A Defense of Hitler the Veteran?


War Veterans in Crisis:  Then as Now

Satanic Mass Murderer or Victim of Propagandized “History?”

By Dr. Ingrid Rimland Zundel

(Editor’s note:  VT was dared to print this.  We shy away from nothing, America has already given up too many rights, rights we have fought for and will fight for again.  Here, Dr. Zundel cites America’s Neocon traitors as Marxists.  For many of us here, our own separate “path of discovery” has led us inexorably to the same conclusion, that the “Bush revolution” was everything but “Reaganesque” or even conservative.

America, like Germany in the 20’s, has been overrun by Bolsheviks, repackaged as “neocons,” as “Zionists” and even as “Christian evangelists.”  They have been lovers of totalitarianism, of war, of “one world government” and of concentration camps and torture.

Increasingly, they control the current “anti-government” dialog of what purports itself to be the “anti-imperialist left.”  As the phony left and phony right melded, the underlying heart of Bolshevism has been revealed.g)

When I was twelve years old, I had it out with the Mennonite Elders – I asked why the Devil was not given a fair hearing.  I knew he was a villain – everybody knew! – but nowhere in the Bible did I find a forum where the poor sob could argue his case. 

I was, in essence, pleading chivalry.

I had been raised to take it for granted that an accused be treated with fairness and not be dismissed out of hand.  As you can imagine, that argument fell on deaf ears.  As a matter of fact, I found myself under suspicion that Satan himself had infested my mind.  It was an experience I have never forgotten – my first introduction to the fury unleashed by conformist belief.

Reason did not enter into it at all.

More decades than I care to admit have turned me into a lady of decorum, but I still feel inside as I did then – defiant about unexamined dogma.  In my book, it’s just not fair to dump buckets of slime on a scoundrel without allowing him the slightest chance of defense.

I speak of obligatory Hitler Bashing.

Even at risk of losing my scalp, I intend to raise that principle of chivalry again.  Nowhere in the post-war era do I find a respectable forum where the Western world’s favorite villain can argue his case without rivers of spitballs and volleys of vilification.

Here goes:

After having listened to three generations worth of wall-to-wall disparagement I speak for one lone veteran who has been demonized like no other veteran on earth.  Ever.

Veterans know that any war of serious magnitude will write its own harsh rules.  Nonetheless, I take it for granted that my argument – even now – will fall on deaf ears.  I know that I will find myself under suspicion that the Führer’s jackboots are surreptitiously parked under my bed.

However, this is Veterans Today – not veterans three or four generations ago.  The time has come for balance.

More than a year ago, I was invited by Veterans Today’s senior editor, Gordon Duff, to have my say my way.  When several months ago I asked Gordon if this topic or that one might be too hot, he wrote me back, “We ain’t afraid of no one.”

I take him up on it.  I take that chance to convey my uncensored opinion.

I will argue facts and conditions that were then, as they are now, on every veteran’s mind.  The German veterans of yore – those who fought World War I – could have been your brothers … and might yet be, if soldierly gallantry ever be given a chance.

Here is what today’s media tells me:  That US veterans today are being marginalized, neglected, arrested, abused, labeled as mentally ill – for speaking out against a corrupt government that has misused their youth and openheartedness  and  cares not one whit for its own.

“Is that how America honors its veterans?” they ask in disbelief.  I hear it everywhere.

For me, it’s déjà vu, although I was not yet alive when my own ancestors, so history records, learned that a nasty government at the behest of faceless traitors had stabbed them in the back.  Those were the times that brought forth Adolf Hitler – a young, impoverished veteran who had done his duty as best he knew how.

Now he and his comrades were homeless, hungry, unemployed, severely traumatized – battling  depression and thoughts of suicide,  their situation worse, much worse, than what it is today in a perplexed and traumatized America.

They, too, dealt with treason within.

They, too, saw their country betrayed, their values debauched, their parents in rags, their children’s future  compromised – in the clutches of banksters and crooks.

I ask for simple fairness for a young man of modest means whose bravery in war, if nothing else,  has never been in doubt.  Say what you will – what you feel that you must since you think you are dealing with Satan! –  but first know some pertinent facts before you condemn.

Fresh from the bloody battlefields and rat-infested trenches of a fratricidal war to benefit big banks, decorated with an iron cross for valor, now lying blinded by a poisoned gas attack in one of Germany’s dilapidated military hospitals – this young man, all by himself, decided that enough was enough.

He and his comrades would end the treason, betrayal and abuse by treacherous civilians as well as some of their own military leaders at the front.

The Versailles Treaty, with all its ghastly clauses and conditions that spelled the end of Germany, became the crux on which Adolf Hitler focused millions of Germany’s veterans’ fully justified rage.  This unknown former soldier molded a ragged army of defeated, hungry comrades into a formidable political fighting force, which through its battlefield-tested courage and its resourcefulness and manly self-assertion took back the towns and cities of their fatherland from Marxist revolutionaries.

Street by street.  City-block by city block.  Village by village.  Eventually whole regions.

Veterans marched.  Veterans acted.  And for the most part, without the use of guns.

How was that done?  By comradely unity at huge demonstrations – stark evidence of an indomitable patriotic will.

This will to survive, to save their fatherland from hunger, shame, and treason was the accomplishment of millions of German war vets, fresh from the front, having come back to a hell’s pit of depravity. The decent, honorable country they had loved was finished.  The banking system lay in ruins.  Inflation had ravaged all savings.  Pornography was king.  Raw hunger stalked the streets – until one lone, self-educated veteran stood up, rolled up his sleeves, and rallied what strength was still left!

History records the rest of the story, a truly epic tale.  The world should stand in awe.

Ah, but what of the SA?  And what of the SS?

What of it?  It’s cheap to be a Monday Morning Quarterback.

Those early supporters joining Hitler’s fledgling political party were not of the scum of the earth that had infested Germany’s cities.  They were decent Germans, the salt of the earth, highly decorated, battle-tested war vets like you and your disheveled comrades – among them Rudolf Hess and Hermann Göring, a celebrated ace, severely wounded in combat.

Next joined the volunteers of what was called the Freikorps, by the thousands – soldiers who, without pay, would rush to the assistance of the hard-pressed, demonized, inadequately funded Reichswehr, forming a home-grown militia in many of the border regions where aliens flooded in to fatten themselves on Germany’s defeat.

Those were no Sunday visitors.   They were the bloody Marxists and other foreign revolutionaries – thieves and murderers, all – seizing power over German towns, cities, entire regions – hell-bent on benefiting shamelessly from the ruin of Germany.  You call your Marxists “neocons”.   They called them Spartakists.  All blood-red commies, to the core – the alien vermin from the East.

Had Hitler not come, in no time at all Germany would have turned red – as would have all of Europe.

It was this highly disciplined force of disillusioned, furious war veterans that joined the equally emaciated, ill-equipped government forces on the Right.  These German veterans, led by their Führer – meaning Leader – lept into the breach, time and again, to prevent the collapse of their homeland.

Thousands of German war veterans sacrificed limbs, careers, families, even their  lives by coming to the aid of what they called their Heimatland – the land which they called “home’ – which had fallen on desperate times.

It was the sacrifice of these thousands upon thousands of idealists that saved the mortally wounded German state and post-WWI society from utter collapse and threatening chaos.

These German war vets made the difference.  In those dark days, the Germany of yesterday had simply no one else.

You did not know that – did you?  I didn’t.  I heard this story only recently.  I always assumed that Hitler, in the early years, collected some rambunctious skinheads from the dirty streets of Germany who rioted in taverns by swinging table legs.

When communist revolution had been checked and defeated, it was natural that many of the Freikorps volunteers joined Hitler’s National Socialist party and its uniformed political units – the SA and later the SS.   Those were their nation’s best – their battle-tested vets.  It was these millions of veterans that followed Hitler’s rallying cry – and in no time at all, by sheer necessity and iron discipline, subdued the Marxist scum.

Think what you will and say what’s expected, but know that Hitler was a man of valor who did not shrink from duty in an emergency. He was the one who sent the Marxists packing.


I found a book review for you.  Please take to heart what one of your own highly valued military historians has to say:

“Hitler: Beyond Evil & Tyranny” – By R. H. Stolfi, Prometheus Books, 2011


 Reviewed by Gregory Johnson, Ph.D.  :


“No man is a hero to his valet, not because the hero is not a hero, but because the valet is a valet.” — G. W. F. Hegel


Adolf Hitler was clearly the man of the 20th century, whose shadow grows taller as the sun of the West sinks ever lower. Sadly, though, there is no biography worthy of Hitler.

If great men are those who leave their stamp on history, then Hitler was a great man. But great men present great problems for biographers. Great men are not necessarily good men, and even good men, when they hold political power, often find it necessary to kill innocent people. Evil men do not find this difficult, but good men do. Thus a good man, if he is to be a great man, must also be a hard man. But it is difficult for biographers, who are ordinary men, to sympathize with great men, especially men who are unusually bad or hard.

But biographers must at least try to enter imaginatively into the minds of their subjects. They must feel their feelings and think their thoughts. They must feel sympathy or empathy for their subjects. Such sympathy is not a violation of objectivity but a tool of it. It is a necessary counter-weight to the antipathy and ressentiment that hardness, cruelty, and greatness often inspire. Sympathy is necessary so a biographer can discover and articulate the virtues of intellect and character necessary to achieve anything great in this world, for good or ill.

Of course, one’s ability to sympathize with great men depends in large part on one’s moral principles. A Nietzschean or Social Darwinist would, for instance, find it easier to sympathize with a human beast of prey than would a Christian or a liberal democrat. Even so, it has been possible for Christians and liberals to write biographies of such great conquerors as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Mohammed, Genghis Khan, and Napoleon without whipping themselves into thousand-page paroxysms of self-righteous moralistic denigration.

Hitler, of course, provides even greater problems for biographers, because his demonization is a prop of contemporary Jewish hegemony, and there are consequences for any writer who challenges that consensus.

R. H. S. Stolfi’s Hitler: Beyond Evil and Tyranny [2]  is one of my favorite books on Hitler. It is not a biography of Hitler, although it is organized chronologically. It is, rather, a kind of “meta-biography,” an essay on the interpretation of Hitler’s life. Stolfi’s project has both positive and negative aspects: Stolfi critiques the existing interpretations of Hitler’s life as a whole and of specific episodes in Hitler’s life, and Stolfi sets forth his own interpretations.

Stolfi’s criticism of Hitler biographies focuses on the work of those he calls the four “great biographers”: John Toland (Adolf Hitler: The Definitive Biography [3]), Alan Bullock (Hitler: A Study in Tyranny [4] ), Joachim Fest (Hitler [5]), and Ian Kershaw (Hitler: 1889-1936, Hubris [6] and Hitler: 1936-1945, Nemesis [7] ). In Stolfi’s words, “the penchant of [Hitler’s] biographers for gratuitous sarcasm, strained skepticism, and writing from preconceived heights of antipathy has left the world with a dangerously inaccurate portrait of Hitler” (p. 54). (Judging from the reception of David Irving’s Hitler’s War and The War Path, the existing establishment regards an accurate portrait of Hitler more dangerous than an inaccurate one.) Four examples of this bias will sufficice:

(1) Ian Kershaw claims that outside of politics, Hitler was an “unperson,” a nullity, which completely ignores Hitler’s voracious reading, serious engagement with and understanding of philosophers like Schopenhauer, love of painting and fine art, remarkable architectural knowledge and skill, and love of classical music, including a connoisseur’s knowledge of the operas of Richard Wagner that impressed the Wagner family and other highly discerning individuals.

(2) Hitler’s biographers invariably denigrate his humble, common origins, coming off like parodies of the worst forms of social snobbery. But of course the same authors would wax sodden in describing any other man’s rise from poverty and obscurity to fame and fortune. Jesse Owens, for instance.

(3) Stolfi rebuts one of Joachim Fest’s most outrageous liberties as follows: “The great biographers all debunk Nazi theories of racial differences, which they characterize as pseudoscientific and based on unredeemed prejudice, yet one of them [Fest] could claim confidently, without hint of countervailing possibility, that the subject of his biography had ‘criminal features’ set in a ‘psychopathic face’” (p. 268).

(4) The great biographers regularly slight Hitler’s service as a soldier during the First World War, yet as Stolfi points out, Hitler won the Iron Cross First Class, the Iron Cross Second Class, and a regimental commendation for bravery. He was also seriously wounded twice. Hitler never spoke much about what he did to earn these commendations, partly out of his characteristic modesty and reserve, but also probably because he did not wish to relive painful experiences. But even this is twisted by his biographers to cast aspersions on Hitler’s bravery and character. Stolfi notes that with no other historical figure do biographers feel entitled to take such liberties.

Kershaw is the most tendentious of the great biographers, repeatedly characterizing Hitler as an “unperson,” a “nonentity,” a “mediocrity,” and a “failure.” These epithets must surely feel good to Kershaw and like-minded readers, but if they are true, then Hitler’s career is utterly incomprehensible. Stolfi is acerbic, witty, and tireless in skewering the great biographers — although some of his readers might find it tiresome as well.

