Zimmerman Innocent – Huffington Post Wants Him Lynched



 Liberal Media, Expecting a Not Guilty Verdict, Tries to Ignite Race Riots

“Jury Let’s Trayvon Martin Killer Go.” …Huffington Post pretend-a-journalist  Jermaine Spradley

       … by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor


I got confused this evening when rebooting my computer and AOL came up with a breaking headline that “Jurors find Zimmerman not guilty”. 

I thought I had clicked on the link but a story came up about the jury asking for clarification. So I went back and repeated the process with the same result.

On try number three what I finally found was a Huffington Post headline by Jermaine Spradley, yes he is black, which read…”George Zimmerman Not Guilty: Jury Lets Trayvon Martin Killer Go?”

Ouch there brother Jermaine, I think you and AOL are reading off of different dictionaries regarding what the words ‘Not Guilty’ mean.  Your headline fit right in with the other who were priming the race riot pumps in anticipation of the prosecution’s case going down in flames which we all watched happen this past weeks.

We were shocked to see the judge try to taint the jury by slipping in the option of a child abuse charge in a last attempt to tag Zimmerman with something. I can’t wait to hear what the jury’s reflections are going to be about that. I expect them to be devastating.

But pretend-a-journalist Spradley was not working alone this week on trying to stir up nationwide race riots. At least one top law enforcement official went public that they ‘expected’ race riots if Zimmerman was found not guilty.

I have been around long enough to read the tea leaves of signaling that ‘it’s OK to riot and attack random white people over the Zimmerman case because “we will just blame it all on white racism.”

The kiddie photo that mass media ‘seeded’ the story with initially

The case stank from the beginning with obvious stoking of racial tensions from the first day. All the public saw fora  long time was a kiddie picture taken years ago of Trayvon.  I did not see a ‘real’ photo of him until a day about which I have shared with you today.

He was not a kid, but a strong muscular young man who stood taller than Zimmerman. But the media got away with the overt mis-impression.

I would guess that 99% of the public is still unaware that the police chief that was dismissed early in the case was actually the police chief for security in the school system.

Why? Well when checking into our angelic Trayvon we find that the chief decided to rig a nice decline in the juvenile crime statistics by ordering his officers to cut way back on student criminal reports being filed with the real police.

When Trayvon cut class one day to rob a house a few blocks away he was stopped and searched by a school police officer on a vandalism case where he had been caught on the school cameras tagging a locker with a magic maker.

When it was searched his bag contained an ‘above average’ amount of jewelery and a screw driver that could have been used to jimmy a cheap apartment lock.

Mass media hid this photo as it showed how big Trayvon was, longer arms and taller than Zimmerman. It would have had the public asking why the kiddie picture was used so long. We know why? Because it had all those little black kids wearing Trayvon identity hoods, that’s why. It was a psy ops, and it worked perfectly.

As directed, the school officer did not file a criminal report for suspected stolen property so it could have been checked against the recent robbery reports. The victim that Martin robbed had to wait a long time to get their property back. The attempt to lynch Zimmerman had gotten in the way.

Next we had the prosecutor in the case hiding the photos made during Zimmerman’s arrests, his face wounds, and more importantly the wounds to the back of his head from having it slammed into the concrete by the little kiddie boy who really wasn’t a kiddie boy.

The prosecutor was in an election and I suspect she knew her participation in the Zimmerman lynching would carry her over the finish line. Professional misconduct charges should have been filed against her long ago, so now the lynch mob blood spatters are on those who looked the other way.

Mass media seemed to have trouble finding and publishing this photo of Zimmerman’s head. It does not jive with the image of the big brute white guy shooting a kiddie boy in cold blood.

What surprised me all along is how ridiculous the whole thing had been.

If Zimmerman had been black and the kid white, all of the same crowd, from Obama on down would have sided with the black Zimmerman on day one and screaming race, race, race if he had been indicted…without knowing any of the facts.

Reverse racism in America does not trouble itself with facts. We have had below the radar race going on int this country for decades…just not the one people have been propagandized about.

It is the black on white race war, an epidemic of black on white violent crime including a huge disparity in the black on white rape rate which is off the charts.

The federal crime reports statistics are published every year, but our free media miraculously NEVER reports them to the public. For years now I have not met a single black person that had any idea about them. They were oblivious, and I must say, not too happy that I had taken that away from them as they would have preferred really not to know.

Atlanta still has a problem with under age prostitution – the legacy lives on

Here in Atlanta we had a local version of this sacrificing the truth to keep the fairy tale alive. For years Atlanta was the under age prostitution capital of the country during our black administrations.

It seems that the city fathers put the word out to the cops out that they did not want a lot of underage prostitution arrests made as that would create some embarrassing statistics.

Word got out quickly nationwide and pimps flocked here, the safe haven for teen pimping, to buy young black girls to take to other cities.

It got so outrageous that the pimps began having their annual ball here, yes…called the Pimps’ Ball, and they were very flashy, too…with lots of media coverage. The black city fathers still did nothing.

So finally the Feds moved in and broke the story on charges of transporting a minor across a state line for sex. There were indictments, trials and convictions, and the local paper did some very sad stories about the lives of these unfortunate young black girls, mostly from broken homes who hit the streets to lead an ‘alternative’ lifestyle.

Here is an new excerpt from those times:

“She [the victim] was sitting [wearing] a jumpsuit with shackles around her ankles. She was age 10 and being charged with prostitution. The john — such a kind name for the people who rape our daughters — pimp or trafficker wasn’t being charged. I had to do something,” says Williams.

None of the black city father’s heads rolled…not a one. If city government had been white and this had been happening to young black girls the civil rights phonies would have been screaming bloody murder. But, as usual, they gave themselves an affirmative action pass. I had nothing but contempt for them, and still do. They were phonies down to the soles of their shoes.

The black community was ruthlessly manipulated with the Zimmerman-Martin case, but they were also willing participants

I share this with you today as there are still those around who would like to bring the good ole days back…”the white man always evil”…”black man always the victim”.

