‘Flight 800 investigators admit they lied about plane crash’


‘Flight 800 investigators admit they lied about plane crash’

The reconstructed wreckage of TWA Flight 800 (file photo)
The reconstructed wreckage of TWA Flight 800 (file photo)
(compare to reconstruction of 9/11 planes)


By Gordon Duff and Press TV


In 1996, an airliner, TWA Flight 800, bound from New York to Paris with 230 passengers mysteriously exploded off Long Island. Reliable witnesses said they saw a missile streak up from the ocean and hit the plane, then ascending at 13,000 feet.

Seventeen years ago, the American people sat idly by when an airliner was downed in the waters off New York.

In 1996, an airliner, TWA Flight 800, bound from New York to Paris with 230 passengers mysteriously exploded off Long Island. Reliable witnesses said they saw a missile streak up from the ocean and hit the plane, then ascending at 13,000 feet.

Former Press Secretary for President John F. Kennedy, Pierre Salinger, also a former United States senator in his own right, contacted the FBI stating he had documentation that the plane had been shot down by the US Navy.

From that day forward, Salinger was systematically ridiculed and destroyed, almost as though he were one of the lonely voices that stood against the invasion of Iraq or the tragic buffoonery of 9/11 and its aftermath.

Flight 800

Yesterday, it was announced that investigators who had submitted the report debunking Salinger had come forward claiming they had been ordered to falsify their findings.

You see, a film outlining the cover-up is going to be released soon and the same investigators who cited a “fuel explosion” as the cause of the crash now admit they lied.

How many times have we heard this?

They now tell of an “external explosion” as the cause. “External explosions” at 13,000 feet are typically caused by the presence of explosive material which can only reach that height when attached to a missile, typically one with a guidance system intended to help “external explosives” down aircraft.

Confronted with proof of a cover-up conspiracy and the murder of 230 Americans, the government has remained silent.

There is no intent to open an investigation now inexorably proven to have been a criminal conspiracy.

There is no call for prosecutions and arrests. In fact, the press, even to this day, uses the term “conspiracy theory” in references to the revelations from the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) investigators now coming forward with the truth, telling of the threats they endured and the silence they held for so long.

Michael Hastings “Boston brakes”

Yesterday, Michael Hastings, a 33-year-old reporter responsible for ending the career of renegade General Stanley McChrystal, died in a mysterious “one car accident.”

Hastings exposed General McChrystal as a “cowboy” military leader, unanswerable to civilian command, oblivious to the rules of war and a general more inclined to worry about keeping the flow of heroin from Afghanistan going than anything else.

General McChrystal along with Vice-President Cheney headed JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command), the half-military, half-political group that used death squads and drug cash to fight world terrorism.

JSOC knew no borders. They still don’t. JSOC doesn’t recognize the President as Commander-in-Chief, takes no orders from the secretary of defense or Joint Chiefs of Staff. In fact, many JSOC operatives are employed by civilian contracting firms under the control of political extremists openly opposed to America’s form of government.

Thus, it isn’t hard to understand why President Obama fired General McChrystal. It is equally clear why General McChrystal or his supporters might want Michael Hastings dead.

McChrystal’s friends have the expertise, giving all that is needed, means, motive and opportunity, for an arrest. There won’t even be an investigation.

Boston brakes

Another minor issue, which should be brought up. One of the common methods used by operatives of JSOC to “neutralize” opponents is “Boston brakes.”

The staged “one car accident” is actually taught in classes to members of a number of commands, Special Forces, Navy SEALS, CIA and others. All that is needed is access to a car, someone stupid enough to drive down a lonely road or be out very late at night, and control of accident investigators and a medical examiner.

Not that long ago, an Arizona sheriff who stood his ground against the Mexican drug cartels died in a “Boston brakes” accident. It may very well have been JSOC “operatives” who arranged his death. That man was Larry Deaver.

The “JSOC boys” are mostly “conservatives” and very amenable to “private enterprise.” They are fanatic Zionists, carry bibles wherever they go and account only to “God” who, according to them, seems to love their criminal enterprises.


In 2009, John Farmer, the senior counsel to the 9/11 Commission, wrote a book, “The Ground Truth.” There, he outlined, not just the pattern of lies and obfuscation that plagued that investigation, but reported that a majority of commissioners wished the report rescinded and had requested a criminal investigation of many of those who were interviewed.

