Hellerstein to Silverstein: No more money for you, schmuck!


Judge Alvin Hellerstein has ruled that Larry Silverstein cannot keep double-dipping for billions of extra dollars in World Trade Center insurance money.

Silverstein, who bought the condemned-for-asbestos World Trade Center two months before it was struck by “Zionist lightning”* in 2001, was asking for an extra 11 billion dollars, on top of the roughly five billion dollars he has already extorted from insurers, despite his public confession to demolishing WTC-7 himself. Judge Hellerstein, who had already reduced the 11 billion dollar second claim to three billion dollars, finally got fed up with Silverstein’s outlandish chutzpah and dismissed the case.

Publicly, Hellerstein hailed Silverstein as one of the “heroes” of 9/11 who “sought to create beauty out of destruction” (“beauty” apparently meaning “an endless US war on Israel’s enemies”).  Yet the judge declined to hand Silverstein the extra three billion dollars.

Hellerstein’s private memo to Silverstein – which has just been made public by Edward Snowden, who is still using his NSA backdoor algorithms to hack into everyone on earth’s private correspondence – reveals an interesting back-story.

From: Judge Alvin “Big Al” Hellerstein
To: Lucky Larry
Dated: Wednesday, July 17th, 2013
CC: Edward Snowden, Moscow Airport, Delayed Departures Lounge

Hey “Lucky Larry”

Your luck has run out, pal.

You are making the tribe look bad.

You bought a condemned property. You doubled the insurance. It burned down. Then you doubled down again with your double-indemnity claim. And now here you are, doubling down a third time.

Third time’s the charm, schmuck.

You can take those three billion shekels you’re asking for and stick them right up your keister.

The whole world knows you as “Mr. Pull-It.”

You are a world-class putz.

Mr. Rothschild is getting very, very angry with you.

You have enormous chutzpah, Mr. Silverstein. And I do not mean that in the goyish complimentary sense.

If I were you, I would stay out of tall buildings until this thing blows over.


Judge Alvin Hellerstein
Mossad Special Operations – American Judiciary Infiltration Unit
32°8’35″N   34°48’15″E
Tel Aviv, Israel

*When a building burns down in New York, for no discernible reason other than insurance fraud, it’s attributed to “Jewish lightning.”  Yes, we know that’s an anti-Semitic expression. The people of New York should be ashamed of themselves for talking that way.


  1. Has any Jew since the Holocaust suffered a greater volume of hatred and senseless vilification. than poor innocent Mr. Larry Silverstein? I think not. It seems like every paranoid, vicious, psychotic conspiracy theorist on the face of the earth wants to defame Larry Silverstein, all because of a simple misunderstanding of one four letter word. “Pull”. Larry wanted to “pull’ the firemen out of Building 7. Is that a crime?
    I have long admired Judge Hellerstein, but in this case he almost seems to have transformed into that saddest, most despicable of creatures, the self hating Jew. maybe someone needs to have a word with Hellerstein, remind him of his tribal “responsibilities”. As for all you conspiracy punks, all I can say is Abe’s taking names. One by one. And (longtime personal friend) I happen to know from personal experience that good old Abe is not shy when it comes to handing things on. Watch out. We have long arms.

    • Satire is very, very tricky, if you make it too broad and obvious, it’s lame, if you don’t make it obvious enough you just end up pointlessly annoying people. amusing, but rather low. I am sorry that my comments aggravated you Reeses, they were a lame attempt at humour on my part.

    • The ADL was created by Jewish Freemasonry for the purpose of defending the Jewish head of a Freemasonic lodge who had raped and murdered a little girl.

      And the “Holocaust” was invented on Halloween day in the year 1919 after the discovery of a document by the Jewish Committee of Union and Progress outlining a plan to exterminate the Armenian Christians.

      “six million men and women call to us for help, and eight hundred thousand little children cry for bread… In this threatened holocaust of human life…giving $35,000,000 in the name of the humanity of Moses to six million famished men and women…Six million men and women are dying…six million Jewsh men and women are starving.”

      October 31, 1919 American Hebrew Magazine.
      “The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop! ” by Martin H. Glynn

      Dishonest Abe stood in the way of the Congress recognizing the Armenian genocide precisely because he knows that masonic Zionist Jews were responsible for it.

      He must also know that the Nazis were funded by Jewish bankers through the Swiss Bank of International Settlements.He paid for World War I reparations all through World War II since the ADL also seems to like to fund Nazis.

