People of Color – Under Confederate Battle Flag Colors

A Band of Brothers and Sisters – An Image Mass Media Censors

The Heritage War Never Ends Here in the South – But Not in the Way You Think


  … by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor  … and the Virginia Flaggers


A Black Confederate family is presented a ceremonial flag in honor of their CSA/American veteran ancestor. None has ever been refused. Mass media never covers these events. Now you know why.

Historical symbols of the South continue to be removed by the scourge of political correctness.  Buildings donated to various entities with promises to preserve them, those promises have been broken when they were wanted for expansion.

The newer scam is where they redecorate, and when done items like the Confederate memorial flags are gone. They have done this in Virgina, even from the Confederate Memorial Chapel.

That’s right. Despite Confederate Veterans are officially American veterans by Act of Congress, this still goes on as twisted form of monument vandalism and grave desecration.  I have all the Congressional Acts history in this April, 2001, article…Confederate Soldiers are American Veterans by Act of Congress.

What kills the PC crowd even more is to see ‘multi-color’ protestors outside, doing what we call ‘flagging’. They have been imprinted with the KKK, lynching, and racism. Everything else about the South, none of that matters. This is all just part of the dumbing down of America, and it has gone way beyond the schools.

The main line veterans org have done little or nothing to support Confederate veterans despite all the military bases named after them and hordes of America’s war heroes having come from the South. The people, and these groups, have not yet figured out that they have shown themselves to be counterfeits really. And of course they would never admit it.

When I talk to them about why they do it, do nothing really, they will admit they are intimidated by getting trashed by the Civil Rights bullies.

Mind you these are military people admitting that the threat of their being called names is enough to have them leave American veterans being smeared in public, in front of young people, teaching them that his is politically correct behavior. It is a pitiful situation.

Brothers with the Colors – The Confederate Military is honored around the world and their Civil War battle tactics taught in all the War Colleges


Va Flaggers Report/Call To Action


Three Confederate Veterans – 1907

On Thursday, July 25th, 5 Flaggers would gather on the Boulevard in what would turn out to be a VERY eventful afternoon/evening. The weather was gorgeous in the Capital of the Confederacy, and Scalawags and Carpet Baggers got an eye and earful of Confederate Flags.

Our Flaggers were cursed at and taunted…not by the usual suspects…but by a Scalawag member of one of our own Heritage Organizations!

Next we had the rare opportunity to flag Alex Nyerges, the Director of the VMFA and the man ultimately responsible for removing the Battle Flags from the Confederate Memorial Chapel, up close and IN PERSON.

We called out to Nyerges, who at first responded pleasantly, and then beat a hasty retreat when asked “why won’t you just put the flags back on the Chapel!?!?!”

Finally, we had the opportunity to send a message to Museum officials via one of the museum guards, who engaged our Flaggers in a discussion about the violations and illegal acts that have occurred.

Along the way, we were able to talk to folks about the VMFA and their discriminatory acts, and in defense of our honorable Confederate ancestors… forwarding the colors…and CHANGING HEARTS AND MINDS! The gentleman pictured above stopped to ask what we were up to. When he heard our story, he asked to take a photo with us.




 [Note: This event has passed by these folks will be flagging till Hell freezes over. You can call if you are in the area of contact the museum director. Remember to be polite. The other side makes nasty phone calls and event threats, and attribute them to Confederates, and age old trick.]


Famous Confederate Veteran Bill Yop is buried here in Atlanta where I live. When he died he had a huge funeral, on the scale of a governor passing, with all the State’s political elites in attendance. Contemporary Americans know virtually nothing about any of this.

JOIN US Saturday, July 27th, on the Boulevard as we forward the colors and take a stand for our ancestors and the flags under which they fought and died.

If you cannot be physically present, please take a moment out of your day to call or write the Director of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) and let him know how you feel about the forced removal of Confederate Battle Flags from the Confederate War Memorial Chapel.

Contact Alex Nyerges: [email protected] or by phone (804) 340-1504 or FAX (804) 340-1502

Since October 1, 2011, the Va Flaggers have been steadfast in our purpose, which is to RESTORE THE CONFEDERATE BATTLE FLAGS to the Confederate Memorial Chapel on the grounds of the Old Soldiers Home in Richmond Va, which were forcibly removed by officials of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, a State Agency.

We are resolved and will stand firm in this fight, in the same manner as our honorable ancestors.

We WILL NOT be moved. We WILL NOT retreat. We WILL NOT be pressured to change our methods, demands, or mission to suit the wishes of others who refuse to join the fight.

