Israel Hit with EU War Crimes Sanctions


EU sanctions keep Israel guessing

Palestinian protesters confront Israeli Occupation Forces
Palestinian protesters confront Israeli Occupation Forces’ soldier near the West Bank town of Idna. (file photo)


In a surprise last minute move, the European Union set forth a strong set of economic sanctions against Israel, leaving that nation both surprised and reeling.

The sanctions, stimulated by what the EU refers to as “Israeli intransigence” regarding peace talks with the Palestinians, cover all financial dealings, loans, awards, transfer of “instruments” and severely limiting economic cooperation between Israel and all EU member nations starting in 2014.

The sanctions are against any Israeli “economic activity,” not just within what has been referred to as the “occupied territories” but broad areas of Israel that had been designated for the establishment of an “Arab State” in 1949.

Those territories extend in an almost contiguous line from the Lebanon border to the Red Sea.

Israel has referred to these territories as “Golan Heights, Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem.”  The term “Judea” alone could refer to the entire Roman province including large regions of Lebanon and Jordan.

Thus, one might question why the European Union would include such broad territories, clearly intended to offset Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s demands for “defensible borders.”

The EU has gone much further than imagined, an act Israel sees as an “ambush.”


Israel has responded with a number of objections citing, initially that they feel the “EU attacks us because we are small,” as cited by Gil Ronen with Arutz Sheva, Israel National News.

The sanctions, to be published Friday, July 19, 2013, will prohibit all 28 European Union member states from any economic contacts with Israeli “entities” that operate outside the 1949 Armistice lines.

These territories differ greatly from the ceasefire lines of the 1967 war and include up to 25% of the territory of Israel, according to an article in Arutz Sheva.

According to that publication, the EU has made further differentiations based on the 1967 truce lines, clearly delineating territories seized as “occupied” and requiring Israel to identify any economic activity originating from those regions for exclusion.

EU officials have commented that there has been significant pressure to modify and limit the approve sanctions prior to their upcoming publication.


The decision to move against Israel falls on the eve of announcements from France and then Britain to hold back materiel support for pro-Israeli factions fighting against the Syrian government.

Germany had previously announced that no aid would be forthcoming.

The United States, although announcing, in June, that arms would be supplied, has withheld promised military aid though the Syrian government has made significant advances against rebel held enclaves.


Quoting a high ranking Israeli official:

“The attack by the EU disproportionate and is likely to have no positive effect on restarting meaningful dialog over the Palestinian question.  When it comes to disputed territories, the Europeans prefer to attack a small country like Israel instead of taking on more powerful states, because they are afraid of retaliation.

We were only informed at the last moment.”

Israel’s position was confirmed by Deputy Foreign Minister, Ze’ev Elkin.  In a statement to the press, Elkin referred to the EU directive as a “mistake” likely to undermine any progress already made.

“We are not ready to sign on this clause in our agreements with the European Union.”

Elkin also cited Israel’s failure to get in front of the issues that led to this confrontation which will, as he also stated, “halt all cooperation in economics” and be extremely harmful to Israel’s economy.


Speaking for the European Union, David Kriss is quoted:

“These are guidelines on the eligibility of Israeli entities and their activity in the territories occupied by Israel since June 1967 for grants, prizes and financial instruments funded by the EU from 2014 onwards.

(Sanctions)It makes (sic) a distinction between Israel and the entities in the West Bank, east Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights.”

It’s a very worrying initiative launched at a bad time, because it only reinforces the Palestinians’ refusal to restart negotiations.”

Kriss then called for Israel to cooperate fully with the sanctions, threatening Israel with defunding of joint projects already scheduled, projects that would otherwise not be impacted by sanctions.


Arutz Sheva reports that Palestinian leaders will only negotiate based on pre-1967 lines and “if Israel freezes all settlement activity in Judea and Samaria.”

Thus far, the world press has been unaware of these expanded Palestinian demands that would require Israel to not only stop all settlement activities in areas referred to as “occupied” but over wider areas now settled by up to 1.8 million Israelis.

There are already over 550,000 Israelis living in the “occupied zones,” primarily eastern Jerusalem, known as Al Quds, and the West Bank.

The EU position impacts nearly one third of Israel’s population, one third of its economic base.


The real impetus for increased pressure on Israel has been the failure of western economies and their disastrous currencies.