In addition to offering fascinating interpretations of particular events, Stolfi argues for three overriding theses about Hitler: (1) Hitler cannot be understood as a politician but as a prophet, specifically a prophet forced to take on the role of a messiah; (2) Hitler cannot be understood as an evil man, but as a good man who was forced by circumstances and his own ruthless logic and unemotional “hardness” to do terrible things; and (3) Hitler must be understood as one of the great men of history, indeed as a world-historical figure, who cannot be grasped with conventional moral concepts.

Surely by now you are thinking that our author must be some sort of “discredited,” “marginal,” outsider historian like David Irving, or even a dreaded “revisionist.” So who was Russell Stolfi?

Born in 1932, Stolfi is to all appearances an established, mainstream military historian. He was Professor at the US Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California and a Colonel in the US Marine Corps Reserve. He is the author of three other books: German Panzers on the Offensive: Russian Front–North Africa 1941-1942 [8] (Schiffer Publishing, 2003), Hitler’s Panzers East: World War II Reinterpreted [9] (University of Oklahoma, 1993), and NATO Under Attack: Why the Western Alliance Can Fight Outnumbered and Win in Central Europe Without Nuclear Weapons [10] (with F. W. von Mellenthin, Duke University Press, 1983). I first read Hitler: Beyond Evil and Tyranny in May of 2012, and I was so excited that I tried to contact Stolfi for an interview only to learn that he had just died in April.)

Politician or Prophet?

Adolf Hitler was a formidable political organizer who took over a minuscule Bavarian debating club and turned it into the largest political party in Germany. After being imprisoned for an abortive Putsch, Hitler decided to attain power legally, through electoral politics. To that end, he virtually created the modern political campaign, traveling tirelessly by automobile and airplane and masterfully employing the mass media of his time. When he became Chancellor, Hitler proved a formidable statesman, transforming Germany with a virtually bloodless revolution and recovering German lands and pride through a series of deft foreign policy triumphs until the British and French started a World War to stop him.

Yet for all that, Stolfi argues that Hitler’s personality, goals, and grand strategy were more like those of a religious prophet, specifically an armed prophet like Mohammed.

Politicians presuppose a common political system and climate of opinion. They generally avoid contesting fundamental principles and instead deal with essentially quantitative differences within the same political and ideological continuum, hence their ability to compromise and their susceptibility to corruption. Stolfi points out again and again that Hitler refused to behave like a politician.

Hitler never compromised on basic principles. He took dangerously unpopular stands (p. 225). He refused to soften the party’s message to appeal to squeamish and lukewarm people. He was no demagogue: “A demagogue tells his audience what it wants to hear. A messiah tells his audience what he wants it to hear” (p. 248). Hitler never worried that his radical views would “discredit” him in the eyes of the public, whose minds were mostly in the grip of his enemies anyway. Instead, Hitler was supremely confident of his ability to lend credit to his ideas through reason and rhetoric. He wanted to elevate public opinion toward truth rather than condescend to pander to ignorance and folly.

Hitler also refused to enter common fronts with enemy parties, especially the Social Democrats, even when they took patriotic stands.

Hitler was, moreover, utterly incorruptible. He refused to make special promises to businessmen and other interest groups. He just handed them the party’s platform. In the end, he was offered the Chancellorship simply because his opponents knew he could not be bought off with anything less.

Revolutionaries deal with fundamental issues of principle, which is why they seek to overthrow existing systems and begin anew. Hitler was, of course, a political revolutionary. But he was something more. He saw himself as the exponent of a whole philosophy of life, not just a political philosophy. He placed politics in a larger biological and historical perspective: the struggle of Aryan man against Jewry and its extended phenotypes Communism and Anglo-Saxon capitalism. He believed the stakes were global: nothing less than the survival of all life on Earth was in peril. And having miraculously survived four years of slaughter and two serious wounds in the trenches of World War I — including an experience that can only be described as supernatural (p. 95) — Hitler believed that he enjoyed the special protection of Providence.

Hitler had a number of heroic role models. As a child, he was transported by Germanic myths and sagas. As a teenager, he identified with the hero of Wagner’s opera Rienzi, based on the story of Cola di Rienzi, the 14th century popular dictator who sought to restore Rome to its Imperial glory but who was undone by the treachery of the aristocracy and church and finally murdered. Hitler prophesied that he would become a tribune of the people who would rise and fall like Rienzi, and he did. Hitler also identified with Wagner’s Lohengrin and Siegfried. Although Hitler himself had little use for the Bible, his later career as armed prophet brings to mind the Hebrew prophets and lawgivers as well. Stolfi’s analogy between Hitler and Mohammed is quite apposite and revealing.

Savior of Germany — and Europe

Hitler, however, apparently did not think of himself as a messiah figure, but more as a John the Baptist, preparing the way for someone greater than him. But, as Stolfi documents, many of Hitler’s closest followers — all of them intelligent men, ranging from mystics like Hess to consummate cynics like Goebbels — as well as some of his more fair-minded enemies, did see him as a messiah figure, and in the end, he was forced to take on that role. Reading Stolfi makes Savitri Devi’s thesis in The Lightning and the Sun that Hitler was an avatar of the god Vishnu seem a little less eccentric. (Savitri did not originate that thesis. It was a view that she encountered widely among educated Hindus in the 1930s.) There was something messianic about Hitler’s aura and actions, and people around the world understood it in terms of their own cultural traditions.

Stolfi does not mention it, but there is a sense in which Hitler was the savior of Germany and all of Western Europe, although his accomplishments fell far short of his ambitions, consumed his life, and devastated his nation. When Hitler launched operation Barbarossa in 1941, the Soviets were poised to launch a massive invasion of all of Central and Western Europe. Hitler pre-empted that invasion, and although he failed to destroy the USSR, the Third Reich was destroyed instead, and Stalin conquered half of Europe, the outcome would have been much worse if Stalin had been able to launch his invasion. Stalin could have conquered all of Europe. At best he would have been repulsed after unimaginable devastation and bloodshed. Thus every Western European who has lived in freedom from want and terror since 1941 owes a debt of thanks to Adolf Hitler, the German people, and their Axis partners.

(See on this site Daniel Michaels, “Exposing Stalin’s Plan to Conquer Europe [11]” and the National Vanguard review [12] of Viktor Suvorov’s Icebreaker; for more recent literature on this subject, see Viktor Suvorov’s definitive statement of his research has been published as The Chief Culprit: Stalin’s Grand Design to Start World War II [13] [Annapolis, Md.: Naval Institute Press, 2008] and Joachim Hoffmann, Stalin’s War of Extermination, 1941-1945: Planning, Realization and Documentation [14] [Capshaw, Al.: Theses and Dissertations Press, 2001].)

The Question of Evil

In today’s climate of moral relativism and rot, Adolf Hitler is probably the only human being that even liberals will denounce as evil. Hitler is the modern world’s paradigm and embodiment of evil. But of course other people can be evil if they are “like Hitler.” Thus the most radical thesis of Stolfi’s book is that Adolf Hitler was not evil.

There are many dimensions to this argument.

(1) Stolfi points out that there is no evidence that Hitler had psychopathic or sociopathic personality traits as a child. He did not torture animals or steal, for instance. He was polite, serious, and reserved.

(2) Stolfi also points out that Hitler was not primarily motivated by hate or ressentiment. He arrived at his two great enmities, namely against Jewry and Bolshevism, based on personal experience, current events, and extensive research. But when he was rationally convinced of their enormity, he naturally hated them with appropriate magnitude and intensity. As Stolfi writes, “It is difficult to imagine Hitler either as messiah or otherwise and not hating the enemy. Did Jesus the Christ or Mohammed the Prophet hate Satan or merely disapprove of him?” (p. 233).

(3) Calling Hitler evil, like calling him “crazy,” is mentally lazy, because it exempts us from trying to understand the reasons for Hitler’s actions: both his thought processes and objective events that prompted him to act. Hitler had his reasons.

(4) Stolfi argues that Hitler’s character, goals, and actions were not evil. Hitler did what he thought was right, and he was hard enough to spill oceans of blood if he thought it was necessary to advance the greater good. A Socratic, of course, would claim that it is an empty claim, as nobody does evil as such but only under the guise of a perceived good. The evil of an act is in its outcome, not its motive. We all “mean well.”

(5) Stolfi hints that Hitler may have, in a sense, been beyond good and evil, because his goal was nothing less than the creation of a new order, including a new moral order, and it begs the question to subject such men to the moral laws they seek to overthrow. This points us back to Stolfi’s thesis that Hitler has to be seen more as a religious than a political figure and forward to his third major thesis, that Hitler was a world-historical individual.

Stolfi deals with a number of episodes in Hitler’s life that are adduced as evidence of evil. Stolfi argues that some of these acts are not evil at all. He others that others were necessary or mitigated evils.

And he claims that still others were no more evil than the actions of other great men of history who nevertheless manage to receive respectful treatment from biographers. Finally, Stolfi argues that all of these acts, even the evil ones, do not necessarily make Hitler an evil man, for even good men can commit horrific acts if they believe they are necessary to promote a greater good.

(1) Stolfi argues that Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch and other violations of the laws of the Weimar Republic are somewhat softened by the fact that he believed that the Weimar Republic was an illegitimate and criminal regime. Hitler’s early attempts to defy it and replace it are not, therefore, “evil,” unless all acts of disobedience and revolution against governments as such are evil. In any case, after his release from prison, Hitler adopted a policy of strict legality: he pursued the Chancellorship through electoral politics, and he won.

(2) Stolfi argues that the creation of the Sturmabteilungen (Storm Troops) was not motivated by a desire to violently intimidate political opponents and seize power. Instead, the SA was formed in self-defense against organized Communist efforts to violently intimidate political opponents and seize power, violence that had effectively suppressed the ability of all Right-wing parties to assemble. The SA did not merely assure the NSDAP’s freedom to assemble and organize, it broke the Red terror and restored political freedom to all parties.

(3) Stolfi argues that the Röhm purge was necessary because there was ample evidence that Röhm himself was plotting a coup, and, true or not, Hindenburg, the leaders of the military, and Hitler’s top lieutenants all believed it to be true. Hindenburg threatened to declare martial law and have the army deal with Röhm if Hitler would not. Hitler had to act, because if he didn’t, he would be effectively deposed: he would be abdicating the sovereign function to decide and act for the good of the people to Hindenburg and the army. Even so, Hitler temporized to the last possible moment.


R. H. S. Stolfi, 1932–2012

Stolfi claims that Röhm’s death was a kind of apotheosis for Hitler: “By June 1934, Hitler stood poised to pass beyond friendship with any man into the realm of the lonely, distant Leader. But Hitler could never pass into that realm with Röhm alive and serving as a reminder of Hitler’s own historical mortality. Röhm had to die, and Hitler had to kill him” (p. 306). But this was not, of course, Hitler’s motive for killing him.

Ultimately, Stolfi judges Röhm’s death to be politically necessary and morally excusable. He describes it not as a cool, premeditated murder but as a “crime of passion” of a man faced with the infidelity of a sworn confidant (p. 309). Of course, the Röhm purge was the occasion for settling a number of other old scores, which complicates Stolfi’s moral picture considerably.

(4) Stolfi evidently thinks there was nothing evil at all about Hitler’s assumption of dictatorial powers — through a provision in the Weimar constitution — or his suppression of a political movement as destructive and implacable as Marxism. But he praises the relative bloodlessness of Hitler’s legal revolution.

(5) As for the concentration camps off to which Hitler packed the leaders of the Marxist parties and other subversive groups: in 1935, when the German population stood at 65 million, the concentration camp inmates numbered 3,500, most of them Communists and Social Democrats. The camp system and its mandate were expanded to house people in protective custody for being social nuisances, including beggars, drunks, homosexuals (homosexuality was criminalized under the Second Reich, remained criminalized under Weimar, and was criminalized in the liberal democracies too), gypsies, and habitual criminals — by 1939 there were 10 camps with 25,000 inmates in a country of 80 million people. That doesn’t seem quite as evil as it was cracked up to be. Furthermore, since Himmler and Heydrich certainly did not lack persecuting zeal and organizational skill, we can conclude that the camp system was exactly as big as they thought it should be.

To give some context, according to Wikipedia [16] – where statistics about Soviet atrocities tend to be on the low end due to Marxist policing — in March of 1940, the Soviet Gulag comprised 53 separate camps and 423 labor colonies in which approximately 1.3 million people were interned out of a population of 170 million. Whatever the real size, it was exactly as big as Stalin wanted it to be.

Although I have not been able to find records of similar forms of internment in liberal democracies for political dissidents and social nuisances, these surely did take place. But even in the absence of these numbers, it seems clear that Hitler’s camps were far more similar to the prisons of liberal democracies than the Soviet Gulag to which they are always likened.

Of course, these were peacetime numbers. Under the exigencies of war, Hitler’s camp system expanded dramatically to house hostile populations, prisoners of war, and conscript laborers, which is another topic.

