Secret Space War IV: Terra Forming


by  Preston James

The Secret of the Iron Mountain Report has remained hidden until recently when astute researchers have spent considerable time examining its true implications in light of what has been disclosed by top insiders  about the purposeful spraying of numerous toxins and bio-weapons into the skies under Operation Cloverleaf.

And despite the usual denials that there was no Iron Mountain Study Group by the USG, it is now believed that the Iron Mountain Study Group existed and was used as a tool to lay the groundwork for Terra-Forming the earth in preparation for a later 21st century full scale alien invasion.

If the Iron Mountain study group actually took place and the book summarizing it and reporting its content was accurate, this would make the Iron Mountain Report (1) one of the Biggest USG secrets ever.

One would have expected this secret to have been kept from the public at all costs, using every tool available to American Intel and the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) such as serious harassment, lethal threats, and quickly deployed extra-judicial executive actions (terminations with extreme prejudice aka “TWEP”) (2).

The term “with prejudice” means no judicial review or appeal is ever going to be possible later on. The use of the adjective “extreme” means that the most extreme measure will be used and this always means killing, that is, the extra-judicial murder by agents of the state, central government.

In today’s America almost 90% of all intel functions have been privatized by offshore corporations (most run by Israeli/American dual citizens or NeoCon zios) who have infiltrated and hijacked the big institutions of American Intel including the NSA, NRO, the alphabets and the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).

And yet the best evidence is that this book was accurate turns out to be that this report was for some strange reason allowed to be leaked and accompanied by a mild USG denial. How can this be seemingly completely irrational situation be explained, especially when LBJ sent cables to all US embassies ordering a complete denial and the burying of this report forever? The book was first published by Dial Press 1967 and became a NY Times bestseller and was published in 15 different nations, later to be republished again and again, even as late as in 2008.

Purported statements made by John Kenneth Galbraith in support of authenticity (3)

On November 26, 1967, the report was reviewed in the book section of the Washington Post by Herschel McLandress, supposedly the pen name for Harvard professor John Kenneth Galbraith. McLandress wrote that he knew firsthand of the report’s authenticity because he had been invited to participate in its creation; that although he was unable to be part of the official group, he was consulted from time to time and had been asked to keep the project secret; and that while he doubted the wisdom of letting the public know about the report, he agreed totally with its conclusions.

He wrote: “As I would put my personal repute behind the authenticity of this document, so would I testify to the validity of its conclusions. My reservation relates only to the wisdom of releasing it to an obviously unconditioned public.”

Six weeks later, in an Associated Press dispatch from London, Galbraith went even further and jokingly admitted that he was a member of the conspiracy. The following day, Galbraith backed off. When asked about his ‘conspiracy’ statement, he replied: “For the first time since Charles II the Times has been guilty of a misquotation… Nothing shakes my conviction that it was written by either Dean Rusk or Mrs. Clare Booth Luce”.

The original reporter reported the following six days later: “Misquoting seems to be a hazard to which Professor Galbraith is prone. The latest edition of the Cambridge newspaper Varsity quotes the following (tape recorded) interchange: Interviewer: ‘Are you aware of the identity of the author of Report from Iron Mountain?’ Galbraith: ‘I was in general a member of the conspiracy, but I was not the author. I have always assumed that it was the man who wrote the foreword – Mr. Lewin’.”

Complete Secrecy can be maintained when desired and the resources necessary to do so are deployed.

As many top intel analysts and experts know, complete secrecy can be maintained when desired and was done so during the Manhattan Project during WW2, and also during many parts of the Secret Space War initiatives of the USAF and the USN which are still largely unknown to most. However some of such individuals also realize that the SSG is not uni-dimensional and there are different factions involved and some have been strongly arguing for disclosure and have claimed that certain treaties made in secret with “alien visitors” require such disclosures.

The reason for this has been provided by a top SSG insider (for those than are able to set aside their preconceived ideas about the actual reasons for many leaks) which is that these top SSG officials are ordered to provide such leaks or to allow them.

Most folks believe that leaks from the SSG’s Deep Black or Beyond Black programs are due to human intel error, incompetence or bullish refusal of whistle-blowers to obey illegal orders. And although each of these reasons has been true some of the time, the really big leaks of such top intel, big USG/SSG secrets is that top SSG and intel officials have purposely leaked such secrets because they have been required to in order to be able to accomplish their goals of such Deep Black or beyond Black programs.

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Certainly the privatizing and hijacking of American intel by Israeli controlled private communication corporations given full power of and color of the law with “shoot to kill” authority to form an operational extension of the SSG on behalf of the City of London zio central Banksters does not facilitate the preservation of complete secrecy.  In fact it almost guarantees that it cannot be maintained and that it will be grossly misused against Americans on behalf of Israel and the central Banksters. And further it promotes the continued hijacking of the American government and the continued asset stripping and exportation of all American heavy industry and manufacturing out of America.

It appears that some Deep Black and Beyond black intel leaks are “required”, not just “mistakes” or aberrations.

Arm Patch of SSG Anti-gravity Vehicle Squadron- Photo credit: Trevor Paglin

The actual reason is not only counter-intuitive but actually for many stretches the imagination. And this actual reason for all the major intel leaks that have occurred including the latest related to Julian Assange, WikiLeaks and even Edward Snowden is that such leaks are “required” by “cosmic rules of play”.

Despite all the lethal rules to keep completely quiet about such deep secrets of the SSG, numerous and almost constant leaks occur. How could this be when such leaks are supposed to be met with lethal sanctions, but such has not been occurring in the past for some leaks and now for almost all of them.

What, top SSG officials are “required to disclose them”, why and by whom? Yes this sounds absurd and seems incredulous, but for those who are open, here is the way it really works.

Top SSG insiders claim that they are governed by “cosmic rules of play” that come from their god lucifer and because he claims to be completely fair he has set up “rules of play” which must be obeyed.

