The 6/22/13 U.S. Coup Plot Revealed

Will this be "the solstice with the mostest" ?

By John Kimber,

Conquering a nation with 100 million gun owners is a difficult task, so do the ruling psychopaths have a plan which matches their obvious preparations for a violent coup?

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OKC, 9/11, and 7/7, were all foretold in detail within so-called “fiction”. Therefore, it is worth examining the current predictive programming in movies and TV shows etc.

From The Simpsons Series 9 Episode 1 (S09E01) 9/21/1997

Various TV shows, especially the expensive new sci-fi show “Defiance”, have contained clues about 6/22/13 nuclear false flag attacks. However, it will take more than a few dirty bombs or even nuclear bombs to defeat America, so what else is planned?

Hollywood has shown America being devastated in many ways, including by nuclear bombs, (bioweapon) viruses, EMP attacks, and even civil war. So which is it? The cult TV show Jericho (2006-8), suggests a combination of all four of these scenarios.

In Jericho, 20 kiloton nuclear bombs are detonated in 23 U.S. cities, in federal false flag attacks. Less than a week later, EMP attacks destroy the power grid, electronics, and communications.

jericho nuke

The current TV show “Revolution” is specifically about a nationwide EMP-like attack, followed by civil war. The power outage occurs at 6:23 pm – a typical clue pointing to 6/23 – the day after the 6/22/13 nuclear false flags:-


Revolution also contains occult numerology pointing to the 6/21 and 6/22 dates of the initial nuclear operation. These dates are explicit in the British version of Jericho, Operation Blackjack.

From Revolution S01E05, at 34 minutes in, the full dates of the next planned major false flag, sandwiched between 9/11, on a train with a bomb on-board:-

4+7 = 11      M = 13 R = 18  V = 22  216     1+6+5+6 = 18 = 1+8 = 9 =            11          13+18 = 31        22 216              9,  reversed =              9                              6/21-22/13              11, also                         9/11/01 to 6/22/13 = 11y 9m 11d                         

4+7 = 11      M = 13 R = 18  V = 22  216     1+6+5+6 = 18 = 1+8 = 9 =
11                13+18 = 31     22 216              9,  reversed    =
9                     6/21-22/13                      11,  also
9/11/01 to 6/22/13 = 11y 9m 11d.

A B C D E F G H I  J   K  L   M  N  O  P   Q  R   S   T  U  V   W   X   Y   Z
1  2 3 4  5  6 7  8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23  24 25 26

Immediately before the above scene, at 33 minutes into Revolution S01E05, is a clue suggesting that the general plot was called off last year. Letters and numbers which
add up to 12, with a black line through them (meaning cancelled):-

GTRA3152 = 7+20+18+1+3+1+5+2 = 57 = 5+7 = 12

The message/occult numerology is repeated for emphasis, and to make sure that
it is not missed by plot insiders:-

GTRA3152 = 7+20+18+1+3+1+5+2 = 57 = 5+7 = 12

Phone calls to Coast To Coast AM warned millions about possible false flag attacks on 6/22/12, and this may have caused a postponement until this year:-!download|765p1|2995438359|Kimber%20on%20Coast%20-%208.6.2012%20-%20Planned%20Serendipity.mp3

The creator of Revolution also created the long-running/popular series “Supernatural”,
which contains clear references to the series Jericho – the clues and connections are endless.

For example, S07E06 of Supernatural, which is called (Truth) “Slash Fiction”, is about false flag terrorism. The episode opens in the town of Jericho, and features an FBI mole/cabal agent called Valente. “Jericho” itself has an NSA mole/cabal agent called Thomas Valente, and the whole series is dedicated to false flag terrorism.

A character called Thomas Valente also appears in “Operation Blackjack”. Additionally, Blackjack (2009) features a false flag bomb plot in Boston, which is rapidly exposed as such. This has come true in recent weeks, and most people are now aware of government false flags – in preparation for the final civil war phase, discussed below.

Returning to the plot of Jericho, after the EMP attack, comes a deadly virus, which spreads across the nation. In reality, a bioweapon virus could be targeted at likely coup resistors, via America’s secret dual waterline system.

Finally, civil war begins, when surviving regional governments/coalitions, discover that the federal government planted the nuclear bombs, in false flag attacks.


