Veil of Lies, Snowden and Wikileaks

The Selling of "Snowden"
The Selling of “Snowden”

The Selling of Snowden


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


We are told, “and how” we are told, aided by every discredited media hack on the planet, that poor Snowden is flying to Russia where he will either be given “safe passage” or “considered” for asylum.

The New World Order is holding a “morality play,” and we all have tickets. 

Snowden’s baggage includes, we are told, a “Wikileaks legal team” and four computers, carrying details of intelligence intercepts against Russia and China.  Please note, Russia and China are among the top four nations when it comes to international “cyber bullying,” with multi-billion dollar budgets.

The real violator, behind NSA monitoring, in control of social media, of Wikipedia, of YouTube and Google, monitoring all world mobile communications and, more importantly, in control, not just of a majority of the world’s media and entertainment but the governments of Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey, the United States and dozens of others as well, is Israel.

But “Israel” doesn’t exist, not to Wikileaks, not to Snowden.  Instead we get “revelations” long in the public domain and of absolutely no consequence whatsoever.  In the intelligence community, we look on such efforts as “creating a legend.”

“Legends” are “backstories” that provide a needed “platform and capability” for the operational effectiveness of an intelligence asset.

By that standard, Assange and Snowden are intelligence assets.  They are now acting fully in concert, Snowden joined at the hip, supported and financed by Assange.   If Assange is a spy, as asserted by Zbigniew Brzezinski, is Snowden the same?

Assange came to us initially with a video exposing US abuses in Iraq.  There were worse abuses, far worse, but his video was used to “buy his way in.”  Problem is, Assange supported the war as a backer of Israel.

Assange, in fact, contacted Israeli intelligence before anything was leaked.  Israel had first “censorship rights” on every document that passed through Wiki-“leaks.”

Behind the scenes, the Murdoch empire, now partially in tatters, exposed for its own surveillance scandal that left dozens facing prison and a British government laid bare, blackmailed, coerced, certainly controlled.

In fact, Wikileaks never released anything the discredited mainstream media it claimed to revile didn’t authorize.

These are the “hapless victims” Snowden is helping.

As for Wikileaks, one wonders about their relationship with Russia, one wonders much.  Assange, the darling of Russia Today, is a very strange friend for Mr. Putin, a “friend” who has bought his way into the Russian media with “counterfeit currency,” peddling tiresome “anti-whatever,” a thin veneer over the core agenda:

  • An Israel/Al Qaeda victory over the Syrian people
  • The destruction of Pakistan
  • One world government
  • Zionist supremacy
  • War on Islam
  • Press censorship
  • Silencing unauthorized dissent, particularly on 9/11
  • Planting false intelligence in the media
  • A theatrical distraction “on demand”
  • Divide and conquer

Snowden, we predict, will fit in quite well.


You see, the biggest single story, the biggest single threat in the world today is Syria.  By “Syria,” we mean the nexus between Israel and Turkey, Israel and Britain, Israel and France, Israel and Saudi Arabia, Israel and Qatar, Israel and Jordan, Israel and Lebanon, Israel and Kurdistan and, more importantly, Israel and its propaganda war against the United States.

Not one cable or intercept, Wikileaks or Snowden, has covered the endless volumes of traffic that has to reveal how, built around Israel’s “web,” the West is now arming the same terrorist groups it claims were responsible for 9/11 and, with absolute certainty, the enemy who killed thousands of Americans in Iraq.

Oh, but have we forgotten, when the televised sniper killings of 400 Americans in Iraq hit YouTube (Google/Israel), it was later found that the video-equipped weapons were of Israeli manufacture.  You don’t remember this story?  I wonder why.

When Syria falls, Russia is surgically removed from the Middle East.  When Syria falls, “if” Syria falls, Hezbollah faces slaughter by Al Qaeda, Turkey and Israel.

When or if Syria falls, Iraq will face civil war, Kurdistan has already announced it will leave Iraq and take the world’ largest oil field with it.  Get the picture?

So, what has Wikileaks done to “out” the criminal conspiracy against Assad, to “out” the endless backchannel traffic that ties Israel, Al Qaeda to Britain, to France and certainly to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey and Qatar?


Let’s roll the clock back.  In July 2012, Julian Assange released “the Syria files.”  Funny thing, considering Assange is the “hero of what was the Soviet Union,” Assange’s leaks to his “media partners,” read “New York Times and similar,” were broad attacks on Assad.