Frankly, that mentality is a kind of mental crack, and when the Zimmerman case broke with its instant racial staging, it was like passing ounce bags of crack out in the parking lot after a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. They all just went nuts.

And like the black city fathers they did not give a hoot for the poor young black girls having their lives destroyed so the phonies did not have to deal with an embarrassing issue, so too was Zimmerman selected to get the Aztec treatment.

The only difference was the Atlanta Journal Constitution eventually did what they were supposed to do. This time, with Zimmerman, the media were with the pimps. The idea of having another Pimp’s Ball that would breath new life into the sails of reverse racism which have been greatly trimmed by court decisions in the last two decades.

Brother Jermaine Spradley

If there are race riots, I hope someone does what they are supposed to do to people who incite them. That is actually against the law, and one could consider it to be a terroristic threat.

I sure hope the gansta brothers have not been watching those al-Nusra beheading videos, not the chopping off ones but those where they cut people’s heads off with a knife, slowly.

I think Spradley is way more dangerous than George Zimmerman. He did not murder anyone, nor was there any proof submitted that he wanted to. But bother Spradley has me worried. One does not light a match in a powder room unless they want something bad to happen.

Dear pretend-a-journalist Jermaine Spradley, if there is one death I will be turning your name in right away, and the names of your editors. Be sure to send me your expose on the black on white Race War when you finish it. I will be dying to read it…maybe literally.


Race War Post Script … 07-14-13   9:04am

A recent Race War example that Huffington Post and Spradley will never publish as an example of Race hatred in America.


The randomly selected Mr. Carter Strange (below) was another one of the countless white victims that political correctness feels are justifiable sacrifices for not ‘blemishing’ the civil rights movement. And why…to keep while folks in their place?…to show them them that this is ‘allowed’ to go on under the radar as ‘payback for slavery’?

There are laws regarding aiding and abetting crimes, and the ongoing Race War has the full support of our political class, until it hits their family, which it rarely does.

Columbia SC’s NAACP has not been having marches calling for their people to stand up to the black thugs and stop the black on white Race War…to fight back against the “climate of hate” by young black men.

Black preachers do not rail on black parents who take no responsibility for what their kids do. Academics do not ask for funding to study what went wrong with the Civil Right movement where this sad legacy continues to stain it with its growing pile of bodies, funerals and hospital bills. Tourist travel warnings are never issued against communities where this is rampant, and swept under the rug.

Like the poor young black prostitutes of Atlanta, they are written off as the cost of doing business by the heartless phonies who carjacked the Civil Rights mantel. The King family, Ebeneezer church, none of them did anything to protect these girls. The Feds had to do it.

But the Feds are not perfect. Take the FBI for instance. They track the victims and perpetrators of hate crimes by race but they game the numbers, similar to how the Sanford school system police chief rigged the improvement in juvenile crimes stats simply by not filing the reports.

When a Hispanic is a victim of a hate crime they accordingly go into the Hispanic victim column. But when the perpetrator is Hispanic the tooth fairy suddenly appears on the scene, sprinkles some magic dust, and the the Hispanic becomes ‘white’ and goes into the white perp column, inflating white hate crime stats by about 20%. Isn’t that special!

The FBI has no problem with this. If you want to experience some amazing double talk, call them in DC and ask them to explain their rationale to this. The other major way they rig the numbers is by having the attacks by black gangs on whites where their is no robbery never considered to be motivated by hate.

Such a thought seems incomprehensible to the political law enforcement people, almost like a deal was made in a smoke filled room to get the votes of the black Civil Rights leadership by keeping the huge numbers of gang attack hate crimes out of the stats as they would then look…different.

There are no organizations or institutions in America that I can find that seem to have any problem with any of this other than what is generically described as the heritage movement. They are dealt with simply with the bogus racist smear, which again all of America’s institutions do not display an iota of embarrassment or shame for that being an act of hate in itself.

A people trying to get attention that they are being targeted for violent crime is an act of survival. If the Race War stats revealed the main victims to be blacks or Jews, then these same institutions would drop everything else they are doing to launch a Civil Rights Jihad. Obama would order Holder to do a crack down. But that does not happen. And now you know why.


A Columbia blogger report

[Note: As of the last report I saw about this, June 30th, of the eight kids involved only the 18 year old Tyheem Henryhas been arrested. City surveillance cameras picked them up as they continued their crime spree. None of the other seven have been charged. It appears that even girls were involved. That is how they keep the numbers down.

Carter Strange

The media tried to keep this near fatal racially motivated mob attack quiet.  The story has now gotten more attention, but all the “mainstream” news outlets are still heavily CENSORING the story.

Carter Strange was out jogging late at night in Columbia, SC. Eight black males, aged 13-18, attacked and nearly killed him. They did not beat him to rob him. They beat him because they enjoyed inflicting horrible injuries on a random white victim. The mob of vicious thugs were out in Columbia’s popular “Five Points” entertainment district harassing white people. They sought out an isolated white victim to pummel.

This webmaster has personally witnessed mobs of black thugs aggressively harassing young white people in the district as they exit bars and clubs. On warm summer nights, the city dispatches an army of law enforcement to try to protect white residents and tourists from being attacked.

The race of the perpetrators and the motivation for the beating is being completely CENSORED by the so-called “mainstream media.”

Why is the “mainstream media” putting political correctness ahead of public safety? Enough is enough. It is time do demand honesty from the media.



  1. Eric Holder has pretty quickly showed his cards, so we can now see that he wants to use this case to kill the 2nd Amendment. On Tuesday he told the NAACP that it’s time to question “stand your ground” laws like Florida has, never mind the fact that 31 out of 50 states have them. If he has his way, criminals will win, and it will be open season on law-abiding citizens again.

    Holder’s DoJ is out to kill 1st Amendment too. Journalists like Michael Hastings are literally being murdered for telling the truth. And today we find out that the coroner even went so far as to cremate Hastings’ body against the family’s wishes, thus covering up evidence that he was murdered.