Key Bush officials refused to testify under oath. A review of their statements made to the commission reveals a pattern of almost childish deception and broad complicity in the acts themselves.

What is clear is that Bush officials feared charges of perjury, the real crimes easily discerned through even a cursory reading of the long published pubic record, those being murder and treason.

How do revelations of a government cover-up of the downing of Flight 800 apply? How far do we have to reach to connect the dots?

I picture Senator Salinger, year after year trying to turn evidence over to the FBI, evidence the FBI really never needed in the first place.

After all, who do you think it was who silenced the investigators and handed them the phony story about defective fuel tanks?

They knew Salinger was right, that the US government had shot down one of its own commercial airliners.

One thing is clear; “truth” such as it is, seems to be a war between conspiracy theories with the sanctioned “tale” generally the most hollow and bereft of substance.

Is this why a generation of Americans has been such an easy target for the onset of totalitarianism?

Syria and the G8, a “new sheriff”

This week, Russian President Vladimir Putin, told President Obama in no uncertain terms that the wild conspiracy theories about the Syrian government’s alleged use of chemical weapons were not going to go unchallenged.

No G8 communique was issued calling for President Assad to step down. Additionally, both Britain and France backed away from their previous positions, calling for a “no-fly zone” to support rebel insurgents and the arming of forces now increasingly seen as a combination of Jihadists intent on eradicating Syria’s Christian population and terrorists funded by oil, arms and banking interests.

CIA operatives tasked with “vetting” those intended to receive the America “bounty” of weapons and ammunition complain that it is impossible to give any “rebel faction” arms and be certain that they won’t be used against Syrian Christians or for terrorism in Iraq.

Arms to Syria

Last night, Syrian news services announced an agreement with Russia that will supply hundreds of modern TOS1a “thermobaric” rocket launchers and other unspecified advanced weapons.

For years, Russia has participated in sanctions, weapons and otherwise, buying in on the West’s proclivity for broad mythology that always seems to, in the end, support one form of criminal enterprise or another.

Has Putin finally decided that it is time for Russia to assume the mantle of leadership abandoned long ago to those who were going to deliver a “New American Century?”

Mythology versus reality

It was only one airliner, 230 dead, seventeen years ago, one phony investigation, on very big lie. However, since that time, the world has been propelled to the brink of ruin by exactly this kind of lie, the same hubris, the same weakness.

They waited seventeen years to become “whistleblowers.” Are we hearing about it now because they want us to start chasing ghosts instead of the sea of lies before us?


  1. From a comment on nakedcapitalism.com. Here is the link to it because there are links to this material, including a including a youtube of Fisher discussing this program: _http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2013/06/quo-vadis-edward-snowden.html#comment-1300224

    “You might be interested in this talk by Dr. Kathleen Fisher, a DARPA Program Manager, about maliciously taking over the computers that control modern cars. CNET has an article about the original research from 2010 that Fisher talks about. The New York Times has an article about updated research from 2011. Stephen Checkoway, one of the researchers from UC San Diego, gave a presentation about their research at the 20th USENIX Security Symposium, in August 2011.

    We can just call the car and then transmit our malicious payload to it and take it over… We could just record the data into a MP3 and then play our ‘song’ right out of an iPod and directly into the phone, and this was sufficient to take over the car.


  2. Quote: “JSOC = Joint Special Operations Command”

    Why Joint? Who’s joined here?

    I rather suspect, this is a case of “hiding in plain sight” – i.e., someone is playing games with us, because he thinks that we are too stupid to comprehend, that JSOC in fact means “Jewish Special Operations Command”, rather than Joint Special Operations Command.

  3. Whether it was a naval weapons systems specialist or someone else the point is they’ll stop at nothing to kill one or a few. They’ll blow up a city block for one person if they have to. which makes this snowdon guy a chump.

