includes a deliberate, systematic attempt to exterminate all Jews, which is absolutely untrue.

      And what the Zionists mean by “holocaust” is the gas chambers. Not whether or not they was an attempt to kick them out of Germany and the rest of Europe.

      BTW, did you know there 800 Jews living in the Berlin Jewish hospital at the end of the war? If the intent was to exterminate them all, it seems they weren’t very good at it.

  2. “Ever seen Jews showing their respect to victims of other nations?”

    Such as the millions of Ukrainians that died during the Holodomor?

  3. It’s truly amazing how much effort the Jews try to exert on the real world. In the spirit of anti-Semitic realities the Jews do an excellent job of being anti-Semitic than anyone else. Truth is what hurts these Jews is that more and more people are waking up and questioning the holocaust in its entirety. Revisionist approach this with scientific proof that gas chambers did not exist for the extermination of people. One only needs to look at how the Palestinians are treated by the Israelis as to who is violated and not recognized. The truth will emerge victorious and the current Jews know it. When this happens who will be more responsible for the backlash? It will be the Zionist who have created this dilemma. What is the difference between A Jewish state and an Islamic state, both have no constitution to govern them. Chris Angel is a great illusionist from modern times and the holo hoax is starting to crumble.

  4. If this gains traction it can help bring an end to “that shitty little country” occupying Palestine, not to mention the liberation of the US government and media from the AIPAC/ADL/SPLC Zio-thugs.

    And there will be a settling of scores with all those who destroyed the lives of others with the antisemite slur.

    At least we can dream.

    • Germany needs to be liberated more than any other country….A million daggers of truth will slay the zio-beast..Such as the book “Other Losses” detailing Eisenhower’s systematic murder of over a million German POWs AFTER the war was over…The fire-bombing of German civilians…The hypocrisy that says it’s ok for Uncle Joe to invade E. Europe…But it was horrible for Germany to invade these countries WHILE PUSHING THE SOVIETS BACK…Enough already…

  5. Dale, how do you know what Jesus said himself since he never wrote anything himself (assuming there really was a Jesus)? All we have is hearsay.

    Peace be upon us,

    • How do you know anything at all, including anything said here, by your parents, by school teachers and other authorities, …….? — You learn from all of that, and you can learn from the “words of Jesus”, which while we don’t have photos and video, we do know those words have existed for 1700-plus years.

      “Learning from” does not suggest belief in this or that, nor does it suggest you have to use the logical fallacy of Appeal To Authority. It only suggests that you read and learn what the words are trying to say. Anyone could have said those words, but the name ‘Jesus’ provides a reference point for people to look up. And since Jesus was dealing with deceptive and idolatrous Jews (according to the story), his words to the Pharisees make perfect sense.

    • @Dale re: “How do you know anything at all, including anything said here, by your parents, by school teachers and other authorities, …….?”

      Great reply! Until the advent of DNA testing the only way to know who your father was was to believe your mother. All society ran on a degree of faith. Eternal skepticism is the toxin of infernal relativism.

    • We can’t know 100% but I am pretty sure this is the real deal from the dead sea scrolls. The Essene gospel. What some do not realize is the bible was written by the British warlord Constantine who killed the Vedic priest in the Vatika (Vatican) and called his close associates together to write a book to keep the faltering Roman empire together. It was debated as to whether or not Alexander would be according equal divinity to Jesus at the time.

      I give the Essene Gospel much more credence on the message of Jesus than that. One copy of it was left and hidden in the vatican cellar and they found one in the Austrian museum from whence this is taken. It is nothing like what most know as the bible and more in tune with native American Indian philosophy, pointing to the earth as our earthly mother and doing the laws of nature. They don’t want you to know this, so I recommend you read it!


      “The English version first appeared in 1937 representing yet another fragment of the complete manuscript which exists in Aramaic in the Secret Archives of the Vatican and in old Slavonic in the Royal Library of the Habsburgs (now the property of the Austrian government). The poetic style of the translator brings to vivid reality the exquisitely beautiful words of Jesus and the Elders of the Essene Brotherhood. Liberated from the secret archives of the Vatican, these sacred scrolls are testaments to the eternal and living truth of the Way.”

    • In fact anyone bothering to read that, you find it quite a bit like this. There is a reason native Americans refer to europeans as younger brother. Most are spiritually light in the shoes.




    • You are quite welcome, I try and not leave too many links but just thought this one is important. The Essene scrolls remind me of the HAU DE NO SAU NEE, message to the western world which of course was totally ignored.

