Bolshevism and Zionism Are Ideologically Indistinguishable


“Our way must be: never knowingly support lies! Having understood where the lies begin—step back from that gangrenous edge!”—Alexander Solzhenitsyn[1]


…by Jonas E. Alexis


Winston Churchill

In his 1920 essay “Zionism vs. Bolshevism: The Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People,” Winston Churchill made the statement that Bolshevism both ideologically and politically “gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads”[2] and slowly led them to the slaughter house, where more than ten million innocent peasants eventually lost their precious lives in less than five years.[3]

Zionism ideologically and politically seeks to complete the work that Bolshevism had started. Bolshevism quickly spread like wildfire in places like China and other major Asian countries such as Vietnam.

Even Victor Serge, the revolutionary anarchist who was convicted of terrorism in 1912, declared at the time that “The influence of Bolshevism over Asia is very great.”[4]

As a communist revolutionary, Serge thought that “International Communism — dialectical materialism and the theory of action of the proletariat — opens up today the highest possibilities of the European civilisation compromised and threatened by the capitalist regime.”[5]

The “highest possibilities of the European civilization” ended up being the highest crime probably in human history: Bolshevism in both its metaphysical and ideological form carried out the greatest mass murder, with more than ninety million deaths to its credit.[6]

By the time that Bolshevism was done wiping out people by the millions, Western nations suddenly had an epiphany in the 1980s. By 1983 in Orlando, Florida, Ronald Reagan denounced the Soviet Union as “an evil empire” that repeatedly preachedthe supremacy of the state, declare its omnipotence over individual man and predict its eventual domination of all peoples on the Earth. They are the focus of evil in the modern world…”[7]

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan could never have been a good cop. What do police officers do when they are investigating a crime? They find out all that can be found about the crime itself and the people behind it. They also get deeper into the suspect’s origin, their background, and sometimes even their ethnicity and religion.

Reagan was right in saying that the Soviet Union was “the focus of evil in the modern world,” that it sought to dominate all peoples of the Earth, and that it was “an evil empire.”

Yet in his entire speech, Reagan never told his audience that the Soviet Union at the time was ideologically governed by Bolshevism, which is another Jewish revolutionary movement, and which ultimately sought to destroy Western civilization. Reagan should have consulted Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who emphatically declared:

“There are many Jewish authors who to this very day either deny the support of Jews for Bolshevism, or even reject it angrily, or else—the most common case—only speak defensively about it. The matter is well-attested, however: these Jewish renegades were for several years leaders at the center of the Bolshevik Party, at the head of the Red Army (Trotsky), of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee (Sverdlov), of the two capitals (Zinoviev and Kamenev), of the Comintern (Zinoviev), of the Profintern (Dridzo-Lozovsky), and of the Komsomol (Oskar Ryvkin, then Lazar Shatskin).

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

“In 1918 Trotsky, with the aid of Sklianski and Yakov Sverdlov, created the Red Army. Jewish soldiers were numerous in its ranks. Several units of the Red Army were composed entirely of Jews, as, e.g., the brigade commanded by Joseph Forman. Among the officers of the Red Army, the share of Jews grew in number and importance for many years after the Civil War.”[8]

Solzhenitsyn, as a sober and seasoned scholar, made the point that

“I have never made general conclusions about a people. I will always differentiate between layers of Jews. One layer rushed headfirst to the revolution. Another, to the contrary, was trying to stand back. The Jewish subject for a long time was considered prohibited. Zhabotinsky [a Jewish writer] once said that the best service our Russian friends give to us is never to speak aloud about us.”[9]

Yet in his book Conspiracy: How the Paranoid Style Flourishes and Where It Comes From, neoconservative hawk Daniel Pipes insinuates without a shred of evidence that those who believed that the Bolshevik Revolution was largely Jewish got their sources mainly from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion![10]

It got even more hilarious when Pipes accused Henry Hamilton of anti-Semitism for saying that “Bolshevism was Judaism.”[11] But Pipes does not tell his readers that The Jewish Encyclopedia, Jewish revolutionaries and newspapers and magazines made similar assertions.[12]

In a nutshell, Reagan, a politician, got a wake-up call, and the Soviet Union eventually collapsed.

But Bolshevism in its ideological form did not die out then. It has been reincarnated in two identical and Jewish revolutionary movements: Zionism and neoconservatism. Both are almost politically indistinguishable and, like Bolshevism, both seek to implicitly destroy Western civilization in all of its manifestations.

Bolshevism was evil but the mass hysteria did not fully grasp the extent of its evilness until it was almost too late. Zionism’s evilness, on the other hand, is being displayed right in front of us, but no politician is brave enough to break its political power.  For example, Joel Greenberg of the New York Times wrote way back in 1993 that

“Amnesty International, in a human rights report in July, said Palestinian detainees under interrogation are ‘systematically tortured or ill-treated’ by Israel. The International Committee of the Red Cross, whose representatives regularly visit Palestinian prisoners, has accused Israel of using interrogation methods that violate the Fourth Geneva Convention on treatment of civilians in occupied areas…

“Human rights monitors estimate that 500 Palestinian detainees are subjected to such treatment each month and that at least 30,000 have been interrogated since the beginning of the anti-Israel uprising in December 1987”[13]

