Remembering Dr. Bob Bowman, 1934-2013


17We just lost a political and military leader whose greatness far surpassed that of all of our post-World War II presidents and generals combined. And many of us in the 9/11 truth and peace movements have lost a friend – a kind and generous man we could completely trust.

USAF Col. Robert M. Bowman, Ph.D. passed away last night at his Florida home. I just spoke with his wife Maggie, who asks that condolences and inquiries about services be sent to Phil Restino of Veterans for Peace: RestinoP(at)

Dr. Bob Bowman somehow combined genius-level intelligence (his CalTech Ph.D. was in rocket science) with compassion, spirituality, charisma, and uncommon common sense.  If the USA were a meritocracy, he would have been elected President.

His career in public service spanned almost five decades, beginning in the 1960s. A Vietnam-era fighter pilot who flew over 100 combat missions, Dr. Bob came to realize that the war was wrong and the US policies that had produced it were deeply flawed.

Still, he tried to work within the system, and rose to become the director of the USAF’s Space Weapons program (later renamed “Star Wars”) under presidents Ford and Carter.

Dr. Bowman was shocked by the US military leadership’s insistence on pursuing a purely offensive space weapons capacity – whose only purpose was to launch a sneak attack on Russia and prevail in a nuclear war that would kill tens or even hundreds of millions of people. As the Director of what later became the SDI program, Bob Bowman quickly learned that space weapons serve no defensive purpose. They are extremely vulnerable – meaning that whoever strikes first will inevitably obliterate the enemy’s satellites.

The US was filling space with weapons – including “artificial meteorites” to be dropped on enemy targets, and an energy weapon that Bob told me could cause whole cities to go up in flames – because it was planning to strike first.

That first-strike posture has hardened even further since the neocon coup d’état of September 11th, 2001.

Dr. Bowman resigned as Space Weapons Director and blew the whistle on the US military’s first-strike orientation. During the 1980s and 1990s, he did everything he could to expose the big lie that “Star Wars” was a defensive project, and to work for a sensible, fiscally-responsible, genuinely defensive military posture.

In the wake of 9/11, Bob Bowman’s whistleblowing rose to heroic heights. Based on his experience as a fighter pilot, Bob knew that every time a commercial plane goes significantly off-course, a military fighter plane shows up next to it within about ten minutes. The fighter pilot rocks its wings as a signal to “follow me” and get back on course.

So how did four allegedly hijacked planes supposedly fly around the American skies for so long on 9/11 without any interference from our fighter jets? By about 8:10 a.m. on 9/11, NORAD, the NTSB and the Secret Service knew that there were in-flight emergencies (apparent hijackings) occurring. Yet we are told that hijacked commercial jetliners flew around the country completely unmolested by our air defenses, hitting the Towers at 8:46 and 9:03 a.m., the Pentagon at 9:37 a.m., and crashing in Pennsylvania at 10:03 a.m. – almost two hours after the alert was sounded!

You don’t have to be a fighter pilot and a rocket scientist to know that this story is completely ludicrous.

When top US military leaders committed blatant perjury before the 9/11 Commission, as Commission leaders later acknowledged, Bob saw that there was no longer any reasonable doubt: His country had been taken over in a coup d’état. The deceptive controlled demolitions of the World Trade Center skyscrapers, President Bush’s reading about pet goats during a supposed enemy surprise attack, Dick Cheney issuing a stand-down order to the Air Force according to the sworn testimony of Norman Mineta…it painted a picture that was unfortunately all too clear.

A smaller, more self-interested man with Bob’s background would have decided to keep his mouth shut and enjoy his retirement. Not Bob. Instead, he started speaking out – forcefully and responsibly – against the criminals who had destroyed American democracy. His speeches covered all the bases, and his moderate but forceful presentation was perfect for reaching new audiences, especially left-leaning people and libertarians.