Not one word, not one of thousands of cables contained anything but carefully gleaned and carefully “crafted” attacks on Assad’s government.

Who is Wikileaks?  In August 2010, Veterans Today “outed” Wikileaks as an Israeli intelligence operation.

On December 6, 2010, Zbigniew Brzezinski, while on National Public Radio with Judy Woodruff, made the following points about Wikileaks and Assange:

  • Wikileaks is controlled by an unspecified national intelligence organization.
  • The majority of their material is “chickenfeed”
  • Other “pointed” material is counterfeit, carefully crafted lies packaged neatly inside a wrapper of “America bashing”

From Veterans Today, the “outing” of Wikileaks:

ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI: But I think the most serious issues are not those which are getting the headlines right now. Who cares if Berlusconi is described as a clown. Most Italians agree with that. Who cares if Putin is described as an alpha dog? He probably is flattered by it.

The real issue is, who is feeding Wikipedia on this issue — Wiki — Wiki — WikiLeaks on this issue? They’re getting a lot of information which seems trivial, inconsequential, but some of it seems surprisingly pointed. …The very pointed references to Arab leaders could have as their objective undermining their political credibility at home, because this kind of public identification of their hostility towards Iran could actually play against them at home.

Editor’s note:  The use of the term, “pointed” is key.  This indicates two classes of information and also begins building a hypothesis to support “intent.”  If there is “intent” in the leaks, then they are an intelligence operation, not a leak.

It’s, rather, a question of whether WikiLeaks are being manipulated by interested parties that want to either complicate our relationship with other governments or want to undermine some governments, because some of these items that are being emphasized and have surfaced are very pointed.

And I wonder whether, in fact, there aren’t some operations internationally, intelligence services, that are feeding stuff to WikiLeaks, because it is a unique opportunity to embarrass us, to embarrass our position, but also to undermine our relations with particular governments.

Editor’s note: Brzezinski goes exactly there, indicating his belief that Wikileaks is tied to an intelligence agency.  This is a full and direct challenge to the credibility of Wikileaks showing no reservations whatsoever.

For example, leaving aside the personal gossip about Sarkozy or Berlusconi or Putin, the business about the Turks is clearly calculated in terms of its potential impact on disrupting the American-Turkish relationship….the top leaders, Erdogan and Davutoglu and so forth, are using some really, really, very sharp language.

JUDY WOODRUFF: But this is 250 — it’s a quarter-of-a-million documents.


JUDY WOODRUFF: How easy would it be to seed this to make sure that it was slanted a certain way?

ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI: Seeding — seeding it is very easy.  I have no doubt that WikiLeaks is getting a lot of the stuff from sort of relatively unimportant sources, like the one that perhaps is identified on the air. But it may be getting stuff at the same time from interested intelligence parties who want to manipulate the process and achieve certain very specific objectives.

Editor’s note:  Brzezinski’s assertion is that “chickenfeed,” things off the news, low level “junk” intel is being “seeded” by an intelligence service to serve an agenda with “very specific objectives.”  Can anything be more clear?

STEPHEN HADLEY :  The — what we know or what has been said publicly is it looks like a data dump through a pretty junior-level person. So, in terms of that material, it looks like a data dump. Generally, in Washington, I have had the rule that, if there are two explanations, one is conspiracy and one is incompetence, you ought to go with incompetence. You will be right 90 percent of the time.

Editor’s note:  The Obama administration withdrew the AIPAC spying convictions when it was clear that Stephen Hadley would be put on the stand by the defense.  Hadley’s very close relationship with the defendants in this spy trial brings up a number of interesting questions which are not hard to answer if you read his response above.

ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI: But, Steve, the other foreign intelligence services don’t have to wait for me to make that suggestion.   I think they can think of it themselves, particularly after the first instance.

We can’t help but return to what is so obvious.  Why is Russia Today promoting Wikileaks?  Wikileaks has worked tirelessly to undermine Russia’s position in Syria and, as is always the case, works tirelessly to advance the interests of Israel’s intelligence agencies.

Funny thing about Snowden, those who follow the functions of the NSA, the organization Snowden claims to be exposing, also know that the prime contractors that intercept mobile and wired telephone and internet communications for NSA.  The Israeli company, Narus, operating under a “Boeing” cover, is responsible for almost all cited abuses.

Oh, Snowden must not have known this.

Then again, the NSA/Israeli apparatus was entirely designed by the Chertoff Group, another Israeli company headed by Michael Chertoff, the former “reichsfuhrer” of the Department of Homeland Security.

