Ready for World War III with China?

by Sartre

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7 Responses to "Ready for World War III with China?"

  1. Lonegunmen  July 31, 2013 at 3:13 am

    Probably we could follow a simple logic: assuming America is the big stick for the banksters and the Zionists it follows that these puppet masters do not really want to fight a world war against China, not yet at least as they are making a killing in exploiting the cheap Chinese labour in China. But they would want to increase their share of the Chinese wealth as well as their own profit by using the giant killer elephant called America to blackmail China in order to achieve their objectives. In the process America would also get its share in crumbs, big crumbs that is in the form government bonds. Until one day, some one in China says enough and it will be when the war may start. Not now, not for another 5 or 10 years at least……America starting a world war with China now simply does not make sense in either political, economical or military terms……

  2. paschn  July 29, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    Because of the ruination of our religious, (seen the new liquid plumber commercial? sheesh), political and economic systems in our country, AmeriKa has become a world-swallowing tool of the “Synagogue”. If you take an objective look at our actions in the M.E. to curry favor with D.C.’s “handlers” you must admit that Wall Street, Tel Aviv, New York and the City of London aren’t leaving much choice for China, Russia and it’s present or future allies. If you were them, would YOU want to be like us? Don’t let them sucker you or yours into fighting for “mom and apple pie” when in reality you’ll be fighting/dying for the Central Bank, Wall Street and the most worthless bunch of fecal matter ever to stain the hallow’d halls in D.C.

    • captain obvious  July 30, 2013 at 2:45 am

      yup, the only independant city-state you’d left out is the vatican,
      that the rothschilds demons are somewhat secretly bankster for.
      the religious ruination being part of the dumbing down to higher critical analytical thinking.

  3. captain obvious  July 29, 2013 at 9:01 am

    “China” has been a political puppet show since the opium wars.
    treasonous NAFTA-GATT after kissinger “cracked the bamboo curtain” all staged too.
    her majesty’s company nicknames got the DC corporate welfare grants to leave the USA,
    by way of “national deficit” the District of Criminals makes us fund our own unemployment.
    I’m saying China AND the District of Criminals, are both in the “royals” pockets.

    “China does not want an apocalyptic war with the United States. They are content to wage economic and financial warfare.”
    -aint much of a “war” when they were deliberately handed the keys! (article kinda hints this)

    “hey after sabotaging the US economy we aint getting as much in taxes, LETS RAISE TAXES!”
    that was planned in advance, they deliberate whether to stop “temporary tax cuts” by bush..
    their plan has been to destroy America all along, as they pretend to be legit “leaders”.
    they’re turning the US into a turnkey fascist prison system while telling us FEAR THE CHINA that they’ve enjoyed so much profits from and bury us in debt with as well. you can blame “ZIOS” all day, but if you look at it a little closer, “royals and rothschilds” are really behind all of it. how they move their chess pieces around strategically-deliberately, while handing the world psyop misdirectings “why” and “who”.
    their little minion “yes men”, naturally approved all the big corporate welfare grants.

    rothschilds have owned the UK stock market ever since the big LIE that Napoleon had won.
    rothschilds are bankster to the vatican that supported hitler, the “royals” supported hitler too,
    he was Time Magazine’s “man of the year”

    “cyber warfare” ? really?
    DC wants us to pay for 30,000+ drones in our skies, then they’ll say “China hacked our s#it!”
    when they set China up to make all the friggin parts for em in the first place? hello?
    the majority will swallow the big lies, hook line and sinker.

    • nancybisset  July 29, 2013 at 6:23 pm

      captain obvious fantastic read.

      Maybe you can answer me Captain: If the tariffs on trade goods brought into our country, still had to pay these tariffs (that the New Trade agreement, stopped) is it true we American’s would not have been overtaxed to make up for the millions lost in this So Called Free Trade agreement? Nothing free to USA American’s at all.

      Lincoln was one president and I believe Kennedy was listed, as wanting to reinstate the Tariff on the goods being flooded into the American Markets, killing the selling our own American well made goods because without having to pay tariffs, and their labor cents an hour, how could we in business compete with this kind of cheap merchandise? We made our products with pride and the junk that was flooding our market was cheap crap. Free Trade agreement.

      So I see lots of things made in China, more than any other country. Do I understand this scheme of all these countries, like China, Korea, (the list is long I am sure) were encouraged to make products of (redundancy—cheap-ole stuff) and flooded America with their cheap crap while the POOR DUMBED DOWN AMERICAN’S were cleverly manipulated on our lovely CMMM controlled TV’s and Media, be suckered into using credit-debt=money cards, to buy totally worthless, stuff we neither wanted or needed, but because of clever manipulation of advertising 20 times we passive-sheep would end up buying this worthless crap countries were creating and flooding America with.

      I agree China not interested in making war, when we dumbed down American’s buy buy buy ‘Made in China Items every day.’ Why the heck kill the Money machine? So what is being covered up with all this WWIII bull crap here? Where are the commenters here? Need some insight please.

      This WWIII scare is just that. Why kill the money machine–robots? WE the people? I am from a social engineered repeat-remember prussian school of learning system. Deprogramming taking since Jan.9, 2009. Bear with my ignorance, ok.