  4. That night I was at work when the mainstream media (back then they didn’t think before they show the tape,) showed the film submitted to them filmed by amateurs of a beach party. In the background was the ocean. Couldn’t see much because it was pretty dark, but you could tell it was on the beach.
    In the background was the ocean, and suddenly up from the darkness came this burst of flame trail that wobbled a little at first, then shot up and curved to the upper left into the darkness.
    Clearly it had propulsion, and then sudden acceleration.
    I immediately thought it was a missile, and got to watch it over and over again that night about ten to 12 times as it was shown on different news stations. I called the wife to copy it if she could and she did.
    The surprise to me is it took them 17 years to admit it.
    All through the investigation I found it extremely disappointing they covered it over, denying the existence of a missile or some other projectile hitting that plane.
    These people can lie so easily just following orders. Such an lame excuse. But, then again, we’ve become a lame country under this self-serving leadership we strapped ourselves with.
    Another jewel of an article Mr. Duff.
    No one asked or called me back then or since but TWA 800 was shot down on that night. Poor people. And we so easily listen to them call us, My fellow citizens…!” We all are getting the royal screwing, and it is time it all turned.

  5. @ williammartin

    Now I am no fan of Limbaugh and the likes but they made their money the hard way by filling a need of others.Had not these consumers created a want/need they would be down here with the rest of us.It sounds like me that there is a great deal of envy of those who created wealth. am an atheist but sometimes the commandments fill the bill:

    The Tenth Commandment reads:

    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s. (Exodus 20:17)

    Why should Rush et al give one of their properties to a homeless vet who more than likely is down and out of his own volition.How can I say that?I was one of the homeless,drunk and hopeless vets living in the woods and streets.Nobody cared then and nobody cares now.Our society is not responsible for how one falls from grace.To blame any other than the individual is to rob them of any pathway to a better life and realizing that they can overcome any problem areas and consequences for thier actions.

    • You are forgetting the principle that criminals should not be allowed to profit from their crimes. The “envy” claim is just as much a red herring as the “antisemitism” claim is in response to criticism of Zionism.

  6. Gordon, it was a well-known fact supported by all the evidence, but the investigators would not buy it. In addition to the US, Israel shot down a Libyan civilian liner flight 114 in 1973 and got away with it. The US shot down an Iranian jetliner flight 855 in 1988 and got away with it, and Russian shot down Korean Airlines fight 007 in 1983 and got away with it. Welcome to the exclusive club.

    • And France shot down Itavia Fl. 870 in 1980 http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/08/25/botched-1980-gaddafi-assassination-kills-all-aboard-italian-airliner-flight-870/
      Also, re Korean Fl. 007 in 1983, a US spy plane, with almost the same radar profile, was ‘piggy-backing (a manoevre the US perfected for things like ‘Operation Northwoods’ and Contra ‘arms for guns’ shipments; a number of people dropped off the flight at the last minute, suggesting forewarning. Fl. 007 continued into Russian airspace, while the spy plane disappeared from the Russian radar that had been tracking it; this was probably done with temporary ‘blinding’ of the radar, with advanced electronics, while the spy plane rapidly dived to very low level, under radar coverage (Barry Seal and other ‘Contra/drug’ planes used the same method to leave and enter US airspace, in these cases jamming the GT radar whilst transitting from one tracking station area to another (thus the plane would not just ‘disappear’, but would be assumed to have come under another ATC sector).
      If this is what happened, and it was suggested around the time that the incursion was deliberate, it would have been to demonstrate to the world (and particularly the US public and politicians) what evil so-and so’s the Russkis were.

  7. “War Games”? Doncha just love them…..let’s see now 9/11 also 7/7 in London gee….it goes on and on. Oh! I forgot Boston…that was a training exercise.. Sheesh!!!!

  8. I recall reading James Sanders book about TWA 800 when it came out in 1997. Pilots were angry about the lies then. Later he teamed up with Jack Cashill to write another book. I don’t recall the hairy details, but there was something to the effect that the Navy had ships all over the place before the shootdown, that there was a drill. When asked if they had shot the plane down by accident, an angry Navy person said, “No, we were engaged in the active defense of the United States”. I recall there was some evidence of a small airplane loaded with explosives, in the vicinity of TWA 800, and that it was the small airplane that was the target, etc etc. That was years ago, that I read all this, and I don’t know the latest.

    My conclusion, so far: What it all smells like to me, is that there was very likely a drill, that “went live”, just like 9/11 did later. If so, there will be layers of lies and deception. The only way to cut through the crap is with a real investigation, with everybody under oath.