  2. Jim, VT joined the media in making hay out of Zimmerman’s father’s “pull”. But nowhere in VT have I seen it mentioned, the fact that Trayvon Martin’s family had tremendous “pull” all the way to the DoJ, which might explain why the DoJ has been behind this case from the beginning.

    Trayvon Martin’s uncle, Ronald Fulton, is on the executive committee of the Community Relations Board (CRB) of Miami-Dade County, which partnered with the DoJ from the very beginning to organize protests, fire the police chief, etc. This March 28, 2012 position paper from the Miami-Dade CRB admits this up front:

    Judicial Watch obtained emails from last year, proving that Ronald Fulton orchestrated things from the start. Why isn’t this getting any attention in the news? The DoJ and Trayvon’s uncle Ronald Fulton are STILL running the show. It’s insane that Eric Holder is using “civil rights” to obstruct justice in this case. Is Holder saying that ONLY BLACK PEOPLE HAVE CIVIL RIGHTS? Because that’s what is coming out of the DoJ, that only blacks have civil rights. What about Zimmerman’s civil rights? After all this time, the evidence shows that Zimmerman wasn’t a racist, but the dead guy and his lady friend were, as was made obvious by their labeling of Zimmerman as a “creepy ass cracka”. Piers Morgan and the media are even lying about what “cracker” means. It means only one thing, “white drunk trailer trash” person, whose pants are falling down and revealing his butt crack.

    It’s worth saying again: Eric Holder and the DoJ believe only black people have civil rights.

    In the meantime, we have poor cities, full of desperate black folk, trying to protect their kids the right way, and the media don’t care about them. Here’s a local example: East St. Louis, Illinois, where they had to lay off up to 1/3 of cops and firefighters when their union talks failed. Black preachers banded together to warn the press that they feared there would be a drastic increase in black-on-black crime in their city, and that more black kids would die. And yes, crime increased, and more black kids are dying. These preachers wanted MORE police protection AGAINST black hoodlums. But that’s not newsworthy.

    • I will add this: Yesterday, Detroit finally filed for bankruptcy, the biggest ever, and now has a chance to fight its way back to greatness. Motown will rise again. I see other cities going that route too, soon. The crime epidemic in cities will just make this process happen faster, as businesses and people flee those cities for their own safety. Blacks are fleeing too. Why doesn’t the DoJ worry about THAT? So maybe that’s another reason DoJ focuses on Trayvon, because they have failed us all, and they have failed the black community most of all.

  3. Frankly I can’t get enough of this as I spent 23 years in the Border Patrol, (retired) . I have heard it all, you just stopped me because I am brown, yada yada. No I stopped you because I have a distinct feeling you just might be an illegal alien yada yada.

    I managed to get through 23 years of it without shooting anybody, so it is not like I was using a uniform to perform any executions. I had a lot of fist fights and wrestling matches also, but never shot anyone. Fortunately I did not need too, I won them all except for some runners I couldn’t catch.

    There is a lot training that goes into shoot or don’t shoot, at least that used to be the case, not so sure any more from what I read about out of control cops ….. you know the kind they hire unless their I.Q. is too high these days. Shooting somebody is can of worms, trials, lots of paper work. (Zimmerman found this out) The agency can be put in a bad light, you can lose your job, live under a bridge. etc etc. There were action screens we shot with wax bullets. You were shown people appearing from nowhere, shooting at you, you had to decide fast however, as a baby carriage could suddenly roll on the screen and then you are not shooting the bad guy but the baby carriage.

    But in short, that is my game, so I know a little about it and I can tell you at least from what I read, that Zman legally shot Tman. For 23 years that was on the cusp of my thoughts, what is legal and what is not legal. We are not discussing here if Zman was the son of the Goldman Sachs people, an organ dealer, pedo or any other number of possibilities, the key is can you shoot someone who jumps out of the bushes and begins beating your head in the pavement. The answer is simple, yes you can and that is why the jury found him innocent.

  4. It is easy to see why this country is in trouble just reading the comments here. It may not have been wise for Zimmerman to follow they guy but it is not against the law, they did have a neighborhood watch program and there had been some crime in the area. It is legal to carry a gun in Florida, stand your ground is legal whether or not some of you wish to see a disarmed America or not.

    What is not legal is jumping out of the bushes and attacking someone by beating their head on the pavement, whether you like being followed or not. This is what instigated the violence to begin with. What do some of you recommend when your head is being beat into the pavement as the pictures clearly (CLEARLY) shows? Say your prayers?

    Maybe some of you missed this, Martin obviously had moral problems and criminal tendencies. In view of this below, it is difficult to say what he may have been capable of. If he is out robbing houses, he was a violent criminal. What is so hard to understand about the information below?

    “When Trayvon cut class one day to rob a house a few blocks away he was stopped and searched by a school police officer on a vandalism case where he had been caught on the school cameras tagging a locker with a magic maker.
    When it was searched his bag contained an ‘above average’ amount of jewelery and a screw driver that could have been used to jimmy a cheap apartment lock.

    Next we had the prosecutor in the case hiding the photos made during Zimmerman’s arrests, his face wounds, and more importantly the wounds to the back of his head from having it slammed into the concrete by the little kiddie boy who really wasn’t a kiddie boy.”

    There is also a recent case in Indiana where a young white waitress in her 20s left work with 85 dollars in tip money. Four blacks not only stole it but murdered her by shooting her in the back with a 12 gauge shotgun. She left a small son behind. This received no national media coverage as cases like this never seem to. This is all by media design and much of the bad feeling results from many blacks who refuse to face or acknowledge this.

    • Some seem to have a selective outrage when the circumstances do not fit their agenda such as Lendman and Huffington Post. Below is a short synopsis of what is happening daily and yet we see no media outrage from such as the slime at Huffington post raging on about it. It is all calculated and the mouth breathers who buy into it, I can assure you I have nothing but contempt for you.

      July 15th 2013
      Mathew and Andrew Bohannon 19 and 24 years old, killed when a black man fired into their car outside of the Golden Coral in Jacksonville, Florida.

      Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said Sunday that 42-year-old Myron T. Williams should be arraigned Monday in Grosse Pointe Park Municipal Court. Sebrina Gianino was found slain May 15, and Williams was quickly identified as a person of interest. He was a black neighbor who killed Sebrina by strangling her..

      Anybody seen Keith? Detectives have identified Keith Brown, 22, of Indianapolis as the shooter who killed Jimmy Fesler, 37, of Indianapolis on Friday, June 28, 2013. Keith is described as being 6-feet-tall, weighing approximately 180 pounds

      Troy Stevenson, 18, Lorenzo Young, 18 and a 16-year-old, Columbia Police Chief Ruben Santiago said Monday afternoon. All three have been charged with murder, kidnapping, attempted armed robbery and various other crimes, Santiago said. The juvenile, who is related to one of the suspects, will be tried as an adult. The chief said Stevenson and Young are documented gang members. “That’s what these gang members did, they committed a murder,” said Santiago. The body of 33-year-old Kelly L. Hunnewell was discovered by a neighbor early Monday morning inside a bakery at 93 Tommy Circle

      Eleanor Hayes will never forget the terrifying words. “He said, ‘Take your clothes off, I’m going to rape you.’” The 77-year-old woman was inside her home in Upland, Pa. around 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday. Suddenly, she says, she heard a knock at the door. She was greeted by a man who asked to use her phone. Hayes, who has a bad back and was unable to defend herself, said the man threatened to rape her and began to shove her. That’s when, police say, Doug Scott, an Upland firefighter, noticed the commotion. Scott says he happened to be looking out of the window of his firehouse, located only a few feet away. Scott’s presence was enough to scare him.

      Robert Earl Walter could have received, following his conviction on June 27 by a Bossier Parish jury. 32-year-old April Fulgham, a wife and mother of two, was fatally shot inside her office at the Lexington Place Apartments last October. Walter, who had been fired as a maintenance man at the complex just days before, never denied shooting Fulghum.”

    • “young white waitress in her 20s left work with 85 dollars in tip money.”

      Dub, please contact me from my bio-page so I can look more up on this case. Thanks.

    • I was not there but there is a witness that stated they saw Martin on top of Zimmerman beating his head into the pavement. Where do you get your information from that this was not the case? Is there some testimony I missed or do you just dream up scenarios?

      Zimmerman may not be a guy I would want to have a beer with either but we are talking about the legality of the situation. No need to get hysterical.

    • See pic
      How did the guy’s lip and nose get bashed in?


  5. I wasn’t there, and I know how the mainstream news slants the story to fit the need. Sad someone died. Sad someone will live with the memory of killing another.
    The police chief in the town lost his job because he would not take action. Did he feel there was not enough evidence at that time, as the jury found in the end?
    The criminal record or past activities of the victim is not important, until the confronting attitude appears. This attitude is how Martin ended up on top of Zimmerman. Wouldn’t anyone who feels their life is in danger take some sort of action?
    If the black power erupts and violence breaks out, it would a magnified reaction as Martin had to Zimmerman. When it would’ve been so easy to turn a walk away, the attitude chose to become the aggressor.
    What can we expect in a world where TV shows fights in cages between women and men, where rap music preaches violence, rapes, killing, macabre acts to humans, gun toting macho thugs and pimps selling women, then disposing of them, hands on pubic areas, pants down around their testicular areas, and lack of solid mores of society with conflicting gods and hatred for truths, what can be expected of today’s youths? Not black, not white, not Hispanic. Just how we allowed our society from Washington D.C., to the home front to poison our nurturing youth. Sad, but typical of today’s machoism and BS.
    You said it all Mr.l Dean, as usual, and in dire need of saying. Thanks!

    • Do you think in this changing screwed up world, your police will have to take up arms? To some cultures, violence is just a way of life everywhere.

  6. It’s perfectly understandable why any thugs (of any race) intending to attack someone would ambush them outside such places. Because of many state laws, they KNOW it’s far more likely their intended victims leaving such places are unarmed and less able to defend their lives.

    Criminals know that gun laws in most states make “bars and clubs” gun-free zones even for those with permits…and law-abiding people won’t carry inside those places.

    Note: and this is a key point…I’m not talking about the “rightness or wrongness” of guns in bars and clubs, I’m talking only about what the criminals know ahead of time about their victims when planning their attacks.
    From the article, “This webmaster has personally witnessed mobs of black thugs aggressively harassing young white people in the district as they exit bars and clubs.”

    • TJ will no longer be posting as he has been banned for repeated comment violations and all his comments erased. We were patient, very much so as he had been a long time contributor. We are not going to let anyone who disagrees with the comment etiquette to continue posting. No one gets to make their own rules here as we want to treat everybody the same.

      You all know we run a more open comment section for a platform our size with a very tiny staff. That requires that everybody work with us. Those who refuse, we then have to part ways.

    • Damn. And I missed his ‘last straw’ offending comment.

      TJ, if you’re reading, my advice is to move out of that shthole known as the LA basin before the whole system goes down. It’s gonna get especially ugly in those environs.

    • Oh it wasn’t one last comment. It was a whole bunch of them. He just paid not attention to the basic decorum if he was not in the mood to. The mind set for that is what we call ‘the chat room’…where people say whatever they want and they don’t care whether anyone likes it or not. A handful of those people destroy and comment board as they must move from article to article having their never ending battles, where our job is to provide an audience. We are not here to be a chat room doormats.

    • homunculus, No body every reads past comments. In fact despite the treasures we have in our almost 25,000 article archive almost no one goes there. So they are in effect a time capsule to be opened down the road someday. We erase people going off the sie simply as house cleaning, to clear out some space.

      It is nothing personal with TJ. He just wouldn’t pay attention and he had a bunch of them the other day in the spam folder and I decided I am not going to waste my time doing this any more.

  7. Well done Jim – honest reporting in a thoroughly dishonest media world. It will take massive injections of wake up truth – and the closing down of all mass media lie machines – to change this warped perception of reality in peoples minds.

