Veterans Speak Out About Bradley Manning

Prosecutors described Bradley Manning as an attention-seeking traitor who damaged US Security. But others regard him as a whistle-blower who was motivated by his concern for the country. Because of Bradley Manning, anyone in the world can access hundreds of thousands of documents and videos they were never meant to see through the website Wikileaks.
The material he released included battlefield reports, diplomatic cables and secrets regarding our country’s Iraq military strategy. Manning, a former intelligence analyst, says he released the material to spark a debate about foreign policy and show quote “the true cost of war.”
Veteran Justin Weishaup said, “It bothers me. Our credibility, our everything we have going is jeopardized.” Veteran Val Sherfinski said,”If they catch somebody giving away secrets, he should be stopped. He knew it when he went in; I mean that was his job, right.
He was supposed to keep his mouth shut and just analyze and he didn’t do that.” We couldn’t find anyone in our area that supported what manning did. Joseph Waites, from Pensacola said, “He is a traitor and i think he should be hung. You don’t expose our secrets to anyone.” Jim Landry from Pensacola said, “if somebody can go out and get that information and pass that information on that easy, I think our federal government needs to come up and do a little bit better on security.”
Last month Wikileaks founder Julian Assange defended manning to ABC’s George Stephanopolous. Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder said, “A young man, a good man, as far as anyone can tell, motivations are entirely political as far as anyone argues.” Manning’s family said in a statement that while they were disappointed in the verdicts, they are happy the judge agreed their son didn’t intend to help America’s enemies.

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  1. We have generals with sleep in interviewers, we have a million people with clearance to peruse the data and congress creeps that represent israel. We do not know what nation the president is from and our biggest capitalist do not pay taxes. So what harm, not law, harm, did he do?

  2. The video clip of the helicopter shooting at the unarmed civilians was nothing new to me.
    I was posted on line by on a military site, idid see it not to long after it happened, many video clips are on that site. GIs clowning around, near misses of planes landing etc.
    But when I did see that video clip I thought, wow, that’s insane.
    Wonder how people who are so against Manning would feel if a foreign army had invaded our country,
    Helicopters flying above and shooting at our citizens.
    May be he did see the wrong in that and made him forwarding the other documents too.
    Having lived in a country invaded by the Germans, spending nights in the cellar because of bomb alerts,
    My grandparents house bombed out, by friendly fire, how nice, casualty of war. Lucky they were not at home.
    But it’s not funny when it happens to you.
    Now 68 years later I can still hear it and see the bombed out buildings.

  3. Well, I’m a 10 year veteran who got his boots dirty and carried a portable bullet launcher, so FWIW here’s my opinion; PFC Bradley Manning definitely deserved a general court martial, some brig time, maybe a couple months pushing a lawn mower across a parade field, reduction in rank, and a other than honorable discharge.

    But since his leaking did not, to the best of my knowledge, compromise operational planning and troop deployment secrets, weapons system technology, or anything else that directly impacted the battlefield BUT RATHER his leaks affected the political system leadership and exposed the result of a deliberately cultivated dehumanizing mindset which affects EVERYONE from the field soldier to helo pilot to fighter jock to division level command.

    What Bradley Manning is guilty of is exposing the systematic destruction of moral conscience & professionalism withing the ranks of the armed forces. That is his sin, and that is why the media and government went after his butt

  4. Evidently the vets in this piece are still brainwashed and do not realize that a soldier or veteran may have a moral obligation to expose what has been secretly going on leading up to and in the illegal, unethical, and immoral invasion, occupation and violence in Iraq and Afganistan. Because a soldier signs up to serve their country and do their job and take orders does not mean that they have to sell their soul and loose their heart to the military, especially when so much lying, deceit, media manipulation, and contract corruption with our tax dollars is the norm in these wars. Wake up fellow vets. There have been so many of us killed and civilians killed in the name of National Security. Where is you Bullshit Radar?

  5. There’s a verbal mélange that’s gotten more than it’s share of usage lately. That doesn’t mean it’s not applicable, just that it’s been used frequently. Up is down, black is white, good is bad….etc., etc., etc.
    I’ve watched videos of our president joking about the WMD’s (never were), at a dinner party made up of the “privileged”, the “upper crust” as they all laughed uncontrollably….didn’t hear a peep from the survivors of the invasion of Iraq, not a whimper. I’ve seen clips in which high ranking state officials literally guaranteed us that we were in imminent danger from WMD’s, (Powell). Not a whimper, nothing. I watched as that same president threatened marshal law, (it’s already here), if the blow flies in D.C. didn’t cough up what ended up as trillions of dollars to bail out private banks….hardly a whimper. Now, we see 2 brave souls put themselves at risk to openly expose even more treason/lies/murder being committed by our “leaders” and you want to shoot the messenger. Wow.

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