  9. On flight 800, I recall a boat speeding away at high speed, and large number of Egyptians on board, many of whom were the first Egyptian graduates of our Apache anti-tank helicopter school, which training had been strongly opposed by Israel; so very strong odds are that
    Israel was behind this (whether discovered or not), as they were for 9/11

    http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/1999/11/crsh-n02.html quotes:
    Reuters news agency reported that 30 Egyptian military officers who had been receiving training in the United States were on board the flight, including several as high-ranking as brigadier general. Several were pilots training on US-supplied Apache attack helicopters. The Egyptian government has forbidden the country’s newspapers to report the presence of the officers on the doomed plane, suggesting that it has something to hide.

  10. Who claimed it was an accident? Somebody speaking officially on behalf of the “U.S. government”?

    On its face it may have appeared to have been an “accident”- initially – but through their unnecessary militarism, their breathtaking negligence and their insultingly transparent deception, they turned it into a mass murder.

    • Abledanger wrote he has an insider contact that said it really was a training error. (comment on RPoterqua’s latest YouTube video which by the way is scarey 48 hour notice stuff) still doesnt prove anything. But it would be more consistent with someone exposing the coverup and the coverage it got. If it wasnt a planned assasination it would be less “damning” and more likely to be covererd by the various arms of the MSM. Lately I am fascinated by Fox vs BBC vs CNN and every once and a while Rush and even GBeck because they arent all saying the same things anymore. They must represent different arms of the infighting factions. I heard from a commentor here that BBC is the banking cabal but FOX is not. CNN seems to go with what BBC says lately. But none of them tells the truth about 911. CCTV from China is interesting to look at also. Even China as a commentor here also pointed out. Yeah, china doesnt tell 911 truth either. So Fulford defends them but they are too “poltically correct” to set that straight and in that way China is complicit in 911 cabal whoever they were (for example APAC + Bush + Mossad ?)

  11. I wonder, were there any foreign Nationals or dual citizens on flight 800? If so, some other governments should be demanding an independent investigation. They should be SCREAMING about it.

    Why does everyone always give the “U.S. government” a free pass? Why does its serial treachery always have such a low cost? The NSA might be able to blackmail a judge in the U.S., but what could they do against China or Russia?

    If “Obama” can publicly challenge the legitimacy of Gaddafi or Assad (to rule their respective countries), why can’t somebody challenge “Obama”? For example, the Chinese could offer to hand over Ed Snowden with one minor condition: that “Obama” produce a legitimate birth certificate…thereby showing that the “U.S. government” has some “legal” “authority” in the first place.

    There are so many golden opportunities to put the “U.S. government” on the defensive, and nobody’s taking advantage of it. It’d be like walking down the street and seeing a $100 bill lying on the sidewalk and just ignoring it? What’s wrong with all the other governments in the world? If the U.S. government was always on the defensive (morally and politically), the world would be a much better place.

  12. The photograph of the reconstructed aircraft might well be a fair depiction of the United States of America;

    A doomed giant, now shredded and unable to fly in any meaningful direction, it lies useless and mortally wounded by its own hand.

    The once proud people who trusted in the aircraft, now are dead to reason as well as life.

    Those who remain, stand silent, unable to react, as if overcome with fear so dreadful, they can only await their own demise by that same twisted fate.

    Is there nothing left to move a People, to move a Nation and save itself from this treachery?

    There may be a way yet;


  13. My sister’s boss, the famous interior designer Jed Johnson, was on board w/an asst…..I’m glad those people haven’t been forgotten…glad the lies are finally being exposed.

  14. I have been wondering who really was on flight 800? While accident’s happen it just can’t be odd that so many people also suddenly die in light planes too. People that were involved in the BP Oil coverup that weren’t covering it up.

    Glenn Beck today speaking of Hastings said of the conspiracy, “Things like the government blowing people up happen in Russia, but not the USA.” Damage control is in full force. Oddly, why the big sheet across the entire hood section? Maybe a Drone took Hastings out? After all it they can use drones for catching cattle rustlers in N. Dakota why not?

    I have come to realize that the “Picture” the US Government gives as to who or what Terrorism is can be described as a Paint by Number picture. You can color it with any colors you want thus making the “face” of terrorism a Muslim olive skinned, or a Black male etc. But when the picture is done you will still have the face of who the government was projecting. The COLOR is the Conspiracy now. So people will devote hours, months or years to why they used this or that color and never once ask why you were supplied with only (1 Picture) to be colored.

