Absurd US ‘terror alert’ hints at coming false-flag


False-Flag-Operations1-e1360452895118Press TV – Kevin Barrett


The US government has issued a worldwide travel alert for the entire month of August. To show it means business, it has closed 21 embassies and consulates around the world.

The US authorities say that “al-Qaeda” terrorists may attack Western targets this month. Where? Anywhere on the planet. How? Nobody knows. Why? That is a very good question.

No specific information whatsoever about this alleged terror threat has been released.

There are more than a billion Westerners on earth. Apparently they should all remain in their homes during the entire month of August. If any of them step outside their doors and get blown up by al-Qaeda, the US government will say, “Ha! We told you so!”

Do they really expect a billion people all over the world to remain locked up in their homes for a month?

Maybe so. US authorities have already shown that they can force the entire city of Boston, Massachusetts to stay indoors for a whole day in the wake of Craft International’s false-flag bombing of the Boston Marathon.

They got away with locking down one city for one day. Now they apparently want to lock down the whole Western world for a month.

After that, will they lock down the entire planet for a year? The solar system for a decade? The galaxy for a century?

There seems to be no limit to these people’s hubris.

Why would US leaders issue such a ludicrously broad, non-specific warning? Obviously not to save lives. There is no statistically significant terror threat anywhere in the Western world. Westerners are more likely to get struck by lightning than by terrorists. Issuing a billion people a non-specific warning about a nonexistent threat makes no sense whatsoever.

At least not if we take the warning at face value.

So obviously there is a hidden agenda at work.

What might it be?

The not-so-hidden agenda behind this and other absurd “terror alerts” is simple. It is called fear-mongering.

US leaders want the whole Western world to fear terrorism. Specifically, they want to promote fear of “Islamic terrorism.” Their goal is to maintain the state of hypnotic psychosis induced by the 9/11 false flag operation.

The whole Western world, especially the US, is still suffering from 9/11-induced post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). (Psychologist Martha Stout has cited evidence that the majority of the American people suffered from clinical PTSD due to the television images they saw on 9/11.) Hundreds of millions of people remain under post-hypnotic suggestion: “Fear the terrorists! Obey the government! Believe the nonsense!”

People who believe that two airplanes can take down three skyscrapers, and that tall buildings can “just fall down” at free-fall acceleration through the path of most resistance due to relatively minor fires, will believe anything. They will never revolt, no matter how badly they and their children are mistreated. Such people are no longer fully human; they have become zombies under the influence of the carefully calibrated media shock delivered on 9/11/01, and the trauma-based mind control it was designed to inflict.

No wonder zombie movies are so popular these days. There are hundreds of millions of zombies wandering around in the Western world… working, shopping, going home and watching TV, falling asleep and having government-induced nightmares about a nonexistent terrorist threat.

These people react like Pavlov’s dog every time the government issues an absurdly broad, non-specific “terror warning.” They drool on command, snarl on command, tremble with fear on command.

When a master hypnotist wants to make sure that his subject is under his control and in a deep state of trance, he “checks” the subject by asking her to do something ridiculous. For example, he may offer her an onion and say, “Take a bite of this delicious apple.”

If the subject eats the whole onion, believing it is an apple, the hypnotist knows that the subject is still in a deep state of hypnosis.

That is why the US government continues to issue ludicrous “terror warnings” – warnings that no sane person could possibly take seriously. It wants to make sure that large numbers of people are still suffering from post-hypnotic suggestion induced by the 9/11 mind-control operation. When Fox Newscasters solemnly announce that one billion people should stay indoors for a month due to a non-specific “al-Qaeda” threat, and the American people fail to roll on the floor laughing, throw their TV sets out the window, then head for Washington DC to lynch their leaders, America’s master hypnotists know that their mind-control slaves are still in a deep state of hypnosis.

Unfortunately, ridiculous terror alerts are not their only means of maintaining the population in a trance state.

An even more potent weapon is the ever-popular false-flag-follow-up attack.

Since the “big event” of 9/11, a series of smaller false-flag attacks around the world has helped maintain the hypnotic illusion of a war on terror. The most recent was Craft International’s operation in Boston.

So when the US government says “watch out! There may be a terror attack against a Western target somewhere in the world this month,” it may be preparing the public for another false-flag event.

During the summer of 2001, the same kind of non-specific warnings were issued, even though the US government knew the precise details of the coming 9/11 attack – because it carried out the attack itself, with the help of its Israeli friends.

CIA whistleblower Susan Lindauer has revealed that the Agency, including her handler, CIA Case Officer Richard Fuisz, knew precise details about 9/11 months in advance. A team of FBI whistleblowers also knew details about the 9/11 false-flag operation in advance, and tried to stop the attacks by contacting Attorney General Ashcroft, but were silenced via death threats from their FBI superiors. And FBI whistleblower Randy Glass has revealed that a high-level State Department officer, Francis X. Taylor, also knew the precise details of the 9/11 false-flag attacks in advance. Taylor ordered Glass to keep his mouth shut about the coming planes-into-buildings false-flag in Lower Manhattan.