This view is not unanimous of all SSG insiders, some in a minority position believe that lucifer is a fallen angel and is the ruler of the planet earth only, the “prince of the power of the air” and that there is a one and true God Almighty, Creator of all the Heavens, including Earth and all humans and Lucifer must obey God Almighty’s eternal “rules of play” which require “preservation of human free will”. 

Cosmic Informed Consent is required, thus the most important major secrets must be intentionally leaked in disguise.

Artist: Jim Kirwan –

This preservation of human free will requires disclosure of what lucifer plans to do in advance so that humans have fair warning and can either consent or remove consent. And as this narrative goes, Lucifer can only advance his programs to completely transform the earth into a worldwide luciferian Globalist NWO one government super fascist system if the majority of humans provide consent and cooperate.

Experts know that societal tipping points occur when a majority of the people withdraws consent from their government. That is why mindkontrol was considered an essential component in gaining and maintaining rule in Bolshevik Russia, Nazi Germany, Maoist China, Stasi East Germany, North Korea and Cambodia under Pol Pot, all of which were pre-tests for the final take-down and transformation of the world into a luciferian Globalist NWO one world kingdom with anew Caesar of the Ages installed and a supreme, single ruler of all.  And all of these luciferian systems were predicated on removing any concept of God Almighty and substituting the state as god, in order to justify totalitarian control by the state and its worship as a super-parent figure by the masses, most of which are themselves to be fully conned and completely mind-kontrolled by various sophisticated means.

Those that were unwilling to yield to the state were imprisoned, sent to re-education camps, tortured, or executed just like what the USG has been now doing to many innocent teenagers captured and sold by Mideast warlords to the US Military to be used as stooges and terrorist patsies in this so-called phony war against terror which is little more than an Israeli/IZCS (International zionist criminal syndicate) con job to trick America into fighting its illegal Mideast wars of aggression to build “greater Israel”.

Top SSG officials take orders from their superiors who are higher up the hierarchy known as the  “pyramid of power” which culminates at the very top in the Old Black Nobility – OBN’s “Circle of Twelve” aka the “Council of Twelve” which has been reported to meet regularly with lucifer in person for directions and guidance as well as additional anointing from acts of human blood sacrifice.

Successful implementation of the Secret plans of the OBN to Globalize the world and form a NWO luciferian one-world government based on super-fascism require custom designed leaks and disguised “informed consent”.

Unless these Big SSG secrets are leaked, the top SSG officials believe that their plans will not be allowed to be fully activated and will be doomed. They also realize that such “informed consent” always carries the risk that “we the people” will grab onto and believe the leak, and rise up and stop any such activation.  But they go ahead and disclose and then attempt to use disinformation and misinformation to neutralize the leak as best they can, sometimes deploying sophisticated psyops to do so.

Super-fascism is different than the fascism of Nazi Germany.  As Mussolini declared, fascism is the merger of the corporation with the state. In Nazi Germany and fascist Italy the corporation and the state were merged, but the state maintained predominant control.  In super fascism the corporation and the state are merged, but the corporations are offshore and beyond the reach of any nations legal system and forma network owned and run by an organization of central banks run out of the City of London Financial District which actually controls the state with which it is merged, thus in reality forming a functional but hidden in plain site NWO Globalist luciferian one-world government.

So what exactly is the big secret of the Iron Mountain Report?

The secret of the Iron Mountain Report was that the Powers that Be (PTB) that run the world would conspire together to create and claim a major international pollution crisis is occurring, a crisis providing a pretext to declare a war against environmental abuse, aka to be later called the “green movement”, Gaia worship or worship of “Mother Earth”.  Thus phony hypothesis have been force-fed Americans and the world that the CO2 necessary for good plant and crop growth is toxic.It also forms a pretext to reduce energy consumption inside America by driving coal generated electricity to a minimum.

And along with the deployment of massive chem-trail or aerosol spraying in the skies under the secret program “Operation Cloverleaf”, massive crop yield reductions can be gained, humans can be poisoned and inoculated with nano particles of aluminum, barium, and other toxic chemicals as well as bio-warfare agents, some active and some inactive which can be remotely activated at a later time by use of sophisticated psychotronics or catalytic viruses or bacteria.

This of course is part of a long term sophisticated geo-engineering plan to lower crop production, create famines and droughts worldwide and radically decrease the potable water supply.  The only seeds that will grow in this new toxified soil will be those patented by the former zio slave trader massive seed company, and these seeds will be tightly controlled are are referred to as “suicide seeds” because they are GMO, do not yield grow-able seeds themselves and are alleged to produce crops that contain sophisticated toxins that allegedly modify human DNA and serve as another form of soft-kill to reduce the world’s population.

The most serious substances being sprayed in aerosol chem-trails by CIA contractor aircraft from Tuscon AZ are the strange protein chains called “prion seeds”, which when activated can cause madcow, Creutzfeldt-Jakob type CNS neuro-degenerative diseases or as some have hypothesized a type of human rabies derivative which would result in a fatal occurrence of zombie-ism such as characterized in the new movie “Z War”. (4) All of these are actually all covert weapons of war developed and deployed worldwide by the City of London zio Banksters as directed by luciferian leadership.

Many younger folks in their 20s, 30s, and 40s are now experiencing brain fog, cognitive slippage or “senior moments of forgetfulness” never before experienced in these age groups. This is alleged to be due to the massive aerosol spraying by that CIA Airline in southern Arizona and many other subcontractors.

It has also been recently alleged that toxins have been quietly added to jet fuel as a combustion enhancer and mild fire retardant. Inhalation of nano particles of aluminum and barium can easily cause these memory lapses.  The most common cognitive slips now appear to be are when young folks forget where they parked in a parking lot after shopping or leaving their keys or jacket in the booth of a restaurant.

