NSA Spying: Another NSA Veteran Agent Speaks Out


by Johnny Punish


As of this post, the main stream media has virtually shut down the news info coming out about the NSA Spying on Americans revelations. As usual, there is NO evidence linking the government to shutting down the story but since non-USA channels are coming up with exclusives and revelations left and right, well, it’s not a stretch to connect the dots.

Here are today’s main exclusives posted by non-USA media;

‘NSA ‘bamboozling’ lawmakers for access to Americans’ private data’ – agency

American citizens hoping to change the way the NSA monitors their everyday activities have little hope of recourse, longtime agency veteran Bill Binney told RT. He said the way the Patriot Act is interpreted is the a big first step toward totalitarianism.

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Assange on NSA leak: Snowden will be prosecuted for years (EXCLUSIVE)

The ex-CIA man who blew the lid off America’s vast NSA public surveillance net – is promising more explosive revelations. Edward Snowden’s supporters are mobilizing too – with tens of thousands signing a petition to pardon the whistle-blower. With us now, a man who knows what it’s like to blow the whistle in a big way, and incur the wrath of Washington – Julian Assange. He joins talks to RT via broadband from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

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American Public Does NOT Care About Their Privacy

What is also true is that the majority of the American public supports the NSA spying on all their lives and invading their privacy; most citing fear of terrorism or as this writer prefers to say, fear of a media induced ghost living in some far away cave. Or as some have told me, they are just completely frightened of the NSA and the U.S. Government and don’t want to protest the invasion of their privacy.

For me, that got me thinking…I mean U.S President Obama gave a press conference on this issue inviting Americans to complain. He said, and I paraphrase….”You have the right to complain. However, I have looked at this issue carefully and decided that it’s in our best interest to continue the Prism program”.

Memo To U.S. President Obama

OK President Obama, I hereby abide by your invitation to complain;

1) I don’t think the NSA needs to spy on every American. Through smart technology, we can still monitor real threats to the system and put an end to the surveillance of every American (320 million people) and those billions around the world that are effected. Man up!

2) I protest in song. Here’s my gift to your legacy.  It is called NSA Agent.  Yeah yeah, I know…..its’ a small thing but its the best I can do okay! It’s only once voice but it’s my simple serf way of letting you know that I love America as much as anyone and I want it to be a special place just like everyone else but that I find spying on Americans intolerable and unacceptable. Period!

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With the encouragement and support of U.S. President Obama, be advised that I choose to exercise my legal right to express myself and complain about the secret NSA Spy Program through song. I strongly encourage others who are not happy with this program to legally do so as well. If you are an American Citizen, please contact your Congressman and file a complaint. If you are global citizen, please contact your government and have them file a complaint with U.S. government directly. NEVER break the law! That’s what makes America great! Support Rule of Law! Go USA!

3) Finally, until our leaders go after the banksters who TERRORIZED the American public for bankrupting almost everyone I know, then I am not sure what our definition of terrorist actually means and therefore it makes it super hard for me to figure out what our intentions really are….

An American Patriot


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Johnny Punish is a musician, artist, entertainer, businessman, investor, life coach, and syndicated columnist. Educated at University of Nevada Las Vegas, his articles appear in Veterans Today, Money News Now and his Johnny Punish Blog. His art music is promoted by Peapolz Media Records and played on net radio at Last.fm and more.

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  1. Oh, one more thing.
    Eric Snowden is a hero and we all need to stand with him and by him! Any government based on freedom seeking the head of someone who exposed its illegal and unethical activities has veered off its course and is operating outside its limitations. Assange, Manning, all need our support. The new world odor is upon us and they simply got in the way of it, slowly progress and hindering the net from dropping on all of us.
    When any government seeks secrecy and privacy is afraid to expose what it is doing, it is no government of, by and for the people. If you cannot see and understand what this president is trying to do, you are refusing both. Thanks Johnny again. Sorry for the repeat. .

  2. Not that what we say means much to these people posing as leaders but at least we are letting them know we are aware of their snobbery.
    I find it absolutely amazing that they can eavesdrop on us, but they gripe and complain about being exposed by these whistleblowers. How childish! I wonder if they are still sucking their thumbs while go ab out their daily toil?
    I think we’ve put this old country through enough. This government has deviated off course and concerned about things that are not any of their business. I would think they would be trying to balance the budget and ease the burdens on the taxpayers. After we pay them, and they work for us (or supposed to anyway,) rather than we work for them.
    Another excellent column Mr. Punish. Enjoy reading what you write you very much. Thank You!

  3. Johnny… thanks for such witty and informative essays.. the government to gain total and unconditional control over citizens, have created and imposed a sense of fear among citizens… the buggy man is out there to get you… when in fact there close to 80,000 deaths annually from gunshots and accidents… the government has a created a terrorizing atmosphere making sure the people have no choice by to acquiesce and accept the lies… that this total invasion of privacy thwarted several, and for sure False Flags terrorist events.

    • My pleasure…I was thinking. How many deaths have we really had due to terrorism in the USA over the last 20 years? 5000? Maybe less? While truly tragic indeed, as a percentage of the population it is miniscule yet we let this fear of death control us and allow the fear mongers to use that against us… at this point, I am declaring that the mental health of the collective U.S. population is unstable at best and frankly, needs a long stay at the crazy hospital!

    • I agree about the American mental health statement but one thing is for sure,it is not as bad as the collective paranoia of the Jewish people who see holocausts behind every word,picture and bush.

  4. Sorry Mr. Punish, but the latest Fox News Poll shows a majority are against this dystopia set-up. Why sounding so hopeless all the time? Put on your gloves and get punishing.
    As for #3 “why dont our leaders go after Banksters” : Don’t you know Mr. Punish, the banksters own them and always have. Your leaders (Not Mine) are their followers. Sheesh. You need to form a new government Mr. Punish. This Government is rogue in all facets. and its not just USA. Its the entire planet. Thats why we 7 billion need to stop the 1million doing this shit. Get it. Now get busy and focus on the 1 million. Thats what were doing together. Out Them.

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