    • There is or was a Jewish writer for the L.A. Weekly, L.A.’s biggest paper – Michael Ventura, who for many years blamed “Christian types” for all of the genocides for the prior hundreds of years. Then one day, ten to 12 years ago (don’t remember exactly), Michael wrote a long article about Jesus, saying in effect that the proof of Jesus is in the words attributed to him in the gospels, or at least the first three gospels. That article was a fantastic revelation (no pun intended), and Michael didn’t argue for a particular human being with any particular loyalties – he merely said that the words are so powerful and so unique, even among other prophets and erstwhile messiahs, that it was his belief that one specific person said them, as nobody else to his knowledge has ever delivered that powerful of a message.

    • “If he preached what is attributed to him, he was a smart and good man.”

      Not. He was a cruel idiot, who thought that the world was about to end and children should hate their parents and if you don’t believe him, you go to hell. And by the way, there is nothing original in the New Testament which was supposedly written by Jews. All the miracles of Jesus and just about everything he supposedly said can be found in the Old Testacle.


    • Religions teach their followers that “Every word in the Bible is the word of God”, and “Every word in the Bible is literally true”. Well, false. When the serpent said “You will not surely die from eating the forbidden fruit” – that is not literally true – it’s a lie. When Jesus said “Unless a man hates his brother and sister and ….. he cannot follow me” – he was speaking figuratively, as he very often did. Those who don’t read usually mess up on this stuff. Read Jesus, not *about* Jesus second-hand.

    • None of those “stories” about Jesus is relevant outside of religion. What IS relevant is extremely important, though. His unique diatribes against the Pharisees are instructive, and can be applied to our corporate and government “leaders” today. His admonitions against the cycle of violence are self-evident truths. His warnings about a man who pursues truth having enemies in his own family are prescient. Stop reading about Jesus and read Jesus instead. Note that Jesus said clearly and unambiguously in Matthew, Mark, and Luke that his Second Coming would be “Within the lifetime of many who were there in person listening to him then”.

    • Dale are you speaking in tongues? The second coming did not come, so he was wrong. That doesn’t make him a liar, just mistaken, as he was when he claimed the mustard seed to be the smallest and much else. I forgive Jesus for being wrong, afterall, no one is perfect.

      Peace be upon us,

    • @Tomer re: “Also at that conclave Jesus, who was until that time just a human prophet, like many others, was elevated to be the son of God, got a partner in the form of Holly Spirit, and many other myths were added to the Bible, all pure inventions.”

      How do you know any of this? The New Testament texts, which are dated to the first century AD, all attest clearly to Jesus’ Divine nature far exceeding “just a human prophet.” You are engaged in wishful thinking, chaver.

      And by the way, VT readers should know that Tomer is a popular Israeli name, meaning Date Palm.

    • Mev, the NT texts are not all dated to the first century. Many are second century and the gospels are about four decades after the supposed facts. Paul created Xtianity and then the gospel stories of Jesus were written. Paul (a Jew, Pharisee, tribe of Benjamin) knew nothing of a historical Jesus. It is all fiction.


    • Tumor,

      Of course there are “other sources about the roman history than the Bible and new testament.” But there are no other sources about the detailed account of Jesus’ life apart from the Gospels. And if you’re concerned they were written four decades after the fact, how many millenia after Adam and Eve did Moses record Genesis? Or how many centuries after Avraham Yitzchaq and Yaakov? So please spare us your Jewish double standards.

      And get a clue. Read Edersheim’s book The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah for a start. Available online. Or Dr. Michael Brown’s The Real Kosher Jesus.

  6. It never was about how many died or what they died of. It is and always has been about the placing of the ‘Holocaust’ above God himself, an act strongly forbidden to the Hebrews all through their history. Many prominent Jews deny God (atheists etc.), but they are not condemned by Jews at large, by the ADL or other front companies for Israel. Condemnation is reserved for those who question the pet humanist projects these idolaters have, the ‘Holocaust’ being the most notorious. This is exactly, precisely why Jesus called these people (these being modern-day Pharisees) “Liars, hypocrites, and Children of the Devil”. Stop reading *about* Jesus and read what he said himself, in condemning these liars. The great idol of the recent century that we are compelled to bow to and worship is called The Holocaust, and it’s not just bad for Jews and Christians – it’s pure evil. Willis Carto, gadfly supremus, told me about this in person 20 years ago, and it’s only gotten worse since then.

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