There is even a “nice” subplot, where an income tax jubilee, ensures the survival of the IRS, and its partner in crime the Federal Reserve Bank. The former pays unconstitutional income tax to the latter, and both are private corporations. The Fed’s current 100 year charter expires this year.

So, how would the above work in practice? Firstly, false flag nuclear attacks would justify the immediate imposition of martial law. These attacks are blamed on Iran and North Korea in Jericho; and Syria, Iran, and China in the Operation Blackjack version. The patsy states are attacked by America, in both.

Secondly, soon after, the EMP attacks would block communication amongst the public, suppress evidence of federal involvement, and hamper organized resistance. Military equipment/electronics is often shielded against EMP weapons.

Thirdly, likely resistors could be sent a deadly bioweapon virus via the dual waterline system. This would also massively reduce opposition to the coup. 2013 is 666 years after the arrival of the Black Death in Europe, as an early bioweapon.

Finally, corrupt federal military officers could kill dissenters within the ranks, and then attack surviving external resistors, with help from the 30,000 domestic drones that Obama has purchased for them – a civil war.

As stated above, OKC, 9/11, and 7/7, were all described in advance within so-called
“fiction”. How can we minimise the risk of the predictive programming for 6/22/13
attacks following this pattern?

Firstly, publicizing the possibility of false flag attacks on 6/22/13, will make such attacks much less likely:-  call in numbers, etc. national radio call in numbers

Secondly, a counter-plan to block the obvious preparations for mass murder in America,
via conspiracy to commit genocide charges against Obama, Napolitano (DHS), and Fugate
(FEMA), is discussed here.

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Kevin Barrett

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

He is Host of TRUTH JIHAD RADIO; a hard driving weekly LIVE call in radio show. He also has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications.

Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin, where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host.

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  1. glenn beck has a range of t-shirts and on one
    type shirt of an eye (of all things!), the numbers 2-2-6
    are printed onto the pupil!
    (3rd t-shirt down – zoom in to verify.)

    hmmm! how ‘in your face’! of course he also has earth shattering news
    to break at the end of this week (as is the subject of the linked thread),
    in and around the 22-6 or 6-22.

    nice timing, eh?

    all these connections co-incidences? all connected?

    time will tell, i guesss.

  2. The report on the impeachment of President Bill Clinton was published on 9/11/98. GHW Bush gave the new world order speech on 9/11/90. On 4/19 (Waco, Columbine, etc;,) and 9/11 we all get a little nervous over these idiots doing something else. Placing the thermite in the towers, and OKC is enough to drive a man to drink. What next will they think up out of their desire to control everything and everybody?

  3. Here’s more math and probably not right

    if you want to get a 6-6-6 you could say June 6th, 2013 = 6 6 2+0+1+3 = 6 6 6

    nothing happened

    so the next day to look forward to if June 15th, 2013 = 6 6 6

    then June 24th, 2013 = 6 (2+4) (2+0+1+3) = 6 6 6

    interestingly the 2013 National Scout Jamboree held by the Boy Scouts of America from July 15, 2013 to July 24, 2013

  4. When war looms the question is asked: where are the carriers? Mark Glenn wonders where Israeli nukes are. Probably not in itty bitty Israel, but in America, where the were originally stolen from, moved into position with diplomatic pouches the size of semis.

    Rothschild – Israel – domination – America – black mailed – then destroyed by nuclear false flag blamed on the Federal government. This makes sense if a third party wishes to remain hidden and destroy the nation from within, pitting Constitutionalists and Christians against the Fed.

    Who does Alex Jones blame? The government, that’s his job, always blaming the wrong entity and never Israel because he works for Israel. Fooking traitor.

    300,000 Israelis are in California right now. Not good.

  5. I think you nailed it, they have to stage an even bigger coup to stay in front of the revolution. I am 100% confident that we, the people, will eventually win but probably not after heavy losses.

    Do you know how everyone all of a sudden is comparing Obama to Nixon, unlawful wiretapping, etc? There is another parallel forming, one that will push what you are forecasting to the front burner. The current worldwide gold run. Everyone wants delivery just like 1971. Take a look at this chart and the loss of gold from JPM:

    Remember Nixon closed the gold window in August 1971:

    Nixon Ends Bretton Woods International Monetary System

  6. Boy, you called that one right on. Remember the warning on the morning of 9-11, before the planes hit, to the Israeli’s working there? We know who did it, if its done. And after that our congress and President better make the right call on who we move against.

