Why Alex Jones Bashes Nazis


Anyone paying attention knows that Alex Jones has an obsession with attacking Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. He does so for one reason and one reason only, he is a disinformation specialist, he is demonizing National Socialism and will not say the name of the enemy or any reference that directly links the Jews and Zionists to the criminal network looting the nation. Alex Jones uses a slew of euphemisms to hide the enemy, he calls the Zionists the New World Order, Globalists, or Germanic Dealt Cults. Alex Jones is famous for calling the enemy everything except for what it actually is, thus Alex Jones is aiding and abetting the Zionist entity and is no patriot but a clever disinformation warrior.

Germanic Death Cult Named as the Source of Zionism

Alex Jones interviewed Maxwell Jordan and these two went off in an orgasmic frenzy naming the Germans as the source of Zionism. This, is of course, complete nonsense. The single source of Zionism is Judaism. Zionism is the outgrowth of a line of exclusionary thinking patterns, the Jews are god’s chosen ones, the Jews were given the gentiles as their cattle (goyim). Supremacist Jews actually believe that they own you. You are a cow that is to be milked and killed according to wishes of these Jewish farmers. Recent Rabbinic statements prove this, one of the top Israeli state approved Rabbis still hold to these archaic ideas:

“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel,” – Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

It is no accident that the world is run the way it is, the world is being exploited based on Judaic thinking, Zionism is the political expression of Judaism. So the reader might ask why doesn’t Alex Jones expose this obvious conspiracy, after all Alex Jones is a very smart man. Why does Alex Jones, instead, bash the Nazis? Why indeed? What do the Nazis have to do with anything in the world today, were they not defeated and outlawed? The answer is simple, he is a shill protecting the real power structure, he is leading the patriots and Christians exactly the wrong away by not naming the real perpetrators. He is substituting Nazis for Zionists, is he not demonizing the very group that needs to be studied and emulated in order to deal with Jewish supremacism? Alex Jones is demonizing the German solution of the Jewish problem, he is making the Nazis out as the ultimate evil to prevent you from realizing the obvious that we are the new Germans under the oppression of International Jewry.

Alex Jones is waging an infowar on your mind, so that your mind is boxed in unable to consider the possibility of nationalism as a viable alternative to Bolshevik Communism or Fascist Capitalism, he is keeping your mind from examining the flow of historical events, that what is happening to America is directly linked to the past. History has come full circle, America is the new bankrupt Weimar Republic. The Republic is gone, just like Weimar Germany the American Constitutional Republic is history, so now how are you going to fight the enemy? Complaining to the school board? Voting for the two main political parties who are completely whored to AIPAC/Zionists/Necons/Jews? Praying to Jesus? LOL! What are you going to do to actually get your freedom and government back? YOU MUST FORM A POLITICAL PARTY OPPOSED TO INTERNATIONAL JEWRY, YOU MUST DO SOMETHING SIMILAR TO WHAT THE GERMANS DID IN THE 1920’S AND 30’S. What is Alex Jones’ job? To prevent you from realizing the obvious solution, that supremacist Jews and their Zionist cohorts have subverted America just like Germany and that America has the same problem Hitler faced. Alex Jones, the great conspiracy theorist, is totally full of crap, he is not talking about the number one problem that America faces.

Jonestown Koolaid, a Special Flavor of Bullshillvek Red just for Christians

Alex Jones is serving up a big glass of poisoned punch and it could get a good many people killed. Alex Jones is draping an invisibility cloak over the Jews, this is deadly, by not exposing the enemy he is aiding the enemy. He’s no patriot, he is working you over and getting wealthy in the process, he is selling you and your freedom down the river. When someone challenges Jonestown about his lack of integrity regarding Jewish nature of the conspiracy he flies off the handle, becomes enraged, his behavior is so schizoid that it has spurred a slew of handles that describe him such as Rabbi Jonestein, Alex Jewns, Jonestown, etc. I prefer “Jonestown” because it conjores up the image of the infamous Jonestown massacre, the Jim Jones koolaid drinking death cult.

Think about it, what group do the ruling class of Supremacist Jews fear the most? Nazis. Why? The Third Reich was the first state in human history that named the Jews as the enemy of mankind. The Nazis took control of their nation-state and made it German again, they organized it against the International Jewry, specifically they started a national socialist political system and German bank not based on usury, put everyone to work and created an economic miracle. We are in the same sinking boat.  Look at how the manufacturing jobs have been stripped from America, inflationary policies of the Jewish owned Federal Reserve have worn a devastating effect on American jobs, the nation is piling up debt that it is unable to pay and the good jobs are gone.