  8. **https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i53qJr3WLO8

    Thank you for this article once again, Mr. Dean. I’ve been following and posting about this disturbing reality
    for two and a half years. People MUST learn about this, and more importantly TALK about it.

    • This is the one I was searching for but could not find. Please take a listen…


  9. “So why place so much emphasis on race in your excellent rebuttal instead of on the psyop itself,”

    Because the psy ops was based on people’s being preconditioned and propagandized by the Race hustle overkill. It works only because the propagandizing part has been accomplished. There are dozens of other areas where this has been done. There is a formula for it, and years and years of conditioning is invested in for some of this stuff.

    The Israeli thing is the other classic example, but more easily shot down because of all the declassified material available now, but the problem being that most people will not read it, especially when people learn ahead of time that it is going to devastate where they had thought were their own conclusions, but which were really imprinted upon them. A lot of people will just deny in for their own self esteem preservation. For examples when I turn Jewish Lobby people onto it I never ever here from them again, not a single thank you, even one time. They are angry at me because I took a myth away from them that had become part of their identity, so I was a thief, and was cast out. They never invite me to come down to the synagogue to talk 🙂

    Being able to break through this is a well sought after interrogation talent, as when you can really convinced someone that they have been really taken to the ideological cleaners by some one, or some thing they really had a tremendous faith, you can turn that anger into wanting to fight back their being able to do that to others, and they will work for you, and with a passion.

    I’ll give you an example. People have an idea of what they think they believe lynching statistics are… people being murdered by hanging by a mob with no judicial determination. I learned that was not true in a book I bought at the Vicksburg Battlefield park, a government publication. The historical lynching count includes anyone murdered by a group or people of a different race. No hanging is required whatsoever. What this did is inflate lynching stats to a bigger number by including criminal gang killings, and it was all under the radar.

    They were goosing the numbers because they found a slick way to do it that not 1 in a 100 would ever know. Here is another. Only black people were lynched, and by white people only, right? Not so…federal publication source again. The race of lynching victims geographically matched their percentages in their respective populations. For example out west Mexicans and Indians got lynched because they get caught rustling cattle or horses, and white dudes, too. So my point is this goosing the numbers is an old game when it comes to race hustling and anything else they want to. It’s what elitists do. They want to control what you think.

    • oh lol.. lynchings also happened to crooked politicians and banksters,
      they’ve declared it illegal, and the noose as something RACIST too…
      now if only I could figure out why

    • For the record, the Klu Klux Klan was formed after the civil war by the democratic party in the south. Its objective was to stop anyone (regardless of skin color) from supporting republicans (the northern party). When occupation of the south by the north ended, the KKK disbanded. It was resurrected again in the early 1900’s throughout the country as a racial group for the promotion of white Christians.

  10. “There is no such thing as reverse racism. Racism is racism. ”

    Racism has always been in the eye/mind of the beholder…and has long been used to manipulate people for countless reason. The powerful use it , and the poorest do, also…for whatever reason they please, for offense and defense.

    Around 2000 the Feds release a large survey on racism which included who all the minority groups felt about each other…not just them versus the white folks. The numbers came our surprisingly consistent that all minorities were twice as racist as white folks.

    The survey was simply. They just gave them all a list of negative stereotypes on each other and asked if they generally agreed or disagreed. All minorites, including the Jews, ran about double the ‘white’ percentage with agreeing that the negative stereotypes were generally true. This study was in the news for a day and then phoof…gone. You know why.

    And when that does not work they switch to religious dogma jihads, or tribal disputes, to gain ascendency over others or to united a fractious group against and outside enemy so they are easier to control. The Zionists have been using the latter from the beginning.

    When I live in Barbados the black folks done there, real black folks, generally held the American civil right hustlers in contempt as a fundraising platform. For years black lawyers got free advertising as NAACP lawyers but what was airbrushed out of the story was they all cut up the bigger damage awards they won, and worse…all the settlements they extorted with payment of all legal fees. The Bajan folks saw through the scam in two seconds as there are a lot of black political scammers in the islands who will run any game on you that they think will work.

    So these folks were not push overs for the white guilt trip hustle. And for the ones that moved to the US and were small businesses, what they thought of a typical black high school graduate would shock you…how they would show up for interviews, clueless, not concept of presenting themselves properly or professionally. They did not by the victim bit for a second. They preferred to hire immigrants because they have a better attitude.

    Gordon has his views based on his own analysis, but it is no open secret that the case has been gamed as it was viewed as a PR stuffed turkey for some groups wanting attention. Thus my spin that it is a tragedy in that it is sucking up all the air from thousands and thousands of other victims, and I ask, who would have a big interest in doing that.

    • So true about the thousands of victims! In one Chicago long weekend, you could get 80 black kids and teenagers killed by other blacks, but the media doesn’t give a damn about them.

      The Barbados story reminds me of something similar that I saw on TV news many years ago. TV guy, who was white, was going around interviewing bystanders for their reaction to something. He respectfully spoke to one older black lady, and happened to say, “Well, a black woman such as yourself…” and he was VERY stunned when this very black woman vehemently said, “I am NOT black! I am from Bermuda!” Bermuda lady was quite angry about being mistaken for a black person, and she stalked off.

    • “Around 2000 the Feds release a large survey on racism which included who all the minority groups felt about each other…not just them versus the white folks. The numbers came our surprisingly consistent that all minorities were twice as racist as white folks.”

      Not a surprise, since Political Correctness™, as taught in US higher education, claims that only dominant groups (i.e. white Christians*) can be racist. So we have a generation of minorities taught that it is OK to hate white Christians, while whites are taught it is not acceptable to hate anyone but themselves.

      *Of course, they never mention Jewish dominance in the media, government appointments, etc.

