Secret Space War II


by  Preston James


There is an ongoing Secret Space War that the US Government has been engaged in since 1947.

You are not allowed “to know” about it for certain, but you will be allowed “to believe” it exists.

In fact, soon you will be encouraged to do so as the Old World Order, the International Zionist Criminal Conspiracy (IZCS), is thrown under the bus by the Third Force which is beginning to make its move to restructure the world and seat its NWO Caesar of the Ages.

Controlled information leaks are now being orchestrated to help you believe UFOs and ETs are real without giving you actual verifiable proof or established public facts fully accepted and verified by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), necessary to “christen” or fully legitimize any such story.

This controlled leakage will provide the necessary cognitive dissonance to keep folks somewhat confused, suggestible and passive until such time that the Powers That Be (PTB) who run the world, the Old Black European Nobility (OBN) decide that full and factual disclosure will help them attain their NWO Globalist goals.

This means that you can now gain access to numerous very credible seeming personal testimonies, but no official USG body nor the CMMM will carry such stories as established fact.  At least for now.

But such stories verifying an “alien” or ET presence on planet Earth will come soon enough when the Third Force installs a New World Order Leader in Jerusalem, which has been the plan for the ages of those few at the top of the pyramid of control or world hierarchy going all the way to ancient Babylonia and perhaps even before. And this is one reason the Crusaders from Europe were so obsessed with taking and holding Jerusalem as is still the main goal of the British high freemasonry and Teutonic Zionist death cults, both esoteric occult networks linked to secret luciferian beliefs in their top circles and part of a worldwide luciferian network.

Many of those who have worked in “beyond black” areas of national security have heard rumors that the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) has established various treaties and technology exchange programs with ETs aka “aliens” or EBEs. Some who claim to have had direct contact have come forward, but so far with no hard evidence backing their extreme claims.

Take the very interesting case of Charles J. Hall whom some believe is quite credible.  He has written several books about his time working as an enlisted man in the presence of “Roswell type greys” and “tall white ETs” when in the military serving as a weather observer at Nellis AFB.

After a careful examination of his claims and the information he has provided, It certainly appears that Mr. Hall was set up and allowed to later become a credible source of testimony that ETs are here and in a business relationship with the SSG but without providing “smoking gun” proof. And that this was part of an agreement between the USAF high command or whoever was negotiating with the ET leaders.

[youtube R_ET7uJu9Io]

Charles Hall was given air time on a prime time current affairs show in Australia which revealed his story to a substantial number of the public for the first time.

[youtube phJXcUY-Y8Y]

The apparent current modus operandi of the SSG is allowing and orchestrating controlled leaks without 100% verification in the CMMM and without providing verifiable objective pieces of “smoking gun” material evidence.

In this way the public can be slowly and incrementally prepared for later much larger disclosures while being kept in a state of cognitive dissonance which tends to keep them somewhat confused while suggestible and prone to passivity.

But why have so many facts been kept secret about UFOs, Alien ETs and anti-gravity craft (AGCs)? What is the SSG afraid of?  Some have theorized that once the public realized that they had been lied to repeatedly since 1947 and that the SSG had murdered hundreds of citizens to keep the cover-up intact (at least during the earlier years up until the leakage of MJ-12 docs), that the public would never trust the USG again.

This reality could be created with a forced disclosure by those that pull the strings, the OBN, could be very helpful in convincing folks to break allegiance with their nation-state and its sovereignty and fully support a NWO Globalist Caesar that would clean up all apparent corruption and throw the IZCS and the associated central Banksters and moneychangers under the bus for good.

So we can assume that a long term strategy of the OBN to elicit deep chaos and destruction upon America and the whole earth could be used as a means to cause folks to give their allegiance to a NWO globalist ruler, a new Caesar of the Ages who cleaned up all corruption and instituted an honest real money system that treated everyone fairly.

[youtube vwLf6uxAvKo]

President Eisenhower fully asserted his authority and got tough with the SSG and MJ-12.

It has been reported by several credible witnesses and there have been numerous rumors that President Eisenhower met with certain Alien (ET) leaders at Holloman Air Force while POTUS and actually negotiated standing treaties with these entities.

The following witness who desired to remain anonymous gave what should be regarded as an “end of life” testimony about his work for the CIA, his participation in Operation Bluebook (well known now to have been a cover-up operation), and his knowledge of ETs, anti-gravity craft, and MJ12, as well as how President Eisenhower forced the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) to provide information to him about these “beyond black’ matters.