If the world was under control of the Nazis, like Jonestein claims, then why is it that in Germany you not allowed to possess Mein Kampf or challenge the official Holocaust story? What a laugh Alex Jones is, he is the conspiracy king who never talks about the real conspiracy of supremacist Judaism. Alex Jones takes on every conspiracy imaginable except for the one that actually counts. He has never broached the Holocaust storyline and how it is used to extort money and weapons, like nuclear capable submarines gifted to Israel. Alex Jonestein is a kosher approved conspiracy theorist, he is herding the Christian patriots into a box canyon with no way out. Alex Jones Nazi bashing is a ploy that is without merit, Zion Crime Factory’s essay about his pathological lying totally destroys Alex Jones’ credibility:

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“First of all, Adolf Hitler was a patriotic German nationalist who endeavored to create a Germany for Germans alone; quite the opposite of a “globalist NWO” type. Secondly, Hitler and his National Socialist movement were staunchly anti-Marxist/Communist/Bolshevik and therefore anti-Internationalist and anti-Globalist. The sinister agenda of Communism, not National Socialism, was internationalism — the overthrow and vanquishment of all existing nation states in order to establish a despotic global communist super-state. The pathological criminal madness known as Communism was, from its inception, an international Jewish conspiracy for the destruction and subjugation of the Gentile world whereupon a tyrannical global Jewish imperium would be established. Communism was nothing more than an expression and manifestation of the hateful, supremacist doctrines of the Jewish Talmud, which states: “Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed.” (Minor Tractates. Soferim 15, Rule 10) Alex is deceptively projecting the evil and destructive legacy of Jewish Bolshevism onto Hitler and Nazi Germany. ”

Alex Jones the Judas Goat

A Judas Goat is an older goat trained to herd sheep and goats, to lead other goats to the slaughter house. Alex Jones is herding the Christian sheep into a box canyon. This is easy to do. Christians already live under a delusion of a Jewish based myth, they worship a Jewish deity, they believe the Jews are god’s chosen people, thus it is easy to substitute faux enemies for the real one. Most Christians can not condemn Jews because they would be condemning their own faith, so Alex Jones has the simple task of substituting the identity of the enemy because it maintains their mythological illusion and believers denial of reality. How can the most insidious enemy of all time be the very people you base and trust your life upon? You can’t criticize the Jews when you are hoping to spend eternity with a Jewish god.


Unfortunately, because of the current severe crisis with how religion in America is being manipulated for the benefit of the elite, we must discuss the the God (of the Bible). God only exists in two places, in a book and in a human mind. There is no (Bible) god outside of those two places, the god idea resides in your brain. You can look in the clouds for god, you will not find him. You can look on mountain tops, he is not there. You can go to the nearby planets and you will find out that Jupiter, Mars, and Venus are not gods. You can build a really big space telescope and look back into time, 15 billions years into the past, at proto galaxies and you will not see god’s hand. Nearly every phenomenon can be explained rationally because we live in a scientific age, we no longer believe that thunder and lightning are of an angry god. We no longer worship planets, the sun or stars as gods. Such beliefs have been overcome by a greater perception of reality, those gods have been transcended, in fact nearly all of the ten thousand previous gods have been discarded by the human mind except for a remaining few.

The God of the Bible still stands because he is invisible and can’t be disproven so easily like the earlier gods. The Bible God is still very real to millions, but in reality it is a mind virus, it is an idea that lives only in your mind. God is a meme, that must be transferred from mind to mind by witnessing and direct contact. If god was real then no one would have to explain it to others, for god would be self evident like air or water.  An omnipotent god doesn’t need your help, but the Bible god does and he wants your money. Isn’t it funny how the Creator of the Universe, this all powerful Jewish deity, just happens to need Jewish usury money? Am I the only one that sees how blatantly obvious this con is? Maybe the Jews need you to believe in their god and for you to tithe so that they can rule over you. Maybe the desert tribe of wandering Gypsies are very good at the art of the god con job, they have conned you out of your money and freedom because they got you to believe in their god and made themselves the exclusive chosen ones of this god.

This god of the Jews is patently not self evident, it must be learned from a book. The masses believe in god because of mass indoctrination, the god meme is pounded into their brains. In those areas where atheistic government rules, like China or North Korea, there is almost no belief in the Bible god. America is a nation with many Christians, a large part of Alex Jones’ audience is in the Bible belt, he broadcasts out of Austin, Texas – a Baptist stronghold. Virtually no Baptist believes 911 is an inside job, virtually no Baptist can intuit that Israel did 911 and you can bet your last shekel that Alex Jones will never tell them. Baptists form a large part of Christian Zionists and are completely blind to how the Jews are attacking America and destroying her. That is why the Bible God must be discussed as a memetic infection of the brain.

The Amazing Survival Strategy of the God Parasite and the Tribe

The Jews are a parasitic tribe, their success was their ability to infect other minds via their book. This book called the Holy Bible makes them the kings of humanity, so those who believe in this book are in effect making the authors their god. Some think the Federal Reserve is the greatest con, but the fiat money machine pales in comparison with this religion. The con works like this, I  tell the easy marks I’m special, they give up something they worked to obtain if I get them to believe.  If I tell someone that I am their god, they might laugh or even kill me.  How am I to get their money, why would people give up their hard earned efforts unless they were sold on a good story?  Have you noticed that the TV evangelists are slimy, disgusting snake oil salesman?  They are being handsomely rewarded for pushing the god meme out the door, and they get tax free status to boot.  The preacher is a salesman of Jewish supremacism, he is selling god and his chosenites and making himself rich.  Many are slick con artists, it is questionable if they actually believe in what they are peddling.  Just look at the hypocrisy of these vermin, their secret gay behavior.

