Secret Space War III: Marduk Lands in Africa ?


by  Preston James


Occasionally a good rumor is entertaining as well as distracting from the often negative barrage of daily world news which is usually slanted to indicate the demise of populism which is far from true.

This article involves a story which I certainly hope turns out to be just a funny rumor. The problem is that the source for this story has very deep Intel connections and usually is right on the money.

And there are certain background details which create many more questions than they answer.

And it is these questions which seem quite remarkable in scope and themselves generate many more questions and raise new issues.

A very strange trip to Africa during the last week of June 2013 for the last three American Presidents.

In the June 18, 2013 issue of the Africa Review (Kenya, Africa), a very interesting story detailed expected intersecting visits of both former President Clinton and current President Obama to Senegal, Africa (1).

This alone has not received any suitable explanation other than the flimsy reason that they were there to commemorate the “Al Cia Duh” bombing at the US Embassy in Tanzania.

And believe it or not former President George W. Bush is alleged to also have arrived in Africa during this time period.


Former US President Bill Clinton is expected in Senegal hours before the arrival of the incumbent President Barack Obama, sources said. The leading Le Populair daily on Tuesday quoted American embassy sources hinting that the two statesmen could likely meet during their stay in Dakar.

The sources further said that President Obama was expected to extend his visit initially billed for 48 hours to 72 hours, beginning June 26.

Several sitting world leaders, including, former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and the late Pope Jean Paul II, have visited Senegal over the last decade and toured the famous slave dungeon on Goree Island.


This visit of three American Presidents to the continent of Africa during the same time period is unprecedented in history and would appear to require an extraordinary explanation which has not been forthcoming.  

As if this story wasn’t already strange enough it gets even stranger, a story in CNN Politics on June 22, 2013 stated that President Obama and former President George Bush were to be on the African continent at the same time.

Obama flies Wednesday across the Atlantic for a trip that takes him to Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania, marking his second visit to sub-Saharan Africa as president (He went to Ghana during his first term).

Meanwhile Bush, who’s made multiple visits to Africa since leaving office, leaves next week for Zambia, where he’s working with his global health initiative to renovate a clinic that will serve as a cervical cancer screening and treatment center, according to the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

While the 44th and 43rd president are not scheduled to meet up, first lady Michelle Obama will attend an event hosted in part by former first lady Laura Bush. The two will attend the African First Ladies Summit, put on by the George W. Bush Institute, in Tanzania on July 2, the final day of the Obamas’ trip.

Aid to Africa was a big part of the Bush administration’s foreign policy. The former president started the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, otherwise known as PEPFAR, during his tenure at the White House. Started in 2003, the program grew into a $50 billion program to combat AIDS around the globe through testing, counseling and medical treatment.(2)


President Obama changed his African trip schedule.

It was announced that President Obama changed his initial schedule to extend his stay from 48 to 72 hours in Senegal (3).  No reason was given for this change.

The Washington Post noted another change with President Obama’s trip. It reported that his plans to participate in a Tanzanian safari were cancelled and changed to a visit to Robben Island, the place where Nelson Mandela was held for 18 of his 27 years as a political prisoner (4)(5).

As the story goes was reported that it was suggested that objections voiced over the use of special sniper rifles for use by President Obama to hunt large African animals with (and also for use by his special security detail).  Was there a concern arising that this special protection team could not be trusted and perhaps be turned?

Former high ranking CIA analyst Ray McGovern reported that it was rumored that President Obama had remarked to a friend that he had backed off on campaign promises because he was afraid of ending up like JFK (6).

Or perhaps this was just a cover story for a last minute change which was “suggested” by President Obama’s handlers, opening up his schedule for “required” or at least highly desired meeting with a very powerful dignitary?

Here is President Obama’s official travel schedule (7). It scheduled him to be in Senegal the same time as former President Clinton. President Obama joined George W. Bush at a special Tanzania memorial to end his African trip (8).

It was reported that Bush and Obama just happened to find time to meet together by coincidence in Tanzania on July 2, 2013, to lay a wreath at the site of a 1998 “Al Cia Duh” bombing of the US embassy (10).

Did former President Clinton Meet up with Obama and former President George W. Bush?

But could former President Clinton have been there too at the same time and could there have been a special meeting between the three Presidents in Tanzania, or could there have been such a special meeting earlier in Senegal?

Or could each president have visited Senegal earlier and individually met with a very special world dignitary who is covertly assuming power, first in Africa and then the world to pay homage to him and agree to support his NWO final takeover which necessitates throwing Kingpins and Cutouts under the bus?

Is this “mystery entity” a powerful dignitary that is the actual ruler of the Third Force that has descended to Earth to assert control over the nations?

