Israeli Espionage in US Senate

America’s new Non-National Guard – No pensions, VA benefits or college costs.

US Senate violates Nuremberg precedent for waging offensive war


by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor and Press TV

First published May 23, 2013


I can’t wait to get my ticket for our own traitor trials

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee disgraced America yesterday, especially the memory of our WWII generation, by passing legislation to fund waging an aggressive war against Syria.

At the Nuremberg trials the German high command was hanged for supposedly doing the same thing. The old saying, “We have seen the enemy, and they are us,” comes to mind.

Senator Menendez’s committee members voting for this legislation also violated the Bush doctrine of ‘those aiding and abetting in terrorism would be hunted down wherever they were, and dealt with accordingly’.

Whether the fifteen bipartisan Senators are a rogue element group under the control of their Israeli Lobby puppet masters we will have to wait and see if the legislation proceeds to a full Senate vote.

Prof. Jim Fetzer covered in his Wednesday Viewpoints how another resolution backing an Israeli strike on Iran if it deemed necessary would commit America to supporting it militarily, diplomatically and financially. That last part means Americans would fund the cost with added debt or cutbacks here, of course.

The finance committee legislation and the Senate resolution are perfect examples of our out of control Israeli Lobby political espionage here. The loyal branch of the military and Intel services are just aghast at the openness with which Israeli agents get our Congress to do their bidding, literally on their hands and knees.

Hangman John Woods – “Ten men in 103 minutes. That’s fast work.”

It is a total abrogation of their oaths of office and many consider it plain treason. But because it is so widespread, to publicly prosecute it would be deemed detrimental to American national security (the shame), when it is really just the opposite. We have to clear the sellouts and traitors from our ranks to ever be secure, or they will just keep doing what they do.

Of course the Israeli Lobby move on Congress now is just a usual flank attack on a White House that is not sufficiently supplicant to Israeli Lobby demands.

Our sources still tell us the Benghazi attack was the last election’s October surprise that was intended to shave a few points off Obama’s vote tally and swing the election to Romney.

Yes folks, we have people/groups here that would murder our own people to obtain political power. And Israelis would help them, too… always have. Their own ‘country’ was birthed through terrorism against the British and the Palestinians and they are proud of it to this day.

But the American political system is not the only one poisoned by the Israeli Lobby scourge. Britain and France are doing their Lobby’s bidding by trying to derail the Syrian political settlement conference in June when 70,000 to 100,000 lives have been lost just to get to this point.

Field Marshall Keitel – post hanging

In typical Israeli negotiating style, France and Britain’s Foreign Secretary Hague are demanding Assad surrender despite the Syrian army’s not having been broken and gone over to the rebels as had been expected, covered in detail in Gordon Duff’s last Viewpoints.

Despite their long time issues with Assad the Syrian people have rallied around him. The reports to the UN that 75% of the rebel fighters are hired mercenaries backed by a Ku Klux Klan of war criminal states have made them more fearful of rebels.

This did not happen by accident either. Using proxies to fight future wars is now official US and NATO military doctrine as they know their respective publics have been burned out on the ‘forever war’ concept. The training circular TC-18-01, used currently for Special Forces, reveals that ‘unconventional warfare’ would be the primary method of combat for the foreseeable future.

What has been going on in Syria is a textbook example of this new doctrine. But there is one problem with it. It is a crime against humanity by even the most stringent definition. It is premeditated, planned, funded and armed knowing full well in advance that large numbers of innocent civilians will be killed in the process.

This is not Mr. Assad executing prisoners – It is America’s new ally al-Nusra, whom we support via our Gulf State proxies while we pretend to be against them

The criminal legislation that Senator Menendez is so proud of boasts tough vetting in the process of arming the rebels to make sure ‘terrorists’ do not get them.

This is a brazen lie of course. Menendez already knows the terrorist brigades are armed and funded by US proxy states in the Persian Gulf, the Royal warlords who are actually occupying their own countries and the West has always preferred as working partners.

The freedom and democracy part was nothing more than a convenient fairy tale. Whatever Assad was doing in Syria, no NATO country had any problem with Mubarak, the King of Jordan or the Persian Gulf banditos doing.

Every university graduating class in the Arab world was completely educated about all of this. But most of the Western leadership is serving someone’s interests other than their own people’s.

From Col. James Hanke, the former G2 (intelligence officer) for the US Third Army, the heart of NATO during the Cold War, we have: “NATO’s credibility today is negligible. It is poorly armed, led and totally ineffective… it has descended into a third world rabble.”

The West’s new militia in action – where they think they have deniablity, but they don’t.

This folks is a hell of an indictment coming from the living John Wayne of the Special Forces community.

This will give you some insight as to how the TC-18-01 doctrine evolved, the purpose being to use cannon fodder forces with no retirement or disability obligations into the future.