Richard Dolan, a highly respected very credible researcher interviewed this man “anonymous” and folks who know Richard Dolan and his work have the highest regard for his pioneering research which has essentially identified the SSG as a breakaway society that has placed itself above the law and all Congressional and military and judicial authority, and which has in many cases even asserted itself as superior in authority to any sitting POTUS.

[youtube iROkeC3lmVA&feature=player_detailpage]

So it appears that the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) i.e. the “black world”, has hijacked America, asset stripped it for their own expensive needs and thoroughly abused so-called national security to serve as a false cloak for all sorts of treason, sedition and crimes.  They have used national security to lock down and deny this knowledge even to many American presidents.

That strategy did not work however with Ike and he threatened to invade Area 51 and Dreamland with the first Army which caused the MJ-12 group which runs the SSG to give him and his personal aides access to these “beyond black” UFO/ET secrets of highest national security classification.

[youtube kZk_Sa3AO2E&feature=player_detailpage]

According to Whitley Strieber (quotation below taken from his excellent website), Barry Goldwater who had been a Major General in the USAF, visited Wright Patterson Field while a sitting US Senator and requested access to all the UFO/ET secrets kept there including the recovered ET bodies.

He allegedly told a friend later on while retired that when he visited Wright Patterson Field he was shown some file photos of craft and bodies and told that if he insisted, he would be allowed full admittance to the secret hanger, but if he did the result would be that he would be tailed and watched continually for the rest of his life and all his personal communications would be monitored to make sure that he never talked about what was revealed to him, including to any members of his own close family.  So as the rumor goes, he made the decision not to proceed.

In a 1967 letter to a reporter for the Bradenton, Florida Herald, Goldwater says, “The policy of the Air Force is to allow no one to see the UFO files at Wright-Patterson and, frankly, I can’t argue with this regulation at all. I did attempt to get in but I was told that no one was allowed and I can understand the sensitive and secret nature of these files so I didn’t press the point.”

If the SSG does have a technology exchange with various alien groups, what are the objectives and where is this leading?

For years those linked to top insiders have told stories that the folks that run the world (the top controllers or the Powers that Be PTB) are the head of a pyramid or hierarchical worldwide system of interconnected luciferian organizations who are alien/human hybrids and are working hard to bring Lucifer to Earth to be the NWO Caesar of the Ages. Some researchers have written extensively about this, David Icke for one and although many have doubted him and criticized his work, lately the more secrets that are revealed, the more his work and claims receive support.

President Ronald Reagan made references to the possibility of an alien invasi0n threat that would unify the world.

[youtube iQxzWpy7PKg&feature=player_detailpage]

Some things are so unimaginable that folks can’t fit them into their heads when first told unless they study the facts over time or see things firsthand.

Take Stew Webb, a battle hardened researcher, hard core truth addict and federal whistle-blower with detailed research going all the way back to the Iran Contra drugs for guns war and much more and who was the first individual to publicly identify and expose the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) inside America.  Although many of his claims have seemed extreme and impossible, especially the claims about this IZCS criminal group having well defined luciferian practices that are so evil as to be unimaginable, so far Stew Webb’s track record of such claims eventually being validated runs very, very high. Stew Webb has had and maintains a number of very deep contacts inside intel and at its periphery.

I know of several claims of Stew Webb’s that first seemed completely incredulous when I first heard them but have checked out to be 100% accurate as he had claimed, cross verified by reputable sources and retired intel, and these matters have involved things so terrible I would have wished they were not true.  Stew Webb proves the point in spades, do not reject such incredulous seeming claims out of hand.  Pay attention, listen and then spend time systematically researching such claims before you just reject them out of hand.

Stew Webb and David Icke are not the only researchers to claim that the PTB that run the world sit at the top of an evil or luciferian type hierarchy. There are others who have seen things that shocked them and caught them off guard. Here is one example and a story similar to many others who have provided protective services to the super-elites and ultra-connected.

[youtube Bo6g6QosIkI]

America and the world have been manipulated by the Third Force using criminal Kingpins and Cutouts to establish near complete corruption, disorder, wars, chaos and confusion all over the earth in order to motivate all the world’s peoples to demand a New World Order based on righteousness, rule of law and peace.