Once this parasitic lifestyle is learned, the parasite realizes it would be far easier if everyone believed in this special status. Therefore if the myth is written down and everyone learned to this special status then the tribe has only to lean back and rake in the dough. The Bible is a doctrinal guide of a tribe of thieves, who are justifying their actions, in other words when the tribe annihilates another culture they believe it to be god’s will. It is critical to understand that supremacism is absolutely necessary in order for the parasite to justify its thieving existence. The parasite must be aggressive toward others, stealing is an act of aggression against another, a thief must dominate the host otherwise the host will kill it. When US-Israel bomb another state they must have a justification for their aggression, they must dominate that nation while they strip it of its resources, they must never allow the victim to retaliate.

If you get rid of god then you also rid yourself of the Jews as the dominant tribe, this they know which is why every person of European lineage knows everything about Jewish history and none of their own. The Jewish god is installed into your brain by getting you to know the Jewish story of how they were chosen and persecuted (by all those non-believers of their right to rip off others, lol). Without that belief, a specific set of memes installed on your brain hard drive, the Jews can not be parasites. They can not rip you off unless you believe in them, you must learn about their history, not your own. It is not about god (even if there is a god), it is about them and their chosenite lifestyle. The way you can know this is true is that the Jewish “god” has been assigned a personality which just happens to exactly match a Jewish supremacist personality.  Most have underestimated the superior cleverness of these Ice Age remnants, what they have pulled off as a survival strategy is truly remarkable.  It is obvious that the god of the Bible is a creation of Jewish minds, this clever Neanderthal tribe has got you begging for them to rob you blind and send you to death in their wars of conquest.  How many Christians can’t wait to fight wars for god’s glory?  Think about that for awhile, they used memes to defeat your genetic impulse of self preservation!

Adolf Hitler pointed this out in one of his first speeches. He was completely aware of the Jewish ways, only the Jews would complain about being thrown out of the Garden of Eden and made ‘to work by the sweat of their brow’.  The Germans loved to work and were tired of the middle men, the financiers, stripping the working class of their efforts.  The Nazis blamed all Jews, they punished an entire group for the crimes of a few. There is a reason for this, all practicing Jews are psychically supporting the tribe so in a sense they are connected. The Germans saw this connection up close, German nationalists could see first hand in the cities that Jews did not assimilate into the German culture, they saw that Jews were undermining the German traditions, Jews wore traditional garb, they did not look German. Hitler and Goebbels lamented repeatedly in speeches and writings about Jewish subversion of their culture. This is happening again in America, now that America is in rapid decline many voices are pointing out Jewish subversion of American values. Jewish politicians are attacking home schooling, gun ownership, allowing tens of millions of immigrants to stream in unchecked that is subverting the base culture.  It has happened again, the cause is from the same tribe because that is what they do.

Any patriot not talking about Jewish subversion of the American culture is aiding and abetting the downfall of America. Anyone who defends the official 911 story or the official Holocaust story is a dupe or intentionally selling you out.  Americans are willing participants in this game because they have been indoctrinated into the Jewish way of thinking. Americans are willing to die in Jewish wars of conquest because of Bible indoctrination.  This a huge tragedy and I am tired of these media cons that refuse to talk about the real situation.  Alex Jones has proven himself as a disinformationist and should not be trusted.  It’s not the Nazis Mr. Jones, it’s the Zionists.



  1. This translated speech delivered by Adolf Hitler in the earliest years of the war – Berlin Sportspalast, January 30, 1940 – sheds significant light on the Hitler-era German govt’s perspective of pre-war politics & economics. It is also noteworthy, in the context of this article by Yukon Jack, that Hitler makes reference to Christian idolatry on more than one ocassion.


    To close out my participation on this topic unless responses demand it; when I was a 17 y/o PFC I happened to draw a unique team leader – someone who just returned from Germany and was a ideological proponent of NS politics. Over music and beer he eagerly shared his collection of banned writings, momentos, etc. Not a stereotypical drolling “neo-Nazi”, he was bright and a good NCO. Well, our association and his politics eventually got out and a brewing conflict with a pair of incopetent black racist sgts led to (continued)

    • (cont) escallating harassment & threats, and this is no exaggeration (I’ve been carrying this around all my life and it’s time I shared it) an attempted assassination. The sgt tried to make it look like an accidental discharge, the bullet missed my head by 2 inches. Legal whitewashed the entire episode, ignored the history of harassment, and let him off with a slap on the wrist Art. 15. People in the unit knew the score though. I have vowed never to forget, and never to allow myself to be intimidated.

  2. agree, Ron walked off with millions for two FAKE presidential campaigns to ID dissenters.
    DHS fusion centers DO list Ron Paul supporters as potential threat, its all rigged.
    he’s been in the District of Criminals 3+ decades, and hasnt ever made an arrest?

  3. Okay – this time without the link…

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    The story about Alex Jones being in bed with the Zionists has been around for a while now http://www.realjewnews.com/?cat=349

    This can also be understood literally, as his Wife is reputedly Jewish 😛 Rumor also has it that A.J. is really “rebranded” Bill Hicks supposedly recruited by the Feds, which would definitely qualify as a major career change from being dead. Haven’t seen this one definitively debunked anywhere yet.