    • Mr. Dean, What you and Gordan both seem to have missed in the Zimmerman situation is that the press got its initial stories of the “white” man murder of black child, complete with pictures of an “innocent” 12 year old, etc., given to them by a man named Raul Julison, a public relations expert, hired by Benjamin Crump on behalf of the Martin family before that Travyon was even buried. The man had a facebook page for his company and bragged of what he had done until some connected the dot to him. The name of the game here is money on the part of the involved attorneys, Crump, Parks, N. Jackson – all with heavy political connections up to the White House. Of course, the Martin family has been most willing to play the game. Trayvon’s mother had trademarked his name within 2 weeks of his death. They passed trash cans in churches across the country, all the way to Europe even. They have thus far, gotten 2 million from the Retreat complex where the boy was shot and today, are diligently pursuing more. It’s the grievance industry (same as the Holocaust industry).

    • “…given to them by a man named Raul Julison, a public relations expert, hired by Benjamin Crump on behalf of the Martin family before that Travyon was even buried. The man had a facebook page for his company and bragged of what he had done”.

      Thanks Mary. I did not know about him. This is the great part about the comment boards when they work like this to add missing pieces of the puzzle. I did not follow the case closely as I saw where it was going early and have been there many times before. I had planned to deal with it when it was over.

      I did several of my Jim Dean Journal Public TV shows in Atlanta were we dealt with the Race Wars, all with the stats and archive stories. None of the ‘community’ would dare set foot in the studio to deny it. We had a serial rapist here in Atlanta year ago, a ‘one every other day’ kind of guy and the women were terrified. The dude was like grabbing women at a bus stop in broad daylight. The cops had a profile but the media would not mention the race, saying it was against their policy.

      Well the sisters went nuts and raised holy hell and they pushed the media to release that it was a black guy so they did not have to waste their time being terrified of any man near them. They tore the PC folks up so bad they went underground for about a year. And yes, they caught the guy I think two days later.

  11. From a CNN article:

    NAACP President Ben Jealous expects legal action will proceed on both fronts.
    “There will be a civil phase almost assuredly, and then there will be a federal civil rights phase,” he told CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday. “And we are putting our faith in that system.”
    And the Rev. Al Sharpton said the acquittal was “only the first round in the pursuit of justice.”

    I don’t know if this is correct, excerpt from another article:

    According to Zimmerman’s voter registration, he self-identifies as Hispanic.

    Brian: It’ s seems Zimmerman is going to be in the spotlight for a long time.

    I didn’t see anything innuendos in the media about this being a Hispanic on Black incident, well that doesn’t get the attention of a White on Black incident. If his last name was Gomez I don’t think the media would have made such a big deal of the case.

    I don’t know if powerful people behind the scenes had a desire to inspire race riots, this isn’t the best case for it, Zimmerman being Hispanic, the media attention may simply be a result of media people seeking attention for themselves and better ratings.

    Look how the media makes a huge deal of the hapless Muslim children being blown up by Barack Obama in Afghanistan and Pakistan, oops!

  12. Nik Lawman, above, says “He’s half Khazarian, half Latino, and I see no proof anywhere prior to this trial that he identified as Latino.”

    But that’s NOT true. Zimmerman self-identified as Hispanic. Furthermore, if one wants to get into the nitty-gritty of his racial background, Zimmerman’s mother was a mix of black and Hispanic, which makes Zimmerman multi-racial rather than bi-racial. And Zimmerman had many black friends, consistent with his own multi-racial background.

    I’m guessing that the reason Zimmerman’s parents weren’t allowed in the courtroom, is that the prosecution didn’t want the jury to see that Zimmerman’s mother has a dark face, with some ‘black’ features, as that was an inconvenient truth for them.

  13. Thank you, Jim! I live near St. Louis, Missouri, the home of the Knockout Game, which has spread across the nation. Go ahead, people, Google that phrase, and you won’t find a boxing match. You will find articles like this, from the Wall St. Journal on June 2nd, “Violent ‘knockout game’ a national phenomenon”. Zimmerman’s head injuries are absolutely consistent with the goal of the deadly Knockout Game, which leads me to suspect that Trayvon Martin was familiar with this ‘game’.

    On the other side of the Mississippi River, in Illinois, the same game is often called Polar Bear Hunting. I’m told the name was coined at the University of Illinois, and the perps often were black frat boys and athletes, which makes it hard to pass this off as behavior that is limited to inner city poor people.

    In Springfield, Missouri, a young white football star, the press called him Heisman material, was attacked and beaten to a pulp by black frat boys on campus. Although there were witnesses who named names, Springfield police mysteriously can’t seem to make any arrests. The victim’s mother, a nurse, now takes care of her son, whose football career evaporated overnight.

    • Gangs of young black men were attacking and beating white men as sport on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus at least as long as 25 years ago.

    • Do you happen to know how long it’s been called Polar Bear Hunting? You’re right, they do it for fun, and if the victim happens to have something worth stealing, fine, but the primary goal is not theft, it’s entertainment.

      At night, anybody who isn’t “black enough” could be a target, including other blacks. Light-colored black kids and their parents should take note. Better yet, do something about it.

      Probably nothing will happen for the better, until a high-profile light-colored black person gets murdered by a black gang, and the black community says enough is enough, and tosses out race hustlers like Jesse Jackson.

  14. Cheap shot Chris…reverse race baiting, and actually a compliment coming from you. Those who support the scam like being able to play goodie goodie bully policeman, but this is the last place in the world to peddle that.

    The foundation of my report was the investigation reports and the Race War statistics that are hidden from the public so everybody can play stupid and not accept any responsibility for it. Withholding evidence in a murder investigation is obstruction of justice, which is a major (class a) felony…but it is practiced by groups all the time, even law enforcement groups.

    Your little snivel is the usual “if you don’t let us get away with this with no resistance on your part then you are a bad person”. Excuse me Chris for not be so stupid to buy that. I think people who try to cover up an ongoing hate crime, are guilty of a hate crime themselves, multiple offenses even, because it is a philosophy they have.

    If white people had perpetrated the Carter Strange crime against black people in Columbia they would have been denounced by your kind as savage animals, and Jesse Jackson would have flown in within hours to begin a fundraising program. You forget this is an Intelligence website and we never fall for the brain dead stupid stuff. We would shoot ourselves if we ever even became that dumb.

