Save the Hollow Points for the Snitches


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by Yukon Jack


We have fallen into the police state trap, the killer of civilization, down the slippery slope we go into a surveillance state, a climate of fear is developing, no one knows who’s on which side, every one is suspicious of one another. Who’s the DHS Zionist mole in your neighborhood? America, by any measure, is no longer civilized, it has become a high tech surveillance nightmare and getting worse by the day.


The state of snooping is a state of distrust, the criminal Zionist entity does not trusts those it rules. Americans are currently ruled by a government that is against them, it is an abomination of metaphysical reality, because the state only exists as an extension of the political body. The criminal gang that is looting the nation cares nothing about America or it’s people, in fact it wants them dead and now that this is obvious America is careening toward revolution.

Zionist Infiltration and Subversion

How does a nation go under? In the case of present day America the causation is crystal clear, Zionists infiltrated the state, took control, and are subverting her from within. In order to maintain their iron grip they must stop the people from organizing resistance to their illegitimate control – the way this is done is by creating a feared based surveillance state, by a divide and conquer strategy of pitting citizens against one another or waging wars against a false enemy, and by never allowing any public discourse on Jewish supremacism because of their control of the media.

911 was a Zionist coup d’ etat, now that the Zionists are in control they want you to distrust one another, they want you to snitch. By turning the citizens against each other they can rule despotically picking off any threat to their power. What does the Zionist bull dike ‘big sis’ Janet Napolitano demand of you? Snitch. Why? Are the terrorists out to get us? No, the terrorists are in charge, Napolitano is an unethical immoral shameless tribal villain, a real terrorist pulling the levers of destruction. She replaced Michael Chertoff, son of a Rabbi, at the Department of Homeland security, her job is to destroy homeland security, she represents a clear and present danger to the American people and the United States Constitution. She is a traitor just like Chertoff and should be treated with extreme prejudice.

T3 Terminators: a Trio of Tribal Talmudic Terrorists


Napolitano classified anyone patriotic as a terrorist, even veterans are now considered terrorists. This is a historical first, no nation at any time in history has ever classified its retired armed forces as terrorists. But Napolitano’s DHS has, because veterans have weapons training and the usurpers are nervous about anyone with ability to overthrow them. Even wounded vets, Napolitano and her fellow tribe members don’t feel safe even around a wounded soldier who might be able to figure out what is really going on. Thus Veterans are being secretly arrested and doped up on mind altering drugs.

The Jews have taken the state and are eager to subvert the culture any way they can, snitching is how they get intel on what citizens are doing about Jewish subversion of their nation. DHS was set up to wage war on the American people and protect the those criminal subversives who overthrew the American state, all the henchmen that participate are traitors or dupes. DHS is a Bolshevik style internal policing agency, it’s a Jewish terrorist entity. The state does not protect us from terror, it commits terror and uses terror as a weapon to maintain its existence.

Snitching Destroys Integrity

What is integrity? Honesty, ethical behavior, sound moral character – qualities of an uncompromised being. American integrity is like the hull of the Titanic, once compromised the nation state goes under into the murky abyss of social chaos. The nation fell from within, by an insidious process of subversion where the American character was slowly broken down and changed until she became a nation of whores willing to do anything for worthless fiat money. Compromise the medium of exchange and then the schools and universities, pretty soon you have a compliant nation of slaves fighting amongst each other for crumbs.

Integrity is something woefully lacking in our world, a world subverted by Rothschild central bank fiat script. Everyone is running around trying to get a “buck” because the system lacks real money, it is a debt money system, there is never enough money and jobs needed to service debt. Jobs flee such a system, those high paying jobs remaining are fought over and those with the least integrity get them. There are literally no new jobs and if you want one just throw your integrity right out the window on the way in. This is exactly what they wanted and is clearly the intention of the despotic ruling class.

America has become a Freddy Krueger nightmarish movie, A Nightmare On All Streets because America is under the thumb of Jewish money but more importantly it is ruled under the mentality of Talmudic thinking. We are literally living in a Jewish hell matrix, we are living inside a Hassidic Rabbi neural patterned brain, an upside down world where evil pretenders like Janet Napolitano are put in charge of your security. The world has been perverted in the finest Talmudic tradition, the media paints this incredible debauchery as normal – that these unconstitutional proclamations of these rat bastards as moral and patriotic. What a laugh, the entire system is batshit insane.

Cops, Rats, and the Surveillance State

Hardly anyone would argue that police shouldn’t use informants but I will. Informants destroy the most basic relationship between peoples, it destroys society at the most basic level, it destroys trust between persons, it pits one citizen against another, it unravels the social fabric.