This massive brutality has been going on for decades and in many different forms.  Just last year, nine Israeli teenagers were convicted of brutally attacking a Palestinian teenager by the name of Jamal Julani. When one of the convicted teenagers was asked how he would respond if Julani had died from the incident, he said,

“Great. Let him die. He’s an Arab son of a bitch. What did he think, that he would curse my mother? When I attacked him I was going to stab him in the ribs to let him realize my mom is no child’s play. He knows exactly why he is in the hospital.”[14] The other teenagers responded with a similar voice:

We went to look for Arabs, to hit them and beat the crap out of them, and I went ahead of everyone and I met the Arab who was swearing. I got upset and yelled, ‘Here’s an Arab,’ and some more guys came with me and then R. [the 15-year-old girl perceived as the instigator] got there and gave him a slap in the back. He tried to get up but I hit him with my foot in his pelvic area, and then all the guys beat him up. He had a face that required a beating.”[15]

He also declared, “You can’t go by Damascus Gate without getting stabbed. So why do they come here? I beat him and I’d beat him again.”[16] A year later, Jamal was still undergoing medical care.[17]

How many Americans do you think know about what happened to Jamal? Get a microphone and start asking the average American even at your neighborhood. The answer will surprise you.

Mohamed Merah

In March 2012, a gunman by the name of Mohamed Merah went into a Jewish day school in Toulouse, France, and killed three Jewish children and one rabbi. My heart went out to the families of those killed. Everyone should sympathize in tragic situations like these, and these acts of evil should not be tolerated.

The story was covered by almost every major news outlet in the Western world and in Israel.[18] Report after report followed the incident, almost nonstop, and some of those newspapers ran four or five stories of the same incident. One rabbi declared that the incident happened because of “jealousy” on the part of Gentiles about “God’s chosen people.”[19]

Yet around the same time, hundreds of Beitar Jerusalem fans beat up Arab workers at the capital’s Malha shopping center in what was called “a mass lynching attempt,” but not one person was arrested.[20]

The fans were even chanting “Death to Arabs,”[21] but one of the Arab workers declared that the police arrived more than one hour late.[22] The police justified their decision not to arrest anyone by saying that there were no complaints, and therefore no arrests were necessary.[23]

None of the major news outlets reported the story, except the Jerusalem Post, the Independent, and Haaretz. The Jerusalem Post only ran the story after some 150 protesters flooded the scene.

When Mohamed Merah gunned down the three children and the rabbi, Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post declared without any substantial evidence that Western elites were accomplices, claiming that these acts of evil formed “the physical and moral landscape of our time.”[24]

Where was Glick, then, when those Palestinians were beaten? Isn’t this the “moral landscape” of Zionist ideology? (French officials said after investigation that there was “no evidence” linking Merah to Al-Qaida.[25])

Another incident—that even shocked former CIA operative Philip Giraldi—was the May 2012 riots in Tel Aviv, where African immigrants were targeted. The New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times all stayed silent.[26]

On May 28, five young Israelis smashed the door of an internet café owned by Yorusalem Mestun, a 22 year-old. They “pulled a knife on her, while her Jewish neighbours looked on. The police came, checked her visa and left, without, she said, offering help or sympathy.”[27]

Also in May, some Israeli settlers set fire to a West Bank village and shot some unarmed Palestinians.[28] It was later discovered that during the incident, Israeli youth tied up and beat one Palestinian who was already wounded.[29]

On May 24, 2012, Amnesty International released a report, declaring that Israel “frequently uses excessive, sometimes lethal, force against demonstrators in the West Bank and civilians in Gaza…Israel has engaged in the demolition of Palestinian homes and other facilities in the West Bank, as well is inside Israel itself, where homes of Palestinian citizens are destroyed in ‘unrecognized’ villages in the Negev desert.”[30]

None of those reports made it on the air on popular news networks in America. The only reason some of the reports saw the light of day was because they were making a stir throughout the Middle East. There were dozens of incidents in the spring of 2012 where Israeli settlers attacked Palestinians and the Israeli Defense Forces just stood there and watched.[31]

What, then, are the Zionists telling us here? Simple: when Palestinians are killed, attacked and brutally maimed, life goes on and the West does not really need to know. And if the West does know, nothing is to be done.

But when even one Israeli is killed, this must be reported throughout the Western world.  Meetings must be conducted, and the Zionist media must beat the Western world over the head about the news.

Do the Zionists Really Care About the American People?

Now here is one of the most disgusting things ever. The Zionist machine spends billions of dollars spying on Americans for years. They said over and over that their covert enterprise has actually saved lives.

Yet recently, “Al Qaeda claimed responsibility on Tuesday for simultaneous raids on two Iraqi prisons and said more than 500 inmates had been set free in the operation”[32]

As a result of the incident, “20 members of the security forces were killed 40 wounded in the attacks.”[33] The incident also created a fear that a civil war could break out.[34]

The NSA, the Israeli-run organization that can locate your cell phone even when it is off,[35] could not locate actual terrorism. Again, what does that tell us about the NSA’s covert activity? As Mac Slavo rightly puts it, the NSA

“spent hundreds of billions of dollars to monitor the activities of every single American by turning their listening networks on purported domestic terrorists operating in the United States.

“They know your underwear size. They know where you drove your car today. They know what you put up on Facebook, texted to your wife and emailed to your friends. And they’ve done it all in the supposed interest of ‘national security.’

