Solar Cycle 24 Freezes Out Al Gore


Al Gore promotes Global Warming because it is a money making scam, these past winters are freezing out Global Warming as a viable theory. Al Gore is now frozen in time as the village idiot who lectured us about carbon emissions and was stopped by the cold reality of a cooling earth. So what was Anthropocentric Global Warming (AGW) all about anyways?


Global Warming was a Marketing Ploy

The Global Warming theory was never really a theory, it was a marketing effort on part of the “globalists” to remake the world in their image of taxing ever more, you breath so therefore you are taxed. The church invented guilt for the same reason. Al Gore was their errand boy, CO2 was never a threat because it is a trace gas, and man made CO2 only a small 3% of the total. Water vapor is 95% of the global warming effect, and is hardly ever mentioned.


Global Warming by increasing anthropocentric Carbon Dioxide isn’t true in the real world, yet in DC tinsel town (a special kind of la la land) where an endless celebration of spending someone else’s money has created its own reality. Washington is a giddy simulacrum of make believe and laws because we can, and anything we say goes because we are the Gods on the Potomac. The AGW has-been theory is still going like the pink Energizer bunny even after full exposure as a boldfaced hoax.

Does man made CO2 drive warming? No. It does absolutely nothing. One chart is all you need, CO2 is a trace gas in the atmosphere and the human caused portion of total greenhouse gases is only 0.117% of the total, thus man made CO2 has negligible effect on earth climate. Pay no attention to the media whores and their carbon scare tactics, ANTHROPOCENTRIC CO2 DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

carbon chart

Al Gore lost the election in 2000 after winning it and by 2012 he was a laughing stock of the world, angrily denouncing a life molecule as a threat to the planet and soon became the poster child of loserville, a lying errand boy, a dunce of Rothschild, a stool pigeon and proxy whore who wanted to be Prez. He stood up in front of the world and has made a fool of himself, his faux theory tasked by his global masters didn’t pan out. He should retire to his mansion and figure out a way to stay warm, maybe he can siphon off some Jet A from his private jet and burn it in a coffee can to stay warm. Al Gore is an lying idiot without a clue, his bad karma was defeated by a changing sun and reduced sunspot cycle. Non existent solar max is directly observed evidence that the sun is powering down. The lesson learned is never forecast global warming at the end of an interglacial.(1)


Solar Cycle 24 has Confounded the Experts

Every solar minimum solar scientists gather and present theories on the next cycle, the latest conference was April 2007.(2) Many scientists were taken in by the warming hysteria and forecast an even hotter cycle than SC23, as time wore on and SC24 failed to ignite, they started getting nervous and updated their projections with lower amplitudes. The number of revisions is breathtaking. Here are the first few:


NASA’s changing projections, 2005 to 2010

We are now 4 years into SC24 and they still are revising the curve. No clue comes to mind. Every month NASA updates the Sun Spot Progression chart (3) the moving average blue line is already post peak and many are wondering if Solar Cycle 24 is winding down. Note: ignore the red line it was revised downward.(4)


The big news is that the next cycle may only be a bump or even nonexistent (5):


Even worse a larger cycle is turning downward, what this means is that post peak cycle 24 the curve drops off rapidly like a ski slope, cold is coming on fast.(6)


When can we expect the next solar minima? This chart should freeze you to your chair (7). Recent solar cycles are extending longer than the normal 11 year cycle, SC24 may extend out to 2026. This means long cold winters and a steady decrease in temperature.

Richard Altrock’s green corona emissions diagram (USAF coronal research program):


Political Discussion

Wall Street’s endless pump and dump market profit making scams has made the clowns in DC green with envy. It wasn’t enough to create a central bank and income tax, oh no, the political class has taken the art of fleecing to a new level with the carbon hoax, they are creating bogus scientific theories out of whole cloth and buying the loyalty of the scientific establishments with grant money. They made a religious cult out of a pseudo-scientific hypothesis. We are truly at the end of an age, the shenanigans of the state parasites is out of control, asset stripping the post industrial world into a new dark age. They are shutting down power plants using global warming as a rational and they are chemtrail spraying the atmosphere to obscure solar radiation because they are so convinced of their bullshit storyline.   Good job boys, now’s a great time to blot out the sun. lol

What you might think about is buying a wood stove and snowmobile and stocking up on whiskey, it’s always good to ride the storm out in style. Another lesson learned, the scientific community is also moved and fooled by cultural memes, everyone is readjusting their thoughts to a new colder reality. Wow, we were all fooled by Al Gore.

Al Gore bad man




The End of an Interglacial

(2) Solar Cycle 24 Prediction Panel:






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    • I live on the beach in Delaware. For 6 yrs water never came near my house. Everytime it storms now the water is just feet from my door. We have had the hottest summer on record. 3 people died last week from the heat. The artic is crumbling into the sea causing rising tides and flooding. There are days after a storm when we can’t get out of our community. Shut the hell up…your a bunch of right wingers who think drilling oil anywhere and everywhere, exposing the tar sands will not hurt us. EVERY scientist outside this country knows it’s real…except those bought off in the US paid for by the Koch Brothers, and the multinational corporations. Your a sicko bunch of non science believers. What will you do when its too late to turn this thing around…its your kids and grand kids who will live a life of hell because you bought the multi national corporate line and refused to believe in science or your own eyes.

  1. Who you gonna believe?

    NAS, NOAA, IPCC, NASA and the WSJ all say the same thing, global warming is real and sea levels are rising.

  2. No one is saying there is no climate change.
    The climate has always changed and will continue to do so with or without humans.
    As far as global warming goes, there hasn’t been any significant change in global temperatures in the last 16-17 years. The IPCC models are wrong and they have admitted they do not understand why.
    CO2 is NOT a problem. Get that? It IS a political problem, That’s all it is.
    Please learn to think.
    Too many have forgotten how.

  3. Stop reading the Bible, section Revelations, Tomer. It’s too unsettling for your mind.

    Watching the pictures of Hieronymus Bosch and reading the revelations of Nostradamus are equally bad for you.

  4. Excellent article, yukonjack.

    I highly recommend it!

    Spread it like wildfire! It probably won’t keep the world from freezing – but it sure will burn like hell on the shivering skin of the warmistas.

    Only one little correction: In the fifth line from the last, “Could” should instead read “Good”.

  5. Well, even the MSM knows global warming is bogus. You can’t find the term much anywhere anymore. They’ve moved on to “global climate change,” the new boogie man. Come on, keep up.


  6. You got the village idiot right. Americans are so gullible. When too hot, we run to shade, whether umbrella, big hat, shade trees. So why do we continue to cut down trees, and put in a parking lot of concrete and asphalt. Both heat absorbing and reflecting. We are the source of global warming.

  7. Re: the still frame from an old “Twilight Zone” episode:

    “Wish him (Al Gore) to the cornfield!”

    Now that I’ve had my fun…

    NASA Discovers Carbon Dioxide Is a “Coolant” – Destroys Globalists Warming Myth


    Greener Deserts Could Be Result Of Higher Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations, Study Finds


  8. No, we weren’t all fooled by Al Gore. At least, I wasn’t. A little more cooling is welcome here in Missouri, where it’s bloody hot and humid in summer. We had a cool spring for a change, and it was wonderful.

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