Al Gore Lied

NASA photo of earth – Sunset

NASA – CO2 is a Global Coolant

by  Bob Nichols

(Editor’s note:  A review of the actual NASA study fails to support the Drudge story and the conclusions gleaned by a “1+1 += 25” popularization and “spin” funded by the “clean coal” lobby. g)


[Editors Note: Armand Hammer of Occidental Petroleum (Hammer’s wikipedia has remained cleaned of his espionage history, despite it’s being out over a decade now. You can guess why) was the financial and political mentor for both Senator Gores. So they hold the honor of having a top Soviet spy as a patron. Hammer’s much advertised early Soviet business ventures (all of which lost money) were a cover for his espionage venture.

This was finally revealed when Prof. Harvey Klehr of Emory University here in Atlanta in his book, Venona, Decoding Soviet Espionage in America. The proof came from the Soviet archives when Yeltsin had them open for a few years. I was fortunate to spend an afternoon with him around ten years ago shooting two one hour Jim Dean Journals, one of them on Venona…and hoping to get this up on the Net some day… Jim W. Dean]


NASA gores Gore - it's just biz-ness - Global Warming is out is the Take-away
NASA gores Gore – it’s just biz-ness – Global Warming is out is the Take-away

(San Francisco) The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) lowers the Boom on Al Gore’s Big Lie that the humble, beneficial gas – CO2 – causes global warming. NASA states absolutely that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a Global Coolant and massively cools the Earth.

You can bet that the NASA scientists designed, built, launched and placed in Earth orbit the satellite machinery to prove it, too.

So, there we have it. In addition, the Earth has not gotten any warmer for 17 years. NASA has finally pulled the plug on Gore’s Big Lie and ended the gigantic, world wide charade on CO2.

This “discovery” about CO2 is nothing new, it’s well known by scientists not employed by the Gore-istas. The Gore-istas probably know it, too; but the money was just too good to pass up. Besides, you don’t have to do anything except sit around, make up wild stories and tell lies. Great “job” if you like that sort of thing.

Why did Gore do it?


If you follow the money, Gore, a career politician, now has a net worth of about $200 million to $300 million dollars, conservatively. That is a stratospheric increase from about $1 million dollars in the year 2000.

They say all politics is local and if we look around in Gore’s home state of Tennessee, there are many Tennessee companies, both private and governmental, that owe their existence to Gore Jr. or his dad, Gore Sr.

US Businessweek's Cover - Watch how fast they ditch Gore and change their tune,
US Businessweek’s Cover – Watch how fast they ditch Gore and change their tune.

Both father and son were elected United States Senators from Tennessee and brought home the “bacon” for many companies and home state jobs. Both were the “go to” politician for various “political problems” of the sponsored companies and industries.

Nothing unusual there, many Senators see that as just part of their job as privatized public servants. In other words, they are bought and paid for many times over as they sell themselves for campaign cash. It’s a devil’s bargain. 

Senators on the make have no concern whatsoever for what they are privately hired to do on government time; but, the results can disastrously boomerang on the country and world. Especially so in the very particular cases of the United States nuclear weapons programs (the nuker program.)

The high sounding Montreal Protocol of the United Nations was simply to phase out the use of CFCs word wide. CFC is an abbreviation for a chemical refrigerant manufactured, at the time, by the rich and powerful DuPont Company.

It is used in cooling systems like refrigerators and air conditioners. CFCs are responsible for killing the Ozone over Antarctica all the way to Australia. Ozone is essential to life on Earth since it blocks deadly Ultraviolet Rays from our Sun and makes the Earth habitable.

Pro-Nukers: Deadly when their Livelihoods are threatened


As far as the Nuke Labs were concerned, though, the Montreal Protocol was a poisoned dagger held to the throat of the entire US Nuclear Weapons Program by its sneaky world wide enemies.

Making uranium suitable for nuke weapons and reactor fuel rods is really hot nasty work. It requires many thousands of “tons” of air conditioning for cooling the machinery, uranium, buildings, computers and people. The air conditioning equipment in the uranium plants is saturated by Uranium Dust and impossible to work on. When it leaks CFC refrigerant gas; it just leaks.

The “close enough for government work” non-solution was to back CFC refrigerant tanker trucks up to the back of the plants and dump as much CFC as was needed into the broken machinery to try to keep it working, leaks and all.

One nuke plant was internationally known to be the point source of 55% of the CFC released to the air in North America. The nuke boys had a serious problem.

The alternative was to shut down the US Nuclear Weapons Program. That would never do. Because of these easy to follow reasons the Nuke Program and the nuclear jobs were in jeopardy from the nuke killing Montreal Protocol on CFCs.