(6) Hitler’s anti-Semitism is often put forward as evidence of evil. Hitler himself thought that certain forms of anti-Semitism were repugnant if not outright evil: religious anti-Semitism, anti-Semitism based on ressentiment, gutter populist scapegoating, etc. His repugnance for such phenomena prejudiced him against anti-Semitism as such. But his personal experiences in Vienna, combined with serious reading eventually led him to a dispassionate, scientifically based, and historically informed anti-Semitism.

When Hitler took power, Germany had a relatively small Jewish population. His basic policy was to prevent any further German-Jewish genetic admixture, remove Jews from positions of power and influence, and encourage Jews to emigrate. By the outbreak of the Polish war, Germany’s Jewish population had been dramatically reduced. But due to Hitler’s war gains, millions of new Jews fell into his remit. More about this anon. Stolfi is somewhat circumspect in passing judgment about Hitler’s peacetime Jewish policy. But we can safely say that it was no more evil than, say, the British treatment of Boer non-combatants or the American treatment of the Plains Indians.

(7) Regarding Hitler’s foreign policy exploits as Chancellor — including rearmament, pulling out of the League of Nations, remilitarizing the Rhineland, the annexation of the Sudetenland and Austria, the annexation of Bohemia, and the war with Poland — Stolfi writes, “every international crisis that involved Hitler in the 1930s stemmed from an iniquity on the part of the Allies in the Paris Peace Conference of 1919″ (p. 316). According to Stolfi, in all of these crises, morality was on Hitler’s side, and he lauds Hitler for conducting them with restraint and relative bloodlessness — at least up until the Polish war.

These were hardly the outrageous, unendurable moral provocations of Allied propaganda that justified Britain and France starting a World War because Hitler, having exhausted diplomatic negotiations, started a war with Poland to recover German lands and peoples subjected to horrific Polish oppression. The British and French simply could not grasp that, in Stolfi’s words, “a world-historical personality had marched, outraged, out of the desert of shattered Flanders fields, and the former Allies had not even superior morality to shield themselves from him” (p. 317).

(8) Stolfi interprets Operation Barbarossa against the USSR as a colonial war of conquest as well as a crusade to rid Europe of the scourge of Bolshevism. From an ethnonationalist perspective, of course, Hitler’s aim to reduce Slavs to colonized peoples was evil. Furthermore, it was more evil than British, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Belgian, American, and Russian imperialism directed at non-European peoples, because it is always worse to mistreat one’s own blood than foreigners. But it was certainly not uniquely evil in the annals of human history. If Genghis Khan and Timur the Lame can be the subjects of objective historical assessments, then Barbarossa does not disqualify Hitler.

Stolfi does not treat Barbarossa as a necessary war to preempt Stalin’s planned invasion of Europe. I wanted to ask Stolfi his thoughts about the thesis defended by Viktor Suvorov and Joachim Hoffmann in an interview, but that was not to be. If they are right, of course, than there was no evil at all in launching Barbarossa, although one can justly criticize the excesses of its execution.

(9) According to Stolfi, Hitler’s darkest deeds are the massacre of 3.1 million Soviet POWs captured in the opening months of Barbarossa and the killing of 4.5 million Jews in what is known as the Holocaust. Stolfi is certainly a Hitler revisionist, but I do not know whether he is a Holocaust revisionist or not, since I am unsure if it is legal for him to think that “only” 4.5 million Jews were killed by the Third Reich. I had not even heard of the 3.1 million Soviet POWs, which Stolfi mentions only a couple of times in passing. But of course I have heard of the Holocaust, to which Stolfi dedicates the last two paragraphs of the book (pp. 461–62). Such a brief treatment may itself constitute revisionism, at least in France, where Jean-Marie Le Pen was fined for saying that the Holocaust was only a footnote to the Second World War. Given that some footnotes are longer than the paragraphs in question, Stolfi might have gotten in trouble in the land of liberté. Stolfi’s treatment, however, is a welcome corrective to the Jewish tendency to treat World War II as merely the backdrop of the Holocaust.

Of course, just as Hitler is our age’s paradigm of an evil man, the Holocaust is the paradigm of an evil event. Stolfi does not dispute that the massacre of 7.6 million people is evil. But he does not think it is uniquely evil in World War II or the annals of history in general. Winston Churchill, for example, was responsible for the starvation of millions of Indians whose food was seized for the war effort. He was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of German non-combatants in strategically unnecessary terror bombings of German cities. He was responsible for the expulsion of 14 million Germans from their homes in Eastern and Central Europe, up to two million of whom died. Was Churchill evil? His apologists, of course, would argue that his actions were necessitated by the exigencies of war and the pursuit of the greater good. But Hitler’s apologists, if there were any, could argue the very same thing and be done with it. If Churchill, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Julius Caesar, and other members of the Million Murder club can receive fair treatment in a biography, then why not Hitler?

Stolfi compares the Holocaust to Julius Caesar’s 10 year conquest of Gaul, in which he killed more than a million armed men and reduced another million to slavery. One million civilian non-combatants were also killed or reduced to slavery. Some particularly troublesome tribes were entirely exterminated because they were “irreconcilable, menacing, and useless either as allies or slaves” (p. 38). Stolfi points out, however, that Caesar’s acts “revealed harshness of almost incredible proportion,” but his acts were “based on realism and prudence in the face of perceived danger — scarcely sadism and cruelty” (p. 38). Likewise, Stolfi argues that “Hitler took the action of pitiless massacre as a last resort in the face of a perceived irreconcilable enemy” and his actions “showed virtually nothing that can be interpreted as sadism, cruelty, or ingrained hate as opposed to temporary fury in the carrying out of the action” (p. 39).

Hitler’s massacres, terrible though they may be, do not prove that he is an evil man, since even good men might resort to such measures in direst extremity. Moreover, even if they were expressions of evil, they were not unique expressions of unique evil but all too common in the annals of history. But, again, only in Hitler’s case are they treated as insuperable objections to serious historical treatment.

In sum, Stolfi argues that Hitler cannot be seen as evil if that means that he was motivated by sadism, psychopathy, hatred, or a neurotic need for power and attention. Instead, Hitler was motivated, first and foremost, by love of his people, beyond which were wider but less pressing concerns with the larger Aryan race, European civilization, and the welfare of the world as a whole. Because Hitler believed that the things he loved were imperiled by Jewry, Bolshevism, and Anglo-Saxon capitalism, he fought them. And when the fight became a world conflagration, he fought them with a remarkable hardness and severity. But his essentially decent character and positive ends remained unchanged. Thus for Stolfi, Hitler is a good man who did some bad things as well as good things — a good man who made many good decisions and some catastrophic mistakes.

A Dark World Historical Personality

But there is a sense in which Stolfi thinks that Hitler is beyond the very categories of good and evil, at least as far as historians should be concerned. Stolfi argues that Hitler was a great man, like such great conquerors as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Mohammed, and Napoleon. (Stolfi makes scant mention of unarmed prophets like the Buddha or Jesus.) According to Stolfi, if one were to freeze Hitler’s life at the end of 1942, he would have to be considered one of history’s greatest statesmen and conquerors. And even if one plays the film all the way to the end, Stolfi argues that the Allies did not win World War II so much as Hitler lost it, which itself underscores his greatness and the relative nullity of his opponents.

Indeed, Stolfi argues that Hitler was more than just a great man but one of Hegel’s “world-historical individuals,” who inaugurates a new stage in human history and cannot be judged or comprehended by the standards of the previous stage. Stolfi, it seems, detaches this concept from Hegel’s overall view that world-historical individuals advance history toward the Providential goal of universal freedom, a goal that Hitler, of course, rejected in favor of particularisms of race and nation. Sadly, though, Hitler may have advanced the universalist agenda in defeat, through no intention of his own.

But, as another prophetic figure once said of World War II, “the war’s not over as far as I’m concerned,” meaning that history is still unfolding, including the consequences of Hitler’s actions. So it remains to be seen whether Hitler will contribute to the victory or defeat of universalism. If racial nationalism — of which Hitler is an inexpungeable part — defeats the drive toward a homogeneous global society, then Hitler would be a world historical figure of an entirely new order: not an agent of “progress,” but of its termination; the man who ended the “end of history” and started the world anew; the man who took the ascending line of progress and inscribed it within a cyclical view of history, whether interpreted in the widely variant Traditionalist or Spenglerian senses.

* * *

Hitler: Beyond Evil and Tyranny is a remarkable book that I recommend to all my readers. It is an audacious project executed with clarity and dry humor. Sometimes Stolfi seems to go a bit too far, perhaps just to test his dialectical skills. For instance, he even defends Hitler as a painter. He does a surprisingly good job, but I will still not budge from my conviction that Winston Churchill was Hitler’s superior in this — and only this — regard.

This book is even more remarkable because it is the work of a mainstream military historian. Let us hope that it clears the way for other genuinely historical studies of Hitler and the Third Reich. This really is an inevitable development as the generations that lived through the war die off. Furthermore, we are now living in a multipolar world with new rising powers — Russia, China, India — that are free of Jewish cultural and political hegemony and hungry for a genuine understanding of Hitler and the Second World War.

White Nationalism would, of course, still be true and good even if Hitler were every bit the monster and tyrant that his enemies claim. But White Nationalists should still welcome Stolfi’s book because reducing the cloud of moral hysteria and denigration that surrounds Hitler somewhat lowers the impediment we have to step over. Stolfi takes some of the sting out of the inevitable accusation that we are “just like Hitler” — which, it turns out, is an undeserved compliment.

Book Review by Dr. Gregory Johnson, June 7, 2013,



    • Naah! It’s asymmetric warfare. Tomer and I go way back. He is allergic to me, and vice versa.

      These Internet trolls are as obnoxious as barn flies – you have to swat them, not mollycoddle them with endless dialogue about inanities that have been talked to death decades ago. The “Truth” cannot be found on forums (fora?) like this one, but it CAN be found in an afternoon’s worth of serious reading of a reputable revisionist website such as, for instance, the IHR – the Institute for Historical Review. http://www.ihr.org

      Read, and ye shall find.

      But I wasn’t suggesting that there is an underground SS forming somewhere where the jackboots are plotting to gang up on Tomer and his kind – I was simply laughing in Tomer’s face because he knows he is losing ground with his stale arguments, and he doesn’t like that feeling.

  1. @Tomer:

    Another thing that might help you. Chassidic master Rabbi Nachman of Breslov taught a wonderful principle of spiritual warfare. He said we should always seek to judge people favorably, even those who appear to be our enemies. Thus if you really perceive people like Ingrid to be a threat to your Israeli interests, then the best way to cast her down is to acknowledge the truth in her ideas. You can go even farther and thank God for the good that emerged for Jews following the Hitler era, in which via the Transfer Agreement and post-WWI Holocaust guilt the State of Israel was catalyzed into existence.

    Rabbi Nachman says when you praise evil people for the good that ensued from their actions, then God will scrutinize them more carefully and expose their iniquity, hold them up for mockery and disdain and cast them down.

    It also is important to remember that what Jews suffered from evil opponents God permitted due to sin in the Jewish Nation. When one recognizes this and confesses it and stops pretending to be an innocent victim then you move God to act on your behalf.

    I understand you do not want Hitler’s admirers to resurrect his regime and thus you engage in fiercely critical rhetoric about him. But despite your good intentions and understandable fears, Rabbi Nachman’s approach is better in my view.

    There are Torah codes that give a mixed picture of Hitler as both an Amalekite enemy of Jews and a Noahide hero to mankind.

    He is a much more subtle and nuanced person than most of his detractors will admit.

    So acknowledge the flaws of your nation and be grateful for the good that emerged from the Third Reich, and you will see God swiftly take control and interecede for His People.

    • Sorry for my angry comments to you, but I cannot abide selfishness and stupidity.

      When your clan calls me a Self-hating Jew, I respond that I am a Selfish-hating Jew.

      And Jesus also told us that we must hate ourselves to some degree in order to attain spiritual enlightenment.

      Jews and Israelis excel at physical survival, but what kind of spiritual values and insights do they bequeath to their own people let alone to the world at large.

      You can rise above that narrow selfish mentality. Jesus will give you the courage to realize there is another world of infinitely greater worth awaiting those who demonstrate spiritual heroism.

    • The reason I think you’re an Israeli is that you express yourself in English with the same sort of choppy unidiomatic style as my former Israeli friends. Not like the high level sayyanim like Rahm Emanuel or Larry Silverman, but like the mid- to low-level agents whose devotion to the Zionist cause exceeds their English literacy.

    • Meant to write Larry Silverstein. And Ben Bernanke, Eliot Cohen, and all the over-educated Ivy League Judeocon chicken hawks.

      And also that your apparent devotion to Zionism FAR exceeds your English literacy.

    • Tomer, If you don’t believe in the bible then why does Hitler offend you at all?

      If the world is just a Darwinian jungle of people struggling to survive, why should anyone care if your people the Jews/Israelis survive and thrive or perish?

      I can understand that you would be passionate about your own tribe, but why should anyone else care at all? Especially readers on VT?

      You speak of the values of “democracy” but most people recognize that the supposed bastion of democracy, the USA, is the most war like violent and oppressive regime in history. So again, if you deny the bible, on what do you base your moral choices and in what do you place your hope?