Obviously the person or persons ordering this crime against humanity of aerosol spraying to poison humans below must be very, very high up in the hierarchy of control, the Pyramid of Power (POP) that runs most of the leaders of the world’s nation states. And imagine the lethal fear these top POP leaders must be able to generate to keep subordinates cooperating with this massive eugenics program to soft-kill so many humans. Or at least they must be using sophisticated human compromise or honey-trap/pedophile ops or be paying a great deal of money or benefits to keep subordinates in line with these programs which are truly crimes against humanity.

And it is most interesting how China is quietly purchasing massive amounts of water from the great lakes using secretive means to gain access and then to transport it back to China in large tanker ships to bottle it in plastic with alleged high amounts of “gender bending” endocrine disruptor compounds to sell back to Americans as “bottled drinking water”.

The Big Plan is actually a very sophisticated blueprint to Terra-Form the earth according to the specifications provided by lucifer and his alien representatives.

This is all part of a sophisticated plan to create the pretext for the massive deployment of TERRA-FORMING of the earth in order to prepare it for a later invasion by a certain species of aliens, who plan to land and occupy and populate Africa as their center of control and their own nation. According to recent leaked information, these creatures plan to create massive environmental changes to the whole earth and massively depopulate the earth using sophisticated eugenics and other soft-kill and hard-kill means.

This major problem would thus create a pretext for the formation of a very strongly empowered federal agency, alter to arise and be called the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which would exercise strong police powers against the public often harassing them, taking their rights away without due process and generally setting up a situation where society would come to expect strong internal police state type organizations.

Of course this is the age old luciferian/Babylonian principal or “order ab chaos” or creating a problem that is so major and chaotic to society that only the central government is big enough to solve it, but first additional police state powers and revenues must be allocated to the state in order to empower it adequately to solve such a problem.

[youtube ZOzHz3dvKiM]

What specifically is Terra-Forming? 

Originally the concept terra-forming was the environmental engineering of a planet to make it habitable by astronauts or migrants from earth. One plan was called the “third option” and involved transporting a select group of top SSG/POP officials to orbital space stations while the earth was undergoing a planned WW3 nuclear exchange, to later return to earth when condition permitted. Others wanted to use this third option to migrate to the moon or perhaps Mars.

Terra-Forming as used in this article represents the complete environmental and biological engineering of planet earth to make it conform to the wishes of lucifer’s chosen, allegedly his fallen angels the Nephilim (aka the Anakem). This huge program is alleged to require deployment of massive and sophisticated psyops and psychotronic mindkontrol, free-trade, de-industrialization of America and Europe, industrialization of China, a worldwide centralized banking system, one world currency following a staged and engineered worldwide and complete financial collapse, and the deployment of massive eugenics involving soft-kill and hard-kill until at least 80% of the population is eliminated.

Allegedly the final plan involves the elimination of all Cutouts even the top SSG officials and POP officials and the elimination of the “eliminator” cutouts who do all the softkill and hardkill once their jobs are completed, leaving only 2% of the humans left to serve as dumbed down, mind-kontrolled worker bees.

Lucifer’s ultimate plan is to destroy all of God Almighty’s earthly creation including animals and humans, and create his own trans-human type monsters who are part machine and part biological, best described as androids.

Formation of the EPA would serve as the prototype for other such massive centralizations of power taken away from the individual states of the union and the citizens of America.

In fact the whole idea of “psuedo-wars” against major social and economic problems actually created by the central USG in the first place has become that main practice of the USG since the publication of the Iron Mountain Report. So we now have the so-called “war on pollution”, the so-called “war on poverty”, the so-called “war on drugs”, the so-called “war on terror”.

All of these problems have been planned and created by the Powers that Be (PTB) who sit at the top of the Pyramid of Power (POP) and their cutouts in the SSG. So now our immediate biggest problem is the staged phony terror such as Murrah and the 911 attacks done by the JCS, the USAF under direction of the zio NeoCons, aka dual Israeli/American traitors and the mossadnik infil-traitors, all supported by the Israeli unregistered intel arms such as the Bnai-Brith, ADL, SPLC and AIPAC and such.

Terra Forming of the Earth requires major changes to all societies, nations and every single nation-state’s environment. Some areas are designated for mining and acquisition of minerals and elements essential to the future plans of the aliens who are planning to form a worldwide NWO Globalist luciferian system with a “new Caesar of the Ages” to serve as world ruler and a complete dictator.  Some believe this will be Marduk, others that it will lucifer himself, with Marduk as his great profit or front man paving his way.

If these rumors based on insider leaks are true, most of North America and Canada is scheduled to be massively reduced in population, with only cities allowed which have stacked small 8×10 foot apartments and tightly contained non-mobile populations of “worker-bee serfs” under Agenda 21, with outside open land areas transformed into a large continuous nature center and game reserve.  The massive federal acquisition of America’s forest areas is all part of this plan and has been used to prepare Americans to accept such plans as they are deployed.

Senegal, South Africa–Alleged ground Zero for the First Stage of the Nephilim Alien Invasion

Africa is allegedly Ground Zero.

Allegedly under this massive luciferian plan to Terra-Form the earth for open in-habitation by aliens, Africa is ground zero for the takeover of the earth.(5)  And if recent reports of that an alien leader Marduk has landed in Africa are true as well as the rumors that he is alleged to be lucifer’s choice for a new “Caesar-of-the-Ages” are true, this would support such an allegation that Africa indeed is the first ground zero landing point.

And if Marduk has actually landed and has been visited by three American Presidents and various other world leaders, excluding Israel, China and Russia this would suggest that a major reorganization of world power is likely in the works with Israel thrown under the bus, which means the City of London Banksters’ main Cutout is going to be cut-loose because they are no longer needed. This also suggests that a major nuclear exchange will result over Israeli Mideast aggression and this will perhaps level Jerusalem and much of Israel, leaving the city open for construction of lucifer’s new temple for his new “Caesar-of-the-Ages”.

Once the Jerusalem is “cleared” and “cleaned” and the new Caesar-of-the-Ages is seated and empowered, that is, anointed with the full power of lucifer, the worldwide Terra-Forming program will enter its final phase and major, direct eugenics programs will be activated by various sophisticated means and some very draconian hybridization and trans-humanism plans will also be activated to essentially remove any stubborn remnants of remaining human free will.