Today, in August 2013 – just like in August 2001 – the US government is spreading absurdly non-specific warnings. Are they just testing our state of hypnosis? Or are they setting the stage for another big false-flag?


  1. These lying SOaB’s are never specific about a potential coming terrorist attack. Never. I’m not sure American’s are as unnerved as you may suggest, Kevin. (Not meaning to spoil your article.) Even the gullible dupes are not taking it as seriously as they once did.

    I was two people in back of vet (probably Vietnam) in a store check-out line the other day. He looked somewhere in his early sixties. I asked him who attacked America on 9-11. His response was “Osama bin Laden.” I was quick to correct him and point to Israel. The same people who attacked the USS Liberty I remarked, which he didn’t seem to know about. Everyone in the front half of that store heard me clarify that it was Israel. I made sure of that.

    FWIW, I was waiting for a haircut a couple years back and spoke with the young soldier stationed in the middle-east next to me. I asked what his function was. He told me he monitored 2 meters all day long listening for enemy chatter. He told me he was paid $80,000 a year to do so.

  2. My shock on 9/11/2001 was when the first building collapsed – being a civil engineer I was thinking about what the repairs would take before that, since I knew the damage from an aircraft hit was not critical.

    But sadly, many people *cannot* be swayed by facts, but only by the statements of an authority figure they look up to.

  3. The false flags are getting more and more ridiculous.
    They even tried to tell us that a chunk dropped out of the sun and was heading our way to fry us.
    Folks, they need to keep us in a state of fear.
    Pay no attention to all fearmongering

  4. A false flag event in the near future is their only option. Got to keep the masses in fear. Exalting NSA as a benefit is also imperative. Too much public criticism of the global spying network, and the Amash Amendment was a close call. The Mossad operates freely within the US, and can do whatever they please without reprimand. Stay vigilant.

  5. I see three possibilities:

    1) Top-level terrorists are too stupid to realize the extent of global comminications surveillance, and thus they haven’t adopted secure means of communicating, or

    2) There hasn’t been any “chatter.” The government is making it up, or

    3) The “chatter” was not among the believed top-level terrorists.

    Some years back, after the bombing of a nightclub in Germany, the Mossad set up a transmitter in Libya and broadcast to non-existent Libyan bombers in Germany. US intel intercepted it and believed it, and Libya was blamed for the bombing.

  6. So let me get this straight: the same type of Wahabi terrorists that we funded and supported in Libya and Syria are now going to attack us…More likely the Intell agencies ( chiefly Mossad ) that hit us on 9-11 may hit us again and blame it on Iran…

  7. “So obviously there is a hidden agenda at work.”

    “What might it be?”

    You asked the question so I’ll answer it – but you aren’t going to like it.

    The (so called) ‘Masters of the Universe’ intend to exterminate the majority of the worlds population. It is their solution to Climate Change, and in the eyes of the Khazar’s we are animals – they refer to as “useless eaters” which must be eliminated so that they may prosper.

    The FEMA Camps which so many worried about aren’t for dissidents or those who rebel – they are safe houses for the ‘Goyim’ the Khazar deem necessary to service their personal needs and to restore basic services and utilities when the Die Off is finished.

    Someone has to clean up the corpses you know….

    • I had the same thought about the FEMA camps. They might be the only safe place to be if guns are rampant and and the utilities are turned off.

    • Well I’ll take the risk on the outside. Death is a better fate than life as a caged servant akin to some kind of post-apocalyptic Planet of The Apes scenario.

  8. The government is probably trying to “prove” justification for expensive IT spying programs after the bad press received from the Snowden affair. These “warnings” can also be seen as an attempt to create a win-win propaganda outcome for themselves – either something will happen and they will say “see, we told you so”, or nothing will happen and they will say “see, we prevented it”. No matter which way they decide to spin it, the goal seems to be re-enforcement of post 9/11 trauma, and maintaining public trust in the ability of big brother to keep us safe.

    The good news is that thanks to the untiring 9/11 truth movement more people than ever are now aware of the serious holes in the official U.S. Government 9/11 conspiracy theory. I know for example that Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth sponsor events every year on 9/11 to raise public awareness, and this year they are launching a massive billboard and taxi advertising campaign in 11 major cities – ****http://rethink911.org/****. When government lies about 9/11 finally fall, then the rest of the lies built on that foundation will fall also.

    Maybe after 12 years of screaming at the wall, the tide is slowly turning 🙂

  9. The fawn did it. He just released a video from his hideout in the thicket. It’s rumored that Thumper may be his shadowy second in command. Better send in Seal Team 6. Bambi needs to be taken out a second time.

    But seriously, “false flag attempt” was my first thought at the news of the embassy closures. I pray that whatever TPTB attempts, it fails spectacularly.

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