“We Got The Message…”

Hastings “Boston Brakes” Killing a Warning?

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Imagine a new “E Class” Mercedes exploding in flames, burning to a cinder.  220 km/hr crashes on the Autobahn are often survived, certainly without a fire.

There is a reason to own a Mercedes, in normal circumstances the chances of dying in one are quite remote unless you are Lady Di or heir to the presidency of Syria or, just perhaps, wrote a scathing expose that dismembered part of one of the greatest drug empires of all time.

“Yes, you got Michael Hastings.  We are warned.  Lots of journalists are killed each year.  Veterans Today loses its share, perhaps a bit more. “

YouTube - Veterans Today -

For those who didn’t watch the entire video, go back.  Catch the last few seconds.  I was flabbergasted.

Those of us who have “been there and done that,” and come back with more than the T Shirt say goodbye to one of ours.

RIP Michael from “g” and the gang at “VT”

“Boston Brakes” in Paris



By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor July 25, 2010


I had never heard of “Boston Brakes” until two days ago. I had been on the Kevin Barrett radio show yesterday, discussing, among other things, the endless ways to gain control of an aircraft and plow it into a building, something I had been briefed on by my Air Force buddies. There are a dozen ways to gain control of a plane, in fact, the more “fly by wire” a plane is, the more ways to control it remotely. Now I am told the same thing works for cars, not exactly the same but close enough.

Nothing particularly clever is required, especially when the plane is capable of landing itself or, with a bit of hacking, making an inconvenient stop in the side of a building. I am told this game started with the CIA back in Boston, not with planes but cars. Car wrecks were mechanically staged using the “Boston Brakes” method, not always fatal but always a good way of communicating to someone your displeasure. Sending a college age daughter into a light pole, reporting her speedometer was stuck at 200 mph and fudging her blood test to show she was “double drunk” has been done countless times.

It isn’t just that crash that makes it “Boston Brakes” but the speedometer stuck at some outrageous speed and the blood acohol level, always from a sample that is mysteriously misplaced later. Oh, and I almost forgot, no skidmarks, something accident investigators only see at suicides or murder. Remember, always no skidmarks.

The trail that led me to look into “Boston Brakes” involved the suicide in 2003 of Dr. David Kelly, a suicide now ruled a murder. Kelly was believed to have killed himself because he had been attacked in the press by Prime Minister Tony Blair. Kelly, a prominent weapons scientist had claimed, as we all know is true today, that Tony Blair had falsified intelligence to force Britain into what Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has called “the illegal invasion of Iraq.” With evidence finally, years later, piling in showing that Kelly’s body had been moved and a suicide scene staged, pathologist records falsified and that Kelly was murdered with broad complicity by more than one government agency, things have started to take on a life of their own.

The assassination of Dr. David Kelly if prosecuted, and it is now under full criminal investigation, could lead to the highest levels of the British and American governments, the absolute highest. Kelly was that important and the secrets they thought they had silenced when he was murdered point to the heads of state of several countries, not just Britain and America but Israel, North Korea, South Africa and maybe a few more. This was a stupid and clumsy murder of a good and decent man. Selling nuclear weapons to North Korea isn’t a joke, not at least to Dr. David Kelly. This is what cost him his life.

The suicide is now a murder and the wheels of justice have begun to turn. When that happens, nobody can control the outcome, almost nobody anyway.

First of all, even the reason for the supposed suicide was totally false. Kelly was a whistleblower, yes, but not about falsified intelligence regarding Tony Blair and “sexed up” weapons reports. Kelly was spilling the beans on missing nuclear weapons that he, himself, was involved in, weapons involving Israel and South Africa, a big secret that is now at the root of a major investigation in the United Kingdom, an investigation that went critical when one of the missing bombs exploded in North Korea in 2009. This is why that mysterious “Iraq Enquiry” has come back to life but we are not told why.

Kelly was murdered, not just because he was going to rat out members of both political parties for failing to act in the national interest but because tons of money was spent by mysterious parties to cover this up, money that has shown up on the public record as campaign contributions in amounts not even seen in the United States, from bad sources, unimaginably bad sources, the worst.