“If, however, you were an Al Qaeda terrorist coordinating a large-scale prison break to free senior members of your mid-east terror organization, you would have been able to operate with impunity.

“While our government is supposedly preventing terrorism by searching grandma at airports, , arresting kids for making jokes on the internet, deploying thousands of drones over America’s skies, and looking for lone wolves, they have failed at their absolute top priority: stopping actual terrorists from doing what terrorists do”[36]

Last May, the Assyrian International News Agency reported that the Syrian rebels/terrorists/jihadists

“attacked a village in Syria’s Western province and slaughtered all its Christian residents on Monday. The armed rebels affiliated to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) raided the Christian-populated al-Duvair village in Reef (outskirts of) Homs near the border with Lebanon today and massacred all its civilian residents, including women and children.”[37]

The only agency that intervened and killed those terrorists at the time was the Assad government.[38]

Where was the NSA then? Where was Obama? Where was the Zionist regime? They were nowhere to be found. They were too busy supporting the Syrian terrorists and tracking down Edward Snowden.[39]

After all, Congress has already signed off on army the Syrian terrorists,[40] despite the fact that Assad has been willing to engage in peace talk.[41] The only country that has loudly voiced his concerns about the United States arming Syrian terrorists is Russia.[42]

Once again, Zionism supports terrorism and pretends that it is fighting terrorism. Anyone who supports terrorist organizations or terrorist cells ought to go to jail. But in the Jewish Century, supporting the Syrian rebels/terrorists is not a crime because those terrorists are friends of Israel.

Moreover, in the Jewish Century, if the Zionist gangsters perceive that you are a neo-Nazi and have children, more than likely they will try to take your children away from you. Listen to this report by the Daily Mail:

“The children of German neo-Nazis could soon be removed from their families and taken into care – in a bid to beat a rise in the glorification of Hitler and the Third Reich.

“German authorities are becoming increasingly concerned with the number of summer camps and special schools brainwashing youngsters into worshipping a movement that killed six million Jews in the Holocaust.

“A recent raid on one camp turned up jigsaw puzzles showing Germany’s pre-World War 2 borders and colouring books where children were encouraged to crayon in the moustache of Hitler.”[43]

In a nutshell, Zionism does not care about the West’s future. It only cares about dominating the world and taking good care of Israel.  If 2,114 precious American soldiers die in Afghanistan,[44] that is a small price to pay if you are protecting Zionism.

If military intervention in Syria could cost the U.S. one billion dollars every month,[45] that again is a very small price to pay. If poverty has risen at an astronomical rate in nations like Greece and Italy because of the economic collapse,[46] we still need to move on with perpetual wars in the Middle East.

Chuck Hagel recently said that “Our people are strong and resilient after 12 years of war, but they are under stress — and so are the institutions that support them.”[47]

Yes, perpetual wars are getting boring, and both the American people and our precious soldiers who are getting killed for Israel are exhausted. It is time for serious politicians to reexamine our unconditional support for Israel, America’s greatest enemy.

I have been saying for months that Iran is not an enemy of the United States—our “allies” are. Just a few days ago, John Glaser of the Washington Times had this to say:

“Contrary to dominant thinking in Washington, Iran poses no immediate threat to the U.S. In fact, our Middle Eastern allies, eager to have America do their fighting for them, wildly inflate the supposed threat from Iran.

“The U.S. has built up various alliances in the Middle East since WWII in order to fulfill a larger strategy of controlling the flow of oil and preventing the emergence of another power in the region that would threaten U.S. dominance.
“In the course of building these alliances, Washington has signed security agreements with these countries, promising to subsidize their militaries and come to their defense. In essence, this makes their problems our problems.
“Our closest allies in the region, Israel and the Arab Gulf states, hate Iran for a variety of strategic, cultural, religious, and ideological reasons. As a result, they have hyped the threat of Iran and frightened Americans into thinking the Islamic Republic poses an existential threat to America.
“In an interview on CBS’s Face the Nation this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned us that Iran is ‘building ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles) to reach the American mainland in a few years,’ adding that, ‘they’re getting closer and closer to the bomb,” and “they have to be stopped.’

The problem here is that Netanyahu is exactly wrong. In reality, the current consensus in the U.S. intelligence community is that Iran has no active nuclear weapons program and has made no decision as to whether to pursue the bomb.

‘Recent assessments by American spy agencies,’ the New York Times reported last year, ‘are broadly consistent with a 2007 intelligence finding that concluded that Iran had abandoned its nuclear weapons program years earlier’ and this ‘remains the consensus view of America’s 16 intelligence agencies.’
“Nevertheless, Netanyahu and other Israeli officials continue to go on national television and contradict U.S. intelligence findings in order to scare Americans into seeing Iran as more of a threat than it is.”[48]

Hopefully the American people will unanimously come to the same conclusion before it is too late.

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  1. All right Gavin. Since you provided some sources here, let us reason a little. First of all, I have to ask you this question: Have you read Mein Kampf? If you have not, then it is absolutely foolish to criticize a person when you have not read what he actually believes.