The real subtext for scaling back support for Israel has been seen in the strangely unreported change in America’s deficits.

During the last fiscal quarter, the United States has shown a net budget surplus for the first time in decades.  Two of the last three months have yielded surpluses in excess of $100 billion.

The message has been clear to EU leaders, as America has drawn down its role as “policeman of the world,” the real security issue, potential economic collapse, has become less of a threat.

What is unlikely to be admitted is the simple fact that the projection of military power to secure resources, when those resources are exploited by multi-national entities, offers a very poor return.

Thus, Israel’s current dilemma is much more rooted in its role as an economic liability than in any concerns regarding human rights.

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  1. That’s half-true, Tomer. The militia-wing of Hezbullah has been put on the Sanctions-List, not the lebanese co-governing Hizbullah as such.

    Especially UK pressed for this, while Austria, Ireland and Czechia especially because they have UN-forces stationed on the golan heights were cautious.

    I assume that it is of no coincidence, that especially UK+France become ever more hawkish in the region recently considering their zionist lobbies – You might have heard of the “CFI” (Conservative friends of Israel) – around 80% of UK Tory-delegates are linked to that “club”.

  2. Perhaps this short clip will tell why there’s absolutely no reason for Israel to purchase any more “Christians” here in AmeriKa;

    If you want a good belly laugh, take a quick trip to “AmeriKan Thinker” and avail yourselves of the hogwash the shills spew there. Watch out for Muslims taking over AmeriKa? I truly doubt the facts will corroborate that load of “chutzpah”. As you can see, through mostly “appointed” positions within the government, they will have absolutely no trouble in avoiding any pressure or sanctions here in Israel’s Western-most colony. Careful of the neo-CHEKA youth groups though, they will be very nasty to deal with and will show us the same amount of mercy they showed the Russians, Germans, Poles and most all Eastern nations. Just a few in charge and fill in the ranks with “Christian” lackeys to do the real dirty work.

  3. Let’s hope that these ‘sanctions’ or what ever they are called, are implemented.

    And yes, it is an economic issue, as Israel is an economic liability to the US and the EU.

    People in the USA do not GIVE A SHIT what happens to the Israeli entity, except for Jews…Any shows of support are manufactured by Zionist run media.

  4. Why wait a year? Impose the sanctions now. Germany needs to withhold all future reparation payments until the israeli’s return to those borders as they were in 1949, and reparations to displaced Palestinians are paid in full to the families of all Palestinians displaced since 1949 no matter where they live today. They also need to make reparations to the families of all US Navy personnel who were killed when they attacked our ship the USS Liberty, plus 18% APR interest accrued since 1967. Also they need to have israel reduce it’s military by 2 thirds to just a real defensive force. And open all facilities to UN weapons inspectors to ensure that they do not have any WMD of any kind either. We already know that they have between 400 and 600 nuclear type weapons and an assortment of DU weapons, chemical and other bio type weapons, they all have to be destroyed and they ability to produce and maintain any such type of weapons be dismantled and removed from their possession. Peace can only be obtained via peaceful actions, israel has yet to exhibit any such actions since day 1 of their existence. And just 1 more thing it has to do with their proclaimed title “Jewish State” that has to go, if their neighbors cannot be Islamic states or have to be secular, AKA not a religious state, so too must they.

    • Today, the Simon-Wiesenthal-Center started a poster campaign in 3 major cities in Germany looking for lost Nazi-Warcriminals – These SWC-crooks offer up to 25.000 EURO for leads – That answers your Question?

      Germany is getting extorted, and they won’t end their campaign as there is “No Business like Shoah-Business”.

    • No, I don’t need “new politicians with huge balls” – I would be satisfied if we got german politicians with brains who even understood and cherished whom they are elected and paid by to serve!

      “Dem Deutschen Volke”.

      In my opinion, some of the few last honest and brave german Patriot politicians was Martin Hohmann – They grilled him, excluded him from the party just for standing up for the Truth and for fighting in Honor of his people as he openly and vehemently rejected Daniel Goldhagen’s lies and smears about insinuating a “deutsches Tätervolk”.

  5. Going back to Israel’s borders, as they were supposed to be in 1949, after establishment of the PALESTINIAN STATE, is surely a step in the right direction–one not even discussed previously. If not acceptable to Israel, the EU and UN could offer to go back further. But 1949 borders, as they were supposed to be, sounds about right to me.