The question isn’t as much why Kelly was murdered, all this is out now, with a cover story being released, one with no missing nuclear weapons, no Israel and no North Korea for sure, but at least insiders in Britain, key members of the government, the judiciary and the intelligence services will know, some properly informed, some properly castigated and the ones who belong in prison for life, running scott free along with their Yank counterparts, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush.

The problem is the pattern of killings, that 9/11 signature that we call “Boston Brakes.” The mysterious death of Richard Waddington, relative of a potential witness in the Chilcot Inquiry that could have opened an unimaginable “can of worms.” Waddington was to be subjected to an intimidating show of power, an arranged car accident, not a murder as it ended up. Waddington was killed to prevent someone else from confirming Israel’s complicity in building 10 nuclear weapons. The “secret world” says “6.” Keeping an Israeli nuclear test secret, keeping a nuke sold to North Korea secret, keeping an “under the table” deal involving the Thatcher government and gun runners secret cost a life.

In 2008, Jorg Haider, the anti-Zionist ready to take power as Prime Minister of Austria got the “Boston Brakes” treatment when his Volkswagen Phaeton, one of the world’s finest road cars, as with Waddinton, Princes Di and others, rammed into a concrete abutment, “no skidmarks.” I keep going back in my mind to the “dancing Israeli’s” when I think of Lady Di’s death. How does she tie in? The money that flowed into Tony Blair’s political coffers came from the pockets of “Mr. Landmine,” a Rhodesian arms merchant Lady Di may have given her life to stop. Tied to Israel, North Korea and the missing nukes, this trail heads to Paris and perhaps even the white Fiat Uno seen next to the ill fated Mercedes. Was it filled with “dancing Israeli’s?”

Jon King, writing of these incidents, says the following:

“According to former SAS officer and world-famous explorer, Sir Ranulph Feinnes, it is not beyond reason that both Princess Diana’s Mercedes and Jorg Haider’s Volkswagen were remotely hijacked.

feather_men_book_cover In his book, The Feather Men, Feinnes recounts in some detail a highly sophisticated assassination technique which he says has been employed by the world’s intelligence agencies for decades.

A microchip transceiver, he explains, is fitted to the target vehicle’s on-board computer, allowing the vehicle to be controlled remotely.

He says this technique was first deployed by the CIA in Boston, hence its name: the ‘Boston brakes’.

Feinnes also recounts an instance of the ‘Boston brakes’ being successfully deployed in England in 1986, which resulted in the assassination of SAS Major, Michael Marman, and the near-death of a former equerry to the Queen, Sir Peter Horsley.

According to Sir Ranuplh Feinnes, the ‘Boston brakes’ is all fact, no fiction.

Certainly evidence John and I present in our new book Princess Diana The Evidence shows clearly enough that Diana was almost certainly the victim of the ‘Boston brakes’.

And given the startling correlations presented above, one has to wonder if Jorg Haider might also have suffered this same premeditated fate.”

I remember the first time I stood out in the road, Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, staring up at the Texas School Book Depository, supposed sight of Lee Harvey Oswald, once believed involved in the Kennedy assassination. Holding a photo from 1963 in my hand, I could see the Texas live oak was the same size, totally blocking the view from the window, blocking any potential shot on Kennedy. Even without the obfuscations of Arlen Specter and his “magic bullet” it all fell apart then as it does now.

Similarly, I have walked the route of Princess Di’s Mercedes also, walked it when the road is closed for the summer Paris Plages festival and have driven it dozens of times. As with all the “Boston Brakes” killings, no skidmarks. I drive the BMW version of the 12 cylinder Mercedes 600, a car you can dance around curves like a Porsche. The Volkswagen Phaeton is much of the same ilk, powerful engine, race car brakes and suspension and incredible handling. I have driven hours above 150 mph on European roads. Drivers do that all the time, you seldom see a “fender bender.”

Is there a great conspiracy out there, one that kills minor computer programmers in Ohio like Mike Cullen, who threatened to put George “W” Bush in prison for election rigging, one of the endless mysterious plane crashes that clean Democrats out of the United States Senate? Does anyone remember when Ross Perot, a certainty for the oval office, dropped out of the election?