      Even the German Nazis used the bible to provide them with a framework and perspective.

  2. @Tumor: “Although I despise anyone with your nazi attitude, I took some time to check up on you.
    It seems you are a well know nazi sympatiser, who now for decades publish the same type of fascistic propaganda like Hitler, Goebbels and other nazi greats did.”

    This also is a laugh. Earlier you wrote that you have read many of her articles and are well familiar with her ideas. And yet suddenly here you discover she admires the Nazi regime!

    A typical bait and switch operator.

    Grow up and realize that God sent Hitler into the world to teach the Jews a bitter lesson. And your countrymen in Israel swallow their shame and move forward as best they can. Why are you here in America anyway? Go back to the land where Hitler sent your ancestors back in the 1930s. Waste your energies dealing with your Semitic brothers the Arabs. Serve the Christian West as crusaders against Islam and as an imperial colony in that strategic area.

    In short, learn your place Jew boy. Go fight with the towel heads and sand n-ggers who are suited to you. And stay out of conversations of sophisticated people who are able to think and reason rationally and logically.

    • Having lived among them I know them very well. You are priceless example of Mossad agent provocateur. Like Victor Ostravski who pretended to “go rogue” and then sat in his art studio in Phoenix handling all the Israel “art student” sayyanim prior to the 9-11 rape of America by U$RAEL.

      Yes, I am was raised Jewish and am a Jewish believer in Jesus. He is the Doctor who cured me of the sicknesses your tribe imbued in me.

  3. @Dublin Irish Eyes: “Divine karma can come in this world or the next. One truth I adhere to is the “my father’s house has many mansions” this one rings a bell. We should all try and avoid the dog house when it comes to those mansions. Each will receive according to their own.”

    Great comment! That will be a top tenner for me!

    Did Hitler speak English? Someone told me that many Nazi officials spoke English and that German schoolchildren had to learn English as a second language.

    As far as Hitler’s rise from obscurity to prominence, this question could be posed about the leaders of any system outside of monarchy. I think Hitler had an innate genius that he is not credited for. He also had a very rare quality in a politician: principles. He explained the world in a way that made sense to and motivated the average German. In all this he was an excellent leader.

    He also was a gifted artist (Jewish sneers about being a housepainter notwithstanding). And as Ingrid points out, he was a genuine war hero. All qualities lacking in today’s chicken hawks who use push button drones to kill men women and children at wedding parties. The biggest risk a drone warrior encounters is hitting a coyote in the Nevada desert as he drives to his air conditioned bunker.

    Contrast Hitler with Obummer. Here you have a true banksters’ bootlicker. Obummer believes in nothing and simply has a lot of chutzpah. His change is small-change and is short-changing the American public.

    I wonder if you are projecting your resentments of Obummer onto Adolf? I think it is very possible that Hitler was the LAST political figure who operated with genuine convictions and not just sleazy pragmatism and opportunism. He was like a seer who guided his country on a true path. Today’s politicians are all whores who serve the bankers. They urge us to “participate” in democracy by voting for them, and then they go off to Washed Out District of Corruption and in their giant bordello by the Potomac sell themselves off to the highest bidder. They poll the public and then tell us what they think we want to hear. They are true harlots. The very antithesis of Adolf Hitler.

    I encourage you to push deeper into that rabbit hole you speak of. You are a very creative and original thinker and can do it.


    Hitler was mad, bad, and beastly to the Jews, but boy have the Jews made a meal of it, and no media hype has been focused on the the Jewish domination of the Bolshevik Revolution. This was a coup d’etat, by a quite small group of Jewish murderers, which eventually led to the deaths of about 50 million Russians and Ukranians, by various means, including concentration camps. This all occured before WW2.

    Some comments by contemporaries:-

    Winston Churchill stated in an article published in February 8, 1920:
    “There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistically Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders” (Weber).
    David R.Francis, United States ambassador in Russia wrote in a dispatch:
    “The Bolshevik leaders here, most of whom are Jews and 90 percent of whom are returned exiles, care little for Russia or any other country but are internationalists and they are trying to start a worldwide social revolution”(Weber).
    A Us military officer, captain Montgomery Schulyer sent two telegrams to Washington in March and June 1919 emphatically states the role of Jews in Bolshevik revolution. The first report said:
    “It is probably unwise to say this loudly in the United States but the Bolshevik movement is and has been since its beginning, guided and controlled by Russian Jews of the greasiest type…”(“Jews and Communism”).
    The second report said of the,
    “384 commissars there were 2 Negroes, 13 Russians, 15 Chinamen, 22 Armenians, and more than 300 Jews. Of the latter number 264 had come to Russia from the United States since the downfall of the Imperial Government” (“Jews and Communism”).
    Post revolution.
    Although the Jews were less than five percentage of country’s total population, they played a decisive role in infant Bolshevik regime. With an exception of Lenin, Leon Trotsky headed the red army, Yakov Sverdlov was the head of the Soviet government, and Grigori Zinoviev headed the communist international. They were many other prominent Jews in the initial Bolshevik government. Lenin was a thorough internationalist. He viewed his own fellow citizens with contempt (Weber) He considered nationalism as opposed to internationalism.
    In March 1919, Lenin delivered a speech on anti-Jewish pogroms. According to Lenin anti-Semitism was an attempt to divert workers hatred from the oppressors towards the Jews. It was a political trick employed by the Tsar to divert popular anger towards a scapegoat (Weber)
    A small group of Bolsheviks having come to power needed bureaucracy to run the government. The Bolsheviks revolution was possible because of the large presence of Jewish intelligentsia. Therefore, the Bolsheviks called upon the Jews to take up bureaucratic work of the Soviet apparatus. Many Jews responded this call. Men of Jewish origin dominated Lenin’s first politburo. Majority of Jews who were non-revolutionary and apolitical joined the Bolsheviks. In order to encourage the Jews to join the Bureaucracy, the Bolsheviks organized a Jewish division of nationalities commissariat. The Bolsheviks rejected anti-Semitism and loosened civil restrictions on the Jews (Solzhenitsyn).
    The Jews were predominant in all organs of the Bolshevik government. The central committee of the Bolshevik party had 41 Jews out of 62 members. The secret police had 23 out of 36, the Council of People’s Commissars (the Soviet Government) had 17 Jews out of 21.Out of 556 important functionaries of the Bolshevik state 457 were Jews (Weber).

    What happened to the Jews under Hitler was a terrible tragedy, even allowing for probable exaggeration, but to focus on that tragedy without mentioning an even greater Jewish-induced tragedy is distorting history.

    Neither the Natzis or the Jews came out of the 20th century with clean hands, but a more balanced telling of history would stop the Jewish hysteria

  5. The Jewish Sages teach that the chief enemies of Israel, Amalekites like Haman and Hitler, are NOT mentally ill slobs who bewitch populations but rather constitute the elite of the nations of the world. When God wishes to deliver judgement against Israel, He chooses an exalted leader, not riff raff. Indeed the very name Adolph attests to this rabbinical teaching, because it comes from the French word Dauphin meaning Prince.

    Jewish People would be able to come to terms with this dreadful part of their history by ceasing to pretend that Hitler was some sort of deranged lunatic and instead recognize him for what he truly was: a Divine rod of chastisement against Israel.

    There also is the extreme irony that amidst the suffering Hitler inflicted, he also paved the way for the creation of a Jewish State, first via the Transfer Agreement in the 1930s, and second as the legacy of his persecution that the Western nations after the war sought to rectify by affirming a reborn Jewish State.

    This accords with the biblical principle that amidst God’s judgements are His mercies.

    • mevashir
      There is no Israel other than what the great seer Edgar Cayce would term those who seek the light as opposed to those who seek the darkness. Being among that group would be the Essenes who were most likely Buddhiists and Vedantics who were in that area at the time. the term Jew did not exist until recently.

      Most likely and this is my personal opinion, there won’t be much justice in this world until the coming polar shift and total destruction of this planet. (see Michael Angelo and the final judgement). Some seem to sense a period of divine justice transpiring. Those who are least fit to rule are usually the ones who accord themselves the right to rule over those they view as cattle. Historical religious texts have been altered and changed to benefit the ruling elite ever since Constantine the British war lord wrote the bible. Amazingly, sadly and most astoundingly there are those who believe it to be divine. There are of course some tracts which were not totally falsified, enough truth to fool the masses.

      Divine karma can come in this world or the next. One truth I adhere to is the “my father’s house has many mansions” this one rings a bell. We should all try and avoid the dog house when it comes to those mansions. Each will receive according to their own.

      For those on both sides of the fence, it is very difficult to believe that Aleister Crowley’s magic child as he called Hitler was Rothschild and not a very lucky farm boy who rose to German chancellor due to his unbelievable skills and oratory. This is a very childish view in my opinion. He was operating in the shadow of the London bankers and the Rothschilds in Germany. They kill everyone else who poses a threat to them. Why not Der Fuhrer?

      I can see how the Zundels have not had time to pursue much of this in depth, they were most likely too busy being persecuted for their beliefs. It is very hard to accept sometimes the rabbit hole goes much deeper than we had suspected. One must keep digging.

      Right now it is very important to keep Hitler as an icon for for persecuted Europeans, especially Northern Europeans. He must be denigrated, we don’t want any movements springing up which are not controlled by Rothschild as Hitler was. We want to keep the guilt complex burning and we most definitely want to keep those reparations payments coming to Europe. Why spoil a good thing? Germans should never complain about more submarines to Israel …. Germans are evil. We must never let on that Herr Hitler was pivotal in bringing this mentality about.

      It is also helpful in spotting new trouble makers who might cause the bankers some problems. If they express admiration for Adolph Rothschild they can quickly be monitored. It is a win win situation.

      It is possibly I could be wrong here, but I doubt it. I try and look at all sides of an issue and well … Hitler was a Rothschild.

    • @Dublin Irish Eyes: “Divine karma can come in this world or the next. One truth I adhere to is the “my father’s house has many mansions” this one rings a bell. We should all try and avoid the dog house when it comes to those mansions. Each will receive according to their own.”

      Great comment! That will be a top tenner for me!

      Did Hitler speak English? Someone told me that many Nazi officials spoke English and that German schoolchildren had to learn English as a second language.

      As far as Hitler’s rise from obscurity to prominence, this question could be posed of the leaders of any system outside of monarchy. I think Hitler had an innate genius that he is not credited for. He also had a very rare quality in a politician: principles. He explained the world in a way that made sense to and motivated the average German. In all this he was an excellent leader.

      Contrast Hitler with Obummer. Here you have a true bankers’ bootlicker. Obummer believes in nothing and simply has a lot of chutzpah. His change is small change and short changing the American public.

      I wonder if you are projecting your resentments of Obummer onto Adolf? I think it is possible that Hitler was the LAST political figure with genuine convictions and not just sleazy pragmatism.

      I encourage you to push into that rabbit hole a bit deeper. You are an original thinker and can do it.

  6. Dr. Zundel,
    The victors write the history books and in this case the victor, the US, has been shown to be the Great Liar
    (the official story of 9/11 being the most obvious example.)

    But I think you weaken your call for re-examining Hitler by turning around and now attributing all evil to communism and the Bolsheviks.
    When you say such thing as, “All blood-red commies, to the core – the alien vermin from the East.” you do not present yourself as an objective historian. Communists too have been badly maligned–and the good lumped in with the bad. Communists have been in the forefront of many heroic popular struggles, from child-labor laws, and the eight hour day to racial equality and a systematic critique of capitalism. This should not be forgotten.

    • There isn’t any country, people or political party that is completely evil despite what they say about Germans and National Socialists. But while the allies (primarily due to Jewish propaganda) have lied since the very beginning about Hitler and Germany, the same Jews have lied about the Soviet Union.

      There is nothing wrong with what Dr. Zundel said. Before Great Britain and France declared war on Germany in September 1939, there was very little violence in Germany. There was some discrimination against Jews and some violence, but the numbers were miniscule – a few hundred, a thousand? From the western Jewish propaganda, you would have thought all the Jews in Germany were dead by 1939.

      But in the Soviet Union, millions of people were deliberately murdered in the Holodomor in Ukraine and millions of Russians were murdered too. Thousands of churches were burned down and nuns and clergy murdered – all by communists. This is why Ukrainians welcomed the German army as liberators.

      But just as the Jewish owned New York Times made sure the Soviet Union would get no bad press in the 1930’s, Germany had Jewish slime all over it from Times reporting so a war against Germany could be justified. Do you know why churches were burned and priests and nuns murdered? The historic statement that Vladimir Putin made the other day explains it. And PRAVDA, the communist newspaper that still exists published it. Speaking to Israelis Putin said “the first Soviet government, 80 to 85 percent of whose members were Jews.”

      This is a coverup of unimaginable proportions. Anyone who has ever said this (and now Putin and communism’s main newspaper reported it) has been branded an anti-semite, beginning with the National Socialists in the 1930’s who condemned the mass murder of Christians while Brits. French and Americans supported it by covering it up.