It is now evident that the world Banksters and Moneychangers (folks who are the Cutouts for the IZCS) are now being fully exposed for the very first time worldwide thanks to hardcore truthers and muckrakers like Stew Webb and the worldwide Internet. It is now clear that they will be eventually thrown under the bus by the penetration and power of the worldwide Internet because the system they have set up is self-destructing upon them.  And that may have been very craftily managed by the OBN who has complete control over them.

[youtube yLWl60eCwXc]

Perhaps the Middle East will escalate and a small controlled nuclear exchange will ensue, taking out major cities and flattening Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, which will provide the pretext for a very special visitor from space to appear who will claim to be able to rescue the world from its apparent slide into complete destruction.

This may provide the motivation to accept a New Caesar of the Ages who will just happen to be a “space visitor” who presents himself to rescue mankind and “clean house” and institute a new world financial system that replaces the US Petro Dollar and Bretton Woods.

The track record of successful repression by the SSG has been very high and in some cases recalcitrant witness like Philip Schneider were murdered to keep them from talking or as punishment for breaking the rules and going outside their parameters. However, recent indications suggest this strategy of oppression to suppress these beyond black secrets is waning.

For those that have the time and want to learn about how sophisticated mindkontrol is used to keep individuals working in these areas within their parameters folks can watch the various videos by retired Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens (now deceased) which document one of these cases very well. Col. Stevens was a totally stand-up man and highly regarded by peers and a great American Hero.

This consists of an 18 part video series that for those with the time and interest will find very informative of how the SSG uses highly sophisticated trade-craft to keep folks in line. Here is the first of the 18.  You can find the rest on

[youtube nZ0-GQEUSKM]

And with the well-organized, methodical work of Steven Greer MD (Disclosure Project) to organize a large number of very credible ex-military and ex-USG witnesses who have told their stories publicly and violated their secrecy agreements in a manner which actually enhances “ true national security”, it is fair to assume these stories of an ongoing secret space program and actual visitors flying anti-gravity craft are well founded.

Take the example of much respected, highly credible Robert O. Dean a retired Sgt. Major from SHAPE (NATO) who had a Cosmic Top Secret security clearance. Robert Dean is also a true American Hero and also a 100% stand-up person with a spotless reputation.

[youtube TIQ9zMJA8do]

Robert Dean has argued that these alien beings are very advanced but likely not malevolent or otherwise they would have depopulated the earth by now.  Others who also have very deep connections to the Black World disagree.

Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff sees this differently.  Earlier in his career he was allowed to be an MJ-12 reader and believes that some of the alien ETs have used a large number of humans as victims and even food (1).

It is important to note that different files and studies were run separately by Nato and the SSG private contractors and the USAF running Dreamland, Area 51, S4, Papoose Lake, Tonopah, etc., and this could explain the different views between Robert Dean and Gordon Duff if they were exposed to different evidence which is (likely). They could both be right based on what they had access to.

For many years there have been rumors that the SSG was so motivated to gain secret alien anti-gravity, weapons and other advanced psychotronics and electronic technology that they made certain agreements with a certain alien factions allowing abductions of human subjects for biological/genetic experiments as long as the humans were unharmed and there memories were erased. This agreement was allegedly made in the mid to late 1960’s and soon afterwards some recovered crashed alien craft showed that this particular group did not abide by the treaty and was butchering victims.  It has been reported that the number of humans missing from this numbers many thousands per year.

This stark realization allegedly resulted in the formation of additional treaties with a certain group, the “Tall Whites” to work together to develop highly sophisticated new weapon systems which could be used to defend the earth against what was expected to be a major invasion which would come at a later time from this one malevolent group.

And from this point on the SSG has worked very hard to develop space platform based, nuclear powered weapon systems capable of firing atomic powered particle beams and plasma cannon at enemy UFOs, systems aimed outward from earth’s orbit and capable of destroying these enemy AGCs.

Some researchers have hypothesized that there is an active and complex space war ongoing at present in the close space around the earth with periodic casualties and deaths of American pilots which do not receive proper honor because of the complete secrecy lock-down.  Their deaths are typically described as “due to strange accidents”.  Many UFO pilots are selected because they are single and have few family ties and this is done as an additional security measure due to periodic long absences.