When it comes to knowing “who, what and where,” Snowden doesn’t seem to know much.


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  1. And let’s play the devil’s advocate, something I love to do :

    Mr Duff’s point is comprehensible, but…

    Snowden is a *contractor* employed by the NSA ! We agree I presume that every regular employee of the NSA (or any alphabet soup agency) is in the know of only a small part of the the whole SS (secret services) Big Picture so that they can’t figure the whole BP. So imagine the knowledge of a *contractual* employee of the SS. Smearing a small agent of not whistleblowing aspects of the whole BP because he only stools about a small aspect of it and accusing him of some sort of… disinformation scam is somewhat… jumping fast to conclusions !

    And accusing Assange and Wikileak that does’nt smear IsraHell of the like is forgetting that all his files are given to the CMM (corrupted mainstreal media) and it is THEM that filters the leaks, NOT Assange nor Wikileaks.

    I rest my case !

  2. Snowden was an employee of Booz-Allen, the ‘law/consulting’ firm used as a way station for various useful Zionist Jews, such as Rabbi Dov Zakeim, who, as far as I know, is still ’employed’ by them…Meaning Booz-Allen is a connected Intel cover operating at the very highest level.

    • Roy Potter (YouTube RoyPotterqa) is verified as OK. The link above works with google not bing. His video was once feartured in a GDuff piece and I followed him on and off since. Seems he got into something someone else doesnt want him sharing.

  3. @Gordon Duff

    An article entitled “How Israel Created The Myth of Al-Qaeda” was posted on the inthemix website on June 24, 2004. The guy who posted it said was taken from the New Yorker website briefly and then was deleted. It was attributed to Seymour Hersh. Now it is all over the internet.

    Do you know if Hersh really wrote it, perhaps when he was drinking, and then took it down? If Hersh did not write it then who did? And more importantly is it true?

    How Israel created the myth of Al-Qaeda

  4. I symphatise with your saying Tomer but, if you read carefully, you’ll have to give Mr Duff a strong credit !

    Besides, whistleblowing about a situation that could not stay secret for long, or that is an open secret, is kinda… deceptive in itself ! Entrapment !

    And seing now that Snowden seeks refuge in Ecuado (dwelling half a dozen of US military bases), does’nt looks… suspicious to you ?

    • “Why would we intentionally do such a stupid thing?
      Europe is in uproar, so is Russia, China and I am sure many other countries. What did we accomplish by setting up a black operation with Snowden and Assange as suggested by Gordon?”


      Exactly. It makes no sense that the “U.S. government” would do this to itself deliberately. Snowden’s selfless act of patriotism really did rip the mask off of the monster’s hideous face. The calculated, breathtaking global criminality of the “U.S. government” is on public display for all to see. The wiggle room is gone, and the whole world’s eyelids have been taped open to stare at the monster.

  5. Ha, where is Snowdon.? Just listened to Democracy Now, Amy Goodman and the attorney of WikiLeaks.
    Gordon you almost talk like you like what the NSA is doing?
    So many questions and who to believe.
    The world is one big mess. The USA behaves like a tyrant all over the world.
    Afraid of terrorist attacks? May be if they stop invading other countries, bombing and killing, there will be no
    Don’t want to live like my aunt did when she lived in East Germany under the USSR.
    Obama and his transparency, yeh right, throw the whistle blowers in jail.
    Real journalist can’t live in the USA for fear of ending in jail too.
    Tjeez, democracy and freedom….. We are going into the wrong direction. Dictatorship.

  6. Tomer,

    could it be that Gordon Duff AND Preston James are right with their analysis?
    I think so.

    If Assange would go to South America, he would no longer be of any political value.
    If Assange would go to Israel, the whole scam would blow up.

    Russia Today is not Russia, in the end a similar story as above with one yet unknown variable, that is Snowden himself. It might be, that he personally is nothing more than a patsie, but time will tell us more.

    • When RT first started up they featured a female reporter from South Africa who works for one of the biggest Jewish/Zionist organizations there. I could never figure why RT would hire her.

      Thanks Gordon for the insight.

      Check out “Russia Today Paula Slier”

      Check out this report that RT”s Paula Slier has worked to expose the “anti Israel bias in the South African media.”

      Looks like confirmation for GD.