Dr. Bob Bowman made the following “WTC 7 Smoking Gun” video to help awaken the American people to the 9/11 state crime against democracy:

I personally paid for Bob’s airline ticket to attend the 2006 9/11 Truth convention in Chicago, the national “coming out party” for 9/11 truth. I thought it was that important that he attend.

After Sean Hannity and I duked it out on Fox News, Hannity wanted to bring me back for a second round. But I had promised University of Wisconsin Provost Patrick Farrell that I wouldn’t do that. So I told Hannity to bring on Bob Bowman – the most credible and credentialed guy I could think of – to talk about 9/11.

Having floated long-shot presidential efforts before, in 2006 Bob entered a race he knew he could win: An effort to unseat long-term Republican incumbent Dave Weldon in the historically Republican 15th Congressional District of Florida. Bob explicitly campaigned as a 9/11 truth candidate, and it earned him hysterical mainstream media vilification – and a lot of votes. He won the primary – AND the general election. According to the exit polls, Bob beat Weldon in a 55 to 45 percent landslide. Rigged voting machines apparently flipped that outcome for the official count. Bob repeatedly stated afterwards that he knew the election had been stolen, and that he would not run for office again in a country whose voting machines are rigged.

In 2008, Bob endorsed my campaign for Congress in Wisconsin, even though I was running as a Libertarian. Bob had urged people to run in major party primaries rather than third parties, but I was so sick of the major parties I couldn’t stomach being called a Democrat (and would rather die than accept the label “Republican” – an identity several notches below “child molester” and “war criminal”).  Bob generously humored me, and even traveled to Wisconsin for a fund-raiser.

Bob spent two days living in his motor home parked at the house end of my 700-foot-long driveway. Unfortunately, the driveway was tightly surrounded by pine trees, and I had neglected to tell him that there was no way to turn around. So when he left, Bob had to use his fighter pilot skills to jockey that behemoth out as he slowly backed up 700 feet down a curving gravel path between pine trees, with me standing behind him yelling directions to make sure a branch didn’t take off his side mirror.

I wish he could have stayed a lot longer.




  1. Bob Bowman told me that although the technology existed in the 1970s to set cities on fire from outer space, the amount of energy necessary to pulverize the WTC made it unlikely that any space-based DEW platform could have done the demolitions. Concerning his religion, Bob’s Catholicism was obviously a positive influence on his life and actions. Fanatical anti-religion bigots – by far the most murderous fundamentalists on the planet (see Makow’s work on the Illuminati) – might not like that, but it’s still true.

  2. Chad Namteh I read the post by Dr Bowman at the link you provided. I don’t know how you could possibly conclude from that he “was a delusional, biased, anti-constitution, pro-theocracy, religious bigot”. My reading was that Dr Bowman was the exact opposite – a rational, caring, moral human being. And I’m not a Christian.

  3. speaking of Dr Bowman: “We just lost a political and military leader whose greatness far surpassed that of all of our post-World War II presidents and generals combined.”

    i recently came across the case of James Vincent Forrestal. He was the first Sec of Defense, 1947. And there is suspicion that he was hounded out of office, smeared and assassinated. I wonder if any of Veterans Today writers might examine this. Looks very interesting.

    • I’ve been referring to him as a tampon for years now along with most MSM talking heads..
      white, uptights, belongs out of sight, complete with swelling head and pullstring,
      trying to hide the blood of war zones, a shelf item from an aisle most MEN try to avoid.
      it might sound a little mysogynistic but damn.. could it be more accurate?

  4. Dr. Robert M. Bowman passed away August 22, 2013.

    Visitation will be held Friday, August 30, from 5:00 until 7:00 pm at
    Beach Funeral Home, 4999 Wickham Road, Melbourne Florida.

    Eucharistic service will be conducted Saturday, August 31, beginning at 1:00 pm at
    Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 50 West Strawbridge Avenue, Melbourne Florida.