[youtube XqMf3towVVI&feature=player_detailpage]

There have been extensive rumors for many years that there is a sophisticated space war now going on between the SSG and their ET allies against an increasingly threatening malevolent alien force. This narrative has allegedly been used to scare and manipulate certain key Congress-persons and Senators as well as some some intel officials into violating the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and instituting draconian liberty robbing tyrannical laws and practices in order to save the world.

Some researchers have begun to view this narrative as one of the biggest lies ever told and nothing less than a major deception provided by the Old black Nobility OBN (Council of Twelve) who sit at the top of the pyramid or hierarchy of world control, exercised through a well developed by secret esoteric network of occult linked organizations which share their luciferian (satanic) evil designs for a one world NWO Globalist Government and which appears to be run on their behalf by an international crime syndicate.

The OBN is believed by some astute researchers to exercise this world control through the use of criminal Cutouts, their main one being the IZCS aka as the world Bankster crime network operating out of the City of London Financial District. In their own esoteric teachings this group and affiliates have taught that they are bred from ancient human/alien hybrid breedings forming special royal bloodlines that are protected by lucifer, and all his sub-gods.  these folks specialize in the “black arts, the ministering of mass death to cull and purify the human race and maintain their power base.  Their dream for many generations has been rumored to be to use mass war and Babylonian “money magick” central fiat Banking and usury to seize control of the whole earth and industrialize it, consolidate it into one new global economy which they rule while they minister death to massively depopulate the earth.  Allegedly then they plan to completely restructure the human genome to form a completely subservient serf class of worker bees.

Thus, it is alleged that the IZCS is a worldwide criminal network of Kingpins and their cutouts that has been used by the OBN to establish intel networks and a highly sophisticated surveillance and control grid of the various peoples of the world that can be seized and used by the Third Force when it establishes its new World ruler. Some believe that the OBN is actually being run by a malevolent but very crafty alien force, the Third Force which will install a new Caesar of the Ages who will first appear as the Savior of mankind but after several years will turn out to be 100% evil through and through and will run a 24 hour mass murder machine unlike any other war regime in history, a 24 hour 7 day a week NWO “red terror”.

The New World Caesar will perform miracles and will present himself as an omnipotent, charitable Savior of mankind, the messiah so many folks from a number of world religions have been expecting and waiting for. He will provide a brilliant solution to the world monetary and trade exchange wars. And for a period of several years he will rescue the Earth and bring apparent peace.

After several years of great peace and order, the NWO Caesar of the Ages will suddenly change and inflict mass destruction on the world.

The Vatican has been building, buying up and leasing numerous observatories around the world and top Vatican astronomers have published papers that they are expecting a Savior to come to earth from space in a dramatic landing.  At mount Graham Observatory in SE Arizona, the Vatican astronomers operate a very large new telescope they call lucifer and they apparently believe lucifer is the “angel of light” that will come as an alien savior to rescue the world. Hmm, this is starting to sound very Biblical, like someone quite deceived.

Mr. Nice guy turns Mr. Evil.

But then a change will occur and the demeanor and management of this new World Caesar of the Ages will take a sudden turn to complete tyranny. He will seat himself in a new temple in Jerusalem as God Almighty and will institute a worldwide reign of terror that will be unlike anything ever before in in scope and depth of evil, death and destruction.  He will mandate forced worship of himself as God Almighty and anyone who refuses to take his mark will be executed. He will make all religions illegal except worship of himself.

This will set off part 2 of WW3 as many countries and people fight to the death to repel this new World Caesar who now has fully revealed himself as a complete tyrant. Massive nuclear exchanges and battle will ensue, but he will so obtain a temporary victory which makes him feel invincible.

He will assemble a massive collective world army which he will claim is necessary to defeat a major space invasion against planet earth.  He will reveal that the various leaders of Earth have been involved in a space war since 1947 when the first alien craft crashed in New Mexico.

The mark of the Beast will be used as a biometric identifier required to buy or sell.

This new World Caesar will eliminate anyone that will not take his mark as evidence they worship him and pledge complete allegiance. Of these he will assemble a highly advanced worldwide military force to fight and defeat a major space force which is closing on Planet Earth.