Closing the nuker program down was a non-starter for political reasons. US World Domination is based on thousands of nuclear weapons and the willingness to use them on humans. So, forget any do-gooder “treaties” killing the US nuke weapons program.

Money - The most powerful drug in America
Money – The most powerful drug in America

The threatening Montreal  Anti-CFC Protocol had to be killed or sidetracked. The nuke boys would lose their cushy government jobs if not. Besides that, there was the US world domination thing based on the realistic Fear that the US Military would go Postal and blow another little country away.

Ta-Da! Al Gore to the Rescue of the Nukers!

The Nuke Boys needed a culprit substitute gas to kill the Montreal Protocol and a “Media Personality.” They decided to pick on the lowly gas Carbon Dioxide, symbol CO2; and Gore was the just the Man to lead the anti-CO2 campaign. 

All that was necessary was to, literally, fool most of world. That and intimidate the rest. All people had to do was “To Believe;” or, at least not speak up. The finely crafted lie was that CO2 was a heat trapping “Greenhouse Gas” and was causing “Global Warming;” when CO2 is actually a Global Coolant. Not a problem for the New York Times and their ilk. They do stuff like that all the time and it works the same in every country.

Al Gore would be the lead “Media Personality” and was free to make as much money as he could. Above all else, the United States nuclear weapons program would survive and US world domination was assured.

Why Now on the NASA Press Release?

After many years of frustrating failed attempts, weapons physicists and scientists finally figured out how to separate the all important Bomb Grade Uranium from raw Uranium ore in 2010. The lightening speed at which the government moved to capitalize on it was amazing. The job uses far less electricity and makes a fraction of the heat

The US moved to build a new $6 Billion dollar building for uranium laser separation, closed the old plant and fired 1,150 dedicated nuke plant employees. The NASA announcement on CO2 effectively cut Al Gore loose and closed the curtain on the mythology of fictitious global warming; which is now changed to “Global Cooling.”

Welcome to your new world of Global Cooling! 

Copyright by Bob Nichols Jun 27, 2013. The article may be freely re-published with attribution and end notes. Videos and pictures are the copyright of their respective owners.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean


NASA photo – Earth

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In addition to influencing Gore’s path in life, this is also believed by some to be the reason Gore’s call to enlist in the military during the Vietnam War was held up by the Nixon administration, so as to avoid Gore’s father getting any sympathy votes! Gore himself was eventually elected Vice President under President Bill Clinton, with whom he served two consecutive four year terms. Al Gore won an Academy Award for his 2006 climate documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Gore then went on to found the cable news network Current TV. Despite their low ratings, in December 2012 Current TV was purchased by Al Jazeera for $500 million. Gore’s 20% stake in Current TV earned him $100 million in pre-tax profits. Gore is a board member of Apple Inc, and owns $35 million worth of Apple shares. He is also the chairman of Generation Investment Management which has $7 billion in assets.

4. “Where does Al Gore live? Al Gore owns a 4,040 square foot brick-faced Tudor home in the Arlington Ridge neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia in 1977, a 10,070 square foot Greek Revivial home on 2.09 acres in the Belle Meade area of Nashville, Tennessee, and the family farm in rural Carthage, Tennessee. Al and Tipper Gore purchased a home in Montecito, California, in October 2009. The Italian Grand Style ocean view villa has approximately 6,500 square feet, 6 bedrooms, and 9 bathrooms. Gore’s two-story main house property features 6 fireplaces with carved stone mantelpieces, French doors, arched doorways, stone floors, a gourmet kitchen, two family rooms, and panoramic views. The home also includes a 3 car garage, pool, pool house, and guest house on the property.”

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  1. Mr. Nichols,
    While I agree that the evidence is overwhelming, that our so-called leaders are corrupt, lying, sociopaths with almost zero exceptions, there are factors here that are unreported, but do act as modifiers to the conclusions you present.
    First of all, the study from NASA involved the upper atmosphere, and yes, we are aware that carbon based elements have reflective value, and that the energy of the sun excites them and causes a degree of reflectivity, which repulses a great deal of solar energy, yet this, and other natural cycles are currently being suppressed and manipulated by psychopath action.
    Remember, the evidence is overwhelming that all of our leaders are corrupt lying psychopaths, and this includes the scientific elite.
    We know that HAARP is but one of several facilities world wide, and that geoengineering and advanced microwave and radar technologies are exploring the brave new world of the weaponized climate. Of course it is pathological to suppress and manipulate a system that we depend on for our livelihood, and don’t understand, in order to have another weapon to play with, but this is the result of having mentally deficient predators run the human world.
    The data, sir, does in fact show that there has been an upclick in planetary temps over the last two decades, but the final analysis is not yet in. What is in, if anyone can pay attention anymore, is the severity of weather events continues to expand, the schizophrenic nature of weather continues unabated, and the manipulation of, and interference with, normal precipitation events is at an all time high.
    What all of this means is that the climate is not being allowed to act and react naturally. This means that wind patterns and ocean currents are changing. This means that the arctic jet stream is faltering and breaking down. This means that massive doses of aluminum oxide, barium and strontium are being sprayed across wide swaths of our biosphere.
    Currently, with the sociopaths in charge, it is impossible to take any data, or any analysis at face value. Everything is being twisted into a secretive, malignant agenda of disaster capitalism and lust for power.
    Of course, its a feather in their cap if they can keep the current death agenda stoked up as well.
    It is not at all certain if humanity will be able to survive this predation on itself.