The Cosmic Rules of Play can provide a way out for Americans and other peoples of the world if they so choose to exercise their free will in their hearts and minds and refuse USG/SSG/IZCS/OBN lies, misinformation, disinformation and con jobs.

The Cosmic Rules of Play can provide a way out for Americans if they choose to exercise their free will and refuse to consent in their hearts and minds to the luciferian NWO Globalization that is destroying America. Those at the top of the Pyramid of Power (POP) know that they cannot takeover unless the citizens of the world consent. They also know that “we the people” have been provided with the means to form a new conscience-collective instead of following the faux one elicited by the six controlled major mass media companies (CMMM) which are owned by a consortium of central Banksters.

The PTB also realize they cannot stop the worldwide  Internet so they will attempt to twist it to support their own luciferian NWO plans to Globalize the world. They know that the key to whether they succeed or not lies within the hearts and minds of Americans and all people everywhere. May of those in the USG, SSG and the top of the Pyramid of Power (POP) are very concerned due to the recent emergence of creeping populism all over the world, especially in America.

Yes, this can all be stopped cold if folks stop watching so much TV, realize that the evening news and all wire services are part of the CMMM system owned by the central Banksters and merely dispensed USG/SSG propaganda, basically all lies. And if folks wake up, wise up, refuse to do what is wrong meaning follow the golden rule of treating others the way you want to be treated, this evil machine can be stopped cold.

Remember the USG/SSG is very close to complete collapse from within.  Many are just logging time, sandbagging and waiting for the STHTF.  They will not “throw themselves on a sword” until either the SHTF or they see  massive public support with a public display of a major tipping point reached with the masses.  Until that point comes you can be sure of one thing.

Stay tuned, you can bet that the American Intel Cowboys have gone back to work “on their own dime”.

There are actually hundreds of retired Intel Cowboys out there in the American hinterlands and these folks feel betrayed and super cranked-off (6).  And anybody that knows some of these individuals knows the only thing more dangerous than an Intel Cowboy that is angry at the USG/SSG is when there is more than one that is also angry at the USG/SSG. Almost all intel cowboys are very well trained, very, very experienced intel experts that are very serious American Patriots. Their specialty?  Taking down regimes quietly and from the inside using the most sophisticated means most folks cannot even imagine. These folks have the potential to be any corrupt leader’s worst nightmare they could never imagine.

Many of these folks are sick and tired of all the traitors and Israeli/American dual citizens, NeoCons and Banksters that have hijacked privatized and America, its intel and LE agencies, done the 911 inside-job/false-flag attack on NYC and the Pentagon, and “infected” all America’s major governmental institutions including Congress, the Supreme Court and the Department of Justice and created the Bolshevik DHS which unless stopped will morph into a new Cheka used to mass murder most Americans like they did in Bolshevik Russia, Maoist China and Cambodia under Pol Pot.

Many of these Intel Cowboys are technically highly secret, “off-the-books” assets only with very high level controllers that have long retired, left America or died. Most live and operate “off the official records and files” and are essentially “invisible”. These Intel Cowboys are so slick in their trade-craft that they can come and go, manufacture identities, credentials, jobs, paychecks and even military appointments or credentials at will and have a plethora of connections to private industry that provide deep and multiple covers.

They can move in and out of different nations at will and have many years experience doing so. Many of them have relationships with and respect for intel assets of other nations, even so-called enemies (most do not realize that intel cowboys move in and out of a worldwide community of spooks and often have mutual respect and rules of the game, at times cooperating to protect themselves from their criminal leaders).

Unless you are one of these fine Patriots or have worked with any of them, it is unlikely that you can even imagine what they are capable of. With these folks the sky is the limit literally. Thank God they are Patriots and love the US Constitution and want to preserve America the Republic.

You can perhaps imagine that many of these fine patriots have gone back to work making things right.  Of course they are so smooth at taking down governments and engaging in other other such sundry activities you will never see their fingerprints while they work, but if astute you may be able to recognize their handiwork as outcomes as they expose and brings the traitors who hijacked America to justice one way or the other.

Note:  A big thank you to Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff who has made this article possible and to Mike Harris who is a Financial Editor for Veterans Today and has his own radio show on Rense Radio Network, the Short End of the Stick (7) and has been willing to cover this topic.

Mike Harris is the Veterans Today financial Editor, a well known expert on international business and trade as well as high tech and ultra-high tech electronics and communications technologies.

Gordon Duff is a well known international intel and security consultant, and was the first individual deeply connected to American Intel at the highest levels that went public about USG/SSG American/Alien treaties, anti-gravity craft (AGCs) and the Secret Space War that is now ongoing which few know about or can even imagine. (8)

And of course Veterans Today and Managing editor Jim Dean deserve a big thank you for permitting such a controversial article as this to be published about such a difficult matter, and proves Freedom of the Press is still alive and well in America.













  1. I don’t buy the religious angle, but my own experiences tend to confirm alien visitation. I was never abducted, but I have been visited, and have had several interactions via the dream state. I meditate, I’m a Reiki Practitioner, and do Kung-fu/chi-gung as well, all of which strengthens your energy field, which makes such experiences happen more often. Our friends from elsewhere seem to be traveling dimensionally. The pleiadian phenomena may have a lot of truth in it, but there are others(from Sirius, and other places), and some of them do not wish us well.

    Just like Gordon said on Mike Harris’ show, I wish I was making it up. I’m not. In any case, this is excellent reading. Thanks.

  2. 1) @Dr Preston James,

    Sorry if I gave the impression that YOUR article was in line or served the same purpose as those I pointed my finger at.