    Second, you are still living in a world of contradiction. And it seems that you are historically handcuffed here. If Hitler wanted to exterminate all the Jews in Europe, you have to be able to explain why there were so many people of Jewish descent in Nazi Germany. You have to be able to explain why Hitler praised them. You have to be able to explain why they praised Hitler. You have to be able to explain why Hitler protected his Jewish doctor, Eduard Bloch. Now, Gavin, doesn’t that seem foolish to say that Hitler wanted to exterminate every single Jew of Europe while protecting his own Jewish doctor? If that does not look like a contradiction to you, then I cannot help you.

    What are we to make of the sources you cited earlier? This is not a surprise to me at all. There are literally hundreds of citations attributed to Hitler. When you ask the people who cited them to provide some evidence, they go around in a circle. We see the same thing in the writings of Daniel Jonah Goldhagen. He propounds one statement after another and provides some weird citations. Scholar Ruth Bettina Birn took Goldhagen to task by checking out his citations. Birn found out that Goldhagen invented a large part of them and even included his own words in some of them. Instead of responding to Birn in a scholarly manner, Goldhagen wanted to sue her!

    I would challenge you to read my three articles on history on this (“What Is History” and “The Curios Case of David Irving” parts I and II).

    I also would challenge you and anyone of your ilk to pick up Brian Mark Rigg’s Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers. It is largely based on archival documents and personal interviews with Jews who were in Nazi Germany. I have no “personal emotional issues towards Jews” or anyone else for that matter. Do I have “personal emotional issues” towards blacks for saying that Zimmerman is not guilty? Do I have “personal emotional issues” toward other people for saying that Alfred Kinsey was a pervert (the next article will demonstrate this point)? The problem with your statement here is that you cannot see how you are implicitly saying that Jews cannot be criticized. According to your argument, they are above the law. I can assure you that this is Talmudic in its orientation. Sad to say, you are an example of these Talmudic mores.

  2. Sorry, I wasn’t aware about that one link per comment rule. On the other hand I was aware about suggestion that a comment should at least somewhat meet the topic of discussion. Seems like I quite well missed that too. Surely I have nothing against Norwegians or their press, but just a bit tired of that continuous Nazi this and Nazi that. And they don’t have to tell my family that war is horrible, we well know that, but do they know that into the peace time we are heading to may not be that rosy either. A slight modification Jonas already wrote, Bolshevism and Zionism are financially indistinguishable.

    We are talking about monopole capitalism, one business owner, one product, many billion customers and they are all and always wrong. In the Bolshevik takeover they simply murdered all the owners of private businesses and then stole their capital. Today we are witnessing the NeoCon right wing Central Bank bubble manipulation route to the same destination. And if those Cartell Commies were not enough, EU Bolsheviks are working on some competition directives etc. in order to make purchase decision on behalf of the customer so that local guys and girls faces bankruptcy and international goliath gains fat. I cant imagine what would their destination year be, say 2050 and what would the World look like then, but in Police State, to accept stupidity and brutality, the other choice must be deep poverty and insecurity.

    Sometimes said, that materialism has replaced the God. Although the latter is impossible to answer, that doesn’t mean the first one would be trivial. What is materialism? I think it’s closer than one might think. Ignore the human touch, the hard work, the hard thinking for centuries, one gets raw-material-and ism as a bonus. I think materialism is a consequence that people don’t respect other peoples hard work. And why should they, because they don’t respect themselves either, thanks to mainstream master media.

    One group of people just irritate me are those NeoCon wannabe more than You are while licking Banker ass. If a factory shuts down and the production is to be removed to China, they would be the first ones to pronounce, that shareholders must gain profits. Then they’ll go to a tiny shop in the village their bought by loan yacht was located, they would be the first one to complain loud that some one kilogram beef is 50 cents more expensive than in supermarket in a big town. That is shopkeeper just tries to make profit to make living.

  3. Hey Gavin,
    Welcome back!

    I find it very interesting that you seem to have popped up out of nowhere. I talked about a number of controversial issues in the previous articles (the Martin-Zimmerman case in particular) and you never said a word. But the moment I talk about Jewish revolutionary movements such as Bolshevism, all of a sudden I was on equal footing with Hitler.

    Without going to a long preamble, you insinuated that Hitler wanted to annihilate “the Jewish race of Europe.” I challenge you again to pick up Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers (University Press of Kansas, 2002), written by Jewish historian Brian Mark Rigg. It is a very detailed study and according to Rigg’s estimation, there were at least 150,000 people of Jewish descent in Nazi Germany.

    What may be even a surprise to you is that many of those people praised Hitler—and Hitler praised them. You have to explain the extraordinary claim that Hitler wanted to exterminate “the Jewish race of Europe.” I challenge you to do so. I pointed out the same thing to one prominent and widely read historian in the Holocaust establishment and he was completely silent. He told me that he knew there were Jews in Nazi Germany. But he never mentions it in his book (which is published by a major university in the country) obviously because that would disprove his own thesis. He did not even want to give me permission to publish our interaction!

    If you cannot keep up with a historical dialogue and present rigorous evidence for extraordinary claims, I will ignore your comments from now on, precisely because you have a history of propounding assertion after assertion without a shred of historical balance. I certainly do not have time for pseudo-historical drivel.