The flags WILL fly on the Chapel again, and the honor and valor of the Confederate Soldier WILL NOT be forgotten in Richmond, VA.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean


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  1. Thanks Jim.

    I learned that too several years ago, that Confederation Flag is in fact a hate crime. About 150 years after the war, insanity, maybe not to sell that, but to buy that. I’m from a country that witnessed a bloody civil war too, but both flags are represented and honoured. One Finnish pilot ace Ilmari Juutilainen of WW2 told in an interview that all those Crosses means a very little, comparing when enemy General after the war comes to visit, salute and honour. I think it’s Yankees DUTY, to bring the Confederation Flag back and salute and honour it.

    • When the Sons of Confederate Veterans have their convention every year, the Cmdr of the Grand Army of the Republic always attends the opening ceremonies, and has for many decades. Local media of the conventions never mentions this. The South bashing is just one of many divide and conquer control trips that get run on the public.

      After WWII, various German and American fighter pilot groups would have conventions. Even their submarine people met here with merchant marine men. I learned this from one of the later that I shot extensive video of. He actually tracked down the sub cmdr that sunk his ship off the coast of Africa and due to the currents and wind had to go all the way to S. America, 2 dozen of them in a 26′ boat. They became good friends. They did not called themselves veterans, but survivors as it was a non-demominational term.

  2. I don’t know who at VT came up with the read more thing in the comment section but I hope it’s alright if I say from the perspective of the reader, at least me, it’s not helpful.

    • This is a work in progress, involving people spread around the planet, and different time zones. We are evaluating all the options for eliminating the too long comment postings, which then create a lot of admin time on the back end which we really don’t have. It steals from all of our primary duties which are like hungry lions. We have to automate it as much as possible, for fast clearing, and also get good reader cooperation. We want comments quick and easy to read as everybody is in a hurry.

      I will be emailing some of the long time commenters for your input, also. With the tiny staff that we have, we just to have to do things as efficiently as possible to have more time to focus on the content, and then promoting TV as much as possible in the other venues that we do, which is not a small time input. I finished close to midnight on Sunday.

    • hey isnt your reply long enough to get a “read more” button?
      (just razzin ya some, I can be one of those long winded commenters myself)

      another political news-comment site has a charachter limit counter running, same reason.
      the downsides as I see them, some great commenting opinions and information just cant be expressed in a soundbyte, and thats what the LSM does, half truth soundbytes instead of real information. another downside being the caving and catering to the shorter attention span dumbed down instant gratification crowd, who really do only exist for the soundbytes..
      (yeah that can be me too sometimes when Jonas or Preston get rolling with meaty articles!)

      it can be good or be very BAD handing the keys to moderate the comment sections to someone who seems trustworthy too, been there done that for a site who’s name I wont mention here, things got so stupid I unbanned everyone, banned myself and quit! I knew they could recover the ban list from the previous day, but it sure guaranteed they wouldnt ever ask me back, whoops?
      (that was in their first attempt at a seperate but related political forum, I know how tough it can be)

      best of luck with some kind of solution that’ll somehow work and be good, really!

  3. I remember emailing your articles from last year’s event, Mr. Dean
    Thank you for this year’s. I shall be doing the same emailing.

  4. Thanks, Jim. The media has hijacked virtually every historical event and has replaced it with mass manipulation.

  5. Emma the KKK was mostly organized by your people, the khazars. Please jump off a cliff. Your droning is tiresome and repetitive and most are on to you.

    • Dublin, This is a bizarre comment. I have been in the Confederate heritage arena for a long time and have never seen anyone make such a statement. The original Klan was formed to counter the Yankee night rider Klans who were raiding to rob and intimidate any local Southern leaders from opposing the excesses of Reconstruction. Basically what they did is set up ambushes for the Yankee night riders, and then pay night time visits to those they found involved, to encourage them to change their ways.

      Later, common criminals crashed that party as they saw an opportunity to just rob and pillage which they did, which is why General Forrest disbanded the first Klan as part of the deal for Yankee troops being removed and ending the first part of Reconstruction. The heads of ALL the first State Klan organizations were Confederate Generals or respected Judges, and the men were mostly all veterans (who had no right to vote). It was a military occupation opposition group. One of the things they opposed is black state legislators who could not read or write.