    • This article, with its divide and conquer technique(that it and you claim to be against) epitomize why so many call VT “disinfo” and only trust certain writers(Barrett,Lendman etc.) from here. Not to mention the fact that the link I posted hasn’t shown up yet. OH and look at that, you even managed a tired and cliche Jesse Jackson mention! Divide and conquer technique. Sniveling indeed.

    • Thank you Chris. We have had a straight forward discussion, and no one will be surprised that there are different views…but some people, who want to, might learn some things. We are learning all the time here, as making adjustments for new information coming in, and old stuff going out as it has been discredited or determined bogus.

      We don’t have our egos or feel our reputations are on the line because we shift a position or get caught on something now and then. That is all part of the process. But our record stands for itself, and it does not have to be perfect.

      We just have to do a lot better than the mainstream media (not hard at all)…and the bloggers (really not hard at all)…as most of them don’t have any training or sources. They feel that ‘attitude’ conquers all, because it is so inexpensive and you don’t even have to do to school to learn anything.

  15. There may be many lessons to be learned from this case but the prime lesson to be learned is that a well funded defense is essential.

  16. Martin, you are assuming all those twitter posts were from real human beings. Considering we know how simple and frequent fake persons are created and used by corporate and intelligence entities to promote agendas/psy-ops, I look at such posts very skeptically. A good example are the hundreds, maybe thousands, of fake 9/11 deaths. You simply cannot dismiss that Twitter and Facebook could easily have had a hand in creating or at least allowing those posts. There are obviously a lot of stupid people out there but I doubt so many that would publicly admit to the intention of committing felonies, leaving a perfect evidence trail for their conviction.


    • Matt,

      It doesn’t matter whether the threats were posted by real individual people or by organized shills/trolls or by some kind of automated system. Messages that threaten violence against people or damage against property are violations of Terms of Service agreements. The monitors at Twitter and at Facebook should have immediately deleted those messages and summarily TOS’d the posting identities.

  17. yup, they turned it into a race circus psyop.

    I dont understand HOW they couldda let him walk, other than to deliberately stir some riots.

    I wasnt there and cant really KNOW, but if someone were “mad dogging” me with a bunch of “I’m watching you boy” accusations and near stalking, with some “watch me dial 911” too, I just might go off on someone for it, proir history or not.

    if someone doing the same thing flashed a weapon, I’m sure not gonna try to bring a fist to a gunfight.
    if I’m “under arrest” I’d dealt with false arrest later, or told “move along!”, I’d do it maybe thinking about a brandishing-bullying report later on.

    the only thing that makes sense to me, Zimmerman begged a physical confrontation to begin with,
    then when he was being beaten down, pulled out his trump card to kill Martin and scream “self defense”.
    I dont see “innocence” at all, and the govt-media only trying to exploit and instigate with it.

    just as Martin was magically a “kid”, hispanic Zimmerman is magicaly “white” to serve the agenda.
    I dont care about skin color, but theres this “race” of “politicians” that is pretty despicable..

  18. I visited many forums from several different states across America in the past three years and was heartened by the lack of racism I found. Most had virtually none. Others, where racist innuendo occurred were quickly reprimanded by another commenter.
    The forums were left wing, right wing, religious non religious.
    I was very happily impressed.

    • People are burned out and bored to death on the racism schtick, especially here in the South. The black folks get hustled for money all the time and they don’t give it as they know a bunch of parasites are just gaming them.

      That is why Jesse Jackson and crowd perfected his corporate shake down system where if the companies paid his network (lots of extended relatives) their outrages fees ($20,000+) for giving affirmative action seminars, they would not have any problems.

      I have interviewed some of these old timey Civil Rights folks and they openly admitted how shocked they were how false accusations of racism so easily guilt tripped so many white people who had never had the slightest animosity toward black people.

      All you had to do is falsely accuse them and they would jump though hoops to prove they were not. Psy Ops people have always studied the historical examples where that type of intimidation worked on a large scale. It has always been considered an important national security area to be up to date on.

  19. I saw the entire media racial circus as camoflague for what the USDOJ was really after – elimination of the right to personal defense. Sad that so many sheeple of all colors bought into the narrative.

    • yup, and my opinion above in the later comment, this wasnt necassarily “just self defense”.

  20. Mr. Dean, this is just the beginning. Unless and until the American peoples realize they are being used against each other to bring America down from the inside, the orchestrated divisiveness will keep continuing. There’s been plenty of practice recently in the Middle east.

    (Check out on You Tube what the ‘New Black Panthers’ are saying on radio in Florida.
    South Africa, anyone?)

    Thank you for your article.

  21. Good article, Jim. It simply amazes me to see how Trayvon Martin can get all the media attention, while there are dozens of other cases where whites are treated as an after-thought. It’s also good to see that there are some remnants in America–decent judges who will not cave in to media or popular pressure.
    I truly sympathize for Martin’s parents, for losing one’s son is a sad situation. But the evidence shows that Martin brought this upon himself. And for people to say that this a “white” vs. “black” case is just plain silly to me. It doesn’t matter whether Zimmerman is Jewish or not. What matters here is justice. Period.

    As I have previously said, “racism,” like “anti-Semitism,” has been weaponized. You don’t need to present evidence; all you have to do to dismiss your opponents these days is call him/her a “racist” or an “anti-Semite.”

    • totally agree with you about Tray’s parents loss, but about what happened there I can only speculate.
      Zimmerman may have been the aggressor with Trayvon defending himself and winning, with a concealed weapon trump being pulled after the physical confrontation had begun, makes more sense to me.
      I wish more would realize theres ONE race called HUMAN, and people do some DUMB things.

      if Zimmerman had grabbed Trayvon, accusing and arresting, I’d been swinging too if it were me.
      its opinion now, but Zimmerman was calling for backup for maybe not having his way?
      if he’d showed his weapon in the first place “youre under arrest” or “get the hell outta here”,
      I know I’d sat down and shut up, or walked the hell away, its pretty simple!