Certainly the visitation of a current sitting American president at the same time as two prior American Presidents to the African continent is unprecedented. This alone suggests that something very strange is up.

Of course with the apparent impending death of Nelson Mandela, control over the South American regime is now perhaps up for grabs. As many know the revolution in South America was an installation of a new socialist Bankster’s regime, actually a large scale social experiment. Doubt this then consider the triangular CIA center built in Johannesburg to represent the interests of the City of London Banksters.

In President Obama’s speech at Tanzania, he said that America was going to get more involved in Africa not just for charitable reasons but for self-interest too, that is, for new business opportunities for American corporations. This was a surprisingly blunt and honest acknowledgement since traditionally any involvement in South American or African matters have been to set up situations where the large international Banks covertly set hugely profitable “business opportunities” with the major international offshore corporations to sack the natural wealth of Africa, just as they used to do in South America, using USG trained death squads to clear the way, murder opposition and suppress the rights of the inhabitants.

Perhaps the prominent reason for the simultaneous African visits of three American Presidents, one current and two former may be to pay homage to a new world ruler who is now being revealed only to the very top insiders.  At least this is the rumor circulating at a deep level inside the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and MJ12 support staff.

And who might this important and powerful NWO dignitary be, one so important three American Presidents would pay homage to him even over and above their own country and its sovereignty?

As the rumor goes, it is Marduk who has descended to planet Earth to Africa from an alien spacecraft. According to legend, Marduk is supposedly an Annunaki (aka Anakem or Nephilim), a luciferian demon being that allegedly represents the inter-dimensional black planet “Nibiru” which is invisible to astronomers. Allegedly the Annunaki were killed and/or driven away from earth during the flood and have begun a comeback during the 20th century by once again interbreeding with certain chosen bloodlines which have maintained the “ancient luciferian heritage” dating back to Babylon.

As the storyline goes, the have been rules established by God Almighty which limits their exercise of power over mankind. If they are to make a full scale return as they were before the flood and their previous destruction on Planet Earth, they must obey God Almighty’s rules and gain a foothold by deceiving the masses through temptation to violate God Almighty’s laws.

This involves creating and anointing various selective hybrid bloodlines which are the merger between luciferian fallen angel blood and earth woman’s blood and using them to tempt and corrupt mankind to break God’s laws which require loving God Almighty (the real one) and loving one’s neighbor as one self (aka “the golden rule”).

And as this narrative goes, lucifer anoints his hybrids and followers with special powers of deception to gain a foothold and corrupt the people of the Earth, allowing construction of a common base of corruption and perversion by dirtying up and compromising the people of the earth.

Thus these select “lucifer illuminated” (aka Illuminati) families are allegedly anointed with luciferian power to take over the world step by step through a long process of step-by-step Fabian incremental socialism.

This process involves and necessitates destroying normal male/female sex roles and the family system, “dirtying up” the population with drugs and pornography, hijacking and consolidating organized crime systems, creating an unlimited supply of money to buy and bribe governmental officials, creating massive intel systems to blackmail and compromise officials, setting up perpetual war systems and crime to create 24/7 perpetual bloodletting and death sacrifices, and making people dependent on mass media entertainment and mindkontrol systems to keep them from knowing and processing the truth.

And of course one must not overlook the power of money to buy and corrupt, so it is easy to understand why the creation of a centralized privatized world banking system which specializes in creating millions of debt-slaves in place of the serfs of the middle ages is so vital to the creation of the corrupted base which can allow the NWO Globalist “alien leader” dent by lucifer to gain a Strong foothold and take over control of all the nations of the world.

The return of the Annunaki King Marduk?

The upward facing triangle is Annunaki fallen angel blood of the Nephilim, the “great men of old” and the downward facing triangle is the blood of the earth woman.  Merged together they form the six pointed star, called the hex or the Babylonian “luciferian hex”, a symbol of Annunaki/human hybrid bloodlines anointed by lucifer.

It is interesting that it has been alleged by several top researchers of UFOs and alien visitations, that the triangle symbolizes the Annunaki which have been alleged to have been deeply involved in human and animal abductions and dissections. Some have alleged that the Annunaki have eaten a large number of human abductees.

Some historians say this was used by King Solomon when he returned to “foreign gods” and became “hexed” or under the con and curse of the six pointed Babylonian Annunaki star. The six pointed star was never used by most Hebrews to describe their various tribes or nations.  It was adopted in approximately 700 AD by Judaics from a small secret sect some have referred to as the “synagogue of Satan” going all the way back to Babylon and also later adopted by the upper echelons of Freemasonry. Most non-zionist Judaics have no idea what the hex star really represent and would be horrified if they understood. The nation of Israel flies the hex flag and this symbolizes that it is a pure free-masonic nation run by the luciferians or “synagogue of satan” unbeknownst to most of its citizens or even most Judaics in the world.