    As a matter of fact, I think that your article is laudable and informative. It does give people, not versed in those matters, valuable info about which currents are in circulation, and my comments are to be seen for what they are, i.e. the expression of very common and valid points of view: those of people who wants evidence on the table re ETs, and meanwhile, in the absence of such, want to tackle the concrete issues, we are actually confronted with, which have bankrupt the nation and are pushing us into more wars for the sole benefit of the Zion Talmudic Mafia that has hijacked America.

    In the name of “National Security”, horrendous crimes are been committed and are being committed, using the concept as pretext to abuse-maim-kill Americans, both on American soil and abroad, without any formulated charges or any due process. Same goes for the slaughter and destruction committed by our armed forces abroad and by the “Security Contractors” working for us.

    Instead of the clock and dagger-hush-hush mantel surrounding the ETs alleged crashes-capture-visits and “agreements” passed with AMERICANS, what about calling an international conference in, under the regie of the UN, and put the evidence on the table, for all to see?

    What we have now is hearsay. Somebody flying to Australia and talking to a TV host or another supposed insider on his deathbed confiding in a relative that he was on some unproven secret Govt program involving ETs, that he has seen them and “spoken” to them, interacted with them. ALL SECRET.

    My Cartesian logical sens does not allow me to accept hearsay as evidence. Decades ago people used to say: “see here, its true, it is in the Newspaper!” Today, we are told: “Retired scientists, who worked for the NASA have reveled this and that”… I just do not buy stuff like that.

    Take a recent calamity-a proven inside job: 9/11, happened in our lifetime and widely documented with Videos-Interviews of Professionals-Experts-Scientists. 12 years after the murderous crime-false flag occurred, we are still debating whether it was Nano-thermite, mini nukes, a combination of both or something else. We are still debating whether the MOSSAD, CIA, SHIN BETH, US Special Forces did it or 2 or more of the mentioned entities collaborated to slaughter more than 3000 innocent souls,,, Govt says Osama Bin Laden/Al Qaeda did it…

    Without TRANSPARENCY, applied to IMPORTANT and URGENT ISSUES that MATTER and affect our daily life, the TRUTH will be a mere fleeing ILLUSION. I want to see irrefutable FACTS.

    2) @tonyfiorenzo,

    Nowhere have I stated that we (homo sapiens) are alone in the Universe…

    This said, I am familiar with Baalabek and with the engineering problems solved, in order to build the Pyramids and I am aware that still neither I, neither highly qualified modern engineers have a convincing answer for how it was done without the help of advanced-sophisticated technology and logistic… we still do not have a clue.

    Nevertheless, I will never jump into the conclusion that “The Gods” or ETs did it. It is very tempting to say: “If those primitive human beings, living on the premises at that time, did not have the necessary high technology to cut-shape-move-arrange-align those huge stone structures, the way we see them today, than the “Gods” or ET did it”.

    No Sir, the burden of evidence is one of the pillars of scientific research and until the evidence is submitted and reviewed by peers, I stand my grounds.

    • Always good see to someone take look at the Nefilim, the oldest written records on the planet involve exactly the nefilim. This is the best I can come up with.


      When we refer to Gaia worshippers however, this is cloudy issue as the native Americans fall under this and well …. they didn’t go around pissing in the rivers, dumping nuclear waste, dioxin, lead, PCBS etc etc in the rivers and oceans. We probably need more Gaia worshippers and you can certainly include me in that group. When you don’t have a natural world … you have nothing, there is nothing left to bring in the shekels.

      Dead zones in the oceans, radioactivity, floating oil, fish kills on the beaches and dead dolphins are a concern to many of us.

  3. Lest we not forget the 1917 Russian “experiment” and the 1949 China “experiment.” These so-called experiments saw the lives of hundreds of millions exterminated, all in the name of collectivism. One can only imagine what they have waiting for the American/Western peoples. The East is controlled as well, just not as demonized in the American media as much as they once were.

  4. I have a sneaking suspicion that the upcoming July 22nd-23rd “Star of David” alignment will be a significant date. As I believe the royal couple’s baby may be born on this date. Ushering in the “New Age.” As you well know, these occultic elitists believe they are of the Davidic/fallen angel bloodlines. I think their de-population efforts may go into overdrive at this point. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

  5. 1) I always have been suspicious of people who invoke ‘God-Angels-Devil-Demons-Ghosts-Spirits-Things I can’t see, nor touch’ and make references to passages from some “holly book”, to further enhance their point. When I was about 5 years old, I asked my parents: “If God exists, who created it, does he have a wife. Does he have children?”. Mom was a non-believer, she just smiled, Dad belied in the Almighty and had no answer to my multiple questions’. Growing up, the question of why many people, some of them highly intelligent, readily believed in “God” kept nagging at me. I read the Ancient Testament, the Talmud, the Bible and the Koran, looking for a convincing and acceptable answer, an irrefutable proof, but could not find one. One major reason I doubted the existence of ANY deity was is the ILLOGICAL (commonly found in Torah-Bible-Koran) that “God sent his prophets to preach and convert to a scarcely populated region (Middle East) and NOT to China-India-Indonesia, where most of HUMAN BEING lived”.

    2) Philosophy-socio-cultural history-science and archeology, combined, led me to the conclusion that ALL religions are MAN MADE INVENTIONS and the UNKNOWN-MYSTERIOUS in the past as IT IS the CASE TODAY, have been used by the RULING MAFIAS to PACIFY-DOMINATE-ENSLAVE the POPULACE and dispossess the hard working SHEEPLE of its earnings.

    3) It seems to me that ALL this MELODRAMA, including the “Report from the Iron Mountain”, and ALL this REVIVAL of old WEIRD THINKING and Hoaxes about ETs, is simply a trick to instigate fear for the UNKNOWN in the PEOPLE and condition them for the NECESSITY to RALLY behind those “NEW HIGH PRIESTS”, who casually happen to be in contact with POWERFUL EXTRA TERRESTRIAL BEINGS, to the point of having being able to “make deals-agreements” with them in order to preserve the “future of US”, the SHEEPLE.