      The idea was to force the Jews of Europe to move to Palestine which was nicely prepared for them by Jewish Bankers and a guy the name of Untermyer who blackmailed President Wilson into getting the US into World War I for the purpose of destroying the Ottoman Empire so that a Jewish state could be created in Palestine.

      “Revolting as it is, it would be an interesting study in psychology to analyze the motives, other than fear and cowardice, that have prompted Jewish bankers to lend money to Germany as they are now doing. It is in part their money that is being used by the Hitler regime in its reckless, wicked campaign of propaganda to make the world anti-Semitic”

      Samuel Untermyer
      New York Times, Monday, August 7, 1933

      Hitler’s concentration camps contained less than 350,000 inmates, 90% of whom were gentiles not Jews, according to World War II reporter Douglass Reed. The ADL blackballed Reed because of his knowledge of this fact.

      Hitler’s “final solution” was Ha’avara the transfer agreement which transported 60,000 Jews with their wealth to Palestine.

      “Some Ha’avara emigrants transferred considerable personal wealth from Germany to Palestine. As Jewish historian Edwin Black has noted: “Many of these people, especially in the late 1930s, were allowed to transfer actual replicas of their homes and factories — indeed rough replicas of their very existence.” ”


      The Zionist and the Nazis were on such good terms that the Zionists had drafted an offer of a military alliance before the end of the war.


      And the Jewish diamond cartel supplied Hitler’s war machines with the industrial diamonds it needed to keep rolling.


      The American Jewish Committee’s numbers show a rise in the total Jewish population of the world from 15,315,359 in 1933 to 15,713,638 in 1948 – an increase of 398,279.


      The population of Israel rose from 800,000 to two million between 1948 and 1958 according to Wikipedia.

      If you add these 800,000 Jews who were snuck into Palestine by 1948 that would be an increase of 1,198,279 Jews making the world population of Jews 16,513,638 in 1948 – an increase of 7.82%.

      Compare that number to the 37.6 million Christians whom the Jewish Bolsheviks murdered between 1917 and 1926 – a period of time when “antisemitism” was a crime punishable by death in the Soviet Union.


    • Note:Hitler paid for World War I reparations all through World War II, that is. The payments were made in gold much of which came from the US Federal Reserve. When it came out the Swiss Bank of International Settlements was holding Nazi gold the story was spun into a ridiculous Jewish gold fillings Holocaust story.

    • Correction:

      Of the inmates approximately 300,000 inmates who DIED in Hitler’s concentration camps 90% were gentiles not Jews, according to World War II reporter Douglass Reed. At the end of the when the Allies were demanding Jews in exchange for German POWs

      The vast majority of these inmates died from typhus brought into the camps by Polish Jews from the Jewish Ghettos in which they lived. The Ghettos were under quarantine because of to a typhus epidemic.

      “The conclusions of the early US Army investigations as to the truth about the wartime German concentration camps have since been corroborated by all subsequent investigators and can be summarized:

      “The harrowing scenes of dead and dying inmates were not the result of a German policy of “extermination,” but rather the result of epidemics of typhus and other disease brought about largely by the effects of Allied aerial attacks. ”

      The Liberation of the Camps: Facts vs. Lies by Theodore J. O’Keefe
      Institute for Historical Review

      “In the Warsaw ghetto alone, epidemic typhus was believed to have affected between 100,000 and 150,000 persons”

      Typhus and the Jews by Friedrich Paul Berg
      Institute for Historical Review

      The Institute for Historical Review never mentions the non-Jews who were imprisoned in the German concentration camps as they are gentiles and don’t count even though they were the large majority of the prison population.

    • At the end of the when the Allies were demanding Jews in exchange for German POWs (I think) the Germans were frantically moving Jews to the east – in transit to Palestine no doubt – the numbers in some of the camps may have increased. It is hard to tell because the records may have been tampered with by the true “revisionists.”

      “it was in fact impossible to draw public attention to the misreporting of the nature of the persecution of Germany and to explain that the Jews formed only a small fraction of the victims.”

      “The Talmudic Vengeance in “The Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed:

      “I earlier described, with illustrations from Jewish sources, the process by means of which, over the years, the Jews were “singled out” from the mass of Hitler’s victims and their number inflated at will from day to day (Hitler’s book-bonfire became” the burning of Jewish books”; his concentration camps where ninety percent of the inmates were Germans became concentration camps for Jews; a wartime report about the killing of” 150,000 White Russians, Ukrainians and Jews at Kieff” was changed to “150,000 Jews”;and so on interminably).