  7. YEAH!!!!! NUMBERS!!!!!!!

    Today:Dow -216 (=6x6x6) =21/6

    Tomorrow; 6/6/6(2+0+1+3) =crash?

    21/6 22/6 23/6

    And sheeple are gonna be busy with Susan Rice/Samantha Power nominations.

    Time to bring in the tomato plants?

    • more numbers,

      Today; 6/6/6 (2+0+1+3) Dow %change = 0.00

      Today is exactly 64 years ago 1984 was published.

      Today court uncovers Verizon NSA collaboration of spying on millions daily.(Big Brother celebration?)

      So yesterday; Dow -216 (=6x6x6)
      Hang Seng -216 (Warning?)

      What about tomorrow;

      It’s movie time,Batman.

      6/7/2013 strike zone 2 on Batman Map

      Aurorashooting(Strike zone 1) 7/20/12 ,friday ,the day of waxing crescent moon.

      147 days later:

      Sandy Hook shooting 12/14/12,friday,the day of waxing crescent moon.

      147 days later.

      5/10/12 nothing? friday ,the day of waxing crescent moon.

      147 days later:

      Strike Zone 2?Friday,the day of the crescent waxing moon.

      Days since Aurora shooting; 322

      322 in Batman Movie is number under Elite booth at football game.

      Strike Zone 2 is underground bombs at Yellowstone park in Batman Movie

    • 1:29:44 into movie underground bombs go off.


      44 days between 6/7(tomorrow) and 7/20(Aurora shooting)

      Yellowstone super volcano is at 44N 111W

      The football team playing Gotham was Rapid City.

      Two Rapid City locations(SD and MI) in US are both at 44N.

      Rapid City (SD) is 322 miles NW of Yellowstone.

      Bilderberg is meeting

      Aren’t numbers fun?

      Sorry,i will never do this again.

    • I tried doing these guessing but always end up wrong. Anyway here’s mine:

      What about pittsburgh pirates versus LA angels on june 22 angel stadium?

      Wasn’t there supposed to be a nuke attack on Feb 6 2011 (a reference to 6 11) but it got exposed?

      Maybe they will reuse it. In simpsons there is a 6 11 reference. The clock features 2 divisors extended to twice their length. 22 = 2*11? Also a pittburg team played in dark knight match. There is also a reference to blue angels in simpsons episode.

    • i try to avoid doing this stuff,for reasons you stated above

      Doesn’t change the fact that this cluster is becoming interesting.

      5/6/2013 Dow= -216 =6x6x6(2+0+1+3) =21/6(warning?)

      Hang Seng=216(warning)

      6/6/2013(=6) “1984” was published this date 64 years ago
      Huge “Big brother” spying scam is “leaked”.

      7/6/2013 Fytse(London) = – 19.84

      And in the meantime the Bilderbergers are meating ,and announced public statement,and interview.
      Like a recognition they exist,openly.

      These could be warnings for 21/6 ,22/6 ,23/6.

  8. Speaking of symbolism as it associates with most EVERYTHING today…You must read Chris Kyle’s book…don;t buy it…have your local library order it or borrow it from a friend or someone you know….They’ve made way way too much money on that sell out already..

    Never read anything to date loaded with as much pure propaganda as that book….Someone wants to know just who it is who is REALLY paying attention…. I lost count of the conditioning scenarios spelled out within this project… Oh and his wife’s speech at the NRA convention was classic!!!


  9. I see a sign on billboard a word of BLACKUDETA three months ago, I watch tv film with the title 21, dialogue that mentioned 21 in other tv program and a shape like ENVELOPE on local tv screen in YELLOW COLOUR. Are these hidden messages for their own provocatuers to act?. I feel something wrong could happen in short future here in Indonesia or somewhere else.

  10. Hello VT, it’s been awhile since I last posted a comment (since the registration requirement was instituted) but I just had to share this. It’s early in the AM my local time so bear with me, this will not be the most eloquently written of comments.

    Thought I’ll do some quick research on the creators of the Revolution TV series and just follow the leads as they appear. Found the astonishing tidbit in or about 2 mins.