    Otherwise A.J. definitely passes the Duck test – If it looks like COINTELPRO, swims like COINTELPRO, and quacks like COINTELPRO, then it probably is COINTELPRO.

  4. The story about Alex Jones being in bed with the Zionists has been around for a while now – http://www.realjewnews.com/?cat=349

    This can also be understood literally, as his Wife is reputedly Jewish 😛 Rumor also has it that A.J. is really “rebranded” Bill Hicks supposedly recruited by the Feds, which would definitely qualify as a major career change from being dead. Haven’t seen this one definitively debunked anywhere yet.

    Otherwise A.J. definitely passes the Duck test – If it looks like COINTELPRO, swims like COINTELPRO, and quacks like COINTELPRO, then it probably is COINTELPRO.

  5. Interesting piece Mr. Jack,

    I always thought Jones was suffering from ants in his pants and I tend to ignore him. 9/11 was done by Xtians and Jews, and there is no god. Remember, “the invisible and the nonexistent have a lot in common.” – Jules Renard


  6. The bibles Jesus told humanity to get beaten instead of defending themselves. Who profits of this politics? In Christianity it is logical that Germany got destroyed. Hitler used force, so force destroyed him. That’s what majority of Christians think. They are destined to be cattle. The bible tells us that being gentile does mean the same as to act weak.
    One thing at the end. The other side of Bolshevism is not National Socialism. It’s Freetrade Capitalism which leads to Internationalism/Oligarchs ruling the world. On both sides there are the same people in profit of it.

  7. Thank You very much for this article Yukon Jack! There are very few people brave enough to speak out loud what one can see connecting the dots. We have waited a long time for words open like those You spoke.

  8. A brilliant article as you can tell by the comments and backlash.

    I would consider rewritingbit as a general piece using Alex Jones as only an illustration of thevlarger point.

  9. ROFL,

    The freaking Jews are more “Nazi” than the National Socialist Party they “sicced” the whores of Britain, France, AmeriKa and the balance of the West on…… All because they had to crush a nation that had freed their people of the slavery of a Central Bank. They had the same issue with colonial Amerika and had to “straighten” them out too.

  10. There is a God that made this Earth and Us but, the way they have interpret the bible is to confuse you because the wording of what is a Jew, a Hebrew, Israel, Judah, and all these names have special meaning and the original Israelites in the time of Moses where to kill the Canaanites but, instead they mixed in with them and those are the decedents of the Jews sons of Cain, the usurper or Satan’s children. That is what these people are… there is a neat web page that describes the deception of how they screwed the message of the old testament. http://www.killthebanker.net

    • Greetins Hilllady,

      How could the Canannites be descended from Cain when all of his descendents were murdered by the Bible god in the great flood, killing everything that had the breath of life.

      No gods, no masters,

  11. Thanks Youkon Jack.

    But why do Yukon Jack Bash the Christians, unless for the same reason, that Alex Jones bashes the Nazis? You didn’t mention Jesus Christ for one time, Germans most likely did.

  12. I’d like to publicly thank Alex Jones and his alarm clock ringing “911 was an inside job” on that September morning 2006 that begin my awakening. I often wonder, had i not caught the last part of the American symposium on 911 truth that aired on C-span, Would i have not further self-educated, Join a local Ron Paul meetup and go door to door ringing my personal bell of libertarianism. Is there another streaming podcast i can loudly play while in public denouncing state sponsored terrorism, Elite child slavery rings, the poisons in our food, water and air ect,ect?
    I believe in the wisdom of choosing your battles carefully.

  13. On the question of Hitler, the history of the NSDAP, and the funding thereof, I refer the readers to the writings of Veronica Clark. She is a very eloquent researcher who has sacrificed much* in the course of ruffling feathers within academia in order to publish her well researched & footnoted works. She adamatly rejects the popular opinion of Hitler as being (select one) a Rothschild creation/intelligence agency mind slave/self-hating secret Jew/stark raving lunatic.


    *I equate her experience to at least one contributor to VT who has suffered loss of employment and systematic blackballing from mainstream talk circuit due to principled political and religious stands.

    Also, If I could counstruct a time machine I would target it to the pre-WWII years and take myself along with all of you to Germany in order to see for ourselves the country that was subsequently bombed and enslaved

    • I also STRONGLY suggest listening to one of Diane Spingola’s interviews with Veronica Clark on the topic;


  14. Can we move on? Compared to the Jewish Lobby, what organized Jewry is doing wreck our Republic, Alex is a very small irritant.

    • I disagree. Alex Jones takes rightfully angry Americans who are still living in the fog of lifetime media & school political indoctrination and steers them from the light right back into the barn. What his does by pretending to be the know-all truthseeker is an act of ultimate treason.