So, has Marduk landed, has he made his final return to take back planet earth and establish a complete luciferian globalist NWO system?  And if so does he represent the Third Force that has secretly been pulling the strings covertly in the background? And as some astute researchers have stated, the Third Force is remarkably deceptive and crafty and uses Kingpins and Cutouts to do its dirty work, typically disposing of them by throwing them under the bus after their missions are completed.

The Third Force (10).

The Third Force has never been regarded as being able to treat any Kingpins or Cutouts (11) it selects and uses with loyalty. Once their mission is completed, they are thrown under the bus. The best evidence so far is that the Third Force is an ancient evil entity which has exerted worldwide luciferian control from behind the scenes.  It does not like humans, nor does it experience any human emotions.  It is a beast, a blood thirsty demonic fallen angel that is allegedly an energy vampire which feeds off the constant bloodletting, pedophilia and sacrifice of human victims, and thus massive perpetual 24/7 wars are its forte.

It’s apparent goal to destroy the human race through war, destruction, high tech eugenics, and various sophisticated soft-kill methods, while creating its own substitute, a trans-human genetically spliced triple helix superman that is uni-sexual, and a beast with no conscience.  Some researchers believe that the luciferian NWO plan involves complete replacement of humans with genetically spliced trans-human borgs which are inhabited by evil fallen angels (aka demons).

And of course the giant 140 interconnected major international corporations which form a power block that runs the world central banking systems is now well entrenched in the continent of Africa and has deployed major covert eugenic programs to radically depopulate it so that its numerous natural resources and assets can be cheaply acquired and stripped.

Hi, we’re from the US Government and we are here to help you” (The biggest lie ever told?).

Thus when Presidents set up 40 Billion dollar plans to help prevent and treat aids in Africa one must be very suspect.  It is always like the old saying goes, the time to start worrying is when the suits show up and say, “hi, we’re from the government and we’re here to help you.” And that includes all the other supposed do gooder programs like Gates vaccination help and other sophisticated means which can allegedly be turned as used as sterilization or “thin the herd” depopulation means.

Thus we find many of these large corporations there and this includes many Chinese business ventures too, as the various NWO power structures compete to grab up as much as they can.

So when three American Presidents show up in Africa, all at the same time, one wonders how such a remarkable occurrence could be explained. And then when a highly placed respected source shares a rumor that an “alien ruler” from the past has returned as the inter-dimensional planet Nibiru is approaching in its 3600 year orbit, one wonders, could this be the reason?

Edward Snowden is alleged to have just made a major new disclosure which if true, could be a game changer and could perhaps make this rumor of Marduk landing in Africa more credible.

And now a new claim has entered the situation.  A recent article (12) from an unvetted source now claims not only has Venezuela granted Edward Snowden asylum, but that Snowden has revealed that the USG and specifically NSA has massive proof UFOs and Aliens exist and “doesn’t know what to do with this information”. Sometimes misinformation sites are used to break real news so that it will be ignored and discredited.  Kind of like using “blown cover” as “cover” in the Intel business.

Stay tuned because in the weeks and months to follow this whole storyline may get even stranger. Veterans Today will likely be the first to break such any such stories which clarify any of these claim one way or the other.


Addendum and Postscript for those who have the time and interest.

Steven Greer MD a great American Hero sets the record straight on actual deep black anti-gravity craft programs of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and associated threats of termination with extreme prejudice (TWEP) for talking about them:

YouTube - Veterans Today -

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Richard Dolan clarifies many of the difficult issues related to the complete abuse and mis-uses of “national security” to protect the “national security state” at the expense of America and Americans.  Certainly the related cover-up and massive asset stripping of Americans is criminal and completely unConstitutional as well as a complete abuse of power. This is perhaps the greatest speech on disclosure ever made by another very great and courageous American Hero.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Stephen Bassett laid out what he believes is the crucial issue of how best for the people to take back control of their government that was given to the Defense Contractor World during the cold-war as it was built up into a massive trillion dollar Secret Shadow Government (SSG).

YouTube - Veterans Today -


The Third Force cannot gain ground when folks are unwilling to harm others and do what is wrong.

The Third Force is only able to gain ground and power as long as humans behave in unnatural ways and violate God Almighty’s laws. Doing what is wrong which essentially is violating the golden rule, harming others, oneself or one’s family or nation is what gives the Third Force a means to invade.

If individuals truly follow the “golden rule” of “treating others as you would like them to treat you”, refuse to be mindkontrolled by the Controlled major Mass media (CMMM), television, video games, maintain their personal character, a commitment to truth and honesty, and maintain their basic human right to self-defense and the defense of their family and nation from outside invaders and any enemy within, this evil onslaught of the Third Force can be stopped.