      This is why Jews were despised throughout Europe. They were the leaders of communism and its torturers.



    • Tomer, you are lying again. I have never deleted you on this website, because it is not my website.

      I have deleted you on my own videos I placed on youtube because I like to keep a clean house, and you talk violent and dirty.

      And, by the way, you are no “bloody Christian.” Nobody but nobody believes that. You have “joo” written all over you. I know of no Christian who would describe himself as “bloody.” You guys are amazingly transparent.

    • Tomer –

      You made my point. You talk filthy.

      So you say you can call yourself a “bloody Christian” if you like. Sure. Why not? I can call myself the Queen of Sheba – does that make me the Queen of Sheba? Of course not.

      Every time you open your joo-ish mouth, your mind goes on parade.

    • Ingrid, He’s no Jew. He’s much worse: a naZionist provocateur, maybe a Mossad disinformation agent, who knows. He pushes buttons to get attention.

      And he pretends to be an idiot by claiming you censor him when it is Jim Dean or whoever at VT that does that.

      I think VT should ban him totally. His insinuations about dropping pants and such are disgusting and totally uncalled for. They also demean VT itself. That’s exactly why some suspect GD and VT to be a giant disinformation operation as well.

      May God bless you with fortitude.

      (PS The photo of you above shows a very attractive woman with poise, self confidence, dignity.)

  7. According to Human Smoke, Hitler was ready to deport many German Jews to Madagascar, but the British blockaded the route. The British were the impediment every time to relocating the Jews from Europe elsewhere. They betrayed their hollow promises in the Balfour Declaration time and time again.

    I worked on kibbutzim in Israel that had German factory machinery from pre-WWII supplied in the Transfer Agreement. Unfortunately ignorant ingrates like Tomer will never admit it or say thank you.

    Jewish motto: never thank a Goy for giving you what he owes you anyway…

  8. @Tomer: “We know what Hitler was, a mentally sick, but very brilliant individual, the nuthouses are full of them. He was able to brainwash the probably best educated nation in Europe and sent them to a murderous hunt all over that continent. Any decent german, here I am not talking about the Zündels, is ashamed of that part of their history.”

    The standard Israeli/Jewish BS. Or as Edward Steele said: “Anti-Semitism is a disease: we catch it from Jews.”

    You Israelis (like Tomer the date palm) should build a statue to the Fuehrer and put it right inside your Kenneseth or maybe next to the Western Wall that commemorates another Jewish murderer named Herod the Great. Hitler was the essential catalyst for the Zionist State. If you knew anything about history (instead of just making things up to suit your agenda) you’d realize that while Hitler did everything he could throughout the 1930s to expedite Jewish immigration into Palestine, the British did all they could to block it.

    So if you want someone to indict, turn your eyes northward across the English Channel. Or better yet, just look in the mirror.

    • Tomer: Not sure if your background is Orthodox Jewish, but the Jewish Sages teach that the chief enemies of Israel, Amalekites like Haman and Hitler, are NOT mentally ill slobs who bewitch populations but rather constitute the elite of the nations of the world. God only allows chiefs to attack and harm Israel, not common riff raff. Indeed the very name Adolph attests to this rabbinical teaching, because it comes from the French word Dauphin meaning Prince. Jewish People would be able to come to terms with this dreadful part of their history by ceasing to pretend that Hitler was some sort of deranged lunatic and instead recognize him for what he truly was: a Divine rod of chastisement against Israel.

    • Check out this quote:

      —In Rabbinical Literature:

      Amalek—the first foe to attack the people of Israel after they had come out of Egypt as a free nation; twice designated in the Pentateuch (Ex. xvii. 14-16, Deut. xxv. 19) as the one against whom war should be waged until his memory be blotted out forever—became in rabbinical literature the type of Israel’s arch-enemy. In the tannaitic Haggadah of the first century Amalek stands for Rome (Bacher, “Ag. Tan.” i. 146 et seq., 211 et seq.); and so does Edom (Esau), from whom Amalek descended (Gen. xxxvi.). A kinsman of the Israelites, Amalek nevertheless displayed the most intense hatred toward them: he inherited Esau’s hostility to his brother Jacob. When other nations hesitated to harm God’s chosen ones, his evil example induced them to join him in the fray. “Like a robber he waylaid Israel”; “like a swarm of locusts”; “like a leech eager for blood”; “like a fly looking for sores to feed on”; Amalek (‘am laḳ = the people which licketh) hurried over hundreds of miles to intercept Israel’s march:
      (Tan. Ki Teẓe, ix., and Pesiḳ. iii. 26b)

      “Having taken the list of the tribes from the archives of Egypt, he arrayed his hosts in front of the Israelitish camp—over which God’s glory rested in the sheltering pillar of cloud—and called the names of the tribes aloud, one after the other, and pretending to have business negotiations with them, he treacherously slew the last, or, rather, the guilty ones among them, those chosen by lot”.

      According to some he also used witchcraft to secure victory for his men (Yalḳ. Reubeni, and Chronicle of Jerahmeel, xlviii. 13). “Moreover, he mutilated their bodies, making sport of the Abrahamic covenant” (see Pesiḳ. l.c. and Pesiḳ. R. xii., Mek. BeshallaḦ).

      Evidently the colors for this picture are drawn from the palette of later experience. Accordingly, in rabbinical literature stress is rather laid on the moral lesson of the episode. Amalek was but the scourge in the hand of God to punish the people of Israel, who had become “faint and weary” in the observance of God’s commands and “feared not God.” They lacked the power of faith (play on the name “Rephidim” = rafu yadayim, “the hands became weak”), and therefore said: “Is the Lord among us or not?” (Ex. xvii. 7, 8). Like a wayward child that runs back to its father when a dog comes snarling along, the Israelites were unmindful of God’s doings until like a dog Amalek came to bite them. Then Moses fasted and prayed, saying: “O Lord, who will in the future spread Thy Law, if Amalek succeeds in destroying this nation?” And with uplifted arms, holding the staff and pointing heavenward, he inspired Joshua and the people with his faith until the victory was won (Mek. ib.).

    • Source:

      jewishencyclopedia * com/articles/1351-amalek-amalekites?vm=r

      Search also for:

      “Amalek the NAZI” – “Amalek” by Rab Davis

    • I did NOT say Hitler was a divine God. I said he was raised up by God to peform His will.

      As Scripture says about the Assyrians being God’s rod of chastisement against His people for their disobedience.

      Mevashir is a Hebrew word meaning Mevasser al yaday Shir, or to Evangelize via song. It reflects my discovery of the Song of Yeshua, in which every part of Jesus’ birth life death and resurrection are encoded in the letters of his Hebrew name. I sing this song to any and all kinds of music. If you are familiar with the Catholic Rosary Mysteries, it is like a super condensed Rosary:


      Thanks for asking and God Bless You too!

  9. Dublin: you have guts calling out Ingrid. On a mystical level it makes some sense that Hitler was a Rothschild. That would mean that all the protagonists were Jews: FDR, Stalin, Churchill. Hitler.

    But in one important sense Hitler was greater than the other three: he had self discipline and was not a sleazy disgusting degenerate. The Hebrew acronym for the names SHtalin, Roosevelt CHurchill is SHeReTZ = Rodent.

    Is there documentary evidence that Nazi Germany was financed by the international bankers? I thought Hitler opposed them, took Germany out of the London gold standard, and used barter and other innnovative means to finance international trade. Can you provide links?

    I think Hitler’s main error with the Catholic Church, besides banning printing of the Old Testament in German, was to fail to comprehend how beholden that Church was/is to the international bankers.

    BTW, what kind of “Dr.” is Ingrid Rimland?

    • Don’t misunderstand, I am not calling Mr. or Mrs. Zundel out. I have a lot of respect for both of them for going through what they did and sticking by their version of the truth. It is unfortunate anyone can be persecuted for free speech, however I simply do feel Hitler was a Rothschild and so do many others with facts to back it up.

      I usually get an email for a link but since you asked here is one.


  10. Rimland writes: “Fresh from the bloody battlefields and rat-infested trenches of a fratricidal war to benefit big banks”

    Hitler did not view the war as a benefit to the banks. He defended the value of WWI and decried those who “Stabbed Germany in the back” (the Jewish power brokers who brought America into the war on behalf of Britain in exchange for the promissory note called the Balfour Declaration.

    Hitler believed WWI was fully justified.

    And Rimland also makes no mention of the German general staff sending Lenin to Moscow with gold to finance the Bolshevik Revolution that would removed Russia from Germany’s eastern front.

    Why is she so selective?

    I do agree that Hitler should be viewed more objectively. Zionists should applaud his transfer agreement and recognize him as the essential catalyst to the creation of the Zionist State.

    And readers of Human Smoke by Nicholson Baker will quickly discover the savage brutality of Winston Churchill who ordered nighttime bombing raids of German civilian cities from the very outset of the war, in total violatin of the Geneva conventions. And of Harvard President Conant’s eager cooperation to develop poison gasses, napalm and other high tech tools of murder.

  11. And let’s not forget Pope Alexander VI (aka Rodrigo Borgia), a Marrano Jew from Spain who essentially purchased the Papacy in 1492. Some 9,000 Iberian Jews were then welcomed into the Papal States in Rome, and he did the same with expelled Jews from Portugal in 1497 and from Provence in 1498. Under the Borgia Pope Alexander VI, the Jews made a fortune off of excessive usury.

    • Yeah well…you’re the one who brought up the Pope. Rodrigo Borgia was no more a “bloody Christian” than you are.

    • Did you go to your primary source? Jewipedia? The Jews who remained in Spain pretended to convert to Christianity. Others, such as the ancestors of the Rockefellers, fled to Turkey.

      “A book overlooked by most people and published for sale mainly within the Jewish community states that the Rockefellers are Jews of Sephardic descent (meaning Spanish and Portuguese Jews). The work was published only for Jews some years ago. The work was compiled by the Jewish historian Malcolm H. Stern and entitled “Americans of Jewish Descent.”

      That book weighed 10 pounds and gave the history of 25,000 Jewish individuals in America. It is extremely interesting to note that only 550 copies of the book were printed and each copy was consecutively numbered. The book was delivered to the top Jewish community leaders in America for their personal reference files in dealing with and contacting Jews who are “Marranos” (those Jews who “PRETEND” to be Christians in their community but secretly hold to their Jewish faith and race when among their own kind.)

      Now check out the hook nose on Rodrigo Borgia: ***http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Pope_Alexander_Vi.jpg

      Pretty much matches the schnoz on Jay Rockefeller: ****http://www.henrymakow.com/_jay_rockefeller_left.html

  12. That war was forced upon Germany in order to destroy forever German nationalism.The biggest mass murders were Stalin along with Chucrhill and Eisenhower with their policy of bombing civilians and their post war atrocities.Here is a great and very informative 3 hour long video that verifies everything in Zundel article along with a great deal more.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKP62KHGZqA

  13. It’s interesting to see, how everything is focussing on Adolf Hitler alone, I’m as much interested in the people who surrounded him – here I would like to mention Martin Bormann.

    This man was the real grey eminence of the NationalSocialist party. This man managed the political party, the money. He was very well connected internationally (Vatican, Switzerland, Argentine, USA and others) and managed to bring out large amount of money via Switzerland/US banks before the allies could get hold of it.

    Greg Hallett’s “Hitler was a british agent”, Rabbi Antelman’s books and some other sources promote the theory that all this was planned from the beginning.

    Most of the posts, even if they oppose each other, seem to struggle with the historical truth, insofar as there are so many facts that contradict each other.

    I, as a german have no last answer to all these questions, but I can look at the outcome of this most desatreous wars of all times. The outcome was the UN on Rockefeller’s ground in NY, it was the birthday of the state of Israel, it was the birthday of the EU, it was the consolidation and widening of theSowjet influence over east Europe, it was the birthday of a communist Chine, it was the birthday of the Cold War and the death of Germany as an independent nation and it was the birthday of a new political and monetary industry – The holocoust industry, which is also the real state religion of Israel and sold with great profits to many countries in the world.

    Parallel to all this, WWII was the death of Germany as an independent nation and the total subcumming of Japan to the will of the US. So, two of the scientific and industrial most advanced countries were neutralized, politically and economically. It also was the death of one of the largest and cultural richest jewish communities in the world in that years – many of them well integrated, parts of them already assimilated to the main christian part of the nation. Reading the privat files between Weizmann and Churchill will shure correct the simple mindet historian, if he formerly believed in a singulary german guilt. Now, we have to realize that there already was a mayor plan layed out years before Hitler rose to power. The NaZionist transfer agreement also proves the main purpose and forces behind all this. The UK was totally bankrupt and the political and military power changed to the US (the main directory thereby never changed place or personal).

    Did WWII changed anything in the power elite personal? No, not at all! From the beginning till these days you’ll find aristrocrats (drug running lords, malthusians, eugenic promoters, open feudalists and the like) in all western countries, who still form the inner political, financial and military core of the elite. Beginning with the Balfour declaration during WWI and the forming of the state of Israel after WWII, a new player enters the political power sceene, which has been successful to dominate large parts of mainly the western countries eather directly (US/UK/NZ/Australia/CAN/France) or more subtile (Germany/Japan/formerly Russia/partly China/South Africa and others).