    • ““racism,” like “anti-Semitism,” has been weaponized.”

      This is a very good way to frame in Jonas. I firmly believe that what they have done, and are doing…it THE act of Hate that we need to concern ourselves with as it hung targets on all of us simple by handing hoodlums the ‘social injustice’ excuse for what they do.

      Also, downplayed in the black community is their rampant black on black crime epidemic. That is also hidden by the media as they feel it makes the black community ‘look bad’ and that would be ‘anti-Civil Rights’, an Act of Hate in itself. So it is a conspiracy of silence, to borrow a phrase.

      The whole thing is a social terror psy ops. If you look at it’s design it is constructed right out of the book from the Cold War tactics for doing mass psychology psy ops. And believe me…they work. This Trayvon Martin case will be used as a classic teaching model of how effective the tactic is.

    • yup, racism and antisemitism HAVE been weaponized, blatantly, against real stats.
      “there is something psychologically very wrong with you”..
      if you feel apprehensive or untrusting of a skin color that MAY be more likely to victimize you?
      thats the kind of SICK GAME they’re trying to push, that the victim is somehow mentally unfit.

      honestly I dont care what skin color someone has, I dont like being victimized.
      if the perpetrator happens to have darker skin, I’m NOT “magically” some kind of racist!
      same for stating so many of my friends happen to have darker skin, isnt racist-racism.
      I’ve known light skinned (white!) NGGH’s (no good get high’s!) who will lie cheat steal from their own friends and families to support their habits, if the N-word isnt ever going to go away,
      why cant its meaning be changed to being descriptive of behavior, the “no good get high”?
      it has zero to do with a persons skin color, just behavior of someone who’ll victimize another.
      (but you can bet people arent going to accept the concept, easier to say “thats racist!”)

      its just like you’ve stated, a “mass psychology psyop”, to flip everything upside-down.
      “hey lets declare a hispanic murderer innocent to trigger black on white crime and riots!”
      “lets declare a bullying stalker’s “self defense” as being completely “legal”.”
      “lets ignore real public opinion and dominate instead of representing cuz we say so.”
      (any excuse to throw up a POLICE STATE that’ll protect their own criminality)

    • Race baiting on all sides……yes! The sad thing that no one seems to talk about is that the moment Zman followed Tre, Z man became the aggressor, and Tre should have the right to defend himself from a gun toting lunatic….end of story….stand your ground does not mean follow and kill…
      This case should not be about race …it should be about the ridiculous stand your ground laws in this messed up county..a nation of mostly Christians which believes killing people if you feel slightly threatened is ok….now that is MESSED UP…..

    • exactly, stand your ground castle doctrine self defense doesnt apply,
      when its stalking menacing threatening to call police INSTIGATING,
      then using a concealed trump card after getting an azz whuppin that was begged.
      Gordons new article covering exactly that..
      they made Tre the victim into the bad guy, legalized zimmermans thuggery..
      “legalized” zimmermans “self defense” plea after his bullying to instigate the whole mess.
      Gordons article also explains how really scary and wrong this concept IS.

    • I don’t know how much more ridiculous this can get. What you are saying is if someone walks through your yard at night in the rain, (throw in wearing a hood over your head) it is illegal to follow them, be suspicious. Most people probably wouldn’t have the balls too, even with the thought that this guy might be planning to rob or maim a neighbor, and just call the police and let it go. I suppose you would just get off the phone and look through the blinds to see if any neighbors were attacked right? I would have followed him also. You must be some kind of coward or antigun nut.

      Z man was not the aggressor, you can follow people, it is not illegal. It helps to be able to point them out when the police do arrive. He obviously was not planning on shooting the guy or he would not have called the police to begin with. People carrying concealed weapons are not lunatics, it is a second amendment right. People who trash this right are the lunatics in my opinion, a software program or troll, one or the other. “Tre” does not have the right to jump out of the bushes and attack zman … period. That is called aggravated assault. You can’t do that, you can’t attack the milkman, paperboy or mailman because you think they might be following you.

      Stand your ground law is there because if some thug is coming at you, doesn’t heed a warning and it appears they mean to do you bodily harm you can shoot them to defend your life. Some of you who are working for the anti gun lobby, I would love to leave you in a few places around here at night, drive down the street and watch you for awhile just to see how brave you are after about 10 minutes. You would be campaigning for a stand your ground law if you lived through it. When somebody is beating your head into the pavement guess what ….. you stand your ground.

    • Jonas,

      Wow! Did you just say that? That Martin brought his upon himself? A young black guy is walking home, coming from a store and a Zionist white Latino guy follows him, to confront him asking questions what he is doing there and then shoots him. Don’t you know that many white people still have fear based on prejudices against blacks, thanks to the Zionist Media to a certain extent? Do you think if Trayvon was a white boy and Zimmerman was a black guy, this verdict could be what it is today?

      I always like your Zionist articles, thinking you are real, but it seems that you are just one of those typical black christians who always want white approval, to feel right. Jim Dean is wrong on this, as he has been wrong on Gaddafi!

      You should really look more evidence on this, from Dr. West’s Youtube below.


    • Jonas is a VERY bright and articulate guy, I dont doubt he’s missed something in this mess, also dont doubt he’ll see it pretty quickly here!

      I agree with ya about zimmerman “mad dogging” martin, trying to interrogate and accuse, stalking, calling for backup for not getting his way, begging a beat down then using a concealed trump!
      (speculation YES, but its the only thing that makes sense to me about what happened)
      regardless trayvons prior (dumb teen?) exploits, if he wasnt doing anything there and then..
      I dont blame trayvon slamming zimmerman for harassing and stalking him.

      IF, zimmerman had seen trayvon leaving someones home with a bag of stolen crap..
      stop him at gunpoint or if needed shoot him in the legs, understandable!
      IF, zimmerman showed his weapon first and “youre under arrest” or “get outta here now”,
      there mightta been some “legal BS” afterwards, but not the MURDER,
      with the instigator claiming self defense!

      Gordon’s new article explains the very scary precedence this case tries to set.

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