(3)    Opcit.










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  1. Preston James Ph.D Love this short to the point comment you shared: “Very good points, MK. Yes it seems as if America is being converted to a pariah, a much hated super-fascist state which will be attacked by the rest of the world in years to come after the US Petro dollar is trashed. The average American will be blamed for the crimes against humanity committed by their dual citizen Israeli first zio leaders who hijacked America, unless Americans wake up and take America back.”

    I had to find out this kind of info after 60 + years of not knowing. Thanks for your information you share. The way I began to hear this information about my country was when I ask a com-mentor on a video why people seem to hate American’s? I got my reply and was a very sad American finding out what our so called leaders were up to. So, it is through these type sites like VT that much needed information is coming out Thank you Dr. Preston for your wonderful comments in this section. Nancy L. Bisset Pennsylvania.

  2. This from a guy who believes that Timothy McVeigh blew up the Murrah building with a truck full of fertilizer. Or that millions of jews were gassed then cremated at Auschwitz. You’re fulla Merde.

  3. OK – the just posted vid now unavailable. Try this:


  4. Why Are These Astronomers Dying in Pairs??
    April 28, 2013

    “I’m not sure what to make of all the Nibiru (Planet X) talk, but I still find these deaths in pairs to be far too coincidental. I stumbled across a similar story a while back of an article detailing a high quantity of highly mysterious deaths of microbiologists from all over the world over a very short time frame. A google search for “microbiologists mysterious deaths” brings up quite a few results for that story. ~BK”

  5. @Tomer, Preston, and all others:

    Symbols of an Alien Sky

    Symbols of an Alien Sky” Episode 2

    Thunderbolts of the Gods Full Documentry

    Richard C. Hoagland of Enterprise Mission shared his analysis of the strange hexagon (photos & video) observed on Saturn by the Cassini probe. The hexagon is made of ammonia clouds (stretching 25,000 kilometers across) that race around as though they were on a huge hexagonal racetrack, he detailed.

    The structure is an example of “hyperdimensional physics,” and there is a similar formation around the North Pole of Jupiter, he added.

    Disclaimer: I don’t know with absolute certainty what the real truth is, but I can look/research/read with discernment/critical thinking and connect the dots to piece the puzzle together – the only hope to escape the matrix of lies that has been oh so carefully constructed for us. We must STOP BELIEVING THE LIES!

    I’m inclined to believe that the new kingdom that Jesus talked about is the same new world (aka new world order) that our planet is in the midst of transistioning to – 4th Density – the next level of conscious evolution and is a part physical/part etheral realm of existence. 1st through 3rd Densities are all completely physical. This is why Jesus the TEACHER (not a god/son of god but enabled by 6th density STO pure etheral entities) will return in the “new kingdom” of 4th density to help humanity cope and adjust to this part etheral/part physical reality. Needless to say, the “evil doers” are pulling out all the stops to ensure they are still in charge in this literal NEW WORLD – imho.

  6. Skipped ahead w/o reading all the comments yet – @wolf and all others:
    Please see David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill Thunderbolts of the Gods. They have an excellent video re the ancient sky re the planets/comets Saturn (the exemplary sun)/Venus/Mars conjunction which dominated overhead that are the true source of all the gods/myths. I would provide the link but am on a different computer that doesn’t have my recent history. Saturn is El – and probably source of Elohim – also the Nike swoosh (think rings of Saturn). The video put almost all the pieces together and made so much sense! Some of what was brought out I had learned of from other sources – especially crossroads/crosses. It’s uncanny how it all fits and ties into religion/Christianity. Explains why kings wore crowns and the radiance of Christ and others considered holy; also the mountain aspect.

    I don’t believe Christ was divine, a product of virgin birth, or was crucified and resurrected, but I do believe ‘divine’ providence was involved in his earthly existence and that he was here for a specific purpose and that he made and is still making a far greater sacrifice in the service of humanity than crucifixion. Like everything else, his story was co-opted/corrupted for sinister purposes and I believe all religions are the ultimate control system.

    I will again direct people to the books of John Keel for factual info re transdimensionals/hyperdimensional entities that duped humanity into making a selfish/service to self choice that resulted in ‘the fall’ and has colored our entire existence since. It served the ‘aliens’ interest to have us make that choice as it provided a nonstop feast of negative energy/sustenance for them. Psychopaths have aided and abetted this unholy alliance. References to satan/demons/angels are just different words for this whole reality.