      “The Strange Role of the Press” in “The Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed:

  2. The “truther movement” is packed full of shills, disinfo-agents and whores paid to discredit it like Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones.


    The hard evidence that 9/11 was an Israeli false flag aided and abetted by traitors in the US government is overwhelming.


  3. It appears that Hellerstein has a better understanding than Silverstein regarding the possible damage that would occur if this lawsuit was allowed to go forward. Had Hellerstein agreed to Silverstein’s request for additional compensation moved forward (or if it does upon appeal) there would be a need to investigate who was in charge of security from where the alleged airplanes departed.

    In fact, it is on record that neither Flight 11 nor Flight 77 was scheduled to fly on 9/11/01.

    • The paths of Flights 11 and 175 crossed over Stuart Airforce Base. The same guy who got the WTC privatized for Larry Silverstein also got Stuart Airforce Base privatized: Ronald Lauder.


    • If they were not scheduled to fly on 9/11/01 that means that they took off without passengers because radar had tracked both Flights 11 and 175.

      If there were no passengers that could certainly explain the dearth of lawsuits against he airliners and Mossad Lack of Security Inc.. – but If there were no passengers then who is got the hush money checks from Congress? It seems easy enough to verify. Why is no one looking into this?

    • There may have been airplanes that appeared to the FAA to be Flights 11, 77, 93 and 175 that departed the airports on 9/11/01. But since the FAA tracks flights by monitoring their transponder codes, it would not be beyond the ability of those who perpetrated the event to have obtained the transponder code numbers and assigned them to the four alleged aircraft that departed from their points of origin.

      The FAA would have no way of knowing whether or not the four alleged airplanes were the actual airplanes used during the event.

    • Passenger lists are available for those flights but they do not include the names of any of the hijackers and all of the flights had unusually low occupancies.

      “What this 30% passenger occupancy essentially means is that on each of the flights that were hijacked that morning, every passenger on every plane had an entire row to themselves to lie down….On the morning of 9/11, every passenger on every plane had, essentially, an open row to
      themselves. And on Flight 93 that went down in Shanksville, PA, there were 10 more rows than passengers.


  4. I am willing to give Mr Insider the benefit of the doubt that he is being as sarcastic as Mr. Barrett in his own curious way. The Bhutanese did it and Mt. Zion is in Nepal. Get it?

  5. Why Bhutanese for all the better candidates for conspiracy in the world? Why not Saudis, Indians, Burmese, or even Chinese? What would have been the interest of the King of Bhutan to have a pair of skyscrapers in NY City? Is this a libel?

  6. @ Insider

    It would be prudent for you to see a doctor, to make arrangements for you to enter a program to detox from your meds.

    Given the severity of your condition, an in-patient treatment program would probably be mandated.

    • Should have written:

      Didn’t Dick Cheney SAY something about Newt Gingrich being off his “meds?”


  7. Hurrah!

    Following a long absence, the real Dr. Kevin Barrett has finally returned.

    I’ve missed you.

  8. I’m glad you’re “inside” Mr. Insider. I suggest you stay there. Decent people will decide to get even someday. Here’ what the “man” said:


  9. I assume this is a joke. The Judge in question was part of the whole 9/11 cover up. And. Why one judge (friendly) dealing with this case of mass extortion…..and no Jury? Hello! I smell lots of dead rats….

    • In almost every case of large “PAYOUTS” it’s Ken Feinberg who gets to pay out the multiple $Billions to the victims. And along with that he gets the victims to sign away their “RIGHTS” to never sue.

      I would like to see some of the documents and have other attorneys look them over. I’m sure any claims against ” Fellow TRIBE” members are in there somewhere, and given up.

      So why is he, “Ken Feinberg” always the go to guy for the “TRIBE”, it was done with 9/11, and also the Gulf Oil Spill, the Sandy Hurricane, the Boston Bombing, along with other major events during which the public suffered huge losses. WHY Feinberg ???

      So why do we always need a “Jew” to write checks for victims, and to sign away their rights? It does seem more than curious, time after time, after time, especially when disasters like 9/11/01 have other tribe members involved up to their eyeballs.

      Way too much of a co-incidence.

    • It’s just the kind of “too much of a co-incidence” that they love to throw in our faces…

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