    Started with the series itself

    “created by Eric Kripke and produced by J. J. Abrams”

    Comment: Both are Jews working in largely Jewish run Hollywood ( not the Arabs despite what Alex Jones might tell you). Speaks to many issues that most readers should be familiar with,i.e. issues pertaining to political propaganda produced, packaged, and sold to the public either piecemean (clever insertion into assumably non-political entertainment movies) or wholly as a factually accurate representation of historical events irregardless of suppressed or ignored evidence to the contrary (Zero Dark Thirty anyone?) . There are also minor issues, relatively speaking, such as cronyism and nepotism stifling potentially superior talent from outside the circle, thus not only limiting individual career paths but also deprives the audience of potentially superior product choices (the “they don’t make good movies anymore” syndrome). While important, none of these are shocking revelations nor are they pertinent to the topic of insider secret messages or pre-conditioning the public via the mass media for the next coming false flag terror attack production. .

    Visited Eric Kripke’s wiki page, noted his relationship to mathmatician philosopher Saul KripkeI (very interesting person, suggest visiting his page for further reading) I moved on to J.J. Abrams

    Found his long simmering, next to be released movie project’s storyline involves a real, living person. This is an architect with a unique passion: the clever integration of hidden codes and complicated riddles into his artistic works! Not only that, he makes his living among the very barons of mass media PR who have been shaping, steering, and when appropriate, stampeding the American public into one war after another after another for over 100 years. Almost none of these wars were in America’s interest. Almost all of them were in the interest of International Jewry, Zionism, and Wall Street. This architect/secret messager extraordinair is Mr. Eric Clough, who you will find later has branched off into directly serving the mass media industry.

    Excerpt from J.J. Abram’s wikipage
    “Under development (due in 2013[13]) is Abrams’ film with Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot Productions, Mystery on Fifth Avenue. It is based on the New York Times article “Mystery on Fifth Avenue” about the renovation of an 8.5 million dollar co-op, a division of property originally owned by E.F. Hutton and Marjorie Merriweather Post. In 2008, it was widely reported Abrams purchased the rights to the Times article for six figures,[14] and enlisted comedy writers Maya Forbes and Wally Wolodarsky to write the adaptation. According to the article, a wealthy couple Steven B. Klinsky and Maureen Sherry purchased the apartment in 2003 and live there with their four children. Soon after purchasing the apartment, they hired young architectural designer Eric Clough, who devised an elaborately clever “scavenger hunt” built into the apartment that involved dozens of historical figures, a fictional book and a soundtrack, woven throughout the apartment in puzzles, riddles, secret panels, compartments, and hidden codes, without the couple’s knowledge. The family didn’t discover the embedded mystery until months after moving into the apartment.[15][16] After Abrams purchased the article, Clough left him an encrypted message in the wall tiles of a Christian Louboutin shoe store he designed in West Hollywood.[17]”

    More on Eric Clough.

    Clough founded 212box, an architecture and design firm, in 2001. They are currently based in Manhattan’s Financial District with an office adjacent to the World Trade Center / 9/11 Memorial site.

    More on 212box

    212box actively expands their research beyond the architectural design into branding, graphic identities, promotion, and media while integrating strong design

    but what the hell, preconditioning for false flag attacks? secret messages embedded within mass media productions? the (shadow) government & motion picture/television studio industry in utter and complete cahoots? na, it’s all just kooky tinfoil hat conspiracy talk.,,,

  11. You said: “The Fed’s current 100 year charter expires this year.”

    That’s wrong. Each federal reserve bank was set up with a 20 year charter but in 1927, Congress passed the Pepper McFadden Bill. This gave the banks perpetual charter and only Congress can kill these entities off now.

  12. Before we get to 22 June, watch out for something major happening on 11 June.
    This is from Ben Fulford’s report today:
    “Also, beware of June 11, there is likely to be something very nasty planned by the cabal for 611 and we need to make sure it does not happen.”

    IF VT hears anything about 11 June, please can you guys put a report out so we get to know too, preferably ASAP.

    • Well 611 is similar to 911 and the positions of the hands on the clock in an episode of the Simpsons featuring a nuclear explosion has spooked some people: ****

      The Simpson episode may be a little too obvious, somebody at the Simpsons may of had a little fun.