    My understanding is earth is in the process of transitioning to fourth density (home turf of the hyperdimensionals and their biorobot grays) from third density and the very long-range plan to ensure they maintain control is in full swing. Our best defense is to SEEK TRUTH with the understanding that everything possible is being done to obscure what the real truth is. That and SERVICE TO OTHERS above all else! Jesus was here to give us the truth and he told us the truth – viewed as a vile superstition by the general populace at the time. Don’t believe the lies that were inserted to make us believe a false reality.

    Keep up the great work Preston and VT writers/staff!

  7. OK, so 3 US Presidents were in Africa at the same time. That is very interesting. But do we really need to drag in the silly Annunaki-Armageddon fairy tales of Zecharia Sitchin, Erich von Daniken, and David Icke? Who gains by that?

    • Nobody needs to wtrite about any of this. But some find it interesting, and this rumor of alien visitations and treaties is believed by high ranking retired militray and intel who are very credible and have been reluctant or completely unwilling to talk about this until just recently. That alone makes such a rumor interesting to some. If not interested the easy cure is don’t read the article at all, just find another one you are interested in. VT covers quite a wide range of subjects from actual events in real time to esoteric like this.

    • There have been a couple of these conspiracies going on. The Nazis first made contact with the vestiges of previous civilizations that came here from elsewhere. That lead to their active pursuit of interaction with these beings and their absorption into a war economy. When the Nazis were brought to the USA ostensibly as “scientists” but really to build up the nascent CIA, they brought this connection with them. Everything that has transpired since that time has been the result of the efforts of the Nazi-cronies to implement the 4th REICH with their alien cohorts. I ONLY HOPE THAT THE USA WON’T EXPERIENCE THE SAME FATE AS GERMANY. Right now, our leadership is looking for their ticket off this rock because they know that when the people figure out what has happened and the extent of their betrayal…the leaders responsible will become lamp post decorations. Unfortunately for these pinheads, they will be relegated to the scrap heap when their services are no longer needed. They just don’t get that yet.
      The leadership actually convinced themselves that they would be able to leave the earth while we were slaughtered and reduced and then return as the NEW GODS OF GENESIS. Sorry, boys, these beings don’t share the power…you will find yourselves as the main course for some state dinner in the big blue yonder.

    • Very good points, MK. Yes it seems as if America is being converted to a pariah, a much hated super-fascist state which will be attacked by the rest of the world in years to come after the US Petro dollar is trashed. The average American will be blamed for the crimes against humanity committed by their dual citizen Israeli first zio leaders who hijacked America, unless Americans wake up and take America back.

  8. This is very good writing and very funny. Perhaps you could do standup comedy like Bill Hicks. The best comedy is always based on elements of the truth. Yes, his brother had a nose like a vacuum cleaner (his own words), but he sucked quite a bit into his too. The didn’t call him “slick Willie” for nothing.

    • We would all be relieved if that turned out to be true after the US Army invaded Area 51, Papoose lake, and opened yup all the secret DUMBs and secretr files publicly in real time. This needs to be done and we need to take America back from the foreign offshore entities run out of the City of London who have hijacked Amnerican Intel and used secrecy and national security to rob us blind and buld up a huge parasite, the Secret Shadow Govet. which is asset stripping Americans of all wealth bit by bit.

      I suspect however that there are far too many reliable military brass and USG officials who can prove otherwise and the recovered secret docs will prove their claims. But the key here is these foreign invaders have no legal right to hijack our monetary system and our Intel and buy off almost all our politricians who are worhless human beings with no character (40-70% are human compromised pedophiles according to LE and a confidential FBI informant). It’s time for Americans and our military to work with Americans to take America back and adjudicate all these traitors and Oath breakers as well as the dual citizens zios infiltrators who hijacked DHS. No more secret society memberships and term limits for all politicians, and free mass media airtime for all candidates who reach a certain small but significant petition level.

  9. When I read the last two paragraphs, I have to wonder if the spiritual teacher known as Jesus the Christ wasn’t totally aware of the real nature and intentions of the ‘Third Force’. Unfortunately the thrust of his ministry seems to have been co-opted for the most part by those who would use ‘religion’ as a means of mind control and a stealth means to advance the ultimate tenets of the NWO (Christian Zionism for example).

    Could his ‘second coming’ be more an awakening within each of us…like a Christ consciousness, more so than a literal appearance of a bearded guy in white shiny robes descending from the clouds?

    I have been fascinated by the Edgar Cayce readings in which Cayce validates the reality of reincarnation of souls back into this plane of existence and goes on to explain that ‘Jesus’ had been here many times, the first time as Adam.

    And how does one explain the story of creation as presented in the Old Testament with scripture such as: “Let US create man in OUR own image” etc? Some researchers believe that mankind was genetically engineered by the Annunaki to serve as slaves in their mining operations. Who am us anyway?