    Yours Truly,

  4. Dear Readers, Tomer and Reeces Pieces are being banned for comment board violations. It is time for another website to enjoy their company. They will get no more of our time as we have tons of more important things to do, many that don’t get done because we don’t have the time….Jim Dean, VT managing editor

    • @Jim Dean, with all due respect, Sir, but what were the reasons for banning Tomer? People calling others names or engaging in smearing their opinions isn’t uncommon for several commentators here…..was Tomer really so over the edge in that respect…?

  5. @tomer, no, Umlaute loving Historian Gärri Kräutchen is right, I’m a selfhating Holocaust™-Denier from Tel-Aviv. Just ignore him from now on.

  6. Are Neocon Bolshevism and Zionism tools of the Fabian Communitarians ?

    The Historical Evolution of Communitarian Thinking
    by Niki F. Raapana and Nordica M. Friedrich

    Amitai Etzioni, father of American communitarianism, was a terrorist (Etzioni 2002), a revolutionary, and a Palmach soldier in Ben Gurion’s army (Etzioni 1978). Etzioni and other Israeli soldiers grew up in communist-collective kibbutzes in confiscated Arab territories-always presented to Americans as a very progressive lifestyle

    The founder of the Communitarian Network, Amitai Etzioni, has been an adviser in the White House since 1979. Etzioni says: “Nationalism must be ended. It is a creed that has come to burden the expansion of globalism.” He explains the communitarian approach as one that, “… favors shifting much of the defining involvements of citizens in those countries afflicted with nationalism from the nation-state to the body society, specifically to communities (not to be confused with local governments)” (Etzioni 1992).

    Communitarian “thinkers” were essential to introducing the solution as an accredited social science “project” (Milbank 2001; Allen 2002). Communitarians also perform valuable backdoor assaults on American standards for individual liberty defined by the U.S. Bill of Rights and U.S. State Constitutions (Etzioni 1999). Communitarian scholars exploit bogus explanations for America’s moral decline and loss of communal bonds. They use their elitist think-tank influence to piggyback their theoretical solutions into all new and established national programs. Rebuilding community, part of the domestic and exported globalist’s War on Terror (Bush 2002), is entirely a communitarian-based solution. The appointed Iraqi Interim Council is the communitarian model for the globalist’s plans for rebuilding the Middle East.

  7. You know about the “Ha’avara-Agreement” i.e. how Hitler helped to create Israel in the 30’s, and a little known fact is jewish zionist fascist movements (minorities) at the time existing in Europe/Germany – The organisation “Lehi” (Stern-Gang) with it’s prominent member Yitzhak Shamir thought alliance with Nazi-Germany over UK for example.

    In 1937 Chief Nazi-theoretician Alfred Rosenberg wrote:

    “Zionism must be vigorously backed so that a yearly contingent of German Jews shall be transported to Palestine.”

    Rosenberg said that…..Leo Strauss’ “reductio ad Hitlerum” meaning the smearing of a political opponent in any discussion by referring to “evil Hitler” – next time some Israeli wants to talk one-state solution, tell him “Hitler supported Zionism” B-)

    Extremist Ideologies like Bolshevism/Nazism had many similarities, historically Nazism was the reaction to western hegemonial Imperialism and eastern hegemonial Bolshevism! Don’t forget that Hitler earlier was a communist-sympathizer himself.

    How much Bolchevism = Zionism = NeoConservatism are connotated…..well, Reichs-Heini Himmler despised Christianity beside Judaism, he admired Paganism, the ancient european cultures that were lost and converted early on after centuries of bloody struggles and conquests….

    But if you break down alone Bolshevism, you have the problem already to differentiate between Marxism, the divide into Trotskism/Stalinism and also remember Stalins anti-semitic “Great Purge” in 1938…..though Jonas is right in that the first Zionist settlers in majority were alligned with bolshevist ideals – the Kibbuz-Movement, and that Bolshevism by all accounts was a movement overproportionally driven by jewish activists.

    Obviously I’m confused here B-) I see Jonas pointing out correctly to correlations between the movements here, but they surely aren’t driven just by the same motives/people.

    When reading this I remembered Orwells “Animal Farm” – the incoherency of Bolshevism within and the similar phenomenon of liberal zionists who preach Mulit-Culturalism in the world while accepting ethnic-centralism for Israel…anyway, just some thoughts….B-)

  8. They say they are God’s Chosen People, but which God are the talking about?

    It definitely isn’t the God of Christianity therefore they must be Satans Chosen People.

    One must keep in mind that Judah took a Canaanite for a wife but a pure blood line was retained through his daughter in law Tamar. As Christ had no physical descendants all pure line physical genealogies ended with Christ. Genesis ch.38 Malachi 2:11-12

  9. Jonas – This may interest you. The link below is to a talk in 2011 by one of the last KGB defectors from Soviet Russia. He is addressing an international group of libertarians meeting in Turkey – on the topic: ‘From One Empire to Another’. He flags up the dangers he sees of the west slipping into a totalitarian state – and interestingly has some official KGB figures of 178,000,000 inconvenient people that were murdered by the bolshevik ideology for opposing the state. This all on the Asian continent alone in the 20th Century.

    It is amazing how these people have had to lace black humour into their general behaviour and mannerisms – probably done in order to psychologically survive life under communism. Perhaps understandably they all appear to possess a gallows humour.