    • Here are the links to RT’s Zionist Agent Paula Slier:

      Her own website features her team of Jewish and Israel reporters:

      newshound * biz/about-us/

      This site reveals more:

      supernatural * blogs * com/weblog/2010/01/paula-slier-at-newshoundbiz * html?vm=r

      “Paula Slier is the South African journalist famously sidelined by former SABC news-editor Snuki Zikalala because he didn’t want reports on the Middle East written by a Jew. She is currently based in Afghanistan reporting for Russia Today television.

      Paula has started revealing the stories behind her reports at her blog called Newshound. I’ve started reading every post and it brilliantly reveals the thrilling but dangerous lifestyle that reporters in her position lead (in December a suicide bomber exploded right outside her hotel – Paula had left the hotel just forty minutes before the explosion).

  7. Thanks for this link, sweetliberty.

    I would add to this some new disclosures about Israel’s and Quater’s involvement in recuiting algerian salafis for their war against Syria – as you can see, one big family of vested interests:

    >> “”

    More of this to come in the near future, because Quatar’s budget for the war amounts to roughly 3 billion dollars, much more than that of the UK and France.

    • Gordon, in this info age, everybody has dirt on them, I’m sure. They have to be able to take a few steps ahead, to see how they can/will be worked. I hope that they make the right choices in he end. It’s more likely that they will end up being the sacrificed if they are not on top of the pyramid…

  8. Beyond what you say about Snowden,Gordy, the question remains about why Israel would want everyone to know about this massive, worldwide wire-tapping. I think the overall purpose may be to scare people…I mean the average citizen…into keeping their mouths shut when it comes to the government and Israel. If people know the authorities are listening in on every word they say, they’ll be less likely to speak up…unless they’re above average citizens with more guts (don’t hold your breath).

    Shutting the people up is better than listening to their complaints, from a fascist point of view. Our leaders don’t seem to be too outraged by revelations of Americans committing torture on their enemies. I believe that’s because they want us to know how brutal they can be if we get out of line.

    Anyway, you have convinced me that Snowden needs to be looked at with more scrutiny. I have never been impressed with wikileaks and Assange. I think Bradley Manning is the real deal, but I could be wrong.

  9. very intering Mr.Duff, i am wondering why there is no rebuttal with Dave Murphys’ defamation of character ???

  10. Great article Gordon. Anything that is significant is burried away in the “wiki sqweeks”. That article on google manipulating mid east affairs, written this spring by you, was from a cable that was “dumped” in 2011.

  11. Great article Gordon. Anything that is significant is burried away in the “wiki sqweeks”. That article on google manipulating mid east affairs, written this spring, was from a cable that was “dumped” in 2011.

    • “In the 80’s, Israel supervised the recruitment of Arab Afghan “mujahideen” supposedly to fight against Russia. They became cannon fodder and refugees before they ended up in Guantanamo…

      The Arab “mujahideen” themselves were inefficient and almost useless. I have heard from the relatives of many who died in vain in clumsy incidents in Afghanistan. ”

      Seymore Hersh

    • Since VT is so good at intelligence, I wanted to ask Gordon if he knew whether Seymore Hersh wrote the article “How Israel created the myth of Al-Qaeda.” It was posted on the intermix website on Aug 19 2004 08:24 PM by someone who said that it appeared briefly on the New Yorker website and then disappeared.

      If Hersh did not write it then who did? And more importantly, is it true?

  12. With all these alleged “Leaks” I am beginning to think this is all a diversion to keep our attention focused (HERE) in the USA. As if something is brewing elsewhere and these stories are distracting us from a much much bigger story that as usual the Media is hiding.

    Personally I believe that this is the setup to take out both Iran and Syria in one action. For the road to Tehran is through Damascus. It is clear that Iran is politically stronger now then ever before. Now Iran is talking to Jordan too. It would seem from watching all the NAM videos show even more-so that Iran’s power is stronger the Israel who wants to dominated the Middle East.

    I therefore think that it is being planned the set the entire Middle East on fire and from reading the preface to the Iraq war and who supplied all the arms to Iraq that the intent was to or for the US to finally bring down Russia. Everyone knows that the US has been using Iran as an excuse to place missiles through out the European area to what I believe will be the final “Check Mate”.

    We could tell at the G8 that Obama and Putin are not “Friends” As with Russia now building its main forces around Syria. We are in WWIII just few see the signs. With BRICS now also forming their own Credit Agency and the Currency wars already going that it is only going to take a small spark to ignite the whole area. As well as the diversion of Obama talking about Nuclear disarmament when investing billions in updated old missiles. Just a move on the Chess Board to push someone to move in one area while your main attack is coming.

    Thanks Gordon.