  13. What jumped out at me on the train was MRV, and V2. 1656 could be a hwy 656 although a quick search no Interstate, only state roads. What’s also queer is the fact that the 96 series 20.00 FRN could be folded to depict the WTC burning in the same spots that were hit. They do love to tell us what they are going to do.

  14. My guess is Israel won’t do a nuclear false flag in the United States to get the gullible Americans to attack Iran. Netanyahu can easily get his puppet Obama to attack Iran without a major nasty false flag event in the United States.

    He forced Obama to put evil economic sanctions on Iran, Obama says nothing about the recent Israeli announcements about more Israeli housing to be built in Palestinian territory and he keeps talking about the unbreakable bond between the United States and Israel.

    It looks like Netanyahu through Obama may have NATO establish a no-fly zone in Syria, which means bomb Syria. After the death and destruction begins the Mossad may perform a false flag against the United States in the Middle East claiming Iran did the dirty work as revenge for an attack on its ally Syria; this leads to America attacking Iran. Chuck Hagel will then come out and claim we need to retaliate against Iran to protect Americans and the media will essentially tell us Hagel hates war and Israel so if Hagel says we need to bomb Iran to protect Americans it must be true. I wonder what type of blackmail material Israel has on Hagel. The Israeli motto if we can’t blackmail you we can’t trust you.

    • Regarding Hagel, excerpt from an article

      “Our countries share values, common interests, and a permanent bond that grows stronger over time,” said the defense secretary, who has faced criticism over past comments regarding Israeli and Jewish influence in Washington.

      Brian: Well I don’t approve of Israel doing 911, manipulating countries including the United States on behalf of Israel, and terrorizing and murdering Palestinian men, women and children decade after decade, sorry Chuck I’m not on your side.

    • In Great Fall’s about 2 Weeks ago we had this…
      Nuclear incident drills to start Monday across Montana –

      We are becoming all to familiar with these DRILL’S as Kevin mentioned.
      Military personnel at Malmstrom Air Force Base have regular exercises to test their response procedures and make sure everyone knows what to do and when.

      But starting Monday, their training will go to a higher level.

      A national exercise, known as NUWAIX 2013, which is executed by U.S. Northern Command and sponsored by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, will bring about 1,000 people to Montana throughout the exercise. The exercise isn’t expected to disrupt the community, but locals may notice additional vehicle traffic in and out of the base, increased helicopter activity and some personnel in hazmat suits or “tent cities” at some of the exercise sites. The majority of the exercise will be contained at Malmstrom and Fort Harrison in Helena.

      So, why in Armpit Montana would they be playing within a DRILL like this? Also why state, “their training will go to a higher level.” So is something in the making?

      I have a bad back so I can’t throw anyone too far as it is Brian. 🙂
      I don’t trust anyone today who is in dire need to take their minds off Obama’s & John McQaeda and the US Congress from their Treason of Arming and Supporting the al-Nusra/Al Qaeda in violation of the NDAA and Lugar-Obama Act. (Man-Pad’s). But something BIG is about to happen as they not only WANT a War but need it to save these greasy politicians who should all hang for Treason.

      Forget the IRS and spying on News outlets. You have to realize that 12 years of Al Qaeda Al Qaeda is and has been all a HOAX when your own Government in Libya and now Syria use Al Qaeda who said, “We attacked the US for its support of Israel.: Yet in 12 years not once has Al Qaeda attacked Israel who’s 2,000 miles closer and a lot smaller. Right?

    • Montana is NOT an armpit my friend. Armpits are NYC, LA, CHICAGO, EAST ST LOUIS,….DC 4 Sure
      Surely you’re a bit young to have a bad back! ( wink )


    • Sadly yes, did PrimeStar©, DirecTV©, Dish© and Commercial Sat downlinks for gas-station & Stores installs (Up-to 4 systems a day) 14 years. Hours on a ladder with all the weight of dish, drills, tool belts etc. Installed all over MT. WA. ID & WY. Irritated an old injury from a near fatal car wreck and my back is toast. Had C6-7 fused. $50K implant stimulator into my spine so I can basically stand. Life is hell. But there are others worse off then myself.

      I worry more about the 27,000,000 American’s with a 30 day supply to their SSRIs that when the bottom falls out with turn Zombie when their med’s run out. I live on Fentanyl and Morphine for a past time. If I had a good back I would use it to lock my Cousin Obama up for treason. Oh well.

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