    • Well put. Even Christ clearly said that John the Baptist was the reincarnation of the prophet Elijah, although he didn’t use the word “reincarnation”. And I agree that “the second coming” is a metaphor for the workings of Karma and spiritual awakening.

    • I know very little about the Bible, Genesis 1:27 essentially states: So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

      Actually God created souls in his own image which means a spiritual image not a silly human body. This might upset some Christians but God the creator of the universe doesn’t live in a billions of years old human body, all souls have been in existence for millions of years only live in a silly human body while on earth. Their mission, even if they don’t like it, is to perfect their soul, to get rid of their earthly desires, realize they’re spiritual beings and become one with God.

      “Q: Mr. Cayce, what is the soul of a body? A: That which the Maker gave to every entity or individual in the beginning, and which is seeking the home again or place of the Maker. All souls were created in the beginning, and are finding their way back to whence they came. Q: Where does the soul go when fully developed? A: To its Maker.”


      God is a Creative Force or Intelligent Force, a massive energy making up the entire Cosmos.

    • Romans 1:26-27 (NIV)
      26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

      As far as Obomba, I hear he did a massive deal for G.E. to bring electricity to Africa. Which would figure as he’s shutting everything down here.

    • Suggest you take a look at the socialist UN Agenda 21 “sustainable development” before the lights go out. A police state is absolutely necessary to enact this “transformation”.

      This appears to be directly related to our nations are being asset stripped and economies trashed. search for – fellowshipofminds agenda 21 map

    • Brian, if you google Genesis 1:26 you will see that all of the various translations describe ‘God the creator’ as plural. e.g. “Let US make mankind in OUR image…etc”

      “Every place you see the word ‘God’ in Genesis, replace it with the word Elohim, the original word used. In several cases when the leader of the Elohim is addressing the other ‘Gods’, it has been rendered in English as “the Lord God”; it should be read as “the Leader of the Gods”.

      The word Elohim is dominant in the five Books of Moses, generally known as the Pentateuch or as the Elohist Tradition, in which ‘Elohim’ rather than ‘Yahweh’ was used to refer to the Creators. In Hebrew, the term ‘El’, stemming from the Akkadian word “Ilu”, was a generic term for a God or Deity, and ‘Elohim’, being it’s plural literally meant ‘the gods’.

      The Elohim were also known by the Hebrews as the Anakim, which is a derivative form of the Sumerian word ‘Anunnaki’. Anakim was used by the Hebrews exactly as the Sumerians used Anunnaki, when referring, collectively, to the race of Gods.

      When talking of a specific God the Hebrews used “El” normally in a context such as “El Shaddai”, which means God of the mountain or any specific title. In Hebrew Elohim and Anakim are often confused, even by “experts” with the Nephilim. The Nephilim is the term employed to describe the children of a union between people of the race of Anakim and Humans a “Demi-God” if you will.”
      (from ****

    • Genesis 1:26 if an interesting text, here is another interpretation:

      Explain Genesis 1:26 regarding God making man in our image. The word “our” image refers to the plurality of the godhead. Just as the Bible speaks of a man and woman becoming “one flesh”, so God is one with three distinct personsGod the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit.


      Brian: This seems to be consistent with other sources but I don’t have expertise on the Bible; you have an interesting interpretation and more knowledge about the Bible than I do..

    • Ah the Bible – a travesty of deception and a masterpiece of revelation.

      “However, in the cities of the nations the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes.”
      –Deuteronomy 20:16

      Permission to genocide the Palestinians for example? Doesn’t sound like the words of a loving Lord Godhead to me. Maybe more like the instructions of a “Leader of the Gods”?

  10. Thanks for another superb article Preston. It’s as if we give them consent to do this with our collective conscious being negative. No wonder they practice all these messed up rituals. To kill the conscious. Once that is done you might as well be ruled (or eaten) by them as you have just gave them consent. They get us do do it to ourselves. It all ties in with the abduction issue as well. The war on the consciousness directly attacks all of our ability to create, through love, not lust. Another reason why the family unit has been systematically degraded over time. I guess I understand why some say, “if only I was making this up”. Thanks Preston.

    • You make a very good point on the rituals giving consent. I hadn’t realized it in that way before. Thanks for this very important insight. Obviously you have done a very good job connecting the dots. this concept of consent elicited through luciferian rituals sold and accepted by the public through the media is one that merits a whole series of articles. I gues that idea is related to the recent boycott of pesi over using flavoring derived from aborted human fetuses. It was reported that due to the pressure of this boycott, Pepsi just officially announced it has now discontinued this obscene practice. just one more example of the rise of populism and power of the new “conscience-collective” of the alternative Interbnnet media. Good insight, Peter, I think you are on to something. Some researchers had suggested that the use of human fetal cells were being used in vaccines and flavoring to “put a spell” on humans consumers and bring them under the “power of the flesh” run by lucifer.

