Detroit’s bankruptcy: Death of the American dream

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Now it’s official: Detroit is bankrupt.

And so is America.

This once-great nation is not just financially bankrupt, but morally and spiritually bankrupt as well. Detroit’s demise symbolizes the death of the American dream.

Detroit was home to the quintessentially American industry, automobile manufacturing. In the 20th century, the automobile brought Americans freedom and equality – or at least upward mobility.

It all started with Henry Ford, who figured out how to pay his assembly-line workers enough so that they too could buy the cars they were making. Before Ford, the industrial revolution was manned by underpaid, overworked slum-dwellers. After Ford, manual laborers entered the middle class.

Workers bought their own homes – in the suburbs, which they could reach thanks to the new mobility offered by the automobile.

Workers sent their children to college – often far away from home, which suddenly didn’t seem so far, thanks to the mobility offered by the automobile.

Detroit was the epicenter of the biggest social earthquake in history: The creation of an empowered, educated middle class that included the majority of the population, even manual laborers.

Ironically, the man behind that social earthquake, Henry Ford, has in recent decades been reviled in the mainstream media and academy as an anti-Semite. But according to evolutionary psychology professor Kevin McDonald, most of Ford’s claims about Jewish power in America were at least roughly accurate, though a few were exaggerated.

Henry Ford correctly claimed that global investment banking was largely run by a few outlandishly rich Jewish families. These plutocrats, he believed, were a threat to the general prosperity his new model of automobile factory had unleashed.

According to Ford, the big international banking families were draining the world’s resources through the exponential power of usury. And they were accumulating wealth and power far beyond that of any nation state. Speakng of World War I, Ford wrote: “I know who caused the war: German-Jewish bankers.”

Whether or not the Rothschild international banking family and its allies caused World War I, they undeniably did dictate its outcome. The Rothschild family approached British leaders in 1917 with an offer they couldn’t refuse: Give us Palestine, and we will bring America into the war on your side and make sure you defeat Germany.

The British responded with the Balfour Declaration offering the Rothschilds a “Jewish national home” in Palestine. And the Rothschilds kept their part of the bargain. Using their domination of US media and finance, they demonized Germany and forced America into a war it had absolutely no business fighting.

More than 100,000 Americans, including 50,000 combat soldiers, gave their lives so that the Rothschilds could starve Germany and launch a genocide in Palestine.

Henry Ford understood what was really going on. He was horrified at the exponentially-increasing wealth and power of the international bankers.

If Henry Ford were alive today, he would be even more horrified.

The international bankers killed Detroit. How? By gutting America’s manufacturing. In the 1980s and 1990s, the international bankers decided to destroy America’s industrial might. So they forced neo-liberal “free trade” policies on the US. Those policies were designed to make American industry uncompetitive, and to move manufacturing overseas.

By the end of the 20th century, good jobs for ordinary American workers were already becoming a thing of the past. Working-class people in cities like Detroit were pauperized. Henry Ford’s social revolution ended, and the broad, inclusive American middle class began to die.

The working-class neighborhoods of Detroit were destroyed by mass unemployment just as surely as if they had been hit with nuclear bombs. People of color suffered the most.

And the poverty-bombers were Henry Ford’s old enemies: The international bankers, who were willing to sacrifice the lives of millions in pursuit of their “New World Order” global dictatorship.

In 2001, the American economy – or at least the working class and the industrial infrastructure – was suffering from the neo-liberal policies imposed by the international bankers through their bought-and-paid-for politicians. But America wasn’t yet dead. In fact, it wasn’t even running a significant deficit.

It took the false-flag attack of 9/11 to kill America.

9/11 was designed to create a phony “war on terror” that would destroy America’s soul, eviscerate its Constitution, and reduce Americans to permanent debt slavery.

All wars are created by the international bankers, who lend money to both sides and enlarge their already outsized fortunes through the power of exponential usury. That is the real purpose of war: To enslave populations to bankers.

But the post-9/11 “war on terror,” unlike all previous wars, was designed never to end. Its purpose is to create the New World Order described by David Rockefeller in his famous quote: “The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.”

After 9/11, the US spent trillions of dollars waging wars whose only conceivable purpose was to protect the Rothschild power base in Israel, and to enslave the US under a tidal wave of debt.

The 9/11 wars destroyed the US economy. Before 9/11, there was essentially no deficit. Since 9/11, the US has sunk into near bankruptcy. Today, the official US national debt is almost 17 trillion dollars. It is increasing at a rate of almost two-and-one-half billion dollars per day. Each man, woman and child in America personally owes more than $50,000 to the Rothschilds and their international banking friends – and, what’s worse, they also owe exponentially-increasing interest on that debt.

As the US economy gets ground up, the industrial cities get destroyed first. The annihilation of Detroit, which is now more than one-third wasteland and officially bankrupt, is a portent of things to come for other American cities…and a symbol of the ongoing obliteration of the American dream.

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10 Responses to "Detroit’s bankruptcy: Death of the American dream"

  1. Lonegunmen  July 23, 2013 at 5:01 am

    Make sure that we understand this: the American Dream has always been as it is named: a dream! Never a reality! Whoever had ever believed it is naive, to say the least.