    4) The truth is that the very same concept of RIGHT/WRONG-MORAL & ETHICAL VALUES has been eroded by the psychopathic-profuse production from the ZION TALMUDIC-BANKSTERS-MAFIA controlled “Think Tanks”, which have turned those concepts upside down, in the name of NATIONAL SECURITY, the artificially created “TERRORIST THREAT” against American Interests (i.e. Zio Mafia interests) and the need for America to RESHAPE the MIDDLE EAST and to DO ISRAEL’S WARS against people and states that has never attacked USA or been a threat to US interests.

    5) Now new stratagems are emerging, the substance of which is to unfocuse our attention from the CRIMES of 9/11 and their PERPETRATORS and give us new dangers to fear, new topics to talk about and the need to rally UNQUESTIONINGLY behind the NEW PROPHETS, and be led directly to the slaughter house by those in OFFICE, whose salaries we pay, who have forsaken their oath and joined fully the leadership and High Priests of the Zion Talmudic Mafia.

    6) This goes all the way back to Dec. 23rd 1913, to Roosvelt, Truman, Morthengau, Leonard C. Garment, Kissinger and recently the Rat Pack that produced the “New American Century”. The ones, with AIPAC-ADL that are responsible for the dire situation America is in and the death brought upon millions of-Germans-Russians-Japanese-US-EU citizens-Vietnamese-Yugoslav-Afghans-Iraqi-Sudanese-Tunisians-Libyans-Syrians-PALESTINIANS and even Jews, scarified to promote an AGENDA of World Domination.

    Happily, the majority of the people, who inhabits this planet, think that those, who believe in the fables of ET and our Govt acting in defense of our interests, are being played for FOOLS by the Zion Talmudic Mafia and its Banksters and needs URGENTLY to have their heads examined by shrinks. The more likely probability is that they are PART of and promoting the NWO Agenda on behalf of said MAFIA.

    • Actually, the formation of the American National Security State could not have ocurred without the crashed UFO at Roswell and two other SW America locations. It was the excuse used to pass the National Security Act of 1947 and again in 1952.

      There are far too many first hand witnesses of crashed UFOs, onboard creatures (whatever they are) and the higher you go up the Intel food chain, the more photos and actual stored evidence exists. My article is not to elicit fear but a call for action to expose and counter the IZCS. Obviously you have not read my articles carefully or you would realize this.

      Your statements just plain do not reflect the current state of evidence and what is known. The purpose ofthe 911 attacks was to forever destroy the American Republic and foment a new form of government by tyranny. But the real coup de etat occurred in 1947 and then again in 1963 when JFK was assassinated.

    • @ Rechstein, For one to think that man is alone in the multi-dimensional cosmos is ignorant and arrogant. NASA is ‘allegedly’ finding Earth-like planets all the time. Look outside of the Abrahamic traditions and this concurs as well with those texts you’ve mentioned. In the Mahabharata for example, which is speculated to be anti-deluvian, flying machines/cities were an everyday occurrence. As well, nuclear weapons were directed at populated areas. Modern day scientists back this up, as some ancient cities/sites have evidence to support this. There are countless other ancient texts that span the globe and millennia, and detail the stories of the ‘gods’ with a little g.

      I can understand your disgust with organized religion, but to throw the baby out with the bath water is totally nuts. There is wisdom that has been hidden by our ‘handlers.’ One can still attain it if one does not quit looking, as is preached by the Nag Hammadi texts.

      More recently one can view the interviews/speeches of Phil Schneider, Nick Redfern, Joseph P. Farrell and even Bob Lazar, as well as countless others. Some of these men had/have knowledge of “black” programs that coincide with this alien/demonic agenda and even paid for it with their lives.

    • The megalithic/cyclopean structures that pepper the globe are direct evidence of this lost/hidden knowledge I mentioned. Modern man can not replicate these. These structures i.e. Pumapunku, Baalbeck, etc. per many ancient texts were built by the gods. Anti-gravity?

    • Very good points, tonyfiorenzo. I hadn’t thought about the ancient ruins that required extraordinary means to build them and move massive rocks. It would require some extraordinary technology to engineer and build such structures and the presence of carvings and drawings of Anakem and Annunaki bear or on such structures requires explanation too.

  6. Werner von Braun’s secretary is on the record saying that when the US Military Industrial Complex runs out of reasons to declare war, they will use the excuse of an “Alien Invasion”… be aware, many of the so called “leaks” are hype and dis info

    • Yes, Carol did report this, and it is an option that can be used to further consolidate power by scaring the Citizens. But Werner von Braun did not have access to all the latest UFO back engineering or the treaties, or all the various groups of ET’s and their differences. Intel folks understand that “blown cover” can be used as cover, so just because various intel groups have overplayed the UFO card in the past does not mean that some elements are not true. The purpose of this article was to suggest that high level powers are terraforming the earth right now and doing so in ways that constitute crimes against humanity. One possible reason is to prepare the earth for “alien inhabitation”. But if that trunes out to be misinformation, folks still have to explain why private CIA airlines and jet feul is being used to poison the earth, dumb down humans and impair cognitive processing and make folks sick and dead.

  7. This video opens with an orange oval shaped probable drone moving above my car- easy to see , and you won’t get much comment on this from the naysayers as it is good evidence . As well, since you can see it very well it shows to me some advanced propulsion methodology – possibly some type of Gravity anti gravity tech.
    I re-posted this one as it is easy to see , and an example of the weirdness going on around here . As well if you are finding them hard to see try the method that I mention here:you have to look at the sec interval mentioned and if possible go frame by frame , or if you have a player that you can adjust to the slowest speed at the sec interval mentioned you will see what I am talking about.This is raw footage, not made in Hollywood, and does not conform to most peoples preconceived notions and it is inherently difficulty to see, ,however, if you persist by using the methods mentioned above you will see them (if you wear glasses put them on , set your pc/mac to the highest screen resolution available to you.
    With Vimeo, put the cursor arrow over the play pause button , then use your space bar to start and stop the video. This works well and with a little practice you will get the hang of it.