    • Wouldn’t this practice fit also with wanting to change the I call god-design of man to a creation of their own and doing so by changing DNA through methods such as TSA that this scanning is a lot more to this then an invasion of your body at the airport. That in these scannings they are changing our DNA. Also in the scanning at the grocery store, when you scan your foods, you are changing the molecular structure of the product. A Whole lot more going on than meets the eye.

      Preston James, Phd great great article and thoughts here. Thank you for your contributions to my knowledge. 🙂

    • Another interesting thing that I, and I’m sure some of us heard, was that Africa along with the U.S. has been monitored for a while as to the maximum agricultural output in order to feed a massive influx of human looking people into these locations. Now as “bat shit crazy” as it sounds its disturbing when we hear it from credible sources, and the reaction is like, huh? What struck me about this was the locations, north America and Africa. I’m sure you’ve seen the infamous murals at the satanic center of north America, in Denver, at the Denver airport. Look at the people in the coffins, more specifically the races of them. One native American, one I guess is supposed to be a native from africa and a child in the other. I couldn’t help but think that in order for this colonization to begin, the would need the ultimate demise on the INDIGENOUS peoples of the area. And throughout our history there has been a constant attack on those peoples. And indigenous peoples of all “nationalities” or better put their identities.

    • Actually, they have to get control over RH negatives…because they are from the OTHER GROUP that was here before…in competition with these creeps. Most native Americans are RH negative (o neg to be exact)

    • That’s also why they work so hard promoting our worst artists, musicians and writers and even harder destroying or marginalizing someone with talent or something worth hearing.

      Destruction by negation is a good way to put it. Deep down, they’re terrified of talented people, because they have so little of it.

    • Yes Yes Yes. DaveE 🙂 I feel personally that many of our classic artists were taken out of the Matrix because of their music having an awakening effect that the few we label the controllers, did not want happening. The experiments using the bands to name two Beatles, Grateful Dead as musical experiments on we the unsuspecting American’s. John Lennon was powerful. His music, Jimi Hendrix and oh so many others were reaching to the Hearts of mankind. Lennon’s wife a banker’s daughter from Japan, hmm was she John’s Handler? Oh so many unanswered questions. Research so important. The truth is all out here for mankind to find, but we must each do our own work.

      I see music being used in a method called “The Total Sound Resonance.” Using every artist genre visual,music, poetry, music Vids with artistic expressions and pictures on and on, to have a mass awakening. The Mother Earth Music of Nature has gone Flat. It must balance with the masculine energy. The Music standard was changed from 432Hz to 440Hz why? Because even tho the distance between these two are only 8 points the 440Hz music I read could be used to bring interference like unrest and anxiety feelings to the public using this Hz and music. I believe the 432Hz is a Natural frequency. Like changing from Analog is Natural to all digital is man created. And for musicians unless you can afford an expensive digital recorder, when you record on a cheap version, you will not record the full sine wave. So the music will not touch your Soul within, like the analog recording would in 432Hz.. So say, meditating music can be hijacked by the Few and by using the right tools, can remove the frequencies that were awakening those when the artists used the analog equipment. Just a small part of how the music is messed with.

      Love this new thought brought into this blogg and Yoo Hoo. Preston James PhD man, why don’t you think on covering this Music in one of your great shares of knowledge? 🙂 Just think about it. This is truly grabbing at me knowing what I was told to tell musicians I meet along the way. A very important subject to discuss in great depth. Ok. Thanks for at least considering this request.:-) Just exciting.

    • Nancy did you see KilluminatiThe Movie part 6? There is a whole section on the 432hz and how it ties into the number 9 code, vortex based math, flower of life, Fibonacci and time.

    • Peter so beautiful said. All people have to do is study how social engineering is done. Within the research I have done how the family is attacked. Clever scheme, done so subtlly over the eons mankind had no idea it was being hijacked through our minds. MK Ultra a big tool in these agendas.

      I could be a model poster child for the success of this Social Engineering done over 60 years for me. I have a helping hand from the U.K. that is helping me deprogram from this conditioning through the invention of organized religion, and education, TV and the CMMM the greatest achievement of the CIA, “Controlled Major Mass Media.” Which tells mankind that the military (MISC– CIA–DOD–NSA-DHS) and the tri-letter agencies that are to be our protectors are really like a clone to the east german stasi. Sad to say but aren’t all of our liberties being taken away? I loved the Richard Cottrell ‘Gladio Terror Axis’ VT few months ago, for in that interview with Richard said, “The Purpose of the DHS is to destroy the American Republic and beat American Citizens down so they can be completely stripped and then mass murdered.” So is this meeting in Africa a Next Step in the depopulation= sustainability of agenda 21? Bush Sr. 1992 was our US Representative when this I think was called the Earth Summit was held with the UN. Sure sounds like this could be the reason for these three meeting (so far away where Aids was created in a BIO Lab years ago (probably only a couple hours from my own home) and given to the unsuspecting people in Africa that thought they were getting a vaccine to help in one of their many medical crises. Aids spread and became a deadly ‘Man Created Bio-War against humanity by a man called Gallo’s that has been cleverly hidden from us.”