    • mijj  July 24, 2013 at 8:41 pm

      .. on the other hand, it’s just as much about which direction you’re going as about where you are. There have been times when the US was going in the right direction, though great effort was made to subvert that.

      ps: on the subject of the American Dream:
      UK standup comic (Al Murray, Pub Landlord) does a bit about the American Dream
      (don’t watch if you’re american pride is easily pricked)

  2. Chandler  July 23, 2013 at 3:16 am

    You’re right. Presidents and their asinine policies have inflicted severe damages. The tax structure, NAFTA under Monica’s boy Wm. J. Clinton, buffet-table self-serving smorgasbord greed of lil ol Georgie boy. and a disrespect for America that seems to have permeated congress and current president that have allowed this to happen. Trickle down take time, and so does the destruction of this great nation
    As always excellent article, which should be required reading!

  3. captain obvious  July 23, 2013 at 2:14 am

    yup, economic sabotage is TREASON (regardless what country).
    NAFTA-GATT etc was deliberate, as well as the delayed TAX INCREASES,
    done to coincide with the aftermath of the de-industrialization economic sabotage.

    they tried to ram “hillary-care” at us back when too, but we werent BROKE enough yet.
    DC-EPA-FDA-USDA approved poisoning air-water-food-medicine,
    to trash our health for increasing demand and prices for services as wages were tanked..
    so NOW we’re supposed to LOVE “obama-care” we’re not allowed to escape.

    the CHEMTRAILS started mid 90’s along with supermarket “loyalty cards”,
    the “shared information system” knows how much what color how stinky this week,
    and what to prescribe in 5-10 years to treat the symptoms of toxins sold in “food”.
    hospitals get first dibs on REAL ESTATE for what their insurance buddies dont cover,
    goes to the state and banksters instead of being inherited by your own family.
    it is all related, and VERY diabolical.

    the “war on drugs” that THEY IMPORT, their fav banks launder money for,
    to expand a privatized prison system they get to OWN and bill us for..
    pocketing profits on slave labor to make MORE people unemployed..
    GHWB was vice president for Iran-contra and “just say NO(w)” advertizing,
    same time they cut fundings for higher education to dumb us down more,
    and started handing off all our deepwater ports, panama canal, etc.
    all deliberate, not “coincidences” at all.

    if only more people understood these gears in this machine,
    jigsaw puzzle pieces interlocking into the bigger picture,
    that the District of Criminals wages WARFARE against the American people,
    and hands US the bill for it too!

    corporate welfare grants for companies to leave US unemployed (have a national deficit!)
    now 2 billion rounds of hollowpoints, and DRONES coming soon to a theater near YOU.

    how does a congress with a 10% approval rating get “re-elected”? (vote rigging maybe?)

    the solution?
    psych evals for all of em!
    theyre treasonous, or incompetent, or both, ON RECORD!
    theyre a clear danger to themselves and others, ON RECORD!
    are there any honest Bill of Rights loving psychologists and judges out there?
    once these critters are rightly declared treasonous or insane (or both!)
    everything theyed ever approved can be tossed out along with em.
    I might even begin to appreciate “psychology” as legit if it happened.

    they try to label gun owners, preppers, and freedom lovers as some kind of crazy..
    branding returning veterans as PTSD psych cases to deny 2nd amendment rights,
    truth lovers as “crazy conspiracy theorists” or “potential domestic terrorists”!
    maybe the treasonous economic saboteuring financial terrorists,
    are TERRIFIED of being put behind bars where they truly belong?
    I think it’d be the best non-violent revolution this planet has ever seen.

    • captain obvious  July 23, 2013 at 2:40 am

      apologies being long winded (I do that!)

      911, was to keep treasonous economic saboteuring financial terrorists out of jail,
      and to usher in MORE police state, and MORE “war debt” garbage too.
      the SEC in WTC-7.. kaboom! “what investigations?”
      2.3 trillion “missing” from the pentagram? kaboom! “what accounting department?”

      their brainwashed robot minions chant the mantra “well ever since 911”,
      as excuse for everything they do, mindlessly violating peoples rights.
      cant have a one inch pocket knife in your pocket going into a courthouse nope!
      nevermind that a ballpoint pen could be very easily used as a deadly weapon..
      the psyop myth about AAAYRABS with BOX CUTTERS, has done its damage.

      NDAA “legalizing” rendition, torture, and-or execution at whim? oh thats sure American!
      excuse me, but spying, surveillance, reconaissance, espionage,
      are ALL terms for tactics of WARFARE, so is destroying industrial capacity,
      so is counterfeitting to devaluate a nations currency, as is poisoning food-water to weaken people.
      PSYOPS are also part of the tactics of warfare.. think about it, and who’s doing it.
      real cute how they claim to represent us (while completely NOT).

  4. Jonas E. Alexis  July 23, 2013 at 1:15 am

    Great article. Both Islam and classical/traditional Christianity condemn usury precisely because it will eventually destroy any economic progress. Capitalism makes usury possible, and usury has progressively destroyed the American economy. I will deal with this in more details later in September. I am pretty much behind with a few things.

    • mijj  July 23, 2013 at 2:06 am

      now you mention it, i was recommended (by VenomRock) a view of this video ..

      (note: this is a informal talk. In familiar, meaningful, human terms. It’s *not* a tech, faux-intellectual exercise full of jargon)

      basically, it’s about the conditions required for a free and *fair* market.
      The idea of “Riba” is income or benefit of any kind that does not result from one’s own efforts.
      Includes: interest, bribes, favors, money printing, fractional reserve banking, etc.

      Of course, will include lots of stuff that one would disagree with. But this is a refreshing perspective on the subject.

  5. Brian  July 22, 2013 at 10:24 pm

    Municipalities across the nation and in other countries are selling government assets such as buildings airports and toll roads to banksters and investment groups organized by banksters and it’s going to get much worse.

    I just hope we don’t have Jewish only roads prevalent in Palestine.

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