    • Exactly! You explained that perfectly, Alex Jones takes the new truth seekers back into the barn and gang rapes them with his bullshit. Many times he is a raging maniac, because he isn’t calmly laying out the reality of the situation. And I agree, what he is doing is treason because he is 100% conscious of what he is doing, he is selling out just so he can be on the radio and make himself wealthy and famous, why he is just like a whore in Congress. lol

    • Agree! I don’t post the most eloquent comments but I know one when I read it. The comments on Alex Jones’ websites are not.

  15. There are a lot of comments on these pages about “Hitler was a Rothschild” or “Hitler was MI-6”.

    To those folks I say, 2 of the people closest to Hitler were alive in this century. Their names are Gertrude Hamps (Tradl Jung) and Roschus Misch. As far as I know, Misch is still alive.

    Hamps was Hitler’s secretary, and Misch was Hitler’s personal bodyguard. If anyone were in a position to know about Hitler, it would be these two individuals.

    Yet both of them speak in glowing terms about Hitler. They have only praise for him, and say he was a nice man. No one who knew Hitler personally has anything negative to say about him.

    Hitler was, as Rudoph Hess stated, “I was privileged to work many years of my life under the greatest son whom my nation has produced in its thousand-year history.
    Even if I could, I would never want to erase it from my life”

    The stories about Hitler as anything other than a German patriot are BS.

    • Exactly! Hitler was a patriot, just read his words, listen to his speeches, his passion proves his loyalty. Compare that to Obama, a cheap cutout reading from the teleprompter.

      Germany ousted Rothschild, that is why they got attacked by England and the USA – controlled assets because of Christian loyalty to Jewry. Christians are selling out to the power structure.

      In a very real way, Hitler was a real “Christ” who sacrificed himself and Germany for mankind’s sins of believing the lies of Jewry, allowing usury, beLIEving in the Jewish written Bible, etc. Hitler is painted by the Jewish media as the greatest villain of all time, for he was the greatest enemy of the Jews, but he is one of the greatest men of all time, greater than Jesus (who is a fictional character created by the Roman Flavian dynasty).

      To all you Christians, you need to grow up, no one can save you from your sins, Jesus can not save you because he isn’t real and no one else can save you from your own karma!

  16. Yukon, first thanks for this article, in which you summarized your thoughts about the current situation in the US and related it to the former situation in the Weimar republic of Germany.

    I also think that there are many parallels to see in terms of social destruction, systematic moral degradation, media and financial ursupation as well as concentration, complete and systematic downgrading of public education together with ever more systematic mind weekening and manipulation from the early ages on, the introducing of PC as the most obvious weapon against free thought and free speech, the destruction of public health, the destruction of the justice system, the systematic corruption and/or blackmail of the political system, the moral destruction of greater parts of the military forces from top to bottom, the building of a corrupt and complete unaccounteable system of “intelligence” agencies, who’s durty works – in parts together with the FBI – undermine the well founded republic foundations of your nation.

    • Where I disagree, is mostly everything you told about Hitler, especially your statement that he reestablished an independent money system. This simply isn’t true. The rebuilding of the money system used a sophisticated financial mechanism which Hjelmar Schacht (Chief of the central Bank of Germany) developped in perfect agreement with his english counterpart Montagnu.

      As we just learned from opened british sources, in 1938 the Bank of England enabled the NAzi party to get hold of the tchechoslowakian gold. The rest of the story of course is not been told, and that is that main parts of this tchechoslowakian gold itself was the main part of massive gold that was looted from the russian Tzar by the Bolshewiks in the russian “civil war” in the 20th. Tchechs special troops at that times had to take care of the gold and jewels, which originally should have been brought to Japan through Sibiria and stored there.

    • In the end, it enabled the Tchechs to magically rebuild their economy in the 20th and 30th of the last century.

      The same Hjelmar Schacht, together with Montagnu Norman, also where the major architects of the “Bank of International Settlements” BIS in Switzerland. This sinister and secretive private Bank of central Banks was the main institute for the NAZI party to make their deals with international corporations and it also enabled Martin Bormann, to funnell a great chunk of gold/money into Rockefellers and Morgans Banks, by using his new home Argentina.

    • I’m sorry, you are just plain wrong.

      In Germany the value of the Reichmark was pegged to a unit of labor. It was their own monetary system, and brought about the economic miracle of Germany in the 1930’s.

      But then as now, any nation that attempts to break away from Central Bank will find their nation bombed.

      Or their leader shot in the head in public.

  17. A very good article. The elite Jews are all over America and the West. Bank, media, law, education, etc is all under their control. USA today and Weimar republic has much in common. What should the non-Jews do to liberate themselves from this parasitic power?

  18. I think if your dumb enough to listen to one take (AJ) on things you haven’t really woke up and are still in with the flock.
    How many times has Mr Duff warned us he writes 90%-10% truth-lies. To do justice to
    being totally awake and aware you have to hunt your own truth not blindly accept anyone else’s.