Truth is, we live in a world where it is cheaper sometimes to use simple thuggery, than to go to the bother of rigging a Boeing 767 or running a car into a concrete abutment. When a member of congress is bribed to support a war, vote for a special tax break for a gangster or to submit to some Israeli abuse, did someone send him a photo of his children playing in a school yard or was his brothers wife raped and beaten recently? This is how the game is played.

Between 1995 and 2005, 50 scientists that we know of, all WMD specialists, germ warfare, bio weapons, chemical warfare, died under circumstances, some as plain as an unexpected heart attack in an otherwise healthy young adult to the inevitable “Boston Brakes” crash.

#1 Jose Trias Murdered May 19, 1994
#2 Dr. Tsunao Saitoh 46 Murdered May 7, 1996
#3-7 Microbiologists Plane crash October 4, 2001
#8 Jeffrey Paris Wall 41 Murdered? November 6, 2001
#9 Dr.Vladimir Pasechnik 64 Stroke November 21, 2001
#10-12 Dr.Yaakov Matzner, Amiramp Eldor, & Avishai Berkman 54, 59,50 Plane crash November 24, 2001
#13 Roman Kuzmin 24 Struck by a car December 2001
#14 Dr. Benito Que 52 Mugging December 6, 2001
#15 Dr. David Schwartz 57 Murdered December 10, 2001
#16 Set Van Nguyen 44 Found in airlock chamber December 14, 2001
#17 Don C. Wiley 57 Body found by river December 20,2001
#18 Ivan Glebov Bandit attack January 2002
#19 Alexi Brushlinski Killed/murdered? January 2002
#20 Victor Korshunov 56 Murdered February 9, 2002
#21 Dr. Ian Langford 40 Murdered February 11, 2002
#22-23 Tanya Holzmayer & Guyang “Mathew” Huang 46, 38 Murder then suicide February 28, 2002
#24 David Wynn-Williams 55 Struck by vehicle March 24, 2002
#25 Dr. Steven Mostow 63 Plane crash March 25, 2002
#26 Dr. Leland Rickman 47 Unknown June 24, 2003
#27 Dr. David Kelly 59 Suicide?/ Murder July 18, 2003
#28 Michael Perich 46 Car wreck October 11, 2003
#29 Robert Leslie Burghoff 45 Hit and run November 20, 2003
#30 Dr Robert E. Shope 74 Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis January 19, 2004
#31 Michael Patrick Kiley 62 Heart failure January 24, 2004
#32 Vadake Srinivasan 78 Stroke/Car wreck March 13, 2004
#33 William T. McGuire 39 Murdered May 5, 2004
#34 Dr. Eugene F. Mallove 56 Murdered May 16, 2004
#35 Antonina Presnyakova 46 Accidental/Ebola May 19, 2004
#36 Thomas gold 84 Heart disease June 23, 2004
#37 Dr. Assefa Tulu 45 Hemorrhagic stroke June 24, 2004
#38 Dr. John Mullen 67 Acute arsenic intoxication June 29, 2004
#39 Dr Paul Norman 52 Plane crash July 2, 2004
#40 Dr. John Badwey 54 Pneumonia like symptoms July 21, 2004
#41 Dr Bassem al-Mudare Murdered July 21, 2004
#42 Professor John Clark 52 Hanging August 12, 2004
#43 Mohammed Toki Hussein al-Talakani 40 Murdered September 5, 2004
#44 Matthew Allison 32 Car exploded October 13, 2004
#45 John R. La Montagne, Ph.D 61 Sudden pulmonary embolism November 2, 2004
#46 Taleb Ibrahim al-Daher Murdered December 21, 2004
#47-48 Tom Throne & Beth Williams 63, 53 Car wreck December 29, 2004
#49 Jeong H. Im 72 Murdered January 7, 2005
#50 Geetha Angara 43 Murdered/Drowned February 8, 2005

Find this a bit overwhelming? This is only one of several lists. If you wondered what intelligence services do, the answer is simple, they murder people. If you wonder who they work for, the answer is simple also, crooked arms dealers, drug cartels and power mad politicians.

How many people will be murdered, how many kids threatened, how many poisonings, how much in bribes before America agrees to attack Iran? How many billions are being paid to keep America in Afghanistan, supporting Karzai and immune to knowlege of the $65 billion dollar a year drug trade? If you don’t think members of congress are at the heart of the conspiracy, you aren’t very good at using the Freedom of Information Act to track travel schedules or see who belongs to what organization along with drug lords and thugs.