    As Gordon brings out, “What is a lie anyway?” A lie got 58,000 American’s in Nam killed and another 2-3 million Vietnamese and Cambodian’s. Or Iraq, Sure nearly 5,000 “Reported” American death’s but that lie also cost nearly 1.5 million Iraqi’s their lives too.

    How many lives will other lies like Syria and Iran cost?

    Yet people still believe the narrative that ‘we’ are hated for our freedom’s and not because of what ‘we’ allow our government to do to others.

    Like Arizona’s Sheriff Dupnik said, “Those who put guns in the hands of a murderer are charged as an accessory to that crime.” He was speaking of the Fast & Furious, White Gun and Operation Cast-a-Way Gun running. But that same premise should be applied to Syria too. Or the Genocide in Guatemala and so on. In fact, if you Google: US SENDS ARMS TO You would would be surprised at who this country has armed and the Million’s murdered because of those arms. It’s America and what we do!

    • williammartin

      Yes, they used a predator drone to take put Hastings.
      Listen to the Mike Harris show on Rense radio – 21 June broadcast.

    • None of this amazes me in anyway. Remember Kissinger, “Military men are dumb quote”.
      The US has starved millions to death in Germany, Iraq etc. They bomb schools, universities, hospital’s, dams, power plants, sewage treatment etc. The make killers out of their boys in distant lands that are zero threat to our shores. The dead come back in unmarked coffins with another countries flag or their remains are thrown in landfills.

      Our own “Protect & Serve” whether NSA, FBI, CIA, Police etc are out to find probable cause to indict you for victimless crimes. Why would anyone not realize that to kill is to kill. Only the skin color or nationality changes. Its their agenda.

      I can sum up this in a recent conclusion I have made.
      The Government shows you the FACE of who the enemy is. Could be anyone!
      Your supplied a “Paint by Number” set to color that image the way YOU see it. Then the Conspiracy is that YOU painted his eyes green while someone else painted them blue. The eyebrows were not that color etc. Instead of ever questioning the actual IMAGE that was supplied. The Conspiracy becomes the Colors not the Image.

      People absorb themselves in the detail’s not the action behind it.
      To appease the people the government gives them some freedom’s to lull others to sleep. Too busy watching TV, video games, movies, gay military, marriage, spousal rights and bullying laws as our malls fill with pre-teen boys with different hair colors groping and kissing. But that is the ilk that voted for Obama. The hope and change they wanted not what this country needed.

      Banks will continue to launder hundreds of billions in drug money, prisons will continue to fill with drugs supplied by the CIA for financing of covert wars away from all congressional oversight.
      It’s America and what we do best.
      I call it the new John Waynism. As long as America is doing it to them who cares? Its only when its done to us personally will anyone complain. Like the Media’s silence on all this spying. Only when it was they who were being spied on did it become a Story.

      America is dying because of APATHY!

    • I too missed a word. Prisons fill with inmates from drugs brought into this country by the CIA.

      You should look at the SENTRI program. Where “Illegal’s” are documented, have rigid Bio-metric scans. 10 point finger IDs, Facial recognition an back ground checks. A SPEEDLANE to pass border patrol with windshield and license plate stickers.

      San Diego’s drug busts netting $400,000 or more have all been participants in the SENTRI program. There is NO war on drugs. Like the Taliban’s 2001 eradication of Opium in Afghanistan. Hundreds of thousands of Troops for US/NATO etc and today Opium is up 800%?

      Where does one find all that time to fight a war on terrorism while the Opium seems to have been the real terror threat. A threat to our demand for supply. I talked to s Judge (friend) whoI asked him about a DUI conviction for a 7th offense. He said, “He is a Cash cow.” He repeatedly breaks the law and we make money off him. Sadly someday he will kill someone(s) in a massive traffic accident. But until then.. Free to roam.

      Every facet of the US Government is centered on Business. How they can make a dime. In the case of good whistle blowers, they are a threat to how the government does business. So to expose that is certain to cause blow back.

    • Rush is even worse. Here’s a man that make millions off degrading other American’s. Has 6 luxury homes and not once has offered a homeless person or Vet one of them homes. While they back the Banks 8.6 Million homes are vacant and the next push for foreclosures start soon. This as over 3.2 Million are homeless in America.