    With the downfall of the Petro-Dollar and the beginning of a new player “BRICS”, this will change in the near future. The question is this: Will this be after a mayor WWIII?

    So, from this perspective, if Hitler was a brave soldier serving his country or if he might have been a british agent, doesn’t worry me too much. What does worry me indeed, is the current ongoing wolrd crisis and the possibility that Israel or NATO might plunge us all into a even more devastating next world war, as predicted by Albert Pike.

    • I pretty much agree with you but remember the reparations money is still being paid. You would think they would at least tell Israel to buy their own submarines with the money Germans are handing over to them.

    • Yes, Dublinmick, you’re completely right about this and I’m well aware of it. All this started right under Adenauer’s government with secret agreements between Israel and Germany at that time (Peres was the one who secretly entered Germany several time to negotiate (should I say dictate?) the internas.

      Thanks for your addition

    • >> “You becry the fall of Germany and Japan, ..”

      Nice try, but I didn’t decry, I simply stated facts.

      >> “.. death and total destruction of that beautiful country.”

      To me, all countries are beautiful, each one in it’s own and special way.

      >> “Some say the brits and the jewish bankers started the war. Some of it is true ..”

      Next try, but I didn’t refer to that. By the way, who gives you the authority to state what is true and what not.

      >> “The germans always had wars, if not against a foreign power, then between themselves.”

      Next nice try, but I didn’t refer to that and I’m not going to comment it (you know, that self hate).

      >> “Today the young people in Germany, at least most of them, do not want to do anything with the old master race ideology, ..”

      I notice your emphazise on “young”, why?

      >> “The problems are the old nazis ..”

      I’ve been repeatedly told by the media, that our surrounding nations curiously now have more of those racists and fascists. Is that wrong?

      >> “As long as they remain a small minority, germans must not fear the future.”

      I’m very graceful for this, but I’m mostly frightened by my government, not so much by a bunch of lunatics, who are – to great parts – created, recruited and controlled by behind the sceenes groups high up in the ranks of power.

      >> “Germany chose the first option and we know what happened”

      My father faught on the central front in Russia and astoundingly survived the holocoust. His body was covered with wounds from schrapnells, one ear cut, a new nose with flesh from the knee and large parts of his skin was burned (2. and 3. degree). His hands were tragic remindings of former hands, who created wonderful water colour paintings. In 1939, he was 17 years old in 1939. My family was conservative/centristic (mother) and social democratic (father).

      So, who choosed the “option”, my father, my mother, their parents? This is a gross misrepresentation of historical facts.

      I would like to change your last sentence to the real tune, I heard:

      “As long as they deliver arms, technique and knoledge and pay their never ending dept to their masters, feeling guilty of the most horriffic crimes of all times till the judgement day, they are allowed to exist as sheeple.”

    • What you want to call a descent conversation, if – for your part – mainly a repetition of endless stories, that are been told by our self referencing and never source reading historians, our totally misinformed or ignorant jounalists and our lying politicians.

      To your information: if you think the duration of a life (mine as beeing 61) has anything to do with knowledge or wisdom, I think you’re wrong.

      If you think, that beeing a german or beeing a son of a father, who ended up severely wounded in WWII, makes one automatically one sided, I think you’re also wrong.

      In 1975, I put flowers on the mass graveyard of 350000 death russians in Leningrad (now again St. Petersburg) together with 350 german unionists. Coming back, I had rather “tough” discussions with my father andparts of the greater family.

      What gives you the right, to judge other people? Nothing, but I think it’s just the way you play out your “educated discussions” with other (I’m not the only one, who gets disgusted here about your mostly self righteous way to judge other opinions from your above all perspective, so I’m not buying into it eather.) people.

      You accuse VT to delete some of your blogs. Send an email and you’ll always get an answer by the chief editor, who will try to find it. I did it myself and I’m happy with that.

      Don’t tell others, who you think is educated. This is a ridiculous behaviour, especially, if – at the same time – you always emphazise on your need to have a well educated talk.

      I have been a teacher, so please don’t teach me. I mostly like to listen and read what others have to tell. Many of those have great background knowledge and it’s good o learn more about real and power politics, which I’m not allowed to hear from in Germany.

      I’m always willing to have a real discussion, but not from above to below, not from supposedly old wise to young, bad educated discutants. If that’s possible, everything is fine.

    • Congratulation to you Tomer. I don’t have any friends or colleges in high places, only a bunch of mostly self righteous and bad educated academics, an equal great amount of “totally normal” friends and many, many “total blues lunatics”, like I am – I assure you, you can’t count on them, because most of the time they talk crazy stuff, just like I do.

      So, forget me, I’m just one of them. I’m as crazy and bad educated as one can be.

      Does this sound good to you? Does this feed your ego?

      Come on, buddy, you’re just too much afraid to tell anybody, who you really are (pen name). So, I come to the conclusion: enjoy yourself in busting neonazis. I, for shure, are not one of them. But who are you?

    • Tumor: You don’t need to publish your picture or real name, as we all understand exactly who you are and what you look like:

      A giant gluteus maximus with a vertical line down the middle.

  14. Tomer,

    without the “Verfassungsschutz” we would barely have a “Neonazi” ploblem, it’s more and more one and the same. That also the reason why the government failed to forbid the NPD some years ago, because this party was totally intermengled with hidden agents from the Verfassungsschutz and also intel agencies personal from other countries.

    There always were some few followers of Adolf Hitler, but wou’ll find them in all other political parties as well. I’m not shure yet, but it could be that the current NSU trial could be a major blow back for this intelligence agency which from the beginning was a hotbed of evil minded destroyers of civil rights and always prepairng for more restrictive laws.

    We already know also (the informed ones), that there never existed independent groups like “RAF”, “Baader-Meinhof” or even “RAFIII”. Most of them were patsies, propped up with weapons by stay behind groups way high up in the political and military NATO order.

    The “Real Neonazis” have not yet surfaced and identified, but it already becomes more and more obvious who they are and what agendas they have.

    • If the last few hundred yrs have taught us anything it’s this” “Democracy” is a bright, shining promise..which is immediately owned/manipulated by a Judeo-Masonic illuminist kabalist/satanic oligarchy..

  15. How can you fight your enemy if the leaders of the nations do not even dare to identify who the enemy is? How can you fight your enemy if the majority of the people in the nation or nations do not even know who is the enemy to fight against? I am from China and I know China by her leaders stupidity and cowardliness has been gradually taken over by the international bankers and capitalists. On one side of the battle is an army that is well camouflaged to being almost invisible and another army that does not even know there is an opposing side on the other side of the battle. This is an asymmetrical war and its outcome will be decided by propaganda. Who controls the media will decide the outcome of this war.

  16. A quick message to Tomer & Co:

    Can you count? Use your fingers. You’re outnumbered!

    • Isn’t that turning facts their head? Dr. Zundel is an award winning writer and the wife of the most reviled human rights advocate (holocaust denier to you) in the world. They have suffered years of harassment, imprisonment (for simply voicing their opinion) and attempted murder on their lives. They are separated by two governments under Jewish control.

      What are you talking about? You are the leader of the sheeple.

  17. Growing up as the son of Germans that came to the USA after WW II, I had the same kind of arguments with my parents that I have read Germans had with their parents back in Germany. I repeated what we were told here, often accusing and judging. I am very sorry my parents have passed away and that it’s too late to apologize (particularly to my father). I now have similar arguments with people, but take a position close to the position my father would have taken. I wish my parents were alive to read Stolfi’s book.

    So much has come out over the last few years; things that have been hidden, lied about, covered up. It’s unbelievable. A week or so ago Vladimir Putin visited Israel and said that 80 – 85% of the original Soviet government was Jewish and the official communist party newspaper Pravda reported it, in agreement with Putin’s facts. This confirms what all those so called right wing and neo-Nazi “anti-semites” have said all along, beginning with National Socialist Germany itself. Try to find this historic statement in the mainstream media; you won’t. It’s completely blacked out.

    Pravda reports:


    Growing up I never quite understood my parents anti-communist feelings. I always took the position that a country should be able to organize itself and have the government it wants. I was so naive. I also recall my mother saying that when my grandfather, a German officer that served on the Russian front in WW I returned home, a communist tore off his epaulets and if I recall correctly, spit on him. I could certainly see why my grandfather, a Stahlhelm member and social democrat leaning man might not like them.

    • Was it a sense of importance they sought? Or was it the ability to blend in, like a snake in the grass… while still maintaining primary allegiance to their nefarious tribe…

    • Tomer is an Israeli name. It means Date Palm – תומר

      Just to know who you’re dealing with.

    • Well, if you take time to listen to his speech, you cannot doubt him being an ex-jew|zionist|whatever…

      In 1961, this stuff was… exposive. Even today, most of the uninformed mass don’t know this !

  18. Cui bono

    Adolf Hiter, Time Magazine’s Man Of The Year!

    During this section of history one western diplomat after another praised Hitler.

    It is very interesting to find that after so many years, there are many people determined to view Adolf Hitler as some type of German savior. I suppose to some in the west who have no substantial organizations representing them, no large banks, no movie production company, no history books, nor much of anything else, it is comforting to think that at least someone in the west attempted to change history to their benefit. Are we seriously to believe this is the cindarella story of a Austrian farm boy experiencing a fortunate political run, who was not shot in the head as so many other politicians have experienced who were not on the side of the banking industry? Please, I do not believe in the tooth fairy either. Many American presidents such as Jackson, Lincoln and Kennedy found this out the hard way. Jackson vowed to the bankers he would rout them. Neither pistol went off during the attempt on his life. He was buried as requested with an inscription on his grave stone, “I killed the Bank!”

    Let me say initially I firmly believe the example in the west demonstrated by Iceland to arrest bankers and refuse the EU is major lamp for the down trodden of the west. Also as of this writing I have seen no evidence that Iceland is planning to invade Poland, Russia or France. They also have not joined the former Reich nor the Netherlands in euthanizing grandma.

    Hitler certainly did a poor job of watching out for German interests. The communism he is thought to have fought so valiantly against was awarded one half of Germany, the criminal mob still owns German industry and lifeblood, the Rothschild banks, I.G. Farben and most international banks who financed him to begin with were never bombed and are now doing splendidly. The Ford factories owned by Henry Ford, another illuminati member were also not bombed. The small band of writers who continue on as if Hitler was a hero, continue on for some reason unknown and inexplicable to me.

    Of course the Bolshevik revolution that had engulfed Russia and financed by the very same backers that brought Hitler to power was nothing to be taken lightly either.

    Hitler in fact received financing from no other than Prescott Bush, the Harriman Brothers, Rothschilds, Kuhn Loeb and other syndicates. In fact Prescott Bush of the Bush dynasty had his property seized under the trading with the enemy act. The Union Banking Corporation was taken over. The Rothschilds owned the newspapers in Germany at this time, they financed the American Rockefeller group and all news in Germany and the United States was controlled by them. If you think a penniless Austrian farm boy suddenly took them down, sit down and let your head clear a bit.

    In fact his relative he Hitler stayed with in Ireland, Paddy Hitler always threatened to out Hitler as the son of a Jewish Banker if he did not come up with the cash. Google the strange tale of Bridget Hitler in Ireland. That would be his sister in law, while he was studying at the tavistock institute.

    “The ritual was held on the 9th of Av, known as Tisha B’av, which is observed by Jews as a fast day commemorating the destruction of the First and Second Temples, but commemorated by Frankists as Sabbatai Zevi’s birthday, which they celebrate with their sex rites. [Other views trace Hitler’s Jewishness to the Rothschilds through his grandmother who purportedly was a servant. She received child support from a Jewish man for Hitler’s father.”

    Hitler and Napoleon belonged to the Y-DNA haplogroup E1b1b blood grouping and is very rare in Germany and western Europe. Genetic tests were performed by Ronny Decorte, genetics expert at katholieke Universiteit Leuven on Hitler’s current living relatives and Der Fuhrer would not have been a happy camper.

    • It will always be disinfo for those who simply have to have a hero, facts won’t matter. If you read the link by Stephanaugust it is pretty well documented.

      “New documents found at the Security Services Headquarters now reveal Hitler was a “British” agent. The documents include the testimony of retired intelligence agents which alone offers persuasive evidence.”

      I can read, I don’t rely on nostalgia. I do to a degree rely on the genome map and DNA. The khazar gene is Y-DNA, haplogroup E1b1b, Hitler had it. End of the story.

      You know I have relatives in Germany who wound up with shrapnel in the legs and one missing an army fighting for German democracy with Rommel down in North Africa with the Donmeh Jews. That was disinfo. I have a dead uncle and my father was disabled in WWII because of disinfo. None of them thought you fuhrer was quite that neat.

      Nothing has changed, Rothschilds still printing the money, still sparking wars, Germany finally in one piece paying reparations because of Rothschild’s boy, 20 million Germans dead, nation of Israel founded, German subs headed that way. Can’t interfere with all of that can we?