    For further information see

  5. My son, Philip Restino so admired Bob Bowman for his elegance, intelligence, and most importantly, his righteousness to speak truth to power. Bob’s integrity never wavered when faced with awkward
    times. My son marveled over Bob;s optimism that something could always be done to right the wrongs.
    Dr. Bowman’s accomplishments were so many and vast that no ordinary man could have mastered all
    that he did. Anyone else would have needed 2 or 3 lifetimes for that.
    Can you imagine seven children, grandchildren and great grandchildren? And then there was time
    to spend with his sweetheart after all of the work was doe. I never met Bob but through my son’s admiration of him, it is clear that we have lost a great Patriot and man. Bob Bowman will be solely

  6. 99% of the time I am amazed with the responses to articles on this website. Since many are merely given an opinion, they do it with decency and intelligence. The vast multitude of writers not only show each other mutual respect for others, they compliment and correct, as I have been, with decency and a sense of education.
    However this is the only night I have been embarrassed over the response below of Michaelwegrzyn, sr.
    I will defend his right to say it, but his disrespect and indecency does not portray him very well as someone many of us would be comfortable in the company of. I will not judge who this person is, but his remark will speak for itself, as well as reflect his character. Probably a man in defense of the government lies.
    A man died who spoke many truths, and took on the powerful mainstream power and media. He spoke against powerful families out to destroy our country. Dr. Bowman spoke his mind and in a much better manner than you have exhibited whether he was right or wrong. He had enough courage to combat the tyranny of this treasonous government, and sit before the cameras and reveal his truths.
    Good grief man, show some sense of respect.

    • That guy is clearly a sleazy Khazarian troll. He gets paid to post comments like that. Either that, or he is a zio-jew patriot…defending his parasitic tribe.

  7. sorry to hear he’s passed on, just a couple years ago he’d told us they’ve had the technology to stop hurricanes, since the late 50’s early 60’s, but Florida has been allowed to be smashed how often?
    great business for the bankster-insurers, so what if people lose everything and die, CHA-CHING!
    no disrespect to Dr Bowman with that at all, people need to understand, monsters are in power.

    • no cookie for you, TROLL. only a retard would believe the “official story” about 911,
      apparantly you have just qualified as such, congratulations!

  8. @ Yehuda_Abraham

    “I know Dr Wood is not well thought of in these parts…”

    The reason for that is the behavior of members of Dr. Wood’s fan club.

    Dr. Barrett’s article is a eulogy. Your off-topic comment is the cyber equivalent of crashing a funeral.

    It’s way beyond rude.

    • Dr Barrett can speak for himself if he is inclined to do so. And this is hardly a eulogy with 2 linked videos and paragraph after paragraph of 911 research quoted.

      Secondly, I was posting in response to another poster’s comments, so my remarks are hardly “off topic”

      I suspect Bob Bowman is honored best by continuing the cause he devoted himself to in his waning years, exposing the truth about the gangsters who have captured most Western governments, in particular the US government.

  9. “an energy weapon that Bob told me could cause whole cities to go up in flames”
    …forest fires anyone? Forest fires that do not behave as normal fires, but may be made to try to look as such?

    • That is indeed interesting and certainly seems to be in alignment with Dr Judy Wood’s theories regarding a directed energy weapon of some type was used on 911.

      I know Dr Wood is not well thought of in these parts, but I hope Dr Barrett can comment on this. If what Dr Bowman states is true ( and I am certain it is) is it really so far fetched to believe some sort of directed energy weapon was used as a part of the 911 take down?

    • I’m not going to jump on Dr Wood’s ideas after hearing stories of burned up cars and people too close to the buildings bursting into flames in the streets. it’s probably an “all of the above”, with neutron bomb blasts, thermate, conventional controlled demolitions, controlled aircraft and drones to the pentagon..
      AND directed energy weapons. another friend online made the observation-speculation that shortly after every space shuttle launch, there was some “catastrophic natural disaster” somewhere, like Haiti..

    • All of the above is my belief as well. There is compelling evidence of nano-thermite (Dr Neils Harrit), compelling evidence of micro nukes, and I believe compelling evidence of some exotic directed energy technology as you mentioned.

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