  19. Hey Yukon Jack-big difference between a Zionist and a Jew. Do some homework at truetorahjews.org before embarrassing yourself anymore. Your comments about G-d are very disrespectful to yourself and G-d. Once you find G-d you will not need proof. Once again do some research before blaming Judaism for the evil and greed of a few. Several of the statements you made could be described as bigoted. I will call them ignorant. Maybe we all have learning to do about the history of our civilization. Peace

  20. In case anyone wants to know, Hitler was a British agent, mindkontrolled in 1921 at Tavistock Institute. Greg Hallett has written the best, most informative book on this, all based on MI-5 and MI-6 files. Nazism like the Bolsheviks was created, paid for and owned by the Central Banksters of London and their associates the Wall Street Banksters. In the early 1900s the shareholders of the bank of England and their associated world trading companies (drug traffickers) decided to let the colonies all go and replace control them with an installed central banking system. The City of London Banksters were the money changer/bankers for the Old Black Nobility that hijacked the Vatican long ago during mideivel times and are the top Cutouts for the Old Black Nobility, which is annointed by lucifer and 100% into the “black arts”. The OBN is still the master controller of the world today and runs zionism and the fourth Reich at the same time.

    • Excuse me if I don’t waste my time reading a former British agent’s tale on Hitler. Next you’ll offer me a book written by the CIA on Bin Laden. 🙂

    • Fascinating post Dr Preston! While I do believe that Alex Jones is a disinformation artist I’ve never been sure exactly just who he does the bidding of. Best guess is that he does the work of Alex Jones himself. Plus I don’t see Jones as being completely without value. Granted his “end of the world is coming buy guns now” sales pitch is annoying and ridiculous. But he has promoted excellent researchers like Dylan Avery and John Hankey.

  21. There are so many problems with this article it would take one ten times as long to cover them. First, Christianity did not come from Talmudic, noahide Judaism, which dates back to Babylonia, was and is, a secret evil sect, keeps their true scripture and traditions secret and is best described as the synagogue of satan. It is 180% opposed to Christianity, its arch enemy as well as an arch enemy of any other faith including Islam and is actually the basis of a dysfunctional parasitical oppressor of mankind with a sick plan to take over the world and use and destroy the “dumb goyum”. The top Nazis took oaths to lucifer (also) and were annointed by the “black sun” or dark luciferian power. Actually these noahide talmudic Judaics (a small proportion of Judaics) are the flip side of the same coin with the Fourth Reich on the other side. The coin is owned and run by the Old Black Nobility and this is like the Republicans and Democrarts both working for the City of London central Banksters.

    • This article has more truth than problems, especially in the closing comment:

      “Any patriot not talking about Jewish subversion of the American culture is aiding and abetting the downfall of America. Anyone who defends the official 911 story or the official Holocaust story is a dupe or intentionally selling you out. Americans are willing participants in this game because they have been indoctrinated into the Jewish way of thinking. Americans are willing to die in Jewish wars of conquest because of Bible indoctrination. This a huge tragedy and I am tired of these media cons that refuse to talk about the real situation.”
      Chalk it up to the Schofield Bible, subversion of the Vatcan, whatever, but the fact so many so-called Christians are willing participants in their own destruction is undeniable.

    • Oh Dr. Preston. When I read Your expression „There are so many problems with this article […]“ I immediately was reminded that this is an argument You can often read in the “german” press. Guess who argues like this. Reading Your articles, I was hoping that You would sometime recognize the NSDA P as the important topic to the question “How can we solve the problem”, it definitely is. Now I do see, that there are at least heavy weight conditionings to resolve. From the “Protocols of Zion” we know that there was a plan to stage a second world war, blaming this on the Germans. Yes. We all know the funding of the NSDAP, the freemasonic implementations into the SS, ect (in contrary to the fact that You don’t know what the Black Sun realy is). But why is it this difficult for You to recognize that Hitler saw through this plot during WWII? There are tons of evidence and indicatives that show us, that the SS “survived” WWII without loosing its supremacy regarding […]

    • […]antigravity-technology (in opposition to what You sometimes state, the US-military was only able to capture conventional driven discs + the bomb). One can see and differentiate SS acting in comparison to the one of the OBN as You call it. This would be the point for Your research to start in, cause Your perspective shared in Your series of articles could explain some very deep reaching questions. The SS survived and they are the greatest threat for the Talmudists, even though they must stay back. This and what Yukon Jack explains so nice, is the cause for all the anti NSDAP-propaganda. The propaganda starts where Paperclip and OdeSSA get mixed up. Exactly the thing Alex Jones does.

  22. Yukon,you totally missed the aim of Jones work.

    Did you see “Endgame-blueprint for global enslavement”?

    Do you deny there’s a NWO,the one Jones informs millions of people about,did you know he mentiones Rothschild/Rockefeller as the ones running the NWO, over and over again?

    Do you know Rothschild is a Jew?

    Did you know Zionist Isael is a Rothschild creation?

    Jones’ work is to make sure that when TSHF the Hoi Poloi will finally take out the head of the snake,and not “The Jews”,like what happened in ww2, what you are asking for?

    Did you know the big winner of all wars in the last two centuries was always the same family,and the “let’s go for the Jews” in ww2 has given the Rothschild’s the opportunity to fulfill their objective;
    A global scientific dictatorship on the verge of enslaving all of us?

    As long as people like Jones reach millions and keep them focussed on the Cabal that enslaved the US in 1913 and GB in 1815(long before “Israel” and “Zionism”),we might have a chance.