  19. Well then I guess Portugal can claim all of North America. Solutreans, originally from what is now Portugal were in North America more than 26,000 years ago.

    Hitler did not claim Alsace and Lorraine from France, which were seized by Louis XIV to expand France to its natural borders – the Rhine. Borders were constantly moving all over Europe over the last 2 millenia.

  20. Dr. Zundel, thanks for a reasoned and thoughtful book review. It is scary and amazing how just a picture of the psy-op “boogeyman” of the last century brings out the screaming zombies looking to eat our brains. I mean, really- you can’t even write about a book about Hitler… Jesus Christ on a Crutch!! Let us pray for rational and prepared zombie fighters (preppers/ veterans/ oathkeepers who may know how to fight) to save what is left of our country when the SHTF.

  21. The Nazi Killers (?) – may have been falsely accused. All this is manufactured by the secret service to create false enemies as they are needed to enslave the Germans – as traumatized they are, they can’t look at facts. The young women accused may be innocent. Copy and Paste the text into google translator to learn what is going on – perhaps – as we are not there to verify in person – its all hearsay anyway.

    This is all part of the propaganda to get the world ready to commit genocide against all Germans alike, even if they are all pro-gay marriage, “pro-pedophile” (? there is an attempt to legalize sex with kids as normal), early sex indoctrination in kindergarten as young as age 5 – and all pro-Government… See, everybody who loves cheese-cake, pretzels, and green herb sauce is considered a Nazi today and not a human being… It’s that sick… It is wise to not believe a thing from people with such bad intentions towards human beings loving cheese cake an green herb sauce 🙂 . The NSU-terror is manufactured for a reason. Just wait and see.

  22. It is also true that there are forces which want to kill one and all Germans since WW1 and even before. I guess, that would unite any people fanatically, right? So why not Germans too. After all the whole World was called upon to kill them all – see the horribly inhuman quotes of Ehrenburg, Morgenstein, Kaufmann, Churchill, etc. and there are quotes even from 1985 in which the killing of Germans was declared because they are too inventive, too creative, etc. It was not a matter of brainwash and survival. The socialists accomplished a lot getting rid of the Jewish money system backing up their money on work, rather than gold (that was stolen already ny the Versaille thieves). I am sure if the country would have been left alone from greedy forces of NWO Gloalists they would not have become a military state (which was needed at the time to protect Germany from the murderous intention of the money lenders, Illuminati types who owned the press in the West). It must be remembered however, that German military was less evolved than British, France etc.

    Here the quotes from those who want and still want all Germans to be dead on this planet earth.
    Remember, but even if they would get rid of all Germans, the World will not be better because they money system, which remains demonic, still kills millions and millions and one day billions… just see.

    And, question: who would not become disturbed mentally when the entire world declares you enemy because you wanted to not live by their money lender rules – by sanction your country into starvation? There was wide spread famine even before Hitler got elected. Imagine this to happen to US citizens. they would have united also nicely to fight this enemy who wants to kill them. they needed to survive – after all the entire world got brainwashed to hate and kill them for many reasons, many wring reasons.

    Unless we change the way money works there can never be peace.

    In any case, “I think that the public of the world is still equally brainwashed back then and today… as we are still not willing to look at all sides and all perspectives in moderation and because we react in impulse based on attraction and aversion, our likes and dislikes merely instead of being rational – we kill over words, gossip and hearsay.

    It seems to become apparent that the German population is to be replaced even today as punishment for WW2 and the rather strange and weird HC narrative – but aside from this – ultimately the fault for the developments we have to seek “in the way money works.”

    If case you wish get rid of all Germans but keep the money system the way it works right now… you have not even seen the light of the day, for it will bring us all to Armageddon with gusto. this money system needs war to start all over fresh – and that will never change till we are all wiped out as species

    To say the Germans are Nazi or whatever, those who questions anything is a misnomer and propaganda leading to another genocide one day against Germans as people react on sentiments of their childhood indoctrination… by those forces who owned the press and the banks back then and today. We must not forget, we are humans and we need to look at this topic with a sense of balance and moderation.

    We have a money system largely in the hands of prophetic fundamental religions who may want to control every breath we take. That in combination with prophecy such as: a) we need 2 Holocausts x 6 Million Jews as victims (yes, you heard right, and ask yourself the questions: who will next be blamed for the 6 Million who will be offered for the prophecy to become true, and b) – plus we need 3 World wars to get our messiah to come allowing us to rule the world and enslave everyone as they are mere cattle only… with that kind of sick manufacturing a self-fulfilling prophecy, IF TRUE (???), makes the written history (…written by who?…) suspect. If violent sects with a mission of world, control write history, pretending to be victims being blind to other human casualties, and not people who have equal affection for all of humanity somewhat alike (and that includes Germans too), then it is wise to consider everything we learn as suspect.

    A NWO under the dictatorship of religion will develop into a huge “Gulag Camp” world wide. This World will become a Gulag. Mark these words as we get the “mark of a treacherous beast.” Religion in conjunction with monetary greed at this point is the number one danger on earth. It is best to distance and not believe a thing they say.

    I guess, the reason why Hitler is strangely compared to Jesus was that he stood up against the money lenders just like the revolutionary Jesus. Nobody did that on such a large scale ever. Plus if the world would understand sees how well Germany was doing without the payment of interest rates, + if that would spread, that would be the greatest danger for the agendas of the sectarian globalists, and this is the main reason why Hitler is so hated and declared evil. By the way, Jesus is also declared evil by certain religions.You really think anybody cares for the victims on either side? They care about money – even if all life on earth dies.

    I am sure history will be one day be re-written by those lovers of humanity who have truly developed a sense of affectionate universalism.

    Peace! May everyone find true happiness.


    I was born in England in 1937, but now live in the USA. My earliest memories are of German bombing raids, and food rationing and shortages. Not surprisingly the wartime and post-war media were full of hatred for Hitler and Germany.

    Thanks to the internet we can now see that most of the media are Jewish controlled. Nowhere in the mainstream media have I read that International Jewry declared economic war on Germany in 1933, six years before the outbreak of WW2. Is it surprising that Hitler and Germany hated the Jews?

    We now also learn that a deal was done by the Zionists and the British government to bring the USA into WW1, and the Balfour Declaration was a quid pro quo. In fact the Balfour Declaration was no more than a memo, and was never debated in the House of Commons.

    The Treaty of Versailles was drawn up by mainly Jewish Zionists, and was a death warrant for the German economy

    So Hitler had all this and a world-wide recession to deal with, and he brought Germany back from the brink. It was an astonishing feat of leadership, not equalled by any other politician in my lifetime.

    Up to 1938 you could understand Hitler’s actions. He was uniting the German-speaking peoples by bringing Austria, Alsace-Lorraine and the Sudetenland into a Greater Germany.

    In 1938 he occupied Czechoslovakia. WHY Dr Zundel? Why? If he had stopped short of Czechslovakia he would have been a heroic figure.

    Hubris? followed by nemesis, I don’t think we will ever know

    • Hitler did his best to avoid english civilian targets, when one was accidentally hit, Churchill, who was praying for the occurance started bombing German cities intentionally bombing vivilians and I guess Hitler did, then as well. Hitler was reclaiming German territory and the war declaration over Poland was incited by mass slaughters Of Germans in Danzig-by the way-Russia was in Poland as well, but since they were jewish run, they got a pass-Look, the jews were hellbent on war with Germany for they had been dethroned, and no nation does that to the jews. If it hadn’t been what did occur, it would have been something elseWWII was fought for jewish power-that’s it

    • According to the book Human Smoke by Nicholson Baker, Churchill ordered night time bombing raids of German civilians along the Rhine immediately following the German invasion of Poland. He also conceived the diabolical plan to incinerate the Black Forest using gasoline bombs. All in violation of the Geneva Conventions.

      Baker claims that the Germans waited patiently six months before retaliating with what we call the Battle of Britain against a supposedly innocent England.

      Don’t forget Churchill’s role in the concentration camps of the Boer War back in 1905. He was a fat drunkard and a hate filled degenerate who bewitched the West with his supposed stellar command of English.

      Also the brother of King George VI, David, who abdicated the throne, favored Hitler.

    • What about the Jews who love their own Mafiosa like Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Segal and the Purple Gang of Detroit bootleggers? And the Jewish druggists behind Ecstasy? And what about all the Jewish doctors who push worthless prescription drugs on a gullible population seeking not to create health but to perpetuate and manage illness all for profit?

      So you see we are all corrupted and fallen and need Jesus, Yeshua. I advise you to write to Roy Tov of VT because he has learned some incredibly painful lessons and has much wisdom to share.

      Sorry for my angry comments to you, but I cannot abide selfishness and stupidity.

      When your clan calls me a Self-hating Jew, I respond that I am a Selfish-hating Jew.

      And Jesus also told us that we must hate ourselves to some degree in order to attain spiritual enlightenment.

      Jews and Israelis excel at physical survival, but what kind of spiritual values and insights do they bequeath to their own people let alone to the world at large.

      You can rise above that narrow selfish mentality. Jesus will give you the courage to realize there is another world of infinitely greater worth awaiting those who demonstrate spiritual heroism.

    • Now that we have discovered how many lies have been told about Hitler – we should not get all sentimental and expect him and his German 1930s ‘national-socialists’ to have been all out good guys!

      Hitler, for all I know, could even have been personally responsible for killing a great grandparent of mine in the First World War – and certainly his regime killed other members of my family during the Second World War. This is the case for most British people and their extended families. This, however, was the process of formal WAR which is a bloody and terrible process initiated not by the combatants but by the political movers and their controllers. Once a war is started ordinary men kill ordinary men in a workmanlike way – and reluctantly for the most part.

      Today we should be asking questions about how these wars actually came about and who were behind them. THEY are the true murderers and the ones that are responsible for all the horror.

      If you put yourself in Adolf Hitler and his veteran comrade’s shoes in the 1930s, (trying to save their country) in the knowledge that HE KNEW what was happening in Russia in terms of the torture and murder of millions of people at the hands of the jewish bolsheviks – and HE HAD to stop them from absorbing his land and people – what would you do? He knew they would attack him economically, militarily, via the media and with terrorism.

      Would you create a boy scout organisation or a limp wristed protest group to stop the infiltration and subversion of Europe by this malign enemy – or would you train up a brutal defence force capable of mass destruction and fighting to the last man if necessary?

      Hitler and the Nazis were a product of their time. They reacted to the emergency situation as it faced them. They were tough and honourable men who knew all about fighting to the death. The cabal mobilized the entire world against them – the same old lying and mass misrepresentation process we see being wheeled out against Assad as we speak.

    • They didn’t HAVE to attack South…Gen Matsouka changed his mind before Operation Barbarosa and urged an attack on the USSR…IT WAS discussed…it wasn’t a forgone conclusion that they would attack the US/UK/Dutch interests to their south..It was debated and COULD have gone the other way…So what the hell’s your point? We all know “the history”…Since their first encounter w/the Soviets they had developed decent anti-tank weapons…”The history” proves that attacking south was a strategy for Hiroshima and unconditional surrender..

    • Ever hear of Gen. Matsouka? His argument for attacking the Soviets in the east? Learn some history..

  24. Thank you, Dr. Zundel,
    Whenever someone or something is so fanatically vilified Ad absurdum, there MUST be another side that is worthy of thorough consideration.
    Rational, analytical and careful thought stops at the very mention of “Hitler” or “the Nazis”
    I’m not alone in appreciating your courage and integrity toward the treatment of REAL history.
    Best Wishes

  25. A great article Ingrid – and one very relevant for VT and military veterans everywhere. In the entire western world today we live in nations that have been compromised and corrupted by the SAME jewish bolshevik enemy of mankind. Their groups may be operating under different names and titles today but they are the SAME gangster families – of that the there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever. They are using the same methods to take us apart and enslave us – as this twisted and evil people have always used – their methods simply ‘updated’ into the modern age. The world control game-plan is also exactly the same and will be equally brutal. The malevolence is obviously transferred down through the generations of the entity – which is why it (not the rest of us) must be stopped and eradicated, this time, for ever.

    Lance Corporal Adolf Hitler served for six years for his country in the German army after volunteering on 16th August 1914. He was highly decorated and took part in THIRTY SIX bloody battles.

    He was wounded and hospitalized three times and went back to the fighting. He received the Iron Cross 1st Class on 4th August 1918; the Iron Cross 2nd Class on 2nd December 1914; The Bavarian Military medal (and Bar); and received THREE separate citations in orders for distinguished conduct in the field.

    Any veteran reading this will know immediately that such a man was patriotic and was certainly not a selfish or mean-spirited individual. His intentions, therefore, would have been honourable on behalf of his country and people.

    Hitler was not in it for the money – or for personal gain! This is probably something that modern politicians would find difficult to comprehend. I think that we sometimes forget that the German Abwhr (Intelligence) knew exactly what had been happening in Russia – where 80 millions of Christians and Europeans were being systematically slaughtered. The Germans knew that ‘they were next’ in the marxists plan to sweep through Europe and eventually take the US. Those German veterans were not going to allow this to happen as long as they lived.