  10. Isn’t Al Qaeda a joint venture of the CIA and Mossad? That is used as one of the instigators in these endless wars we are in now. Along with much of the muslim brotherhood that seems to be doing the
    dirty work for israel in Egypt. Just a front for their chaos machine destroying every government in the region that seems to be stable or even close to a secular government or that might be able to resist the israeli’s zionazi agenda. The muslim brotherhood candidate failed in Egypt because the Egyptian people didn’t want religious rule or any kind, the very thing that would put that pretty much secular nation into chaos. Calmer minds within the Egyptian military seem to be in control there, which is a good thing.
    Now maybe they can have real elections not controlled by foreign manipulated religious zealots. Maybe the military there needs to maintain order there until these extremists groups run out of steam and foreign funding. Maybe the military needs to start deporting all foreign instigators and close their borders to prevent any more from coming in. Let Egyptians decide who will be their president. I use the instance of
    Egypt as an example of zionazi interference in stable governments of real nations that are near to the
    puppet zionazi state of israel. Good article as always Jonas, thanks.

  11. Thanks Jonas.

    Just came in to my mind one Guy, that long time ago walked on the street and then somebody came and hit him to his face. But he didn’t hit back, just turned the other side of his face. Someone might think, he was a pasifist? I don’t think so, pasifists are so dedicated to their mission, that they are ready to kill for it. I think he was just kind of hurry, mortality and all that, and he didn’t have time to argue with some street thugs. He was about to conduct a Opera, and by the way, it’s a free concert and everyone’s invited including all street thugs. That is ignore and focus on the main thing.

    One picture tells more than thousand words, how about this one:

    or maybe two pictures:
    (2nd link deleted due to one per comment rule…Jarmo, We allow one, which is one more than anyone else does. Thanks for remembering. Jim Dean)

    Yep, aftermath of one Soviet Partisan raid in northern Finland during Continuation War. Many Finns focus on the pics and think Russians were behind all this. But the main focus should be, who gave the orders, and that one is not a Russian but Soviet Jew Yuri Andropov. Simultaneusly forgetting one Russian Good Man Gennadi Kuprijanov, who saved maybe thousands of Finnics on Soviet lands and payed the prize for Jewish Kremlin.

    Yuri Andropov became the leader of Soviet Union, but somewhat the same and the opposite did one antibolshevik Social Democrat Mauno Koivisto. He became the President of Finland and he was the one to represent our country in the funeral of Yuri Andropov. It would interesting to ask President Koivisto, wheter Andropov asked him any funny questions, like who were You after?

    100% certainty Andropov knew, that Koivisto served in Andropovs counterforce, that didn’t raid civilians, but Soviet NKVD officers, led by Mannerheim Cross Knight Lauri Törni:

    (Third link deleted due to one per comment rule)

    Norwegians says Finland lost two Wars against Soviet union, but Russians might think, screw the war, but Norwegians just lost their faces. Norwegian think thank, Israeli friend Andropov was right, Israeli friend Breivik must be right as well.

  12. I wonder why WASPS like you are still living in the Dark Ages.Why is it that people like you can’t see the a man for what he thinks and acts rather than the color of his skin?Shame on you for making this a black and white racial issue.I am deeply ashamed that you would even think about openly spreading the supremacist’s mantra.

  13. Extrapolating from all the excellent commentary running from the essay to personal comments I am prone to believe that a major blow to Zionism aka neoconservatism otherwise known as Bolshevism is to bombard those areas/countries that have criminalized openly stating the truth with factual information such as this.In fact this essay alone is worthy of being the representative source.

    We can talk about it until we are blue in the face but unless we open those channels closed through Jewish pressures we are wading in the kiddies pool.The people of Europe for example need to pressure their governments until they change those inquisition type rulings concerning the Holocaust and the causes and effects.

    Yes,the Jews demand silence so that they can continue to lurk beneath the radar,destroying the cultures and governments.They need to know that just because they fling the accusations of antisemitism that it carries no weight.Politicians will alter their favorable support of the Jewish cause only when their constituents make enough noise to over ride the Jewish money ticket to getting reelected.

  14. Another great piece from Mr. Alexis. I would just like to add to the list of bolshevism, zionism and neoconservatism a counter-intuitive one – Nazism (search on ‘ Zionism and Nazism: Is there a difference that makes a difference? ‘. And let me add one more, though making the case is a bit of a project – something I’m not really qualified to handle, but I may take the plunge if no one else does it – Capitalism. Busy folks, the Jews – never seems to occur to us to leave well enough alone – we’re always coming up with new ways to enhance human suffering.

  15. Hello Jonas,

    I have been following your work for about six months now. Bravo! You pull no punches and simply tell the truth. Very refreshing and informative.

    Powerful truth here:
    “Yes, perpetual wars are getting boring, and both the American people and our precious soldiers who are getting killed for Israel are exhausted. It is time for serious politicians to reexamine our unconditional support for Israel, America’s greatest enemy.”

    Unfortunately our politicians are owned by them, lock, stock and barrel.

    Watch your back, Jonas. Praying for you.


  16. Thanks, Jonas – This is a little bit off topic, but as you are quoting John Glaser here, here’s a yesterdays discussion from him with Max Abrahms, “Who’s the Terrorist”:

    Typically, Abrahams avoids repeatedly answering on the issue of the Israel/Westbank conflict, and he even only keeps record about the history/beginnings of terrorism going back to 1996 and the Khobar-Towers – of course we know that Al-Quaida was born out of deep shame and anger over the 1991 US-Bush-senior decision to station US-Troops on Islams most holy ground in Saudi-Arabia, among other reasons predating and causing the Khobar-incident.