    • I’ll make a dollar bet with you.

      Research the GILEE Police Training endorsed by the DHS and ADL. In which US Law enforcement officers are taken to Israel and then to Gaza to be shown? “Terrorist’s!” These Cop’s are mainly from ex-Military. They are trained to beat the hell out of Civilian’s.

      Here’s the Bet.
      Go to PrisonPlanet, Infowars or Alex Jones Yutube channel.

      Ask the following question. “Why in all of Alex Jones’ POLICE STATE videos doesn’t Jones ever admit that “Most” of all US Law Enforcement is now trained by Israeli forces? (That’s it) Nothing more.
      You will see that your comment[s] post, but are removed within 3 minutes. Go try it!

      If you try to repost that same question see how fast your banned.

      Why would this alleged “Truther” omit an important fact about why our Law Enforcement has turned so violent?

      If you doubt what I say you can also search, “Police Training” “Israeli Forces”, Your results will come back to links to GILEE, ADL & DHS and a host of other sites. 🙂

    • Like I said ,Israel is a Rothschild creation,run by racist AshkeNazi’s,that didn’t have any trouble killing Jewish children from the beginning(“Yemeni babies” , “Ringworm affair”,Depo Provera,Fluoride in tapwater etc.)

      Besides 20 millions Jews that have assimilated since 1945,not all Jews serve Rothschild,not even in Israel.

      Being a monster is not an exclusive talent of part of Jews or Israeli’s,many others serve Rothschild in return for the promise to belong to the Elite,the Rulers ,The Survivors.

      It is more important to go for the head of the snake that feeds the body,and everything collaborating with the Cabal will be sorted out after that.

      If you go for the body,the poisoned fangs will bite you,like during ww2.

      That’s what Jones is saying,and he’s right.

      Did you see Endgame?

      The Ringworm affair(Israel killing and maiming Jewish children) features in that documentary,as an example of what the NWO is about.

      Is that defending “Jews” and “Israel”?

    • Tell me, does this movie mention the word Zionist or Jews anywhere in it? Slight oversight? Not a chance, Alex Jewns intentionally doesn’t not talk about the real power structure. I rest my case.

    • That is old information, every once in a while AJ slips up and admits he knows about Zionism. So why then doesn’t he bash the Zionists everyday like Jeff Rense? Because AJ is being fronted by someone or something, like Stratfor or Israel or wealthy Jewish interests. So AJ can never stray to far because he would put his media empire at risk, his owners can replace him. Obviously Alex Jones is controlled from behind the scenes.

  23. Whatever Jewry cannot destroy outright they seek to control and use to their own means. This strategy was attempted with Hitler in the course of his political career becoming a force to be reckoned with (they failed, and so the revamped campaign to destroy the Reich from 1933 onward). It has been a strategy somewhat effectively pursued in the wake of 9/11, with figureheads such as Alex Jones, George Norry, and the like becoming catipulted into the spotlight through megarich benefactors and media conglomerates. Nonetheless if you read comment sections it is apparent not all the sheep are following along with the script, and they’re straying from the herd in increasing numbers. People are naturally curious and they want to know the truth. Steering the congatively capable percentage of “truthers” in the Jew’s corral is a bit like herding cats. Youtube and sites like VT are major forces that get in the way of total information dominance.

  24. Alex gives a lot of real information BUT, when it gets to the truth you’re speaking of,
    I walked away from his site, stopped commenting, because JEWISH was forbidden in comments.
    didnt matter if the article itself had the word and I’d copy-paste quoted directly from it,
    SAYS A LOT!!
    yes hitler was doing his damndest to DEPORT them who’d declared war on Germany

    • but, look deeper, the vatican that the rothschilds are bankster to, supported hitler.
      the spying surveillance snitch society papers please or else prison grid, happened!
      the “state of Izra-HELL” was given birth by the hardcore inhuman criminals, as was CIA.
      not all jewish people are aware of blood sacrifice bread they’re fed in their churches..

    • however, JP, your take on what qualifies as “religion”, NAILS IT!
      its why rothschilds vatican supported an IzraHELL too, money-power-control.
      manipulation-justification-rationalization, the specialty of psychopaths.
      I dont necessarily believe what they pass off as “history books” either.

      I’m not going to glorify or try to justify hitlers actions, he WAS on a rampage..
      was he attacked first then retaliating and conquering? we’re sure not told of it.
      he may have been a false messiah puppet used to destroy Germany that was the GEM of innovation, manufacturing, arts, education, for centuries, where WW1 wasnt enough!
      he was hailed TIME magazine “man of the year” meant royals supported him too before things got really crazy, he may have suffered sypphilis and gone NUTS in his 40’s, idk.
      I sure dont believe the holohoax, I doubt Germany could even have HAD 6+ million of em.