  6. The holder of the title of :’the second most untrustworthy and corrupt organisation in the world’ – places sanctions on the clear winner of that same category.

    I am afraid that the world, human rights – or even common decency – will not be saved by this little dog and pony show. I smell some gorged sewer rats going through their grooming routines.

    This spectacle must be watched with interest all the same – and the real motives and ultimate reasoning exposed. Lenin once said that the way to control both sides of an argument is to BE both sides of the argument.


    Veterans Today focuses on Israel because, apart from the USA, the world is beginning to realize that Israel is the greatest threat to world peace and prosperity. The proposed EU sanctions are the latest sign of this change.

    The problem is that Israel seems to be so deranged, paranoid and absolutely sure of its own divine role that it could really carry out the Sampson role, and bring down the whole world. It could do that physically, with nuclear weopons, or financially, with the vast amounts of money transfered to Israel over the years.

    The danger is there, but I hope world leaders do not submit.


      If things go badly for Israel they will use their financial power to cause havoc. If things look terminal for Israel they might lash out with their nuclear weapons.

      It started with the Holocaust, which was grossly exaggerated. If it could be shown (and widely publicized)that it was a lie used to blackmail the world then there might be a change in Israel itself.

      The growth of militant Islam has been a direct response to the arrogance of Israel, and we are all paying for that arrogance.

      My point though is that Israel may do more damage than we realize

  8. shame they werent “sanctioned” in retaliation for a nuke dropped near Damascus.
    I hope this shames the District of Criminals to FIRE izrahelli “contractors” spying on Americans.
    it wasnt legal for DC to domestic spy and they handed themselves permission to do so,
    then they “hire” another coountry to do it.. treasonous BS!

    same for DC “hiring” blackwater mercenaries for 10x the pay to do things our military CANT,
    with the paychecks coming from the same sources theres no way that BS is legit!
    the District of Criminals, by its own charter, is NOT a part of the United States.
    it is an independant city-state residing within OUR borders, waging WARFARE against us all.
    from trashing our economy, to poisoning us for profits, to trashing our global reputation..
    the District of Criminals MUST BE DENOUNCED!

  9. Liability is a very good reason to bring this matter to an end. The liability has been more than financial, lives have been lost. As for the silly statement “we are a small counry” something Netanyahu intended to end at the expense of others, does not make a good defense, given the weapons they have. What they are loosing is an abuse of privileges and preferences given to them. The Israeli and Jewish Org around the world have the option of changing their present Zionist aggressive plans. There are Jewish people who would be happy with a peacefull home for the Hebrew people.

  10. Mr. Duff,
    I have no doubt that this IS about money, however, before we all get too cynical, and write it all off, the reality is that this is huge.
    Israel has gone from untouchable, to vulnerable.
    This is a major shift. I suspect on some level that there are a few entities out there who are putting the finishing touches on the targets they want to pin on this little middle eastern country.

  11. Just look at the above picture…The nasty Kazar land-stealer is pointing his finger and expecting the natives of Palestine to go where he wants; like dogs…God willing these SOB’s won’t see the 100th anniversary of their sick, twisted crime syndicate hide-out masqerading as a country..

    • sorry, that’s Khazar….nasty Talmud-reading, goy-hateing..US taxpayer support sucking Khazar…sorry.

    • The Church needs a LOT more like you. One of the few REAL Christians around. Thanks, from me and I won’t speak for Jesus….

    • True. It’s sometimes a complex task to re-educate Christians about this all important matter. Reprogramming Zionist Christians can be the most difficult. Many are only semi-literate, or have watched countless hours of viewing Illuminati approved TV preachers, aka “False Prophets”. You know all of their names, I’m sure. But once all of the dots are connected there is no turning back. We now can see those which are approved by God as opposed to those who’ve been spawned by Satan.

  12. Yes, 9-11 was a Mossad war crime…the illuminati hit us hard that day and their main cat’s paw was
    Mossad and their agents, assets and allies in country….WE should be leading the way on sanctions against Talmudia..

  13. 1. The territories are from the Lebanon border to the Dead Sea,not the Red sea.