Ask Sibel Edmonds.

If, like everyone else, you have come to expect terrorist acts, of late almost comedy routines, the “crotch bomber” and the Times Square Fizzler as potential Vegas headliners, expect that “dirty bomb” we have been warned about. If our “bestest buddies in the whole world” can sell submarines to North Korea or give them atom bombs, don’t be surprised if, in order to push that Iran war we are hearing so much about, you don’t wake up some morning to an American city glowing in the dark.

Within seconds, Fox News will have the whole story, Iranian suspects, airport footage, everything. It is all a game, everything is a game. Everything is a business and our businessmen today are all gangsters, same as our government.

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39 Responses to "“We Got The Message…”"

  1. CoJonesGrandes  June 22, 2013 at 4:03 am

    They used a predator drone to kill Hastings
    Listen to the 21 June broadcast on the Mike Harris show on Rense radio

  2. Subvet416  June 21, 2013 at 1:07 pm

    It was a gasoline vehicle, but notice what happens when the neighbors spray it with water from a garden hose. A gasoline fire hit by water will not explosively flare up like that, but an incendiary compound, hot enough to split the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen will.

    • wolf  June 24, 2013 at 10:59 am

      The K word is verboten at VT.
      It’s ok to refer to Germans as ‘Krauts’ or ‘Rhine Monkeys’…but you aren’t allowed to use the K word epithet when discussing the Jews. It’s actually pretty harmless as you would see if you google it.

  3. sandyhooked  June 21, 2013 at 12:48 pm

    When you consider all the ways they have to kill someone – this “accident” was meant to send a message to anyone in the media that might consider real journalism.

  4. shachalnur  June 20, 2013 at 7:07 pm

    To Dave Murphy,

    I respect your opinion,eventhough it sounds like paranoid,delusional rubbish.

    But the fact that you chose to do it on this page,an article about the suspicious death of Michael Hastings, says much about you.

    A brave and valuable man has fallen.

    You are respectless,and you show you’re not aware of anything around you, besides your own megalomaniac reality.

  5. derek shane  June 20, 2013 at 4:56 pm

    The name of the Rove tech guy who rigged the voting in Ohio was Mike Connell

  6. gritzle70  June 20, 2013 at 4:32 pm

    So these Hatzalah “first responders” are sent in to make sure the victim in dead and if not to finish him off and only then are the police and other legitimate emergency personnel allowed on the scene?

    The very first ambulance to arrive at the World Trade Center following the first plane crash on September 11, 2001 was a Hatzalah ambulance.




  7. pkim  June 20, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    In the video the producer Gary Grossman is being interviewed, a young man next to him is holding and petting A GOAT.
    That is Pluto in Capricorn right now.
    Snowden said “If I had sold to China I would be in a mansion petting a Phoenix by now?
    Egyptians believed that the Phoenix was the representative of a god who “rose to heaven in the form of a morning star, like Lucifer, after his fire-immolation of death and rebirth …

  8. thorshammer1999  June 20, 2013 at 12:54 pm

    They kill the best of us whenever they need to. How long do we put up with this; evil has almost won; it’s 11:59.


  9. Mopar21277  June 20, 2013 at 11:36 am

    B/c Mr. Duff is high enough in the good faction of the Intelligence/Military community and is their spokesman in the Alt. Media. He’s even said that he can only go so far, but that red-line is moving all the time to allow more info out. They don’t take him out b/c he’s not crossed that line and the don’t want to push Duff’s allies over the edge to where they will really push back.

    Also, Gordon has said that for the most part, the elite don’t care if the sheeple know the basic stuff, b/c they aren’t going to do anything anyways.

  10. Robb  June 20, 2013 at 11:05 am

    “Take a look around you (come on now)
    It ain’t too complicated
    You’re messin’ with Murder Incorporated”

    “In addition, he probably also worked for the Israeli intelligence service Mossad. (Parry 1993:72).”

  11. Ann  June 20, 2013 at 10:59 am

    Because the NWO knows what’s good for them. Even they know when to stay away.