    • “national socialism” being one thing, fascism entirely another, and you speak of supremacism but wasnt one of the major points of Germany then, a “master aryan race”? “doctor” joseph mengela being the groundbreaker for CIA MK-Ultra, the propagandists psyops that were used in hitlers Germany have been “perfected” and “globalized” now too, the “you’re either with us or against us” bushism meaning ALL POWER TO THE STATE, not the people, totalitarian fascism!
      (yeah I’m sure its far worse in IzraHELL right now too)

    • Bush was just quoting Jezeus when he made the idiotic statement that you are either with us of against us. – Mt. 12:30 and Luke 11:23


    • If you believe the ICRC reports, the death toll in the 3rd Reich concentration camps was less than 300,000, and not all the inmates were Jewish. So the official Holocaust™ death toll is likely exaggerated by 20 to 30 times the real number.

    • not familiar with those reports, but am familiar with the camps intent being for relocation before all the supply lines for them being cut off by “Allied forces”, and that being the real cause for the majority of the deaths. not saying there werent some real nazi MONSTERS who did crazy desperate things, especially when Germany was finally being destroyed!

    • Here is a copy of the report: xxxxhttp://img190.imageshack.us/img190/6315/redcross.jpg

      And then Fred Leuchters report (google it) about the non-functional gas chambers that never have been used. If the murder weapon did not work and never been used it could not kill 6 million Jews.

    • @ Christina

      “…(google it)…”

      Stop feeding the beast. More important, stop having your searches tracked and added to government and private databases.

      Instead, use any of the following three:

      DuckDuckGo — duckduckgo.com
      Startpage — startpage.com
      Ixquick — ixquick.com

    • Sorry about that, thank you for reminding us to not use Google, I use Ixquick today to be safe from government snooping, 🙂


    Q: Why don’t articles by Alex Jones appear on VT?
    A: With Michael “The Israelis are the good guys” Shrimpton on board, who needs Alex Jones?

    Q: What do Michael Shrimpton and Alex Jones have in common?
    A: They both try to push a DVD on us.

    Gratuitous? Moi?

    • I’ve seen quite a few infowars articles re-printed and quoted from here at VT.
      as for “buy my dvd”, alex says “buy one make 50 copies to hand out, please!”.
      not making excuses, alex prohibited “jew” “jewish” in comments is true too.
      once ZIONIST is mentioned “anti-semite” pops up, he avoids that knee-jerk button to the point of ridiculous no doubt! “NWO-globalist-bankster-Germanic-death-cult” etc, describes the reality of the monsters well enough. not ALL catholics are homo-paedo (satanic) “priests” either.

  26. Yes, I agree about Alex Jones but he does share some incredible information to people that they desperately need to hear.
    The presstitute media is the presstitute media but they sometimes share important information.
    Disney is Disney (symbolic 3 6’s in their logo and endless satanic and illuminati programming) but sometimes they share some enlightening information.
    NPR (national propaganda radio) is government controlled information but sometimes they share actual useful information.
    Eureka is an awesome show but probably a nice reflection of the breakaway civilization.
    The goal, I believe, is to be informed and aware and be able to take what’s useful from all the different sources and not be overly influenced by any one.
    Although I still sometimes believe this world is so effed up it MUST be an alternate reality.
    So, live it the best you can and be the change you want and don’t let any damn one do your thinking for you and don’t let it consume you.


    • If you follow movements, they get started peacefully and suddenly Jones’ shows up with his Bullhorn and usurps the entire movement. Jones’ is good at causing hell and I personally think its to get as many arrested and into the fusion center data bases.

      You’ll also note when he mentions the FED, Banking fraud, NSA, TSA, PNAC etc that he never says who runs these or his support for Israel (Mr. I Love Israel). Also research his operation and home Internet. All owned by ABC. he’s 100% Shill.

    • Exactly. AJ’s operation is wrapped by many tentacles. Not only ABC, there are strong ties to World Net Daily.

  27. Wow, Yukon jack, I’m totally stunned. Im typically in full agreement with your awesome contributions to VT.com, but this time, you’re way off the mark. Anyone who has even casually listened to Alex jones knows he’s not. “obsessed” with the Nazis. He’s obsessed with the globalists. The Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. He’s been sharply critical of Israel and has had extensive discussions of the uss liberty.

    What amazes me is that VT.com and Infowars.com is 90 pct in agreement in respective world view. So why aren’t you guys combining forces? Is there some bad blood? Now more than ever, a divide and conquer strategy is a fruitless wheel-spinning waste of precious time. Gordon Duff should reach out to AJ and amplify the VT perspective.

  28. “No one really expected him to show up in the face of such demented numbers, so the frothing Chosenites turned the event into an anti-Nazi celebration. They clapped and sang “Hava Nagila” and performed round-dances in the street.

    But at the height of their vengeful hysteria, at the appointed time, a big man standing tall and alone in the very midst of the insane rabble threw off his long, concealing overcoat. As if by black magic, George Lincoln Rockwell appeared in full Stormtrooper uniform in the eye of an emotional hurricane, surrounded by enemies too stunned to move. Incredibly, he began to taunt them, deriding them to their camel-faces as cowards and fugitives from lunatic asylums.”


  29. About Zion and Nazism. What I am thinking about for some time now is an animated picture where the six lines showing a Star of David move and turn into the six lines forming a swastika.

    Maybe someone doing After Effects or Flash movies reads this and does the job.

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