Pacifist Terms Obama ” Force For Destruction”


By Sherwood Ross


CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. — Overall, President Obama has been “a force for destruction” who has “advanced inequality, wealth concentration, deportations, imprisonments, and the de-funding of basic services in order to fund banks, billionaires, and bombers,” distinguished peace activist David Swanson says.

In an exclusive interview with this reporter, Swanson, a former staff aide to Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s presidential campaigns, said Obama has done nothing to better the lot of the nation’s poor, including Americans in the ghettos, apart from reducing “the disparity in crack-powder cocaine sentencing.”

Noting that Obama has attempted to identify himself with the late civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Swanson was asked if he saw any resemblance. His reply was “Two eyes and two ears and two feet and in Obama’s case two mouths. He got a Nobel Peace Prize before he did anything for peace,” Swanson said. “So did King, and King followed through and retroactively earned it. Perhaps that led to the ludicrous bestowing of the prize on Obama, who proceeded to give a pro-war acceptance speech in which he insultingly and arrogantly denounced King’s approach to world change.”

Asked if either Obama or his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might carry out their threat to make a nuclear attack on Iran, Swanson said, “I think they are willing to and would find joy in it. Watch the video of Clinton laughing over the killing of (Libya’s ruler Muammar} Gaddafi. Watch the video of her talking about ‘obliterating’ Iran. She takes obvious pleasure in such talk, as does Obama. I don’t think it’s at the top of their to-do list, but as long as they allow Israel and Congress to roll ahead, as long as they support the propaganda against Iran, as long as they pursue sanctions as an ‘alternative’ to war that usually brings war closer, the danger will grow.”

Swanson was asked if the U.S. could defeat powerful enemies Germany and Japan in three and one half year in World War II how it has been in Afghanistan for well over a decade with no victory in sight, and whether this was not a deliberate plan to continue a high level of military funding.

“Motivations clearly include irrational masochistic power, financial profit, election campaigning, domination of territories and resources, and the inertia of the war machine,” Swanson said. “I don’t think there’s just one reason, but I think all the reasons are bad ones.”

He went on to say, “I agree that many want to keep the wars going, including those so deluded as to imagine that wars produce jobs. Connecticut’s new commission to plan economic conversion is the most encouraging step I’ve seen in a long time. Forty-nine states need to sit up and take notice.”

Asked why there is so little popular opposition to President Obama’s warlike policies compared to the public outcry during the Viet Nam war, Swanson replied: “Less of it (the war) is shown in corporate media, resulting in its actual diminishment. The propaganda—including the lie that people are impotent to effect change—has become much slicker. People are directed into entertainment, ignorance, and ineffective types of activism, above all electoral campaigning.”

“Our schools are worse, our news media is worse, our political system is more corrupted. Propagandists and recruiters are more skilled. The draft is a poverty draft, presented as a favor to its direct victims rather than an assault on them. And knowledge of the crimes to be protested barely exists. A majority of Americans believes Iraq benefitted from a war that destroyed Iraq. People won’t protest that which they don’t know about.”

Asked how deeply totalitarianism is ingrained in American life, Swanson said that “Americans are among the most obedient and subservient people around. We imagine just the reverse and certainly our tendency toward obedience competes with out tendency toward independence and rebellion. But the majority of politically engaged Americans radically alter their demands depending on which of two very similar political parties is in the White House, accept imperial powers for presidents without thought, ingest corporate propaganda without resistance, and believe that even popular activism is dependent on the divine appearance of an all-powerful leader.”

Swanson went on to say, “A majority of Americans oppose drone murders of Americans but support drone murders of non-Americans. A majority of Americans want different rules for their country and other, lesser countries, including accepting the launching of wars on other nations, whether for genocidal or humanitarian reasons.”

Asked what it will take to get the pacifist message through to the multitudes, Swanson replied, “It may take some combination of independent media and infiltration of corporate media. The latter will only effectively follow the former. So our priorities are backwards right now. We need a much greater emphasis on building independent journalism. And we need a movement to educate people to rely on it. If potential activists won’t take anything seriously that they don’t see on corporate media, it does us little good to get it to them by other means.”

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Swanson hosts “Talk Nation Radio” and is the author of numerous anti-war books that have drawn wide attention and praise. These include “The Military Industrial Complex at 50” and “War Is A lie.”

Sherwood Ross formerly contributed weekly columns to United Press International(Magazines in Review) and Reuters(Workplace.) He now lives in, and writes from, Miami, Florida. Reach him at [email protected]



  1. Obama is a very talented, brilliant man, probably one of the very smartest ever to occupy the White House. But he has lost millions who were initially impressed by him; yes, I think it’s possible he might not fill a German beer hall, as you put it. He is a terrible disappointment to liberals in this country and Afro-Americans.-Because of his lawless policy of murder, his violation of international law, and his failure to defend the US. Constitution, I believe he should be impeached–Sherwood

  2. Alwyn, the number of unsubstantiated assertions in your article is staggering, beginning with Obama “was appointed to his position…by the Jewish Conspiracy.” Weren’ t you around for the elections?

    Obama has “hidden handlers.” If they’re hidden how do you know about them? Give us names please.

    The Jews are running the economic operations of the country via affirmative action. This practice was adopted largely after being pushed by African-American civil rights groups to benefit blacks.

    “By way of appointing city managers instead of local officials…” This is just incredible to attack city managers as part of “an extensive network of treason.” Name one convicted of treason. Name the network.