  13. It is curious that the one country, and their cousins around the world, a collective with the most to hide in terms of treachery, gets a free pass. That has always seemed strange to me. If based on the proportional wrong-doing they would show up many, many times over, …yet they don’t get a disparaging word. How that be? Does not compute.

    • Allesandro – there is only one ‘innocent’ explanation for this – which is a factor of how people under 35 right now have been programmed at school, college and university. Brainwashed is not too strong a term.

      The indoctrination of ‘political correctness’ (or cultural marxism by its correct name) is a very poisonous brand of social engineering – which is disguised as egalitarian but in fact has a carefully balanced ‘caste system’ inherent within it. Natural social class and common decency has been literally upended and inverted with all kinds of perversion and unwholesome types of people suddenly now taking on a kind of ‘sacred cow’ status of hierarchy within the new order.

      For instance – a public figure can be destroyed for having a heterosexual affair with a woman other than his wife – but if he is homosexual and has a series of underage ‘rent boys’ trailing through his apartment he cannot be challenged or reported for this behaviour as that would be ‘hateful’ to the modern credo.

      Within the new class structure being jewish or israeli is automatically and subliminally the highest order of ‘caste’ in the indoctrinated young mind. Jews have a protected status because of their carefully fabricated ‘suffering’ and general good guy persona woven into virtually EVERY TV and media event we are allowed to see. The young are quite literally unable by conditioning to offend their new societal ‘lords and masters’ so positioned in the new cerebral matrix. This ‘blind spot’ which is being developed within young minds, which renders them incapable of offending the highest ‘caste’ in the new world order, is a possible explanation for them seeing their over-riding duty to protect the judaic israeli entity before all else.

      I pose this as a possible scenario and contributing factor if these so called ‘leakers’ have any credibility. What is completely certain is that the information so released from leaks is harmless to the cabal and is without doubt being stage managed to further deceive the public.

  14. Snowden’s choice of Ecuador is further evidence this is an op … Ecuadoreans themselves say Snowden would not be safe there unless US-regime sponsored. Here in Europe we have maybe 700,000 refugees and migrants from Ecuador, mostly for economic reasons, finding menial work and begging in Spain preferable … But we also have political refugees from Ecuador, granted asylum here … the last coup d’état in Ecuador was only 13 years ago; Ecuador has been in fairly continual upheaval

    Ecuadoreans say it is a place where death-squad types are willing to kill, and where poor desperate people will betray for money. The favour of Ecuador’s President Correa cannot protect Snowden on the streets. Snowden could easily end up like refugee from US Bobby Fischer, chess master and anti-Zionist, dead shortly after being welcomed as a refugee in Iceland … an apparent sprayed ‘medical disease’ hit by intel – Mossad.

    If legitimate, Snowden would have been safer in Russia, China, Cuba, or Hong Kong, despite the extradition request. Things line up with Mr Duff’s critical perspective.

  15. I don’t think this is theater ,Emma

    US population will wake up,when there’s no more pills in the pharmacy to keep them alive,physicallly and mentally.

    Cold Turkey.

    This problem will have to be solved by people who can still fight,Russia,China,Middle East,South America.

    They will do the fighting for US/Europe population,who have many opinions,huge ego’s,but no spine and no huevos.

    This confrontation is real,and the actors involved don’t expect anything from US/Europe public,who are zombified,addicted and enslaved.

    I wish it was different.

  16. Duff’s right..About Assange, about Snowden…The #1 trouble-maker is Talmudia..The instigator/creator/choreographer/producers of 9-11 and the fraudulent GWOT are Mossad ( it’s agents/assets and allies )…it’s the elephant pooping in the middle of the room…If you point to the guy next door and accuse him of stinking the place out…how credible are you? we’re left with 2 possibilities: Snowden’s very naive and ignorant of what’s going on OR he’s a tool of the SSG…The second is more plausible…For all we know he’s still getting a paycheck…same weekly pay, different signature on the check…What did we expect? The people who own/control the central bank, media, politicians, entertainment industry, DHS, have moles in the intell agencies…etc…Aren’t going to be satisfied with near-total control…Why should they be? When we allowed them to gather all these “assets” we implicitly agreed that they would be our masters…The Enlightenment…the revolutions over the past few hundred yrs…Where Christ doesn’t reign over a society-Satan takes the throne..

  17. Why is Russia Today promoting Wikileaks?

    Maybe because the more prominent WikiLeaks are the bigger they fall will be?

