Military Headline News: US Likely Staying in Afghanistan for Years


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* For months now we’ve known the United States planned to keep troops in Afghanistan past 2014.

But now we’re getting a picture of just how long they might stay. And the answer, according to NATO commander Gen. Joe Dunford, is years.

As to how many will stay, the White House is said to be leaning toward keeping 7,000 American troops there.

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* The Pentagon just released new polices aimed at tamping down sexual assaults in the ranks. They include:

— A program to assist victims and explore ways to give them a voice at sentencing

— Better monitoring of sexual assaults by commanders — and the Defense Department’s inspector general’s office.

An independent panel is already reviewing how military investigates such cases.

* The National Security Agency broke privacy rules thousands of times rifling through email telephone calls since 2008, according to a story in the Washington Post.

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  1. Remain in Afghanistan? – probably nothing to do with a Trillion $$$ worth of rare earth deposits found a couple of years back, or maybe the Heroin processing and distribution..

    Must be because we are bringing freedom and democracy to Afghans

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