    Interestingly though, Abrahms mentions Prof. Robert Pape here – Pape meticulously analyzed the reasons for terrorism in his work “Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism”, and his results were (astonishingly) that this phenomena was exclusively related to territorial conflicts and found out that above and before any Islamist agenda, this concept of suicide-terror was widely practized by secular organisations like Kurdish seperatists in Turkey or Tamile Tigers in Sri Lanka, a rather long lecture of his can be found here:

  17. The core of Communism is perpetual class struggle, that is to say a society progresses with perpetual class struggles. This is the theme we learned in our primary school classes back in the 70’s. Coincidentally the neoconservative’s theme for America has been fighting a perpetual war to win perpetual peace. And for peace times human beings are not allowed to rest either. The m*fookers would tell you that a society needs to constantly reinvent itself in order to progress and an economy always needs to have positive GDP growth. In a word human beings must not stop working till his last days. Now do we see who these m*fookers are?

  18. Jonas – you have excelled again with this superb article. Your work is reaching a zenith of perception and understanding that has otherwise been utterly lacking – in virtually all the scholars and so called ‘intellectuals’ of our age. You are articulating and carefully setting down in writing the essence of truth that needs to be told if mankind is to survive in a way of life that is worth living. No man or woman should be allowed to enter the politics, education, finance, media, military or the entertainment industry without first reading your complete works.

    I am going to attach some more research points to this post shortly which I hope will be informative – in identifying the real enemy of mankind and all its works – despite that entity’s efforts to suppress, lie, cheat, assassinate and murder the truth at every level. If the snake does not die – then life for our children and descendants will be unutterably horrific – and OUR generation will be responsible for allowing it.

    • zionism and neoconservatism are merely some of the latest attempts by jewish gangsters to fulfill their religions barbaric demands – namely their prophesy of jewish racial and bloodline supremacy of the Earth and its peoples. A jewish utopia to be achieved by mass murder and wholesale deception of all those non-members of the cult. Therein lies our international problem in a nutshell. It is NOT just about money and crime – which ultimately is also just a tool they use to enforce this evil plan.

      Unfortunately it must be accepted that the plan always requires the participation and conspiracy of millions of jews worldwide to ensure its success. Every attempt made over the generations has involved this secret involvement of jews at every level – with very few ever objecting or crying foul to the larger populations.

      A previous attempt at police state world domination within living memory was indeed bolshevism or marxist communism. Prior to bolshevism there were may more attempts to cause division, war and misery for their Gentile neighbours – in order to reap the ensuing dividend. To the authors of these plots it really matters not what the bogus ‘ideology’ is called. They refine and re-name the plot each time to take account of what went wrong on the previous attempt – whilst their ‘academics’ busily spend their time re-writing history to hide the truth of events – and often to lay the BLAME for the horror at the door of innocent groups. Their matrix of ‘new legislation’ programmes are a way to criminalize any uncovering of inconvenient facts.

      Jonus – have a look at the details carefully collected as evidence when jewish bolsheviks attacked and subdued Russia in 1917. Honest people paid with their lives when collecting this information:


      In particular – scroll down the LEFT hand side blue column to the bottom and click on the word ‘Appendix’. Here you will see the people who took over the entire governing apparatus of Russia on its decapitation – and information about each one.

      Sadly the US government is beginning to take on a similar ethnic breakdown in all the areas of national importance. This is a real crime of hate – deep hatred by a twisted religion against all outsiders – that we must NEVER allow to rise to power again. Our first hill to climb will be to ignore all the lies and ‘isms’ that we are accused of – in revealing this truth.

  19. Bolshevism and traditional Christianity both oppose Zionism. Zionism is basically nationalist movement drawn on religious lines. Traditional Christianity is a spiritual movement that does not focus on ethnicity at all. And Bolshevism is a movement about economic fairness or equality that developed out of Christianity’s economic ideas. Unlike Christianity, Bolshevism ran the gamut from opposing religion altogether to promoting Deism or crypto-Christianity.

    • Also, Bolshevism did not focus on ethnicity at all, and, like Christianity, considered itself above ethnic divisions.

    • Sorry rac – Jonas is right and you have fallen for the oldest trick in the book. jewish pressure to superficially enforce ‘fairness’ has nothing to do with real equality. It is to do with upending and subverting society – and ‘changing’ it to their own advantage. Only the dupes at the bottom of the Bolshevik hierarchy actually believe that the system is about equality. Ironically these dupes are usually decent and conscientious people at heart – prepared even to die enforcing the ‘communist ideal’ for what they think is the ‘good of mankind’ – but in fact is for their conman masters.

      The sad thing is that communism is not real – it is all a ruse. Marx and Engels originally came up with the idea of communism as a business scam – a way to harness large groups of people into supplying their labour for free. They later realised that whole countries could be taken hostage with this psychological trick – so long as you controlled the media message and killed off the most intelligent element of the population that would see through it all.

      bolshevism is NOT what it says of the ouside of the tin. Neither is it any coincidence that the jewish gangsters came up with the marxism scam IMMEDIATELY AFTER Parliament in Britain outlawed human slavery – where they had traditionally been making their millions.