      Their answer? Get a Job! Where? China? India? The USA has 3 Exports. Job’s, Weapon’s and WAR. The days of the great industry that made this country are gone. Everyone has “Service Job’s”.
      The Restaurants serve those who serve others whether its a 7-11 employee or a Wal-Mart worker. There is no industry here. The big steel plants are gone. Even FORD’s biggest plant is in Brazil. It makes 5 Cars at the same time and all by ROBOTS. Then with their own docks and Ships they import them back to the USA.

      This is why Business and the Government are in bed together. Also why the perception that if Wall Street is OK we are ALL OK. Another HOAX.

  15. Maybe the retired NTSB “whistleblowers” were inspired by Ed Snowden? Or maybe they’ve just come to realize that their country is being destroyed from within and they’ll soon have nothing to lose?

    Unfortunately though, it seems “whistleblowers” are almost irrelevant, since anyone in any position to do anything about their revelations…if not already owned outright, can be easily blackmailed, bribed, threatened or murdered.

    If Larry Silverstein is walking around a free man – apparently without a care in the world – and the FBI is now openly assassinating inconvenient people, of what use are “whistleblowers”?

    • A lady in my office heard about Flight 800 on her MSM source and she knew exactly what that meant. I am sure there are others that heard also. It just makes sense that waking people up will help in some way. The process seems right even if we cant prove the outcome will change. Maybe the whistleblowers serve to give the ones who are aware hope that someone cares. Or maybe a 1 star general heard the report and it got to him in his gut yesterday. Or maybe there will be a protest march next fall that has 20000 more attendees because of Snowden and the NTSB report. To wake up the first thing they have to learn is that the media lies. I suppose I sound naive, and I am. But we cant give up. Whistleblowers are our heros. China news and Fox news are praising Snowden and dissing Obama. CNN and BBC are saying Snowdon is a traitor. To me that suggests Snowden didnt come out on the orders of the Banking Cabal but seems like he had help from someone and was coached. I also read that Snowden worked in Geneva before Hawaii planting trojans into cuttout computers so they could be spyied on thru a backdoor. Doing that kind of work might make one bitter.

    • mommyplayer
      Jim Stone has published an article on Snowden – another NSA insider said Snowden’s the real deal and the stories being put out by the MSM are rubbish

      “Forget the B.S. stories about Snowden, there is only ONE that applies and you will not hear about it in the press, which has protected the NSA with a great big white wash. Snowden worked out at Kunia. He had an extensive training program he had to go through before being allowed in. He HAD TO have been 99th percentile, the story about high school drop out is B.S, and so is the rest of the washing of his background. After hearing his conscience out at Kunia, he left Hawaii, defected, and told the truth…..

      My own experience in the NSA is enough to prove what little I have said about Snowden to be true. There is ONE OPTION – Snowden was BRILLIANT, had extensive back ground searches done on him, went through a very difficult school, got assigned to Kunia where he lived in the same location as many other NSA people who have families do, drove to Kunia daily, and finally could not take what he was seeing there anymore and ratted them out. THAT IS THE ONLY STORY. Snowden did not have a girlfriend. He had a wife, and any reference to him “leaving his girlfriend behind” is another lie. You cannot live where Snowden did and have a “girlfriend”, the NSA will not put you in the premium government family housing in Waipahu for only a “girlfriend”. Furthermore, stories about the house being sold now are B.S., because Snowden was in government housing the same as all lower level NSA people are given. Unless you are an outside contractor (and those are very few in number), The NSA does not leave it’s people to run with the general public, they all get assigned a living area where like minded people are. And from these few mistakes the press made, we can assume that the entire background they are presenting on Snowden is a lie. The house he was in was never owned by him and DID NOT get sold………”

    • I go to jimstonefreelance but couldnt find the Snowdon material you mention. He probobly posts more than one place or maybe that website is hiding it from me via the holonet lol. Its a frenetic chaotic website but full of interesting thought processes that evolve with time.

    • ” Unless you are an outside contractor (and those are very few in number), ”
      Snowden was a contractor wasn’t he? Didn’t he have 3 months under his belt with Booz?

    • Whistle blowers are like Christian’s going to the slaughter in the Arena with Caligula’s head chopping machine…..Ouch!

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