    “Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.” Sun Tzu

  18. Assange -Israeli operation- is Putin’s darling.

    Snowden-Israeli operation-is on his way to Russia,after spending the G-8 in China.

    They both leak on non-BRICS countries,especially US/UK.

    Syria situation tilted to Russia’s favor,not F/UK/US.

    The leaks are favouring BRICS,not F/UK/US.

    So are Putin and Obama cooperating,or Putin and Israel?

    If Putin and Obama are together,Assange and Snowden-leaks make no sense,and Assad having the upperhand in Syria is impossible.

    If Putin and Israel are together the leaks make sense,and F/UK/US wil lose Syria (conventional)war.

    The question left is if Obama is the “good guy” ,or the “bad guy”;

    If Obama is the “good guy”,US and Russia will corner Israel and “rid the the world of their tormenters”.

    If Obama is the “bad guy”,he’ll keep pushing the Middle East over the edge,looking for ww3 and impose Martial Law in the US.

    Russia and Israel fight the second option(and so should US/Europe populations )

    Mr.Duff wants you to believe the first option is reality.

    Erdogan wants out,telling Obama no more weapons for rebels through Turkey,and accusing “international Bankers” for the unrest in Turkey and Brazil.

    Facts on the ground-Assange,Snowden and developments in the Middle East- indicate Mr.Duff believes in fairy tales.

    The combination of Russia’s military muscle,Israeli leaks,and China’s economic blackmail show BRICS +Israel confronting Rothschild-controlled Obama/Cameron head-on.

    For Rothschild only two options left; cut their losses(Martial Law in US/Europe) or push on to WW3.

    Take your pick.

    • Off topic: no response to your questions on outing episode. I have emailed and phoned VT, no response. Contacted Gordon via FB no response.

    • e-mailed as well,no response.
      I think it was a mistake,still they should fix it.
      Don’t know what this is,duck,sorry.
      I don’t judge you or VT,just asked for explanation.
      Your comment was understandable.

  19. Quote Gordon Duff:

    “Assange, in fact, contacted Israeli intelligence before anything was leaked. Israel had first “censorship rights” on every document that passed through Wiki-”leaks.””

    May we also see the proof?

    • I guess I must have missed it, but then again I am not following the mainstream media 24/7 (I also have to work occasionally).

      If it’s not too much trouble then I would really appreciate it if you could point me to the source of this information (-:

    • @Tomer

      “By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?”

      – Matthew 7:16 (-;

    • @Dodd

      “A naughty person, a wicked man, walketh with a froward mouth. He winketh with his eyes, he speaketh with his feet, he teacheth with his fingers; Frowardness is in his heart, he deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord.”

      Proverbs|6:12 – 13 🙁

    • @Ernest

      “Whoever speaks the truth gives honest evidence, but a false witness utters deceit.”

      Proverbs 12:17 – It was an honest question, and it’s still unanswered.

    • An article entitled “How Israel Created The Myth of Al-Qaeda” was posted on the inthemix website on June 24, 2004. The guy who posted it said was taken from the New Yorker website briefly and then was deleted. It was attributed to Seymour Hersh. Now it is all over the internet.

      Do you know if Hersh really wrote it, perhaps when he was drinking, and then took it down? If Hersh did not write it then who did? And more importantly is it true?

      “I have investigated the development of the “mujahideen” and here is my conclusion: In the 80’s, Israel supervised the recruitment of Arab Afghan “mujahideen” supposedly to fight against Russia. They became cannon fodder and refugees before they ended up in Guantanamo. THEIR REAL PURPOSE WAS TO HELP ISRAEL CREATE A USEFUL MYTH: AL-QAEDA. The Arab mujahideen
      were rather harmless as recent revelations from Guantanamo have shown…All the Zionists wanted was a story, a myth that would enable them to create another myth: “Al-Qaeda.”

      Neither Bin Laden nor the Arab refugees he took care of were of any military significance. The Afghans themselves were the real efficient mujahideen because they knew the territory and the tribal structure. The Afghans actually saw the Arabs as nuisance….Listen to them more carefully, folks. The Zionists in our midst have been telling us the truth all along. Just replace “Arab” with “Israeli,” replace “Al-Qaeda” with “Mossad,” etc.

      How Israel created the myth of Al-Qaeda

  20. “The New World Order is holding a “morality play,” and we all have tickets.”


    That’s a meaningless statement, part of a meaningless article. Can you do anything else besides make spurious implications (always in defense of the “establishment”)?

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