    2. Arutz Sheva is the settler station/site,these are Rothschild Nazi’s ordered to create as much trouble as possible.

    3. This is no “last minute surprise”,this is a predictable ,anticipated attack by Rothschild.
    Nethanyahu even had to make up some bull story about the Foreign Ministry not telling him about the decision for two weeks.

    4.I predicted US/Europe not supporting the Rebels in Syria weeks ago,because the toppling of Assad and the attack on Israel through Syria has been sabotaged by Israel and Russia.
    Other fronts are becoming visible.

    5. Israel and the PA will reach an interim agreement in the very near future,since Israel needs her hands free for the really important stuff,like preparing for the next Rothschild attack/false flag.

    6. Israel will react within a few days,when “Snowden” will release extremely problematic information about European collaboration with US agencies on spying on their population.
    “Snowden” might add some surprises.

    7.The money: Jack Lew said that 18 may 2013,the US deficit will reach the limit,and since then the deficit has stayed there,25 million dollar short of the limit.
    Jack Lew said that the Congress has no right to deny more bailout money ,and this decision has been moved to August.
    Nothing to do with budget surplus,simple book cooking,to hide the May 18th takeover of the US.
    I picked 18 May as the day the NWO will make a mayor symbolical move in a comment some days before that date,on VT.

    7. Too much talk and activity around the Dome of the Rock.
    “Barack” means “lightning” in Hebrew,and in Arabic,is the steed that carried the Prophet Mohammed(SAW) on the Night Journey,jumping off the Rock on the Temple Mount.
    Could something strike the Rock?
    Rothschild left the clues in a sword aiming at the Rock in Jerusalem since 1933.

    • This morning:

      Glenn Greenwald on German TV : more leaks in the next few days,”more explosive in Germany”

      This afternoon:

      MP Missfelder,spokesman for Merkel: guidelines are “pure ideology and symbolic politics” and will not contribute to finding a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

      That’s the level this game is played now,blackmail,threats and backstabbing.

      Enjoy the show.

    • What do you expect, shach? Mißfelder is from “Atlantik-Brücke”, a german NeoCon apprentice – Uncompromizing solidarity with USA+Israel über alles – He’s one of the many Holocaust™-traumatized Germans who see their salvation in being more pro-Israel than Israelis even, a philosemite (he thinks). We’re also before elections in September, Mißfelder hereby tries to libel the leftist/Palestinian-friendly Green Party by calling them “Israel-hostile”.

      Can you imagine what in nowadays Germany just the idea of a boycott against Israel provokes? The whole “Never forget”-PC-machine goes off: “Kauft nicht bei Juden”, “Judenhetze”, “Antisemiten!” – Nowadays Germans aren’t teached or informed about the Ha’avara-Agreement and never heard of the ’33 Worldwide jewish Boykott or Samuel Untermyers “Holy-War against Germany”-declaration, all they learn is that their Papas and Mamas built a hell in Auschwitz.

      Mißfelder is a german Zionist, many Germans are out of feelings of guilt, it’s called “Deutsche Staatsräson”, but german Governments also listen to their neighbours and abide by EU-rules: the EU is actually rather a healthy advisor for Germany in that respect.

    • Yeah, they’re neck deep in Holohoax……someday it will be possible to speak the truth w/o jailtime in Germany….After the Consecration of Russia and/or the Great Chastisement the world will be changed..

    • We might help Louis Gavin help to leave the dark side,but he might only fade to grey.

      There’s not a lot of light left for Judaism right now.

      Judaism was taken over by the dark side in 1897,for the light to return will take a generation at least.

  14. “EU Sanctions Hoax: More in papers than practice.”

    Sir Gordon’s soon-to-appear article. Amen
    Stay tuned–simile..:)

  15. The EU sanctions will be diluted considerably before 2014. The Israelis could also send their attack pitbull, the US, over to Brussels to do a bit of arm twisting. This entire ordeal could be a fabrication strictly for public consumption for all we know.

  16. It is a big deal!, when have you heard them come out and say Boo to Israel about anything regardless what they have done? Of course we no that they know whats going on we would have to be pretty dense not to.

  17. Great post Gordon and articulated very good.

    It IS about Money…
    Israel And Palestinians Agree To Restart Peace Talks
    Source: **

    I think this is Biblical stated as, “Putting a ring through the nose of a bull.”


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