  8. I wanted to add that I live on the Island of Hawaii and have been getting video’s with UFO’S and strange drones. This is a link to the website that I post on and there you will find my video’s:
    As well you can search out my video’s out on by entering into the search box there : UFO’S / Opihikao / Hawaii / Exposing the covert spraying of Hawaii reported by Robert Mage
    This is not in any about self promotion, it is about covert spraying in Hawaii by UFO’S
    The video below is a very clear example of the strange things I am recording. This video opens with an orange oval shaped probable drone moving above my car- easy to see , and you won’t get much comment on this from the naysayers as it is good evidence as well, since you can see it very well it shows to me some advanced propulsion methodology – possibly some type of Gravity anti gravity tech.
    I re-posted this one as it is easy to see , and an example of the weirdness going on around here . As well if you are finding them hard to see try the method that I mention here:you have to look at the sec interval mentioned and if possible go frame by frame , or if you have a player that you can adjust to the slowest speed at the sec interval mentioned you will see what I am talking about.This is raw footage, not made in Hollywood, and does not conform to most peoples preconceived notions and it is inherently difficulty to see, ,however, if you persist by using the methods mentioned above you will see them (if you wear glasses put them on , set your pc/mac to the highest screen resolution available to you.
    With Vimeo, put the cursor arrow over the play pause button , then use your space bar to start and stop the video. This works well and with a little practice you will get the hang of it.

  9. Good question. Some say they are interdimensional shapeshifters, others that they inhabit a “dark matter” planet some call “planet X” or Nibiru. I think David Icke has spent considerable time on this whole issue. Perhaps he might have a better answer. Some believe they have come back in small numbers and started hybridizing the chosen luciferian families.

    And as far as those who think this kind of article and subject sucks and is unworthy of discussion on VT. Talk to the over a hundred of military, ex-military and high government officials who know Anti-gravity craft have been back engineered and know firsthand of treatries signed with so-called “alien creatures”. And yes there are death bed confessions of high ranking ex-officials and at least one video recorded and available. This subject and everything related to it does not easily fit into folks heads, especially when the USG has lied about everything relaed since 1947 when it came out with the truth about Roswell only for several hours and then totally covered it up.

    Fior those that think this subject is bunk, I have two suggestions. First, waste no time reading any part of this article, move on to one that interests you. Two, when starnge things from the sky descend in mass during your lifetime, remember that the story was told earlier to those that could hear.

    • Hear, hear Dr. Preston. Any who doubt your words need only look to the U.N. chartered Lucis Trust, previously named Lucifer Trust. And from the mouths of some who have peered behind the curtain, “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.”

      David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations

    • Very good point. Thanks. You are well informed beyond most.Essentially this means that the UN is an outgrowth of SAlice Bailey and Alister Crowley. Crowley had multipl visits from Grays which he claimed were luciferian spirit bodies.

  10. Is there any information on the miles of underground tunnels that are said to be spread out like honeycombs underneath America? How can projects that big and in progress for so long with so many thousands of personnel be kept quiet?

    • Same way the manhattan Project during WW2 was kept secret. Threat of lethal force applied. At first the stock threat at Roswell was, “we can plant you in a shallow grave in the desert over there and no one will ever find your body”. Later on the threats became more sophisticated but nonetheless deadly.


  12. Well done Preston. Consent applies from every micro to macro aspect within community and extends overall to civilization. It’s obvious that we are dealing with a plan that exceeds our perception of time. We think in lifetimes. And the ptb thinks of terms in the thousands. Possibly hundreds of thousands of years. We can clearly trace back the haplo groups and find certain global impacting events which funnel us into a corner. Certain haplo groups emerge from the demise of others. There is a pattern from the short history we “know of” such as the years of the 1850’s to the 1870’s. Many events happend in Canada, Germany, Italy,and especially the U.S. But that’s the micro aspect. The onion gets far bigger the longer we go back. Someone once said “we are all in the gutter. And some of us look to the stars” or somtin’ like that.

  13. This series is important exposure for people who have not been aware of these issues. If your aware of what is gong on then you have to be scared. The fact people don’t even notice spraying in the sky, or the danger of G.M.O in the food is frightening. It’s hard to even believe there is still human control on this planet. With blood being drawn, then corporations having control over it thru patents on your genetic material suggests that we’re already under some other control to me.

    There’s a lot of issues, and this series will help people explore it more fully on their own, and at this point there is not much else to do. If you dismiss it, then okay. If you embrace it then you’ll be more aware of things around you.

  14. Where does Nethanyahou fit in? He is so delusional with his talking about starting a war with Iran on his own. How with nukes? Otherwise Israel will be bombarded with missiles from Iran.
    So he is risking the lives of his own people. How crazy can you get.
    Or is is that part of the plan too?
    There are so many crazy things going on it is frightening.
    And congress and other idiots are waisting their time about abortion rights.
    Are they asleep?

    • Not asleep, likely mindkontrolled. Some may be hybridized already and have no souls for all anyone knows so far.

  15. Interesting article Preston, thanks. Am certainly open to lots that you are reporting on here. Equally interesting to see VT covering the type of things that Icke and Marrs were close to being carted off to the funny farm for in the not so distant past. We are all awakening to the nightmare around us. As Mr Duff states in his recent article:

    “We now have endless evidence, long entered into supercomputers, evidence of manufactured terrorism, sectarian violence, phony revolutions, manipulation of thoughts and beliefs, patterns that could be missed by the public but clear to any professional.
    Sections of planet Earth are being systematically made uninhabitable, radiation, disease, corruption, violence, orchestrated hate and fear, a very real conspiracy.”

    The only note of caution I would add is that the added fear of alien invasion, given our collective awakening to all the mayhem outlined above by Gordon, is classic Bluebeam stuff; the final item of a very long agenda intended to keep us locked into that spiral of fear, ignorance and apathy. (Often referred to by Icke when quoting a Dr whose name I can’t recall at this time who spoke in the the late 60’s of all the murder and mayhem that was to follow and which ended with threats of alien invasion – as did several alleged reports by Werner Von Braun in his last days).