    • Ann  June 22, 2013 at 6:59 pm

      I still think they know when to stay away. Don’t forget–they are essentially cowards. If they get all slap-happy stupid they really don’t know what will follow. At any sign of a real threat they will back off and try something else. Thus far they have control at the top and they know that normal people think differently than they do, but they will not risk retribution. They know better.

  12. Ann  June 20, 2013 at 10:56 am

    FWIW, this former MI5 agent thinks Princess Diana was eliminated because she was becoming just a wee bit too interested in the Middle East. Interesting enough, but who knows.


    Somebody wanted her dead, the question is why. But I never believed the disgusting alibi that the Royal Family ordered the hit. She was the wife and mother of Kings. And none of them would dispute her devotion to her sons, and the terrible mark her violent end would have had on them. So I would rule them out.

    But it did not stop the vile rumors against the BRF which fit in with the usual and customary NWO rot. Passing their atrocities onto others is something they do all the time, and the NWO has always had a particular hatred of Monarchy, which of course never stops them from hobnobbing with Royals at every opportunity.

    • Ann  June 21, 2013 at 12:06 pm

      Maybe they got to him, maybe they poisoned him, maybe anything could have happened. More interesting is that MI-5 does not take care of their own, so for whom are they really working? Are they completely infested and split like our crowd? How can the good guys recognize one another, and avoid the snares of those who claim to be working in England’s interest but are only gofers spying on their own kind and hoping for some recognition at the end? If nothing else legitimate intel needs to recognize that they are as much pawns as the rest of us, and if they can’t use their sharp wits to separate the wheat from the chafe they are doing us as much harm as good.

  13. JS  June 20, 2013 at 10:41 am

    I have another Boston Brakes for you. After Diana’s death in 1997, Fergie’s mother, Susan Barrantes, suffered a similar fate only 1 year later. “On 19 September 1998, while leaving for the ranch where she kept ponies, the Rover 75 she was driving collided with a Renault catering truck on a two-lane highway in flat countryside. The driver of the truck suffered a broken ankle, but Barrantes was decapitated and killed, age 61.”

    This was a high-speed crash. Barrantes, who had attended Diana’s funeral kept saying that Diana’s death was murder, and she wouldn’t shut up about it. After Barrantes’ death, there were allegations that her car had been remotely controlled just before and during the crash.

    Before Boston Brakes, there was the old-fashioned method of cutting your brake line. This was reportedly used to kill Princess Grace of Monaco (aka actress Grace Kelly). “On September 13, 1982, while driving with her daughter, Stéphanie, to Monaco from their country home, Roc Agel, on the French side of the border, Princess Grace suffered a stroke, which caused her to drive her Rover P6[22][23] off the serpentine road down a mountainside. The accident site is located at 43°43′35″N 7°24′10″E.[24]”

    So what was the problem with Grace? Rumor had it that she was about to blow the whistle on organized crime in Monaco, and was going to the US.

    • robert  June 20, 2013 at 12:21 pm

      A little extra info about Diana and Dodi.

      Diana, the most popular figure of her time conducted a very successful campaign against land mines. After learning about the plight of the Palestinians from Dodi, the next project was to shine the spotlight onto the illegal actions of Israel.

      Did you know the driver, supposedly intoxicated was a Mossad secret service agent who was commissioned as a body guard to protect the Princess. Why Mossad and not MI6?

  14. JHolland  June 20, 2013 at 10:29 am

    I don’t claim to be an expert with regard to bombs, but I do know a bit about cars.

    My take on the video of Mr. Hastings death scene is that he was killed by a two part bomb – Part one was a charge in the vicinity of the drivers seat (probably the transmission tunnel) that killed him and blew the engine and transmission out of the car. Part two blew the gas tank – the idea being that the gas fire would burn up any unwanted evidence that an uncontrolled third party might discover. – The condition of the street palm tree was too good to have been hit by a car hard enough to have smashed the engine and transmission out of it. Even a big and healthy tree would be visibly distressed from an impact of that force (if the end result of the engine being dislodged in that fashion was actually possible).