    Hitler himself said that if they failed it would be 200 years before the truth was known about the great war against the bolshevik murderers because of their grip on the worlds media. Hitler probably did not anticipate the power of the internet!

    One obvious attempt made to avoid war was Hitler’s deputy, Rudolf Hess, flying into Scotland to negotiate a peace with Britain. Nobody is allowed to know what Hess said or offered of course. We could ask ourselves why Hess was immediately imprisoned and kept incommunicado for the rest of his life – and that might give us (even those of us who are a bit slow) a bit of a clue. The cabal never changes. Their lies are always big ones – and their media lie machine then back up the story.

    The time is coming when we will need to fight them again. Failure this time will mean the end of freedom and liberty itself on the face of the Earth.

  26. “We have no doubt about your bravery or devotion to your fatherland, nor do we believe that you are the monster described by your opponents.” — Mahatma Gandhi in a letter to Adolph Hitler, 1940


    “This conspiracy of democratic Jews and Free Masons dragged Europe into war two years ago. Arms had to decide.

    Since then a struggle has been taking place between truth and lies and, as always, this war will end in the victory for truth. In other words, whatever lies British propaganda, international world Jewry and its democratic accomplices may concoct they will not change historical facts. And it is a historical fact that for two years now Germany has been defeating one opponent after another.

    I did not want it. Immediately after the first conflict I again held out my hand. I have been a soldier myself and I know how difficult it is to win a victory.

    My hand was rejected. And since then we have seen that each peace offer was immediately exploited by the warmonger Churchill and his confreres so that they could say it was proof of our weakness.” — Hitler, 1941


    17 May, 1933, Hitler delivers a speech declaring that Germany is willing to disarm if the neighboring countries would reciprocate, stating in part:
    Germany will be perfectly ready to disband her entire military establishment and destroy the small amount of arms remaining to her, if the neighboring countries will do the same thing with equal thoroughness.

    18 Dec., 1933, Hitler submits a six point proposal for the improvement of international relations. The last point was:
    6. The European nations guarantee one another the unconditional maintenance of peace by the conclusion of non-aggression pacts, to be renewed after ten years.

    26 Jan., 1934, Hitler completes a non-aggression pact with Poland.

    21 May, 1935, Hitler makes another attempt to avoid the growing possibility of war, stating in a speech:
    Germany declares herself ready to agree to any limitation whatsoever of the caliber-strength of artillery, battleships, cruisers and torpedo boats. In like manner the German Government is ready to accept any international limitation of the size of warships. And finally it is ready to agree to limitation of tonnage for submarines, or to their complete abolition in case of international agreement.

    18 Jun., 1935, Hitler negotiated a Naval agreement with Great Britain in which it was stated that Germany was to have a naval strength limited to 35% of that of the British Navy.

    31 Mar., 1936, Hitler formulates a comprehensive plan for peace, stating in part:
    The German Government believes that with the peace plan proposed above it has made its contribution to the reconstruction of a new Europe on the basis of reciprocal respect and confidence between sovereign states. Many opportunities for such a pacification of Europe, for which Germany has so often in the last few years made her proposals, have been neglected. May this attempt to achieve European understanding succeed at last!

    30 Sep., 1938, Hitler makes an agreement with the British Prime Minister, stating in part:
    We regard the agreement signed last night and the Anglo-German Naval Agreement as symbolic of the desire of our two peoples never to go to war with one another again. We are resolved that the method of consultation shall be the method adopted to deal with any other questions that may concern our two countries, and we are determined to continue our efforts to remove possible sources of difference and thus to contribute to assure the peace of Europe.

    6 Dec., 1938, Hitler instructs the German Foreign Minister to make an agreement with France which states, in part:
    The German Government and the French Government fully share the conviction that peaceful and good-neighborly relations between Germany and France constitute one of the most essential elements for the consolidation of the situation in Europe and the maintenance of general peace. The two Governments will in consequence use all their efforts to ensure the development of the relations between their countries in this direction.

    23 Aug., 1939, Hitler signs the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact.

    31 Aug., 1939, Poland declares war on Germany followed by by Great Britain, France, India, Australia and New Zealand on 3 Sept.. Several other countries soon follow.

    6 Oct., 1939, after war had been declared on Germany, Hitler makes a speech, stating in part:
    In the war with Poland, I endeavored to restrict aerial warfare to objectives of military importance, or only to employ it to combat resistance at a given point. But it must surely be possible to emulate the Red Cross in drawing up some universally valid international regulation. It is only when this is achieved that peace can reign, particularly on our densely populated continent a peace which, un-contaminated by suspicion and fear, will provide the only possible condition for real economic prosperity. I do not believe that there is any responsible statesman in Europe who does not in his heart desire prosperity for his people. But such a desire can only be realized if all the nations inhabiting this continent decide to work together. To assist in ensuring this co-operation must be the aim of every man who is sincerely struggling for the future of his own people.

    • atom Man, it is pleasant to read your lines which show knowledge and objectivity contrary to some comments with a contents of ignorance, or bordering upon fanaticism not worth to waste a word in response on it. thank you atom Man !

  27. Lots of gushing about Hitler here – the enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend…

    Hitler crusading against Zionists and Bolsheviks does not make him any champion of freedom, and liberty. Nazis and Bolsheviks both fostered totalitarian anti-human systems, and both held that the state defines the truth, and “the end justifies the means”.

    The fact that America is becoming more like them is nothing to be proud of either.

  28. Great Article Dr. Zundel. It is important to have sites such as this where real opinions are expressed to the general public. If one considers infinite possibilities, then those who do not reside in the box understand that everything is unlimited. Once an agenda is controlled then that agenda is only spread in the direction that is most beneficial to the controllers.

    Hitler was no exception he did a fantastic job with Germany by having Germans believe in themselves and by rising out of poverty. Yes he was a great man, also lets not forget with American assistance such as IBM, Bush and others. Russian(Jewish) butchers known as the bolsheviks. People like Wahburg and Schiff supported the red terror in exchange for huge profits. It is true that Hitler was a dangerous person because he could not be bought by the banisters. When he took power away from Jewish control, the country exploded with financial success. Yes it is true that he did not want Jews in Germany and together with the Zionists an agreement was reached to have them go to Palestine. With the rise of Hitler the World Jewish Congress applied economic sanctions against Germany, trying desperately to collapse this obstacle.

    Is it not rue that England, France, Israel, USA among others have committed atrocities against people who get in their way. Just ask the Indigenous people of the Americas how they were liquidated.

    Secret societies have a greater role in misery than most people realize. Freemasons or shall I say the illuminati have been operating for hundreds of years. The jewish freemasons (B’nai B’rith) have been very instrumental in this. The saying goes like this all illuminate members can be freemasons but not all freemasons can be illuminati members.

    With a free mind I can truly appreciate the accomplishments of this great man. When you start to compare Hitler with the likes of Churchill, who in fact bankrupt England to save his face, honour. Winston even had his son’s wife work as a mistress during the war. She went on to have Bill Clinton elected President.

    When one realizes that what we know is all a huge lie, it is difficult to absorb this. Today I just read more and more from credible authors to set me on the right track.

    Mrs. Zundel thank you.

    • Very good comment:
      What you and I can remember is in all the “Evil War” footage was that people assembled by the millions in the 1930’s. Those leaders like many in today’s era walked freely among those millions. Like the videos of Assad, Gaddafi and Saddam our alleged enemies. Who drove through their towns in open vehicle’s and not one attempt on their lives from (Their People)..

      The U.S. population spends hours a day in front of TV’s with a bag of Cheeto’s and orange privet parts soaking up the filth that transmitted to them daily. The propaganda is rife. The biggest political mass was Obama’s election. I doubt there would be the crowds there today.

      American’s love to be lied to. It is a fact that I believe makes them feel secure that our country while claiming to be democratic and free is bombing the hell out of others and killing millions in doing so. The NSA spying was from another former spy to get trash on other political persons so as to blackmail them into supporting the agenda.

      So while they claim Hitler was so evil it covers what the US Government has done in our names to millions. This is also why many American’s say nothing on the Palestine issue because “WE” did it to the American Indian’s. It would be an admission of guilt.

      While the world rises up in protests by the hundreds of thousands and now millions. American’s will still be parked in front of their TVs with their Cheeto’s and feeling the love. They are the real Zombies.

    • @Divine Law

      Your comment about secret societies may have even more truth to it than you realize yourself.

      A little known fact is that the Nazi party has roots in the occult “Thule Society”, whose beliefs formed the foundation of the state religion invented and promoted by the Nazis. Hitlers belief in the occult and astrology are also conspicuously absent from this article – try researching the “Thule Society”, “Ahnenerbe”, Otto Rahn and maybe also Rudolph Steiner as a counterbalance for good measure. You might also investigate the Bush family membership in “Skull and Bones” (direct thread to the Thule Society), as well as “Ordo Templi Orientis” (VT columnist Jonas E. Alexis current article “Alan Moore, Freemasonry, and Aleister Crowley on Pop Culture” deserves an honorable mention here).

      Nazi, Bolshevik, Zionist, NWO, whatever… all profess noble intentions, each result in the degradation and slavery of humanity in general (meet the new boss, same as the old boss).

      Whenever someone starts telling you “the end justifies the means” or “good and evil are irrelevant” then watch out!

    • “twisting the truth”? you have not even read the review, per your own admission, you idiot. it is a book review of another authors story of history. your infantile whining ” I can’t look at the bad man’s picture, mommy- ” !!! there is no praise of evil in the essay – only a reasoned examination of one author’s historical analysis of a historical figure… who, for some reason even be studied in comparison to other historical figures without psycho programmed (by who we wonder) idiots who can’t even read something without wetting their pants.

  29. After reading the history – not the Westernised BS – I would wholeheartedly agree with General Patton. Yep! we fought on the wrong side.

  30. Thanks for the great reading list, Ingrid. It’s taken me many years to un-learn all the CRAP I have been fed in school, by the same liars that corrupted the youth in Hitler’s day.

    I remember getting a D in high-school US history, because I never came to class. I knew enough to know I was being lied to, after reading some real history of the the time like “The Pentagon Papers”, so going to a state-mandated class on US “history” to be fed lies was just a little more than my adolescent rebellious nature could tolerate. If it weren’t for fear of beheading by my father, I probably would have dropped out of school altogether.

    It’s taken me many years to realize who authored those lies, why, how and when they did it and the sheer ENORMITY of their industrial lie-machine known as the American public “education” system. I think many of us here at VT are just realizing the extent to which the same liars have corrupted the entire WORLD, now that places like Turkey and and Egypt seem to be under control of the same liars, the zionists, Satanists or whatever they are.

    Anyway, thanks for the great glimpse into some REAL history, makes me proud to see some TRUTH in print, for a change.

  31. Awesome article!
    I have 20gig of Germany’s footage. Some of the most telling is where US reporters and England’s upper political “Satan’s” not only saw Germany for how Hitler had pulled his masses out of the great depression but turned Germany into a thriving export king. The US reporter praised how Hitler did this and from England the praised Hitler ideal for what he also did.

    We always here teams like, “As Hitler rolled across Europe”, they are propaganda! Hitler reclaimed what was lost and those nations gave no resistance. They WANTED to be German’s! I always use this premise, that if Hitler was so B A D then why did the US grab all them alleged war criminal’s and bring them HERE? To head NASA, Plum Island Bio-Warfare etc. This also with the V2 now Cruise Missile.

    Only when Germany dropped the “World Bank” was he hated. Free from debt & interest is when Germany blossomed. Churchill (Rothschilds) vowed to “Smash Germany” and the Zionist’s who controlled all commerce? “Judea declares war on Germany” calling for all Jew’s to unite to boycott all MADE IN GERMANY product’s. On Archives. org you can still view the videos of Jew’s with sandwich boards in front of stores like MACY’S with their boycott signs.

    One of the most telling bits of evidence is the Haavara Agreement. Where it plainly states that the Zionist’s in [full agreement] with Hitler were moved from Germany from 1933 to 1939 to PALESTINE.

    Was Hitler’s wars bad? I don’t know, I only see what is presented as facts not actual history. What is clear from all evidence is the US and Allied forces [JUST AS TODAY] then bombed city after city, roads, bridges, naval and sea ports as well as air-ports. Thus the mass starvation in Germany and territories held by Germany we unable to resupply their lines or prisoners.

    No different then today in Iraq and Libya as the USA bombs schools, universities, dams, power and sewer plants and of course People! Looking at Google WWII images are in black & white but if superimposed over Iraq or Libya they could be identical to what the US did then. But then we don’t count our mistakes do we?

    “U.S. General Kelly said of Iraqi forces: “There won’t be many of them left.” When asked for his assessment of the numbers of Iraqi soldiers and civilians killed, General Colin Powell answered, “It’s really not a number I’m interested in.” General Schwarzkopf had a strict policy that Iraqi dead were not to be counted. Both violated international law requiring respect for enemy dead, their identification, notification of family, and proper religious burial. Americans know how they feel about their MIAs from Vietnam and earlier wars.”

    Our history only records the enemy’s evil’s not ours.

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