Justice Caps Announces “Dusk ’til Dawn” Video Surveillance Protection


Locally owned Justice Caps announced today that it has released the first of eleven products designed to protect citizens from their own government’s attempts to control every moment of their day.


The Justice Cap technology blinds video surveillance cameras, blocking the new facility recognition software used worldwide today ( TrapWire ) from identifying people’s faces and linking their faces to their personal identification, all stored in the new Utah-based NSA data collection center.

By “blinding” video surveillance cameras, and blocking TrapWire’s ability to match faces with personal data, Justice Caps defeats this multi-billion spy network, and allows citizens to live “big-brother free” from the preying eyes of spy agencies and government oversight into their daily personal lives, where they have no business.

About Justice Caps: Justice Caps officially opened their doors to the public in January, 2013, and will be offering many versions of their “Anti-Video” technology, designed to defeat the NSA and all other spy agency plans to enslave the people of the United States, and of the world.



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