    I too “loved” the Jewish saftey/neighborhood watch group angle! – Anyone want to take bets that effective background checks of some members will reveal links to the CIA/Mossad? Similarly, anyone want to bet that one of the group members in the vicinity happened to be carrying a blackjack or similar (for self defense of course)? – (The blackjack would have been for possible use on Mr. Hastings in the event that he had somehow survived the explosions and was trying to get out of the car).

    No one will ever talk about who is really responsible, although it would be nice to see the owner of Rolling Stone offering something like a $10 Million reward to anyone who spills the beans.

  15. Serious Dad  June 20, 2013 at 9:58 am

    I am a motor journalist – have been in the business for 20 years.

    Not in my lifetime have I seen a Mercedes go up in flames after a head-on crash, at what speed whatsoever.

    Mercedes-Benz literally goes NUTS over providing maximum safety for their cars – especially their safety regarding fire hazard.

    But the Merc Michael Hastings died in literally blew like a torch!

    (See the shocking vids and pics on 12160.info).

    Also: In a head-on crash with a tree, POWER-TRAINS OF CARS DON’T GET RIPPED OUT OF CARS TO BE FLUNG 60 FEET AWAY!

    Mercedes builds their powertrains in a way to become part of the crash-box, which is to deform and, thus, absorb huge amounts of energy, in order to protect the passengers of a car in a crash.

    Therefore, there is NO PHYSICALLY VIABLE WAY WHATSOEVER, for how the powertrain of Hasting’s Merc could have been ripped out of the body of his car DURING a frontal crash BY the tree (besides the tiny little fact, that the tree itself would have prevented the merc’s powertrain from separating from the body, anyway, because it simply stands in it’s flightpath…)

    Instead, the engine ABSOLUTELY NECCESSARILY had to be BLOWN out of the nose of his car BEFORE the crash happened, to be flung to the position at the sidewalk, where it was found after the crash!

    An explosion whic blows out the engine and separates the powertrain from te Merc’s body is also the simpliest explanation for Hasting’s Merc “jachknifing” to the side just before the crash, probably because a. the steering was jammed by the explosion, or b. because the driver was incapacitated by it, or c. both.

    About the speeding: Mercedes-cars today have a “fly-by-wire” throttle-linkage from the pedal to the engine’s throttle-body – i.e. there is no mechanical connection between the two parts anymore, but only an electronic device to translate the movement of the driver’s accellerator-pedal into signals controlling an electric motor, which in turn controls the movements of the butterfly-valves in the throttle-box.

    It is known that even the state police today has devices in use, which are able to remotely control modern car engines. Usually they are used to shut down an escapee’s car’s engine in a chase.

    But it can act in the opposite direction, too.

    So call me, what you may: Even if the real facts may differ slightly from the scenario I have put down for you here, I am and I will stay convinced, that Michael Hastings was silenced, because he knew too much about the NSA and FBI, on which he was researching a story just before he died, and was about to talk about it to the public.

    • Martin Maloney  June 20, 2013 at 1:24 pm

      @ Serious Dad

      “Also: In a head-on crash with a tree, POWER-TRAINS OF CARS DON’T GET RIPPED OUT OF CARS TO BE FLUNG 60 FEET AWAY!”

      Here’s another aspect to it:

      With most cars, in a front-end crash, the power train is driven straight backward, into the passenger compartment.

      Mercedes designs its vehicles to prevent that. Instead, the power train is driven backward and downward at an angle, under the passenger compartment.

    • Allen L Roland  June 20, 2013 at 3:21 pm

      Serious Dad ~ you’re absolutely correct as is Gordon Duff. Michael Hastings was a proven and fearless truth teller and his assassination is a brutal message to the truth telling community ~ see Bill Hicks short classic video on the JFK assassination ~ http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/22034.html
      Go back to bed America !

  16. randomevidence  June 20, 2013 at 9:10 am

    Hastings won the battle… McChrystal won the war.

  17. screenname  June 20, 2013 at 9:03 am

    OR to FRAME MCCRYSTAL right before the military stages a take down of the White House and appoints McCrystal and Gore and maybe Ron Paul to oversee the transition back to the Republic… Notice it was a Jewish neighborhood who oppose such a thing happening… and Rolling Stone is a Jewish magazine…

  18. ARES  June 20, 2013 at 8:46 am

    modified Psalm 23:4

    “Even though I walk through the Zionist valley in the shadow of compounding debt, I will fear no evil, for you are with me. My pen is my sword, my laptop, and AR comfort me.”