      Loved your words Captain. (I see tooo much fear mongering going on with this piece. Where is Duff, Dean, Preston here?? How about your thoughts on this one, would love to read them. Nancy L. Bisset not hiding. :-))

    • captain obvious  July 30, 2013 at 2:35 am

      thanks and thats a big question I really might NOT be capable of directly answering!
      the “free trade” NAFTA-GATT etc was deliberate economic sabotage of course (treasonous!)
      and economic sabotage is treasonous to any-every country they do it to, is all of em now and simultaneously, no way “just a coincidence”, this is warfare by banksters with false governments being fully complicit in the crimes.

      Abe Lincoln is an interesting subject, supposedly killed for daring to print greenbacks.
      there was more going on, “northern industrialists” (New York being OLD York UK money) had developed machinery to do the work of laborers, harvesting machines, the cotton gin, etc..
      they couldnt sell em to the South, so they tried to tax em to death, resulting in opposition.
      “Civil War” end result after Americans killed Americans, with so much destruction, was people kept illiterate deliberately were rendered unemployed and homeless, begging lying cheating stealing to exist, pouring gasoline on the fire of racism! if Lincoln had declared them free, promoted education, and offered GO WEST manifest destiny LAND, it could have been majorly averted. dont take it that I endorse slavery, I DONT. the Civil War was a tragedy, it was also INSANE and treasonous.
      the “North” got to sell their machineries to the “South” afterwards, but could have anyway!

      maybe jumping track a little, but it goes to “feudalism” and “empire building” too really.
      theyed build castles (is a war engine!) and cities around them, offering protection and luring people into their cities away from their lands.. then later declaring all those lands to be “royal hunting grounds”, with anyone caught there being killed as a poacher. theres more technology today but its really SO-SAD.. “same old song and dance”. when the land was WILD they were giving it away, now that its tamed they do everything possible to “legally” steal it all back. they did the same with their castles and cities, jobs were good for a while until population exceeded the availability, then wages get flushed down the toilet and elites hired “media” screams about “overpopulation”. the bosses profitted on the labors of everyone else, bought up all the land now forbidden to commonors.

      now enter the technological age with so much robotic manufacturing that “just follows orders”,
      is exactly why, they think humanity is obsolete. they do everything possible to dumb us down then loath us for being stupid, they delight in calling us “useless eaters” and “cannon fodder”.
      its as psychotic as slapping a dog on a daily basis then shooting it for daring to try to bite you.
      people ARE waking up to the insanity of it all as they are rendered unemployed and homeless,
      these “elite” have screwed the pooch! they’re losing control “so lets start a WAR!”, which has worked for em every friggin time, for centuries. it isnt “just” fear mongering, these psychopaths are completely capable of instigating genocides in order to stay on top in power over whats left after.

      sidenote: in extreme stresses like war or poverty, birth rates go UP, people comfort each other in the bedrooms, “cant get us all” or “cheap entertainment”.. its a natural instinct reflex action!
      “elite” have used WAR for population control despite this fact, is psychopathic denial, but now they’re going after fertility and DNA damages every way possible, as a solution?! wow.
      consider what they do with livestock, “recombinant bovine growth hormones” makes em grow fast and they’re slaughtered before they mature to develop tumors and cancers, we get to eat that?
      its only a small part of the kind of “science warfare” theyre in love with funding.

      yup, we used to build things that were durable and serviceable, it cost slightly more. they moved manufacturing to exploit the slave labor, pollute like mad with all the global shipping too, while at the same time they try to impose CARBON TAX upon us who are no longer manufacturing with its related pollution, and we’re being charged MORE for energy when there isnt the energy demands of the manufacturing, completely contrary to the common sense laws of supply and demand.

      now outwardly, they claim theres a huge DEBT to China for funding DC’s warfare (not the USA’s!),
      and outwardly they had promised a sales market for all the Chinese manufacturing, from a countries economy theyed deliberately sabotaged?! outwardly China’s stance IS “you lied to us!” but the truth is they’ve been insiders to the whole scam from the start, a plan thats been in the works for decades to bring the USA and the rest of the world to its knees without any REAL reason at all!

      idk if you’ve caught some of my other long winded “rants” about DC approved softkill attacks, supermarket loyalty card tracking and mandatory HELLthcare for profits that theyre also doing.
      parents saddled with the extra costs of a child with birth defects (or brain problems) getting dispossessed of everything or jailed for neglect-abuse if they cant afford or refuse “treatment”.
      also depleted uranium, fukushima, nuclear powerplants that SHOULD be geothermal already..
      “rants” seemingly unrelated but really ARE when considering the bigger picture of it all, what is in power being truly satanic, waging WAR against all God’s creation, nature and humanity, for profits whenever possible to “rightfully-legally” OWN everything (deceiving all the way!). normal people just want to live their lives, theyre not psychopathically hell bent on owning and controlling everything and everyone, or destroying it all and “owning the ashes of a hell on Earth” they “created”.

      as far as “ignorance”.. I’m not a genius either (at all!), maybe awakened a little longer, maybe.

    • captain obvious  July 31, 2013 at 2:18 am

      now adding a tidbit more.. about 20 years ago every little convenience store had pocketknives for sale that were all made in pakistan, look what the district of criminals have done to em now! look what they did to their buddies saddam and gadaffi..

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