Where does a broke Britain get the gall to claim being the power broker as to who would represent the Syrian government at the political settlement conference in June? And the same goes for France who has huge problems at home due to its own failed domestic policies.

All of these Western countries had front row seats at the Nuremberg trials where claims of ‘just following orders’, ‘protecting my countries interests’, ‘acting in self defense’, were all rejected. But we find the West rejecting any accountability when doing the same thing and using similar justifications but with one exception.

The preemptive strike option on a target who might be a threat at some future date makes a mockery of any claim to Western jurisprudence, moral code, or right to live actually. Such a doctrine is a premeditated crime against humanity, brought to us by the low-life NeoCons and their Israeli Lobby espionage buddies, and pitiful characters like George W. Bush.

Not all suffer equally playing the regime change game

What these countries are doing is taking advantage of their suffering populations who are consumed with surviving austerity measures, and engaging in foreign intrigues which of course will only benefit their elites.

I am seeing a growing consensus among Press TV readers that for the common people their main threats and enemies are at home, those who are robbing them blind. All of this foreign bogeyman stuff is what Gordon Duff christened today in one of our state of the world chats with a wonderful phrase… Weapons of Mass Distraction.

But there is some good news, so put your Russian roulette pistols down. The EU accountants have finally figured out that a trillion Euros a year in tax cheating is the only source of revenue available to climb out of the debt hole they are in. There is no other source of debt repayment or job stimulation funding on the horizon.

This presents the possibility of a ‘last battle’ between the robbers and those being robbed. The $25 trillion stashed in those offshore accounts, do you think that was earned legally or illegally? And are they going to spend/invest it to save the rest of us or wait till we are all starving and willing to volunteer ourselves into slavery for a roof and a meal as Roman citizens did at the end of their empire?

The super elites’ pensions are securly funded
They are doing all they canto generate a global collapse so they can buy up all crucial life sustaining assets at five cents on the dollar. They are testing using proxy armies and throw away cannon fodder troops now so they are available to use later. We are debt financing robotic warfare development now, and guess who will control how that is used… them or us?

We have some very critical decisions facing us… walking the tightrope kind, where if we make one slip we are gone. To win against the elites who now have their own private armies who are paid for by earnings from the bogeyman War on Terror scam, we have to cut their funding off and unleash the loyal military and Intel people on them. It will all be over in six months.

The loyal Intel people know who every one of the bad guys are, but that don’t have faith that you the people would support them when crunch time came. They watched the public do nothing about 9-11.They will not move against them until they really see serious and open support. The bad guys are betting we don’t have the stomach to do it. I hope they are not right.


  1. Jim, is it possible that there are a few of the baddies who would opt out if given the chance, perhaps having pangs of conscience when they look at their children or grandchildren, knowing that their centuries-old construct will no longer hide them as before? A chain is only as good as its weakest link and there must be a few willing to talk in exchange for clearing their own names.

    Maybe others were drawn in unknowingly but do not know where to turn. Perhaps they would gladly rid themselves of these malefactors if they could, but have no options and don’t know whom to trust. They have good reason for hesitation, but even so, they must be there and ready to leave if they can. It would only take a few.

    Remember that the 300 Spartans held off the huge Persian forces until their position was betrayed. Another time the Persians had a different fortress under siege but could not take it. But they watched it and its defenders like hawks for any change. Soon one of the defenders appeared on the ramparts, his helmet glinting in the sun. He leaned over a bit too far and his helmet fell off. Still the Persians watched. In no time the saw the soldier scurry down the rocks, retrieve his helmet ( to lose battle gear often carried the death penalty in ancient times) and voila! they knew there had to be a passage/weak point in the rocks for him to get down and back so quickly. Score one for the Persians.

    Constantinople was taken when a squad of Turks found an old, long-forgotten, foliage-covered gate that had not been sealed off. Montreal was taken in a similar way–the Brits could not take the high, mountain fortress city and had to keep going in circles under it looking for a breach in the walls or stones. Then one day a scout party heard women speaking French, and carefully crept around the area and saw–of all things–women out doing the laundry in a stream. One of them wanted to take the women hostage and force them to talk, but another said no, let’s just follow them and report back. So they did and found a hidden pathway into the city that they had not noticed before. And that was the end of Montreal.

    My point is that this evil system that is destroying our country can be weakened and exposed with a minimum of conflict with the right information. Many of those on the wrong side and who might not have known before that they were and are in the midst of a criminal syndicate must know by now that their handlers can and will turn on them without notice. Is it worth it? For some it is, and they really think they count for something. But they will learn that in a criminal syndicate nobody counts for anything. Others might be resigned to years of entrapment but do not want to keep covering for depravity, directly or indirectly, and will speak with the right contact. There must be a way to allow them space to communicate and come back to decency and a rightful existence.