    • The Telecommunications Act of 1996, allowed the consolidation of the media into fewer and fewer hands, Jewish controlled hands. Now we see the results, and what is not allowed to be discussed on any of Clear Channel’s stations for example. Even NPR is under their control.

      This media consolidation had to be done before 9/11 so that control of the “Message” after 9/11 could be assured. There is still hope, they were too clever by half. Errors were made, Larry Silverstein’s comments about “pulling” Bldg 7 got through the net.

      Their great fear is we will do to them what they would gladly do to us, and it causes them nightmares.

      One positive step is The Telecom Act of 1996 need’s to be repealed and the media giants broken apart.

    • Excalibur,

      I was addressing Bolshevism’s ideology itself, which you referred to as ‘the communist ideal for what they think is the ‘good of mankind’”. Similarly, Christianity is about a spiritual goal and belief in Christ and racial and economic equality.

      I understand your claim that the real-life attempts were tricks to control people. Opponents of Christianity make a similar claim- that the clergy exploits people by taking their donations and feeding them myths. Personally, I think that it’s possible to find important helpful things in both of those ideals.

      My point was more simplistic, Excalibur – to show that these two ideologies are quite different than Zionism in the realm of ideologies. If you and 30 families go about building a Christian or Bolshevik society on an island, it’s not going to be different from the third system.


    • I meant to say ‘If you and 30 families go about building a Christian or Bolshevik society on an island, it is going to be different from the third system.’

  20. Jonas just keep the truth coming out into the open. It must be embarrassing for the Zionists to be exposed as natural born killers. Can anyone tell me what evil that these zionists haven’t committed? Can anyone actually believe Bibi the BULLY of bringing a picture of a bomb with a red line and displaying it at the UN as if they were a bunch of imbeciles. He should have brought photographs of how his race treats the Palestinians on a regular basis. He should have gloated about the abused children, often murdered by the IDF. Communism/Bolshevism/Judaism are one and the same. The B’nai B’rith is the jewish rite of the freemasons. When it comes to the jewish involvement in the murder of millions Shimon Peres says don’t dwell on the past, just forget about it.

    Jonas just keep on exposing this evil axis for what it truly is. For all of the innocent victims that were murdered by the zionists please don’t stop, their memories and souls must be remembered and that we should never forget who the true executioners were. The only god that would have chosen them would be Satan for he understood that they were the whole package.

  21. This is a comment I posted over at Pravda:

    The “Communist” threat this Pravda journalist writes about is a PC term for the domination of the Jewish elite, whose goal is to eviscerate America’s Christian identity and to make a lot of money off of a society weakened and sickened with depravity.The Jewish goal is for Gentiles to venerate Jews and to pay them lots of tribute. Unlike Christianity, which has as its mission to educate and elevate the world, Jews feel absolutely zero sense of obligation to non-Jews. They only wish to dominate them, exploit them, and extract from them every material blessing.

    This is the true nature of “Communism” which really means the abolition of the spiritual identity of a society so that only Jewish elites are left with direction purpose and commitment.

    • Its on English Pravda entitled:

      Russia and the Beast By Xavier Lerma

      About how while Russia has emerged from the long dark Communist nightmare, America is fully enmeshed in it.

  22. “In an interview on CBS’s Face the Nation this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned us that Iran is ‘building ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles) to reach the American mainland in a few years,’ adding that, ‘they’re getting closer and closer to the bomb,” and “they have to be stopped.’

    Must be a typographical error, since it is Israel looking to get ICBM technology from India so they can extend the Samson Option to the US mainland.

  23. Yes, this article is definitely a grandslam homerun. You have nailed down the utter duplicity and complete lying of the NeoCon Israeli-American dual citizens who are working hard to blackmail and human compromise many American Congressfolks and Senators and top officials. They pretend to be patriots but despise and trash the US Constitution and hijack America to fight their sick, twisted wars of land acquisition. They are also now working very, very hard to morph DHS into a new Bolshevik Cheka in order to institute a complete Red Terror mass murder frenzy in America and destroy Christianity once and for all in order to create a pure luciferian one world govt run by them only. now that these folks are ebing fully exposed for 911 and DHS and all their massive crimes such as organ trafficking, mass murder, massive arms and narcotics trafficking and sex slavery, as well as doing 911, I hope Americans wake up and take their country back and resist such efforts. Plus everyday more and more ordinary folks are finding out that the IZCS was deeply involved in the planning and execution of the 911 gladio style false flag attacks in cooperation with several TRAITORS in the USAF, Norad and JCS at the top of the American military. The names are all public now if you did. Just find out who was in the positions of command on 9-11-01 and you will know. Obviously these men need to be fully exposed, tried for treason and mass murder along with those NeoCons and IZCS that were involved.

    This is a superb article, Jonas, truly one of your best and one of the best ever to be published anywhere. Please keep em coming.

    • It’s not just Christianity the Jews wish to destroy. Also Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, the Native American beliefs, Deism and damn near ANY true religion of God…….. The only “religion” they will allow is the religion of consumption, materialism, debauchery, destruction and corruption, killing, arrogance, tribalism, racism, etc.

      The “synagogue of Satan, to put it briefly.

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