A society built on freedom is built on thousands of relationships of trust. Those relationships form the very basis of a vibrant and free society. Informants causes the breakdown of trust and then a snitch society forms, the state becomes married to the snitches and their mentality, power replaces trust, pathological liars and morons become king turds on a shit stained system governed by rat fincks and their lazy handlers who opt out of real law enforcement and investigation.

How many innocent Americans have been gunned down in raids gone wrong based on bad intel from jailed informants? Any person of actual integrity can intuit that allowing a criminal out of punishment is a perversion of justice, and ultimately hurts the integrity of the justice system itself. But in our current system people are without integrity and the ability to reason properly, so they applaud snitch behavior as expedient. The rationalization used is that bigger fish can be fried if we trade information for prosecution. Known meth and heroin dealers are allowed to roam the streets because of this principle. We don’t pay cops to be philosophers do we? Cops are paid to get the job done and as a result much gets swept under the rug in the performance of duty.


Logic, reason, and integrity have long departed the American culture; this was, no doubt, the goal of the dumbing down program. Dumb can be easily lorded over. The snitch culture is an invisible way to destroy a society from within and is precisely why the Zionists are using it as a weapon. In a revolution the penalty for snitching is death and it has always been that way. Any person that collaborates with the enemy has earned the right to die, for the wages of snitching is death.

Whack the DHS Moles

A snitch is a lowlife slimeball willing to sell out another for personal gain, in fact there is no lower life form than a snitch. Imagine the most heinous criminal possible, a snitch is ten rungs lower, lower than even Larry Silverfishstein.

These days, law enforcement at all levels use snitches to trap ordinary people. Snitches, who have nothing left to lose, tell lies that send innocent people to jail or something worse, to their deaths in botched raids. Paid provocateurs can trick otherwise harmless people into committing crimes. Many times in history, a snooping and snitch culture has virtually replaced investigation of real crimes, there is no justice when criminals rule the state, the fish rots from the head first. Law enforcement with integrity doesn’t use rats to do their job, an authentic justice system doesn’t allow criminals to become the brains and directors of their operation. But that has happened.

It is a big mistake to think it’s business as usual in a state gone rogue, law abiding citizens become the easy targets of those wishing to fill quotas and make some revenue or justify their parasitic jobs. Gotten a parking ticket or court fine lately? Been reading how granny or the guy in the wheel chair gets the tazer? The most innocent people often make the easiest targets for these opportunistic vermin, the cops have morphed into the thugs. Snitches specialize in targeting the vulnerable, trusting, and naive citizens. Evil triumphs because good is dumb and doesn’t understand that the state is the use of force, and when the state gets turned to evil they become the target.

Getting the Nation Back to Libertystop-snitching-larry-bohannon-copblock

Albert Nock’s infamous book has come true, our enemy is the Zionist State. But how do we get back to the yellow brick road? The failure of the Zionist-Neocon-Israeli terrorists to maintain anonymity behind the two main political parties means that their coup has already failed. The internet exposed their Achilles’ heel, Zionist usurpers had to pretend to be something they are not, patriotic terrorist fighters and champions of liberty. They are as phoney as a $3 bill with Hillary’s face. All they can do now is scream antisemitism or the goy are born with ‘antisemitic genes’. lol

We get our nation back when we stop participating in our own destruction like wasting time watching Sunday football when should be getting ready. We get our liberty back when we develop personal integrity and quit pretending that everything’s ok because FOX News says so. We get our freedom back when we quit looking for the easy handout and take the path less traveled as warriors, one who fights tyranny for personal integrity, not for pay or benefits.

This is war, and all war is spiritual warfare, you have to overcome the adverse conditions of non-stop Zionist owned television mind control, your survival depends on your ability to adapt to this new Darwinian condition of psychic warfare. We win if you turn the god damn television off. If the state wants us to snitch then we should be able to reason that we shouldn’t and we should be able to reason why by how we feel within, that snitching is a personal violation of one’s own integrity. Israeli terrorists occupy our government, they did 911, the correct response is not to obey a criminal state; instead resist, train, and prepare.


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  1. (I personally know of one Russion Front soldier who wanted to kill …his …brother, a big NAZI honcho, when he got home from Russia. The honcho fled in time to East Germany). ============ Wtf??

  2. Great article Jack. Well written and with an almost poetic style. Keep em comin.

    In looking at that picture of the “T3 Terminators”, I had to wonder if Butch Napolitano was also a Jew. After all, her last name sounds Italiano. But apparently she IS.

    Her genetic mother’s surname is Winer . The Winer name’s meaning and history is 1) Jewish (Ashkenazic); variant of Weiner and 2) Jewish and German : Americanized spelling of Weiner.

    Her father’s name of Napolitano is typical of Jewish Marrano surnames. These are derived from Italian villages or cities Napolitano – Nepi – Nola – Norlengi – Norsa (Norcia).