  2. Jim, this is a perfect article. I have nothing to add other than a compliment and the observation that I see this one echoed a lot lately in twitter and other social media feeds. I concur wholeheartedly on the Benghazi assessment and the last paragraph.

  3. I don’t know whom JD is trying to fool, us or himself.

    There is no one to “vote in”. The whole electoral system is a sham. No one is credible. And even if one credible person is elected, he is quickly diluted by the polluted waters swirling in the bordello by the potomac.

    The military don’t want to act because their wages salaries and benefits are all controlled by the Jewsurers.

    There is no political solution at all. Time for each person to make right with his God and prepare to face his Maker.

    • Here are the political choices and parameters we face:

      1. We vote for them …. but they never vote for us (but only for their corporate sponsors).

      2. They call themselves “partys” but they are the only ones partying … at our expense.

      3. We have one political party in America today: The Republocraps.

      4. Let the same corporations, banks, and special interest groups [eg, AIPAC (of lies)] that fund their campaigns pay their salaries once they are elected to office. That way it will be crystal clear whose interests they really represent.

      5. They pass laws to the highest bidder.

      6. We should nullify the entire system and revert to a monarchy or dictatorship. That way the obscene campaign spending will be avoided, as will the waste of time and massive disappointment of the electorate.

      7. The only entities that truly benefit from our current electoral system are the presstitutes of the whoreoporate mess media, who profit from the ridiculous advertising and who benefit by agreeing to perpetuate the illusion of choice.

      8. We have a choice of the evil of two lessers. They are like Winston and Marlboro. Whoever wins will kill you. And then they will turn and say: You can’t complain because you voted for us!

      9. It is obvious that the illusion of choice that passes for freedom and democracy is simply a device to forestall popular unrest and revolution.

      10. Shakespeare’s Macbeth best characterized the state of American politics today: It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury and signifying nothing.

      11. A government of fools, by rules, and for jewels will perish quickly from the face of the earth.

    • Well, duhhhh…that is part of the heavy lifting work. Like I said, people want Santa to come and fix it, and they compete with making demands as a show of how much they care.

      In a way it is a parallel of how the civil rights movement, once there was no need for it anymore (compared to when it started)…it degenerated to just making more demands no matter what you did, so now people ignore them until a few months before an election when they get promised the moon like everyone esle…a show of inclusiveness 🙂

  4. Well that is simple. The public must deal with the political issues. If they can’t vote Congress out of office when they give them a 15% approval rating, and this goes on year after year….despite their already know what a crummy job they are doing…that is proof that ‘knowing more’ is not the key. The problem lies in folks wanting someone else to do it…even tiny numbers….to do something with their big numbers have not been able to, or don’t want to…because it will be a long hard struggle.

    One thing you have to give the Jewish Lobby credit on, they saw and accepted early on in the game that for a small group to have political leverage ten to fifty times their numbers, they were going to have to get their pocketbooks out. And they did. So that example has been set. To date, ‘the public’ has not wanted to copy that model, even though it worked. That is not a good crowd to stick your neck out for because when you are being dragged down the street to the hanging tree, all they will do is watch.

    • I agree, also although congress has a crappy approval rating, polls show a lot of the people who bash congress mention the guy they voted for who is in office is a good guy the rest of them are lousy congressman; this view based on ego and ignorance helps keep the ugly system going.

      By the way AIPAC is currently taking applications for congress from pedophiles, secretive homosexuals and anybody kicked out of the porn industry for being way too kinky.

    • Political action Gerry. People died for them to have it. If they won’t use it, or think it’s too much of an incovenience, or that it’s someone else’s job, then they forefit any right to demand that anyone else do it. If people will not vote or fund saving their own skins, they certainly are not going to support saving anyone else doing it.

      You have had some people that did get something politically rolling, Buchanan, and Ron Paul…but Democracy, is…to a great degre…a divide and conquer game.

  5. Yes, well said, they are poisoning every-damn-thing. But the contamination of this planet is becoming so complete it makes you wonder how and where the elite figure to live, when they get done exterminating us. They gotta eat uncontaminated food, drink non-toxic water and breathe clean air. Hmmm.


  6. Very well said FD. I agree the American public doesn’t deserve ALL the blame for allowing the real 9/11 perpetrators to get away, as they’re not only brainwashed, they’re dumbed down with vaccines, medications and fluoride. They do deserve their fair share because their ignorance is still a choice, whether understood or not.
    I think you would be pleasantly surprised to know there are many others like you out there, just waiting for the moment to act. I remain hopeful that we’ll have the wisdom to know when and how to act in the interests of the people and the planet.


  7. This article must be really good because I can’t view a single word of it.
    I can see only the title but the rest, other than the comments, seems to have been censored at my end.