    Jim Stone analyzes the “obvious” hit:

    Michael Hastings OBVIOUSLY murdered by bomb on gas tank


  19. Mopar21277  June 20, 2013 at 7:33 am

    Damn, sick, nasty stuff, this should be a red-alert on Drudge, yet no mention at all; Tarpley was right about the Coup and Counter-Coup of this Neocon Military faction with McChrystal, Petraeus as the front-men against Obama. Drudge, Infowars, WND are fronts for this faction and their silence and dis-information is very telling. IWars is blaming Obama.

    Stunning admission at the end of the video: “a local Jewish” being the first responders, that will certainly be scrubbed shortly. How in the hell is the neighbor being the firefighter with a gardenhose and not even one ambulance was on the scene? Looks like a car bomb of some sorts the way the engine was blown down the street.

    This shit is out of hand, stay strong VT, I pray that the good factions of the Military and Intelligence community are strong enough to protect the good people of VT and to defeat the zionist, neocon rouge factions.

    • Martin Maloney  June 20, 2013 at 2:46 pm

      “…and to defeat the zionist, neocon rouge factions.”

      Unless you’re talking about Sarah Palin, the word is “rogue,” not “rouge.”


  20. dronedout  June 19, 2013 at 11:09 pm

    Please don’t forget the author of “9/11 the big bamboozle” Philip Marshall who supposedly killed his two children, the dog, and himself as another victim of trying to tell the truth about the crooks who run this world. All his neighbors said black SUV’s were doing cleanup of the scene with no deeper investigation. Everyone who knew him said this was impossible. It is sad about all these people, but it is also sad most people are too concerned about what is on TV than about these brave people putting themselves on the line. There was another woman who witnessed Hastings crash, and she said the car continued to explode, I mean really….that car is one of the safest cars in the world. Very Sickening, but I am glad people are slowly waking up, at least until the new season of American Idol comes on.

  21. Divine Law  June 19, 2013 at 10:31 pm

    As is evident by the murder of Michael Hastings that it is common knowledge that evil does its best to survive. Evil has no face, just a dark negative pathetic substance which can’t handle the truth. It thrives on misery, delights in murder. I for one salute Michael Hastings for fighting this evil parasite with a passion. Most people would just crumble but he pursued what life is all about. Truth, Love and Passion. One thing that the dark side doesn’t understand is that they will continue to encounter many more people like Michael Hastings because truth and love will conquer everything because it is stronger. No matter what all empires die as surely this parasitic, pathetic, piece of feces will succumb to. Your destiny will arrive and there will be no place for you to run.

  22. mommyplayer  June 19, 2013 at 10:01 pm

    Michael Hastings contacted WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson just a few hours before he died, saying that the FBI was investigating him. Now what are the odds of that? Its getting weird now,……..again. Too much info too fast ?

  23. daquamarine  June 19, 2013 at 9:37 pm

    What was that spiral from the sky in the background at the end of the report? Never saw anything like that before.

  24. MerckX  June 19, 2013 at 9:13 pm

    well what about the latest “silen killer” technology the albany ‘s particle gun

    check this out

    2 wanted device used on enemies, officials say


    A plot to design a radiation weapon that could fit in a small van and be used to silently kill humans was unraveled by an FBI task force that charged two men — a General Electric Co. industrial mechanic from Saratoga County and a computer software expert from Columbia County -— with conspiring to sell the weapon to Jewish groups or a southern branch of the Ku Klux Klan.

    A federal complaint unsealed Wednesday in Albany said the vehicle-mounted radiation gear was intended to be remotely controlled and capable of aiming a high-energy lethal beam of radioactivity at human targets. The concept was that victims would mysteriously die from radiation poisoning within days.

    The FBI on Tuesday arrested Glendon Scott Crawford, 49, of Galway, and Eric J. Feight, 54, of Hudson, who are accused of developing “a radiation emitting device that could be placed in the back of a van to covertly emit ionizing radiation strong enough to bring about radiation sickness or death against Crawford’s enemies,” according to an FBI agent’s sworn complaint.