  2. To the poster who asked : “why are the Polar Regions melting so rapidly”…………..well people with an agenda are capable of all sorts of nefarious activity. H.A.R.R.P. comes to mind, but, don’t take my word for it. 😉

  3. I can’t remember where I heard it or read it, but Gore was supposed to be have been paid off bigtime for losing the presidency. Oh, I remember part of it now. It came up during the sale of Current TV to Al-Jazeera. The word on the inside was that nothing was to touch Gore; the sale was to go through.

    • PallMall, I saw that in Reddit about a year ago when Robert Steele was answering questions.

      Was Bush elected president on voter fraud? Would it have made a difference who won?

      Yes. Greg Palast broke the story three months in advance of the election. Jeb Bush disenfranchised over 30,000 people. Al Gore knew this and took the bribe delivered by Warren Christopher: fight this and you die poor, accept this as being within the bounds of reasonable dishonesty and you will be rich beyond your dreams. Today Al Gore is worth $100 million. Who is the worse traitor: All Gore or Jeb Bush?

  4. Of course Gore Lied, since this is what he is, a liar and a fraud. AGW ranks among the largest confidence games ever created to suck money from well meaning and scientifically illiterate persons.

  5. I have always wondered why the main stream media and their science reports almost always emphasize Global Warming and say little about the Real Pollution, world wide, including nuclear, that causes so much cancer and respiratory diseases. If we continue to poison our soil, air and water, it won’t make a hell of alot of difference what the temperature or weather is since most of us will be dead or negatively genetically mutated.
    Alot of scams, abuses of power, crimes against humanity, invasion of others lands, etc. etc. going on. I guess in addition to staying informed and blowing whistles to our fellow humans, we need to not become like those who we are talking about here. That is the primary challange.

  6. Excellent article Bob. The illusion that people like Al Gore live under believing that they have a lot of wealth, but in reality he is very poor. Obviously he is just like every charlatan before him, he really loves seeing misery as he thinks that his properties will keep out the truth. The bottom line is money, control and greed period.

    Faith, love and truth will conquer this evil that is amongst us, for it cannot continue. When it does implode there will be no place to hide and all know what he looks like. His money will not even buy a glass of water as it has no value.

    Can you imagine him telling his grandchildren where his wealth came from? Or will he lie and laugh at his past. What comes around goes around. I’m just glad that my name isn’t Al Gore the has been snake oil salesman.

    When more and more people wake up and understand that the strength for change is within you and not without can any difference can be made. The easiest way for change is to turn your back on this evil entity and move towards the truth. We are all born as free souls and individuals, as such no human law can deny us our liberty and freedom. Up until now most have given this away voluntarily.

    Wake up and truly understand your inner strength, only you can manifest it no one else can. If you want to believe in the dark force, then understand that you personally invite misery into your inner self.

    Remember that fear is a great seller just like the lottery. Understand your true strength, wake up. Most people are worried about dying (because it sells) and are afraid to live.

  7. A great comment by Linda Ballard above – and one that I totally agree with. The entire ‘Anthropomorphic’ global warming scam – that is weather changed by normal human activity alone – is and always was a huge scam ultimately planned to enforce the need for an all powerful global government. In the meantime it also contained the ‘carbon credits’ scam – which was simply a NEW FORM OF ECONOMY – OR MONETARY UNIT MONOPOLY to replace the old one – administered and run by the same old people of course.

    What has thoroughly disgusted me in this process is watching the ‘scientific community’ sign up to this massive fraud – to retain their grants and avoid being singled out for uncomfortable discrimination by the cabal.

    Those who have been secretly interfering with weather patterns using the HAARP device should be arrested and jailed – unless they are prepared to ‘tell all’ about their operations to the public. (I would advise that it would be best to hurry up and do that boys too – before you all start jumping out of helicopters and from the tops of public buildings).

    There has always been natural global cooling and warming. One despicable thing that these conspirators have done is to deliberately fudge and confuse REAL pollution events with bogus CO2 theory.

    It was THAT fact which first alerted me to their scam. The biggest polluters in the world were the ones who were most in favour of the global warming DECEPTION – and all its works.

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