Uncle Gordy and Jeffy on Government Crimes (Video)

Gonzo Journalism at It’s Best


By Gordon Duff and Jeff Rense, Editors


REAL MEN gots to stick tergether”…Jeff Rense


Veterans Today editors Gordon Duff and Jeff Rense in 18 carefully selected minutes of clarity from a caffeine ridden “late night” rant session.

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16 Responses to "Uncle Gordy and Jeffy on Government Crimes (Video)"

  1. bottletop  June 9, 2013 at 5:53 pm

    Mr. Duff, how is it that you are still appearing to be able to speak about these Chosenites without having been arrested, bankrupted, fled for your life or even died, when so many before you and even now have these issues?

  2. khalfanaziz  June 7, 2013 at 11:33 pm

    This Perfect Day (1970), by Ira Levin, is a heroic
    science fiction novel of a technocratic dystopia.

    It is often compared to Nineteen Eighty-Four and
    Brave New World.

    -we need to unplug the central computer.

  3. Yukon Jack  June 7, 2013 at 11:17 pm

    Just before the 10 min mark, Jeff Rense calls Obama “the imposter in chief”. Yes, how accurate, today Obama was giving a speech in San Jose and his speech was not ready when he took the stage:

    ‘Uhhh…Uh…Uhhh….People!’ Obama at Total Loss for Words When Staff Forgets His Speech

    Read more: http://nation.foxnews.com/2013/06/07/%E2%80%9Cuhhh%E2%80%A6uh%E2%80%A6uhhh%E2%80%A6people%E2%80%9D-obama-total-loss-words-when-staff-forgets-his-speech#ixzz2VbQGt71K

    Can you imagine any real leader who can’t adlib a speech off the cuff? How about Napoleon or Hitler? Trotsky, Lenin, or Stalin? JFK? any man of real merit can speak off the cuff, even GWB, lol

    What a suck ass world we live in, the leaders are so phony they can’t talk without there teleprompter. Why not replace Obama with a robot? The President is an actor, without lines he can not speak.

  4. Allesandro  June 7, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    What Is The Whole Zombie Thing About? Is the government behind it?

    One “development” that I find CURIOUS is the whole “Zombie-Rage” of the last few years.

    What would happen if a group or area was sprayed with an aerosol drug (like with chem-trails) that makes normal people start acting like Zombie’s ?

    Please stay with me for a minute. It’s NOT too much of a stretch to believe a spray could affect regular citizens and make them appear as drugged and act close enough to ZOMBIES to be confused as to their mental, physical, conscious, condition and intentions. The public has been getting armed to kill zombies for some time now, Why?

    If someone wanted to get the public to fire-on, kill their fellow citizens,…making them appear as Zombies might do the trick. With all the Zombie movies, shows, propaganda,etc., if a town of people showed up looking like the “Walking-Dead” (really drugged-up, pale, staggering, etc.) people today might open fire on them first and ask questions later.

    I know it sounds strange, but look at what drugs like scopolomine can do.

    • Preston James, Ph.D  June 8, 2013 at 12:39 am

      Great exchange between two of my very favorite commentators Gordon Duff and Jeff Rense. Alternative Internet and radio doesn’t get any better than this.

      Allesandro. Your comment on a possible Zombie bioweapon (i.e. the “Z weapon”) is actually rumored to exist or to perhaps be under development now. It is supposedly based on prion biowarfare technology, the newest and scariest bioweapons that are being secretly developed.

      The incident in Florida and a few other places were likely field tests of these microscopic “protein seeds” in street drugs, perhaps “bath salts” or “ice” to serve as a distribution means. Allegedly these prions protein seeds can be manufactured and sprayed by air, put in food or drink, and can be designed to have immediate, or delayed effects actuated by various catalysts, including psychotronic, pulsed beam microwave as in cell phones and Wi-Fi emissions.

      Is the USG/SSG spending many billions or trillions on this research along with other catalytic mindkontrol viruses? I’d bet on it although there has been no definitive proof leaked, only “highly possible” rumors.

      A certain type of these prion protein seed have also been suspected of causing early dementia symptoms or senior moment in some young victims. Prion protein seeds designed to create out of control physical violence may do so from stimulating continual parietal lobe or temporal lobe psychomotor seizures as well as enndocrine and brain stem irregularities.

      Don’t expect the USG/SSG to provide any honest disclosures on this beyond black research any time soon, because it is a crime against humanity. Perhaps the new “Z movie” coming out this summer is about this new bioweapon and a subltle treat from those that are alleged to perhaps being developing it. The letter “Z” is the key to understanding this.