    • Same for me for a while. Occasionally this site seems to get shortstopped and “processed” by fusions centers who are frightened of the truth getting out. Sad thing these traitors use our own taxes to oppress us and violate our basic Constitutional rights.

    • Preston James, even sadder is that US taxes are voluntary but the American sheep cough up anyway.

      ” Former IRS Director Admits Taxes Are Voluntary”

    • CJG, go to Youtube and look up Voluntary Taxes and watch Harry Reid tell a stunned reporter that no one is forced to pay taxes. It’s amazing how they all bend over backwards for that agency. They’re not even supposed to be here. If Ron Paul got elected last time he would have put them on a short leash if not pack them up and out.

  8. How can it be said that the public did nothing after 9/11? In view of how it was engineered and executed and the fact that there are still some disputes
    on what brought down the 3 World Trade Center Buildings, and also if it was a Granite missile that hit the Pentagon, I don’t think that’s accurate. The public owns the airwaves, there is NO reason that the big 6 media companies cannot be broken up.

    I would say that the 9/11 Truth Movement has done an excellent job of keeping the story alive. Most citizens around the world know Israel was
    deeply involved in 9/11’s planning and execution, we know most of the planners and where they are.

    Has anyone noticed that as Israel and “Jewish Wealth and Power” has been steadily ASCENDING, the fate, living standard and general condition of everyone else has been in steady DECLINE. On top of that the outlook for most is bleak.

  9. Well if the rumors about the secret personal life of Hague are true he’s just another Israeli blackmailed stooge demanding the resignation of Assad on behalf of his Israeli puppet masters. I wonder how he got a high ranking job in the British Jewish controlled government.

    It seems years ago the Elite Jews even made a pedophile, I won’t mention his name, the Prime Minster of Great Britain; pedophiles make the best blackmailed puppets. I wonder how many other pedophiles have held high ranking positions in the Great Britain government. I wonder how many Israeli controlled pedophiles have held high level positions in the United States government.

  10. The odious Herbert Marcuse of the Frankfurt School and a few of his crew managed to worm their way into Naval Intelligence during and after the 40’s. How did that happen? Does NI take anyone off the street and employ them without checks? What did those screwballs contribute to America? Besides more problems, I mean. How did creeps who weren’t even American and wouldn’t think of serving manage to get so close to the ranks of military power? And then they end up telling us all what to do.!search/profile/person?personId=42711146&targetid=profile

    Please tell me I’m all wrong on this.

  11. A truly suberb article that makes clear sense out of what was intended to be hidden behind smoke and mirrors using the phony war on terror that has been secretly waged by the International Zionist Crime Syndicate using the US politicians and officials they have bought and paid for and human compromised through their powerful and wealthy intel fronts inside America (like Aipac, Adl, Splc, etc.).

    Not so in the military and many sectors of American Intel which remain loyal to their Constitutional oaths and are not liars and traitors, and not so with a small but growing segment of the US population which, thanks to the worldwide Internet and uncensored websites like VT is growing daily at a speed that truly terrifies the IZCS and their henchmen, and the Banksters who own them and control all the major mass media and make huge profits for nothing using fiat so-called money and pernicious usury.

    Yes, we need indictments and war crimes trials and trials for treason and sedition, and mass Nuremberg style public hangings upon conviction for these traitors and foreign intel lobbysists and dual citizens that have broken international law and violated the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. And we need proper anti-trust laws that break up the big wall street banks and monopolistic offshore corporations which asset strip America, and we must substitute Fair trade for free trade to get our heavy industry and job back inside America.

    This is an article that truly needs to go viral. There is a large segment of the American populace that is presently very suspicious and disatisfied with the USG and its foreign wars. For many of these folks it will only take a small nudge of hard core truth like that contained this article to explain this phony war on terror and these mass murdering proxy wars paid by US taxpayer dollars to wake them up.

    Once approximately 10% of the population becomes fully awakened to this, that should be enough to reach a critical mass tipping point and seal the fate of the banksters, especially with the onslaught of the Brics and the recent new direct trade agreements of Austrailia and New Zealand with China without use of the US Petro Dollar. (we arre at abou 7-8% now). And add to this that there is a new secret agreement between China and Saudi Arabia to build the world’s largest oil refinery in Saudi Arabia, and you can see the pressure mounting.

    And that is why the IZCS is scrambling so hard to grab up all the ammon production (their new form of gun control to violated the second amendment covertly) and to streamline and build up DHS to crush what they expect to be a major rebellion and/or total civil war. Their plan, a boot in your face 24 hours a day and this is what will transpire unless they are stopped through public awakening. Despite all their false confidence in their own importance and power, DHS leaders are plenty worried about the public waking up and putting its boot in their face forever. The American poeple are the largest armed force in the world and a sleeping giant, that once awakened, will be unstoppable and a threat to state criminals and traitors inside the beltway that few of these international offenders fully understand.

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