This article is based on interviews with those who have inside knowledge and will speculate, but will not typically confirm anything beyond a reasonable doubt. This information can best be described as “highly possible”.  Of course based on the large number of similar stories from a number of independent, unconnected witnesses, at least some pretext for credibility is established by these stories. It would be a fair assumption to make that folks who reveal this sort of information and “highly possible” rumors are likely to have been given some sort of green light or protection to go ahead. In years past it has been far too dangerous to talk or write about such matters. Many heard about the special psyops unit at Kelly AFB of individually selected very strange looking MIBS who were often sent to scare off UFO or ET witnesses.

Experts have noted that there has always been a big split in the SSG and at least one major faction which has held back until now but is making its move to force disclosure.  Some have also hypothesized that this action is due to an existing treaty with a certain alien group which requires it to fully disclose all political secrets about aliens, UFOs, anti-gravity and the IZCS and Bankster corruption as part of a larger plan to throw the IZCS and the Old World Order under the bus by raising up a NWO Savior who will fool the masses quite effectively.

Conclusion: This article is dedicated to all the brave men and women in past years, the true American Heroes who have given their lives to get the truth out and folks that now dare to write about this and disclose this information to us all.  And a special thank you to Gordon Duff, Veterans Today Senior Editor who has made this article possible.

Ike warned Americans about the dangers of the SSG if it was not throttled back and controlled in his last speech in which he identified it as the “military industrial complex”.

He knew it posed a great risk but it is unlikely that he ever thought it would morph into a murder machine using “national security” as a false cloak to asset strip America into near complete economic collapse as it has. he was willing to use the First Army to storm these secret bases to uncover the truth.  Perhaps we all should adopt that position and elect a president who would do that and bust up the SSG crime syndicate which has place itself above the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and Rule of Law.

Postscript: Some researchers have claimed that the super-elite deviants, the PTB, the IZCS, the OBN and their Council of Twelve (the folks at the top of the Pyramid or hierarchy) and their Kingpins and Cutouts that run the world and pull the strings must operate under “rules of play” required by God Almighty.  These rules require that they inform the public of what they are going to do ahead of time, allowing a sort of Cosmic consent without abridging basic human free will. Some have claimed that the coming NWO Ruler who will throw the IZCS and the Banksters under the bus and provide a new workable monetary system that appears to be fair to all, will seem great at first but will actually turn out to be the head Draco being, aka lucifer (the devil or satan) after which he will morph into pure tyranny and evil and will organize all the earths sciences and technology, as well as all the intel surveillance and mindkontrol technology to turn against Jesus Christ who will return from heaven for a final battle and complete victory.

Some experts with top clearance have known alien ETs to be non-evil entities, others have claimed some are using humans as spiritual and actual food and are evil to the core. There  appear to be many different types of these aliens ETs and perhaps a full range of peaceful to savagely evil ones who specialize in mass mindkontrol and use of high technology to culturally, chemically and psychotronically transform humans into hive creatures that can be easily manipulated by governments they influence and perhaps are a part of.

Other researchers who have deep inside contacts and knowledge about ETs and anti-gravity craft (AGCs) claim that they are actually demons or the “fallen ones” who have left their proper abode and are awaiting judgment.

One thing that does now seem obvious to many is that the worldwide Internet and the alternative press is creating a world super consciousness that is exposing and bringing down the massive corruption in Banking and government as never before. For the first time in a long time, many deep secrets kept from the public that have empowered the super-elite deviants, OBN Kingpins and Cutouts in the SSG, IZCS and all strata of life are being fully exposed.

And as criminal as the USG, the SSG and the IZCS have been, it certainly appears that their days functioning as is are now quite limited. After they are dealt with and disposed of by the Third Force who always disposes of its Kingpins and Cutouts when done with ’em, there is a much greater force in the universe that is good and righteous and has set all the “rules of play” and whom will completely take down the luciferian/nephilim hybrids who allegedly comprise the OBN.

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  1. Wow! On Channel 4 tonight at 9pm, they are showing a TV program about AMMACH and Simon Parkes (a Labour councillor in Hull) will be in it.

    That show was listed in today’s Daily Telegraph’s “What to Watch”:

    “Confessions of an Alien Abductee
    Channel 4, 9.00pm
    The AMMACH – or Anomalous Mind Management Abductee Contactee Helpline – may be Britain’s most bizarre helpline. It’s a 999 for “experiencers” of alien abduction – and this one-off documentary follows those who use the service. Simon, a town councillor, believes that as well as his earthbound wife, he has a family of alien children. Oddly compelling.”