    In Washington circles she is considered a Bull-Dyke Cow just itching to get let out of the chute and get even with the White Male. How’s she doing so far?

    Napolitano, Chertoff, LIEberman…the trifecta of Jewish treason, along with the rest of our traitorous, dual-citizen, corrupt government operatives at all levels should face a firing squad. A squadron of Apache gunships should do the trick.


    Under totalitarian rule even children would report their parents for making unavorable comments about the government. This happened in Natzi Germany, the Soviet communist empire, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Mao’s China, and now in North Korea.

    The USA is not at that stage, but is getting uncomfortably close to it,

    The powers that be decide what is politically incorrect and you can go to jail for saying it. The first thing the 1917 Bolshevik Council did was to ban criticism of Jews, when Jews were the main constituent of the Bolsheviks. Sound familiar? In Germany, Austria, France and other European countries you can go to jail for saying the holocaust was greatly exaggerated, and even for trying to investigate the holocaust. Archeological work at Auschwitz and other camps is forbidden. We cannot investigate what we are told was the greatest crime in history.

    Same goes for 911. Politicians and the media refue to consider how building number 7 collapsed, or why the plane that hit the south tower had a large pod on its underside.

    When the elites want to stop us from even discussing something you can bet they have something to hide


      I think that is proportionally more than Hitler spent on the Gestapo or Stalin on the KGB

  4. A truly terrific article and yes a grand slam homerun on all fronts. Yukon Jack attacks the cotre problem of the IZCS trying to turn America into a snitch society with folks feeding off of each others paranoia which has been socially engineered by evil, soulless individuals running DHS and other alphabets set up to serve as the Praetorian Guard for the private Federal Reserve.

    The so-called “fed” was incorporated in delaware in 1914 and its main “color of law” collection agency, the private IRS which was incorporated in Puerto Rico are both as phony as a three dollar buill but give you a boot in the face should you resist their RICO tyranny. The “fed” is based on Babylonian Money-Magick and pernicious usury, an evil crime against humanity as also is its throoghly debased fiat, value free, paper only, monetary system run international Banksters, crooks and criminals from the City of London Financial District.

    A truly great groundbreaking article of distinction. More of this please.

    • I concur with Dr. Preston, great article. All of this on the day of the Crypto-Jews ‘royal’ birth that is coincidentally on the date of the Grand ‘Star of David’ alignment. These Zionists aligned with the Zionist Crown Corporation feel they are the rightful heirs to the throne of the Earth as the Cosmati Pavement recently re-discovered depicts. The next king will be imbued with the spirit of Saturn (Satan), lord of the Earth upon coronation. I’m assuming that Queen Elizabeth will be exiting shortly and making way for the Protocols of the Elders of Zion’s messianic king, that will rule with an iron rod.

    • Supposedly the 144,000 are jockeying for pole position to sit in the ‘inner sanctum’ as they rule the surviving goy as slaves.

  5. Joe Al-Nouri, maybe you’re a zionist shill, but people know that 9/11 was a Jewish-zionist operation, from start to finish. Including the coverup, the framing of Muslims, the derailing of investigations, the elimination of serious investigators, etc.

    It was a HUGE operation. and the Jews were UP TO THEIR EYEBALLS in it.

    If you expect real Americans to say, “Oh, that’s OK” you’re an idiot. If you expect us to believe the neocons and the Jewish media, you’re mistaking us for idiots. If you REALLY believe “Al Qaeda” was behind it, you’re either ignorant or an idiot.

    Either way, get a clue or go to (Isra)Hell.

  6. Terrific piece, no pun intended. As with all your comments, hits hard and right on the money.

    I think everyone with half a brain knows who the REAL terrorists are. Now it’s a question of how we’re going to fight them. Our problem is, it’s hard to tell who’s on our side and who sides with the zionist-terrorists. Many are hoping to land a cushy job with the NWO, out of spite, laziness, stupidity, greed, arrogance, religious brainwashing, immorality or all of the above.

    It’s the ones “on the fence” who need to be turned to our side, as fast as possible. Pieces like this go a long way. Thanks, YJ.

  7. We live in the United States of Israel, yes Jewish people actually operate the Department of Homeland Security. If you care about your freedom don’t send anybody in management at the DHS the evidence Israel did 911. Here are some of the DHS people:


    I think armed DHS drones patrolling America, perhaps controlled by IDF members, you know the IDF the most immoral army in the world, is high on the agenda. Another Sandy Hook should be enough to convince the American sheeple to keep Americans safe we need thousands of armed drones and the expertise of Israeli security experts, you know the people that did 911.

    • @ Brian

      Speaking of drones, take a humor break:


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