      The later Klan, founded in Indianapolis in the 1930’s, was a totally different animal. That is where all the white supremacist tag came from, but the spinmeisters just moved that line back to the post civil war period. Despite this being totally documented in the archives it is completely censored out of all undergraduate educational literature. Readers here know why the is, because controlling how history is perceived gives you power over how people will respond to certain stimuli so you can herd them like lemmings.

      BTW Dublink, you have not done what I asked you to do on your above comment board violation. If I do not hear from you today, you will be gone.

  6. Mr. Dean, thanks for the article.

    The Civil War, like most modern wars, was financed by the bankster families, Rothschilds, etc.. As usual, they financed both sides and made a killing, literally and figuratively. This will never be discussed in our school’s textbooks. As well they will never discuss the fact that the Scot-Irish were the most enslaved peoples in the history of the world. There were more Irish in Africa than Africans in the New World at the heights of the slave trade. These bankster families made huge profits in this arena as well. Again you will not read of this in any school textbooks.

    Instead we get the “criminal” Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton touting racial equality as they preach racial division and hate. The Media and even our President have chimed in and stoked the flames of racial division. If a Caucasian defends his position against some of these bogus arguments, he is branded a racist and marginalized. It’s a mad mad world we live in.

    Now that the banksters have no need for us and have consolidated their power, we are in a race to the bottom. All of our culture and traditions have been swept away and replaced with some homogenized garbage the Zionists have dumped on us. The television is now our teacher and friend. Who needs to learn of our true origins? We have witty marketing for crap we have no use for. Genocide of the global population is going along as planned.

    • Ah yes, and financed at 15% if I remember correctly. They pitched them to put in an income tax to use as funding mechanism for war debt, their gift to the world. Before that invention years earlier, when the kings ran out of money they would make a peace, which limited the damage of wars. But the bankers would have none of that. They looked to making the next generation pay off a war debt and the game is still being played now.

  7. The photograph of the American soldiers with the man who appears to be an Arab seems odd, but I’m glad I saw it. 🙂

    • It looks like an Iraq setting to me. Confed descendants often take battle flags into the field. It’s just a tradition. A lot of the Congressional Act were being done in recognition of Southerners fighting in America’s wars in disproportionate numbers, and laying the second class citizenship trip on them could cost some elections.

      And then some of it was formalizing reconciliation. The last of post civil war taxes were not removed until WWII. There was a respite during WWI, then they put them back in. But after WWII the South was no longer and economic colony.

      One of the things they had done after the CW was to rig railroad shipping rate to prevent industry in the South competing with the North. They simply doubled the rates for anything shipped out of the South. They don’t teach any of this in high school history classes.

    • I don’t know much about the Civil War, I was told in school the Civil War was about slavery, but it seems it was really about high tariffs imposed on the southern states and southern state tax money used to build infrastructure in the northern states.

      Some people report the Rothchilds and their pals initiated the Civil War for financial reasons; they made huge profits on the interest they charged both sides of the war. They claim at times they charged Lincoln over 20 percent and at times over 30 percent interest.

      An alternative theory has it the Jewish banksters pushed the relatively unknown Lincoln for president due to blackmail material they had on him and then when he became furious with the banksters over the high interest rates and issued greenbacks to bypass the banksters they assassinated him.

      However we should probably believe the Jewish texbooks. Sigh.

    • yup, “northerners” aka “New York” and industrialists, had developed machinery to replace the labor in the South, that they couldnt sell because the labor was covered (albeit slavery), so they went about imposing outrageous taxes and tarriffs. when the CW ended, millions of people kept illiterate were rendered unemployed and homeless, many begging borrowing cheating and stealing to exist, making RACISM much much worse! oh but they got to sell their machinery afterwards..

      the prohibition of alcohol decades later being aimed at the farmers distilling their waste into fuel to power their equipment. big oil hated that, and the fact it helped keep the prices of food and materials lower, followed by demonization-prohibition of hemp but that was allowed-promoted for WW2 (USDA short film “Hemp for Victory” showing how to grow the stuff for a WAR effort).

      theres a LOT of related conspiracies and truths, making clarity somewhat difficult.
      Lincoln declaring WAR against the South was pretty crazy, and the banksters couldnt call him a madman, but they sure could propose some crazy interest rates to “help” fund that war.
      Lincoln could have as easily looked to the Constitution that ALL are created equal,
      nullified-illegalized slavery, promoted education and development of the West instead, IMHO.
      Lincoln may have had another crazy plan in the works, needing to be stopped.
      he WAS a great orator no doubt, but that can also be synonymous with “BS artist” too,
      a WAR with Americans killing Americans, is some pretty deep BS!

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