  25. mommyplayer  June 19, 2013 at 8:57 pm

    Here is an article by him June 7th. He mentioned”the corporate defense industry and federal and local authorities involved in domestic surveillance” and blaming Obama for a coverup, he mentioned manning and a possible third leak investigation but didnt elaborate. I may have missed something else that was impt in the article. http://www.buzzfeed.com/mhastings/why-democrats-love-to-spy-on-americans

  26. DaveE  June 19, 2013 at 8:06 pm

    Amazing. Good thing those noble Israelis were awake at 4:30 in the morning with their hoses ready to put out the fire, after it had done its job. Probably helped get the Mercedes to China for proper recycling, too, or at least the flight recorder, eh, I mean, onboard computer. What selfless, courageous people.

    Nice of that TV announcer to mention it, too. I guess he “got the message” to “deliver the message.”

    • cascadedavid  June 22, 2013 at 9:04 am

      I just learned that in the new BMW’s the ignition key is the black box. If the vehicle is disabled in an accident, the key can be taken to a dealer, and everything is on it.

  27. williammartin  June 19, 2013 at 7:54 pm

    The “First” US Drone license/Permit was issued to none other then Stark Aerospace. (Israel) Though located in Columbus, MS.

    Quote: The Ghost small hovering UAV, which looks like a tiny version of the Boeing CH-47 Chinook twin-rotor heavy-lift helicopter, is designed to provide real-time intelligence to ground forces working in cities and towns where densely located buildings and other urban cover can conceal enemy forces, terrorists, or other hostile combatants. IAI North America is part of Israel Aerospace Industries headquartered at Ben Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv, Israel.

    To understand electronics and see what DATA is sent and received is how UAV’s are controlled.
    Quote: WikiPatentents;

    A spread spectrum remote unit receives a spread spectrum signal. The spread spectrum signal includes a reference signal and a message signal. The message signal has message data. The reference signal is detected within the received combined spread spectrum signal. The message data of the message signal is recovered using the reference signal.

    A spread spectrum remote unit produces a message signal having message data. A reference signal is produced. The references signal is used in recovering the message data from a combined spread spectrum signal. The reference signal and the message signal is combined as a combined signal. The combined signal is transmitted as the combined spread spectrum signal.

    You will note the DATE these patents were filed.
    This patent is a continuation application of U.S. patent application Ser. No. 09/395,626, filed on Sep. 14, 1999 now U.S. Pat. No. 6,396,824, which is a continuation application of U.S. patent application Ser. No. 08/871,479, filed on Jun. 9, 1997, now U.S. Pat. No. 5,974,039, issued Oct. 26, 1999, which is a continuation application of U.S. patent application Ser. No. 08/628,012, filed on Apr. 4, 1996, now U.S. Pat. No. 5,663,956, issued Sep. 2, 1997 and on and on.
    Source: *http://www.google.com/patents/US6917601

    While this is just a small way to send and receive DATA packets. It should also be known that in the UAV field in Stark Aero-Space that they highlight with other Israeli based companies the ART of controlling all Model’s of 707-to-767 planes. Seen in many shows where they remotely crash a plane full of “Dummies” into a wall or the ground.

    Therefore it can also be assumed that a car/vehicle’s GPS unit that controls the computer like our Phones do. That you can use a remote received data string to change a preset course or action of the computer. This would also serve as logic for the massive systems used in the Wing Bombers who have to perform many function that a single pilot cannot do.

    It has been known that since Win95 and later installed Computer Processor’s that there are Back-Doors built into the Memory Processors that can send Buffer or other information via its IT or RF connections.

  28. shachalnur  June 19, 2013 at 7:40 pm

    Another “accident”.

    Michael Hastings was talented,brave and will be badly missed.

    Keep safe.

    Last few seconds of video;

    “Hatzala” is “rescue” in Hebrew,were first on the scene.(Video? To show how good Jews are?)

    What a coincidence,why does reporter report this?

    Is it true?

    • khalfanaziz  June 19, 2013 at 9:11 pm

      Even that helicopter crash accident in London a while back you could hear someone shouting in a strange language similar to Hebrew. I expected someone to shout in English
      given that London is an English city.

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