    • Detlef Reimers  June 8, 2013 at 4:38 am

      Preston, appreciate your comment, but I think you are wrong about those “prions”. Let Gasry Novak explain this to you further here “http://nov79.com/prin.html”.

      The nobel price for this “prion scientist” was a real fraud in the first place, but big money was made from this world wide scientific scam. Don’t be fooled by these mad scientist, there are others who know better.

    • Preston James, Ph.D  June 8, 2013 at 6:58 pm

      It would be nice if you were correct. Why would the SSG be spending so much on prion research if it was a scam? Prions are now believed to include small protein seeds with no DNA that stimulate irregular cell function like some wierd, unknown parasite. Some prions occurs naturally in the body and are normal, but some can allegedly serve to activate certain DNA or RNA switches in some folks causing disease. Many medical researchers used to think mad cow and crutzfeld-Jakob were viral/genetic, but now see them as prions interacting with certain genes. It has been well determined that ingestion of infected brain tissue will transmit to some who consume. Obviously you might expect the SSG’s private contractors to issue cover stories that lead away from current research initiatives and findings.

    • thomasbean  June 18, 2013 at 7:12 am

      Youtube video’s on Dr. John Hall. He wrote a book called “Satelite Terrorism”. His female friends were repeatedly raped by NSA TSP contractors (the program is still running, they just changed the name).
      Zombie Apocalypse seems to be an insider reference to “remote neural monitoring” and the control of a target’s mind, mood, etc. So many going postal: Zombie Apocalypse. Fear as a weapon. Before the 2006 Congressional Election when Cheney knew GOP would lose the House, and maybe The Senate (oversight was possible), this country suffered 3 school shooters going postal in 7 days? An attempt at moving voters to The party of law and order (GOP).

  5. Kshatriya  June 6, 2013 at 7:29 pm

    Heard most of it for the first time from your previous article’s link yesterday. I was taken aback by the innuendos as well as his sometimes appearing desire to bite his own tongue. Astounding in several ways. Hate to agree with you most of the time Gordon but something’s definitely afoot. What with the nail in the coffin of our current western finance model, due probably before the end of 2015, BRICSA’s et alii, the times they be a changin’, hopefully for the better. The East is Rising like a Dragon…

  6. Mike Kay  June 6, 2013 at 5:19 pm

    Mr. Duff,
    What I have maybe learned is that subtlety is more significant than overt statement. Anyone who hasn’t already crawled into their tv and died understands that zionism is responsible for most, if not all of the political ills befalling our once free country, Most everyone still capable of reviewing evidence realizes that congress is a thoroughly owned subsidiary of zionism.
    If we are to take anything from this speech, it should be, in my opinion, that the reinstatement of the original 13th amendment, the one inexplicably removed thanks to the organic act of 1871, must be a top priority. Since the original 13th was ratified, it does exist as a legal binding entity. Doing so would visit capital punishment on all the pretenders in congress who hold a greater allegiance to a foreign power than to America. It would simultaneously wipe lawyers out of office-a very welcome event. Maybe if we had engineers, mechanics, and tradesmen in office instead of lawyers, we could solve problems rather than create more.
    Then, we can see if our current CO is telling us the truth when he says its time to end the damn wars. We know its time, we just have to eliminate the parasites before this can take place.

  7. Allesandro  June 6, 2013 at 12:05 pm

    This is not the only speech of this type he has given. The Enemy Within Our Gates Speech about 6 months ago was another.

  8. Allesandro  June 6, 2013 at 11:56 am


    It’s clear to me that the Telecommunications Act of 1996 MUST be repealed. It was this ACT that allowed the top 6 Media companies in the U.S. to gain control of over 40 Stations and other media properties in any one large metro market.

    When the President of the United States makes an important SPEECH and that speech is NOT covered fully and completely by the MEDIA and their SLANT, spin, segmentation, and INTERPRETATION is substituted for what was actually said, we NEED A CHANGE IMMEDIATELY.

    No single ACT did as much to destroy our open PRESS as that ACT of 1996.

  9. juana  June 6, 2013 at 9:49 am

    ..talk is cheap ! Actions speak louder than words. Obama’s actions have been obvious to even your “attention deficit” crowd. Everything he says in this speech is a lie.

    “the decisions we are making now will define the kind of nation and world we leave to our children”

    Give me a break. “We” aren’t making these decisions….he is…or the nazi goons he’s appointed ! Saying one thing….doing something completely different. Lies and more lies.

    Apparently Mr. Duff took the blue pill !

    • DaveE  June 6, 2013 at 10:56 am

      Another brilliant “don’t blame me” speech from the Imposter in Chief.

    • Gordon Duff  June 6, 2013 at 3:24 pm

      or are we not paying attention.

      what should we have learned?

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