    The mention of Snowden to legitimise these reports, for me, only heightens that sense of caution, particularly when his background and veracity has prompted many to label him a phony – with VT and Gordon at the head of the line.
    Thanks for everything you and the staff at VT teach us.

  16. You know with millions of unemployed people out there & even part time workers these evil people and their evil God, would have been better off if everyone was working because a Lot of us have the free time to read up on their devious plans to ruin the planet and everything in it. So, the more that we can explore, the more we know what they are up to ! DUH !

  17. The Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and Communist China could be experiments, this point is believable by simply looking at the consequences brought about by these experiments. But it is really hard to believe that the world population can be control by a small bunch of people. The reason is very simple: to control the population the government needs to control people’s minds. Even though the main stream media has become very effective in manipulating people’s opinions it still lacks the ultimate ability to control people’s opinions. Technology is the ultimate weapon and without the ultimate mind control technology no small cabal can control the population of the world effectively. As long as people can think freely there will be no way a small group of people would be able to control the fate of the majority. Look at what has happened in South Africa for the last 20 years. The white people of that country lost control mostly because the black population has grown a lot more and faster than the white population. People can not be fooled into submission because when they realize it, they will throw off the yoke in the hands of the very few. But people can be terrorized into submission by the ultimate mind control technology. When that technology is implemented in the world it will spell truly the end of freedom in human society, because by then the mass will be able to do nothing for any rebellion would be put down very effectively and quickly by using the future technology. But for now it is simply not possible.

  18. Mr. James, can your extraordinarily detailed assessment of our unbelievable plight be sent over to Press TV?

    You’ve touched a nerve – I feel electrified with anger and insult at these so and so’s. It was their ‘disclosure’ gobbledygook that galled me the most when I first read of it a few years ago – their ‘fairness’ doctrine – an insult to the word ‘fairness’. The scamming and murdering… the way the American people have been treated.

    If their worshipful lucifer is so great, why did they need go through such great deceptive lengths to try and achieve their most despicable of goals? Fair? Nothing they’ve done has had an ounce of fairness to it.
    The sneakiest, lowest, belly crawling viper would be fairer than their ‘lightbearer’ lucifer and it’s twisted ‘rules of play’.

    And when do those ancient relics die? Kissinger, GHW, Soros, Rockefeller,Turner and the rest? Or have they an endless supply of harvested organs from our children to keep their soulless bodies going for another one hundred years? Makes my skin crawl to think of them.

    Rise up, America, have your own Egypt. Can you imagine, thirty million Americans peacefully walking together for justice for all, including for those who betrayed?

    Oh yes, and thank you Mr. James, thank you, VT.

    • Don’t worry sweetliberty, Murdak gave these Elites their wealth & Power but, the ultimate price for it is eternal damnation. So, these very same soro’s, rockefellows, rothschilds made a deal with the devil and they probably know when their light goes out, it is torment for ever, after they go.

    • Thank you for this, stonehillady.

      With all respect to you and your comforting comment, it is the human misery and death these contemptible people have brought upon untold millions while in this life that causes me to wonder when will their lives be over. The apathetic choices they’ve made turned them into the sub-humans they look upon us as. All lives are precious and worthy on this side of eternity, even theirs.

  19. I would so dearly love to smoke whatever you are smoking! You have managed to combiner the bible, Sitkin’s 12th Planet, and a few other random tidbits into this epic! Wow!

  20. FC, it has been obvious that you are very well informed about many of these beyond black matters and are tough critic based on your level of knowledge. I truly appreciate your support on this article and those related to the secret space war. I do the best I can to verify everything, but due to the subject matter many times a rough approximation is only possible. Rather than hold back, I believe folks would want these disclosures to be able to evelauatethem for themslves and decide about the content.

    Two years ago none of this would have been possible. I only know about a small part of it but a great deal is coming forth every new week from very informed sources who would never present such information before. I was told that the only reason this is allowed to leak out now is because of the “rules of play” and in order to “go for broke” and have a chance to win they (the PTB) must reluctantly provide informed consent.

    • So much deception and disinfomation that has gone third-hand to fourth-hand onwards, it is frightening to see what humans in military and government are up to when they are deceived and clamped by fear they propagated all these years.
      Fact 1: any real aliens cannot inhabit our earth!. They cannot stay for long since the earth’s energy field will kill them, no matter what technology they have.
      Fact 2: They have no interest in humans who are primitive and stupid beyond even some animals due to human induced conditioning of many types.

      The only danger are phychopathic humans delusioned in their minds (typically controlled by some other entities) destroying the planet. Even so, they will not succeed becuase there is no way to defeat nature!. So off with such silly tales of terra-forming for other beings …. absurdity

    • How do you know aliens cannot inhabit the Earth ?
      Are you an Alien yourself ?
      Or maybe you have visited them on their home planet and they told you we can’t stay on earth. ?
      Maybe your aren’t aware of how the whole Pacific Ocean is becoming radioactive from billions of gallons of water they are dumping back in it from still trying to cool the nuclear planets at Fuchishumia (spelling).

    • The “Rules of Play” is definitely there and applies to all, including Lucifer. The PTB cleverly use Hollywood as one of the main channels for disclosure, knowing full well that the public have been conditioned to believe whatever is shown on the movie screen is merely fiction. The movie and music industry are completely owned and controlled by the PTB, with the actors/actresses and singers being the willing cutouts.

    • FC I think you are referring to the Bible at Rev 2:9 and 3:9 on “fake Hebrew impersonators” like those that fly the hex flag, have NO Hebrew blood/genes and live in a puremasonic/luciferian nation.

  21. As I write this comment just post son rise a four engined jet passes overhead leaving two distinct lingering con trails joining the others that spread overhead a familiar daily obscuration across my nation.

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