    Channel 4 is one of the MSM TV stations in the UK. Recently, Channel 4 broadcasted a news program covering the Bilderberg meeting in Watford and the journalist even interviewed a guy wearing a T-shirt which said “9/11 was an inside job”

  2. Preston, you’ve done a lot of research.
    Have you read the Matrix V series of books (plus voluminous updates)?
    They give you the really big picture of what is happening on this planet.
    PS For volume one, you need the Gold Edition

  3. Preston, they are starting to prepare people for the transition, well, some people anyway. It’s starting small but there’s been 4 Q&A sessions since 1st May 2013.

    3 sessions have been on Drake’s radio show and one with Truth Frequency radio. The name to look for is ‘Tanaath’. If all goes well, there’s another session scheduled for next Wednesday. If you join the chat room, you can put your questions up, should you have any.

  4. I do not know anything about it except the rumors of that area being a so-called portal to other dimensions. Were the Nazis there before WW2 looking for artifacts or was that only Tibet?

  5. Shirlz, I read your comments and thought I should mention a Youtube documentary series called Zero Point, it’s in three parts, Volume 3 is all about the Ark,this is a link to the trailer, it touches on the issues you raised, speculating that the Ark is highly radioactive and being held in a Temple in Ethiopia… I have no idea.

  6. Very interesting article Dr Preston.

    Although I am respectful of all believes, as long as they are kept STRICTLY private and do not interfere with PUBLIC life and my own, any reference to “scriptures” or “Aliens”, according to hearsay with NO CONVINCING MATERIAL EVIDENCE to support it, makes me activate the electrical fence,

    My theory is that all this talk about ET’s et Al, not showing any evidence, just talk, is a trick-psy op to condition the public into accepting a centralized leadership, under a One World Govt., (Zion Talmudic One of course), when time is ripe for it, alleging that Planet Earth is Under Attack by “Aliens”, and if we want to survive, we have to follow ORDERS-INSTRUCTIONS and let them carry out the HOAX.

    The problem is HOW would the Zion Talmudic Mafia CONVINCE Rusia-BRICS countries’ leadership to play the game and go along with it?

    • Good point, however the system and associated UFO/IFO/alien/ET/EBE narratives can work the same whether true or not. If the anecdotal testimonies are true the effects on the populace will be the same as if there were merely a sophisticated mindkontrolling psyop, since the DOD and contractors are dealing with these matters as if they were real and have been really murdering people for talking. Either way the public will eventually get a boot in the face 24/7 unless the SSG is completely derailed.

      And there are well documented cases from the past of teams of specially selected and dressed up MIBS making visits to witnesses advising them it would be in their direct best interest to keep things completely to themselves.If this is only a psyop it is the world’s most expensive long term defense contractor based game in history and one that has destroyed many careers and murdered quite a few folks who refused to stay quiet.

      And then there are some that have worke on the inside that know these anecdotal testimonies ae actually true. Although these folks won’t ever go public, they have told close confidants in ways that walk very close to the line. There are some of these folks that are 100% standup and cannot be impeached at all. It is these folks who bring the most evidence to bear.

    • Youtube some videos about Alex Collier about his ET connection. He says he’s been on 200mi long mother ships and everything else. I am an expert trained by the Navy Intel on body language and voice inflection, and I can say there are a few things he seems to either be embellishing or not believing himself 100%, but 90% of what he says seems to be true. Or he at least believes it. And since he was a IRS high up he seems to not be insane. And since he has been imprisoned for BS and had his life ruined, it seems he may be telling the truth.

  7. Thanks Dr Preston James. Superb article, with superb facts and analysis. I would encourage anyone that doubts look up Boyd Bushman on utube. Antigravitics is a reality. Plain and simple. Those that doubt are uninformed, challenged by their pre suppositions, or shills.

    • Thanks for mentioning Boyd Bushman. He is a very credible scientist with a long history on the inside and a good understanding of anti-gravity and much much more. He carefully stays within his allowed perameters but runs as close to the limit as imaginable. Much can be learned from the small amount of info he discloses. Obviously he knows most of the big secrets on the inside of the SSG and the Secret Space War. I think that within the next years we will see some astounding disclosures that may even become projected into mainstream news. For certain there will be hundreds more breaking in the alternative news and through folks associated with Steven Greer, MD.