    “We must sort out the unpatriotic Jews and their sycophants” as “treason in a state of war is a capitol offense” sounds like you’re ready to impose the death penalty on any Jew who is, in your opinion, not patriotic. Wasn’t that the same position Hitler took?

    Alwyn, truthfully, do you consider yourself anti-Semitic? I think you are very unfairly biased against Jews in general. Your charge Jews with crime after crime. Okay, now try and enumerate any of the good things Jews have done for America. Can you name any? If you were objective you might be able to list some. I’d like to hear back from you. Have a great day and thanks for writing. —Sherwood Ross

  3. “The Jews are going to have to recognize how transparent and predictable they are.
    Maybe we can encourage some honest dialogue and get them to join our cause for Liberty.”

    What fraction of Jews are really evil supremacists, and how many are just ignorant (as in the way most USians are ignorant of real US foreign policy)? How many religious Jews actually read the evil Talmud, and how many just half listen to what their Rabbi says, with synagogue attendance more a social club than religious observance?

    Most of the Jews I have met fall into the ignorant category (but note that they are secular, Reform or Conservative – not living in a big city I have not known any Orthodox).

  4. Dave, I well understand your frustration but I don’t believe you’ve got your facts right. Which Jews declared war on the U.S. 11 years ago? Precisely who do you mean? Are you referring to the Israelis? Do you mean the Jewish lobby in Washington? — Sherwood

    • Think about the Jewish supremacists in Israel who did the evil 911 along with their Jewish supremacists pals in the White House and the Pentagon, killing Americans on our soil is war, I don’t care if it meets technical standards of war.

      How about the Jewish supremacists who operate all the major media who refused to tell Americans Usama bin Laden is not even wanted by the FBI for the 911 crime due to no hard evidence; they never mention the overwhelming evidence deranged Jewish supremacists did 911 such as the evil Dancing Israelis.

      Perhaps we should talk about the deranged Jewish supremacists who did the Underwear bomber.

      Perhaps we should talk about the deranged Jewish supremacists, known politely as Neocons and AIPAC who brought us the Iraq war on behalf of Israel. Perhaps we should talk about the evil Jewish supremacists in the Mossad who for years have blown up our soldiers with sophisticated IEDs in the Middle East and the IDF sharp shooters who kill our soldiers.

      Some of us are tired of the evil some Jewish supremacists have done to Americans and Muslims. No they don’t represent the average Jewish person.



    • Sherwood this is a comment you made in your article titled The CIA, the KKK and the USA:

      Sherwood Ross
      October 12, 2012 – 9:56 pm
      James Howard: Israel has a lot to account for but a bunch of dancing men on 9/11 doesn’t prove that Israel was involved in9/11.

      Read an article about the Dancing Israelis here is the link:

      Read the evidence from the two links I put in my other comment and then let us know if you think Israel is the #1 suspect for 911.

    • I’m posting this again.

      Sherwood this is a comment you made in your article titled The CIA, the KKK and the USA:
      Sherwood Ross
      October 12, 2012 – 9:56 pm
      James Howard: Israel has a lot to account for but a bunch of dancing men on 9/11 doesn’t prove that Israel was involved in9/11.
      Read an article about the Dancing Israelis here is the link:
      Read the evidence from the two links I put in my other comment and then let us know if you think Israel is the #1 suspect for 911.

    • Perhaps David Swanson who writes for The Jewish Reporter can read the evidence showing Israel and Jewish Zionists in the United States did 911 and he can review the evidence in a featured article at The Jewish Reporter.

    • I mean, c’mon, man. 9/11 was a Jewish operation from start to finish. From Silverstein to the Mossad, to the Jews like Mike Hariri and Netanyahu who openly brag about the event, to the “Dancing Israelis”, to the Jews in Israel who dress their kids in Halloween costumes of burning Twin Towers, to the scumsucking reptiles like Krauthammer and Kristol who do NOTHING but blame Muslims and Christians 24/7, to the Jews who dump white phosphorous on Lebanon and get their kids to sign missiles to annihilate Palestinian kids, to the Israelis who sit on the wall and use Palestinian kids as target practice, run over protesters with bulldozers, shoot people on ships with relief supplies for Gazan Palestinians, I could go on.

      That’s just SINCE 9/11. too. The Jews have a LONG history of terrorism dating from, oh, I dunno, some mythical bastard my parents named me after.

      It was planned in Israel, executed by Israeli and American Jews, covered up by the Jewish Mafia known as our media, investigations derailed by Zeilikow and his Jewish gang, evidence destroyed by various Jewish contractors, airport security overrun by Jewish companies like Comverse and Infosys and a bunch of others that Brain could tell you about…… he’s a lot smarter than I am……..

      We could convict the dirty reptiles in ANY court, anywhere….. all we need is court date. ANYWHERE.

      Until then, war is Hell and that’s where I hope the dirty scum spend a LONG, LONG time.

  5. I think what we need is a little thing called COURAGE, ain’t it the truth, ain’t it the truth. We know who the bad guys are and we know how they got away with it. But few have the guts to say anything, let alone DO anything about it. We ain’t in Kansas anymore, Dorothy, more like a Palestinian concentration camp.

    As for me, I’m a proud pro-Semite, anti-Jew. The bastards declared war on the US 11+ years ago and I’m sick and tired of watching the dirtbags rub our faces in their “chosen” superiority, their terrorism, racism, financial larceny and just about every other obscenity and crime you can think of.

    This is war, it ain’t gonna be pretty, but some things are just the right thing to do.

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