      Hollywood an arm of the MISC used to lie what Love really is, NOT lust. First I heard someone here mention this truth Love is not Lust. It is so sad hearing young people searching for a mate to Love them. When I ask what love means to them, they really cannot answer this. For love cannot be explained, it has to be experienced. NOT hollywood style either.

      Well this story Preston James is something mankind can see a great example of this cover-up scheme of covering the truth of an event with lots of gossip and bull crap cover stories like the Annunaki and Marduke tales. It would be funny if not so sad the truth of this kind of mis dis information, flooding the internet with such bull so it takes you away from what is really going on and takes the FOCUS off the truth. One of the great social engineered things I am deprogramming from. Thanks Peter refreshing comment.

    • “lots of gossip and bull crap cover stories like the Annunaki and Marduke tales”

      I don’t think you can write off the planet’s oldest written records that easily which are the Babylonian clay tablets. Can we write off the pyramid of Giza as a cover story? Wolf seems to have done his home work on some of this and has made some very good comments.

  11. What further do you have on this statement preston, “triangular CIA center built in Johannesburg”. Any images of this and perhaps a google map location within Johannesburg.

    Those three letter alphabet agencies are of the triangle and should be considered nefarious and dangerous to humans.

  12. We think alike, preston and I.

    The Israel flag is the combination triangle pointed up representing the power we don’t see in control. The triangle pointed down is human subjugation and women use the downward triangle sign as servant to the master. Together they call it the star of david but some slaves know better and that’s not what it is.

    We, are owned and controlled by the triangle brotherhood of the serpent.

    George Soros uses the upward triangle hand signage when photographed and speaking. As a jewish holohoax kid, he admits working for the nazi taking property from jews in order to survive. Obviously his dedication paid off handsomely

    I see commercials on the tv where women use the downward triangle hand signage as they speak. That must be the cue to buy this product as demanded from the master.

    The triangle brotherhood of the serpent runs the show and they are beginning to show themselves as being involved in human affairs. Who moves across this planet with impunity as they use strategies to crush all nations who stand up to their fury.

    You know who, if you have what it takes to speak out loud and fight back.

    • Through fire and ice.
      Through famine and disaster.
      We serve the serpent, our one, true master.

      We conspire by day, advance by night.
      No human being shall evade our might.

      excerpt above from BROTHERHOODOFTHE SNAKE dot com

      The original uncorrupted Brotherhood engaged in a pragmatic program of spiritual education. The organization’s approach was scientific, not mystical or ceremonial. The subject of the spirit was considered to be as knowable as any other science. It seems that the Brotherhood possessed a considerable body of accurate spiritual data, but it had not succeeded in developing a complete route to spiritual freedom prior to its defeat.

      The derailment of spiritual knowledge in Egypt was caused by the corruption of the Brotherhood of the Snake, to which the pharaohs and priests belonged. After its reported defeat thousands of years ago by its Custodial enemies, the Brotherhood continued to remain dominant in human affairs, but at the cost of becoming a Custodial tool. To understand how the corrupted Brotherhood began to distort spiritual truth and perpetuate theological irrationality.

  13. For what it’s worth, I’ve had FOUR UFO sightings in the last month. Two might have been explainable as Chinese lanterns for the holidays, bright orange and moving slowly, although they were VERY high in altitude which usually negates Chines lanterns.

    But the other two DEFINITELY had anti-gravity and anti-inertia technology, absolutely unmistakable.

    I spend a lot more time than most looking at the sky than most and our skies are clear most of the time, but still, there’s somethin’ strange goin’ on.

  14. Don’t worry about Marduk or any of the Annunaki

    56:30 mins
    Q: Another station reported that the reason Obama and Clinton are in Africa is to pay respects to Marduk, a returning Annunaki
    Any truth to that rumour?

    S: No, they may have been in Africa …. [inaudible]…. Marduk, but as far as Marduk returning, no.
    There is no truth to any of the Annunaki coming back. They’re not coming back.
    Not Marduk, not any of the other ones either

    T: If they are, they are likely renegades and not really representing the Annunaki as a group who have mostly dropped their conquest tendencies.

    S: They’ll be lucky to get past the Federation … [inaudible] in the first place

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