    • Stan Deyo is another good source as well as “UFO highway” by Anthony Sanchez. Hard to comprehend that Phil Schnieder was right!!!
      we are dealing with time scales that span a very long time.

    • The Phil Schneider story has already been well corroborated from some insiders to other insiders who know about the DUMBS and alien treaties but not about the various misunderstandings and shootouts that have occurred. This is because everything is so narrowly compartmented and is based on need to know.

      Nonetheless, when something so dramatic happens that an insider goes completely public like Phil Schneider and is murdered by a private defense contractor under color of law, word does leak out accross a wide spectrum of insiders. As many know DOD private contractors now hold 80-90% of the beyond black secrets, have security clearances due to essaentially being “deputized as agents of national security” and have shoot to kill powers with no review as do some FBI appointed infraguard private large corporate security forces and some FBI, NSA, CIA and miltel agents and assets. It used to be a “signed finding” was always required, but not so anymore as such agents and assets have been extended exigent decision making powers supposedly needed to fight “terrorism” which is a phony construct and only something the Brittish, American and Mossad intel agencies and military do.

    • Thank You Preston for the outstanding work.

      Some believe we people of earth have the divine “God Spark” within and that some many thousands of years ago our DNA was DE-activated as part of a divine experiment. Earth was to be a sealed-off testing ground for good vs evil, and our memories of who we truly are and what we are capable of mostly shut down. The period of testing this experiment is now over and we will get our DNA multiple strands that have been UN-used for this long period, hooked back up, and realize our true nature and capabilities. Those who have played the bad guys will be re-engineered and brought back into the light (goodness).

      Also there is a Federation of Light beings, that are here to assist us in re-uniting with our brothers and sisters from the stars and achieve what the divine has intended based on love, compassion, empathy and cooperation.

      This is what I want to believe. That would be great.

  8. Area-51 is a giant Hollywood special effects studio. Crisis actors now take part in creating crisis for TV news. The world is a stage. Wernher Von Braun knew about the phony run-up to ET’s as the final card played by the SSG.

  9. This aligns very much with the concept of mankind’s “External Savior” – something rooted very deep in mankind’s collective psychology and therefore malleable by whomever to nefarious ends.

    I little concerned also that Russia and Putin are also being positioned now as “external saviors” not just for Syria but the wider Middle East issues.

    Continue to be ever so wary and discerning

  10. Any suggestions/theories how the control is done and why the control works so perfect (as if we the people are lab rats)?

    • There have been rumors that deep black scientists have been researching the microscopic causes of actual hive behavior in Bees. Allegedly it involves magnetic particles in the bee brains which serve as compasses and there are other substances that create psi effects and instinctive hiving or behavioral cloning behavior. If rumors are true this technology has been refined and transferred to deplay against humans and involves aerosol sparaying (operation Cloverleaf), vaccination additives of a certain RNA fragments and use of certain psychotronic frequencies to entrain and capture human brain function and tune it to certain hiving type frequencies. Supposedly this technology involves the use of scalar and torsion waves, toroidal transformers, Josephson junctions, and the technology invented by Raymond C. Gelinas. obviously it is very hard to corroborate deep-black, beyond black technologies like that of Robert Duncan, but if dig enough you will get a pretty good idea of how it’s done. ceratinly many now believe that cell phones and space based systems are involved in eliciting this hive based mindkontrol of the masses, which despite its apparent effectiveness fails quite often. I would venture that most folks who come to VT for hard core information not available elsehere are deployment failures for this mindkontrol technology. Certains folks are just resistant no matter what.

    • Hive behavior in bees? Ever wonder why the state of Utah has the beehive as its symbol…like on highway signs etc?

      “Legend says that Merovee, the founder of the Merovingians, who died in 458 AD, was seeded by a reptile and this bloodline is related to every royal family in Europe and a stream of others in positions of influence and control.

      The founding names of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith and Brigham Young were both Merovingian bloodline and that’s why the Mormon-controlled state of Utah has a beehive at the centre of its seal. The bee or beehive is an ancient symbol of the Merovingian bloodline, as is the fleur-de-lis, so beloved of British Merovingian royalty.

      The hive is the symbol of the queen bee, the Illuminati reptilian goddess at the heart of their symbolism, and it also relates to the ‘hive’ mentality of the Reptilians that they have been seeking to transfer to humans.”

      –David Icke from ‘Tales From the Time Loop’

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